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I buttoned up my jacket tightly. I threw my school bag on my bag; I walked the stairs down slowly. I found my parents downstairs looking at me with a big smile. “Are you ready for school honey’’ my mom exclaimed anxiously. She knew it wasn’t going to be my best day, because even though I’ve done this several times it was long time ago. “Dad I want to go in your car not in the bus” I argued. “I’m sorry but you need to learn to make friends and if you get used to go in my car you will not make any friends in Kyalami. Got it?” He said angrily. I felt my hands sweating, butterflies were flying all around. As I walked down I felt my stiff legs moving up and down and up and down. I couldn’t help from peeing in my pants because I almost did it was cold outside and my mom almost made me go outside to wait for the bus me and my brother. But in the end I coughed (fake) so much that she changed her mind because she didn’t want sick children come home from a tiring first day of school. Anyway the cough thing didn’t work out as well as I thought it would because we all went outside my parents in pajamas and us in

thick clothing. At first we saw the bus that brings black people around. My mom thought that it was the bus transporting us to school but we all learn from our mistakes I got really embarrassed. Even though I thought the bus wouldn’t come I shouldn’t have given up my hopes because fifteen minutes later we saw a bus with the number fifteen shoot! I thought I lost once again. I quickly jumped into the vehicle so no one could see me of course like all young girls they get shy a lot when they need to try something new well when I arrived at school I was relived my first morning bus ride to A.I.S.J. was over but I still have a lot of work if I want to make friend in Kylami!

AISJ bus ride  

my personal narrative is aboutthe first time I steped into my bus to meet all my busmates

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