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by Lillian Quinn

New Years Eve Lillian Quinn

Knights Press Co. Schuster, Morris and Trutschmann Copyright 2013

Dedicated to my family and my dog, Odie

“Oh, I can’t wait for tonight, having our very own fireworks!”I exclaimed, as me and my mother got out of the car. It was a rainy day, as we went up the street I splashed into a puddle. As we walked into the shop, I saw Halloween masks, colourful toys and so many things. As I looked around I found the fireworks in these beautiful colourful boxes. My mother meanwhile was looking at the floating lanterns. She picked up two boxes and came to look at the fireworks. After a while we decided which one to get. As we got up to go pay, I saw a little basket full of glowing sticks. I asked my mum if we could get some

for tonight so we could all see each other. As I was picking out six of them and putting them next to all the other stuff, I imagined what tonight would be like, the fireworks exploding in the sky, and the floating lanterns with the warm flame inside, and all of us watching them float away.

New Year's Eve  
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