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partments, art, and the agents/authors. So I already had the “team” mentality in place as well as the “get it done” mentality. I don’t stop until I’m done. tDB: Please share with us why you decided to name your company Mother Hen Promotions. What is your “mission statement” for 2014? JL: Tracy Newman named me. Great Story! I was calling myself “Social Media Manager” (and I think I was one of the first people to call myself that). Anyway, I was trying to arrange a CD exchange between Tracy and two other colleagues and she said to me (in the midst of the conversation) “You are SUCH a mother hen!” And as with a former publishing boss who called me ‘incorrigible’ in the ‘90s; I took it as a compliment and a light bulb went off above my head, “Yes! Exactly! I AM a Mother Hen!” So Mother Hen Promotions was born. Since taking that name, I needed a handle for twitter and @MomHen worked nicely. Clients have taken to calling me variations of Mother Hen like “MaHen,” “Mom,” ”MH,” “MomHen,”and a very recent client called me “MuthaHen.” I love all of it. I also now have an internet radio show on Indie Showcase ( and Awesome Radio ( called “MomHens Corner” showcasing the

best of the best indie music from all genres via worldwide internet radio. Mission Statement for 2014 … probably goes along the lines of to keep doing what I am doing now to the best of my ability for all of my clients and colleagues PLUS make the 2014 FAR-West Music Conference in Oakland that I am co-coordinating with John Roy Zat, the best damn FAR-West Music conference to date. tDB: As a marketing and promotions professional, how does AirPlay Direct fit into your “Global Marketing Plan”? JL: APD rocks. Seriously. It has from the start. I think I’ve been in touch with you since I only had two clients and APD was in start-up. By making high quality digital copies of the music available to radio without the mailing costs and letting go of precious CDs (that could be saved to be sold to fans instead); it makes my job easier in the long run. Even for DJs who are reluctant to use the medium for downloading; at least they can stream the tracks to see if they want to receive the physical CD. PLUS, the portal can be used as a Digital Press Kit. APD is one of my #1 priorities for the artists I work for, it’s cost efficient and effective. tDB: If you could give just one piece of “Artist Development Advice” to an artist, what would it be?

JL: Find Your Fan. Every band or artist has at least one super-fan who would do anything for him, her or them. Be kind and genuine to all of your fans because they are the ones who will help you in your day to day. It’s how Mother Hen started; as a super fan for an indie artist. tDB: Given your success in the industry, you must be providing a service that is different and in demand. What elevates and separates you from other professional services firms? JL: I haven’t been able to find someone else who does what I do which in some ways is a blessing and in some ways, is not. There is so much excellent music, and only 24 hours in a day. I am a behind the scenes quasi-tech that creates and maintains and promotes via some of the more important social media sites out there today. I also work for indie musicians so my pricing is geared toward being complimentary to their budgets. AND I don’t just work for anybody; it’s gotta be top quality. Mother Hen Promotions has a reputation to uphold. If I’m recommending an artist or their music to radio or venue friends, contacts and colleagues, I want them to trust that what I’m sending in their direction is quality. By working on these sites nearly daily, I see changes or portal-problems as they happen and

The Direct Buzz March Issue 2014  

the Direct Buzz January 2014 issue. Our mission is to entertain, enlighten and inform.

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