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for my show. The quality of the song is critical, the quality of the recording is important. The artistry of the players, and certainly the vocalist, and the minute I heard that record, I knew it was something very special.” Terry has been playing Scott’s music on his Bluegrass show, “Into The Blue” and continues to spread the word. “Scott is the best kept secret in Bluegrass music”, says Terry. These are not words used lightly by those in the business. “This doesn’t happen very often for me. When it does I recognize it immediately. He has a gift. The world needs to know about Scott Holstein.” Things are definitely heating up. Back in his home state of West Virginia, his name is known for the region and what it represents. The TV show, The Fly Rod Chronicles ( is using Scott’s music in their series. Jarod McClure, the shows producer, became a fan. “It goes very well with what we’re doing, promoting the state. When I first heard “Montani

Semper Liberi”, I fell in love with it. It should be the new state song.” Says McClure. “And it’s not just “Montani”. The whole album speaks to any West Virginian. It’s a great lyrical album that will stand the test of time. “ Scott is making the most of his regional identity, staying close to his roots, at the same time hoping the volume level of his career can reach the ears of new fans around the world. With new music to record, an entire state behind him (including the current Senator Dr. Ron Stollings, who gave Scott the official title as “Ambassador of Boone County, West “By God” Virginia”). And with attention coming from some of the hardened industry execs, there seems to be a new beginning for Scott Holstein; one far away from the defining days of a Coal Miners Son in Boone County, West Virginia. Many years down the road from the music shows at Uncle Joe Turner’s church in Camp Creek, and far removed from the days of chasing

the Bluegrass world with a mandolin and a traveling bag. Scott came down from the mountain to climb a new one. The perseverance of a true artist led him this far, and those life stories and songs in “Cold Coal Town” that may never have been heard, are there for all and for all time. The new beginning for Scott will start with new songs, new recordings, new stages, and staying on track with all that it takes to give your music the chance to be heard. Those who want to hear more are here to help, and that should feel good to someone who has been on the long journey only the artist can take. The support is coming from many places right now, and the music is taking on a life of it’s own. The next album could be something that generates the kind of buzz that takes things over the top. But the freedom is in the climb. Scott Holstein has been climbing steady and living the life he dreamed about. He knows who he is, and we all want to know — what’s next?

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