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Term 1 2018-19 Year 7 to 10

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From the Desk of the Principal Dear Parents, A warm welcome to the first edition of the Newsletter for this year, especially to the new children and their parents joining the Apple International School's family. In this new role as Principal of Apple International School, I am delighted that the school’s values fully align with my own personal values, including the importance of trust, respect, innovation and a sense of community. The development of the school over the past few years has been significant. The future will build on these firm foundations focusing on the quality of school life, especially for the benefit of our learners. We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently. I request you all to write to us and meet us for any feedback or suggestion. As this term draws to a close, I must mention a note of thanks to our dedicated staff that is working relentlessly all the time to ensure the best learning experiences for our students. I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with your children during the Winter Break and I look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year and hearing of the exciting and challenging New Year resolutions our students have set themselves. Warm regards, Jaya Menezes

From the Desk of the Vice Principal Dear Parents and Friends of AIS, A warm welcome to the first edition of the newsletter for this academic year. The first term has been filled with much excitement, learning through various classroom functions and outdoor learning experiences. Children are the leaders of tomorrow and they are the shining light of the future ahead, they hold the answer to all the changes and lay the ground for a just, kind and tolerant society. It is our responsibility to provide todays students with the opportunity to collaborate, think creatively and be the catalysts of change. I strongly believe that it is important to create a welcoming environment where our children could be happy and stimulated to make the most of their capabilities, while at the same time, made aware of the ethical values that should govern life in modern society. All our students are working on their respective Innovation projects introduced for every year group to make an impact on the overall development of our students. Enterprising students of of Year 3 were making chocolates to support cancer patients, students of Foundation stage are promoting healthy tiffin boxes and students of Year 8 are being buddies to all and lending a helping hand. These and other year level projects are designed to help students make a difference in the lives of all members of the Apple International School and the community. You would be glad to know that five of our students were recognized as ‘Heroes of the UAE’ at the Annual Design for Change Conference in Taiwan. The project ‘Design for change’ which aims to make the lives better for the support staff continues to inspire us and the students at AIS. Besides working on the academic progress this term, our students enjoyed a number of other outdoor learning opportunities which included some fun trips, Sports days, Educational visits to various outdoor learning areas such as paper recycling plants and the Intra Emirates tour, which was designed and planned by some students of Year 7 and was a great success. I hope to have all of you participate in helping our students prepare for a better tomorrow and make a difference in the lives of the members of our communities. It makes me proud to be a member of this caring and bright Apple school community of students, their parents and our hard working dedicated staff. I wish all of you a joyous festive season and a very Happy New Year. Best Regards ` Mahesh Sajnani

From the Desk of the Section Head Dear Parents, Welcome to our newsletter! At the end of a very busy and successful first term, I would like to thank the students for their diligence and achievements so far. We have had so many success stories to share and good news items to celebrate together. I would also like to thank the staff for their dedication and hard work and heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their continuous support. Transdisciplinary approach has been a key topic through school this term and it gives a good insight into learning that is relevant to the real world and how we have incorporated it in all our lessons with prime focus on holistic development. Many new initiatives and celebration of each day of week adds zest to our teaching learning schedule along with Cross-curricular activities, Reading program, Field trips, Enrichment Programs and Year level programs in which Year 7 is associated with ‘We are bringing the world closer’ program. Year 8 runs ‘’ I am a buddy’’ program. Year 9 works on ‘’Friends of the Earth” program while Year 10 leads ‘Leaders in making for others’ program. These programs focus on student empowerment, positive behaviour and wellbeing also training them to be the responsible citizens of the future. As this term ends, I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with family and I look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year and hearing of the exciting and challenging New Year resolutions our students have set for themselves. Wishing you all a happy Winter Break! Ms Tripti Shah Section Head Year 7 to 10

Community Service The first class assembly of the new academic year 2018-19, for the secondary school was observed on 20th September, 2018 on a very important humanitarian theme, ‘Community Service.’ ‘No act of kindness is ever wasted.’ Aarya and Christilobie compered for the day and greeted everyone with a hearty welcome. The assembly commenced with the recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran by Hanaan and its translation by Fatoom. This was followed by the UAE National Anthem and the school vision song. Mariam took over and shared the thought for the day, ‘Work for a cause, not for applause!’ which triggered the true spirit of helping others selflessly. Fatima, Maria and Faith explained the purpose and importance of community service, which was followed by a short performance by the students on the song, ‘Together we can…’ The Apple News was read by the newscaster, Hala Naser, who addressed the activities conducted in school so far; • The new academic year started with ‘learning to learn’ week. • Fresher’s Day was observed to welcome the new comers in a friendly atmosphere. • Ardent participation of students across all year levels in ‘Safe and Happy School’ competitions, followed by a ‘Talent Show.’ The respected Principal Ms.Jaya, addressed the gathering and welcomed all for a bright academic year ahead. It brought down the curtain to that day’s assembly. The students carried the message home of ‘Helping each other,’ and related it to their activities and teachings conducted in the moral education lessons. ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in others’ help.’

International Teachers’ Day Year 7B conducted the assembly on 11th October, 2018 on the theme . “International Teachers’ Day”. The assembly was compered by Angel and Aina. The assembly started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Jana Mahmoud followed by translation done by Khawla. After the National Anthem and School vision song, Zoya came up as a special teacher presenting her views on ‘life of a teacher’ which was appreciated by the Principal for her presentation. Thereafter, the class presented a beautiful choreography for paying tribute to the wonderful teachers. All Teachers were invited on stage and given cards and chocolates as a token of appreciation that added to the beauty of the assembly

The Vice Principal and the Principal appreciated the class and the class teacher for the performance and the effort they put in for the assembly. The assembly ended with a thank you note from the Vice Principal.

World Food Day Food is something that is taken for granted by most people, despite the fact that more than half of the population of the earth is hungry.

Students of 7C presented their assembly on the theme ‘World Food Day’. Yazan Tarek and Abid Ibn Mohamed compered for the day and greeted everyone with a hearty welcome. The assembly commenced with the recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran by Hamza and its translation by Saif. This was followed by the UAE National Anthem and the school vision song. Rome explained the purpose and importance of World Food Day, which was followed by a short skit performance by the students. In their skit, the students portrayed the sad reality of the modern world where youngsters waste food without realizing the hardships faced by a farmer in growing and providing food to us. The students portrayed the message of #ZeroHunger which is one of the themes of World Food Day. After the performance, the newly elected members of the Student council were introduced by Ms. Nithya. The respected Vice Principal, Mr. Mahesh congratulated the new members and reiterated their responsibilities. It brought down the curtain to that day’s assembly. The students carried the message home of ‘#ZeroHunger,’ and related it to their activities and teachings conducted in the moral education lessons.

World Energy Day The energy crisis is a broad and complex topic. Most people don’t feel connected to its reality unless the price of gas at the pump goes up or there are lines at the gas station. The energy crisis is something that is ongoing and getting worse, despite many efforts.

Students of 7D presented their assembly on the theme ‘World Energy Day’, to create awareness amongst students. Salim Sabri and Yousuf Muhammad Nabi compered for the day and greeted everyone with a hearty welcome. The assembly commenced with the recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran by Muhammad Ibrahim and its translation by Mahdi Hussain. This was followed by the UAE National Anthem and the school vision song. Salim explained the purpose and importance of World Energy Day, which was followed by a short mime performance by the students. In this mime, the students portrayed the sad reality of the waste of energy

where the people waste energy without realizing the hardships faced by a person who is suffering a lot due to lack of energy resources. After the performance, the thought of the day was described by Suleman followed by the news reporter Sarib Hussain. Then, the respected Section Head, Ms. Tripti was invited on stage. She appreciated the students for the wonderful assembly presented and shared useful information with students and teachers about the importance of energy in modern age. It brought down the curtain to that day’s assembly. Assembly was dispersed by Sports Captain.

Community Service The assembly started with a brief introduction of the topic by the hosts: Ysa and Jhian, followed by the Quran recitation by Sara Bohra, and translation by Naima Amanzade. We paid respect to the country and the school by singing the UAE National Anthem and the School Vision Song. Then we proceeded to the school report- The Apple News by Kate where she congratulated all the Al Afdal Awardees, mentioned the latest events and the upcoming ones. After the report, the hosts invited few individuals to go up on the stage to perform an act demonstrating the present-day situation and how making new friends is easy. The audience applauded the effort that the actors had put into the performance. Following the performance, the speakers: Ysa and Princess, had ascended to the stage with the purpose of delivering a powerful “two-part speech” regarding the concept of a safe and happy school with no tolerance for bullying and where safety and comfort are the environmental traits. Parts of the speech stated how and why safety plays a vital role in our lives and how it should always be kept constant in one’s life, especially with the youth. The act was praised for having such strong effectiveness and purpose along with the power of originality.

A number of people shared the different types and ways to prevent bullying. They also suggested that help should be given in such cases. The students thanked them for educating them on the very important questions regarding the assembly topic. The last, but not the least act, proudly gestured themselves for a pair of students: Kirsten and Nina, who delivered a short poem about Safety and Happiness. The crowd then joined their hands for the amazing and extravagant poem made by them. The assembly was finally concluded by inviting our dear Principal Ma’am. She shared her opinions on what the students had done for their assembly with professionalism. She also made sure to spread her other ideas to improve the way students can study and live their lives at its best. Then the assembly was dispersed. After the audience had returned to their respected classrooms, 7E students gathered on the stage for a group photo. They were excited with the appreciation received.

Reading Takes You Places There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. — Jacqueline Kennedy To emphasize and instil reading habits in students, Grade 8A presented an assembly on the theme Reading takes you Places which is a part of AIS reading program. The Assembly started with recitation and translation from The holy Quran followed by the quote of the day, “If you truly want to escape the reality all you have to do is open a book and let your imagination take over.” followed by 8A students presented a small skit on the theme of the day, students were so self-driven and motivated that they work on the costume, backdrop and script too.

Students from other grades participated in book parade; they made books for the parade and even dressed up as their favourite characters from the book, not only that these students then went to all the classes in the school to spread awareness of reading. Students from grade7-10 took part in the reading activity was one school reading, students sat together in the assembly area and read their favourite books. This magical and imaginative day came to a closure by inspiring words of our principal Jaya Ma’am.

Learn to Learn Week Date: 05/09/18

Year: 8C

Objective: To recapitulate the basic facts of factors, multiples, HCF & LCM.

The students were asked questions on basic knowledge as a rapid-fire round and points were given based on the groups. The next round started as a buzzer round where students were called to work out the prime factorization sums on the board while others try it out in their notebooks. The students enjoyed the class especially in the buzzer round, as they were so focused on earning points for their own groups. They exhibited healthy competition among their class mates. Following are some pictures during the activity. Over all they exhibited good learning skills during the class.

Fresher’s Day Everything new is exciting for human kind. It is full of excitement and exuberance. To encourage and motivate these new faces with hope, positiveness and passion, The Apple International School organized Fresher’s Day on 20th September 2018 at the school multipurpose hall. This day we welcome our batch of new faces into this school with fun, colours and a lot of games. The program started with the holy Quran recitation and its translation by Rahij Sohaib and Shaza from 8C followed by the National Anthem and School Vision Song. The program further proceeded with a warm and inspiring welcome message by the Principal Ms. Jaya to the newcomers. In her address, she stressed that learning is a continuous and prerequisite process in school and the students should enjoy learning in the school. Soon after that, the fresher’s from Year 7 & 8 were welcomed by the Section Head Ms. Tripti Shah and the freshers from Year 9 & 10 were welcomed by the Phase Leader Mr. Jinto. The new students were also welcomed with few beautiful entertaining cultural extravaganza comprising of dances and welcome songs. `The program ended with the inspiring words from the Vice Principal Mr. Mahesh Sajnani.

Investiture Ceremony ‘Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good, wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.’

The official ceremony of conferring titles and investing powers, to the members of the school council was organized at the Investiture Ceremony at Apple International School, Dubai on 4th October 2018. The event started with the name of the Almighty by Students of Year 8, Rahij and Musab. The school choir sang the UAE National Anthem with great vigor, pride and confidence, followed by the school vision song. The team of prefects were welcomed and honored with badges and sashes by the Section Head and the Phase Leader. All house captains and vice captains were conferred upon with sashes and badges by their House mistresses and the flags were handed over to them, initiating their upcoming role and responsibilities. Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.

Newly assigned Activity Captain Araisa Sayyed, Community Outreach Ambassador Mohammad Sameed Zafar and the Expo 2020 Ambassador Jameela Ali Asghar, followed by the Sports Captains Tristan Donnel and Nikki Marie were also honored and appreciated by all. Most respected Vice Principal; Mr.Mahesh Sajnani presented them all, along with the Deputy Head boy Yuval Manish Shah and Deputy Head girl Nour Hossam with badges and sashes, a symbolic representation of handing over the responsibility to the new office bearers. Our beloved Principal, Ms Jaya Menezes honored the Student Council President- Insiya Mustafa Shams, the Head boy Ahtisham Salman Lakhani and the Head girl Afrah Irfan Syed Youseff with their much deserving badges and sashes. She also administered the oath taking ceremony. Later, speaking on the occasion, she advised the students to execute their duties sincerely and nurture their fellow school mates into becoming good leaders in future and emphasized, true leaders are made.

Her words were a source of inspiration to all young elected representatives for fulfilling their responsibilities and duties well. The enthusiast school choir sang a heart -warming song to grace the occasion further. The school Head boy and Head girl delivered their speeches, promising to abide by the qualities of a true leader and keeping the mantle of Apple flying high. The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks by the Student Council President. The cake cutting ceremony with the Staff and parents was a cherry on top, to keep the muchhonored event in minds forever.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more‌ Only then you are a true leader!

Al Afdal Awards 2017-18 The Apple International School hosted the Al Afdal Awards 2017-18 at the MPH. The function theme was YEAR OF ZAYED and it commenced at 8:30 am with a warm welcome to the parents, teachers and students followed by Recitation from the Holy Quran by Rahij Sohaib and Mousab for the translation. Thereafter the choir came up with a welcome song that was soothing to the ears. The award function started with full attendance of students and different categories of toppers in individual subjects. The students then, presented a mime that portrayed the prehistoric era of UAE to the commemoration of the 7 emirates. A song was sung by the choir on secrets of success which was appreciated by everyone there. Awards were given for Overall Performance in Academics and various other categories like creative student , immaculately dressed student, musician of the year, artist of the year, , most disciplined student, and many more. Thereafter the Rolling Trophies were given to respective houses where Overall Championship was bagged by the Emerald House. The function ended with vote of thanks by Insiya thanking the efforts of all who were part of this function to make it a grand success.

´Educating the individual is this country’s most valuable investment. It represents the foundation of progress and development”

Garden Activity Date: 18 /10/18

Year: 7

Objective: To identify the difference between monocots and dicots with

its basic specific features.

We went to the school garden to identify the specific features of leaves, roots, flowers and stem to identify whether the plants are monocots or dicots. Students took pictures of different flowering plants and stuck them in the notebook. They had fun giving and taking information from each other which enabled them to enhance their collaborative skills. Outcome: Students were able to learn the 5 important features of identifying the monocots and dicots.

Breast Cancer Awareness

GITEX 2018 At The Apple International School, the counselling department ensures the students get enough opportunities for their career explorations. To achieve this goal the students of year 9-10 were taken to the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition on November 14, 2018. The students got a chance to inquire about possible college options and requirements of admission. They benefitted from this opportunity by getting firsthand information about their queries. The report below summaries the feedback survey they took afterwards.

The feedback survey of the students is summarized below.

Cyber Safety Workshop The Apple International School celebrated anti-bullying week during November 18-22nd 2018. Among the many activities, a workshop for students and parents of year 7-10 was conducted on Saturday November 24, 2018 in school. The session was conducted by Niyash Mistry, a risk management professional at Kroll, an international risk and investigation consultancy and Alizeh Valjee, a mental health practitioner and trained in Humanistic and Psychodynamic counselling, as well as yoga and dance meditation. They shared with the students the ways and impact of cyber bulling, ways of staying safe on internet and social media. They also shared important insights for parents on helping their children deal with internet responsibly. The session was well-received by the audience.

Glimpses of Sports Day

Inter Emirates Tour

Year 7-10 Term 1 Newsletter 2018-19  
Year 7-10 Term 1 Newsletter 2018-19