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‫عائشة عبدالله أحمد املطوع‬ Aisha Abdullah Ahmad Al-Mutawa Visual Artist

Everywhere I look around me starting from morning until evening I find different inspirations. Being an art student is considered a special thinking about items or materials around us. For me, I look at a piece of furniture and I see it differently to the details of other people. I feel like I am living in an art world. I am thinking about several things at the same time by imagining it and considered everything as a work of art. My inspiration is my father. I consider my father as my hero in both my personal life and educational life. I choose my father for several reasons: I learned to be patient from him, how to communicate with people, how to deal with life. My life I considered it as a master painting, which is an expression of all colorful experience. For instance, we can paint our life with black and white, which present the dark side of human and nature the sad side. On the other hand, we can paint our life with bright colors that present love and hope. According to my interests, I am interested in printmaking, painting, drawing and reading. All these kinds of art are important to me as a visual art student. I am looking to learn more new knowledge skills and have the ability to deal with art life in future. My emotions are always affecting my work. The main aim is to send the message to viewer via artwork easily. Actually, it would be an interesting idea to keep the work unclear. That’s give the viewer more chance to think more and they might have different reflection and ideas about the art work. Art gives me the chance to think that everything around me could be an art. My way of thinking is changing .everyday in different time

Art Statement

My aim is to be an accomplished professional es- pecially in my specialization, which is visual art. Continuing to learn and develop professionally is an important goal. I am planning to have my .own gallery in the future


EDUCATION 2008 - 2007

Al-Gobaba school, Sharjah

2013 - 2012

Zayed University, Dubai Bachelor degree in visual art, plan to graduate 2013


Photoshop – Typing both Arabic & English – Language fluent Arabic & English


Drawing - painting - print making - photogra- phy graphic design


Hedy Lamarr

A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me .company, comforts and inspires

George Edward Moore

.A great artist is always before his time or behind it


.A picture is a poem without words

Aisha Al-Mutawa is a visual art student at Zayed University. She had taken classes in drawing; painting, photography and print making that helped her gain skills in these different areas. She graduated from high school, where she discovers her talent in art. The first artwork for her was in grade ten when she participated in a competition. She is continuing her study in art and design collage and trying to reach her aim, which is to be a famous artist with unique style. Later in beginning of this semester, she participated in famous competition, which is “calling for submission�. Now Aisha Al-Mutawa is establishing herself as a successful emerging emirate .artist and aiming for her master degree after graduation

Shy Drawing 2010 20X20 INCHES

Death painting 1 acrylic on canvas 2011

Basic Design Arabic letter 2011

Pearl digital printmakng 16X12 INCHES 2012

Real Art foundation Oil on canvas 2010 20X40 INCHES

Behind This Drawing2 2012 20X20 INCHES

Roots Photography 2012

Time Photography 2012

roots digital print making screen print 2012

Culture Painting 2011 uncooked rice on oval canvas

Making art from nature involves utilizing various elements of nature (such as leaves, sticks, stones, bones, water, etc) in a creative way to make a new art object. The resulting artwork makes a statement about both nature and humanity›s relationship to nature. The title of my artwork is art from nature. According to my work the natural material that I used is rice. Rice represents our culture, because it is considered as a main food in our society. I chose butterfly’s shape because of two reasons. The first reason is that the rice after several years will disappear and will fly away. The second reason is to present the repetition of principles of design. The material that I used is uncooked rice. The canvas is oval. The color that I used is white acrylic. My idea is taken from famous artist, who is Sara Bates. According to her artwork, which She .1997 ,is Honoring Our Sacred Earth used natural materials, including pine cones, kernels of corn, shells, leaves, and feathers. She used these natural materials because it .represents her culture

Story of struggle Drwaing 2 wooden piece from sea’s boat

aisha almutawa's portfolio  

i am a viusal art student in zayed university