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Hospital de Palam贸s In Palam贸s Hospital we managed several project and construction phases to improve services offered in this province hospital, until growing up to 150 beds with expanded medical facilities. With the hospital always running, first stage was the implementation of 37 new Consultancy Rooms, a Heart Unit and a new Utilities plant. Then a new three storey building was designed, which allocates services as Dialysis, Rehabilitation, Main Board Offices, a Surgery Center and parking for the entire health plot. It was organized surrounding an indoor 'patio' as a main Hall. With that new building running, it was time to enter a the addition & reformation of the existing main building, rising a new 5th floor (reserved in previous urban planning) with 50-bed Inpatient Unit for Obstetric and Gynecologic Services, in which a self-designed Head Lamp was installed. We also carried on high-profile-management reformation of Emergencies, 2 new Surgery Theaters and the improve of Day Hospital service. We ended with new state-of-the-art spaces to allocate MRI & Hyperbaric Chamber t 93 204 7866 SĂ­guenos en