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The Biggest Slide in the World

By Victoria Dianova

The Biggest Slide in the World Victoria Richardovna Dianova Knights Press Co. Trutschmann Copyright 2013

Dedicated to my dear teacher Ms. Trutschmann And my mom Anna Dianova. And my bff Amelia Carston

Summary page Vicky and her mom go to Florida. They had a brilliant vacation. They went to a swimming park. Read to find out how Vicky’s mom and Vicky both felt. The slide was AWESOME!!!

When it was summer, my mom and I went to Florida. There were 7 different theme parks. The park that we went to was Florida swim. My mom saw a gigantic slide. It was shining light blue. “Hey Vicks, do you want to go to this slide?” asked my mom. When my mom said so I thought she was the craziest person in the world. “No mom I am going to die in the middle of the ride!” “Oh common I know you want to” said my mom with her tricking voice. It was too

embarrassing to say that I am scared so I still went. I really didn’t want to go. My heart was beating as fast as a Ferrari car rides on a race. Step by step I went up the slide. When it was my turn… “You have to cross your arms on your chest, you will not be happy that you went here” said the bodyguard. Finally my mom pushed me down. I couldn’t believe my MOM pushed me down.

The slide went so fast I thought my back wasn’t touching the slide. I thought I was flying. I thought I was a space ship falling down. I couldn’t open my eyes; it was so scary to do that. It was so scary I couldn’t open my mouth! I didn’t even scream because I was too scared. Finally I felt like I started slowing down. I heard somebody saying “You can get off the slide now”. In my brain I still had the feeling that I was in the

sky. I opened my eyes and I saw the way I went through. I went off the slide. I was kind of dizzy. I started laughing. “I will never go on this slide again” I said to myself. Suddenly my body filled with sacredness and fear. I saw my mom going down the slide. The slide was fast. My mom was sliding faster than I thought. Then I saw my flip flops in my mom’s hands. “Um mom that is not a good idea” I shouted as loud as I could. Of

course I knew she wouldn’t hear me or if she would she wouldn’t answer. My eyes grew as big as a snowball when my mom let my flip flop fall. At least it fell where I could reach it. I started asking my mom: “Was it scary? Did you worry? Did you scream?” “My dear Vicky, I am never scared when you are somewhere close to me!” said my mom. This night I had 300 night mares.

About the author I am Victoria. I was born on May 9th 2oo3. I am in 4 grade and I typed this book. I have 3 brothers. I want to get at least 1 sister. I was born in Russia, Moscow and I moved to Austria Vienna. My mom works in a chocolate factory and my dad do too. I go to AIS (American international school) and my brother Olek goes here too. My two other brothers live in Russia. And I am the oldest for now. My mom is getting 2 more kids. I know it’s a girl and a boy!

The Biggest Slide in the World  
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