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End-of-term speaking test 2 About you

Photo description

1 Talk about yourself.  When is your birthday?

3 Describe the photos. Photo A

 Describe your daily routine in the morning.

 Where do you think the girl in your photo is?

 What’s your favourite animal? Why? What things can this animal do?

 What season do you think it is? Why?

 What’s your favourite subject at school? Why?

 What are the animals doing?

 What do you usually eat for lunch? Do you think this is a healthy lunch? Why? / Why not?

Photo B

 What are you doing this weekend?

 Where are the people in your photo?

 What animals can you see? Describe them.

 What season do you think it is? Why?  What animals can you see? Describe them.

Role play

 What are the animals doing?

2 Complete the phone dialogue with the expressions. Then practise the dialogue.

EXTENSION Answer the questions.

Are you having Bye for now. Do you want to go Sounds good. text me later What are you doing

 Do you like going to zoos and animal shows? Why?  Do you like watching animals? Why?

A Hi, it’s [your name]. How are you?

 Which of these places do you like more? Why?

B Hi. I’m fine.


A (1) ____________________________ at the moment? B I’m in town. I’m doing some shopping. A (2) ____________________________ a good time? B Yes, I’m buying some new clothes. A Cool. (3)____________________________ to the cinema this evening? B (4)____________________________

What time?

A I don’t know the time. Give me a call or (5) ____________________________. B OK. Great. A (6) ____________________________


EXTENSION Imagine you are chatting to a friend on the phone. A Say hello and ask what B is doing at the moment. B Respond. A Invite B to go somewhere with you this evening. B Ask A what time. A Respond. B Ask your friend to call you or text you later.




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