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Newsletter Year 1 and 2 Academic year 2017-18


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he Month of October

Message from the Principal

Dear Readers, 1. Innovation drives every aspect of our life at school 2. We spread happiness within and around our space 3. Our ambition is greater than our resources

These are the affirmations that all Applites at The Apple International School live by; be it teachers, students, services team or ancillary team members. This is quite evident in the way the school campus offers itself as a learning ground for children and adults alike. This academic year is unique in the sense that the seed of transformation in teaching and learning that we had sown three years ago, has become a dancing sapling now. One can easily observe the shift that has taken place in our approach towards teaching and learning. All of us have started focusing now, not so much on how good we are teaching but, how good our students are learning. Our external examinations results confirm that this shift is truly enhancing our student achievement. The governors, as well as parents' involvement in all our endeavors including All Hands Meet, has been amazing. Sincere thanks to all the stakeholders. Here's wishing you a happy reading. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Message from the Vice Principal Dys at the Apple

Dear Parents, A warm welcome to all parents and students to the first edition of the Newsletter for this year, especially to the new children and their parents joining the Apple International School's family for whom this would be the first Newsletter. We have had a busy First Term with students participating in various activities such as Sports Day that not only developed their mental and physical toughness but also developed their team spirit, Inter-house & Interclass competitions that honed their creative skills. One major achievement this term has been the success of the Inter-Emirate trip that not only developed amongst students a love for the country we live in but also developed strong bonds for each other and for their teachers. Another highlight for me this term has been the “One School Reading Together� and the Reading Champ’s Trip to Dubai Safari that was a reward for the Top Readers in the school. Let us all together, keep up the spirit of reading not only in the younger generation but in ourselves as well. I must mention a note of thanks to our dedicated staff that is working relentlessly all the time to ensure the best learning experiences for our students. As this term draws to a close, I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with family and I look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year and hearing of the exciting and challenging New Year resolutions our students have set themselves. Warm regards, Jaya Menezes

Message from the Section Head

Dear Parent, Greetings for the festive season!! Welcome to our journey of learning and progress through activities, field trips, assemblies and celebration of victory, courage and participation of our students in Key Stage 1. In this term we have focused on our student’s abilities to make them independent and organized learners. They have learnt various skills through variety of tasks conducted during their lessons this term. We look up to you to co-ordinate and participate in the learning of our children to encourage them to be a responsible and accountable citizen of this ever-growing world. We thank you for your regular interaction in person and via mail to suggestions and give ideas which has helped us to develop in our teaching learning process. Only with your support and help can we built up the future of the students and school during the coming year. God Bless and Best Wishes, Ms.Preeti Tiwade Section Head Year 1 and 2

Days at Apple - Socratic Sunday

Mindful Monday A wonderful way to start a day. “Mindfulness Activities� for all the Appleites to create positive vibes and a better learning environment. Year 1-A students started their English lesson by taking a minute to relax, reflect, and breathe. They are now used different techniques of relaxing with one minutes of meditation before learning new things. It works!

Teaming Tuesday

Every Tuesday calls to be a Teaming Tuesday.All students will have teaming tasks all will be in teams and pairs non left alone on this Teaming Tuesday. The students work as a team to balance themselves by raising their foot and hands. The team should do it as long as the timer stop. In this activity help the students build And develop their team work, collaboration and endurance .

The next activity is According to. The students need to line up according to eg. According to your height from smallest to tallest. In 30 seconds they need to do stay on their place and the teacher will check if they made it right. They bulid their communication and collaboration. Everyone enjoyed the Teaming Tuesday!

WOW Wednesday

Wednesday’s, we learn and use Arabic all day long. Everyone greets each other in Arabic. Grade 1 C wished all the teachers who came to the class in Arabic. The teachers too wished the students with a smile on their face as they were active Arabic learners.

Thoughtful Thursday A fun filled session, loaded with positivity on “Thoughtful Thursday. Each child reflects and thinks. They are thoughtful about all they did in the week. Each child was given a sticky note, to write down a positive quality, complimenting their learning in the week. They also discussed their concerns and difficulties they faced. Their reflection has helped them to rectify and perform better. Children were then guided to stick the positive notes, around the thoughtful Thursday cloud. Each of them were, asked to read out, the positive compliment which they had written for each other.

Mindful Monday Healthy Eating HabitsWorkshop by Zespri

Report on Zespri “Health is wealth. There could be no greater wealth than having a good health”, a very famous saying that has huge and significant meaning in human’s life. That’s why human body cannot function properly without proper diet and literally cannot be productive in all aspects of life.

On 26th September 2017, The Apple International School conducted a health campaign. The school advocates “Zespri Campaign”. This campaign advocated the students to gain awareness about the importance of eating healthy food, especially Kiwi. This campaign was organized by the school committee and was held at the school hall. The slogan was ‘Feel alive with Zespri’. The campaign started with eating healthy food with some sections of FS and KS1 classes followed by other sections turn wise. It was conducted for a short span of time. The campaign preceded with the display of different pictures of healthy food and the importance of it. The students were entertained by a song related to kiwi, a healthy fruit which they enjoyed singing. It was then followed by the questioning round with some fabulous gifts to be given to the students who gave correct answer. The most awaited part of the campaign was when two people entered the school hall dressed up like a kiwi. After the session the students were given goody bags. It was indeed an afternoon of fun! And most of all, the students learned the importance of healthy food!

Community Service Day “The Apple International School, Dubai conducted the Community Service Day which was held last 31st October, 2017Engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. It enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most. In line with this, most students got engaged in various activities such as the students in years 7-9 helped each other to clean the school community; some of the students from year 5 & 6 conducted reading session with selected classes in year 1 & 2. We cannot also set aside the effort of year 3 & 4 for making some recycling projects. And of course, the students from year 1 & 2 made some arts and craft like painting the plastic spoons, shells and some pebbles that have been sold for charity. They also designed lovely bookmarks that are exhibited last 1st November 2017. “

Musical Show -‘The Wizard of Oz’ Children get only one childhood Make it memorable – Regina Brett October 13th, 2017, was indeed a memorable day for the children of The Apple International School to witness the fabulous stage show, ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ in the Multipurpose Hall. It was about a farm girl, swept away from a farm to a magical land of Oz in a tornado, and embarks on a quest with her new friends to see the wizard who can help her return home and help her friends as well. The musical fantasy show was enjoyed by all the children which left a lasting impression to all who had the opportunity to watch the show. A big ‘Thank You’ to the management, the principal and the section head for organizing such a memorable event.

“The joy you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you ” We all know how great it feels to receive gifts. However, the joy of getting is short-lived. Our lives get richer when we share, and the great inner joy comes from helping other to better their lives. True joy lies in the act of giving without an expectation of receiving something in return. Giving provides an intrinsic reward that’s far more valuable than the gift one receives. As Bryant McGill said, “Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life”. Hence, to put some light on our theme” Joy of Giving”, the students of Grade 1 C presented an assembly in the auditorium on 2nd November 2017. The assembly started with the National Anthem, followed by the Quran recitation and translation. The message of Giving was brought forward in the form of a song and it was a delight to know that the theme of U.A.E for the year 2017 is Joy of Giving. The Apple International School donated food items in the Joy of Giving week. The assembly concluded with a note of encouragement by the students of 1 C, “If you want to have happiness, you need to give happiness. If you want love, you need to give love. It is only in giving that you receive. You can look for opportunities where you can give and help others. The true joy will come to you when you give of yourself to others. That’s what life is all about. Let’s practice and commit our lives to giving joy. Try it! It works!” Report by: Ms. Pratima.

“Dyslexia Awareness!” Year 2C Assembly October 26, 2017 The Year 2C class presented a short skit, song and dance about Dyslexia Awareness” in The Apple International School.

Meswa Allan and Saim Shihhab gave a warm welcome to all the students by presenting Alamin Tarig who recited the Quran followed by Khalood Abdullah for the Quran translation. They also taught Islamic Values and Islamic way of greeting.

“Dyslexia Awareness!”

Islamic week was observed in The Apple International School, Dubai from 29th October – 2nd November 2017-18. The main objective of celebrating this week was to focus on the importance of Islamic values and to understand the importance of healthy competition. Different Activities were conducted throughout the week.

The week began with Inauguration assembly for Islamic week on Sunday 29th Of October ’17. Students of Year 7 C did Quran Recitation and its translation. Students from Year 4 and 5 Prepared, Nasheed and school Song, Ania Faooq of year 5 E did Speech on ‘Islam the Religion of peace’. In the end Principal Ma’am concluded the assembly with inspirational words and encouraged students to participate in all activities during the week to make it successful.

 th

30 October was the day dedicated to Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was named as “Mercy to the Worlds” Day. Students from year 2 prepared Presentation on The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and presented it to their fellow students to give awareness of the greatest character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the classes.


An educational field trip The Big Bus Dubai Tour

The known Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” This quote has been one of the school’s philosophy as this specifies that children should be the center of the teaching-learning process. Thus, a first-hand experience is necessary to their learning.

On November of 2017, Ms. Preeti Tiwade, the KS1 Department Head initiated a Dubai Big Bus Tour with the purpose to enhance and foster the children’s knowledge about Dubai. To make the most out of this trip, she divided the group into 5 having their own respective schedule of trip, where the first group is scheduled on November 6th, second group is on the 8th, third group went to their trip on November 9th

Sports Day “The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else,” said Martina Navratilova, tennis player. Apart from commemorating victories, sports meet also aim at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to children. The Apple International School has always believed in encouraging students to excel not only in academics but also in other curricular activities. Thus, Annual Sports Day 2017-2018 for year 1 & 2, in The Apple International School, Dubai was conducted on 14th November 2017. The Sports Day started with a warm welcome to the participants and parents by Ms. Zara and Ms. Ana. The students of Year 2 proudly presented the ‘March Past’ that symbolized togetherness. Next, a spectacular, impressive, and a well synchronized March Past started with the four houses Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz and were led by teachers. The track events for boys & girls were – Backpack race, Balloon race, Hoola Hoop race, Paper plate race, Balloon Popping race, Handkerchief race, Peg Clipping race, Hoola Hoops Twirling race. The winners were given medals and certificates by the Section Head Ms. Preeti Tiwade. Year 2 Ms. Zara & Ms. Ana ended with a vote of thanks for the day. It was indeed a great, enjoyable and a blessed day!!! Reported by: Ms. Premlata.


November 29, 2017, The Apple International School celebrated the UAE Day. The event started with the forming of the Burj Kalifah by the Key Stage 1 students through the initiative of the Section Head, Ms. Preeti; assembly was held right after which was conducted by Year 1E. The students came to school wearing caps of the Pan-Arab Colors. At exactly 8:30 in the morning, all gathered in the ground and started lining up to form the country’s famous landmark which is the Burj Kalifah. Afterwards, an assembly was held. It started with the singing of the national anthem followed by a short skit by the students. Informative facts about the country were emphasized in the skit that the students have shown. The students then performed a traditional dance, some invited parents were happy on the performance of the students. The assembly was ended by the singing of the school song. After the assembly, almost all of the students gathered in the MPH to watch a movie. Stalls were then visited by the students together with their teachers, where games and goods were offered. There were throwing games, darts, treasure hunt and even balloon popping. Face painting was even offered by some stalls. All proceeds of the said activities were intended for charity. The entire celebration went on smooth and fun as there was no untoward incident that which happened.

Student Led Conference Year 1 and 2 had their SLC on 9thDecember,2017. The learning this term has helped the students to know about themselves as a learner. To know their family and friends. It has helped them to understand the importance of organizing things not only inside my classroom but also in doing various daily activities. These tasks have trained the students to use variety art form and designs to remain organized and connected. They have learnt to follow steps to achieve a goal. SLC is about putting students in the driver's seat on their parentteacher conference, created opportunities for reflection, engagement, and agency. The students conducted the conference, informing their parents about their st learning, achieving their goals are going forward as a 21 century learner. "Typically, what we did was to get with a buddy, and they can read to their friend, "They're giving each other feedback on their paper, so it was really an authentic way to design and conduct a student conference. The SLC was organized in 3 categories – Display board, Organization -Work stations, Power point presentation.

Maker’s Day 14th Dec 2017 Last 14th of December, the Year 1 students of Apple International School showed their creativity by using waste materials such as used paper, magazine and many more to create something new. In connection to the recent lesson of the students about 3R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle this activity inspired the students to live better knowing that everything can be of use. As they are doing the activity students are enjoying showcasing their creativity proving that every child is born an artist. In this generation were everything c be in an instant and most of the things can be purchase easily this activity taught them to be an innovator of the future not relying on the things that can be bought but rather making their own object by being resourceful. Using available things and igniting their creativity on making things the students were able to make a work of art. Maker’s day is a reminder that we should nurture our children’s creativity to let them grow skillful. Here the students enjoying the activity showing the ideology of learning by doing.

Safe School Happy School Event: Class Assembly Topic: “Safe School” Date: Dec. 14, 2017 Time: 7:20 A.M Venue: Apple International School Ground To make each student be aware of how to make school safe Year 1-F presented the Assembly on “Safe School’ “Happy School” on the 14th of December at 7:20 A.M in the assembly area. It was a very important and useful information emphasizing -Good touch; Safe Touch.” With the help of the school doctor the student was able to understand clearly how keep themselves safe in the school. The doctor explains and show a presentation were the students can see the private parts of the body that needs to be protected and nobody can touch it. The assembly has started with a prayer by Sana and its translation by Ayesha followed by the singing of UAE national anthem.

Next was the students from 1-F presented a skit, song and dance to entertain at the same time to pass the message to their colleague about the moral lesson of the topic. The students also give some important reminders about safe school. Finally Ms. Anagha from inclusive department share some important tips on how the students be safe inside the school.

The Assembly ended it by inspiring words from the Section Head Ms. Preeti.

Newsletter Term 1 2017 18 years 1 and 2  
Newsletter Term 1 2017 18 years 1 and 2