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Clu Clu Clu went the wheels on our bikes on a hot summer day. Finally we got to our mom’s work. We ran up big red stairs. We kind of got lost in the big offices. We tried to ask the cleaning lady but she did not speak English, and we did not speak any German. So we had to do the right thing ….. We brought a man that could speak English AND German. He talked with the cleaning lady then….. A couple of minutes later the man said, “Well I think I am done here.” I said, “Thanks,” but my friend did not. Then I made her say it. We both said, “Bye,” at the same time. Then I said, “Whiskey jinx.”After that she handed us a map to get somewhere I

did not understand. So we went thinking it was going to take us to our mom’s office…. But we ended up in somebody else’s office but that lady was our mom’s friend. Then she said, “What are you little girls doing here?” After, my friend cried, “THIS CLEANING LADY IS CRAZY. SHE TOLD US TO GO TO THE WRONG PLACE.” Then, the lady brought us safely to our mom’s office. We got our, I-pads and put on music and started to dance. A couple of minutes later we left to spy. Now the cleaning lady showed up with a dirty face. Once we got to our secret hideout (which was a little balcony close to my mom’s room) the cleaning left- she was scared of heights and that is how we got rid of her.

Shame on the Cleaning Lady  
Shame on the Cleaning Lady