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By Anju Bollschweiler

FRIENDS CAN HELP Anju Bollschweiler Knights Press Co. Schuster, Morris and Trutschmann Copyright 2013

Dedicated to my Mom, Nicole Bollschweiler

“Wow” I said. The sunlight flashed over my face. I stepped out of bed and then I took out my other leg. I went to the bathroom step by step. “Good morning,” Mom said. “Good morning,” I said in a sleepy voice. Slowly I put on my favorite T-shirt and some pair of pants. I brushed my teeth. I walked to the breakfast table. I walked to school as slowly as a snail. When I was at the school, I saw my 2 best friends: Anna and Sofia. When we came to our tables, we talked about having a sleepover. We talked about the sleepover about 20 min.

Sofia and Anna said, “Please, can we have a sleepover at your house, please, Anju? We love your house.” “OK” I murmured. We did a high-five. In reading, we sat together on a pillow. We were reading all the same book. I was so excited about the sleep over. At lunch we walked together in the lunch line. Anna said to me, “Anju, I think Sofia and I decided to not have a sleepover with you.” They both walked away to a other lunch table. I said to them, “ But why did you break your promise?” Anna & Sofia said, “Because we both want a sleepover without you.”

They walked away. It felt like fire rose up my cheek. I was so angry. “Anju,” some one was calling behind my back. You wouldn’t believe it. There was my other best friend Lilly. “Anju, do you want to have a sleep over at my house?” Lilly said. “YES,” I said with a big smile on my face. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN !!!!

The Sleepover  
The Sleepover