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Yolla Co-Op open magnificent new premises


he official opening of Yolla Coop’s new Wynyard store on the 19th of June this year was certainly a day to remember in the 36 year history of the Tasmanian Co-op. As General Manager Peter Moore recounted - “we expected a large turnout but even the most optimistic amongst us didn’t expect the 350 -400 people that came through the site on the day. With over 30 national suppliers in attendance; the common feedback we received was that it was the largest store Opening/Open Day many of the suppliers had attended in their 20 plus years in the industry.“ The day was a celebration of the growth of the Co-op from a small local farmers buying group at Yolla in north west Tasmania to an expanding state-wide membership of some 600 farmers spread from remote West Coast farms at Granville Harbour and Temma through to farmers at Sorell and Nubeena in the State’s south east. The store was officially opened by retired long serving general manager John Neal and included the presentation of the Co-ops three inaugurals life memberships and recognition of the 22 foundation members. “It’s great to see so many of these members still active in the Coop today some 36 years on, members like Carl Armstrong and Ian

Smith who were 2 of the first people to turn up to assist us move recently” General Manager Peter Moore said. From small beginnings with the slogan “Buy together- save together the Co-op prides itself on providing members with a wide range of rural products from merchandise, bulk grain to fertiliser at very competitive prices. “We exist for our members” is the first value of the Coop and it prides itself on being a low overhead organisation with no reps on the road, no agronomists or company cars. The formula obviously works for Yolla with the organisation now providing over $10 million of rural products to Tasmanian farmers and the Co-op seeing local Ruralco and Elders branches in their area close in recent years. The old site at Yolla; that served the Co-op so well for the past 3 decades was in effect “ a glorified farm barn” according to General Manager Peter Moore. Speaking at the opening he added that the move was only “ the start of the journey ‘ with the new main highway site offering the Co-op many strategic opportunities including better member access; freight efficiencies and the opportunity to expand into new products and services. General Manager of AIRR Dave Schelling speaking at the opening congratulated the Co-op for its initiative in relocating to the new site and said that AIRR was excited about the opportunities and growth it saw working with Yolla into the future. The Co-op proudly highlights its association with AIRR in all its marketing and branding; being actively involved from the initial days of the formation of AIRR.

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3 Yolla Co-Op open magnificent new premises 12 Making every post a winner at Tailem Bend 33 John Neal awarded life membership

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Waratahs new JIO post range has been designed to deliver a post that is even stronger, with greater fracture resistance so it can be restraightened and has 50% more holes. The unique oval holes, coupled with the new JIO Longlife® fence post clips, provide more flexible wire attachment that is up to 20% faster. So, if you want a product that raises the bar in fence post performance, ask your distributor for the new Waratah posts with the oval holes.

Phone: 13 10 80.


ABN 59 000 010 873. ®Registered trademark of OneSteel Wire Pty Limited, Ingall Street, Mayfield, NSW 2304. TS1866

Waratah and AIRR:

AIRR Ind_JIO Ad_140x210_TS1866.indd 1

29/07/13 9:42 AM

a strong partnership into the future.

Passion and change were the key themes when Managing Director of AIRR Peter Law addressed the Waratah National sales conference in Melbourne in July. Mr Law, whose passion for his job and his company could be seen from outer space, spent the afternoon with the Waratah team as he gave valuable insights into the changing needs of the rural market, and the importance of the relationship between Waratah and AIRR. Mr Law noted that there were key reasons why he felt the relationship between AIRR and Waratah had such a strong future ahead of it. “Simply put, it comes down to trust, appreciation of absolute support from Waratah, quality of product, of in field representation and of management”, he said. The afternoon was a great opportunity for the Waratah sales team to ask Mr Law, how they could assist his members in growing their


fencing businesses. The importance of nurturing strong partnerships with AIRR members has long been a focus of the Waratah sales team, who are the largest fencing sales team in Australia. Mr Law commented that strong relationships with customers built on trust were the way to a better working future with his members. “The Waratah and AIRR relationship is one of 100% commitment and whilst one should never say forever, I see no reason why what we have should not remain for as long as our businesses operate”, Mr Law said. As the only Australian manufacturer of fencing materials in the market, Waratah constantly strives to build solid relationships with distribution and its end users through delivering consistently on product quality and service, an attribute that Mr Law said was invaluable to have in a supplier. “You’re good at what you do. You’re the best in the game”

Waratah’s National Sales Manager, Ross Lourie, commented on the big changes ahead for Waratah, referencing the recent launch of the new JIO fence post range as a key example of the commitment by Waratah to provide the market with innovative fencing solutions. “We are the market leader for a reason, however we must continue to strive to earn the right to be supplier of choice by both our distributors and our end users”, he said. Mr Law welcomed the comments from Lourie, throwing down the challenge to Waratah to better get to know his members’ fencing businesses and continue to grow into the future. “You’ve got to be there and you’ve got to ask the questions. Never assume”, he added. For assistance with Waratah products please contact your local Territory Sales Manager or call Sales & Service on 13 10 80.

What more can an Agronomist ask for?

Matt Foster – Grazag Agronomist Armidale NSW With the recent rain around the state, there has been a mass wave of plantings, both in pastures and cereal crops. As we all know, the broadleaf weeds are never far from surfacing, so it is all important to stay on top of them to prevent them from robbing yield. Broadstrike was first registered in Australia in 1994 for post-emergent broadleaf weed control in field peas and winter cereals, so the technology is not new to many growers. However, since then it has grown to be one of the most flexible herbicides available in Australia, with Dow Agrosciences continuing to invest in the product to extend the label and applications. There are a number of reasons why it still makes great sense to use Broadstrike in your operations all these years later: Firstly, it does a unique spectrum of weeds, many of which are key weeds, or at least problematic secondary weeds, including Capeweed, Fat Hen, Dwarf Marigold,

Marshmallow, Patersons Curse, Peppercress and Shepherds Purse. Many herbicides cover a much broader spectrum of weeds, but fail to deliver on the hard to kill weeds, so Broadstrike alone or in tank mixes covers them off. Secondly, Broadstrike has safe re-cropping periods allowing for double cropping in Northern NSW and Queensland. In fact it is so safe, that cereal rye, medics, triticale, wheat, maize and soybeans have no recropping intervals, and only 3 months for Barley, chickpeas, field peas, lucerne and oats. Even sensitive summer crops such as cotton and sunflowers can be planted 3 months after normal use rates (25g/ha). This flexibility from a Group B herbicide is rare. Crop safety is another massive tick for Broadstrike, as it is extremely selective to medics, lucerne and clover, as well as most forage legumes and annual and perennial grasses. I describe Broadstrike as being “as soft as butter” on my client’s pastures and crops

Even pasture herbs such as chicory are safe. I have been an agronomist now for 18 years, posted in various locations around NSW, and in that time i have been an avid fan of Broadstrike, in both winter and summer crops, as well as more recently in pasture systems. In that time i have used it on just about every crop registered on the label, and have never had an issue with crop safety, which for me is a major priority. I continue to recommend Broadstrike especially in improved pastures in the New England, because it fits my weed spectrum beautifully, and is gentle on my young pastures. Typically in mixes with 2-4-DB, it takes care of all my post-emergent weeds without harming my clovers and medics. Being a product that i have grown to trust, i really think that the Dow Agrosciences catchcry says it all, “Confidence in a drum”. What more can an agronomist ask for ?

“Soft aS butter on paStureS”

Matt Foster, Grazag Agronomist, Armidale NSW

For more information call 1800 700 096

®™ Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.


Revolutionary K-Line irrigation pods now available

in ready-packaged Farm Pack

The revolutionary K-Line Irrigation system is now available right across Australia in a new readypackaged Farm Pack thanks to Philmac – the country’s leading designer and manufacturer of compression fittings for polyethylene pipe (PE). As specialists in PE pipe connections, Philmac provides a complete range of compression fittings, ball valves and threaded fittings for use with an irrigation water management system that can now be complimented by the transportable, cost effective pod irrigation system – K-Line. “We have been distributing the K-Line transportable irrigation pod system for over a year in Australia and are excited about the release of the innovative Farm Pack” Philmac General Manager Group Marketing Jason Mitchell said. “Irrigation is a key market for us, and we are constantly looking for opportunities to provide more value to our irrigation customers. A product such as K-Line is a great fit for us, and provides a host of benefits to consumers.” The K-Line Farm Pack includes all the benefits of the innovative K-Line irrigation pod system in a ready-packaged solution. The Farm Pack offers the following benefits: - Low cost transportable pod irrigation system in a ready-packaged solution to service a 1 hectare area - Modular system that can grow with your needs - Cost effective to establish and operate The K-Line Farm Pack includes 100m of K-Pipe 32mm flexible poly pipe; five patented K-Line

irrigation pods with sprinklers as well as a range of accessories, adaptors and installation instructions to service a 1 hectare area. “It is a great addition to the K-Line product range, that also includes the effluent transportable pod system ideal for dairy applications or the customised irrigation pod solutions to suit larger or unique pasture irrigation. The Farm Pack helps those with smaller areas establish a low cost irrigation system very simply” Business Development Manager, K-Line, David Young. “At this time of year, the K-Line Farm Pack is also ideal to help those in bushfire affected areas. You can quickly and easily set-up at K-Line Farm Pack as a short term ring main to help generate some protective green grass between your property and the paddocks. For those in rural Australia who haven’t had a chance to setup a proper poly ring mains, you can easily set up the K-Line Farm Pack to help create a perimeter guard to your house” states David Young, also an experienced fireman with both town and rural fire brigades in rural NSW. Primarily designed to irrigate pasture, the benefits of K-Line include: - Simple installation process means that the system can be up and running in no time - High performance polypropylene pod design means that the pod is lightweight, easy to move and durable to suit a range of farm conditions - Patented pod design ensures that the sprinkler offers full spray while being protected if the pod overturns during transportation adding an

additional level of security and ease of use - Utilises highly efficient sprinkler methods enabling a lower rate of application which maximises absorption rates. This also minimises run-off and means better use of water - Running costs are reduced by utilising lower running pressures, lower pressure pipes and lower pump requirements. Plus it is much more cost effective and easier to install than traditional irrigation methods, such as pivot irrigation - It can work around existing structures and layouts on the farm meaning lower capital expenditure with the use of a specifically designed flexible PE hose system - Thanks to the durable pod design and flexible hose system K Line can be towed using simple farm machinery at a reasonable speed across a range of farm terrains Additionally, the patented Pod design ensures a completely protected sprinkler that still allows full spray operation while protecting the sprinkler, keeping it upright and stopping external interference with the sprinkler action. The K-Line product range includes sprinklers, tapping saddles, tough protecting housing (pod) and specific flexible pipe made from PE which joins the pods together. K-Line is available from all leading irrigation outlets. To find out more call 1800 755 899 to speak to your local Philmac representative. For further information visit

Are you and your flock prepared

with RainLock formulation technology which allows season long protection against flystrike. For peace of mind from the devastating effects of flystrike, sheep producers can rest assured CLiK will give their sheep protection where it’s needed, within the fleece, for the entire season4.

for a wet fly season? Don’t let your investment in flystrike prevention be washed away As wet weather begins to roll in, some sheep producers may end up watching their recent sheep flystrike preventative investment be washed away with the oncoming rain. Choosing the right flystrike treatment option represents more than just an investment in the health of your flock, it also represents an investment in your business. The cost of flystrike to the Australian sheep industry has been estimated to be AU$280 million per annum1, and included in this figure is the value of some three million sheep that die each year from flystrike2.

Not all flystrike preventatives are the same – Does yours’ work with the natural features of wool? The fleece is naturally designed to repel water; made possible by the lanolin present on wool fibres. Another component of the fleece is suint, a water soluble layer of dried sweat which contains a number of electrolytes (salts) released from the skin. The way in which the active ingredients in flystrike preventatives interact with these natural fleece components is crucial in determining the quality of protection they are able to provide. The more an active ingredient binds with the water insoluble lanolin, the more each sheep will be protected during and post rainfall, as opposed to actives which bind to the water soluble suint.

When oil and water CLiK® CLiK is the only flystrike preventative product with an oil-in-water formulation called a suspoemulsion. The suspoemulsion allows the patented form of dicyclanil to be evenly dispersed throughout the liquid in microscopic droplets of an oil-based carrier.

About CLiK

When this formulation comes into contact with the electrolytes (salts) in the fleece of the sheep, the oil-based carrier releases the dicyclanil onto the wool fibres (see Fig. 1.3). RainLock® technology ensures that the active ingredient dicyclanil, an extremely potent yet safe insect growth regulator, adheres exactly where it needs to be, binding strongly to wool fibres, to provide the most effective protection available against flystrike for sheep3.

How does CLiK provide better flystrike control? When a fly lays eggs on the wool of a sheep treated with CLiK, they are unable to complete their lifecycle as it is broken by dicyclanil. The presence of dicyclanil in the wool prevents damaging maggots from developing and flystrike from occurring. CLiK is the only fly preventative for sheep

CLiK is the only flystrike preventative with RainLock technology, giving you peace of mind in wet weather. Don’t risk it – trust CLiK, the brand that has proven performance against flystrike and resists stripping out with rain.

About Novartis Animal Health Novartis Animal Health is dedicated to livestock health. We offer a broad range of products to protect sheep and cattle against the numerous external and internal parasites that threaten their wellbeing and productivity. For more information about Novartis Animal Health and its range of livestock products, please visit http:// au/products/ most_popular_ livestock_ products.html

CLiK® contains dicyclanil. CLiK® and RainLock® are registered trademarks of Novartis AG, Basel, Switzerland. For full product details contact the NOVARTIS CUSTOMER ADVISORY LINE on 1800 633 768 TOLL FREE between 8:30am and 5:30pm E.S.T. Monday to Friday. ®Novartis Animal Health Australasia Pty Limited ACN 076 745 198, 54 Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113. CLIAU342NIC0713. 1 Sackett D, Holmes P, Abbott K, Jephcott S & Barber M: Assessing the economic cost of endemic disease on the profitability of Australian beef cattle and sheep producers. MLA report AHW.087; 2006. Meat and Livestock Australia Limited, North Sydney. 2 Wardhaugh KG, Morton R. The incidence of flystrike in sheep in relation to weather conditions, sheep husbandry, and the abundance of the Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia 3 Based on registered label length of protection 4 When applied according to label directions


“I could use the “I couldofuse flexibility licethe control.” flexibility of lice control.”

**fly TheNo. No.11 fly treatment treatment now The now has has options. options.

When it comes blowflystrike, strike,there’s there’saaCLiK CLiK®®product product to to When it comes to to blowfly suit every farmer’s needs. For season long blowfly protection suit every farmer’s needs. For season long blowfly protection use CLiK with RainLock.® If you’re after short term protection use CLiK with RainLock.® If you’re after short term protection and a short withholding period use CLiKZiN.® Or for long term and a short withholding period use CLiKZiN.®®Or for long term protection with added lice control, try CLiK +. protection with added lice control, try CLiK®+. Pick your CLiK and put the worry Pick your CLiK and put the worry of blowfly strike behind you. of blowfly strike behind you. XAVIER_NAH32810_0713


“I need a short withholding “I need aperiod. short ” withholding period.”

“I want the coverage to thethe whole season. “Ilast want coverage to” last the whole season.”

*AVCARE Data MAT Dec 2011. CLiK® and CLiKZiN® contain dicyclanil. CLiK®+ contains dicyclanil and diflubenzuron. *AVCARE Data MAT Dec 2011. For full product details contact NOVARTIS CUSTOMER ADVISORY LINE on 1800 633 768 TOLL FREE between 8.30am and 5.30pm E.S.T. Monday to Friday Novartis CLiK® and CLiKZiN® contain dicyclanil. CLiK®+ contains dicyclanil and diflubenzuron. Animal Health Australasia Pty Limited, ACN 076 745 198, 54 Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113. ® Registered trademark of Novartis AG, Basel, Switzerland. ForCLIAU158XAV0413. full product details contact NOVARTIS CUSTOMER ADVISORY LINE on 1800 633 768 TOLL FREE between 8.30am and 5.30pm E.S.T. Monday to Friday Novartis Animal Health Australasia Pty Limited, ACN 076 745 198, 54 Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113. ® Registered trademark of Novartis AG, Basel, Switzerland. CLIAU158XAV0413.


HigHer performance against aLL tHe important worms It’s a big country, with huge variations in rainfall, soil type, and farming operations. But wherever you run cattle and whatever your mix of parasite species, there’s one pour-on you can rely on to deliver higher performance against ALL the important worms – EPRINEX®. With longer acting, sustained performance against more species than any other pour-on!*

so if you’re Looking for HigHer performance against aLL tHe important worms in your area – cHoose tHe pour-on witH more grunt – eprineX.

Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113 (ABN 53 071 187 285). *Of the endectocide class. See product label for full claim details. EPRINEX is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2012 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. IVEP-12-000


Productivity Benefits from a Pour-On with more grunt

Eprinex_Ad_140x210.indd 1

Most dairy and beef producers appreciate the productivity benefits available from the effective control of parasites. And as cattle usually have mixed worm infections, it is important to use the most effective and persistent broad spectrum drench available. As worms can prevent your stock achieving productivity targets it has never been more important to have your herd well covered. No matter what the mix of worms is in your cattle EPRINEX will provide consistent and persistent efficacy. EPRINEX is the pour-on with more grunt; combining higher potency, faster speed, longer persistence and broader spectrum. EPRINEX is the most advanced endectocide ever developed, and provides cattle producers with superior efficacy for the control of worms in cattle. It is also the most potent broad spectrum pour-on identified to date, which gives it the ability to kill more worms for longer, and to kill them faster. Clinical trials have shown that EPRINEX kills worms faster and EPRINEX also kills more worms for longer than any other ML PourOn. When it comes to productivity, every


day lost when controlling parasites counts, EPRINEX can deliver significantly lower egg counts sooner than those seen after treatment with Cydectin or Dectomax. Killing more worms for longer keeps the total worm burden down in cattle and ensures healthier and more productive cattle as well as cleaner pastures. And because there’s less worms, producers can expect more milk/beef. EPRINEX is proven in the field, with large scale Australian and global studies demonstrating marked improvements in productivity with improved appetite increased weight gains, increased milk production (with increased milk protein and milk fat), and improved reproductive performance with shorter calving to conception intervals. EPRINEX has a Nil milk, Nil meat and Nil ESI, allowing it to be used at any stage of lactation and at any stage of production.

EPRINEX is formulated to cope with the widest array of weather and coat29/07/13 situations. 11:30 AM EPRINEX is weatherproof, not just rainfast like most of the other pour-on endectocide products, so it works whatever the weather. EPRINEX gives you the flexibility to design parasite control programmes to treat any cattle, at any time, in any weather; and gives you the flexibility to take advantage of changing market conditions, without having to worry about treatment times. These attributes and flexibility mean that EPRINEX is the first choice in cattle pour-ons for Australia’s leading cattle producers.

Gallagher energizer technology halves free-range chicken mortality rate Summary of operations Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, Bungendore, NSW Home Farm: 1,740 hectares (4,300 acres) Duralla: 590ha (1,450ac) Enterprise type: A-grade certified organic (Australian Organic) and biodynamic all animals are free range Produce Breed/variety Eggs Brown Bond chooks Beef Devon (“Ruby Reds”) + Angus

Products 2 x M2800i energizers, powering 10km of highresistance netting

Achievement summary • reducing free-range chicken mortality rates by 50% • time savings on fence checks reduced from 3-4 hours for 2 people, to 1 hour for 1 person

You can check 12km of fence in the You can checkto12km of fence in the time it takes read this sentence. You checkto12km of fence in the timecan it takes read this sentence. time it takes to read this sentence. check 12kmofoffence fencein in the the YouYou cancan check 12km time it takes readthis thissentence. sentence. time it takes toto read

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms (MCNF) is an organic and biodiversityaccredited operation, straddling the Great Dividing Range west of Canberra (ACT).

the chickens freely graze paddocks among the cattle, and are fed a mixture of organic wheat, millet and sorghum, plus free feed on shell grit and a specially formulated protein supplement. “People with allergies love our eggs —

So now what I do, instead of immediately A commercial operation, the farm spending at least 2.5 works closely with The Mulloon Institute, which researches hours driving around environmentally sensitive and fencing every morning, I sustainable farming practices, then tests their commercial application. just check the monitors. Before the Gallagher Phil James, MCNF’s Business Th Development and Sales Manager, [M2800i] units, two of us says the farm is the “living laboratory” were driving around in Sy for the institute’s work, demonstrating regenerative ways to manage soil, first gear, checking every so You check 12km of fence in the water andcan vegetation on a commercial piece of wire. Now we farm, so that future generations have a Ga time ittotakes this healthy planet live on andto get read food do it insentence. second and third Th from. qu gear, and one person can Sy The farm runs several free-range do the whole lot in an inf so yo animal including eggs, Youenterprises, can check 12km of fence in the hour. which have been a huge hit with

The innovative i Series Ene The innovative i Series Ene System monitors your fenc Ga An time it takes to read this sentence. ” fenc The innovative i Series Ene System monitors your qu zo Th so you don’t have to. inf System monitors Sy so you don’t have your to. fenc Af yo Gallagher’s i Series Energizer System allo ch don’t have so Youso canyou check 12km of fence to. in the

local and Sydney high-end caterers, restaurants and grocers.

“Our eggs have a very high omega-3 ratio: commercial eggs have a ratio of 8:1, whereas ours are 4.8:1.” Phil says this is all to do with the way

-Graham Cowling, Farm Manager, Mulloon Creek Natural Farms

they’re a really good, clean source of protein. And they are the best poaching eggs you’ve ever seen: there’s none of that soupy-look around the pot, which

Gallagher’s Seriesmonitor Energizer System allo An quickly and ieasily your fence per Ga zo time it takes toieasily read this sentence. Gallagher’s Series Energizer System allo quickly and monitor your fence per Th informing you immediately of any problem qu The innovative i Series Energizer Theinforming innovative i monitor Series Energize quickly and easily your per you immediately of anyfence problem Af your attention. Sy inf System monitors your fence ch System monitors youroffence informing you immediately any problem your attention. yo so YouAnd can check 12km of fence in the with the capability to divide your your attention. so you don’t have to. so you don’t have to.never An And with the capability to divide your Ga time it takes to read this zones, finding faults hassentence. been easier Th Gallagher’s i Series Energizer System allows you to zo qut And with the faults capability to divide your zones, finding hasSystem never been Gallagher’s i Series Energizer allowseasier you Sy quickly and easily monitor your fence performance, inf Fin After all, there’s always something better quickly and easily monitor your fence been performance zones, finding faults has never easier Aft informing you immediately of any problems requiring so yo ww After all, there’s always something You can check 12km ofoffence in the better checking fences. cht informing you immediately any problems requirin your attention. After all, there’s always something betterGa t checking fences. your attention. time it takes to read this sentence. An And with the capability to divide your fence into qu zo checking fences.

And with capability divide your fence int zones, findingthe faults has neverto been easier. inf Fin Af zones, finding faults has never been easier. yo ww After all, there’s always something better to do than ch checking After all,fences. there’s always something better to do than An zo checking fences.

Find out more by visiting our website Find out more by visiting our website Find out more by visiting our website Find out more by visiting our website

Find out more by visiting our website

Af Fin ch ww

Fin ww

9 Fin


is why the cafés and restaurants love them. Being truly free-range, organic and local, is also a great selling point for those businesses to their customers — consumers want that.” The eggs sell for up to $18 a dozen, depending upon size. “Being truly free range, we have no control over that!” Phil says. “Our egg sizes are all over the place: we may have a heap of 500g dozens, and then none the next week. That’s the vagaries of this approach, but our customers understand this and are quite flexible with it, they understand the product they’re wanting.” Phil says MCNF would like to expand its markets, but just can’t get production up. High predation mortality Part of that has been to do with the high mortality rate from foxes. Tobias Koenig, MCNF’s General Manager, says, “We run about 2,500 birds in a couple of flocks, with each being in paddocks of eight to 12 hectares.” The chickens roam freely with the cattle — which are block grazed — can roost in trees, or go into the “eggmobile” — mobile shedding that’s moved every few days. “There’s been a lot of discussion about stocking rates in a free-range chook operations,” Tobias says. “The Australian Egg Corporation recommends 20,000 to the hectare. We run 170 to 250 per hectare, so it’s a real free-range situation.” But because the chooks are not shut away, they are easy prey. Mulloon Creek has two Maremma livestock guard dogs on each block. Originally bred in Italy 2,000 years ago, Maremmas are effective at bonding with livestock (from chooks to lamas) to protect them from predators. “But they can only do so much; our mortality rates were around 50%.” Cost and heartache Graham Cowling, MCNF’s Farm Manager, says the Brown Bonds — which are worth around $250 a bird — lay 280-300 eggs each. “Losing a bird to predation, there’s obviously the initial cost of that bird, the replacement cost, lost production and what we’ve invested into them in terms of feed. But there’s the heartbreak as well as the cost — this operation is all about respect for animals.” When Graham joined MCNF several months ago, he began looking for ways to make use of the existing fencing. “I don’t like wasting things.”


500m of netting. One difficulty was getting much voltage with the existing electric fencing, which “Since installing the M2800i, mortality was high-resistance netting. “We rates have dropped by around half — couldn’t seem to get more than 1,500 and I aim to get it lower again.” volts for more than 100 metres.” Time slashed Other problems were stopping Besides saving their chickens, Graham wombats digging holes under the says the M2800i’s remote monitors are fence to let the foxes through, as well saving him hours a day. as stopping wildlife and vermin getting over the top. “So now what I do, instead of immediately spending at least 2.5 hours “There’s one paddock where we were driving around fencing every morning, I meant to have 1,200 birds but we just check the monitors. only had 500 — that was the highest “I’ve got one sitting right where I can mortality we’ve suffered. see it all the time, and one at the other “Every morning before anything was end as well. That all tells me what done, at least two of us would go voltage is going in, which is around and do a full perimeter check of all 7,500 volts, and at 500m I should the fences, looking for damage from have around 5,000 volts. If it’s under wombats, kangaroos and deer jumping 4,500 thousand I know a kangaroo over it. It would or something’s take us 2.5 been through it The other day I was hours. Every and knocked the day. And then showing a farm hand and netting down. if you found a It’s very, very there was a fault. So I just handy having the problem, it took longer. On the monitors to tell showed him how to read weekends, I’d us what’s going the [M2800i Energizer] do it by myself on.” and it would hand-held remote and the take three to Graham says monitors, and they guided he still does four hours.” us to where we had to go. perimeter checks every day, but Technology the It only gave us probably a they’re not the key It was time for first job. kilometre of fence to find another option, the problem in, rather than “If we’ve got so Graham began looking other things that 10km. around. we have to do, -Graham Cowling, Farm Manager, we know that Mulloon Creek Natural Farms we can. We’ve “I’d never worked with become reliant on the remotes and these energizers, Gallagher before, but I saw they had and know we can say, ‘Oh look, I’ve this energizer with lots of joules, and that got me interested. It had the higher got to do this first, but later on we’ll energy to kick through the netting, so just do a quick run around.’ Before the I could utilise what fencing we already Gallagher units, two of us were driving around in first gear, checking every had.” piece of wire. Now we do it in second and third gear, and one person can do Graham says the effect of installing the whole lot in an hour. two 28-joule M2800i Energizers was immediate. “So there’s a big saving just in time “These units are doing an excellent job: there. The urgency’s not there either.” we’re up to 4,500 to 5,500 volts after

Graham says the ability to pinpoint a fault’s location also saves a lot of time. “The other day I was showing a farm hand and there was a fault. So I just showed him how to read the hand-held remote and the monitors, and they guided us to where we had to go. It only gave us probably a kilometre of fence to find the problem in, rather than 10km.” Graham says Anthony Fitzgerald, Gallagher’s Territory Manager for South-East NSW, was a vital link in the solution. “He was very helpful with the information and design. He came up with a plan that we can just nibble away at. The M2800i Energizers were a good place to start from, because we can grow from that. Eventually we’ll do the whole farm, but we can just take our time, as it suits us.”

July 2013 INDEPENDENT copy.pdf 1 31/07/2013 5:01:44 PM

Integrated Packaging is an Australian-owned Integrated Packaging an Australian-owned company specialising in theisdevelopment, manufacture July 2013 INDEPENDENT copy.pdf 1 31/07/2013 5:01:44 PM Packaging an Australian-owned company specialising in theisdevelopment, manufacture andIntegrated supply of world-leading wrapping solutions and company specialising in the development, manufacture Packaging is an Australian-owned andIntegrated supplywrapping of world-leading wrapping associated equipment, for thesolutions national and and and supply of world-leading wrapping solutions and company specialising in theand manufacture Integrated Packaging isdevelopment, anagricultural Australian-owned associated wrapping equipment, for the national and international industrial markets. Integrated Packaging is an Australian-owned associated wrapping equipment, for thesolutions national and and supply of world-leading wrapping and company specialising in theand development, manufacture international industrial agricultural markets. company specialising in theand development, manufacture Fodder Conservation international industrial agricultural markets. associated wrapping equipment, for thesolutions national and and supply of world-leading wrapping and Integrated Packaging is an Australian-owned Fodder Conservation and supplywrapping of world-leading wrapping solutions and international industrial and agricultural markets. associated equipment, for the national and company specialising in the development, manufacture Fodder Conservation associated wrapping equipment, for the national and and supply ofindustrial world-leading wrapping solutions and international and agricultural markets. Fodder Conservation international industrial and agricultural markets. associated wrapping equipment, for the national and international industrial and agricultural markets. Fodder Conservation Fodder Conservation Fodder Conservation Silage Film Square Twine Pit Covers Netwrap Silage Film Square Twine Pit Covers Netwrap Silage Film Square Twine Pit Covers Netwrap Silage Film Square Twine Pit Covers Netwrap Silage Film Square Twine Pit Covers Netwrap Silage Film Square Twine Pit Covers Netwrap SilageTwine Film Square Covers Netwrap RepairTwine Tape Silage Inoculants Hay Pit Preservatives Round Repair Tape Silage Inoculants Hay Preservatives Round Twine Horticulture Repair Tape Silage Inoculants Hay Preservatives Round Twine Horticulture Repair TapeTape Hay Preservatives Silage Inoculants Round Twine Silage Repair Inoculants Hay Preservatives Round Twine Horticulture Repair Tape Silage Inoculants Hay Preservatives Round Twine Horticulture Horticulture Repair Tape Silage Inoculants Hay Preservatives Round Twine Horticulture Horticulture

July 2013 INDEPENDENT copy.pdf 1 31/07/2013 5:01:44 PM

July 2013 INDEPENDENT copy.pdf 1 31/07/2013 5:01:44 PM







Conventional Mulch Pre Stretch Mulch Oxo-degradable Films Table Grape Covers Table Grape Covers Oxo-degradable Stretch Conventional MulchMulchPrePre Table Grape Covers Films Films StretchMulch Mulch Oxo-degradable Conventional Pre Packaging Stretch Mulch Oxo-degradable Films Table Grape Covers Conventional Broadacre & PostMulch Harvest Broadacre &Mulch Post Harvest Packaging Pre Packaging Stretch Mulch Oxo-degradable Films Table Grape Covers Conventional Broadacre & Post Harvest Broadacre & PostMulch Harvest Pre Packaging Stretch Mulch Oxo-degradable Films Table Grape Covers Conventional Pre Packaging Stretch Mulch Oxo-degradable Films Table Grape Covers Conventional Broadacre & PostMulch Harvest Broadacre & Post Harvest Packaging Broadacre & Post Harvest Packaging



Hand & Hand & Machine Stretch Film


Produce Bags Stretch Grainbags Wrapping Machines Produce Bags Grainbags Stretch Wrapping Machines Hand & Film Machine Stretch Produce Bags Stretch Grainbags Wrapping Machines Hand & Film Machine Stretch Produce Bags Grainbags Wrapping Machines Stretch Machine Stretch Film (479 Hand T: 1300 IP& WRAP 727) F: 1300 EXCELL (392 355) Produce Bags Grainbags Wrapping Machines Stretch Machine Stretch Hand & Film Stretch Produce Bags Grainbags Hand & Film Wrapping Machines E: Machine Stretch Produce Bags Grainbags Wrapping Machines Machine Stretch Film

T: 1300 IP WRAP (479 727) F: 1300 EXCELL (392 355) T: 1300 IP WRAP (479 727) F: 1300 EXCELL (392 355) 11 T: 1300 IP WRAP ( 727) F: 1300 EXCELL (392 355) E:

Making every post a winner at Tailem Bend Like all regions across the nation, our region is fairly competitive, and we have our fair share of corporate rural competitors. Independent businesses of all works of life are faced with the aged old question. “I love the industry and my customers, but how do you compete with the bif corporates? Answer - Get a heap of independents together!

Ever changing business

Here for the locals

Our business has changed alot at Tailem Bend. In our first year of opening we were about 20% Rural & Stockfeed, the rest Hardware & Landscape Supplies. Today 90% of our business is Rural & Stockfeed. Accompanying the business is our sand & metal yard as well as hardware & steel supplies which all compliment each other very well.

One of our main markets is the equine industry were we have a heavy focus on the That’s where AIRR came in and helped us. A racing industry. Our location demands we group gives us the stepping stone to compete get out to our customers. Weekly deliveries on a pretty big scale, which gives us national are taken care of to surrounding towns by my support, with all the flexability and freedom of brother Paul who loves being involved in the equine side. He also looks after the yard and being an independent retailer. stock receivals. Like most independents we run a pretty tight ship. Proudly independent & local Our growth market is definitely our rural side. Alot of this stems from our loyal customers Being Independent has some great giving us a go. In return we have proven our advantages and 2013 will be a big growth service is second to none, and our prices and year for us. By owning and operating range allow us to offer the complete package. the store as an independent. I have the advantage of being flexible for my customers Even though I am a relatively new player which I think inturn offers a better level of in the rural game, I have noticed that the service and convenience. average sized rural independent store is The warehouse model that AIRR has created going from strength to strength in a business world dominated by big corporate. is super. We are a growing and developing business, and this has helped us to know end. I would dread starting a similar business without being an AIRR member - in fact I wouldn’t do it! AIRR’s distribution enables businesses such as ours to grow through stocking alot of items without over capitalising on stock. AIRR’s model wouldn’t be what it is without its people behind it. Big Ash in Adelaide has helped us develop our rural side, not through magical words of wisdom, or fancy business practices, but simply by actually caring about my business, and offering the support when I need it, you cant put a $ figure on that kind of business relationship.

We have seen nearly a 500% growth in our rural side from 2010 to 2012 with a lot more to go yet. One of the big corporates packed up and left Tailem Bend 25 years ago and alot of people told me that a farm supply store wouldn’t work at Tailem Bend, and that you can’t compete against the nearby corporates. What these people didn’t factor in is when you combine having a great location, provide top end service and have a customer base willing to support you. Independents can succeed. Looking ahead our aim is to secure ourselves as a main player in the rural supply industry in our area. One of our big goals for 2013 is to double the stock we have on hand. This will inturn service our customers better. At the end of the day the most i can wish is for when people are planning to do some fencing, drenching there sheep, or feeding a large team of horses. I hope River Murray Trading Post is top on their list.

My basic business philosophy is enjoy what you are doing. If you wake up each morning and enjoy going to work, half of the battle is won! Having owned and run hotels for 10 years, I’m still getting used to starting at 6am and not knocking off at that time! What I enjoy most about the rural industry is you get a sense of being involved in a positive, productive industry. It’s enjoyable spending each day talking and working with farmers and horse trainers.

Are you Fire Ready? Get an Onga Blazemaster



Blazemaster models available in Single & Twin and with multiple engine options (5hp – 10hp)

Prices from


contact your AIRR member now!


*prices may vary between models and engine brands. *While stock lasts. *Pricing valid at participating AIRR stores.


DEAD EASY. Extinosad® Pour-On is Australia’s most flexible lice control for sheep.

Knockdown control of lice ■ Kills resistant strains1 ■ Off-shears, long wool and unshorn lambs ■ Nil wool WHP and minimal ESI Extinosad®■Pour-On is Australia’s most flexible Low volume, water based formulation ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 1

lice control for sheep.

Knockdown control of lice For more information contact your reseller or Elanco Animal Health on 1800 226strains 324 or 1visit Kills resistant Off-shears, long wool and unshorn lambs Nil wool WHP and minimal ESI Low volume, water based formulation

Levot, G. (2008) Aust. J. of Ent. 47, 251-255. *Elanco®, Extinosad® and the diagonal colour bar are trademarks of Eli Lilly and Company. EAH12362

For more information contact your reseller or Elanco Animal Health on


g time Sprin eans ...


Laminitis is usually caused by overeating feeds rich in soluble carbohydrates (mainly found in cereal grains and lush spring or autumn pasture). FOUNDERGUARD® is the only registered, clinically proven preventative supplement for feed induced laminitis and founder.

• Formulated to ensure delivery of the active drug to the hind gut • Allows high carbohydrate diets to be fed safely • Proven to control the buildup of lactic acid in the hind gut • Small daily dose, highly palatable Available in 1kg and 5kg packs

One goal that every beef and dairy producer should be aiming for is a tight calving pattern. Two factors that influence calving pattern are first cycle conception rate and early pregnancy maintenance. Trace minerals have important roles in conception and embryo survival (early pregnancy) and by improving these, you can also improve the calving pattern. • Contains four essential trace minerals, selenium, copper, zinc and manganese • Contains trace minerals which have important roles in conception and embryo survival • Use around 30 days before joining for maximum benefit Registered trademarks of Virbac (Australia) Limited


Many cattle will have wintered on short, poor quality pasture. This pasture will be the source of infective parasite larvae and cattle may be carrying significant worm burdens. Choose the leading pour-on in Australia, which: • Gives you the longest persistent protection against Ostertagia of any of any pour-on treatments • Gives you a Nil milk and meat withholding period • Gives you the security of no known impact on Dung Beetles (see label for details)

Spring is an important time for horse worming educate yourself on the best way to beat worms


Dog worming crucial in sheep operations Proper management of worms in working dogs is an essential but sometimes underestimated factor in sheep operations. By ensuring dogs are properly treated, producers not only get the benefits of their canine’s peak performance, they protect their livestock – and themselves – against worms that can be passed on by their dogs. “Property worm management in working dogs can have a direct impact on a producer’s bottom line,” says Dr Mark Kelman, Technical Services Manager for Virbac. “Dogs with worms can’t work to their full potential, and a high worm burden even has the potential to kill dogs, particularly those that are more susceptible, like young pups by causing severe anaemia or obstructions.”

with affected dogs or tapeworm eggs, causing a serious disease known as Hydatids, where cysts form in a person’s vital organs. Luckily for producers, keeping worms in check is simple by regularly dosing all dogs with a specialist canine worming product like Virbac’s Endogard® or Canimax®. Endogard and Canimax treat the full spectrum of intestinal

“Dogs with worms can’t work to their full potential, and a high worm burden even has the potential to kill dogs, particularly those that are more susceptible, like young pups by causing severe anaemia or obstructions.”

Probably the biggest economic concern to producers is that some dog worms like dog tapeworm Taenia oivs and hydatid tapeworm Echincoccus granulosus can be transmitted to sheep via infected pasture, which can lead to production loses, as abattoirs must trim or condemn affected carcases depending on the number of cysts found. Dog tapeworm larvae form cysts in muscle meat, known as sheep measles, while hydatid tapeworm larvae form cysts in major organs such as the liver and lungs.

Dr Kelman says not only can sheep pick up these tapeworms from pasture contaminated by working dogs – dogs can also be reinfected by eating or scavenging on contaminated sheep meat or offal. In the case of the hydatid tapeworm, infection can also be spread to humans through contact

worms in dogs, including roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm, including dog tapeworm and hydatid tapeworm. Choosing which product is required is easy, both Endogard and Canimax 15the active are based on ingredients praziquantel for tapeworms and oxibendazole for all other intestinal worms. Canimax has an additional active ingredient, abamectin, which prevents heartworm Dirofilaria immitis. Endogard is a great choice

for producers requiring only intestinal worm control, while Canimax is the perfect choice for producers looking for complete prevention and treatment of both heartworm and intestinal worms.

ongoing protection against heartworm.

Endogard and Canimax are both very cost effective compared with other treatment options so are a good choice for recommending to priceEndogard can be administered conscious farm business once per season (four times per operators. year), but for optimal protection against dog tapeworm and “Keeping working dogs healthy hydatid tapeworm, a six and worm-free has direct and weekly treatment cycle is indirect benefits for producers. recommended. Canimax should Choosing appropriate products also be administered at least will ensure the best results,” Dr every six weeks to ensure Kelman says.

Stockpost Ute Pack now available 200 Stockposts in a secure steel cradle


At last, a high performance post without the high price tag! High strength, high consistency Coatings that withstand the test of time Innovative ground mark Hole alignment that’s straight up Easy to drive

For more information visit or call 1300 559 732


-now over 1 million posts sold


Stockpost is quickly building a reputation as the high performance fence post without a high price tag. Since its introduction in August last year, Stockpost has been warmly welcomed by the market. Over a million Stockpost fence posts have been sold to farmers and contractors demanding better value, greater strength and improved features… and it doesn’t stop there. Whites Stockpost Ute Pack has been introduced to save time and money in the construction of a fence by getting the job done faster. Stockpost Ute Pack is a new contractor pack of Stockpost fence posts. Quite simply, a pack of 200 posts in a secure steel cradle… and no tie wires! There are several distinct advantages to

the new Stockpost Ute Pack. The first is that the posts come straight out of the pack; there is no need to cut tie wires. The Ute Pack is made up of single posts secured in a steel cradle, saving valuable time and effort because they are quicker and easier to use in the field. Stockpost Ute Pack can easily be picked up by a front-end loader or forklift and placed straight onto the back of a onetonne ute. The posts stay secure in the refastenable steel cradle. If the entire pack is not used it simply refastens securely for further transportation. Stockpost Ute Pack is another Australian first from Whites Group. Ask in store for more details.

Drench warning for cattle producers

Some cattle producers in the Walcha district of New England may be suffering significant production losses at the very time they can least afford it.

Caught between flat-lining beef prices and rising operational costs, most are keenly striving to run their farms more efficiently and save money where they can. With the current emphasis on focussing activity towards boosting on-farm productivity however, it may come as a shock to some farmers that the odds of their cattle achieving healthy weight gains may already be stacked against them. The problem: drench resistant worms. Now that his recent experience is behind him, successful Walcha farmer Jim Young is prepared to go on the record in the interests of warning others who may be unaware that the drenches they’ve been using may no longer be offering the protection they used to.

“We drenched a mob of 1600 or so weaner cattle earlier this year in the usual way, but they just didn’t do any good over the 3 or 4 months between it being time to do them again. I couldn’t put an exact figure on it, but I’d say each one might have been down 30 or 40 kilos on where they should have been. Whether it was seasonal, or a drench problem, I couldn’t tell,” Jim explains. Situated on 3800 hectares of land in a high rainfall area near Walcha, the Glen Collin Pastoral Company typically comprises several thousand mostly Angus cattle, and a further third of the operation focussed on prime lamb production. As such, Jim, his wife Julia and sons Richard and Peter are certainly no strangers to the perennial problem of worms. However, having only just drenched using a product that had always appeared to work well in the past, Jim was puzzled and took his concerns to his local agent and Merial rep. This resulted in an immediate trial of different drenches being conducted on groups of Jim’s weaner steers. “We tested them after administering the drenches to see how the chemicals were working, and it showed very clearly that we had a significant resistance problem to the straight single-active pour-on we’d been using. While it was good at killing some worms, others had built up a resistance to it and the problem was costing us dearly across that entire herd of about 1600 cattle,” Jim says. However, the most important aspect of the testing was the unequivocal solution it pointed to. The Merial rep had arranged to give one of the weaner trial groups the new combination drench - “ECLIPSE Combination Pour-On for Cattle” which contains two powerful actives - abamectin and levamisole in a single convenient dose. “ECLIPSE killed the full spectrum of worms so we quickly went ahead and treated the entire herd and it’s shown excellent results. It’s as easy, or easier to use than anything

I’ve tried. We’ll certainly use ECLIPSE from now on because, even though it’s marginally dearer to buy, the dearest drench is the one that doesn’t work,” Jim points out. With the drench resistance episode now well behind him, Jim and the Glen Collins Pastoral Company team are now squarely focussed on supplying their premium 18 to 20 month old Angus beef cattle and tender lamb to Woolworths and other top buyers. The family has recently bought another property they’ll develop for additional pasture, putting to use all that Jim has learned since he returned to the family farm after completing university in 1980. “I was well aware of the parasite drench resistance in sheep but not so much in cattle. It’s immediately evident in sheep but with cattle it’s much more insidious. You suffer production loss gradually and it’s not evident until they get to a critical point, by which time you’ve lost a lot of money though reduced weight gain. If you’re currently using a single active drench it’s definitely worth getting some tests done,” Jim concludes. It’s well accepted by parasitologists that using effective combinations of two or more actives is a key approach to preventing the development of resistance. By hitting the parasite population hard with multiple actives at the same time, combination drenches can slow the development of resistance, and be effective against parasites that have developed resistance. Being a dual action pour-on, the abamectin component works to kill a broad spectrum of internal and external parasites, while the levamisole component works to kill ML–resistant strains of Cooperia and Ostertagia, together providing unsurpassed control over both. ECLIPSE is the only pour-on with a registered claim to control resistant worms.

Two powerful actives. One lethal dose.

ECLIPSE® – Australia’s first dual-action, broad-spectrum cattle pour-on. With two powerful actives combined to create one lethal dose, ECLIPSE delivers a whole new level of parasite control for beef producers.

Get twice the punching power. Achieve a level of parasite control that conventional, single-active products simply can’t deliver.

Brutally effective against all major gastrointestinal parasites, including any ML drench resistant worms that threaten your herd.

Double strength ECLIPSE now at your local reseller.


Merial Australia Pty Ltd, Building D, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113 (ABN 53 071 187 285). ® ECLIPSE is a registered trademark of Merial Limited. ©2011 Merial Limited. All rights reserved. ECLP-12-027 (L)




ew LiceBoss website empowers producers The new LiceBoss website,, is putting the power in producers’ hands to make informed decisions about the best methods for controlling lice in their specific circumstances. The LiceBoss website has been redesigned to provide sheep producers with universal access to best-practice extension advice, without having to leave the farm. “The site features detailed advice in the form of fact sheets and ‘how to’ videos, as well as a series of interactive decision support

tools,” said Dr Peter James, senior research fellow at the University of Queensland and the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation. “These tools allow producers to enter information unique to their flock and environment to identify the best chemicals and methods for controlling lice for their situation,” Dr James said. “The support tools cover a variety of situations including treating lice in long and short wool, on ewes or lambs, how to meet residue thresholds set by different markets, and methods to prevent new lice populations.” The site was re-developed by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC). Operating as part of the Federal Department of Innovation Industry

Science and Research’s CRC program, the Sheep CRC is a collaboration of industry, government and the commercial sector. It is working to increase productivity and profitability of the industry through new technologies for adoption by both the meat and wool supply chains. AWI is a not-for-profit company owned by Australia’s 27,000 woolgrowers. It invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool. Dr James said that increases in the prevalence of lice in recent years and the emergence of chemical resistance issues had resulted in increased producer interest in lice control strategies. “The ability to sort products according to a producers’ situation allows them not just to decide which chemical groups are most suited to their

situation, but will also assist them in developing strategies to avoid chemical resistance issues,” he said. “The site also provides indicative prices for control methods to assist farmers when budgeting for their lice control programs, and the long wool treatment tool allows producers to compare the cost of treatment compared to the likely cost of wool loss if treatment is delayed until after the next shearing.” Dr James said the site offered valuable information for farmers of all levels of experience. “The treatments section allows even the most experienced manager to audit their own performance against best practice measures, and easily identify any weak points in their lice control systems,” he said. For more information visit

Pasture irrigation and effluent dispersion made easy.

Low cost. Low pressures. Transportable. Modular. Easy.


Proudly distributed by:

Fencing factors – consider them all!

suitable, but for sloping ground, post spacings may “Also consider terrain. If your need to be closer to assist with wire attachment.” property is rocky and hard, consider using shorter steel An ongoing consideration posts that you don’t need must also be natural “You can also mark-up the to drive in too far and are disasters. If fire is a common usage of certain areas of your easier to install. For loamy property, be it for grazing, and soft soils, consider using occurrence, consider using low-medium tensile Waratah laneways, yards or cropping. larger profile steel posts This will help you determine that you can drive in further wire which helps minimise the chance of the wire snapping the pressure your fences Whether you are building or losing tension under the face, so you can decide to a new fence or updating heat of the fire. use more posts and wire for an existing one, there are “If flood is a common high pressure areas, and less a few simple questions to occurrence, consider using for the low,” he said. ask before you rush out and “The key to designing a JIO MaxY posts to strengthen buy the same materials you fence that will do the job is the fence line and Longlife always have. wire for the best protection to consider what you are from corrosion,” David said. trying to keep in or out. Spending time designing your Waratah have developed a fence may save you time and methodology called O.U.T™ Waratah’s new catalogue money when building and provides checklists for (Over, Under, Through), to act maintaining your next fence as a guide when planning a designing a fence and much and longer term will likely more. It contains excellent fence to prevent animals from give you a better performing getting in or out. information about designing, fence. building and maintaining existing fencing as well as “Whether feral animals Waratah Fencing Rural an introduction to the wide such as wild pigs, dogs or to establish better ground Product Manager David range of premium Waratah kangaroos, or containing holding. Byrnes says there are a few stock to certain areas of a fencing products, things to consider when property, a fence can be “Think too about the slope – designed to designing your fence. breached three ways: going for flat ground, post spacings work over it, under it or right may be increased and most “Firstly, map your property, through it. By considering wire products are using a sketch, Google maps what you are up against you or similar. Then mark out can pick the right products your boundary fence lines, corners, angles and gates – done to scale this will help calculate the length of your fence lines.

for your needs.

With over a century of fencing experience, Waratah knows how to manufacture products for tough conditions, and help you to use them effectively.

seamlessly together, making fencing easier, faster and more cost effective. “Waratah don’t just develop and manufacture innovative fencing products, we also provide genuine fencing solutions. With over a century of fencing experience, Waratah knows how to manufacture products for tough conditions, and help you to use them effectively.” To download the new catalogue or for more information on Waratah’s O.U.T methodology, including a selection of commonly used fence designs head to www. onesteelwaratah.


Kills lice and protects against re-infestation

“With declining prices and tighter margins, wool producers have an added incentive to ensure their flocks remain lice free.” And when it comes to choosing a product to apply “off shears”, there are many good reasons to use Avenge® Pour-On Lousicide. Bayer veterinarian Dr Neil Cooper who helped develop Avenge said two key features of the product were its rapid action in killing lice and the residual protection it gave against re-infection. Dr Cooper said that Avenge

remains active in the fleece for many weeks, with the benefit that it kills lice hatching from eggs. “When sheep are shorn, all stages of lice – adults, nymphs and eggs are present in the fleece. If the lousicide degrades too quickly after application, it may not be able to kill any ‘late hatching’ nymphs. Avenge is the only knockdown with a label claim for 4 week protection against reinfestation, killing any lice that hatch following treatment.” Farmers know that shearing is a hectic time, and it’s common for a sheep to jump a fence

and join another mob. When mustering too, it’s easy to leave a sheep or two behind in the paddock. The 4 week protective period allows producers time to pick up any ‘unshorn stragglers’ then shear and treat them with Avenge. Group Product Manager of Bayer Farm Animal Products, Gareth Sheehan said that the label claim of 4 week protective period set Avenge apart from other knockdown lousicides. The market has recognised the reliability that Avenge gives them in controlling lice and the longer protective period is a bonus.

Gareth also said “A farmer recently told me that “Avenge ticks all the boxes” and that sums it up pretty well. Not only does it kill all known strains of resistant lice, Avenge is rainfast, unshorn lambs can be treated up to 2 months of age and you don’t need to wear gloves to apply it! And with an unmatched protection period for a knockdown product, it’s no wonder Avenge is the farmer’s first choice for “off shears” lice protection this year”. Avenge® is a registered trademark of Bayer AG Leverkusen, Germany. Call 1800 678 368 for information.


Jim Tierney of ‘Blair Athol’, Casterton, southwest Victoria, runs 3,700 crossbred ewes and 4,000 Merinos across several properties.

“I was going to give that new product a go, as we’ve got “We hadn’t had any lice a couple of places spread problems here for 15 years. around the area and it’s easy Then we suddenly started to transport. But I ended noticing them. As we hadn’t brought in any sheep ourselves, up talking to the local rural supplier about it and he our boundaries clearly needed checking and “Eureka Gold is based maintenance.” “The areas near the river and creeks have always needed an eye kept on them as strays can get through, especially when waters recede after flooding.”

now: we had a look but haven’t seen any and there’s no more rubbing or biting.” “Another thing: Eureka Gold worked out a whole lot cheaper too. When you’re running a fair few sheep like we do, that amounts to quite a bit.”

on diazinon – and there’s no resistance to it. And because it’s a backline pour-on, it’s easy to work with. We started out using it on the crossbreds, then the Merinos as well, the lot.”

“We fixed up the possible entry points to prevent lice infested sheep coming into contact with ours. And we continue to keep a close eye on our boundary fences.” “That still left us with the problem of treating our previously clean mobs.”

“We treated all the sheep and thought that would be the end of it. But the lice might have been resistant to the product, as pretty soon, the sheep were biting themselves and rubbing – badly enough to ruin a lot of the clip... really hopeless, it was.”

recommended Coopers Eureka Gold®.” “Eureka Gold is based on diazinon – and there’s no resistance to it. And because it’s a backline pour-on, it’s easy to work with. We started out using it on the crossbreds, then the Merinos as well, the lot.” Jim worked with his Coopers Rep, who demonstrated the best way to apply Eureka Gold. “You spray-on quite a decent dose using the Coopers 150 mL Power Doser™. Eureka Gold did the trick. The lice are gone

Asked about his plans for next year, Jim said he felt his mob was free of lice and likely to remain so because of the effectiveness of Eureka Gold.

“There’s obviously no point in treating clean sheep but I’m certainly going to keep an eye on them, especially for rubbing and scratching – and bits of wool on fences.” “It’s also important to shear the entire mob in one go, so that if any do need treatment for lice you get the whole mob done at once.” “We’ve given the boundaries a good going over as well, making sure they’re all secure to prevent infested strays from wandering in.”

“It gives me real peace of mind to know that even if a lice infestation does occur, I’ve got Eureka Gold to help me sort it out.”

IDeNTIfy your calf ScourS Problem Understanding the pathogens that are causing scours in your calves is vital. Coopers® Animal Health can offer a testing program that delivers immediate identification of most scours causing bugs in newborn calves. These results can then be used to prepare action plans for the calf shed and future vaccination programs to help prevent future outbreaks. Call Coopers on 1800 885 576 for more information on this FREE testing service ® Registered trademark.


VALU AT $1 ED 50

GoinG for Gold Made easy The FARM STARTER PACK provides producers with everything you need for great lice control with EUREKA GOLD®. The new pack contains: 2 x 20 L Eureka Gold, 1 x 150 mL Power Doser™, 1 x 140 L ‘mixing’ Yellow Wheelie Bin

Call us on Toll Free 1800 885 576 Power Doser™ is a trademark of Genesis Industries. ® Registered trademark.

Breakthrough Rotavirus vaccine for Australian dairy farmers In a breakthrough for the Australian dairy industry, dairy farmers for the first time will have access to a vaccine against rotavirus, one of the major pathogens causing costly calf scours. Coopers Animal Health has released Rotavec Corona vaccine; the first and only calf scours vaccine on the Australian market targeting rotavirus, coronavirus, E.coli and Clostridium perfringens. Estimated to cost the Australian dairy industry on average $52 million per year – or $26 for every dairy cow or heifer based on industry treatment costs

and loss of calves – calf scours is a major problem for all dairy regions. Rotavec Corona vaccine is a long-awaited product providing dairy farmers with the missing link when it comes to managing calf scours. Coopers Veterinary Technical Advisor Damian O’Brien said the Rotavec Corona vaccine will be an important management tool for dairy farmers to limit the impact of calf scours in their herds. “A recent study# that sampled scouring dairy calves in all states of Australia found that 96% of those properties had calves with

a rotavirus infection,” Dr. O’Brien said.

is that there is a lot of rotavirus coming through in the results.”

“What this means for Australian dairy farmers is that where previously they were frustrated by not having a vaccine against rotavirus, Coopers now has the solution.

Coopers has a long history in helping dairy producers better manage calf scours and seek to reduce the long term impact on their operations. In recent years, Coopers has actively helped farmers through a range of onfarm diagnostic tools combined with products to prevent E.coli, salmonella and cryptosporidium.

“The Rotavec Corona vaccine is a breakthrough for dairy farmers, providing a new tool in the management of scours in their stock that wasn’t previously available within Australia.” Kathryn Davis, Program Manager Animal Health and Fertility, Dairy Australia, said that scours is the number one calf disease that farmers report to the organisation. “Scours is a very common and serious disease for calves and is not limited to one area or region, the feedback we’ve received is that it is affecting all dairy regions,” Dr Davis said. “What we hear from farmers and vets who are testing for pathogens causing calf scours

Coopers is the only company in Australia with a range of calf scours vaccines and the release of Rotavec Corona vaccine ensures Coopers now has a comprehensive suite of vaccines targeting the pathogens that cause calf scours. To discuss options for calf scours prevention on your farm contact your local AIRR store or Coopers Animal Health Customer Service on toll free 1800 226 511. For more information on Coopers Animal Health visit au 21


The ABC “Four Corners” program entitled, “Chemical Time Bomb” was broadcast in Australia on 22nd July 2013 and repeated on 23rd July 2013. The program covered the improper chemical spraying practices in Australia during the 1970s as well as the use of “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War, but concluded with the claim that dioxins (known carcinogens) continued to be found in 2,4-D imported from China today, and expressed concern that the regulator, Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) was not taking adequate precautions to prevent the importation of such chemicals, some of which may not be cleared for Australian use. The principle offending chemical in “Agent Orange” was the herbicide 2,45T which was banned in 1973 because of its high dioxin content, therefore no further discussion on this subject is necessary. APPARENT Pty Ltd is one of the largest Australian importers of 2,4-D from China. The product independently analysed by the ABC was not an APPARENT product, nor was our label shown on the program. However, we would like to use this opportunity to emphasise that APPARENT 2,4-D 625 is of the highest quality and does not contain dioxins. Six sources of Chineseproduced 2,4-D are cleared for use in Australia by the APVMA, and APPARENT is the owner of one of these sources (Jiangsu Good HarvestWein Agrochemical Co Ltd). Other Australian companies are free to use the APPARENT source.


We asked Good Harvest to reconfirm that its 2,4-D acid contains no dioxins and the company responded that “there were no detectable dioxins in its 2,4-D.” One reason 2 for the absence of dioxins is the age of Good Harvest’s 2,4-D plant which was only commissioned in 2013. Similarly, our previous supplier (Changzhou Wintafone) produces 2,4-D acid in a plant that was commissioned in 2005. Dioxins are not found in 2,4-D produced in modern plants. It is regrettable that the program claimed dioxins were found in generic 2,4-D imported from China or India because the majority of 2,4-D sold in Australia is sourced from these two countries without any problems. It is also regrettable that the program identified 2,4-D as a significant source of dioxins when the evidence suggests otherwise. APVMA, in its response to the program, published the 10 major sources of dioxins in Australia from the “Inventory of Dioxin Emissions in Australia” (Source: National Dioxins Program Technical Report No. 3, 2004). The 10 sources comprised 96% of the dioxins found in Australia and the list did not include any pesticides. “The inventory did not consider the presence of dioxin in pesticides as the levels were considered to be very small”. Source: APVMA. Suite G.08. 762 Tooronga Road, Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia PO Box 3092, Cotham PO, Kew VIC 3101, Australia Telephone: 61(03) 9822 1321 Fax: 61(03) 9817 7845 Mobile: 61(0)411 227 338 E-mail : APPARENT PTY LTD A.C.N. 143 724 136

Photo: Peter Stoop & Hunter Valley Warmblood Stud

Breeda® nurtures the growth and development of mares and youngstock Choose Breeda® as a complete feed for mares and youngstock to support optimal, balanced growth and to ensure all their nutritional requirements are met regardless of pasture quality. Critical to the success of Breeda® is the essential amino acid profile and the positive impact that this has on the development of lean muscle, strong tendons and smooth flat bone, while importantly limiting fat deposition that can lead to the overloading and compromising of immature joints in youngstock. Breeda® is manufactured from high quality ingredients carefully selected to keep starch levels down, limiting peaks in blood sugar often associated with bone developmental problems and OCD. This, coupled with the inclusion of the revolutionary Vitamin K supplement Bonafide® ensures that Breeda® provides the best possible nutritional support for your mares and youngstock.


Bonafide® Visit our informative website to learn about the critical effect that Vitamins K1 & K2 have on the function of Osteocalcin, the bone protein that binds the mineral and protein in bone together. Without sufficient Vitamin K the binding process is incomplete and low density or defective bone and cartilage may be produced.

Bonafide™ is the first product to provide a stable, bio-available form of Vitamin K 1 & K2

Super Premium Nutrition – it’s a matter of trust For further information about Super Premium Breeda, including a detailed nutritional analysis, or Bonafide® visit our informative website or freecall MITAVITE® 1800 025 487



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Launceston King Island Latrobe Wynyard


Vinidex is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier

of thermoplastics pipes and fittings systems and has long been associatedwiththesupplyofpipesystemsforirrigationapplications.

Vinidex has now introduced its Rural PLUS range of pipe which together with Plasson rural fittings, provides a complete piping system for all rural applications such as water reticulation, irrigation and stock watering. Vinidex Rural Plus polyethylene pipe is specially designed for rural applications. Available in diameters ranging from ¾” (19mm) to 2” (50mm) it can be used at pressures up to 800kPa (PN8). Rural Plus polyethylene pipes are supplied in a range of convenient coil lengths and can be recognised by the wide green stripes on the pipe outside surface. Rural Plus polyethylene pipes are easy to install with their light weight and long lengths. Buried pipes can be installed in a trench or using “ploughing in” techniques. The inherent flexibility of polyethylene allows Rural Plus


polyethylene pipe to be laid to follow natural earth contours or bend around obstacles. Rural Plus polyethylene pipes maintain a smooth internal bore over the working lifetime of the pipeline. The surface energy characteristics of polyethylene inhibit the build up of deposits on the internal pipe surfaces thereby retaining the maximum bore dimensions and flow capacities. Rural Plus polyethylene pipes are stabilised against ultra violet (UV) light degradation by the inclusion of carbon black in the material and are suitable for above ground installations where the pipes are exposed to direct sunlight. The high impact strength of Rural Plus polyethylene pipes ensures resistance to the rigours of pipe laying conditions. Plasson Rural Compression fittings are ideal for connecting PE pipes. They have a service

history exceeding 30 years with an enviable reputation for long term performance and reliability. Fittings can be installed and hand tightened. Plasson fittings are flexible enough to handle oval pipes and imperfect alignment from coiled pipes, and will give you a positive hydraulic seal. The dynamic grip seal system tightens as the pressure increases, eliminating pull-outs. For drainage applications Vinidex StormPRO® pipes are used extensively. The twin-wall structure consists of simultaneously extruded smooth inner wall and corrugated outer wall. At the valley of each corrugation, where the inner and outer walls meet, the two surfaces are fused together for the full circumference of the pipe. The tough corrugated outer wall provides strength and impact resistance, while smooth inner wall gives optimum hydraulic flow. This

type of material-efficient design reduces the use of raw materials and produces a high stiffness, light weight pipe. Their light weight makes them so easy to handle in the stock yard as well as on the farm. Handling and positioning pipes is easier and safer than ever. Less heavy equipment is needed to unload, handle product on site and position into trenches. This can result in reduced installation costs.. Sensitive to the environment - the material efficient design reduces the use of raw materials and energy for production, transport and installation. StormPRO and SewerPRO are long life products but can be recycled at end of life. StormPRO pipe along with a complete range of fittings are available in sizes from 150 mm to 900 mm diameter.

QuickBayt Spray ®

Fly Bait, the ultimate in rural fly control.

Purchase QuickBayt Spray Fly Bait 250g foil and receive a ®

BONUS 2 Litre Pump Spray *

*Offer valid while stock lasts.

Control nuisance flies around your property Directions for use with QuickBayt ® Spray on insecticide, 1. Unscrew the 2 litre pump spray ideal for hard to reach areas. top and fill with water to the • Fast knockdown • Attracts and kills flies • Is a sugar based product • Has a long residual up to 6 weeks • Water soluble for easy application

• Contains a fly pheromone as an attractant • Ideal for use around livestock production areas • Effective against houseflies and lesser houseflies

Bayer 875 Pacific Highway PYMBLE NSW 2073 ACN 000 138 714

2 litre mark. 2. Add the 250 g sachet contents, replace the lid and shake well. 3. Spot surface spray in problem areas according to the label.

QuickBayt® is a registered trademark of Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany.

Will visibly kill nuisance flies for 6 weeks.


Caring For and Feeding the Pregnant Mare

The aim for all horse owners and stud managers is to produce a sound, healthy foal. Correct care, management and feeding practices during pregnancy and foaling should be incorporated into a breeding program to ensure the foal that is produced is in good health, has good vigor and is well developed, while ensuring the health of the mare is maintained through all phases of pregnancy and her ability to care for her new foal and to be put back in foal in a timely manner after foaling are addressed.

spelling horse. Pasture alone will not meet the mares requirements so a well formulated concentrate such as Mitavite Breeda should be fed depending on the pasture quality and quantity available.

Late Pregnancy By the 7-8th month of pregnancy the foal has only grown to approximately 17% of its birth weight. In the last 3 months of pregnancy, Getting the Mare Pregnant over 80% of the growth of the foetus occurs The ability of the mare to ‘cycle’ greatly and the nutritional demands in protein, macro affects her reproductive performance. minerals, micro minerals, energy and vitamins Cycling is affected by increased day length, increase as foal can grow as much as 0.4a rise in temperature and the condition of 0.5kg per day. the mare. Ideally mares should be on an increased plane of nutrition, making spring Ideally the pregnant mare should be kept the ideal time for conception. If the mare is in a moderate condition. The ribs should thin or overweight fertility can be affected. be covered but easily felt. Overweight and Mares that are maintained in a moderate to obese mares can have more complications fleshy condition i.e condition score 6 (on a during foaling and produce a lesser volume of rate of 9) cycle earlier in the year, need fewer milk after foaling. cycles to conceive, have a higher rate of pregnancy and have a higher likelihood to The foal has certain developmental periods of maintain pregnancy than thin mares. growth. The major periods for bone growth A difficult foaling can affect the ability of the start to occur during the last trimester of mare to conceive within the first two cycles pregnancy and it is important that all of the after pregnancy, delaying the foaling date bone building nutrients such as Vitamin K1, the following year.Early Pregnancy Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Copper, During early pregnancy, the mare has Zinc and Manganese are available for optimal nutritional needs that are comparable to a growth.


TT2300- 10,000 L



TS5000 - 22,500 L

Longer life, Better Value

T6500 - 30,000 L ONLY


$2410* $3265*












AS/NZ54766 : 2006 BMP 557812 Terang BMP 557813 Orange BMP 557814 Dalby BMP 557815 Cavan


During the last trimester the appetite of the mare increases which is stimulated by the increased needs of the growing foetus for protein, vitamins, minerals and energy. As the foal grows it is taking up more room in the mare’s abdomen, restricting the digestive capacity of the mare. This coupled with the increased incidence of abdominal rupture and colics during the peri-foaling period increases the need to feed a well digested, steam-extruded, high nutrient dense feed to ensure the mare is obtaining optimal nutrients without overloading her digestive tract.

Mares should be taken to the location of foaling and given a booster injection of tetanus toxoid four weeks before foaling. The injection allows the mare to be protected against tetanus, if tearing occurs during foaling, and the foal will receive colostrum that contains a source of antitoxin. By accustoming the mare to her foaling environment, she produces antibodies to fight the bacteria in the local environment, transferring her immunity in her colostrum to the newborn foal.

The mare’s milk is very low in trace minerals such as copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, iodine and iron. It is imperative that during late pregnancy the unborn foal

Pre-Lactation During the last month of pregnancy the mares udder will begin to swell and is given the term ‘bagging up’. Some mares can pre-lactate or ‘run their milk’, depleting precious supplies of colostrum that contain

has access to adequate levels of minerals, vitamins and protein so they can be used for bone growth and joint development. These nutrients need to be fed to the late pregnant mare so the foal can store them in his/her liver for use during the first three months of lactation, when the foal only has access to the mares milk.

the protective antibodies foals need in their first milk. If the mare has large amounts of white, sticky milk down the sides of her hind legs there may be a need to give the foal a full dose of colostrum at birth. Your equine veterinarian will be able to suggest if this is needed and provide you with colostrum or a concentrated antibody drench.

Bone diseases can affect the future career of young growing horses. If nutrition is compromised during pregnancy the strength and integrity of bone development can be reduced. Vitamin K1 is necessary for adequate bone development, and supplementation of the mare during pregnancy can be beneficial to improve bone density and geometry if pasture levels are inferior. Feeding a well profiled feed that contains Bonafide can be beneficial in improving bone density and minimizing bone diseases.

Pregnancy and foaling is an exciting time for stud managers and owners. Feeding pregnant and lactating mares a well formulated, highly digestible concentrate will ensure both mare and foal are receiving premium nutrition to optimize the growth of the foal and wellbeing and health of the mare. For more information on feeding breeding mares and young growing horses contact Mitavite on 1800-025-487.

One Month Before Foaling

a day with

Shane Rose Purchase either

Equitak Excel or Imax Gold to enter It’s easy… Visit and follow the prompts, register your details and tell us in 25 words or less How you would benefit from a lesson with Shane Rose.

For more information contact Bayer Animal Health 1800 678 368 IMAX® and EQUITAK ® are registered trademarks of Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Conditions apply see Only open to Aust. residents who, if selected as the winner, have access to or can provide a horse / horses to take part in the prize. Ends: 11:59pm AEDST on 30/11/13. Retain original product barcode(s). Riding lesson sometime between 2/1/14 & 31/3/14 (as specified by Promoter). Max of 11 guests (plus winner) can attend. Lesson is for a max of 6 hours, depending on number of guests. In the event the winner cannot provide a suitable location for the lesson, location will be provided by Promoter. Travel (for winner/guests/horse(s)) to location (if applicable) not included.


Growing Community Sports Clubs competition to give rural sports clubs an $80,000 boost (July 1, 2013) - Rural sports organisations are being encouraged to enter Dow AgroSciences’ Growing Community Sports Clubs competition for the chance to win a share of $80,000 worth of grants to spend on provisions for their club. “Sport is at the core of vibrant rural communities, and sports clubs play a big role in the wellbeing of Australians,” says George Saville, Dow AgroSciences Marketing Manager. “We’re looking to reach out to those often overlooked smaller clubs that make up the heart of rural communities across Australia and give them that bit of extra support.” A 2011 survey* of broadacre farmers showed that although they do four times more vigorous activity per week than the average Australian in their normal work day,


only 16 per cent of farmers aged 40-45 participated in team sport. This number significantly rose to 35 per cent for younger farmers aged 18 – 39. “We all understand that good health and wellbeing starts locally with participation in activities such as club sport,” Mr Saville says. “We’re excited to support sport at this level and hope to get more people involved and active.” The competition is open to all rural sports clubs and submissions can be lodged by the club itself, or by an individual with the club’s best interest in mind. Entries can be made by visiting au and completing a submission in 200 words or less on why a $4,000 grant would make a real difference to a local sports club. The competition runs from 1 July – 30 September and 20 individual grants will be awarded nationally. Submissions will be judged by a panel from the team at Dow AgroSciences, who will use set criteria to pick the best entries. Winners will be presented with their cheques at a series of community BBQ events.


The Berry 7 Matabi sprayers have been designed and manufactured in sprayer is specially designed for Spain for over 50 years and are small gardens. Also exported to over 100 countries. With sales over 1,000,000 units per including viton seals, a lightweight translucent year, they have proved to be one tank for easy liquid level of the biggest sellers worldwide. All Matabi sprayers are ergonomically designed for comfortable easy use identification, this unit is one and ease of of the best units on the market. A set of replacement rubbers maintenance, all sprayers can be are also included with this unit. serviced without the use of any tools and a full range of spare parts The IK Range of sprayers are the are available. ideal sprayers for all applications. Complete with viton seals and a The Super Agro 16 is the biggest specially designed rubber hose, seller in the range, combining a 16 litre tank with a sturdy chrome this range will handle all herbicides, insecticides and all harsh solvent lance, adjustable nozzle and viton based chemicals. So if you are seals. This unit can be used in gardens, market gardens and large looking for a sprayer for those harsh chemical mixes including Access acreage. and Garlon with diesel, these The Super Agro also has a units are ideal. Available in a 1.5 pressure regulator for uniform litre compression bottle, a 7 litre application of chemicals, thus compression bottle and a 12 litre reducing wastage of chemicals. Knapsack. This range can also be This unit is supplied with wide comfortable straps, a replacement used for all cleaning and degreasing chemicals including acid. set of rubbers and a whole range of extra accessories.

Netwrap. How many wraps is enough? The cost of the netwrap to make a round bale is a very small percentage of the value of the hay, silage or straw, yet one of the main causes of collapsing bales is the failure to use enough netwrap or a netwrap with the right strength. Bale size, crop type, bale density and netwrap strength influence the correct number of wraps but some suppliers offer just one strength. Venus Packaging say their Totalcover brand in 11, 12, 13 and 14gm per linear metre enables farmers and contractors to choose the optimum combination of strength and wraps for any crop. For example the tensile strength of 13gm is 290kgf and 14gm is 300kgf. Crops like sorghum, triticale and pea that easily absorb moisture need more wraps, as do springy cereal crops. Heavy or abrasive crops like rice straw and sugar cane need extra wraps and heavier netwrap. Also the bigger the bale the more weight and density. In recent years balers have been developed/ designed to bale at higher and higher capacity resulting in as much as 50% more density per bale than previous. This means a stronger netwrap than

the industry standard 11gm per linear metre is required to cater for this density. Totalcover Top 3 (12, 13 and 14 grams per linear metre) provides the farmer and contractor with that choice. Other considerations include how quickly the bales will be fed out. Will they be stored in a shed, left in the paddock or sold? One extra wrap could greatly reduce the risk of bales splitting or breaking during loading, handling and transportation. Farmers can prevent most problems by talking with their contractor about the best choice of netwrap, the correct weight for the job and how many wraps to apply. Contractors are judged by the bales they produce in the paddock. The cost of more wraps or a heavier netwrap is negligible compared to the value of satisfied customers returning year after year. For more information speak to Venus Packaging twine and netwrap specialist Phil Pomeroy on 9428 1652 or 0427 684 792.

Netwrapped bales at Maffra Vic. Baled with a New Holland BR750 using 12gm Totalcover.


What does the weather hold for us this Spring?


• A wetter than normal season is likely for most of mainland Australia • The Kimberley, parts of western WA, and Tasmania have no strong tendency towards being wetter or drier than normal • The main climate drivers for this outlook include a negative Indian Ocean Dipole, a neutral-to-cool tropical Pacific, and warm sea surface temperatures around most of Australia • Outlook accuracy is moderate over most of Australia except the interior of WA.

Image courtesy Details The chance of exceeding the median rainfall for August to October is more than 60% over most of mainland Australia. The chance rises to more than 80% over southeast SA, southern NSW and most of Victoria. Such odds mean that for every ten years with similar climate patterns to those currently observed, about six to eight August to October periods would be expected to be wetter than average over these areas, while about two to four would be drier. However, it should be noted that rainfall is typically low at this time of year over tropical Australia, and contributes to only a

small part of the annual total. The chance of receiving a wetter or drier than normal August to October is roughly equal (i.e., close to 50%) over the Kimberley, western WA, parts of the Cape York Peninsula, and Tasmania. Climate influences A negative Indian Ocean Dipole

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Olsson Industries Pty Ltd freecall 1800 804 096 32

(IOD) event is in progress, and is expected to persist through spring 2013. A negative IOD during winterspring increases the chances of above normal rainfall over southern Australia. This is reflected in the current rainfall outlook, with most of southern Australia expecting above normal rainfall. The tropical Pacific is ENSO-neutral. The dynamical seasonal outlook model suggests a brief period of weak La Niña-like conditions forming during the next few months. This has contributed to an increased chance of above normal rainfall for northern and eastern Australia. However, international climate models surveyed by the Bureau of Meteorology suggest ENSO-neutral is the most likely outcome over the coming season, with the Bureau model being the coolest (most La Niña-like). Warmer than normal sea surface temperatures currently surround much of Australia. Warmer sea surface temperatures can provide more moisture to the atmosphere, which in combination with the right weather systems (e.g., interactions with fronts or northwest cloudbands) may result in increased rainfall.


I had hair, I could see, I could hear and I had a supportive wife. When I left as General Manager the only thing I had left was my wife”

early members of the Co-op . It’s still very much alive he Opening of and well in the membership today. The move to the Yolla Co-ops new new site needed a major store in Wynyard renovation of the new site That passion over 25 years and members responded in was an opportunity to saw the Co-op grow from a kind attending a numerous recognize the people small group of twenty odd working bees. On the day Yolla farmers to a state-wide of the move in mid-May who had the courage organisation with nearly 600 despite an exceptionally dry and foresight to form members retailing in excess autumn the skies opened of $10million of rural products up with nearly 3 inches the Co-op some from a single site. of rain and hail falling 36 years ago. One during the day. As General In his thirty five odd year Manager Peter Moore man’s outstanding membership of the Corecounts, “only farmers contribution in op John has been at would have honoured their different stages a Board promise to turn up and work particulars to the member, Chairman (2 years) “ as they did in numbers growth and success purchasing officer (15 years in their trucks, flat trays and cars, working well ) and General Manager (9 of the Co-op was years) . In his term as General into the evening to move recognized on the Manager John began a long nearly $1million of inventory friendship with Landmark staff from the old site at Yolla to day being one of Yolla Co-op Chairman Grant Innes presenting John Neal member Peter Law. So it was Wynyard. three inaugural life with life membership during the Opening of the new site not surprising when in 2006 John and wife Faye John convinced the Co-op members honoured. to be one of the first retail interrupted a trip to Western groups to back the formation Australia to return and overstepped the mark when was a telephone installed of a new group called AIRR; officially open the new site. Local Yolla farmer John Neal one evening the phone rang - in John’s account one of the In his speech he talked joined the Co-op soon after its at his house. Working with and when I answered it was best decisions the Co-op ever proudly about how the formation and became its first the passion and zeal that his two teenage sons who had made. Co-op had become an icon employee in 1985 when he was became his trademark John was regularly on the phone as left the house, walked down in Tasmanian agriculture; offered the job as purchasing the street and used the public John talked about the late as midnight and as early success due in no small part officer. Working from home, phone box to talk to their contagious fever he called to the passion and zeal of John recounts the story that the as 5am as farmers went to father. When I started the job “Yolla fever” that afflicted the milk. “I knew I had probably extraordinary members like first asset the Co-op brought


Revolutionary K-Line irrigation effluent pod system ideal for dairy applications now also includes an effluent pod that provides a simple, The revolutionary K-Line easy and effective low cost Irrigation system now offers an effluent system that is deal alternative to traditional methods for dispersing ‘green for dairy applications that is proudly distributed by Philmac water’. – the country’s leading “We have been distributing designer and manufacturer the K-Line transportable of compression fittings for irrigation pod system for over polyethylene pipe (PE). a year in Australia and are excited about the addition of The K-Line system the K-Line effluent solution to incorporates a unique the range” Philmac General patented pod design Manager, Group Marketing that offers a low-cost, transportable modular pasture Jason Mitchell said. irrigation solution. The range

“The simple transportable

CAUSMAG ANIMAL NUTRITION Ruminant animals need magnesium to maintain nerve function, body weight, and milk production. Causmag fast acting products allow quick uptake of magnesium into the bloodstream which is crucial to the wellbeing of animals at risk, Causmag has been proven and is the tried and trusted treatment for the Prevention of Grass Tetany in sheep and cattle, in Australia and New Zealand. Magnesium is used in poultry and equine nutrition also.

For more information please call us at

(02) 6382 9300 or email us at


“Not only is it easier to setup and transport but it also requires lower pressures – this means lower pump requirements which saves the dairy farmer in pumping costs. If a dairy farmer is not currently effectively using his ‘green water’, then K-Line offers a simple solution to help utilise the nutrients for effective pasture irrigation.”

grows” states David. “Philmac are proud to be able to offer this innovative technology to Australian farmers as a simple, easy, low cost alternative to traditional methods” says David. The K-Line product range includes sprinklers, tapping saddles, tough protecting housing (pod) and specific flexible pipe made from PE which joins the pods together. If you are interested in finding out more about the K-Line pasture or effluent irrigations solutions please call 1800 755 899 for a meeting with your local Philmac Territory Manager.

For further information visit “The fact that the K-Line system is modular also means that it can grow with your needs, which means farmers aren’t required to invest in systems for the future now, they can build as their demand

For over 60 years farmers have trusted and turned to CAUSMAG International for quality, high-purity magnesium products.

FERTILISER Magnesium is needed to form chlorophyll which is required by plants for photosynthesis. Causmag is added to magnesium deficient soils where plants are unable to absorb magnesium from the soil due to factors such as high potassium levels. Causmag also increases soil pH.

pod design means that in comparison to traditional traveling or hard hose irrigators, the K-Line effluent pods allow dairy farmers a simple and easy ‘green water’ pasture irrigation solution” adds Philmac’s K-Line Business Development Manager, David Young.


Boosting durum’s crown rot defences

A new five-year cereal research project kicks off this month, aimed at boosting the resistance of durum wheat to the damaging pathogen, crown rot.

Corporation (GRDC) and brings together a team that includes researchers from NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), Department of Agriculture, Fisheries Dr Anke Martin, University of Southern and Forestry Queensland (DAFFQ) Queensland (USQ) research fellow and South Australian Research and (genetic solutions for cereal diseases) Development Institute (SARDI). says durum wheat is very susceptible to crown rot and varieties with Dr Martin says the project builds on the significant resistance have not been successful identification of improved identified. resistance in bread wheats in previous GRDC-funded projects including USQ/ “Crown rot in winter cereals is NSWDPI collaboration. predominantly caused by Fusarium pseudograminearum and is recognised “Two recently completed projects as a major disease constraint in many aimed to improve the resistance of cereal growing regions in Australia,” Dr the highly susceptible durum wheats Martin said. to crown rot by crossing them to hexaploid lines partially resistant to the “This project aims to improve the crown disease. rot resistance in durum wheats by “Crosses to three elite durum breeding crossing them with hexaploid and wild lines including EGA Bellaroi were tetraploid wheats which carry good advanced and stable resistance levels of crown rot resistance.” identified over several generations in multiple families within these crosses. The USQ-led project has received funding support from the Grains “In particular, seven durum families Research and Development have been identified which consistently

show low crown rot scores.” The effectiveness of using molecular markers for routine screening of these sources of crown rot resistance in a durum background will be tested, by applying both marker screening and visual phenotyping to these populations. Dr Martin says SARDI and DAFFQ have also crossed durums with a number of different crown rot resistant sources and the new project will further investigate progeny from these crosses. “Previously developed hexaploid/durum lines as well as newly developed crosses will be used in the new project to improve crown resistance in commercial durum varieties. “Such development of varieties with improved crown resistance is pivotal to the expansion of the Australian durum industry.”


camera can be used indoors and outdoors CATCH THIEVES The to monitor farm gates, sheds, garage’s or fuel supplies, machinery & IN THE ACT WITH workshop’s, tools, warehouse movements, livestock and NEW MOTION checking for foxes, wild dogs or trespassers. The camera is motion activated and utilises (IR) infra-red flash to see up to 20mt ACTIVATED invisible at night. The images are recorded on an SD and can be then viewed on the camera SELECTA card LCD screen or downloaded on to your PC. The camouflage pattern allows you to hide the out of sight with the included mounting SECURITY camera strap. The timer function allows the camera function at certain times of the day. The CAMERA FROM tocameras is easy to use and set up. SELECTA Incorporated with other theft deterrents such On farm thefts are on the increase. Prime targets include fuel, machinery, trailers, livestock and tools & equipment. In recognition for the need for greater on farm security, Selecta has released a Day & Night Motion activated security camera. The first in a range of asset protection products, the Selecta security camera is the ideal low fuss tool capable of running for months on AA batteries capturing both still photos and/or videos.


as warning signage, locking gates and sheds and marking tools, the Selecta security camera is an additional low cost measurement that requires consideration for your ongoing farm security measurements. Selecta Security Cameras are available through your local AIRR member or for more information contact Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or visit

DAY & NIGHT SECURITY CAMERA Ideal for overviewing your farm gate, shed, fuel, warehouse or livestock surveillance, the Day & Night Motion Security camera is the ideal low fuss security tool capable of capturing photos and video whenever motion triggers the sensor. Simply add batteries and place out of site, it works day and night with invisible Infra Red flash for night vision and IP54 waterproof rating for all weathers. Catch thieves in the act, see who visits when you’re away and count the fox’s around the chicken coop. Operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries for up to 6 months recording to the 8GB SD card.




Special Features • 3 Motion Sensors for a broad, early detection view up to 20m • Invisible Flash with Infra Red LEDs to see up to 20m at night • Pad-lockable and password protection. • Camouflage pattern and mounting strap to help hide out of sight • Delay Function allows time to be set between motion triggered events; from 1sec to 60min. Ideal for high traffic area (excellent for livestock monitoring). • Multi-Picture option allows 1-3 photos to be taken each time the camera is triggered

Digital Camera Specs • Set to capture Photos and/or Videos • Photograph size can be set from 12 to 1 mega pixel • Video Size can be set from 1280x720P to 320x240. Video length from 1 to 30 seconds. • View images via the internal colour screen, USB, SD card or TV out.

INCLUDEs: • Digital camera • Mounting strap • TV AV IN cable • 8GB SD card • USB cable • Instruction Manual on CD

Silvan Australia Pty. Ltd. ABN 48 099 851 144 Rocky Point Mulching is the only 100% Australian family owned and operated business that has three family generations involved in the growing, harvesting, manufacturing,marketing of sugar cane and its byproductsacrossAustralia and overseas.

• Timer function allows the camera to activate only at certain times of the day. Ideal to watch the house when at work or monitor the work site at the end of the day.


1300 SILVAN |

manufacturer of high standard potting mixes soils and composts), has seen a significant improvement in the quality of Rocky Point Mulching’s growing media range.

designed for

the home gardener to plant directly into with no fuss. This addition to the Growing To launch into spring Rocky Point Media range is a perfect Mulching have released some complement to Rocky Point new and exciting bags with an Mulching’s signature bag, emphasis on high quality, value for Premium Potting Mix. This money and excellent performance. is definitely the flagship of its growing media range. It is hands One of Rocky Point Mulching’s down, the best premium potting products available for spring is mix available on the market. the 50L jumbo bag of Organic Active 8. Due to the success of Rocky Point Mulching’s Premium The family owns and operates the smaller 30L bag, a larger 50L farms in South East Queensland, bag has been released to give you Potting Mix is boosted with a 3-stage fertiliser addition, which supply the large majority better value for money. Active 8 providing sustained nutrients to of the sugar cane mulch required meets Australian Standards 4454 plants for up to 9 months. The each year. Additional supplies are and as the name suggests there mix contains a long list of goodies sourced from other farmers in the are 8 active ingredients working to keep pots looking their best local area. to enhance and sustain the best for longer. All this, combined with growth for plants. the quality practice procedures of To complement the growing mulch NIASA and Australian Standards industry, Rocky Point Mulching Extensive and ongoing in house ensures this product will keep the have diversified to include an grow trials conducted using current results coming for longer. expanding range of Growing manure/compost blends on the Media. Teaming up with the highly market, conclude that Active 8 We want to encourage you, to award-winning company, Green produces maximum growth straight try it against any other leading Fingers Potting Mix, (the supplier out of the bag. It is a well-balanced brands on the market. Try it to professional nurseries & the soil improver and planting mix,

and see for yourself – the proof is in the grow trial results. We would love to see the results. So head into your local AIRR store today and ask for Rocky Point Mulching products. Not only are you supporting an Australian Company, your gardens will thank you. For more information visit or find us on Facebook at rockypointmulching



entair Australia welcomed Mr Ian Sainsbury as the new Vice President Asia Pacific for Pentair Flow Technologies. Previously holding the role of General Manager for Tyco Pumping Systems business since 2004; his extensive experience and background in the engineering industry provided a ONGA® SOUTHERN CROSS® Pentair and Tyco International`s Pentair is now home to natural leader. Now responsible eight some of opportunities thesefor strengths Flow Control businesses merged Australia’s leading iconic operational fifteenbring salestooffices and pump sites, potentially our customer on 1st October 2012 creating STA-RITE 300 employees Australia brands including; Onga,over Southern base arethroughout very exciting.” SHURFLO a global leader in water, fluid & New Zealand. Mr Sainsbury notes “The EVERPURE Cross, Pentair Pool Products, JUNG PUMPEN process, thermal management merger of Tyco International Flow Control Everflow Pumps, SHURflo, Announcing the new leadership AQUATIC SYSTEMS and equipment protection. and Pentair structure has presented numerous FLOTEC TurboMaster, Encon, Everpure, in May 2013; the OMNIFILTER synergies; the challenge is identifying and Sta-Rite, Australian Panel Tanks, company welcomed the following BERKELEY delivering on all of these opportunities.” Pentair Australia welcomed Mr EVERFLOW SEMA, Tamar, Jung Pumpen, sales team: TURBOMASTER Ian Sainsbury as the new Vice Riva-Flo, Berkeley, andPentair Aurorais now home to some of ENCON President Asia Pacific for Pentair Pumps. Mr Sainsbury adds AURORA Australia’s leading iconic pump brands – Residential Product Sales SEMA Flow Technologies. Previously TAMAR including; Southern Pentair “Southern Cross and Onga are Onga, Manager ANZCross, - Pauls Hanns holding the role of General Pool Products, Everflow Pumps, Shurflo, highly respected and reputable – Agricultural Product Sales Manager for Tyco Pumping Encon, Everpure, Sta-Rite, brands in the AustralianTurboMaster, and Manager ANZ - Colin Gray Systems business since 2004; Australian Tanks,/ Oil SEMA, Tamar, New Zealand markets and one Panel – Mining & Gas Product his extensive experience and Jungof Pumpen, Riva-Flo, Berkeley, of the overriding objectives Sales Manager ANZand - Mike background in the engineering Auroraour Pumps. Mr Sainsbury adds this merger was to enhance Brewer industry provided a natural “Southern Cross and Onga are highly brand equity.” – Commercial, Industrial, leader. Now responsible for eight respected and reputable brandsSales in theManager Municipal Product operational sites, fifteen sales Australian and New Zealand markets and To date, Pentair has adopted ANZ - Craig Robins offices and over 300 employees a business as-usual-approach, one of the overriding objectives of this visit us at throughout Australia & New merger was “This to enhance our exciting brand equity.” taking time to assess each is a very time for Zealand. Mr Sainsbury notes business, evaluate and To plan thePentair and I am sure Flowhas Technologies date, adopted a business “The merger of Tyco International future for its employees and remains committed to delivering our customers will to embrace as-usual-approach, taking time assess the product lines it can only lead into solution the future.” • Residential Product Sales Manager - thetransition Flow Control and Pentair has very bestand pump withPent to improved services for our each business, evaluate and the their customers alike. Mr. Sainsbury realignment andplan continue isvery working towards aligning territorie ANZ: Paul Hanns presented numerous synergies; adds “I am constantly reminded the best service. Whether it customers. future for itssupport employees and customers of Pentair throughout and portfolios, butpool with the the challenge is identifying • Agricultural Product Sales Manager - is aproducts household, agricultural, alike. Mr. adds “Iand aminto the future.” of the vast depth and breadth of Sainsbury this transition increased product lines it can only l and delivering on all of these ANZ: customers Colin Gray can rely on us for pump or a specialised engineered constantly the vast towards depth “Our the combined product offering as reminded Pentair isofworking to improved services for our custom opportunities.” product – Pentair has you • Mining / Oil & Gas Product Sales and breadth of the combined product expertise, innovation and sound well as the depth of knowledge aligning territories, products and covered.” Manageras - ANZ: Mike Brewer “Our customers can rely on us for e offering as the depth of knowleveryone at Pentair and experience of our staff. Theas well portfolios, but with the increased advice, tise, innovation and sound advice, a edge and experience of our staff. The • Commercial, Industrial, Municipal everyone at Pentair remains commi opportunities these strengths potentially Product Sales Manager - ANZ: Craig to delivering the very best pump sol bring to our customer base are very Robins with the very best service. Whether exciting.” “This is a very exciting time for Flow Tech- household, agricultural, pool pump Announcing the new leadership structure nologies and I am sure our customers will specialised engineered product - Pe in May 2013; the company welcomed the embrace the realignment and continue has you covered.” following sales team: their support of Pentair throughout this

Pentair and Tyco Flow Control merger update
















Bushmans SUN

TOUGH tanks – built stronger, longer life

Australia’s leading manufacturer of water and agricultural storage products use their own new SUNSMART® material to produce tougher tanks. Come rain or more importantly come shine – these tanks will

Key features of a Bushmans tank: • Designed to comply with AS/NZS4766 tank standard • Maximum strength – Made in one piece with SUNSMART® technology • Simple and easy to install • Key fittings included • Comes with a 10 year Bushmans warranty

Keeping your fertiliser safely stowed A fertiliser tank needs to be robust, reliable and be made from heavy duty material to ensure safe storage. All Bushman fertiliser tanks are designed and manufactured to the specific gravity requirements of liquid fertiliser, to S.G.1.5, to ensure they stand up to demands placed on them by Industry and the Australian climate. The tanks come with all the necessary The safe storage of liquids on farms is a inlet and top priority, whether it be for stock water, outlet fittings rainwater or fertiliser and other chemicals. plus level The stringent industry requirements along gauges – all with the pressures from the tough Aussie climate have led Bushmans to create a new fittings are chemical SUNSMART® UV stabilised polyethylene which complies with Australian standards for resistant to minimise drinking water as well as food. corrosion over use. Saving water one drop at a time

stand the test of time.

With over 24 years of knowledge and expertise in the industry, it is simple to find a water tank solution that suits your specific requirements. The water tank range vary in size from small 720L tanks - great for those with minimal space, to industrial sized tanks at over 46,400L.

For more information on Bushman Tanks Call 1800 287 462 or visit

WORKING DOGS NEED HIGH ENERGY DIETS TO FUEL WORK REQUIREMENTS • Fat is their preferential fuel source for endurance work – Need greater than 17% fat from diet WORKING DOGS NEED HIGH ENERGY DIETS TO FUEL WORK REQUIREMENTS


• “Homekill carbohydr to chronic


PREPARED FOOD? • They use carbohydrates for sprint type • All-meat d activities Raw bone • Fat is their preferential fuel source for • “Homekill” can be deficient in endurance work carbohydrates which can cause mild – Need greater than 10% carbohydrates calcium. Bo – Need greater than 17% fat from diet to chronic diarrhoea. from diet obstructio

• They use carbohydrates for sprint type • All-meat diets can be deficient in calcium. activities Raw bones don’t provide sufficient Need good quality protein for repair and – N• eed greater than 10% carbohydrates calcium. Bones pose a threat of choking or • Risk of infe from diet obstruction and can seriously damage teeth. recovery

to both do

• Need good quality protein for repair and – Need greater than 20% protein from diet • Risk of infection from food-borne pathogens and bones recovery to both dogs and humans from raw meat – Need greater than 20% protein from diet and bones.

• Must have ready access to water to avoid

• Must have ready access to water to avoid dehydration dehydration – 2 to 6 litres per day – 2 to 6 litres per day

• M uscle me

• M uscle meat is low in calcium and high in phosphorous. phosphoro

38 7673 Bonnie FPC A4 Print Ads.indd 2

22/07/13 3:39



Get Extra Splashes of Profit with Pour n’ Go! Safe, effective and easy to use water tank treatment KILLS: • E. Coli • Salmonella • Legionella • Pseudomonas • Campylobacter • Hepatitis


Pour n’ Go is a brand new water tank treatment that controls all forms of bacteria, viruses and algae. This safe and innovative product is tasteless, odourless and ecologically and environmentally harmless. Plus unlike most other tank and stored water treatments, Pour n’ Go is totally chlorine-free! • All

internal and external water tanks • Holiday homes • Mobile homes • Yachts • Portable water supplies • Emergency water storage tanks Pour n’ Go is fully supported by


For more information and to place your first order contact: Dennis McIlwain P: (04) 29 622 528 E: W:

New Zealand Company Takes a Fresh Look at Treating Tank Water

often, the high doses that are required to kill many pathogens can make the water unpalatable to drink, and over time, many of these pathogens can become resistant to normal treatment levels. Even normal dose rates can result in unpleasant drinking water. Pour n’ Go is quite different. The most common ‘bugs’ found in water tanks are E. Coli, Salmonella, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Campylobacter and Hepatitis. Whilst chlorination can reduce the levels of these bacteria, Pour n’ Go can eliminate them without altering the taste of the water. Pour n’ Go is non-chlorine product that uses the synergistic effects of combining hydrogen peroxide and silver in a patented process to produce a very stable, long lasting, yet environmentally safe and easy to handle sanitiser. It is suitable for the control of all contaminants normally found in water that is obtained from rainwater collection areas, streams, ponds and springs. It is safe and easy to use, and when used correctly and sensibly will give rapid and pleasant-tasting results. Not only can Pour n’ Go kill the bacteria mentioned above,

Keeping water clean and drinkable is an ongoing problem when it is collected and kept in storage tanks.

quick contact time and can be used as a ‘shock dose’ for water that has been standing in tanks for extended periods of time. And what’s more, Pour n’ Go can be used anywhere. Be it for domestic tanks where water has been gathered from the roof, or in holiday homes and caravans Pour n’ Go is safe, very efficient and best of all, tasteless. This means that it can be safely and easily used in other situations such as in mobile homes and private and commercial boats. In fact, it can be used in any tank or container where people store water for later consumption. country; and WaterGain’s New Zealand-based marketing manager, Guy Richardson is very confident of the product’s potential. “For the first time”, Guy said recently, “People now have a better alternative to chlorine-based tank water treatments. Pour n’ Go really does kill all of the bacteria and pathogens that can be found in tank water and what’s more, it is completely tasteless. This means that tank water can actually now taste fresh. We have enjoyed a huge take up of Pour n’ Go here in New Zealand and we are quite sure it will be just as well received in Australia.”

Pour n’ Go is marketed in Australia by WaterGain Limited and is now available in AIRR stores around the it has been shown to be able to kill over 200 other types of common pathogens.

As well as ensuring these tanks are covered and that the water is filtered, most people still rely on chlorine-based water treatments to keep it clean and safe. Pour n’ Go, developed in New Zealand by GeoSil Pacific Limited, takes an entirely different approach.

Since its release in New Zealand in 2010, Pour n’ Go has become increasingly popular. Gone are the days of people having to get the balance of taste versus effectiveness right. Too little chlorine and the water is not entirely disinfected; too much and it tastes and smells abhorrent. Another problem is that chlorine-

GeoSil Company Manager Neil MacDonald explains that whilst for years, water treatments have relied on using chlorine as a low cost disinfectant; it does have its drawbacks. The obvious snags include chlorine’s unpleasant smell and taste; but its other big weaknesses are its true effectiveness as a disinfectant and its ability to produce unpleasant chemical by-products in the water.

based treatments do not clean the pipes leading out of the tank. Pour n’ Go excels at solving these problems.

No one would argue that chlorine cannot be an effective disinfectant, but it has its limitations. Very

Pour n’ Go is safe and simple to administer and is made using only food grade ingredients, it is not harmful to people, animals or plant life. It has a very

w w w. u l t i m a t e a g r i . c o m . a u

Australia’s Best 41

Call now for a FREE QUOTE Phone: 1800 003 244

minutes. Spill Crew’s Mike Carrigg says that they can be used on a variety of pipes, including metal, concrete, galvanised, ceramic, fibreglass, polypropylene, steel, rubber, stainless steel and copper. ``The great thing about FIXAPIPE is that there is no mixing needed, so there is no mess,’’ he said. ``It can also be used on wet, dry, clean, broken, corroded and leaking pipes, and because it so easy and quick to use it reduces labour downtime.’’ Because FIXAPIPE is a bandage, it has the flexibility to be used on different areas of the pipe - at any tee or join. And because it can be used to fix holes on different types of pipes, tradesmen in all industries are finding it useful. Mike said that the FIXAPIPE bandage, when used in conjunction with steel putty, is also safe to use on pipes containing a range of different chemicals. The FIXAPIPE kit is available in four different sizes, from 5cm x 3.6m to 10cm x 4.9m. The kit comes complete with the bandage, a pair of gloves and the putty. The recommended retail costs for the kits start at $41, through to $70. Mike said that everything about FIXAPIPE is easy to use. ``The bandage is on a spool so the application of it is really easy,’’ he said. ``It really is a quality product. We have the backing of a world leader in bandage manufacturing, so no corners have been cut. ``But if anyone does have any questions, there is more info on our website, or they can call us.’’ For more information, visit





Turn off all valves controlling flow to damaged section of pipe to remove pressure.

For easier mixing, warm putty to room temperature or slightly above. Apply within 2 minutes of mixing.

Step 1 - For best results and a stronger seal; roughen surface of pipe. Remove any loose particles and clean the area to be repaired.

Step 2b - Force putty into cracks or holes in the damaged area of the pipe. (Putty has 3-5 minutes work life).

Step 2a - Cut or twist off required amount of putty. Knead putty with fingers until a grey consistent colour is achieved (for best results mix thoroughly).

Step 3 - Submerge FIXAPIPE bandage in water for 10-15 seconds, squeezing 2-3 times to ensure it is evenly soaked. Step 4 - Apply consistent tension; wrap the entire

5 Quick and easy way to fix your damaged pipes FIXAPIPE bandage over the area to be repaired whilst ensuring a 50% overlap is maintained. For best results a thickness of at least 10mm is required. (Bandage has a 3 minute work life). Step 5- Once the entire bandage has been applied, squeeze the bandage by rotating/twisting your hands to obtain a smooth finish. Allow at least 30 minutes for FIXAPIPE bandage to set

MASPRO More than 90 years on and Maspro Wire are still producing quality products. Over time Maspro Wire has established a reputation within the manufacturing industry and amongst their clients for quality, service and value for money. They produce an array of products from fencing staples and fasteners, netting and ring fasteners, tie wire, pliers and fastener tools, air operated ring fasteners and air tools, fence post clips and bale fasteners The team at Maspro Wire takes pride in providing high quality products.They have a strong focus on innovation in both their products and manufacturing techniques, while raw materials are sourced from quality suppliers. This commitment is reflected in their wire products which demonstrate improved strength, wear resistance and value for money. As an Australian owned and operated business they manufacture products ideally suited to the harsh Australian conditions. All Maspro Wire products are subject to strict quality control and testing procedures.

Sprung from a Rabbit Trap Like farming, manufacturing is an honest and noble business all of us should be proud of. Last week some of the AIRR team dropped in for a coffee at our neighbour (and supplier of gate and fence hardware) Downee. Their manufacturing facility is just around the corner from AIRR’s Melbourne warehouse. During our visit we experienced Downee’s rich manufacturing history which celebrates the

exceptional men and women who’ve made manufacturing their career. Downee may not be a brand you recognise immediately but chances are you’ve unwittingly used their products your entire life. For 60-years they’ve been producing steel products like rabbit traps (but not any more!), rural gate and fence hardware and car parts for GMH, Ford, Chrysler, Mitsubishi & Toyota. What struck us about Downee was the company’s diverse product range. To think of Downee as only a manufacture of rural gate & fence hardware is selling them short, for ten years they’ve also supplied a range of motorised gate and shed door systems plus shed door hardware. Its impressive how

they’ve managed to find a balance where Australianmade quality is supplied at a value-for-money price. Mounted in a glass case in their showroom is a tarnished rabbit trap made by Downee in the 1950’s. At the base sits a brass plaque which reads ‘Donated by Don Mathews - a Downee team-member for 27-years. (March 1956 – July 1983)’. A number of people we spoke with remembered Don as a nuggetty, strong-minded and likable bloke. However Don’s greatest legacy to the company may not have been his long and tireless service, but rather introducing his son Bob to Downee in 1956! While there we had the great pleasure of meeting Bob and like his Dad, Bob is a committed and proud

manufacturer, whose love of working with his hands keeps him motivated as he nears his 72nd birthday and his 57th year at Downee. Meeting Bob and the other team members is a reminder of the unseen companies like Downee and the people whom keep it running and the important part they play in Australia’s history. With distribution warehouses in all states on the mainland, Downee is a national company, AIRR’s neighbour and your neighbour too. Next time it’s our shout for the coffee.


To Cheat or Not to Cheat

Unfortunately the agricultural chemical industry in Australia is exposed to cheating because of three inherent factors:

•The regulatory authority, the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), allows for a 5% margin-of-error in formulations. •It is virtually impossible for the end-user to know whether or not the product meets the regulated specifications before use. •Low barriers-to-entry to the Australian industry. The 5% margin-of-error allowed by APVMA was designed to cover unintentional under- and over-yields; however, it has come to our attention that several suppliers in Australia are setting the bar for the level of active in their product at 5% below the regulated level. For example, in the case of Trifluralin 480 g/L, the amount of active could be as low as 456 g/L and not in breach of APVMA regulations.

proscribed concentration plus or minus 5%, however, we have seen “Trifluralin 480” with only 400 g/L of active. • The correct wetter or surfactant should be used and should be produced by a reputable source. For example, premium Glyphosate 450 such as Apparent® should contain a Tallow-amine wetter rather than a Betaine wetters or an APG (the use of which may require a wetter to be added). • The correct solvent should be used at the correct weight. We have heard supplier claims of “we use 120 gram of Tallow-amine in our Glyphosate 450” when later analysis has shown that 100 gram was used. •The wetter or surfactant should be the correct concentration, that is, not diluted, and it should be the correct weight. We have heard supplier claims of “we use 120 gram of Tallowamine in our Glyphosate 450” when later analysis has shown that the 120 gram was diluted to 25%.” • Minimal residual material should be present in the formulation. For example, Glyphosate 450 formulated from Glyphosate 98% Technical leaves less residual material in the formulation compared with Glyphosate 95% Technical.

The regulatory authority, the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary To a very large Medicines extent, the enduser must rely on the honesty Authority of the supplier and reputation (APVMA), of the brand to be sure allows for a 5% the product contains what it should contain margin-of-error in and is fit for the purpose for formulations. what it is used.

The end-user generally has no access to analytical equipment, nor would he/she be prepared to bear the cost of a third party analysing the product. Of course, if the results do not meet the end-user’s expectations then he/she may always complain, but it will be far too late and in many cases the complaint will be met by the excuse of “operator error”. So what should the product contain? •The level of active should not be greater or less than the


Short of the expense of analysis, the end-user must buy a reputable brand from a reputable supplier who is completely accountable with a long-term presence in Australia. A reputable supplier will deliver the product when required from local stock at a fair price and will rectify the occasional mistake without cost and inconvenience to the end-user. If the brand happens to be new then a reputable supplier will

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have thoroughly assessed the product before stocking the same. Virtually all of the agricultural chemicals consumed today, or at least the active material, are imported into Australia and the vast majority of these products are sourced from China and India, even by multinational corporations. There is no alternative to this business model despite what you may have heard. However, there is nothing wrong with this practice as long as there is a direct link to the manufacturer and this link is usually via an Australian distributor who is accountable in the first instance. Many distributors, such as AIRR with Apparent®, now sell their own private brands and, therefore, place the reputation of the organisation behind the product. It is important to note that, under Australian law, private brands must conform to exactly the same specifications as those of all registrants, but notably those of the multinational corporations who first introduced the molecules. Of course, as suggested above, some registrants will navigate around the specifications by cheating,

Accounts Phone: (07) 3283 5077 Email: accounts@

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but those companies with a reputation to protect (for example, multinational corporations and distributors) are almost certain to conform because their focus is on quality - and quality defines their future. Low barriers-to-entry to the Australian agricultural chemical market are a mixed blessing. The objective behind low barriers-toentry was to ensure Australian farmers paid a fair price for their agricultural chemicals unlike, for example, the US market where prices are significantly higher because of the US data compensation scheme for generic products. Under US data compensation, the owner of the original data for a molecule must be compensated by generic suppliers who use that data to register their products. The cost of this compensation, which is often expressed in millions of dollars, is ultimately paid by the US farmer through higher prices. The cost of registering a product in Australia is usually no greater than $5,000 compared with around US$1,000,000 in the US. Again these costs are recovered from US farmers via higher prices. The low barriers-to-entry in

Australia have, of course, attracted a multitude of participants who have placed considerable pressure on prices, which, to a large extent meets the stated objective. However, the strategy has also encouraged “a race to the bottom” with many of the participants attracted to the industry by the low barriers - seeking an edge with formulations that may not meet their registered specifications. The sheer number of participants and products in the market place have made it virtually impossible for APVMA to conduct spot checks of products unless there is a flagrant abuse of the system - as there was recently with the infamous “black Trifluralin” incident. Thus while low barriers-to-entry have successfully delivered lower

prices to Australian farmers because of enhanced competition, they have also increased the risk of Australian farmers buying low quality product if they buy only on price. So how can the Australian farmer minimise the risk of buying low quality product? A low price will not necessarily point to low quality, however, further investigation is required to confirm the quality of the product. For example, a low price could simply mean that a new brand or a new, high quality product is being introduced to the market, or it could also mean that the company introducing the product has lower fixed costs than multinational corporations offering the same product. The following steps are

It is virtually impossible for the end-user to know whether or not the product meets the regulated specifications

troughs & feeders

recommended: • Buy a brand that enjoys a reputation for quality in the market even if the product is new. In this context the “brand” is the company name rather than the product name. • Buy from a company which has invested in the Australian market and, therefore, is committed to the long-term. This statement applies equally to the manufacturer, distributor and reseller. You should ensure that all of them will be around if you ever experience problems with the product. • Distributor private labels are a reliable guide to high quality at competitive prices because it means the distributor is engaged for the full length of the value chain and therefore committed to quality. • Certificates of Analysis are always available should you require the same and are very easy to access in today’s computerised world. Remember that the • vast majority of agricultural chemicals sold in Australia today had their origins in China or

India. This statement applies equally to multinational corporations, all of which have their own plants and other alliances in China (and India to a lesser extent). Ask or learn from which plants your preferred product has been sourced. The level of technology and quality of output from many plants in China, in particular, now surpasses the product quality previously produced in the US and EU. Now that China is enforcing a strict regime of environmental protection of its chemical plants, quality can only improve, however, you should remain discerning.

6 LItre PoLY trOugH

200 LItre PoLY trOugH

1,900 LItre PoLY tr

Measurements: Height 150mm x Width 250mm x Length 310mm

Measurements: Height 304mm x Width 610mm x Length 2435mm

Measurements: Height 500 x Width 2485mm

OrdEr COdE: PWt6

OrdEr COdE: PWt200

OrdEr COdE: PWt1900

300 LItre PoLY trOugH

40 LItre fEEdEr

troughs 40 LItre PoLY trOugH & feeders Measurements: Height 280mm x Width 380mm x Length 420mm

Measurements: Height 455mm x Width 1000mm 200 LItre PoLY trOugH

Measurements: Height 280 x Width 380mm x Length 42 1,900 LItre PoLY trOugH

x Width 250mm x Length 310mm

Measurements: Height 304mm OrdEr COdE: PWt300 x Width 610mm x Length 2435mm

Measurements: Height 500mm OrdEr COdE: PWtF40 x Width 2485mm

OrdEr COdE: PWt6

OrdEr COdE: PWt200

OrdEr COdE: PWt19 00

300 LItre PoLY trOugH

40 LItre fEEdEr

Measurements: Height 455mm x Width 1000mm x Width 1780mm

Measurements: Height 280mm x Width 380mm x Length 420mm x Width 250mm x Length 34

OrdEr COdE: PWt300

OrdEr COdE: PWtF40

6 LItre PoLY trOugH OrdEr COdE: PWt40

Measurements: Height 150mm Picture shown with optional brackets.

100 LItre PoLY trOugH 40 LItre PoLY trOugH Measurements: Height 280mm Measurements: Height 240mm x Width 380mm x Length 420mm x Width 525mm x Length 1270mm OrdEr COdE: PWt40 Picture shown with optional brackets.

OrdEr COdE: PWt100 100 LItre PoLY trOugH

950 LItre PoLY trOugH Measurements: Height 500mm

OrdEr COdE: PWt950 950 LItre PoLY trOugH


Measurements: Height 340

OrdEr COdE: FeeDer AnIMAL fEEdEr

Measurements: Height 340mm Measurements: Height 500mm Eco Troughs Measurements: Height 240mm and animal feeders... the most ecologically advanced troughs on the market | Ideal for horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cattle x Width 525mm x Length 1270mm x Width 250mm x Length 345mm x Width 1780mm Made rom fully recycled water tank plastic and fully UV protected | All troughs supplied with float valves | Talk to your local AIRR distributor for detail OrdEr COdE: PWt100 OrdEr COdE: PWt950 OrdEr COdE: FeeDer

Eco Troughs and animal feeders... the most ecologically advanced troughs on the market | Ideal for horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cattle Made rom fully recycled water tank plastic and fully UV protected | All troughs supplied with float valves | Talk to your local AIRR distributor for details


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03 5435 2388

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Bayer looks to support rural communities with up to $50,000 The successful and very popular Bayer Community Support Program is in full swing in 2013. Conducted by the Bayer Animal Health team in country communities across Australia, the Community Support Program is expected to generate around $50,000 for community projects. Hospitals, schools, the disabled, sporting groups and many more will be the beneficiaries of the 2013 program. “In 2012, we were delighted to donate a total of $50,000 to 17 different organisations,” said Business Unit

Manager, John Oulton. “For community based organisations this injection of extra funds permits them to undertake projects that might otherwise have been impossible.” In 2012 for instance, the Midlands Multi Purpose Health Centre Auxiliary of the community hospital in the small Tasmanian town of Oatlands was able to purchase much needed equipment with the Bayer program funds. On the Central Coast of NSW the Somersby Riding for the Disabled group made good use of the extra funds to assist them with their essential

The l egendary

and very costly Hendra Virus vaccination program. In country Victoria, the East Grampians Building for the Future Foundation received $5000 which was used to help support and sponsor a number of young people from the local community with a range of scholarships and bursaries. In essence, the Bayer Community Support Program is a collaborative effort between farm and rural retailers, customers and Bayer Animal Health in raising funds for community support. When local farmers purchase Bayer sheep, cattle, equine and farm hygiene products, 5% of the value of sales is accumulated as a rebate to a maximum of $5000 and is paid to the nominated community organisation at the end of the program. Bayer Animal Health products involved in the

program includes but is not limited to: • Sheep products Avenge, Zapp, Rametin, Rametin Combo and Moxitak (Moxidectin) sheep drench • Cattle products Baymec Cattle Pour-On, Baymec LV, Baymec Gold, Tiguvon Lice Pour-On • Equine products Imax Gold, Equitak Excel, Musca-Ban, Triclovet • Farm Hygiene products Racumin Rodenticide, Slam Insecticide, SureCan, Quickbayt Fly Bait & Quickbayt Fly Spray. For further information about the Bayer Community Support Program visit www. or contact your local Bayer representative.

Designed for easy application. Superior strength, superior quality! Maspro, the icon of the wool industry for bale fasteners.

Maspro Wool Clip Customer satisfaction GuaranteeD! I’ve used Maspro wool bale fasteners for over 50 years and have never had a problem with busted bales. I wouldn’t even think of using any other bale fasteners as you can’t get better than perfect. Maspro Wool Bale Fasteners are perfect!

he choice is yours! T Wire products

- Mark, NSW

Maspro ®

pty Ltd

Manufacturers and suppliers of Wire prod ucts

Ask for them by reputation at your local rural supplier. 46

Au S t m A D r A li A n Au S e b y A n tr A Ow n l i A n COm e D pAn y



HIGHLY EVOLVED LICE CONTROL Around the farm you need things to work for you. Like Avenge, with 100% knockdown and four weeks residual killing power. Avenge lets you do the job once and do it right. No more re-mustering, no more resistance problems, just more time for you. Visit for more information or call 1800 AVENGE toll free 1800 283 643



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