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LED’s remote controlled range. IOS/Android

The concept构思 Airstar bring interactivity in your Opening ceremony/Product launching/Gala diner/Cocktail/Party. Airstar 为您的开业/新品发布/晚宴/酒会/派对等活动带来 互动性。

•The The LED kit is remote controllable with any wifi mobile phone/touchpad. •LED可用手机/平板电脑遥控

•Remote controll until 500 bulbs at the same time. •可同时遥控500个以上灯泡

•Mix different products to create special atmosphere •配合不同产品使用来营造特殊氛围

The remote control 远程遥控 (free downloading on IOS&Android可从IOS和Android免费下载)

To Choose a color 选择颜色

To dim the light (+/-) 选择光的强度(+/-) To change the speed of the program (+/-) 改变闪光速度(+/-) To change the program (+/-)改变程序(+/-)

Crystal Led (on stand)

Pendulaire Led (suspended)

Lunix Led (Helium inflated)

Stars LED

Delices LED

Please come to visit our showroom 欢迎参观我们的展示厅

If you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact our team in Shanghai or Beijing. 如有任何问题,请联系我们的上海或北京团队。 Looking forward to collaborate with you, 希望能与您合作, Airstar China team. Airstar中国团队

AIRSTAR • Shanghai

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Airtstar LED range  

Wifi remote controlled range