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The Apple International School, Dubai

Quarterly Newsletter Years 7-9

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From the desk of Principal Dear Readers, 1. Innovation drives every aspect of our life at school 2. We spread happiness within and around our space 3. Our ambition is greater than our resources These are the affirmations that all Applites at The Apple International Scool live by; be it teachers, students, services team or ancillary team members. This is quite evident in the way the school campus offers itself as a learning ground for children and adults alike. This academic year is unique in the sense that the seed of transformation in teaching and learning that we had sown three years ago, has become a dancing sapling now. One can easily observe the shift that has taken place in our approach towards teaching and learning. All of us have started focusing now, not so much on how good we are teaching but, how good our students are learning. Our external examinations results confirm that this shift is truly enhancing our student achievement. The governors, as well as parents' involvement in all our endeavours including All Hands Meet, has been amazing. Sincere thanks to all the stakeholders. Here's wishing you a happy reading. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Pranjala Dutta

From the desk of Vice Principal Dear Parents, A warm welcome to all parents and students to the first edition of the Newsletter for this year, especially to the new children and their parents joining the Apple International School's family for whom this would be the first Newsletter. We have had a busy First Term with students participating in various activities such as Sports Day that not only developed their mental and physical toughness but also developed their team spirit, Inter-house & Inter-class competitions that honed their creative skills. One major achievement this term has been the success of the Inter-Emirate trip that not only developed amongst students a love for the country we live in but also developed strong bonds for each other and for their teachers. Another highlight for me this term has been the “One School Reading Together� and the Reading Champ’s Trip to Dubai Safari that was a reward for the Top Readers in the school. Let us all together, keep up the spirit of reading not only in the younger generation but in ourselves as well. I must mention a note of thanks to our dedicated staff that is working relentlessly all the time to ensure the best learning experiences for our students. As this term draws to a close, I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with family and I look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year and hearing of the exciting and challenging New Year resolutions our students have set themselves. Warm regards, Jaya Menezes

From the desk of Section Head Dear Readers, It has been a busy first term at AIS and we are all feeling the effects of an intense but certainly an extremely positive and productive period. Apart from the main priority of getting the students of Years 7 to 9 settled into the daily routine and stuck into their academic work, the students have been proactive in deciding upon ways to reinforce the identity of AIS and make it into the ‘special’ place that I and the staff believe it to be. Students at AIS have mastered the Art of joyful education. A great amount of focus is put on character development which supports what is taught at home. A customized platform for learning prepares the students to face the challenges of the competitive world. Enhancing learning skills in students by focusing on Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, Research skills and Creativity has taken a pivotal position in the first term. Week days at Apple are uniquely celebrated as Socratic Sundays, with a lot of questioning, Mindful Mondays with Mindfulness being practiced, Teaming Tuesdays with a lot of team building activities in classes, WOW Wednesdays focusing on speaking Arabic in classes and Thoughtful Thursdays that reflect on the learning during the week. The students are trained to take up leadership roles. A Prefectorial Board comprising of a team of 18 student leaders and 15 prefects take the responsibility of the discipline, cleanliness and extracurricular activities of all the classes. The House system is established and many competitions take place with valuable House Points at stake. I would like to thank our students and teachers for a great first half of the school year. Besides all the impressive work happening inside the classroom, we saw a lot of great achievements by our students in the Sports and Arts competitions. I cannot wait to see what the second half of the year has in store for us! Good luck! Wish you all an eventful year ahead. Jinto Sebastian

International Day for Older Persons Year 7A conducted the assembly on 09th October 2017 on the theme “International Day for Older Persons”. The assembly was compered by Malak and Suzan. The assembly started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Aisha Nassor followed by translation done by Alina. After the National Anthem, the class came up with the presentation of importance of respecting and giving high value to older persons through a skit which gave a strong message to today’s youth. Thereafter, the class presented some successful elderly people who are still alive and working with good health. Students were dressed as old people that added to the beauty of the assembly. The Principal appreciated the class and the class teacher for the performance and the effort they put in for the assembly. The assembly ended with the school song sung by all the students.

International Teachers’ Day On 16th October 2017, Year 8A presented an assembly on International Teachers Day. The day started with recitation of Holy Quran by Jonah Saleh and translation by Sadat Rasool. A new school song was also introduced by our star performer- Micah. This was very interesting, as everybody was singing after her and following the same rhythm. Alisha Khan then shared the thought of the day with the students, followed by a brief speech on rights of teachers in the Islamic context. To make students realize what teachers face each day in class a short skit was presented by almost all the students of grade 8A. It not only displayed hardships of a teacher within a classroom but also parents’ assumptions and co-worker’s expectations in a hilarious way. Students were realized their duty towards teachers and school in form of a pledge. An activity was also conducted during the week by grade 5-9 students in which they wrote thank you notes to their teachers and showed their feelings about them. Each note was read by the principal and three heart touching notes were selected by the principal, which was then shared with the year 5-9 during the assembly. Recently another session has been added to the assembly “Living Arabic” so students of grade 8C presented a short presentation in form of a skit. The assembly was concluded by principal’s address to students during which she appreciated the efforts of the students for taking time out of their time table and put up a nice display.

EXPO 2020 The Year 8 Champions – Class 8C presented an assembly on EXPO 2020. The assembly was very well organized that portrayed the EXPOs of the past as well. The assembly began with the recitation of a Surah, along with its translation, which had been recited by Hamza, alongside Adinda with the translation. Next, we had the thought of the day, shared by Hammad. Then, the students sung the national anthem along with the school vision song. Moving ahead, Syasya presented a brief speech on Reem Al Hashimy- The Expo ambassador of UAE, next we had a presentation of the EXPO, where the whole class formed the shape of the three pavilions of Expo 2020 connected with Al Wasl. Each pavilion had two of the student’s class speaking for the audience. Aliyan took the lead to explain in general about the Expo 2020, then Elyssa and Bhavya talking about Opportunity, next Ela and Francis- representing Sustainability last and not the very least, Nour and Shelly with mobility. Each of them explained what their pavilion meant and what were the projects that came under it. Then, we had a short presentation about the past EXPOs and what they had brought to the world, which was presented by Darlene, Jamal and Senuka. Next came Manal with the Islamic talk on success, then we had the Living Arabic students, Elyssa, Bhavya and Emerald, present a skit on EXPO 2020, Following that, we had Appleanzee, played by Marco, who asked questions to the audience about the things presented on stage. The assembly ended with The Innovation Leaders from Year 5 to 9 with their innovation ideas of the week. Finally, the Principal addressed the stage & appreciated the class for the wonderful assembly. To conclude, the sports captain was called up on stage to disperse the assembly.

WORLD FOOD DAY Year 9A conducted the assembly on 025th October 2017 on the theme “World food Day”. The assembly was compered by Mobina and Nikki. The assembly started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Amira followed by translation done by Insiya. After the National Anthem, the Hananeh, Zeenat and Ahyah Discussed Facts about food Wastage across the world. Thereafter, the Araisa presented Dubai Municipality initiative “Zero waste zone” on 16th October for World Food Day. Students presented a Skit on the Circumstances of farmers in growing food and serving the society. Students of Living Arabic presented the Importance of Food in Arabic The Principal appreciated the class for the performance and the effort they put in for the assembly. The assembly ended with the school Vision song sung by all the students.

ISLAMIC WEEK Islamic week was observed in The Apple International School, Dubai from 29th October – 2nd November 2017. The main objective of celebrating this week was to focus on the importance of Islamic values and to understand the importance of healthy competition. Different Activities were conducted throughout the week. The week began with Inauguration assembly for Islamic week on Sunday 29th Of October ’17. Students of Year 7 C did Quran Recitation and its translation. Students from Year 4 and 5, prepared, Nasheed and school Song, Ania Faooq of year 5 E did Speech on ‘Islam the Religion of peace’. In the end, Principal Ma’am concluded the assembly with inspirational words and encouraged students to participate in all activities during the week to make it successful. After the Assembly Competitions for Qirat , Nasheed , Azan, Declamation and Calligraphy were held in MPH. Students participated in these competitions enthusiastically and showed great interest. Judgment was made by Islamic and Arabic teachers on the basis of presentation skills, voice modulation, confidence and body language. 30th October was the day dedicated to Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was named as “Mercy to the Worlds” Day. Students from year 7, 8 and 9 prepared Presentation on The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and presented it to their fellow students to give awareness of the greatest character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islamic Models on different topics were exhibited in MPH on 2nd of November. Students from all the year level created models on the Topic of Islam and science, Prophet’s Stories, Surah Al Ghashiya , Surah Al Naba, Surah Al Mulk and Surah Qaaf, projecting the signs of Allah in all of his creations are enough proof of His existence and Authenticity of the message of Islam. Respected Principal Ma’am, Vice Principal Ma’am, Head of the Islamic and Arabic Department, and all the section heads and many teachers and students witnessed the exhibition and appreciated the efforts of students and teachers of Islamic Education B Department. The week ended on 2nd of November with Closing assembly held in MPH. Students from year 1 and 2 did the hosting, prepared a beautiful presentation on the five pillars of Islam, different Appleites presented inspirational Nasheeds, and winner of competitions presented their work to give a glimpse of the whole week. Special guest was invited to attend the ceremony, He awarded certificates to the winners to appreciate their hard work and to celebrate their success. Honourable guest also visited the exhibition and appreciated the work of students. The week ended by attaining its objective of creating awareness of Islamic values and motivating students for healthy competitions.


BREAST CANCER AWARENESS “Believe there is HOPE for a CURE” There is life after Breast Cancer, but the prerequisite is ‘early detection’. A workshop was conducted on ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ by Dr. Shaimaa Maghat on the 11th of October 2017 in the school premises. The workshop was attended by girls of Years 7 to 9 and the teaching staff which mainly focused on causes and diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The Doctor emphasized on the occurrence and causes of breast cancer and how it can be diagnosed. The workshop was quite informative for the girls and they were expected to create an awareness in themselves if any of the symptoms occur.

SPORTS DAY The Annual Sports Day of year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4 & 5 to 9 was held on 14th & 15th November 2017 respectively at the school ground in a frolicsome atmosphere. The event was marked by a string of spectacular performances presented by the little champs of year 1 & 2 & on the next day of year 3 & 4, who were brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The grand opening ceremony was graced by the presence of school officials, the Principal Ms. Pranjala Dutta, Vice Principal Ms. Jaya and Section Heads of various sections. The ceremony was auspicated with the recital of verses from the Holy Quran followed by its translation. The school choir sang the UAE National Anthem followed by school song. After the song, there was the drill display presented by the students that kept the spectators spellbound. Then the principal officially declared the sports meet open. The long awaited recreational events were held which included track events and other innovative events like getting ready for school, hoola hoops race, balloon popping race, balancing ball race, zig zag race, relay race & etc on both the days. The boys from year 1 to 9 & girls from 5 to 9 participated enthusiastically in all of them. The prizes were given away by the principal, vice principals and the other officials. The Ruby house bagged the championship title followed by the Sapphire house and the Emerald House bagging the second and third positions respectively in year 1 & 2. The first, second and third position went to Sapphire house, Ruby house and Emerald house respectively in year 3 & 4 section. Last but not the least, in year 5 to 9 Emerald house and Topaz house were the joint champions followed by Ruby house and Sapphire house bagging the second and third positions respectively. The event came to an end successfully with the vote of thanks, leaving thrilling memories in the hearts of everyone present there.

GRAFFITI COMPETITION Graffiti is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface, often within public view. Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, that have existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. In modern times, paint (particularly spray paint) and marker pens have become the most commonly used graffiti materials. In most countries, marking or painting property without the property owner's permission is considered defacement and vandalism, which is a punishable crime. Graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles. Within hip hop culture, graffiti has evolved alongside hip hop music, b-boying, and other elements. Unrelated to hip-hop graffiti, gangs use their own form of graffiti to mark territory or to serve as an indicator of gang-related activities. Controversies that surround graffiti continue to create disagreement amongst city officials, law enforcement, and writers who wish to display and appreciate work in public locations. There are many different types and styles of graffiti; it is a rapidly developing art form whose value is highly contested and reviled by many authorities while also subject to protection, sometimes within the same jurisdiction. Keeping the above in mind, we, at Apple International, conducted Inter House Graffiti Competition on 12th Oct 2017 in the MPH. Twenty-four students from Year 7 to 9 from four Houses actively participated and produced various artistic forms. The competition was for two hours under the supervision of Art teachers.

COMMUNITY SERVICE DAY Commitment to community is characteristic of Apple International School. We encourage our students to make a difference in our communities by participating in local charitable outreach programs. The children in apple international schools learn about the importance of helping others and the significance of giving and being a part of their communities. To celebrate Community Service day and to build a foundation of friendship, compassion, cooperation and kindness in the school a few selected students from Foundation Stage to Year 9 went out to a construction site in Al Nahda 1, Dubai to distribute food packets to the labourers working in the site on 31st October 2017. Few teachers & few support staff accompanied the students to help them distribute the packets. On the same day the students from year 7, 8 & 9 took up the responsibility to clean the school corridors, class rooms & the quadrangle area in the school. Few classes from year 5 & 6 went out to the garden area to clean the garden. The students from FS & students from year 3 & 4 prepared mementos for Manzil Center & handicraft items for garden respectively. Few sections from 5 & 6 helped the year 1 & 2 in their dispersal to mark the day. It was a great success.

RADIO SHOW “Music is a hope that goes straight to the heart” The Radio Show Competition for Years 7-9 was conducted on 22nd of November 2017 in the school premises. The theme for the event was ‘Musical Story Narration’. The judges for the event were the Curriculum Manager Ms. Dimpy and the Section Head of Years 5-6 Ms. Tripti. The event started with greetings and inviting the judges. Thereafter each house was called on stage for their performance. All students gave the best of their abilities. The winners of the competition were the Sapphire House who bagged the first position followed by Ruby House taking the second position. The topaz house and Emerald House came third and fourth respectively. The event was a great success because of the hard work put in by our dear students and the House Mistresses of each house.

Dubai Safari “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go.” ― Dr. Seuss. I do believe what Dr. Seuss says, as part of the reading programme students will be given a chance to visit more places where they will enjoy and it will remain as a memorable day for the rest of their life. In line with this, The Apple International School, Dubai together with the Reader's Champ Students for the month of December as a reward to them they had a tour at Dubai Safari Park, Al Warqa Dubai. Which they had fun and amazed visiting the African Village, Arabian Village, Asian Village, Wadi, and Animal Safari which has 2,500 different types of animals from other countries. It was indeed a successful toured.

EXTERNAL ASSESSMENTS External Assessments are used as indicators to strength and areas of improvement as well as tools to measure the progress and attainment of student learning. The Appleites appeared in various International Standardized Assessments in this term. These include GL CAT4, ACER IBT for Arabic, Cambridge Primary Checkpoints, GL NGRT and Olympiad Tests organized by ISFO. Students have also been registered for end of the term Progress Test by GL Education to be conducted in May 2018.

INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS Applietes proudly announce the successful inclusion of online assessments in our Formal Internal Assessment System. The tool we are using is, KOAN Assessments, which is a web based assessment tool, synchronized with our academic and technical requirements. The end of the term is marked by major assessments which provide a summary of overall performance and learning.


AL AFDAL AWARDS The Al Afdal Award (School Prize Giving Ceremony) ceremony of the Apple International School, Dubai was held on 19th October, Thursday, 2017 at 8:30 AM at Multipurpose Hall with Mr. Venkat Krishnamoorthy in the chair. Section heads gave away the first set of awards to students who secured 100% attendance in the academic year 2016-2017. The next set of awards were presented by Ms Jaya, the vice principal of the school to students who overall excelled in academics. This was followed by awarding subject toppers by their respective head of departments. Few students received a wide range of awards in different categories including Most Creative Student, Artist of the Year, Musician of the year, IT Champ of the year etc. Our Principal handed over these prizes to the awardees. One class from each year from year 1 – Year 4 received the Best Class awards by the school’s Operational Manager, Mr. Mahesh. At the end the chief guest awarded the trophies to the top performing Houses in Sports, Academics, and Performing Arts & then finally gave away the ‘overall champion house’ trophy. The program came to a close with a dance performance by the students and vote of thanks by a student. About the Chief Guest: Venkat Krishnamoorthy is popularly known as the pencil man of UAE. He is a Guinness world record holder for largest collection of stationery for charity in 24 hours. Mr. Venkat is a chartered accountant who runs a software company in Dubai.

Newsletter term 1 2017 18 years 7 to 9  
Newsletter term 1 2017 18 years 7 to 9