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[Event Planning] [ Event Management Class ] Zayed University

DONE BY Shaikah Khalid, Fatima Abdul Razzaq Al Awadi, Ayesha Alawi Alseri

Introduction: •

Summary about the event:

The event is an educational event about the environment. Basically, the event is about saving the environment or in other word “Greening”. Greening is defined as “ the process of making or becoming more aware of environmental considerations” (Reverso Dictionary,2000). There are many things that happen in the world that damaged the environment. People should be aware about the problems and start avoiding them. This project target children from 5 years old to 15 years old. This group is chosen because they are more likely to adopt the idea easily and practices it. The event will be sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), this company established to develop and commercialize clean energy technologies. Also, the company already has their own project, which is called “Green City” with zero-carbon and zero-waste car free city, in Abu Dhabi. The project started since 2007 and it was supposed to finish in late 2009, but it didn’t (Ahmed A. Elewa,2007).

Our educational project will be called “Green Earth”. The event will take place in the 10th to 17th March, 2011. In the green earth event there will be a lot of children’s programs for example, how to throw garbage in the right garbage can to be recycled. There will be several garbage cans, one for plastic, cans, and paper. Hopefully, at the end of the event we will achieve our goal which is “to educate children about the environment and how to save it”. There are many reasons to choose this kind of event. The most important reason is that, children should start look after the earth and the environment so they can have a good place to live in. People and especially children should start working to improve the environment. The purpose of this event is to cut

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down the environmental damages and to have a healthy and good place to live in. The future vision for this event is to make children aware about the importance of the environment. Also, to give them the knowledge about the environment and the surrounded area, and how to save it from pollution and other environmental problems. Also, to encourage children to do something to save the environment and practice what they has learned in the event to save the whole earth. •

How to close the event :

At the end of the event we will ensure that all the stuff are removed and the place is clean from everything. For example, the stage, sound materials, booths, and food area. Delight Cleaning Services Est Company will clean up at the end of the day and transport the rubbish.


Event objective:

1. Increase the number of children participation in environmental activities. 2. To raise awareness of the environment among children age 5 to 15. 3. Increase funding for environmental education for children. 4. To attract 3,000 visitors to the event. Event activities: In the event we will use recycled materials such as papers, pencils, carton cups and plates. In this way people will be able to understand what is able to be recycled and what is not. Also, we will make special garbage cans for children with drawings and colors so children understand the differences of every can. We will provide fabric bags instead of plastic bags so the visitors can put their things inside the bags and stop wasting plastic bags.

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Body Paragraph: Operational plan: 1. Staffing (Including volunteers). Our event staffing and volunteers will include many positions. We offer variety of volunteer experiences based on their personal interests and experiments including: Volunteer Opportunities: -

Ticket-takers and security.


Workers to set up sound and scenery equipment.


Workers to keep the event organized and clean.

There are many types of workers that will be divided into groups, such as: 1. Event Setup: This group will work on duties such as, setting up chairs and tables. 2. Concessions: This group will work in serve food and drinks. They need to keep an eye on what is being served, maintain food safety practices and work quickly while practicing good customer service skills (Amico. S, 2010). 3. Workers who work directly with children. For example, reading a story or playing a game with a child. 4. Ushering: workers who are involve in providing basic information such as, the length of the event, the locations of concessions and restrooms (Amico. S, 2010).

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5. Security: Workers who keep the crowd under control. Also, they are responsible for lost children, they will not let any child go outside the event place alone. 6. Other duties: Janitors and custodians to keep the event’s place clean during the event, making sure that the garbage cans are emptied regularly and restrooms are clean and well stocked. (Amico. S, 2010) 7. Operational staff: We consider having people with particular expertise at the event site to deal with situations that might arise, such as: • Electricians, gas fitters and plumbers. • Security guards. • Medical/first aid staff. • Qualified sound technicians. Volunteers and staff will have a personal interview to check and see if they are in a good health shape or not. We will do the health check up for them because we want to make sure that no one of them has an infection disease (Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, 2011). We don’t want any visitor to catch any type of diseases in the event. Volunteers should bring with them a new paper from an governmental hospital with a date and stamp. If the volunteers didn’t have the experience to participate in the event that is OKAY. All volunteers will have several training lessons that will make them ready for the event. All volunteers will get: (Kids Teaching, 2010). 1. A staff t-shirt. 2. Receive all the exact duties that he/she is volunteering. 3. Be invited to attend the training and meetings. 4. Get two free tickets.

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2. Location

We should consider that there would be no similar events will take place due the date of the green earth event. For example, we should be sure there will be no events target children and there are no events that are about the environment. Also, we should know what is the purpose of this event for example, if is the purpose of the event to charity or to do new projects in the country, we should consider that. Whenever we do the budget and sell a ticket we should consider the number of visitors and the profit, so we can collect money for our purpose. We should consider how many visitors could the venue hold and then see how many people can attend each day. There are two types of venue to rent; the first venues cost based on how many people will attend the place. The other type of venues have one cost even if no one attend we should pay the money for rental. The main item for the income is the tickets, but also there are many items that will be sold in the event to have an income.

The event will organize in Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi, is located in East Ring Road. The Park is a suitable place for the people who live inside and outside Abu Dhabi. The 500,000 square meter park, is slated to be used by more than 5,000 people at a time. However, we will just use a part from this huge park for our event. We will use the garden area with the party hall and an amphitheatre (Emirates News Agency, 2007). The location also contain: 1. Parking areas and special parking for staff and volunteers 2. Toilets

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3. Entrances and exits for children and public 4. Special entrances, exits for emergency and stuff 5. Place for lost children 6. Mosque 3. Sound, lighting and equipment service: There will be no lighting equipments service provides because the event will take place in the morning from 9 am until 4 pm and it will be outside. As the event is about the environment we decided to do it in the morning and cut down the environmental damages by using the sunlight instead of the artificial lights. But, we will use a sound system in the event. The Sound System that will be use from Event Management Company in Dubai. That provides a lot of services for all events in all over the UAE will include: 1. Line Array Systems 2. High Powered Speakers 3. Wireless Microphones 4. Amp / Mixer / Audio Rack

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Feeding the kids seems to have magnetic effects. They gravitate toward food, which is a way to get children interests. We are planning an area where healthy food and drinks can be served all the time (Fridmann, S, 2003). For example, we will serve vegetables sandwiches, fruit salad, and grilled vegetables and chicken. The food will be served with recycled materials such as cups and plates. There will be some tables and chairs to use it while eating. To create a congenial atmosphere, we will provide background music that is recorded. Audiences will be greeted in many ways for example, staff and workers will say “Welcome Kids!” and then they will take them around the event area if they wish or they can go around by their own.


Our main objective is to have people arrive in the right frame of mind. We will hire shuttle buses for outside areas. For example, buses will go to Shamkha and Khalifa areas. Because this event is an environmental event we will recommend people to use buses rather than their privet cars to save the environment. Using less transportation will cut down the environmental problems (Fridmann, S, 2003). In the advertisements map with precise written directions and information about parking availability and cost. Also, there will be a car-parking service for the visitors to make it easier for them to park and go to enjoy the event. •


It is very important that we have insurance to cover our environmental event, here are some types of insurance that we need to consider: Liability, Workers' compensation,

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Indemnity, Motor vehicle, professional indemnity liability (Atlanta, GA 2010), and property (to cover the equipment). We need the motor vehicle insurance too, because we are using buses to help people to move from place to another. We will be on the safe side when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved with this event.

Safety and Security:

Safety and security is important especially if it will contain children. We should be more careful with the equipments and make the place safe for children. There might be some problems we face with equipments. Some of the issues that we may need to consider (Belew. T): •

Handling of electricity

Operating equipment

Excessive exposure to sun or noise

The human body is sensitive and if the person stays under the sun for too long that might cause health problems such as headache, and nose bleeding, and because of that we need first aid.

Waste management:

There will be several stalls in different places in the park, also waste receptacles especially near the food and activities areas. We will offer a company called “Delight Cleaning Services Est” that responsible for cleaning up during the event and in the end of the day (Dubai Directory). This company also will be responsible for transporting the waste from the event place. This event is an environmental event and

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our goal is to cut down the environmental damages so, when the event finished, any leftover food will go to Hefth Al Ne'ma company “grace conservation” to is distributed to those in need instead of throwing it away. •

Contingencies, Risk identification and assessment:

It’s important to have a Contingencies expected and risks. There is some kind of emergencies that could occur in this event such as, lost children, unruly guests, and food poisoning. Here are some steps that we will take in case to avoid any risks happened (Health Authority – Abu Dhabi, 2010). 1. On-site first aid facilities as we will get 3 nurses from Health Authority – Abu Dhabi to be with the kids for any cases, and their phone numbers will provide to all the staff and volunteers. 2. Access for emergency vehicles from the emergency entrance. 3. Provide a safe room: in the event place that care for children. 4. Not allowing any child under 7 years to enter alone without his/her parents, especially children with special needs. (Children’s Emergency Response Plan, 2007). 5. Shelters in place, as the place already provide this. 6. Make sure that there is a rescue of the injured and evacuation safety areas.

Licensing and permits:

The applications licenses will be made at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure that sufficient time is given for the processing and issuing of licenses. As we are holding the event in Khalifa Park, it is require applying and obtaining an approval. Also for the temporary structures that will be used, such as: stage and booths. In addition, for

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the event proposal form for the event place. Calendar of the event program with all the supplies and services that will use, and their approval forms. Promotional plan: •

Communication Strategies.:

In this environmental event will do many children activities to reach our first objective that is, increasing the number of children participation in environmental activities. For example, will teach children how to divide the trash and where to put it. In the event place will do special garbage cans that are well decorated and colorful. This activity will make children happy while practicing it, and that will make them do it more often inside and outside the event place.

In order to achieve the second objective there will be many educational programs in the event for children. For example, there will be cartoon video about the environment explaining what is the earth, what is our environment, what are the environmental problems, and how they can cut down from the damages. By showing the children the information in cartoon that will make them more interested in whatever they are watching.

To achieve the third and fourth objectives of increase income there will be many things that we will sell during the event to collect money. For example, we will sell tickets, T-shirts, Food, and Drinks.

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Promotional activities

There are several kinds of promotional activities that we are going to use to promote this event. Our aim is to make this event popular and to attract many audiences. Our promotional activities are: 1- Web Site For this event we will publish a web that is easy to access and updated with all the details and information about the event. It’s also allowed the visitors to get very specific information about our event theme and apply their questions. The questions will be answered immediately. It will be easy to access and use by everyone also it will include a short retailer movie about our event. Also we will interact in the social networks such as creating a FaceBook page and Twitter. 2- Children schools We are going to visit the children schools inside the region to introduce ourselves and give the student recycled pencils and note books. Also, we will distribute brochures about the event type and an invitation to the school to arrange for the kids a trip to visit the event. 3- Marina Mall & AD Mall Booths We are going to set up booths in both malls marina and ad mall to promote for this event. We attract people in there and give them quick information about this event and also they can register their names to join us. 4- Emirate FM & Radio One There will be advertisement in Emirate and Radio One stations for the event. The advertisement is going to be like a short song, which is signed, by a group of children they invite the parents and the kids to join this event and give them quick background information about the environment and the event.

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5- Newspaper advertisement Al Waseet and The National newspapers will help us to make people know about the event. Once a week our advertisement will be published in the newspaper for almost a month and it will have a background about the event, date and place. Media schedule: The advertisements about the event will take place almost month before it started.





Cost per year

Every Al Waseet , The Newspapers

Marketing Friday for a


4000 Dhs Department

month Personal Event Daily, for 3



Department and


IT Department

Website, Internet


FaceBook & Twitter Marina Mall & Personal

Marketing Abu Dhabi Mall

Daily, week


5128 Dhs Department

booths Emirate FM & AL

Before a






4166 Dhs

Posters in

Al Nahdha, Al


Emarat, and ABC



Before a IT Department

2500 Dhs


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Financial Plan: Costs of producing the event include: •



Custom T-shirts



Pencils, Cutters, Colors, Papers







Tables and Chairs








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Safety equipments such as “bandages, and Oxygen”

Things that will be sold to get an income: •



Water and Drinks



pg. 15

Summary budget:

Proposed event: Green Earth Date of event: 10th – 17th march 2011 Date today: 9/1/2011 Days to go: 70 days Number of people expected: 3000

Capacity of venue:

Overheads Water and Drinks

Total Amount “Dhs” 1 Dh for water and soft drinks per piece 4 Dhs for cocktails and fresh juices per piece

Best price given by Healthy Eating Restaurant


From 5 to 9 Dhs per meal

Healthy Eating Restaurant

6 Dhs per piece

Ali baba

500 Dhs for 5,000 Tickets

UK tickets printing company

1500 Dhs per day 5473 Dhs per day

Dj Bee Delight Cleaning Services Est

Advertising Transportations T-shirts/Uniforms Security Plants Tickets Chairs and tables Music Cleaning Pencils/Cutters/Colors/Papers Cards/menus Booths

Total costs divided by number of paying guests: Profit/Surplus required: Any additional deposit:

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Evaluation: There are many ways to evaluate an event, for example, the main goal in the event is to attract so many people possible to the event. Then the number of the visitors will be used to evaluate the event (Documenting and evaluating your event site). Also, there will be a survey that will be distributed among the visitors to help to evaluate the event. There will be a chance to the people who participated in the event too, to comment on the event once it’s over.

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The Evaluation sample:

We appreciate you taking the time to complete the following survey to assist us with evaluating the event. Gender:

( ) Male

( )Female

Age: __________ Number of people who came with you: ___________________ How did you hear about the event? ( ) Radio ( ) Television ( ) Newspaper ( ) Website ( ) Other

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent) how would you rate this event?

Would you attend this event again if you could? YES / NO If no, why not?

What would you say is the best thing about the event?

Any comments on how the event could be improved?

Please return your completed survey to the marked box at the information tent.

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Conclusion: People around the world are not aware about the environmental problems that happening so we create an event called “green earth�. This event mainly created for the children ages from 5 to 15 years old. This event is to increase the awareness among the people and make them practice things that are good for the environment. To sell the tickets we should consider how much the venue cost and how many people could be there in one time. For example, if the venue cost 20,000 Dhs, the tickets will be sold 20 Dhs per one ticket. So, in the end of 2,000 visitors attend the event we will collect 40,000 Dhs that means 20,000 profits. Also, there will be companies and restaurants that sell healthy food for the visitors. The food companies will come as in free to the event and sell whatever they have to visitors and later on they will give the sponsors 20 per cent from the profit. For example, Healthy Eating Restaurant. Our profit is depending in how much people buy food and drink from the restaurant. In addition, there are many companies that sell by the dozen of shirts and uniforms for cheaper prices, we will deal with these kinds of companies and then sell the T-shirts per piece. For example, Ali Baba Company provide this, if we order a dozen they will calculate one shirt by 6 Dhs. In the event we will sell one T-shirt by 12 Dhs, if we sold 500 T-shirts we will have 6,000 Dhs.

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Event Planning  

The project designed an educational event about save the environment “Greening”.Target audience: young children from 5 years old to 15 years...

Event Planning  

The project designed an educational event about save the environment “Greening”.Target audience: young children from 5 years old to 15 years...