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J O R DA N R A M S AY 27/AUG/2012

LOCATION Absolute Location Athens, my capital city located at 38º N, 23º E

Relative Location Greece is surrounded by the following countries:





And the following waters •

Aegean sea

Sea of Crete

Mediterranean sea

Ionian sea

The six mainland regions are Thrace, Macedonia, and Epirus to the north, and Thessaly, Central Greece, and the Peloponnesus farther south. The three island regions are the Ionian Islands off the west coast, the Aegean Islands in the Aegean Sea between the Greek mainland and Turkey, and the island of Crete, which is considered a separate region.


PLACE : PHYSICAL LAND FORMS Greece has the longest coastline in Europe. Greece is well known for the thousands of islands it has. The biggest mountain is Mount Olympus ,one of the most popular lakes are Aliakmonas.

This is Mount Olympus One of the Greek Islands - Sifnos

HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS • The people that live in Greece are called Greeks

• The language they speak is Greek • One of the most famous home made recipes is Tzatziki. It is a cucumber dip flavoured with garlic. It is served with warm pita bread for dipping and is also used as a sauce for souvlaki (a type of Greek meat).

• The Greek currency is the Euro.


Greece is a small country with about 10 million people

The government is a democracy – this means that the people elect a party they trust to run the country

The party leader becomes the prime minister

The prime minister of Greece is Lucas Papademos


Over the centuries, the forests were cut down for fire wood and to make room for farms and it is chasing the animals away.

WHY PEOPLE MOVE At the moment Greek people are moving away from Greece because people can’t get jobs and are not able to afford to live. People are moving to Greece because of their :  Job  Marriage or relationship  Want to try something new  Moving to study  For retirement  For safety

 climate

FUN FACTS OF GREECE  People say that the country Greece has been there for more than 5,000 years.  Did you know that the word ‘alphabet’ comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet  Every four years the ancient Greeks held a festival of sports called the Olympics games, our own Olympic games are based on the ancient Olympics.  Olive trees have been in Greece for over 6,000 years. Every village has its own olive trees.  They say that in some villages there are more churches than houses, more cats than people and more wine than water.

THANK YOU I would like to thank : • National • • • My dad, Anthony and my mom, Elize • my teacher Ms.Nikki


Some facts about Greece !!!!!!!

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