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Big Sma! Moments Volume 3



Lena By:Ola

My dad called a young woman to see if the puppies were still for sale. My dad and I wanted to buy a Jack Russell but my mom did not because she had had two dogs, a parrot, a canary, and a hamster in her life, so she knows how animals can be.


We wanted to meet the puppies before making a choice, but they were too cute! They were playing with my dad’s bag. I am sure they were each trying to be chosen. They were jumping up & licking our faces and begging us to pick them.


We spent about an hour at the puppies’ house, because all of them were too cute we could not decide. When dad said lets go I went to the door crying so we took the puppy for a test to see if we want her. The woman said that we can give her a name, we named her Lena.


Lena is: little, her tong is like a zipper and she has little brown spots. A couple days passed and we had lot’s of fun for that reason we kept her, now we have her I feel like a big sister because everyone is calling my mom to send them picture of her and now she is naughtier because she bites a lot and pies every where Ew!. She is the cutest puppy ever.


Hainan Airlines

By: Peter

I think that everybody knows how airliner food tastes. I think everybody will say: “It is the worst food in the world!” or some thing like that. But I don’t think so, because on Hainan Airlines, the food was delicious. It’s like when you taste that sweet and soft cake. Then I will promise that you will eat the rest in 3 seconds or less. Also their beef & rice- the rice is from Hainan Island and you can tell the natural smell from that natural farm, also that beef is fat and juicy.



Ok, I know that you will never believe me. This is why you have lots of choice. You can even have noodles and dumplings. Also they have great seats that feel soft, like cotton candy! Their planes are all new aircraft like Boeing-737, Boeing-767, Boeing-787, Airbus-A340 and lots more planes. You will never forgot Hainan Airlines! Have a good flight.


My airplane is coming down and I am so happy because I think that the airplane is scary. I have been in Dubai 5 times already. It is nice and big. I live in a hotel for the time. I don’t know the name of the hotel but it is awesome and cool also the city is beautiful!

I remember seeing this shape from the airplane. It is an amazing sight. I love it. Dubai has the biggest palm tree in the world! It is a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. There are hotels and houses right on the ocean. Superstars have houses there, like Angelina, Julia Roberts, and David Beckham. Guards stand at the front of the island because the superstars are living there. I saw the tallest building in the world. It is not finished yet, but when it is finished, it will be the tallest in the world. Dubai has 10 shopping centers and I have been to the biggest one. It is the biggest in the world, too! I really love Dubai and so I asked my mom if we could go back. !


My mom said,”When there is a break in school then we can go to Dubai again!” “OOOOH NOOOOO!” I forgot one thing: I don’t want to fly in an airplane.



South Africa By lara I was in South Africa with my dad and with my brother at the Safari for 3 days and at the Word cup. When we arrived after a long trip I was very happy. The name of the Safari was Nagala it was beautiful. It was full of trees. At the reception was a woman and we asked where we should go. A guy helped us. We were very tired so we went to bed very early but we woke up early the next morning. The house was little.



The first day at 6 o’clock in the morning we met the tour guy and my brother and I were a little bit scared, but also my brother. So we started on the safari. We were lucky because we saw so many animals like: zebras and elephants, giraffe and beautiful trees. There was another guy who was also looking for animals and he told the driver where to go. On the first day we also saw lions eating a buffalo. They were very angry that we were there with the car,but it was interesting. We went back to the house. The day passed so nicely.



The second day was a little bit scary too because we were two meters from a leopard, it was really scary. He was eating a RHINOCEROS that was dead!! The third day was beautiful because we had a surprise, the surprise was that we ate breakfast in the middle of the dangerous part! I was a little bit scared because we went home but these three days were great and the three weeks of the World Cup!!!



My cousin’s pet By Jason My cousin has a pet. It’s a dog. He buy in pet shop. My cousin very like it. It’s small. Because it year is small. It’ s white, because his mother favorite color is white. It’s thin,because we doesn’t like fat dog. It tail is short. Because cat tail is long,So i don’t like dog tail is long. It has some lovely. Today,cousin’s dog has a name,It’s Danny.Danny can run fast, Because he is thin and small,So it isn’t light. So he can jump tall too. He play with cousin very much. They are good friends.



The Bosom Buddy! by Sofia Me and my bosom buddy (bosom buddy=heart friend) met 2 school years ago when I was visiting my new school in Budapest at the end of 3rd grade. I was new and coming out of Italian 4 th grade and had already finished school for the summer, but A.I.S.B, my new school, had not.



It is all very foggy now, so this is only the basics of the story. I was probably mumbling to my mum about how great the school is and all the things that could go wrong for me socially, like what if all of them were more fashionable than me? What if I don’t fit in? What if they were better than me in math? I soon found out that they were! But for now, my mum and I knocked on the door of the classroom I was going to visit. Then we walked right on in and got a warm fuzzy welcome by Mrs.Dulac. We played a scary game {for me at least}. It was a frightful and fearful name game. After, we made a map and I could not do it. Then we went to the library. I think Ms.Ducharme talked to us as we were sat down and listening to her. I had already made a friend called Ola and she was !


looking for the horse books and I had found them and showed them to her. Then we went back to the class and Ola asked if I was going to ESL but I said, “No, I know English,” then she went to ESL. I did the other stuff then we went to a high school or middle school play that I think was the thing I remember most ‘cause I had a great time. I thought she said that she was not going to come back next year and I was quite upset. I was wishing she would stay. I would have no one I knew, that’s what I thought, but when I came into 4th grade at the end of the summer, there she was. I think she even has the same dress I met her in.



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