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Air Plane “Christmas in air plane!”, I shouted. It was exciting. When I sat on the chair it was very fluffy and big. I buckled up. I couldn’t wait to do game so I just started to play a game then I just hear, “This is Emirates air plane.” I see Emirates site I felt boring after the Emirates thingy I restart the game I went to the final and I lost but I could retry the final so I did my best so I won. I started to tired and bored so I started to sleep. I slept about 3 hours when wake up I was holding something not that big something plastic when I saw it it was Hero Factory and I said, “Christmas present!!!” it was very Happy to have Christmas present in air plan. I listen the music. Music name was Y.M.C., ma ma mia. I heard that tow songs. When I was listening Y.M.C. I said, Y.M.C. Ya Ya Ya Y.M.C. Ya Ya Ya.” I started to watch movie. I saw Thor, Captain America, smurff and 101 Dalmatian. It was very fun I started being bored again so I decided to play games again this game was hard so I couldn’t won but it was still fun. I played tennis game it was hard again so I did my best and I won I did again and this time I lost but it was still fun. I listen the music. I had no idea which to listen so I just pick anything. It was bored so I stopped listening music then I just listen we’re landing on the Johannesburg air port.

Air Plane  

somthing about being in air plane at christmas