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The Apple International School – Dubai Term 1 NewsleTTer year 3 aNd 4 academic year 2017-2018

Message from the Principal

Dear Readers,

1. Innovation drives every aspect of our life at school 2. We spread happiness within and around our space 3. Our ambition is greater than our resources These are the affirmations that all Applites at The Apple International School live by; be it teachers, students, services team or ancillary team members. This is quite evident in the way the school campus offers itself as learning ground for children and adults alike. This academic year is unique in the sense that the seed of transformation in teaching and learning that we had sown three years ago, has become a dancing sapling now. One can easily observe the shift that has taken place in our approach towards teaching and learning. All of us have started focusing now, not so much on how good shift is truly enhancing our student achievement. The governors, as well as parents’ involvement in all our endeavours including All Hands Meet, has been amazing. Sincere thanks to all the stakeholders. Here’s wishing you a happy reading. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Pranjala Dutta

Message from the Vice Principal Dear Parents, A warm welcome to all parents and students to the first edition of the Newsletter for this year, especially to the new children and their parents joining the Apple International School's family for whom this would be the first Newsletter. We have had a busy First Term with students participating in various activities such as Sports Day that not only developed their mental and physical toughness but also developed their team spirit, Inter-house & Inter-class competitions that honed their creative skills. One major achievement this term has been the success of the Inter-Emirate trip that not only developed amongst students a love for the country we live in but also developed strong bonds for each other and for their teachers. Another highlight for me this term has been the “One School Reading Together� and the Reading Champ’s Trip to Dubai Safari that was a reward for the Top Readers in the school. Let us all together, keep up the spirit of reading not only in the younger generation but in ourselves as well. I must mention a note of thanks to our dedicated staff that is working relentlessly all the time to ensure the best learning experiences for our students. As this term draws to a close, I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with family and I look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year and hearing of the exciting and challenging New Year resolutions our students have set themselves. Warm regards, Jaya Menezes

Message from the Section Head Dear Readers,

The involvement and performance of all our Year 3 and 4 students during the 1st Term proved to all of us that each student is unique and special.AIS is a well balanced ecology of precious students, parents and teachers that continuously and progressively contribute to the school's growth. The objective for the 1st Term was for students to develop and apply “4C’s ‘Critical Thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity to further hone their 21st Century Learning Skills. They were involved in planning, execution, delivery and understanding of various processes. The students celebrate each day of the week in a very unique manner during the registration time. Sundays are the Socratic Sundays where good quality questioning is expected to be seen and used inside and outside the classes. A session on Mindfulness must all days especially on Mindful Mondays.




Collaboration, peer work and group work should be the norm of the day on Teaming Tuesdays. No individual can be seen alone .As has been the practice; we all try to speak in Arabic on WOW Wednesdays. On Thoughtful Thursdays in classes and outside, a little time is spent for pausing, thinking and reflecting on whatever has been absorbed during the week. We trust our students and parents will peruse this Newsletter with interest and attention especially to the highlights of this term. Thank you. Norma Amer

Topic: Class Assembly Year 4A

Year 4A conducted the assembly on 19th September, 2017 on the theme ‘Happy to be Back in School’ and ‘World Peace’. The assembly was compered by Alejandro and Hadi. The assembly commenced with the recitation of a few verses of the Holy Quran by Sama Ashraf followed by its translation by Inass El Mimoune. The students stood with respect and honour for the UAE National Anthem. Thought for the Day was quoted by Alejandro who was succeeded by the Happy Appleites led by Christina, Advit, Rahgad and Ethan who shared the highlights of the previous week. The presentation included a song on being Happy to be back in School. It was followed by a few lines on World Peace. It was concluded with a song for peace ‘I am but a small voice.’ The assembly was appreciated by all the students, teachers and the parents. It was also witnessed by The Principal, Ms. Pranjala Dutta Das and the Happiness Officer Mr. Goutam Ghosh who shared the message of spreading Happiness around the school. The assembly dispersed after the School song

Year : 3 A

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” ~ Paul Boese The students of Year 3A put up an excellent show on 26th of September 2017 on the theme, ‘Forgiveness’. A cheerful song, ‘A beautiful day’ was played while all the students were assembling to their assigned places. The assembly was anchored by Usmon and Afshan respectively. The students began the assembly with the Quran recitation. Aida from3A recited few lines from the Holy Quran while Zyed took over for the translation which was followed by the National Anthem of UAE! The energetic students led the assembly with few lines on forgiveness. They emphasized the importance of forgiveness in our daily lives. Further, they spoke how forgiveness helps to make a friendship stronger and how each one of us should learn to forgive and forget. The class performed with integrity a song ‘KidsForgive one another’ To enhance the Islamic Values a skit was presented by the students who were trained by their Islamic teacher. It emphasized about forgiveness in Islam. The audience enjoyed the show! Ms. Norma Amer, our respected Head of Yr3 and 4 was called upon to address our assembly which ended with her words of encouragement and appreciation. The assembly dispersed after the School song leaving a powerful message to the audience: “Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong!”

Year 4B

The Year 4-B conducted their first Assembly for the Academic Year 2017-2018, with the topic “International Day for Older Persons�. The parents were invited to witness it. The Assembly started with the recitation of the Holy verses form Quran by Motaqi followed by its English translation by Amr. This assembly was about enabling and expanding the contributions of older people in their families, communities and societies at large. The students performed a speech choir that tackles different ways to respect, help and show appreciation to the older persons. Each child from the class participated in the assembly and came up with their views. The speech choir was followed by a dance presentation. The Vice Principal Ms. Jaya appreciated the students and especially the parents who were there to witness it.

Year 3 B

Year 3B conducted the assembly on 17thOctober, 2017 on “Positivity�. The assembly was compered by Safa and Rahaf introducing themselves and their class. The whole assembly was linked to the main theme Positivity. Sayed Ahmed recited the verses from the Holy Quran and Rashida did the translation for the same. The thought for the day was shared by Sharfa and the news for the week was told by Ahmed. After the National Anthem and the school song, the class came up with a skit on A Story of Seeds which was an excellent example of the positive

environment and its impact on others. The students who presented the skit were Retag, Qhadira, Umaima, Mohammad Aliasgar and Ahmed Yousef. Thereafter, the class presented a beautiful dance on “Show me some positivity� led by Yasmeen. The Islamic values were beautifully shared by the students under the guidance of the Islamic Teacher. The Vice Principal appreciated the class and the class teacher for the performance and the effort they put in for the assembly. The Vice Principal also announced the Islamic Celebration week. The students marched back to their classes with a great message.

On the fine morning of 3rd October 2017, at the Apple International School Multipurpose Hall, the newly elected representatives Year 3 were invested with responsibilities at the investiture ceremony. The short function was held in a special assembly where the students were prepared to don the mantle of leadership and take

the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran Omer and its translation by Fatima Ali followed by the National Anthem and the school song. The program was well organized and students of year 3 were well behaved. There were 4 selected students of every section for the following categories.    

Class Representatives Green Ambassadors Innovation Leaders Wellness Champions.

The students were lined up properly before and after pinning their badges. The pride was shown on their faces as they were receiving their badges. Badges were pinned by Ms.Preeti Tiwade, Ms.Tripti Shah, Mr.Jinto Sebastian and Mr. Goutam Gosh. The Principal of The Apple International School Ms. Pranjla Datta inspired and encouraged the elected leaders to be dutiful and responsible in her address to the gathering. Her words of advice were highly motivating to the students. A dance was performed by the girls of year 3 for Leadership held everyone captive to their performance. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Shaimma of Year 4 G

'Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the Target of success' The Apple International School formally appointed the newly elected leaders. Around 8:45 a.m. all year 4 students were gathered in the MPH to witness the Investiture Ceremony. Ms. Faustine and Ms. Amina were the hostesses of the event. The programme was well organized and students of year 4 were well behaved. There were 4 selected students of every section for this term, who will serve as o Class Representative o Green Ambassadors o Innovation Leaders o Wellness Champions.

The students were lined up properly before and after pinning their badges. The pride has shown on their faces as they were receiving their badges. Badges were pinned by Ms. Preeti Tiwade, Ms. Tripti Shah, Mr. Jinto Sebastian and Mr. Goutam Gosh. The pledge of honor took place after pinning of all the badges. The students performed a dance on Leadership under the supervision of our activity teacher Ms. Mae. The performance was appreciated by all. Shaimma from year 4-D was invited for the vote of thanks. To conclude the programme, Ma’am Jaya Menezes gave a very encouraging and

motivating message not only for the elected leaders but also for everyone in the audience who will soon be future leaders. The investiture ceremony ended around 9:30 a.m. The whole programme will not be a success without the help of the teachers but most especially with the great supervision of Ms. Norma Amer who is always hands on to every event.

To promote the Moral Values in the students The Apple International School conducted a “Sing-A-Song Competition” with the theme “Good Manners” on the 10th of October in the MPH Hall at 12 o’clock. The judge for this competition was our beloved Principal. Shamima Jarangpathy hosted the event. Each class showcased their talent in singing and playing musical instruments Each section gave a great performance using the below songs: 3A: Forgiveness 3B: How can they give and take love 3C: The more we get together 3D: You can count on me 3E: Fill your Bucket 3F: Who should I love?

3G: Love , respect & care for mother 3H: The power of words 3I: Tudos Juntos for being together 3J: Kindness 3K: What a wonderful world 3L: It’s a small world At the end of the competition, Ms. Pranjala, the ever-supportive principal announced the winners The students left the MPH with a joyful heart and radiant smiles that at this age are learning things which will be great help when they grow up.

Sing-A-Song Competition Year 4

The students celebrate each day of the week in a very unique manner during the registration time. Sundays are the Socratic Sundays where good quality questioning is expected to be seen and used inside and outside the classes. A session on Mindfulness must take place on all days especially on Mindful Mondays. Collaboration, peer work and group work should be the norm of the day on Teaming Tuesdays. No individual can be seen alone .As has been the practice; we all try to speak in Arabic on WOW Wednesdays. On Thoughtful Thursdays in classes and outside, a little time is spent for pausing, thinking and reflecting on whatever has been absorbed during the week.

In Apple International School from greeting to good bye everyone tries to speak in Arabic

‫في مدرسة أبل الدولية من التحية وداعا الجميع يحاول‬ .‫التحدث باللغة العربية‬

najah bahir al'arbiea': fi madrasat 'abul alduwaliat min altahiat wadaeaan aljamie yuhawil altahaduth biallughat alearabiati

“The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.” – Jonathan Culver

The Year 4 conducted a Poetry Elocution Competition on 6th of November 2017 at the MPH. With this competition, ideas and feelings of the students, accentuated with the use of distinctive style and rhythmic delivery through a

public speaking activity with a focus on the theme “English is a Crazy Language”.

Alliyah of 4C, the host of this event, started by introducing the Inclusion Champion Ms. Farida who was the judge of the event. It was followed by reminding everyone about the criteria for judging; pronunciation, expression, voice modulation, presentation, adherence to the team and whole class participation. The performance of the classes started from 4A to 4H. All the classes did an amazing job conveying the messages through their poems. The confidence of the students was remarkable when they performed on the stage. After all the performance, Ms. Norma, the Section head of Year 3 and 4, gave her short message and appreciation for all the classes. After this, Ms. Farida announced the winners; Year 4 B got the 1st Position where as Year 4G and 4 C got 2nd and 3rd Positions respectively.

Everybody was happy of the result and the students showed great sportsmanship by congratulating the winners. It was indeed a successful event! There was a joy seen among the students and the teachers for the successful completion of the 2nd and the last event of the term.

The Poetry Elocution Competition was held on 6th November 2017 for Year 3 in the Multi-purpose Hall. It commenced at 11:30 am and came to an end by 12:00 pm. All classes of Year 3 presented wonderful poems based on the theme “Humour�. This activity was organized to explore and encourage the speaking skills and confidence in children. It inspired

children to come forward and recite on stage which reflected their enthusiasm and team spirit.

The competition was organized by Ms. Sharine Gerald and Ms. Cristina Cabiles. Compering was done by Nathalie Faith and Cathleen Gail of 3H. The competition was judged by Ms. Farida. The criteria for judgment were Pronunciation, Expression, Voice modulation, Presentation, Adherence to the theme and Whole class participation. The selection process became extremely difficult for our judge. First place was bagged by class 3G for the poem ‘My teacher took my ipod’, second place by 3K for the poem- ‘The worm that didn’t wiggle’ and third place by 3Dfor the poem ‘Mother and the mouse’ The competition was a great success blended in vibrant colours portrayed by zestful students. The students and the teachers were delighted with the successful completion of the 2nd and the last event of the term.

Glimpses of Maths Activities

Reading Program (English & Arabic) 2017 18 The Reading Program, ’READ TO LEAD’ for the year 2017-18 was launched at AIS with pomp and show on Wednesday, 4 th of October, 2017. Students of year 3-6 were invited in a special assembly, organized by the English and Arabic Reading leaders and coaches . The Reading mascot Mr. Feed – o – Reader was introduced by the Principal, Ms. Pranjala, who was an instant hit among the students as it encouraged them to focus on reading in its own fun way.

Enthusiast learners from year 1-2 participated in an amazing character parade,

dressed in their favourite character’s costume and proudly waved at the spectacular audience, who cheered in return at the procession. All Reading coaches and leaders introduced various apps and activities to promote English and Arabic reading among students, along with the conventional

book reading.

Students were further motivated by announcing how they can become the ‘Reader of the month,’ get a title of ‘Appaholic and Bookaholic’ and also being

rewarded by ‘Book marks’ for reading different genres,

throughout the month. Year 4 girls proudly performed on a song, related to reading further accentuating the importance of reading in our lives. To add more glow to this already glorious event, students ardently donated books to the school to be practically involved in this program.

Glimpses of Maths Activities

Students carrying investigation to find out if the fruits are living or non –living .

Students involved in Survey to find properties and uses of materials in different areas of school (Outside Learning)

Year 3 Students learning effect of force using clay .

Year 3 Students referring the manual to build Dragonfly in IDEA-C lab

Year 4 Students constructing a circuit in Science Lab

Year 4 Students involved in Inter-disciplinary learning.

Year 4 Students showing completed Dragonfly model in IDEA-C Lab.

English Activities ‘’Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’’ Without comprehension, reading is simply following words on a page from left to right while sounding them out. The words on the page have no meaning. And while people read for many different reasons, the chief goal is to derive some understanding of what the writer is trying to convey and make use of that information – whether for fact gathering, learning a new skill, or for pleasure. That’s why reading comprehension skills are so important. Without them the reader cannot gather any information and use it to efficiently function and enjoy the richness of life. The Apple International School conducted an English Reading Comprehension Competition on 18th October 2017, for Year 3 and 4 under the supervision of Ms. Sharine, who looked into all the aspects thoroughly and successfully accomplished it. After screening, three best readers were selected from each section. Though it was a tough

competition the students did a marvellous job. From Year 3L- Yunah Chantel bagged the first position, Mikaela Jane from 3Isecond position and Rahaf Youssef from 3B the third Position. Nichole Era Clarin from 4B who won the First place. Two students from 4F Sayed Rayyan and Seeda Ruzaina, and Mysha Saleem from 4G shared the second position, whereas, Zoie Margarette from 4A and Aliya Cassandra from 4C got the third Place. Certificates were awarded to the winners in a special assembly by the Principal Ms.Pranjala Dutta, who eagerly looks into the all-round development of the students.

“The more your read, The more things you know, the more you learn, the more places you will go” On 31st October 2017, Apple Internationl school took selected students of Year 3 and 4 for the “Reader’s Champ Trip” to City Walk, Dubai where students enjoyed fun activities at Mattel Play, Hub Zero and Green Planet. This trip was a reward to the students, who participated exceptionally well in reading activities. The goal of the trip was to encourage students in reading activities.

Reading Corners are prepared by English teachers in all classes, and a vaiety of books are available there for the students to quench their thirst of reading in their free time.

Silent reading to promote focused learning skills.

Some glimpses of sports day for the year 3and year 4

UAE National Celebrations

As UAE was all set to celebrate its 46 th National Day so was AIS. The celebrations at AIS were held on 29th November 2017 with much fun and frolic. The flags flying high in the sky and the school all embraced with the colours of the UAE flag. The hosts of the afternoon were Rhiana and Izmaof class 4.The assembly began with the Quran recitation done by Mohammad Omer of class 4F followed by its English translation by Mysha Saleem of class 4G. Mohammad Amar of class 4G enriched us with a beautiful thought of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoum.Shamima’s speech clearly reflected the spirit that ties UAE together. As we were

just getting into the mood of the National Day celebrations, the students of class 4 mesmerized us with their splendid performance using the sign language to perform the UAE National Anthem, their mentor Ms. Kristen did a fantabulous job. The School vision was another master class put together by the students of year 5-9 under the supreme guidance of Mr. Ryan. Parents, students and the entire AIS staff was busy enjoying the day when Mr. Angelo and his little munchkins of year 3 and 4 made us move our feet to the perfectly synched Fly Emirates Aerobic dance. It was then turn Ms. Aneesha and her military brigade highlighting the major role of the armed forces in safeguarding the security of UAE. Just when we thought that the assembly had come to an end. Ms. Kristen and her class 3 and 4 students walking up the ramp with grace and poise. They were spectacular and a treat to watch. The assembly ended on a high note. As the students were still humming the tunes of the UAE National Day Parade when the food stalls were open to all. Within minutes they were jam packed. The day came to an end refreshing all of us as we were all set to look forward to a long week ahead of us.

Newsletter term 1 2017 18 years 3 and 4  
Newsletter term 1 2017 18 years 3 and 4