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Marvellous Maldives By: Lara Schutte

Have you ever been to the Maldives? If not you are missing out! I’ve been there twice and I have loved it. Today I’m going to tell you how amazing Maldives is! I’m going to explain how pretty it is there, what kind of things you can do there and how relaxing it is when you go there. I hope after this piece you will want to get straight onto the computer and book your flights to marvellous Maldives.

First I want to explain how pretty it is there. I first want to talk about the crystal clear water, it is so stunning and you can see everything swimming by. We can’t forget about the beautiful soft white sand it is so soft and smooth. Something that also makes it pretty is the resorts the resorts are so stunning and the staff are so friendly and kind. The weather in Maldives is amazing the sun is mostly always out except for in the monsoon season and once on my first trip to Maldives we went in monsoon season and the boat ride was not very nice because the waves were huge.

Secondly I would like to talk about the things you can do. Some things you can do are cannoning, jet skiing, water skiing and boating. But the main activities I would like to talk about are tubing, seeing baby sharks and sting rays being fed and snorkelling. Snorkelling is so much fun you see so many pretty fish, small sharks and big fish. I have to admit tubing was my favourite activity it is so awesome and

really fun. You see so many sea animals and it is so cool when you fall off. The baby shark and stingray feeding was amazing the person who feeds them climbs in the water with the baby sharks and stingrays and feeds them by hand.

To end I would like to tell you that Maldives is super relaxing. One reason why it is so relaxing is because you don’t have to do anything like cook and clean. Also you can choose to be active or you can lie on the beach all day and swim in the sea or pool. Another reason why it’s relaxing there is because you can order room service so you don’t have to go anywhere. The last reason why it relaxing is because it is a good break from a busy town it is very quiet and peaceful.

As you can tell I love Maldives! I hope after reading about how pretty it is, what you can do and how relaxing it is you want to go to Maldives. I hope you will have a wonderful time like my family and I did.

Marvollous Maldives  

My essay is about how amazing Madlives is.

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