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What and Where are Rainforests- 3 Why are Rainforests Important-4 Animals of the Rainforests-5 Plants of the Rainforests-6 People of the Rainforests-7 Causes of Rainforest Destruction-8 Results of Rainforest Destruction-9 Solutions to Rainforest Destruction -10 How can we help the Rainforest- 11



What and Where are Rainforests? Rainforests get their name because they have a huge amount of rain. They are in tropical places, near the equator. Many things come from the rainforest, like medicine. There are more than 30 million species of animals and plants that live in the rainforests. Only 6% of the Earthʼs surface is covered with rainforests. The worldʼs largest tropical rainforest is the Amazon.


Why are Rainforests Important?

The plants and trees clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide. They give out oxygen which is important for all the animals on Earth. Many of our medicines are made from the rainforest. There might be medicines that havenʼt been found yet. So we shouldnʼt cut it all down. Even though rainforests only take up 7% of the land on Earth and they are home to about ½ of the plants and animals


Animals of the Rainforest There are hundreds of animals in the rainforest. About half the animals in the world are found there. Here are two examples ...

Toucans Location: Toucans are found in Central and South America in sub-tropical and tropical rainforests. Food: The diet of a toucan is mostly small fruit, and sometimes insects. Habitat: They live in the holes in hollow trees. Eggs: The female lays two-four eggs per year. Size: Toucans can grow to be 33-65 centimeters tall

Spider Monkeys Location: Spider Monkeys are located in South and Central America Food: They eat fruit leaves nuts and insects Habitat: Spider Monkeys live in the canopy of the rainforest Babies: The female has only one baby at a time Size: They will grow up to 15-20 inches



Plants of the rain forest More then two thirds of the worldʼs plants species are found in the tropical rainforest. There are 750 tree species in the rain forest. The Canopy tree grows up to 20-30 meters tall. Many rain forest plants are very useful. In the rainforest there is lots of food such as bananas and pineapples. A lot of the oxygen comes from the rain forest plants.

Orchids The different flowers are different colors: deep violet, orange, white, yellow and pink. There are about 20,000 different Orchids species in the rainforest. Since they live high up in the Canopy, you might wonder where they get water! Orchids have roots that take water quickly when it rainʼs. The leaves save water after the rain is gone.


People of the Rainforests There are about 50,000,000 people living in the rainforests. The largest well known tribes are the Pygmies, the Huli, and the Yanomami. They made their food and their shelters from the rainforest. The Pygmies live in central Africa, the Huli live in Papua New Guinea and the Yanomami live in South America.



Causes of Rainforest Destruction Humans are the main reason that rainforests are disappearing. They cut down the rainforests for: • Wood - we use wood for houses, furniture, instruments etc. • To clear land for farms - some people who live near rainforests donʼt have enough food, so more farms are made • Grazing land for cows • and to build roads


Results Of Rainforest Destruction: The rainforest once covered 14% of the whole worldĘźs land surface, but now it covers only 6% of it. Five hundred years ago there were about ten million Indians living in the Amazonian rain forest, but today there are less than 200,000. Every second we are losing one and one-half of the acres in the rainforest.



Solutions to Rainforest Destruction People are making the rainforest disappear very quickly. The good news is there are a lot of people that want to help. Maybe we should all focus on TREES. Teach others how important the rainforest is. Restore the land. Encourage people to live in a way that doesnʼt hurt the rainforest. Establish (make) preserves to protect wildlife Support companies that donʼt hurt the rainforest From


How can we Help? We should recycle newspapers, cans, glass bottles, jars, etc. If we recycle, we donʼt need to take so much from nature. And we should use cold water whenever possible. It takes energy to make water hot.

Donʼt pick flowers when you go for a walk. And donʼt take wild animals from the forest and use them as a pet. Every second an area of football field is cut down in the rainforest. Animals are losing their homes and plants are being killed.


The Wonder World of the Rainforest  

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