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Capitol Records recording artist. Charlie hired him at his nightclub, and Scott discovered his love for country music as well. Throw in a few late night Jams with Southern Rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Marshall Tucker Band, and Scott was starting to see many sides of the music world. It was at a festival in Macon, Georgia, however, that was a turning point. “I was at the festival as a guest, and I met Bluegrass veterans Randy Kohrs and Jim Lauderdale. We got in a jam that night, and Randy told me I need to be in Nashville.” Scott showed up, meeting with Randy and eventually jumping into the studio for the real thing. “Randy called up the boys, it was a rainy night session. I had these original songs that I had to get out. Show people where I came from. These songs were the stories of my life.” The session couldn’t have gone any better, Scott notes. And so was born his first album, the poignant and critically acclaimed “Cold Coal Town”. It is truly a gem. In an industry where something true can be hard to find in the mix of all that is trendy, “Cold Coal Town” is as honest and moving as anything I’ve heard since Johnny Cash and Waylon, with a resonance of the legendary bluegrass stylists. If Ralph Stanley were a Baritone, he would probably

sound like Scott Holstein. It’s a voice that takes you to a place instantly. This is rare. Few have it. As Scott took his gift and newly recorded music into the market place, the new journey began — one of understanding the reality of marketing yourself, building fans, selling music, and moving with the ever changing front of technology. At that point Scott started his label, Coal Records, to get the music out. “I learned all I could about the music business, publishing and running my own label.” I’m the artist, the writer, the president, the financer, the marketing dept. I do it all.” Scott won a contest with AirPlay Direct that awarded him the opportunity to meet with Bluegrass icon Carl Jackson and receive some very special one-on-one mentoring and advice. With that knowledge, as well as some quality advice from a few other confidants in the music industry, Scott went into business. Working with AirPlay Direct, Scott has continued to elevate his music and reach new audiences.

”It’s been an honor to be involved with Robert Weingartz and the team at AirPlay Direct.” Scott says. As Chairman and Founder of AirPlay Direct, Mr. Weingartz has taken notice of not only Scott Holstein’s music, but the way he has blossomed through the platform. “It is truly amazing for me to watch a total independent like Scott Holstein thrive within the AirPlay Direct ecosystem. That is why we exist…to create opportunity.” Through the AirPlay Direct platform, Bluegrass Radio mogul Terry Herd became interested in Scott’s music. “There are a number of things I always listen for when choosing music

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