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by Anouk Schweger

Auuhh Anouk Schweger AIS Publishers

Copyright 2013

Dedicated to July

“Noah come on you can go faster,” I said. I was on my bike riding to my mom and dad. There was a lady that was in front of me, she was called Judy. My family and I were in the Maldives. Noah was behind me and my brother went faster and he did not want to go faster and then CRASH!!! “AUUUHH!” my brother and I said. My brother bumped into me and we both fell off the bike and Judy helped us up onto our feet. My knee was bleeding. Judy said to Noah, “Say sorry.” Noah said, “Sorry.” I said, “It is okay Noah.”

Judy said, “We have to go to the doctor.”And she called her friend and the friend came. The friend took Noah to my parents and Judy and I rode to the doctor. When I was pedaling it really hurt because there was sand or stones in my knee. The sun was shining. I saw some houses on the way to the doctor and we drove under the trees and in the shade and in the sun. This made me feel a little better. Then we were finally at the doctor’s house. The doctor put some things on my knee so that it wouldn’t get infected. One of the things really hurt. I wanted to cry but I didn’t. Then we said, “Thank you.” And left.

We went on our bikes and went to the bungalow. And the same thing happened again!!!! When I was pedaling it hurt again and we went under the trees and in the shade and in the sun. We were riding our bikes to the bungalow. My parents were already waiting for me and my brother too. And we said, “Thank you very much.� Judy drove home or somewhere else. THE END!

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