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Maverick AWARDS Presented by World ATM Congress

23 March 2020

ATCA and CANSO are pleased to

announce the Maverick Awards presented by World ATM Congress. The Awards recognise outstanding achievements in collaboration, innovation, and sustainability in air traffic management (ATM). The Awards showcase the brightest ideas for the future, recognise positive contributions to the environment and conservation, celebrate the cooperation between partners and stakeholders, and promote overall excellence in the aviation industry. SUBMISSIONS: In our inaugural year, we received over 100 nominations from organisations around the world! SELECTION PROCESS: A judging panel comprised of renowned leaders from air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and industry reviewed each and every application and created a shortlist of three finalists per award category, based on open and transparent criteria. AWARD CEREMONY HOSTS: ATCA’s President and CEO Peter F. Dumont and CANSO’s Director General Simon Hocquard.

COLLABORATION AWARD Collaboration Award finalists:* ASECNA for Unifying African Skies with space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and other innovative technologies across all six Flight Information Regions (FIRs).

INNOVATION AWARD Innovation Award finalists:* Austro Control and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for its project “Plate Lines – A Method to Accelerate Wake Vortex Decay During Final Approach,” infrastructure that accelerates the decay of wake vortices on the ground by about 30 percent, making wake encounters less likely. Project funded by SESAR.

SUSTAINABILITY AWARD Thank you to our Maverick Award Judges Eamonn Brennan Director General, EUROCONTROL Teri Bristol Chief Operating Officer, FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Peter F. Dumont President and CEO, ATCA

Simon Hocquard Director General, CANSO Capt. Gilbert Kibe Director General, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Hon. Donna McLean Founder and Owner, Donna McLean Associates, LLC

Sustainability Award finalists:* ENAIRE for the design and development of a monitoring mechanism which saved, through ATC direct clearance, about 7 million nautical miles for flights managed in Spanish airspace, preventing the emission of 243,000 CO2 tons into the atmosphere.

Recognises the importance of effective relationships and collaborations within/across disciplines and sectors to achieve a shared goal.

A consortium of Heathrow Airport Limited, NATS, L3Harris Orthogon, and EUROCONTROL for the introduction of Target Times of Arrivals at Heathrow Airport through SESAR project PJ24.

NATS, NAV CANADA, and Aireon LLC for the innovative development and deployment of the world’s first global, realtime space-based ADS-B service.

Recognises new ideas, technologies, and concepts that challenge current air traffic management norms with the potential to significantly advance performance, operations, or capabilities.

NASA for its successful, simultaneous flight of multiple small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in a complex urban environment using the UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions and Scandinavian Mountains Airport for building a new innovative airport equipped with remote and digital tower services from a remote tower centre.

Recognises leaders, initiatives, and organisations working towards reducing aviation’s impact on the environment and making significant contributions to improving the environmental footprint of aviation through ATM. HungaroControl, BULATSA, and ROMATSA for the SEE FRA / SEEN FRA project (South East Europe Free Route Airspace), allowing operators to fly on optimised profiles across FIR boundaries of Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, which has the potential to save up to 10000 nautical miles, conserving 80 tons of fuel and 250 tons of CO2 emissions daily.

NAV CANADA for becoming the first ANSP in the world to implement ICAO’s new standard: Established on Required Navigation Performance Authorisation Required (RNP AR) and showing a reduction of over 4.1 million kgs of CO2 emissions.

*All finalists are listed in alphabetical order

HONOURABLE MENTIONS COLLABORATION AWARD Ahmed Al Jallaf, Assistant Director General Air Navigation Services, General Civil Aviation Authority, United Arab Emirates Air Navigation Solutions Ltd.

InterFAB Coordination Platform Italian National Airspace Strategy initiative

Aireon ALERT

iTEC Alliance, a collaboration between DFS, ENAIRE and NATS, LVNL, Avinor, Oro Navigacija, and PANSA


Just Culture Platform

Altitude Angel & NATS

Luigi Mattaglia, ATM Senior Engineer, Leonardo Electronics Division Engineering

Angel Luis Arias, Director General, ENAIRE Asia-Pacific Distributed Multi-Nodal ATFM Network Collaboration Group Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and MITRE Asia Pacific Singapore (MAPS), NATS, and Searidge Remote Digital Tower Concept

Marcello Davide Mannino Multi-Location Airport-CDM In Australia Namibian Aviation Modernisation Project (NAMP)

Collaboration between 30 ICAO states in Southern, Eastern, and North Africa

NAVBLUE, China Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB), Thales Avionics, Thales LAS, EASA, and Airbus


Nicolas Leon, Safer Airports and Flights for Europe (SAFE) Project Manager, DSNA

Daniel García-Monteavaro Vizcaíno, Head of Drone Business Development Department, ENAIRE Droniq GmbH Frequentis Frequentis, Aireon, and MEVA Member States for the MEVA Network GOF USPACE - FINNISH-ESTONIAN “GULF OF FINLAND” VERY LARGE U-SPACE DEMONSTRATION ICAO South East Asia and Bay of Bengal Sub-Regional Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Implementation Working Group ICCAIA Stratospheric Operators Integral Safety Management System (ISMS)

Papua New Guinea Air Services Limited (PNG ASL) and Thales Australia ATMS PJ24 Network Collaborative Management (NCM) SAFIR Project Sapienza University of Rome, DeepBlue Srl, and École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile SECSI FRA Shared Air Traffic Services System 2 (SAS2) SITAONAIR U-SPACE Collaboration in Poland Zubayer Mahbub, Director, AEROGON PTE. LTD.

INNOVATION AWARD Abigail Smith, Director, Safety & Technical Training, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ADB SAFEGATE Ahmed Al Jallaf, Assistant Director General Air Navigation Services, General Civil Aviation Authority, United Arab Emirates AirMap AirShare by Airways New Zealand AIRTC

Droniq GmbH EmbraerX HENSOLDT TwInvis Passive Radar System IHSE GmbH Indra and NATS “Heathrow Integrated Tower and Safety Enhancements” Project Jeroen Debonnet, Product Manager ATC, ScioTeq

Altitude Angel

Leidos Transportation Solution’s Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) Team

ANRA Technologies

MUAC ATM Portal and Customer Initiative


Multi-platform ATC Re-hosting Solution (MARS) Team

ATNS AVI Afrique Innovation Summit


Aurora Air Traffic Management


Austro Control’s Transponder Occupancy Simulation (TOPAS) Project


Aviation Risk Identification and Assessment (ARIA)

Online Chart VFR Austria Project

Claudio Alejandro Arellano Rodríguez, former CEO of Seneam

PHOENIX WebInnovation

Coflight Cloud Services

SESAR2020 Demonstration of ATM Improvements Generated by Initial Trajectory Sharing (DIGITS)

Croatia Control Ltd. David Wartofsky, CEO, Potomac Aviation Technology Corp DFS Innovative High Transition Operations (HTO) Digital Tower Project Dr. Parimal Kopardekar, Director of NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI), NASA Droneguide

TATIC FLOW Thales Airspace Management Solutions Traffic Prediction Improvements (TPI) at EUROCONTROL MUAC Valentin Cimpuieru, Engineering and Development Department Director, ROMATSA Virtual Centre xStream

SUSTAINABILITY AWARD Airspace Unlimited Dynamic Airspace Optimization Tool

Herve Demule, Navigation Engineer, skyguide

Alessandro Ghilari, Head of Regulation and International Network, ENAV

Luxembourg Administration de la Navigation Aérienne (ANA)

Boeing ecoDemonstrator Program

Micro Nav Ltd.


Park Air Systems Limited

DFS Optimised Flying Working Group

Sopra Steria

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The Maverick Awards presented by World ATM Congress  

ATCA and CANSO are pleased to announce the Maverick Awards presented by World ATM Congress. The Awards recognise outstanding achievements in...

The Maverick Awards presented by World ATM Congress  

ATCA and CANSO are pleased to announce the Maverick Awards presented by World ATM Congress. The Awards recognise outstanding achievements in...