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The Small Champion

By Krisztian Syposs

THE SMALL CHAMPION Krisztian Syposs Knights Press Co. Schuster, Morris and Trutschmann Copyright 2013

Dedicated to my cousin for making this the best story in the world.

“BOOM!” went the other guys on the go-kart track! I was with my dad, Zalan and my cousin. It was our turn to go on the go kart! The race started. I was nervous about making the same mistake by pressing both the pedals at the same time! I thought I was going to die as I smash through a big fat tire on the side of the track. I caught up to Zalan’s go-kart. I hit his back tire and he spun out. I was in 3 place. I know I could win the race! Then “BOOM!” I went. I was like stunt man making a mistake! I was so mad because I wouldn’t win!!! I pressed on the gas and I shot out lake a laser!!!

I was thinking to myself I could still win!!! I knocked out my cousin he spun out!!! I could see the anger in his face!!! I could see the flag in the distance!!! My heart was hurting like thunder was zapping me!!! I felt like I was goanna faint!!! I felt the wind blowing against my face!!! My gokart was faster than my dad’s go kart because I was less weight. Then all of a sudden “BOOM!” I won I won!!!

Small Champion  
Small Champion