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“I’m Scared!”

By Benni Fellner

“I’m Scared!” Benni Fellner Knights Press Co. Trutschmann Copyright 2013

Dedicated to my Favorite librarian, Mrs. Jones

Summary It was a stormy night and everybody was asleep but me! Find out why I was awake and couldn’t sleep.

It was about 2:00am on Christmas Eve and I couldn’t sleep. Everybody was asleep but me. I was 5 years old and wide awake. I couldn’t stop thinking about that scary story my sister told me. It was a stormy night, and the tree in front of my windows made shadows in my room. I pulled my blanket up to my nose, and looked at the door. I kept hearing “CREEK!” then there was another one. Suddenly when I looked at the clock it was already 3:00 am. Then I had an idea. I took all my strength and went down to our living room. I woke up my dog which she did not like. She made kind of a

groaning sound and looked at me as if she was thinking “what is he up to now?” I took her basket and put it in my room, and when someone or something came in my room and “CRREEEK” I froze. I was too scared to move. Suddenly I heard “plop plop plop!” My dog trotted in my room. “Plop plop” she went in her basket and slept on. “You scared me,” I said to my dog. It was 3:30 am and everybody was asleep. I closed my eyes and fell asleep!

About the author Benni is 9 years old. He wants to be a professional soccer player. He comes from Vienna and lives there. He enjoys playing soccer. He wrote many books before but this is his first digital book. He has 2 sisters and 1 brother!

I'm Scared  
I'm Scared