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Santa Cruz Camping

by Kavi Martinez

Santa Cruz Camping Kavi Martinez

Knights Press Co. Trutschmann Copyright 2013

Dedicated to mom and dad

I was going down to the beach. Thump my boogie board went. I found a spot and I raced as fast as a race car into the water. It was ice cold just like the North Pole. Then I ran back out and I said to Tanner “are you going in the water?” He said “NO!” I was thinking that he was scared. Then I ran far. Then I fell into a big deep hole BOOM! I went down! I tried to go up. Then I made stairs in the sand. I showed the hole to Tanner. “Cool”, he said. Then we played in it. Then came Kiran. Next the three of us played in it then I went to get a snack. I see a party wave it was big as a ship I got my boogie board

latter I wipeout! I want to go up to the camp site. My mom has to go up with me. I wish I can go up alone. Thump all the back up to the campsite. When I got up there I change into my closes. I ran to my grammas camp site. She made me a sandwich then I played with Rider. Rider is my little cousin. A bean bag toss and he win and I let him win. Then I went to Aunt Pam’s campsite. Uncle Ron taught me how to make a fire if you are lost in the wild. It was hard like being potty trained. I ask Mateo if I can use his penny board. Yes he said it was small and hard. But it was fine at first. I got better at it. My

Uncle Tom he has 4 surf boards. I ride my bike around the camp when Tanner was coming I was going downhill as‌ slow as an old man. Later it was time for the camp fire program it was dark and things where looking at you. Mateo win a prize from the Ranger he tells storey, play games it was fun but I wish that it go on but‌ it was over I ask what it was like being a ranger. I didn`t get what he was saying. I ask for a prize he gave me a merkat paw print. I broke it a little bit. I ran back to the campsite. I had to go to bed. Lots of creepy sounds I tried to go to sleep I open the window I see nothing I open the door there was a‌

Santa Cruz camping  
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