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Continuity is forged slow but steady Frank R. Rainieri Presidente & CEO Grupo Puntacana

This coming November 1st will mark the 45th anniversary of the foundation of CODDETREISA (Compañía de Desarrollo Turístico, Residencial e Industrial S.A. - Tourism, Residential and Industrial Company S.A.) today known as Grupo Puntacana. We will be celebrating a history with a past, present and future that is notable for its vision, hard work, perseverance and excellence. The fulfillment of this dream has been possible thanks to the support of thousands of people who over the years have been a part of this company, and to whom we will always be grateful. In particular, I would like to remember my founding partner and friend, Ted Kheel, with whom I experienced the beginnings of this adventure that is now a wonderful reality. Today, filled with awe at what once seemed impossible, I can confidently affirm that the leading role this company has played in the development of the area, its impact on the national economy, its solidity, diversity and commitment to sustainable development, has served has a point of reference in the international and national tourism sector, consolidating us as the creators of a destination. This is a source of great pride that I would like to share with you, all of whom are a part of this dream of the great Puntacana Family. I must also stress the shared responsibility of my partners the Kheel family - in the persons of Robert Kheel and Arnie Jacobs - and Julio Iglesias and our Dominican pride - Oscar de la Renta. In 1969 we founded the Grupo Puntacana, a pioneering company in the development of tourism in the Punta Cana–Bávaro area and essentially in the creation of countless success stories that have transformed the region and the country, in this past almost-half century. All those years ago it was impossible to imagine the significance of the path we have travelled. Having concluded the 2013-2014 financial year and after evaluating the work we have done, we can look back with great satisfaction at the achievements we have made, and with a view to the future, full of enthusiasm for all that remains to be done. We will continue to support our steps forward by growing steadily but surely, with an emphasis on sustainable development, to consolidate our position as one of the pioneers of the national tourism industry. The immediate future entails new challenges and together with this, new dreams to be turned into reality. The most outstanding projects of the past financial year include the construction and completion in record time of The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club, and the new Tennis Center, gymnasium and apartment buildings in Hacienda del Mar. Another major project that we started earlier this year is the construction of the new terminal at the Punta Cana International Airport. Covering an area of 20,000m2, it will be ready to enter into operation this coming November. The new terminal will be one of the five largest installations of its kind in the Caribbean region, and it will allow us to offer new and improved services to our customers, while creating new jobs and business opportunities for the area. We will also be opening the market to our latest luxury Real Estate option: Playa Serena, with a very limited offer of residential lots. It is worth highlighting the scope of the latest initiatives by the Puntacana Foundation, many of which would not have been possible without the help that you and the community have given us: the construction of the new emergency unit at the Verón Public Health Clinic, the organization of medical missions in the communities and the Golf into Verón project, an initiative that involves 5th grade students from the Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic in the world of Golf. Having assessed our sustained growth as a company and the world economic climate, we believe that this is a good time to unite experiences. Together with the Venezuelan Group Veluttini and Associates, we will soon make a start on the construction of the Blue Mall Puntacana, a commercial center that will consist of 26,000m2 of shops as well as offering new entertainment options. The experience and credibility attained by the Grupo Puntacana over the past 45 years has provided us with the opportunity to venture into the tourism development of the country’s Southern region. As partners in the new tourism project of Los Corbanitos, we are taking on, with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility, a new challenge that we are sure will bring new opportunities to the local residents, which will help them improve their quality of life. It is important to point out, however, that Los Corbanitos is a medium and long-term project, with its own distinctive conditions for a market that is different to that of Puntacana Resort & Club, but it is being developed under the same principles of solidity, security and commitment with which our company, Grupo Puntacana, develops its projects. Thanks to the hard work of our Foundation, we have improved the health and education services in the communities around our Resort. The improvements in the services of the Verón Health Clinic, the increase in medical missions and the IV Ophthalmological Campaign, the implementation of the Extended School Day in the Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic and the addition of a new Volunteering program for Puntacana Resort & Club visitors and residents, are some of the areas that we have strengthened. In the near future, we will be developing new hotels and services and entertainment establishments in the Playa Blanca area, which we hope will become the Party Center of our Resort. The future is in our hands and we are proud to have a management team on board that is already made up of a new generation of qualified and passionate replacements who will provide continuity to this company and its projects. I’ll conclude by reiterating our thanks for your support and trust, and for the presence of each and every one of you, at this annual gathering of Puntacana Resort & Club property owners. We would like to wish you and your families a very harmonious summer.


New Tennis Center

The Puntacana Tennis Center is now a reality! Currently the center has 6 soft tennis courts all uniquely private. On the month of July, 8 more courts will be completed, for a total of 14, including a tournament court. This center is strategically located to offer easy access for all homeowners. Additionally, the center is home to a new and fully equipped gym.

¡El Puntacana Tennis Center ya es una realidad! Las primeras 6 canchas blandas privadas del centro están listas y a partir de julio contaremos con 8 canchas adicionales, para un total de 14 canchas de tenis, incluyendo una cancha principal para torneos. Este nuevo centro de tenis está estratégicamente ubicado para el fácil acceso de todos los propietarios del Resort y alberga también, un nuevo gimnasio completamente equipado.

Información y reservaciones / Information and reservations: - 809 959 2262


Teen Club

La Cana Golf & Beach Club

For our teen audience we now have a new Teen Club. Located in La Cana Golf & Beach Club, this offers a unique space with contemporary elements where young people can socialize and connect. Equipped with air hockey tables, pool table and foosball tables. This space can also be booked for private events via Owners concierge:

Para nuestro público adolescente tenemos un nuevo Teen Club. Ubicado en La Cana Golf & Beach Club, y equipado con mesas de air hockey, billar y futbolito, ofrece un espacio exclusivo con elementos contemporáneos donde los jóvenes pueden socializar y divertirse. Este Teen Club también puede ser reservado para eventos privados a través de la oficina de Owners Concierge:

Remodelación Tortuga Bay / Restyling De la mano del Sr. Oscar de la Renta, quien imprimirá su sello personal con la selección de la nueva paleta de colores, los tejidos y el mobiliario, estaremos remodelando parte de las villas del Hotel Tortuga Bay y el restaurante Bamboo. La remodelación y trabajos de mantenimiento del hotel se llevaran a cabo a partir del 1ro de septiembre, hasta el 14 de octubre. Under the guidance of Mr. Oscar de la Renta, part of the Tortuga Bay Hotel villas and Bamboo restaurant, will undergo a renovation. Fabrics, furniture and new colours were personally chosen by the famous designer. The renovation process and preventive maintenance will begin on September 1st thru October 14th.



Nueva Terminal / New Terminal Punta Cana International Airport

In the upcoming month of November 2014, Punta Cana International Airport will inaugurate its 2nd independent passenger terminal, designated as Terminal B. This new terminal will be a 22,000 square meters 2 levels passenger terminal with a third level mezzanine for airline offices. The Passenger Departure Area will be on the second level, with 50 check-in counters, an air conditioned concourse with 7 aircraft gates equipped with Passenger Boarding Bridges, an associated aircraft parking aprons, a food court, a modern VIP lounge, duty free stores and a designated smoking area.

En el próximo mes de noviembre, el Aeropuerto Internacional de Punta Cana inaugurará una segunda terminal independiente de pasajeros, denominada Terminal B. Esta nueva terminal tendrá 22.000 mts2 en 2 plantas y contará con una entreplanta para las oficinas de las aerolíneas. La Sala de embarque de pasajeros estará ubicada en el segundo nivel, con 50 mostradores de facturación (Check-in Counters), una explanada climatizada con 7 puertas de acceso a los aviones (gates) equipadas con pasarelas de embarque de pasajeros, estacionamientos delanteros para aviones asociados, foodcourt, un moderno salón VIP, tiendas de zona franca y área de fumadores.

Passenger Arrivals will be on the first level of Terminal B, gathering immigration, baggage pickup areas, customs, and a Tour Operator reception area.

Las llegadas de pasajeros estarán en el primer nivel de la Terminal B, así como inmigración, zonas de recogida de equipaje, y área de recepción para los operadores turísticos.


Nuevas Rutas / New Routes Punta Cana International Airport

The Punta Cana International Airport reaffirms its position as the Caribbean’s most accessible destination. For the ease of our clients , this year the airport inaugurated the following new routes:

Afianzándonos como el destino más accesible del Caribe, el Aeropuerto Internacional de Punta Cana ofrece nuevas rutas y destinos que faciliten la llegada de nuestros clientes. Este año se inauguraron las siguientes rutas:









The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club

Gonzálo Castillo - Francisco Javier García - Haydée Rainieri - Oscar De La Renta - Presidente Danilo Medina - Frank Rainieri - Arnold Jacobs - José Ramón Peralta - Ernesto Veloz

Con la presencia del Presidente de la Republica Dominicana, Danilo Medina, The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club abrió sus puertas en diciembre del 2013. Construido con una inversión de 59 millones de dólares, el hotel 5 estrellas cuenta con 200 habitaciones de lujo y servicios distintivos de la marca Westin.

The Westin at Puntacana Resort & Club officially opened this past December, with the attendance of President Danilo Medina.. Built with an investment of $59 million dollars, the 5-star hotel has 200 luxury rooms and distinctive services of the Westin brand.

En sus instalaciones se encuentran los restaurantes Anani y Brassa Grill, el Tikki Bar, un Lobby Bar y el exclusivo bar de cigarros Don Queco. Además cuenta con facilidades para convenciones y bodas, club de niños, centro de negocios, piscina y gimnasio.

Among its amenities are the Brassa Grill and Anani Restaurants, the Tikki Bar, the Lobby Bar and the exclusive cigar bar Don Queco. It also has facilities for conferences and weddings, kids club, business center, swimming pool and gym.

Información y reservas / Information and reservations: - 809 959 2262


Manuel José Cabral, Luli Toribio, Mirtha Cabral y Andrew McQuillinez

Pedro Peréz, Ana Yudith Alma y Nuria Piera Rosanna Rivera, Michelle Julian , Rafael Julian, Lucía Peblas

US Embassator James Brewster, Jr

Radhames Martinéz y Luís Lopéz


Wanda Pietrantoni, Robert Kheel, Alejandra Tolentino


Hacienda del Mar

Hacienda del Mar ya es una realidad. En el pasado mes de octubre dimos la bienvenida a los primeros 60 propietarios de apartamentos, quienes desde entonces disfrutan del estilo de vida Puntacana. Pr贸ximamente se entregaran tambi茅n los apartamentos del edificio 4, y se iniciara la construcci贸n del edificio 5.

Hacienda del Mar is now a reality. Last October we welcomed the owners of 60 apartments, whom are now enjoying the Puntacana Lifestyle. Building 4 will soon be delivered and construction for building 5 will follow.


Informaci贸n / Information: - 809 959 7325


AUGUSTO CASASNOVAS / VP DE SERVICIOS Su experiencia abarca cerca de 40 años en puestos a nivel de Dirección y Vicepresidencia tocando áreas como Proyectos, Mercadeo, Operaciones, Comunicaciones, Servicio y Relaciones con los Clientes, entre otras. LIZETTE HASSELL / DIRECTORA DE VENTAS HOSPITALIDAD Egresada de la Universidad de la Florida en Gerencia de Hotelería. Se ha desempeñado en puestos de Dirección de Ventas y Mercadeo en diferentes Hoteles de alto estándar alrededor del mundo por más de 26 años. SIMÓN SUÁREZ / VP RELACIONES INSTITUCIONALES Y SERVICIOS ESPECIALES En su trayectoria se ha desempeñado en puestos de Vicepresidente y Presidente de diferentes negocios del sector hotelero en nuestro país desde hace más de 27 años. MARCO PAZ DEL ALAMO / CHEF EJECUTIVO TORTUGA BAY - LA YOLA Egresado de la Escuela de Hotelería de Sevilla, posee más de 7 años de experiencia en restaurantes de alta cocina en diferentes ciudades como Nueva York, Londres, Barcelona, Cadiz, Sevilla y Punta Cana. En sus últimos años estuvo trabajando con el Master Chef Martín Berasategui. MANUEL SAJOUR / DIRECTOR EJECUTIVO DE MARKETING En sus 20 años de experiencia se ha desempeñado como Director de Negocios, Director de Ventas y Vicepresidente Comercial de compañias de telecomunicaciones en nuestro país.


ACTIVIDADES DICIEMBRE 2013 Cóctel de propietarios / Owners cocktail

Aldo y Chiara Bozzi

Anais Geldof y Adrian Boleos

Carlos, Jorge, Ingrid, Ignacio Eras

Claudia Montás, Jessica Delmonte y Francisco González

Anke, Santiago Vivas y Marie, Pablo Buxeda

Bazar Navideño / Christmas Bazaar

Juan Francisco Arata, Ana María Trujillo y Gustavo Arata

Luca Bianchessi,Letizia Bianchessi, Alexander Bianchessi y Giovanni Bianchessi


Luís Alberto Moreno y Patricia López

María Clara y Andrés Mejía

CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES Hiram & Neo Tennis Inaugural Exhibition

Neon Capellan e Hiram Silfa

12th Annual Oscar de la Renta Social Tennis Tournament

John Vassilaros y Joseph Smith

Memo Gracida, Megan McCalp, Claudia Nivar y Luís Arturo Carbuccia

Parte del publico durante el torneo de tennis

Sr. Cavalaro, Abbas Jafarian, Joseph Smith, Frank Elías Rainieri y Daniel Santana

GANADORES / WINNERS Sencillo femenino / Female Single 2nd place: LETIZIA BIANCHESI 1st place: VERENICE DE LOS SANTOS

Sencillo masculino / Male Single 2nd place: ETHAN MOSZKOWSKI 1st place: TASSILO RAUKAVINA

Dobles masculinos / Male Doubles 2nd place: JOSEPH SMITH / VÍCTOR DE PABLO 1st place: ETHAN MOSZKOWSKI / JOHNNY VASSILAROS




Dominican Designer




Mercy Short y Damari Herrera

Natalie Parry y Anita Parry

Oriett Domenech


Ninouska Nova e Ivania Wilmor

Priscila Najri, Ingrid Sabater y Francesca Rainieri

To r n e o d e G o l f M I T R E @ L A C A NA G O L F C O U R S E

Durante los días 30 y 31 de Agosto del 2013, en el campo de golf La Cana se llevó a cabo la 5ta versión del Torneo Invitacional de Golf Mitre-Vesuvio Tiradentes. En este torneo participaron 280 jugadores, bajo la modalidad de “Scramble” en parejas y se disputaron tres categorías. El propósito principal de este torneo es contribuir con instituciones que trabajan a favor del bienestar social, este año siendo agraciadas la Fundación Dr. Juan Manuel Taveras Rodriguez y La Fundación Futuro Posible, con un total de RD$1.5 millones. Tanto los jugadores como sus acompañantes disfrutaron de un fin de semana lleno de actividades, entre ellas un cóctel de bienvenida el viernes en la noche, un día de playa el sábado en Playa Blanca y la cena de premiación amenizada por Milly Quezada y Magic Juan.

During the last two days of August La Cana Golf Course held the 5th edition of the Mitre Invitational Golf Tournament-Vesuvio Tiradentes. In this tournament, 280 players participated in the form of “Scramble” in pairs and three categories were played. The main purpose of this tournament is to contribute to institutions working on behalf of social welfare, this year being favored Fundación Dr. Juan Manuel Taveras Rodriguez and the Futuro Posible Foundation, with a total of RD$ 1.5 million. Both players and their companions enjoyed a weekend full of activities including a welcome cocktail on Friday night, a day at the beach in Playa Blanca on Saturday and an award dinner with entertainers Milly Quezada and Magic Juan.

To r n e o d e G o l f A N J E @ L A C A NA G O L F C O U R S E

La Asociación Nacional de Jóvenes Empresarios (ANJE) de la Republica Dominicana celebró exitosamente su Torneo de Golf Clásico, el cual tuvo lugar en el exclusivo Campo de Golf La Cana, el pasado sábado 14 de septiembre. Esta doceava versión del torneo se jugó bajo la modalidad “Scramble” y contó con la participación de 120 jugadores en tres categorías diferentes: A, B y C, con un hándicap de 25%.

The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Dominican Republic (ANJE) successfully held its Classic Golf Tournament, which took place at the exclusive La Cana Golf Course, this past September 14. This twelfth version of the Golf Tournament was played under the “Scramble” mode and with the participation of 120 players in three different categories: A, B and C, with a handicap of 25%.


Homeowner’s give backDe nuestros propietarios / Of our own

ABC Charity

Ebba Lovenskiold y Sam Giertz, trabajaron con ABC Charity para formar la letra “E” en Puntacana Resort & Club, evento que contó con la participación de 500 niños de la comunidad. El proyecto conecta a miles de niños de todo el mundo a través de eventos, mientras crea el primer alfabeto humano global. Los beneficios de este proyecto serán destinados a distintas iniciativas sociales alrededor del mundo, incluyendo las de nuestra Fundación Puntacana. Agradecemos a Ebba Lovenskiold y Sam Giertz, quienes forman parte de la familia Puntacana, por esta iniciativa.

Frank Rainieri, Ashley Cooper, Ebba Lovenskiold, Filip Cederholm and Sam Giertz

Homeowners Ebba Lovenskiold and Sam Giertz worked with ABC Charity to form the letter “E” at Puntacana Resort & Club. The event had the participation of 500 children of the community. The project connects thousands of children from all over the world through inspiring events, while creating the first ever human alphabet. The net proceeds will fund several social initiatives around the world, including those of The Puntacana Foundation. We are grateful to Ebba Lovenskiold and Sam Giertz for this initiative.


Francesca Rainieri and Ebba Lovenskiold

The Peregrine Fund y Fundación Ecológica Puntacana Avanzan la Conservación del Gavilán de la Hispaniola

The Peregrine Fund and Puntacana Ecological Foundation advance conservation Hispaniola Hawk

El 2014 ha sido de gran éxito para la conservación del Gavilán 2014 has been a great success for the conservation of the Hisde la Hispaniola. Ya tenemos una segunda pareja de gavilanes paniola Hawk. We have a second pair of hawks and the first has y la primera ya se ha anidado, teniendo previsto disfrutar de 2 already nested, looking to enjoy the company of 2 chicks! polluelos. Thanks to the implementation of measures for disease prevenGracias a la implementación de medidas de prevención de en- tion and good planning by both teams, there are already 27 fermedades y la excelente planificación por parte de ambos copies that have been released this year to complement the equipos, este año ya son 27 ejemplares que han sido liberados population with 2 existing couples and 2 additional copies from para complementar la población con las 2 parejas existentes y 2 previous years. ejemplares adicionales de años anteriores.


Fundación Ecológica Puntacana Presenta Programa de Biomasa en la conferencia “Turismo Caribeño: Foro de Energía” Diciembre 2013

Puntacana Ecological Foundation Presents Biomass Program at the “Caribbean Tourism: Energy Forum” December 2013

Jake Kheel presento el caso de estudio de Grupo Puntacana en “El Foro de Energía”, el que contó con representantes del Caribe, Europa, Latinoamérica y los Estados Unidos. Allí se presentó el caso de energía renovable de Puntacana Laundry Service y su planta de biomasa.

Jake Kheel presented the Grupo Puntacana case study at the “Energy Forum” which had international representatives from the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The renewable energy case of the Puntacana Laundry Service and its biomass plant was presented.

Fundación Ecológica Realiza Talleres de Artesanía de Pez León

Puntacana Ecological Foundation Performs Lionfish taxidermy workshops

En un esfuerzo continuado de incentivo a que los pescadores pesquen el pez león, en Marzo de 2014, la Fundación Ecológica Puntacana impartió un curso de taxidermia de pez león, dirigido a las esposas y familiares. Unas 51 libras de pez león fueron utilizados para esta actividad y los animales disecados serán vendidos como suvenir a visitantes y turistas a través de las tiendas de artesanías locales.

To further encourage fishing by fishermen in March of 2014, the foundation imparted a course on lionfish taxidermy to several of their wives and families. Around 51 pounds of lionfish were used for this activity and stuffed animals will be sold as souvenirs to visitors and tourists through local craft stores.


Como es tradición, la Fundación Puntacana presentó su Gran Gala de Villancicos, en el majestuoso escenario de la Basílica de Higüey, para anunciar el inicio de la época navideña a la región este del país. Más de 3,000 personas disfrutaron de una noche mágica gracias a la actuación de la Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional, el destacado artista Niní Caffaro y el coro del Centro de Educación Musical Moderna, dirigidos por el Maestro José Antonio Molina.

As per tradition, The Puntacana Foundation presented its annual Christmas Carol Concert in the majestic setting of the Basílica of Higüey, to announce the beginning of the Christmas season to the eastern region of the country. More than 3,000 people enjoyed a magical night thanks to the performance of the National Symphony Orchestra, the renowned artist Nini Caffaro and The Modern Musical Education Center Chorus, directed by Maestro José Antonio Molina.


Golf into Verón

Fundación Puntacana, con la colaboración de sus asociados, está desarrollando el proyecto “Golf into Verón”, en beneficio de los estudiantes de quinto grado del Politécnico Ann y Ted Kheel. El objetivo de este programa es incorporar a los niños de Verón al mundo del golf, quienes están mejorando su condición física, concentración, disciplina y viviendo una nueva experiencia.

The Puntacana Foundation, in collaboration with its partners, is developing the project “Golf into Veron”, to benefit the fifth graders of the Ann and Ted Kheel Polytechnic School. The objective of this program is that children become part of the golf world, while improving their physical condition, concentration and discipline skills as well as living a new experience.

Alianza Fundación Puntacana-Appalachian Puntacana Foundation Alliance College of Pharmacy-VCOM Appalachian College Of Pharmacy VCOM

La Fundación Puntacana firmó un acuerdo de colaboración con Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy, con el objetivo de mejorar los servicios de farmacia brindados a la población en la Clínica Pública de Verón.

The Puntacana Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy, with the aim of improving the pharmacy services provided to the population at the Veron Public Clinic.




The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club |Teen Club | New Tennis Center | Remodelación Tortuga Bay / Restyling Nueva Terminal / New Terminal | Nuevas rutas / New routes


Hacienda del Mar | Nuevas Caras / New Faces


Owners Cocktail - Christmas Bazaar - Oriett Domenech Trunk Show 11th Annual Oscar de la Renta Social Tennis Tournament | Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show Año Nuevo / New Year’s Eve


Samford Visit & Concert Sun & Fun Golf Tournament |Mitre Golf Tournament | Anje Golf Tournament Carnaval Punta Cana | Oscar de la Renta Tea Party Lapp Family Easter Concert | Geoffrey Zakarian Dinner Easter Family Activities | Good Friday Golf Tournament Don Queco Cigar Bar


Acciones caritativas de nuestros propietarios / Charitable deeds of our owners


Nuevo desarrollo de Grupo Puntacana / New development of Grupo Puntacana


Fuentes de Vida Project | School Visits | Ridgway’s Hawk | Marine Co-Managment Popular Pharmacy at Verón Clinic | Improving The Verón Clinic| Community Medical Missions Christmas Concert | Ophtalmological Surgery Project | Emergency Unit at Verón Clinic | Golf into Verón

En portada / In cover Julio Iglesias, Ted Kheel, Frank Rainieri, Oscar de la Renta and Haydée Rainieri

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