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Feeling Free

By Alisa Angelina Fridman

Feeling Free Alisa Angelina Fridman Knights Press Co. Schuster, Morris and Trutschmann Copyright 2013

During the summer 2013 in Grimaud France I was scared to go riding. I made a new friend and hung out at the stables together. My tutor told me I would be riding a horse called Enible. My fear came back to me‌

Dedicated to my To my best friends, Luna and Sophia for making a great summer for me!!!

My stomach was churning like a thousand bulls were fighting inside and were as strong and as fast as cheetahs. I held my stomach tightly not wanting to throw up. “Really Alice, it’s going to be okay like it was always. Nothing’s going to happen.” my dad told me. We were driving to a stable in Grimaud (France), and I was a nervous wreck, like a bunny chased by a wolf. I was nervous. I felt sick when I was riding, because I fell off a horse and was really hurt. We drove into the parking lot of the stable, when I saw my best

friend running toward me. She held a hand of another girl. “Hey, Alisa,” Sophia shouted still running. “Hi.” I murmured under my breath. “This is Luna. She will be helping us at the promenade today.” Sophia said. “Hi,” said Luna. “Hi,” I said, this time smiling cheerfully. “Come on we have to go and tack our horses or we will be late like a snail going to a ball!” Sophia said. We all laughed at her joke. So we went, leaving my dad behind

staring like a tiger ready to jump on its prey. When we got to our tutor, Alicia, she told us that I would be riding Enible, Sophia would be riding Giboulet, and Luna would be riding Sundy. We took our horses out of their stalls, groomed them, and tacked our horses up. We rode our horses down the narrow trail to the charming woods with Alicia in the lead. We rode around in the beautiful woods for about an hour. After a while, when we were about to reach the stable Sophia said. “I love this place!!�

“What do we do here?” I asked confused. “We do gallop!!” said Luna. “WHAT!!!!!” I screamed. Every one stared at me. “Yes it’s a lot of fun” said Sophia surprised and confused. “Ok, let the horses eat for two minutes and then who wants to do gallop can go,” said Alicia in a friendly way. I was freaking out. “Ok, time’s up. Alisa, Sophia, and Luna please go first.” “NNNOOO” I started to protested. Too late. Giboulet and Sophia started galloping first. Then Luna and Sundy went zooming. “Where are

my friends going?” thought Enible. “Maybe I should go after them to race!” Suddenly Enible took off as fast as a rocket and raced after his friends, like they were something he was looking for. “They should have named him rocket!!” I thought. I held tightly on his mane and reins. We both passed Sundy, Luna, Giboulet, Sophia in a blur. “Whooa, watch it!!” said Luna almost falling off but also giggling. “Sorry” I said gaining speed, like it was a race that I wanted to win. “Yoo Hoo,” I shouted letting my ponytail break and fly back.

Sophia and Luna just laughed. The horses just neighed and snorted. We laughed even more. This was the best time ever: overcoming fear of galloping and feeling free for the first time. I felt really proud and happy. I wondered why I was so scared at the beginning. “OVER THE MOON� I screamed happily.

About the Author Alisa Angelina Fridman was born on the 22 of January 2004 in Moscow, Russia. She has two brothers. A family of 6 people in a house. She lives in Vienna, Austria with her two dogs, Amy and Diesel. Alisa goes to American International School and has a lot of friends. Her hobbies are horseback riding (of course!!!!), reading, writing, soccer, basketball, training her dogs, and looking after her little brother, David!!

Alisa had a lot of fun writing her story. She hopes you enjoyed reading it!!

Feeling Free  
Feeling Free