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My grandfather, My grandfather’s name is Fouad Rashed Alrobaee .He was born in Iraq19 of June 1935. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His favorite spot is boxing. He has one granddaughter and 4 grand sons, their names are Abu baker, Aisha, Mohammed, Saif, and Mustafa. His favorite hobby is writing stories. He got married on 8 of November 1958. He has one girl and one boy, Samir, and karma.

He went to school. When he was4 years old. The school name is Bagdad school. He was courteous, helpful, optimistic, sociable, intelligent, and understanding. When he used to have free time, he read books or stories. He studied in France two years and in turkey three years.

He worked Deputy of Education ministry of Iraq. He traveled to Turkey, Algeria, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, and Romania. He learned four languages Turkey, English, and French, but the most language is turkey. My grandfather is very important to me because he loved me. He passed away in 19 December

Aisha Samir 6G3

My Grandfather  

In this biography, I will taik about my grandfather.

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