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Dear Parents, With this Term coming to an end, we have also inched closer to the end of a pleasant winter season. The months of January, February and March have seen our students trying out a few new things. This includes getting the firsthand taste of how an auction works, through Bidding Buddies, presenting our longterm project 'U With Ukraine?' at Design For Change presentation at KHDA and then in Kiev(Ukraine), finding new ways to celebrate subjects like English and Math through Super Learning Weeks, held in the last weeks of January and February respectively. It is expected that the enthusiasm and zeal that the school usually remains abuzz with, will transfer to your homes when our children spend the spring break with you, giving you a hard time answering their questions and solving their problems with them. They will also be sincerely involved in preparing themselves for The Super Talented Applelite contest to be held in May' 18 and what's more: we are very excited to see the vehicles the students will be designing in order to participate in 'My Wonder Vehicle' contest which will see some amazing racing contests of innovative vehicles designed by our students of FS through Year 9, during Super Learning Week of Science in the last week of April. So, here's wishing you all the best for all the adventures ahead! Regards

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter! We believe we are all learners, moving forward together. We believe each student and every teacher has extraordinary capacity to both learn from and teach others. Moreover, we believe they exceed expectations when appropriately stretched and supported in a nurturing environment. We are constantly innovating, trying to use and manipulate resources in unusual ways to spark joyful learning for all. Students engage with a rigorous curriculum, stay grounded to the core values and constantly aim at their targets. Team teaching and need based learning have been the key topics through school this term. We know that student success is boosted by a strong parent-school partnership, when communications between home and school are open, trusting, and collaborative. Teachers share video and photos of real-time work in their classrooms with parents and are available at any time to meet; parents connect with teachers candidly and celebrate the spring concert together. Heartfelt thanks to the Parents for their continuous support. In our action-filled courtyard, in our classrooms, in our auditorium and athletic facilities, we all have worked together to create a joyful school community this term. Wishing you all a refreshing Spring Break!

New Year’s Resolutions On 17th January 2018 the class 5C conducted an assembly on ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. The assembly started with the Quranic recitation followed by the translation of the same. The class did a skit about helping the less fortunate and deriving the happiness in doing so. There is always someone out there who is less fortunate who needs our help. Then Mr. Ray (the robot) asked the questions about the New Year resolutions made by the students. The students shared their resolutions in the assembly. The assembly concluded with the students of 5C taking a pledge of donating some share of their pocket money to the less fortunate every month. Our guest student from Ukraine, Ana received the farewell card from the principal. Ms. Sahar Jah

Save Water A high-quality school assembly is one of the most important aspects of a school’s curriculum. The key element of a school assembly is the wholeness. Today the students from Year 5-9 from The Apple International School gathered on 7th February 2018 to learn few points related to the topic “Save water”. Today’s assembly was conducted by Year 6C. The Principal, Vice Principal, Supervisor and all the teachers of Year 5-9 attended the assembly. The assembly commenced with the anchor Rai Baktawar and Emaan addressed the assembly and started with the Holy Quran recitation, which was done by Hanaan and translated by Nabah. The National Anthem and the school vision song followed this. The main aim of the assembly was to inculcate the different ways of saving water. The message was conveyed to the students in the form of a mime. This was followed a small song to save the Earth. After the song, few students from the year 9 were encouraged to perform a skit on the same topic save water. Star performer for the day was Jhian who presented his talent, as a guitarist. Innovation is in the heart of all applelites, hence all the innovation leaders from each class were given 2 minutes to show their innovation and present it in front of all the students. The assembly ended with a thank you note by the girls. Our beloved Principal was called upon to address the students. The Principal encouraged and praised the girls for their wonderful acting skills and she wished everyone all the best for the forthcoming school inspection. The assembly ended with the dispersal command given by the school Sports Captain. Binita Battabyal

Math Super Learning week Year 3-9 Students conducted the assembly on 25th February,2018 on the theme “Math Super Learning week�. The assembly was compered by Mobina and Insiya. The assembly started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Hinata followed by translation done by Maryam. After that Year 7 students presented information on Mathematicians around the world. Thereafter, the Araisa recited a poem made on Learning of Math. Students of Year 4 sang a wonderful song on Simplification of fractions. Arabic Students of Year 8&9 presented the Learning of Math concept in Arabic and Year 9 students explained the same concept in English. There was a Math Fashion walk by year 3&4 students by wearing costumes on mathematical concepts.

The principal appreciated the Year 3-9 students for the performance and the effort they put in for the assembly. The assembly ended with the school Vision song sung by all the students.

World Culture Day World Culture Day was celebrated at the Apple International School on 11th of January 2018. The main aim of the event was to open new avenues of cultural understanding in a unique and interactive way. The whole play area transformed into mini countries. There were twenty-five country stalls in all. Each stall was a colourful display of items ranging from clothes, books, jewellery to food, flags, historical figures etc. The event started with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by National Anthem. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Andrew Lockett, our Early Years Consultant. The spectators were regaled with dance and song performance by the tiny tots of our School. There was a tremendous response from the students and parents, who thoroughly enjoyed and learned about the different countries. Each country stall was unique, and students came well prepared to present and explain their cultures, traditions and facts. There was a spirit of enthusiasm and excitement reflected in the students, which was witnessed during their interaction with the visitors. Every child took ownership of their exhibit and explained everything in detail. The Exhibition was from 8:30am to 1:00 pm. It gave the students a platform to display their creativity, knowledge and collaboration. It also helped them to develop skill of public speaking and professional interaction with people. World Culture day event proved to be a grand success and received much appreciation from every quarter.

Battle of the Bands “Music is Food for the Souls.” With the aim of providing avenue to showcase talented students in music, The Inter-House Battle of the Bands was organized by Apple International School for students from Year 5 to 9. The event was held last January 25, 2018 –Thursday at 1:10 in the afternoon in the Multi-Purpose Hall. It was a fun and music-filled afternoon in the school. It was participated by four (4) bands coming from the four various Houses namely: Emerald House, Ruby House, Sapphire House, and Topaz House. The whole program was compered by Christalobie of Year 6C. It was started by Quran recitation led by Hanan Ali Salim from Year 6 and followed by the reading of the mechanics and criteria of the competition by the compere. Ms. Preeti Tiwade-the Section Head of Year1 and 2 and Mr. Ryan Alarconthe Music teacher, judged the competition of the bands. The audience coming from Year 5, 6 and 8 classes were delighted when the first band played their music until to the last band performance. After all the bands have presented, Ms. Erich, a student from Year 5 played amazingly the song of Beatles “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on the keyboard. Truly, the school is full of talents. The announcement of the winners was the most awaited part of the program by the audience. The result of the competition was finally announced by Ms. Preeti. The winners were Sapphire House who ranked the 1st place, Emerald House -2nd place, Ruby House-3rd place and Topaz House for the 4th Place. Every Houseband was applauded and recognized for their great performances on the stage. Then, Ms. Preeti left some inspiring words to the audience about being good artists and having good performance on stage. The event was a great success because of the hard work put in by our dear students, the House Mistresses of each house, Section Heads, as well as the support of all the teachers and staffs.

English Super Learning Week English Super Learning Week was opened and lasted on February 1, 2018. Within this week different activities were conducted during English periods for the students to realize that English is fun and to love it as a whole. Each year level has different activities conducted in each day of the week where students were enthusiastically and excitedly participated all throughout the week. During English periods, elimination rounds are happening where the winners from each class will serve as the representatives and participants for the final round which took place on Thursday in the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) of the school. They were also allowed to go outside of their rooms to answer the different puzzles put up on the walls of their classrooms. All of them were answering text twist, riddles, word search, word factory, cross word puzzles, brain teasers, acrostic poems, story board, and many more. At the end of the week, Thursday, the final round was conducted in the MPH where the students from different sections fought for the crown to be called as winners for different competitions. There were also teachers from different departments who served as judges and other students from different sections who witnessed and applauded the competitors for the different competitions. Students went back to their classrooms having knowledge about the different competitions held as well as having smiles on their faces.

Math in Fashion Math Learning Week is a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in math activities, which they may not normally get a chance to experience in a normal lesson. Over the course of the week, the whole school participated in different Maths activities designed to challenge their thinking and develop their maths problem solving skills. Math in Fashion was the topic for Year 5 & 6 as their project on 27th of February during Math Learning Week celebrations in Apple International School, Dubai. The primary objective of the project was to encourage learners to get involved, to dispel the Math phobia and create a love for the subject and to perceive the connections of mathematical concepts with the life situations. Students of Year 6 participated whole-heartedly and were seen ready with their materials required for the project in their math class. The teachers enthralled the students with talks on Math in Fashion and the beauty and application of Mathematics in everyday life. The teachers emphasized how simple Mathematics can be if understood well. The students’ tireless efforts can be seen through the presentation of the projects. Ms. Firdous Shaikh

Mental Math On the 25/02/2018 took place a competition on mental Math for all the pupils of year 6. The mental Math competition was composed of 10 questions. The questions were based on 3 levels of psychometric ability: Numerical reasoning tests, diagrammatic reasoning tests and tests of focus. The mental Math competition was conducted using display through slides and it took about 25 minutes. Pupils peer checked their work and result were compiled to determine the 2 best scorers in each class.

The competition went on as expected and the children show a lot of interest. We conclude this report with some few pictures that were taken during the competition.

Inter-house Pantomime Competition Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different”

Performance on stage is not everyone’s forte but The Apple International School, Dubai provides all its students with avenues where they excel in all aspects in life whatever they do; including acting. Mime is one aspect of acting, a theatrical medium, without use of speech. In earlier times, in English, such a performer would typically be referred to as a mummer. The competition was scheduled on 5th March, Monday and was held in the MPH, The Apple International School, Dubai on the topic: Current global issues. The order of the performance was decided by draw of the chits. The competition commenced with the anchor Soha Faisal and Jamaica and started with few verses from holy Quran by Suzzanne and translation by Sufia. The compere introduced the judge, our beloved Principal, Miss Pranjala Dutta. The audience was briefed about the rubrics for the event, that is: Clarity of expressions, body language, and conviction of the act, use of music and costume and impact on the audience. Each house was given 5-7 minutes for their presentation. Sapphire house performed on- save trees, Emerald house on- save water, Ruby house- save electricity, and Topaz house- threat of technology. Deciding the winner was a herculean task, as all the performances were executed with finesse and perfection. Finally, after great deliberation, the Principal declared the winner- Emerald house. Both the compere thanked the Principal, Ms Pranjala Dutta, for her vision and planning such events, which expose the students to such activities and give them a platform that helps them to display their talent.

Inter-Emirates Tour The Apple International School had organized a two days Inter Emirates Tour for the students from Year 5 to year 9 on 18th December’2018. Total 41 students went for the trip and were joined by five teachers from the school. The purpose of the educational trip was to provide students with practical and theoretical experience of all the Emirates in UAE. The trip also provided an opportunity to learn from UAE’s cultures and heritage and gave students a wellrounded knowledge about few aspects, which they were not aware of earlier. This report highlights some of those aspects of the trip and focuses on the educational experiences. The first day began with the visit to Al Bastakiya Heritage Village. Al Bastakiya (Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood) is one of Dubai’s oldest historic district. A tour of the area offered a charming glimpse into the Dubai of a bygone era including traditional wind towers, bustling courtyards and maze of winding alleyways. Then the group moved towards Umm Al Quwain National Museum. The museum created the interest among students for UAE’s historical background. Children enjoyed being in one of the authentic museum in UAE. Surrounding walls, buildings, cannons & entire environment gave a feeling of time trip.

Before the day ended, the group visited the Ras Al Khaimah Zoo. UAE’s third largest Zoo has some rare animals like white lions, golden tigers, rare antelopes and many more. Students enjoyed being in the zoo the most. The night halt for the group was at Tulip Inn Hotel, Ras Al Khaimah. The next day started with a long drive to Fujairah Mosque. Fujairah mosque is the second largest place of worship. The students could go in & pray. Entering the mosque, everyone could feel the sense of purity, calmness & spirituality of the place. All of them could feel the greatness of the Islamic building style & the mosque resembled the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. The last thing on the trip list was Ajman Museum. Children enjoyed every bit of the spent in the museum which had a fascinating collection of artefacts housed in a beautifully restored fort which is one of the most visited historical attractions in the Emirate.

Dubai Safari Tour “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go.” ― Dr. Seuss. I do believe what Dr. Seuss says, as part of the reading programme students will be given a chance to visit more places where they will enjoy, and it will remain as a memorable day for the rest of their life. In line with this,

The Apple International School, Dubai together with the Reader's Champ Students for the

month of December as a reward to them they had a tour at Dubai Safari Park, Al Warqa Dubai. Which they had fun and amazed visiting the African Village, Arabian Village, Asian Village, Wadi, and Animal Safari which has 2,500 different types of animals from other countries. It was indeed a successful toured.

Readers’ Champs to Creek Park Dubai Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man and writing an exact man. -Francis Bacon. With the ongoing programmed of the school, each student is continuously encouraged to read and maintain his/her reading log to be one of the lucky participants who will go on a trip as a monthly reward for his/her compliance on this programmed. This month the trip was held at Creek Park Dubai where the students enjoyed the beauty of nature and got inspirations to write their own stories.

A trip to KIDZANIA Field Trips are important to help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience. Once such experience was the field trip to “KidZania�. A group of Year 5 & 6, Boys and Girls with their Class Teachers started the Trip around on March 01, 2018 at 8.30 a.m. from the school to KidZania, at Dubai Mall. Wondering about what we were about to do at KidZania, the group reached the Mall around 9.30 a.m. On reaching the Dubai Mall, we were taken to the KidZania zone by their representatives. KidZania was a complete city with a hospital, fire station, beauty salon, bank, radio station, supermarket, television station, pizzeria, theater, and much more. It provided children a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allowed the kids to do what came naturally to them; role-playing by mimicking activities done by adults in real life.

As in the real world, children performed "jobs" and were either paid for their work (as a firefighter, doctor, police officer, journalist, beautician, etc.) or paid to shop or to be entertained. However, at KidZania the children represented themselves as pilots navigating airplanes, television

anchors reading the news, police officers performing detective work, chefs cooking up tasty food and much more activities, which met their abilities and interests.

There were adult supervisors at every station to guide and help students accomplish their tasks happily and enthusiastically as they worked and played. KidZania was a world full of opportunities where students asserted themselves and learned to be responsible. It was also a world full of possibilities for sharing ideas and gaining knowledge. Added to those, it was a world where students thought and acted independently from adults. Over all it was in a way education through a mixture of hands on activities.

Beach Clean-up - Mamzar Dubai Two schools as the representatives of Beach Clean-up programme, arranged a clean-up campaign at the Mamzar Beach Dubai on 19th March 2018.

The Apple International School and St. Mary’s School Dubai joined in the “Beach Clean-up” program with the participation of Dubai Municipality. Ms. Kehkashan, the Youth Ambassador-World Future Council, led the activity. The clean-up started at 8:30 am with the opening program and briefing with volunteer students about what to collect, how to segregate and where to put the trash collected such as broken glass, plastic pieces, and packets of cigarettes and particles of waste. The activity was successfully conducted.

External Assessments In this term years 6 students appeared in Cambridge Primary Checkpoints Pretests in the 3rd week of March 2018. These are special assessments from CAIE, offered to some selected schools to test CAIE’s future test items. AIS availed this opportunity to prepare students for CAIE Checkpoints to be held in April 2018.

Internal Assessments Term 3 Major Assessments were held in early March to see overall attainment at this stage of the academic session. Open House to discuss the performance in 2nd Term with parents will be held in the 2nd week of April 2018.

Newsletter term 2 2017 18 years 5 and 6  
Newsletter term 2 2017 18 years 5 and 6