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Dear Parents, With this Term coming to an end, we have also inched closer to the end of a pleasant winter season. The months of January, February and March have seen our students trying out a few new things. This includes getting the first-hand taste of how an auction works, through Bidding Buddies, presenting our long-term project 'U With Ukraine?' at Design For Change presentation at KHDA and then in Kiev(Ukraine), finding new ways to celebrate subjects like English and Math through Super Learning Weeks, held in the last weeks of January and February respectively. It is expected that the enthusiasm and zeal that the school usually remains abuzz with, will transfer to your homes when our children spend the spring break with you, giving you a hard time answering their questions and solving their problems with them. They will also be sincerely involved in preparing themselves for The Super Talented Applelite contest to be held in May' 18 and what's more: we are very excited to see the vehicles the students will be designing in order to participate in 'My Wonder Vehicle' contest which will see some amazing racing contests of innovative vehicles designed by our students of FS through Year 9, during Super Learning Week of Science in the last week of April. So, here's wishing you all the best for all the adventures ahead! Regards, Pranjala Dutta (Principal)

Dear Readers, The involvement and performance of all our Year 3 and 4 Level during the 2nd Term proved to all of us that each student is unique and special. is a wellbalanced ecology of precious students, parents and teachers that continuously and progressively contribute to the school's growth. The objective for the 2nd Term was for students to develop and apply "SelfLearning Critical Thinking and Mindfulness for students to further hone their 21st Century Learning Skills. They were involved in planning, execution, delivery and understanding of various processes. Super Learning week is an excellent way of learning through reflective and collaborative practices, we create a positive, safe, and inspiring learning environment that promotes a sense of community and ensures child-focused decision making to develop confident, motivated students who love reading and learning." We trust our students and parents will peruse this Newsletter with interest and look forward for a valuable feedback on the same. Thank you, Norma Amer Section Head

Year 3 and 4

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people’.

General Knowledge Quiz Competition for Year 4was held on 16th January 2018 in the Multi-purpose Hall. It commenced at 12:00 pm and came to an end by 1:30 pm. Four representatives from each class of Year 4 went through the Preliminary Round of GK Quiz that was conducted on 9th January 2018.In this round, four classes 4F, 4C, 4E and 4D obtained the highest scores. The Competition reflected children’s general knowledge skills and team spirit. The Quiz Master was Ms. Mehwish Maaz, the score was displayed on the board by Ms. Reylita. Ms. Carmina was in charge for videos and photos.

Ms. Mara and Ms. Aiman took the responsibility of time keeping and showing the slides. The competition had five rounds- Famous Personalities, Audio-visual round (based on movies and authors of famous books), Buzzer Round (based on attractions of the World), Memory Check (based on UAE) and RapidFire Round (based on basics of core subjects).

Special Assembly by the students of Year4 Year 4 conducted a special assembly on 13th February 2018 on the theme “Growth Mindset”. The assembly was compered by Alayah Cassandra Ortega Adiova and Shamima Maahdiya Jurangpahty. The assembly commenced with the recitation of a few verses of the Holy Quran by Abdullah Kasim followed by its translation by Zahra Rashid. Islamic views on Growth mindset was presented by Shamima. After the National Anthem, selected students came up with the presentation in the form of a skit on Growth Mindset. Students showed that their talents can be developed through hard work and good strategies. Showing Growth Mindset, the Applelites sang the school vision song and going beyond they presented an interpretation of the song with a touch of ballet by a group of the students. This was followed by giving acknowledgement to some of the students who have come up with their innovative ideas and inventions as well. The school’s Appleanzee came up the stage and asked questions on the students understanding of the assembly on Growth Mindset. Afterwards, the assembly was dispersed with in a take away for the students that their school is a place to develop their abilities and think of challenges as opportunities to grow. That is Growth Mindset!

Class Assembly Report

Year 3E : Discoveries and Inventions

The students of 3E put up an excellent show on the theme “Discoveries and Inventions”. The students started the assembly with the Quran recitation by Mohammed Rayyan and translation followed by Abdul Rashid. Thought for the day was shared by Hamza on “Discoveries and inventions”. Children spoke about the people and their discoveries and inventions which we use in our everyday life. Quotes on discoveries and inventions were told by few students. Few children spoke about the discoveries and inventions of Muslim Inventors. Innovation Time: Students came up with their Innovations and explained why they made it and how to use it. The show was enjoyed by the audience. The assembly came to an end with the children singing the school vision song.


We forgive a person when we let go of resentment and give up any claim to be compensated for the hurt or loss we have suffered. This is what we want to teach the students, the value of “FORGIVENESS”. Year 4G headed the assembly last Tuesday, 27th of February with the theme forgiveness. Year 4G started the day with the Quran recitation headed by Umme Hani and was translated by Mysha Mohammed and Fatima Ali. It was followed immediately by the singing of the UAE National anthem and the Vision Song of the school. Mohammed Amar, the host of the assembly asked the student what forgiveness is and shared his thoughts about forgiveness. Then, he called his classmates to share some sayings about forgiveness. To clearly understand what forgiveness is and how to forgive. Mysha Saleem, Fatima Ali and Hasti Kian Pour presented a skit. Year 4G ended their assembly singing the song “Forgive and Forget” with the lines… Nobody’s perfect We all make mistakes It’s good to forgive and forget. Nobody wants to be left in the rain But good friends are never forgotten You’re feeling hurt You feel the worst And I know that it made you feel rotten Nobody’s perfect

We all make mistakes Try not to get too upset Next thing you know You’re letting it go It’s good to forgive and forget. It’s good to forgive and forget.

At the last part of the assembly, innovation leaders from year 3 and 4 presented their innovation.

Forgiveness teaches us that unselfish love is the basis for true forgiveness, since love “does not keep account of the injury.

Role-playing is a universal form of play enjoyed by children. While having fun, it has a very positive educational, psychological and motivational benefits.


is one of the best place for school field trips due to its high educational content. On Thursday, March 1, the Year 3 and 4 Applelites went for an educational trip to Kidzania. The students enjoyed themselves while they were inside safe facilities, where they developed skills and attitudes for the benefit of their physical and intellectual growth.

Their creative thinking and social skills were stimulated while their self-esteem and self-confidence were fortified. From police officer to dentist to journalist, the students had tried different profession and jobs in the real world. The students earned Kidzos (the official currency of Kidzania) with every job they performed. The same money they used to spend inside with their groceries and luxuries (salon and perfumes) Personal experience is a powerful learning tool. By blending reality with entertainment, the students had an authentic and powerful developmental experience where they learned to be independent, developed decision-making skills and participated with their community. Indeed, it was a fun filled educational trip that the students and teachers had experienced.

Every February, Dance Mania Competition is the most awaited event and today, we conducted the said event. Year 3 & 4 Students gathered in the MPH hall around 12:00 right after the Everybody was excited to perform and to showcase their talents in dancing. Ms. Prabasha from F.S. was the judge. The MPH hall filled with happiness as the students were eagerly waiting for their turn to perform. Everybody performed very well.

The MPH hall was on fire when the loud music was aired and many of the teachers from different departments came to join and witness the event. After the performance Ms. Prabasha announced the winners. Winners for Year 3 3H – Third Position. 3 D – Second Position 3 C – First Position Winners for Year 4 4D & 4H – Third Position 4A -Second Position 4C -First Position

Term Report for Science The second term was quite a fun filled term with diverse learning activities in Science for Year 3-4. Along with elements of Life Science, Chemical Science and Physical Science, students continued their IDEA-C Lab sessions to shape their creativity in the form of working robotic models. While students of Year 3 worked on projects like Racing Car, Catapult, Year 4 students tried their handson Helicopter and Light Plane Model. Through these sessions, our students are able to ensure they make appreciable cross curricular connections with Math, Technology and Engineering along with applications of these models in everyday life. As a part of Science Curriculum, students of Year 3 started off the second term exploring about Fossils-their formation and types, Types of Rocks and their properties, Identifying functions of Skeleton and Muscles in the human body. This was followed by Flowering Plants wherein students were acquainted with the essential steps of Scientific Inquiry. Applying these steps, our budding scientists were able to successfully design fair test to test importance of different conditions needed for plants to grow. Towards the end, students got opportunities to investigate about different types of Forces including Friction and Magnetism which included a range of hands on activities to strengthen students’ understanding of these concepts. In class activity kits were also used to enable students learn the effect of force on motion. On the other hand, Year 4 students commenced the term learning about different types of teeth and their functions, parts of digestive system. Students created models of Human Teeth using the given kits, identified function of each type of teeth and compared different animals having different types of teeth based on their diet. Similarly, the model of Digestive System facilitated students to identify functions of different organs involved in the digestive system. After Life Sciences, it was time for students to explore about Chemical Sciences where they learnt different processes involving changes in states of matter including melting, freezing, evaporation, condensation and different stages involved in Water Cycle. The field where students applied the best of their real-life knowledge to their Science lessons was while investigating about conductors and insulators, differentiating between series and parallel circuits and discovering the energy conversions in different electrical appliances. Students got exposure to range of circuits to comprehend these concepts. The term ended with introduction of Habitat and their types as a part of Environmental Science.

Thus, Term 2 enabled students to build on their existing scientific knowledge and apply the concepts learnt to solve critical thinking problems from everyday life.

Year 3 Students effect of force on motion through balloon car model kit

Year 3 students investigating pathway of water in plants through celery stem investigation

Year 4 Students proudly showing the model of teeth made by them

The aim of the English Super Learning Week was to make use of English in the school visible and to encourage all students to use English Language as a medium of interaction with their friends and teachers. The Super Learning Week started on 28th January 2018, which lasted on for five consecutive days. The twelve sections of Year 3 and eight sections of Year 4 were divided into five groups. Each group of classes had different activities and competitions. The children enjoyed all the activities. It was a week of flurry and excitement, with the children being fruitfully engaged in various competitions during the English lessons. All the English teachers respectively conducted the competitions vigilantly in their classes during the English lessons. Spell Bee Competition, Quiz Bee Competition, Character Parade Contest, Show and Tell, Tongue Twisters, Comic Strips, Creating Riddles, Ad Bags, Song writing and Singing, Passage Reading and much more‌.

Competitions and quizzes gave students an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills. Furthermore, it gave students a chance to expose themselves to the realistic norms of the day -to -day life. Fourth day was the finals of all these competitions. Winners were awarded certificates by the Principal Ms. Pranjala Dutta, who encouraged the students on their effort and advised them to continue the spirit of learning glowing in them.

On the fifth day the students wrote a report on the Super Learning Week in their Creative Journals. The week had been truly an informative and entertaining one which the students enjoyed to the

fullest. Let’s have a glimpse of the Super Learning Week‌

Math Super Learning Week – 25th February to 1st March ACTIVITY: Math’s Super Learning Week started with a fashion parade. On Sunday, the students came up with their fancy costumes that are related to Mathematics. From numbers to shapes, from ruler to calculator. Name it, these creative students wore it.

Super Learning continues in the classroom as the students compete to each other and showcase their Mental Math skills.

Math lesson is never Math without your teacher giving you a problem to solve. On Monday, the solving students solved lots of problem so lving questions and engaged themselves in making one too!

The learning did not stop in the four corners of the classroom. The students went home and prepared different 3D shapes which they used to make their very own 3D shape city on Tuesday morning. Are you looking for Math Wizards? Harry Potter will surely not beat these students in their addition skills. On Wednesday, the students practiced their Math skills as they answered addition puzzles in few minutes.

It was indeed a Super Learning Week for all Mathemagician!

Newsletter term 2 2017 18 years 3 and 4  
Newsletter term 2 2017 18 years 3 and 4