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by Rich Mahan

How to use AirPlay Direct to make the most of your radio promotion Hello Shindogs, welcome back to another installment of Now Media, the place in the Direct Buzz where we talk about how to use AirPlay Direct to make the most of your radio related promotional efforts, so you spin your wheels less, and radio spins your tracks more. Let’s talk about organizing your songs and releases in a way that really ramps up the sparkle and shine, helps to create a profile that is more engaging, and will keep programmers on your artist pages longer, exposing them to more of your content. Content you say? Why yes. Content is king in these heady days of the interwebs taking over the world, and you need to make sure you’ve got yours well organized and prominently featured on your AirPlay Direct page(s) so it can deliver its promise.

Adding Releases

First and foremost, lets have a look at your music. Many artists have more than one release, and you’ll want to create a separate page for each of these releases. Do you regularly release singles? How about creating a page dedicated for those singles? I’d like to stress at this juncture how important it is to get your release pages set up correctly the first time. Once you have those songs up and running, all of your download data etc. can’t be migrated if you decide to organize it later, so make sure to upload your albums to their own separate release pages the first time you do it (Instead of adding tracks to

an existing release page), and have a separate page that houses all of your singles too. After you log in to AirPlay Direct, click the “Account” heading on the left, and then click “Add Release”. Go about your business as usual here, making sure to fill in as much of the information as you can. It’s important to add the info about influences and “Sounds Like” because radio programmers can search for music using those criteria. Repeat this for each of your releases, and do one for your singles collection if that’s your bag. Now that you’ve got those pages all squared away, you need to make sure they are linked so programmers can easily find all of your music on each of your separate release pages. Lets tie them together using two methods. 1) the Discography page and 2) by linking them in your Biography section.


Log into any of your release profiles and click on the Discography menu on the left hand column, then click “Add Album.” In the window that opens, fill in the three fields for Title, Release Date, and Label, then click the right arrow on the “Linked Release” field and choose any one of your other release profiles other than the one you are currently logged into. Upload the cover art for this Linked Release and then hit submit. Repeat this process for the remaining release pages in your AirPlay Direct Cata-

log. You will need to repeat this entire above process to create a Discography in each of your other release pages, and when you are finished, radio programmers will be able to easily link between them all, accessing all of your music.

Linking In the Biography Section

In of each of your releases, you can post links to your other pages, creating a second location for Programmers to jump to your other albums. Here’s how you create a link: Click on “Edit Release Profile” then click “Edit Release Info”. Scroll down the page and in the Biography section paste the following code at the top of that box: [b]Your Release Title [url= YourFriendlyURLNameHere/]Click Here[/url] Please note you will need to write in your own information where it says “Your Release Title” & “YourFriendlyURLNameHere” for this to work. Create a link like this for each of your release pages, and make sure to post these links in the bio sections on your other release pages as well. Of course you’ll need to have enough bandwidth to host all of your content, and if you’ve found you’ve reached the limit of what you can upload, contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss upgrading your account.

The Direct Buzz March Issue 2014  

the Direct Buzz January 2014 issue. Our mission is to entertain, enlighten and inform.

The Direct Buzz March Issue 2014  

the Direct Buzz January 2014 issue. Our mission is to entertain, enlighten and inform.