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By Jason Mueller

SLEEPING By Jason Mueller SEGA Inc. Copyright 2013

For Mom, Dad, Tiffany, Sonja, Sandra and everyone who knows me.

The story is true. I mean it. No joke. I promise. I really have a sleeping problem. No really. Oh, want to read the story? You don`t want to talk with me. OK fine. But it`s still true.

Welcome to my story.

“I won, I won,” I said. Dad and I are in the living room playing Mario Kart for hours. “I going to beat you,” Dad said. “Oh really,” I said. “Yeah,” dad said looking at the clock. “Hey, it`s 2 a.m., you need to go to bed,” he said. So I went to bed. I put on the lava lamp. I saw the green bubbles with little bubbles going up and down. A little later I turned it off. It was as dark and quiet as a cave. I closed my eyes. I opened them, and it was still night. I opened and closed my eyes lots of times. “I need to sleep,” I said to

myself. I closed my eyes and never opened them until morning. I dreamed about playing Mario Kart in the morning.

Author’s PAGE Jason is 10 years old and he published lots of stories. He comes from Austria and South Africa.