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A Bad Start Test Day

By Thomas Pollard

A Bad Start to Test Day Thomas Pollard ď Š Schuster, Morris and Trutschmann

Copy Wright 2013

Summary Page Still in bed

We set off

Imogen falls over

I fall over

We finish

Dedicated to my Sister for making me laugh when she fell over Snigger ď Š

“Oh no,” I thought still in bed, “today’s the day, the big test day - the day Eve, our instructor, had been waiting for. “Get up you two,” Mum shouted from the other room. “Hi,” said Eve, excited for the big day. “Hi,” I said trying to be merry. “Where’s Imm?” Eve asked nervous she wasn’t going to get where the meeting point was. “Fallen over,” I said, curious what the answer was going to be. “Oh, not a good start to test da,y” Eve said worried we weren’t going to

pass the test. “Ah, here she is” Eve said relived she made it. “Let’s go,” Eve shouted more excited than ever. When we got up the mountain, we saw the slope. It wasn’t too steep, about the same as the ones you get in those parks. It was fine and we started going down the hill. “Wow,” Imogen thought. “Look at the glittery snow on the trees, and look at the sun on the snow. It makes it look tangy orangey,” she thought some more. Then, THUMP, she fell over. “Ok?” I asked in a flash lifting her up. “Yeah, I’m fine,” Imogen said.

“Phew,” Eve said, relived. “I think I crossed my skis,” Imogen said a bit puffed out after the fall, “but I’m ok.” “Good, let’s go!” Eve shouted quietly. A little way down the slope, I went over a bump and my skis flipped off. I started going down on my stomach and I got so much snow on my face I looked like a yeti in snow gear. I stopped about 10 meters down. “I’m ok!” I shouted up the slope. “That was fun.” “Phew,” Eve said relived. “That’s enough slopes for one day. Let’s practice skating.”

When we had finished the test, we were quite proud of our report. This was mine: Skating: good, could improve Side step: very good, could improve Turning: excellent So after the test, we were very happy (and very tired). We went down the same slope we went down first with Eve and walked back from the lift the same way, but prouder.

The End!

Thomas Pollard Thomas is from the United Kingdom but he is an expat and he has lived in four countries and has moved over five times. He has been to seven schools and now he is at the AIS. Thomas wrote this story when he was nine (2013) but this story is a personal narrative and it actually happened when he was seven (2011). He lives in the eighteenth district in Vienna. He’s also lived in Paris and Athens (take my word for, never, EVER go to Athens. He only stayed one year). Now he is with a fabulous teacher, Mrs. Morris. He has one twin sister, Imogen and fab parents.

A Bad Start oo test day  
A Bad Start oo test day