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The Apple Orchid Newsletter Year 1 and 2 – March 2018


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he Month of October

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, With this Term coming to an end, we have also inched closer to the end of a pleasant winter season. The months of January, February and March have seen our students trying out a few new things. This includes getting the first-hand taste of how an auction works, through Bidding Buddies, presenting our long-term project 'U with Ukraine?' at Design for Change presentation at KHDA and then in Kiev(Ukraine), finding new ways to celebrate subjects like English and Math through Super Learning Weeks, held in the last weeks of January and February respectively. It is expected that the enthusiasm and zeal that the school usually remains abuzz with, will transfer to your homes when our children spend the spring break with you, giving you a hard time answering their questions and solving their problems with them. They will also be sincerely involved in preparing themselves for The Super Talented Applelite contest to be held in May' 18 and what's more: we are very excited to see the vehicles the students will be designing in order to participate in 'My Wonder Vehicle' contest which will see some amazing racing contests of innovative vehicles designed by our students of FS through Year 9, during Super Learning Week of Science in the last week of April. So, here's wishing you all the best for all the adventures ahead! Warm Regards, Ms. Pranjala Principal.

Message from the Section Head

Dear Parents, Greetings!! Congratulations!! Your support and partnership with the school and your child’s learning has helped us achieve greater heights and greater success during the School Inspection this February 2018 The Apple International School has provided each student with lots of activities for the overall scholastic and non-scholastic development, through SLC/MLV/Field Trips/Inter Class Events and a many more variety of activities conducted. I am sure that you have witnessed that your own child has enjoyed all these activities held throughout the Term. We have observed and monitored the progress of each child during the class sessions and are glad to inform you that we have seen each one grow and achieve their targets in their own pace and time. We look forward to work together with the spirit support to nurture our children and raise them as responsible adults of the world. Warm Regards, Ms. Preeti – Section Head Year-1 and 2.

Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.” --- Roy T. Bennett The Light in the Heart – Is what our students carry

Assembly - Team Spirit

Team Work- Team Spirit – Class Assembly 1H The compere of the day was Ronn Adam. The assembly started by quoting about the importance of Team work and working together by Hariette. The recitation and translation of the Holy Qur’an by Minhal from 1A. Thought for the day was given by Leighanna. A small skit on sports day to show how important is it to work in a team. The skit taught students about good team spirit. The theme was highlighted by the children, dancing along with the lovely song on working together. Some of the students used splash cards with pictures and spoke about “Team Spirit” Our section Head – Ms. Preeti appreciated the way they conducted the assembly. After the school song the assembly was dispersed.

Assembly on World Wild Life Day Celebration

Year 1-I class assembly entitled ‘” World Wildlife Day” was held on 1 st of March, 2018, to celebrate the International World Wildlife Day with the campaign theme “The Big Cats”. It was led by Mathan and Jared who served as the Masters of Ceremony. The class assembly was started by recitation of Qur’an and its translation by Minahil from 1-A. Singing of UAE National Anthem was followed with the flag of UAE. The Quote of the Day was presented by Souparnika. The students discussed about the United Nations proclamation about the World Wildlife Day”, and its program for the wild animals and plants. They also discussed the year theme, and the conservation of the Big Cats Family like lions, tigers, pumas & jaguars. Students performed a play on how some humans contribute to the extinction of these wild animals. They also conveyed a message on how these animals should be saved. The students also delivered a choral speech about saving wildlife, and performed a wildlife dance. The assembly cannot be complete without the inspiring words coming from the Section Head – Ms. Preeti. The assembly was dispersed after the singing of the School Song.

Dance Mania – Year 1 and 2 7th March 2018

The Dance Mania was conducted in the school MPH to showcase the talent of the students by performing Traditional Folk Dance of different countries and Different Dance Styles. It was participated by the students from different sections (A-O) of Year 1. The program was hosted by Ms. Zara of 2D and Student of 1A – Ms. Manahil. The judge for the program was Ms. Prabhasha from FS department. The host explained the criteria for judging (Choreography, Costume, Time and Originality) before the program starts. At the end of the program, the winners were announced by the judge and a message by our Section Head Ms. Preeti. All students enjoyed each other’s presentation and were looking forward to have more events that will showcase their skills and talents.

Year 1 and 2 Educational Trip @ Kidzania 8th March 2018

The enthusiastic students of 1 and 2 went to a fieldtrip on 8 th March, 2018 at Kidzania, Dubai Mall. 600 students and 50 teachers joined the trip. There were lots of educational things that are waiting for them at Kidzania. We left the school at around 8:30 AM. We travelled for almost 30 minutes going to Dubai Mall. Students sang songs and had their breakfast in the bus. At first, students were given Kidzania money, in which they could use it in paying for some game. They had to play variety of games and earn more money. This money was also used to buy toys from the Kidzania Department Store. They learnt how to work in different organizations or work places like Dubai Police, Emirates Airline, DEWA, Dubai Municipality, Fire Department and many more. They also experience how to be a dentist, plumber, tire man, ice cream maker, DHL delivery men. Some students learnt how to paint, make pots, dance and even acting. Children felt that they were in a real Dubai community where in they experience how different jobs are being done by adults.Students were so happy as they experienced working through wages. Everytime they work, it earned them money. Even teachers played along with her class students and enjoyed the trip. But time was really short as we need to go back to school. Nothing can pay us for the wonderful experience that we had. Happiness and enjoyment were reflected our students faces.

Assembly on International Day of Happiness

“Happiness is found in the simplest of things…” ~ Dr Steve Maraboli International Day of Happiness was celebrated on 15th of March at 7:40am on the stage of the School Assembly Ground by The Apple International School by the students of Year 1J.

The Assembly was hosted by the students who presented poems on Happiness which included “Recipe for Happiness” and 5 Happiness Quotes. They also sang ‘Happiness is something if you give you give it away’ and concluded with “I’m so Happy” Dance.

Newsletter term 2 2017 18 years 1 and 2  
Newsletter term 2 2017 18 years 1 and 2