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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: ‘Be Thankful for Your Closed Doors in 2011’ - Ace Alexander


YOUR IMAGE: Successfully Brand Your Image by Adrian Anderson

10 RISING STAR: Theresa Noye 11 VOCAL TIPS: How to Choose the Right Song for Your Voice by Dileesa Hunter 12 COVER STORY: Norman Hutchins’ Powerful Message for This Special Season 15 INTERNATIONAL: Gospel Plays Catching on in Canada by Kathy Grant 17 NEW MUSIC RELEASES 19 LEGAL BRIEF: The 360 Deal – Is it the Right Deal for You? by Angela D. Green, ESQ 20 NEW CHRISTMAS MUSIC 24 STELLAR AWARDS NOMINEES LIST



On the Cover: Reach Records Artist, Lecrae

How to Choose the Right Song for Your Voice S



by Dileesa Hunter

International Vocal Coach


19 The 360 Deal Is it the Best Deal for You?

Theresa Noye 2

Nov/Dec 2011


by Angela D. Green, ESQ

PUBLISHER’S NOTE Be Thankful for Your Closed Doors in 2011

Nov/Dec 2011 / Vol. 4 No. 3

PUBLISHER Ace Alexander

ust think for a moment. How many closed doors did you encounter this year? Probably quite a few. Whether it was a business deal that didn’t work out, a job you lost or a relationship gone awry, it just wasn’t meant to be. And, if you give it enough time, you will see exactly why. I’ve come to realize that when certain doors seem stuck and won’t open for me, there must be something behind that door that God is protecting me from. Obviously, it’s not the door he has for me. If the door is not open for you, then maybe it’s not the one for you either. The millionaire investor you thought would help to prosper your business may turn out to be the most controlling, manipulative person that no amount of money would make you want to work with him. Trust God that when he closes doors or does not allow certain ones to open, that he knows what’s best for you. And, though you cannot see what’s behind ‘Door Number 3’ God sees and knows. So as this year comes to an end and you look back over it to see all your open doors, take some time to also thank God for the closed doors. Happy Holidays!

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Ace Alexander is a national music director and radio personality. He is a recipient of the Central South Distribution REACH Award. He is a two-time nominee for the R&R / Billboard Achievement Awards for Radio Personality and National Music Director of the Year and a 2010 Radio Stellar Award nominee. He is also a Music & Entertainment Consultant and Founder of Airplay 360.

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Nov/Dec 2011


YOUR Image


Brand your Image

BY ADRIAN ANDERSON pray you have garnered information, inspiration and an increased dedication for all you beautifully envision. When you consider your image or brand today, you must first evaluate whether or not you understand branding and are not caught up in it being the current catch phrase. You must evaluate what you have sincerely assessed in your education and experience over the recent years and how you have applied this to your overall goals and what have been the results. Brand diversification and extension is critical and others will respect how you successfully evolve and reshape your career especially during these times. A clear vision, creativity and strategic use of technology by a solid team who have an effective plan to implement and execute is imperative. You must be just as passionate about follow through as you are about beginning a new venture. You will make some great decisions and you'll also learn from mistakes yet, consistency over time will garner the results you seek. Confidently make well thought out cold calls and continue to attend a range of events to build a familiarity with the community of which you are a part and to be introduced into new communities you need to be a part of as well. Your product will be introduced to a fresh demographic. You must engage others in person and not exclusively rely on online communication, meaning technology is great and has done amazing things for our world; however, your presence is still valuable and necessary. Technology is only a tool not a replacement for your presence in your own business.


Nov/Dec 2011


Networking is always a key factor; however, you not only have to have your business in mind, you have to have your authenticity in mind. When people know you are qualified to do what you do professionally and are genuine, they look forward to learning about your business. In real life people have lives that go beyond their business and sometimes want to know that you can relate to them as a person, meaning you don't have to always be in pitching mode. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for pitching your business and growing your reach but what I am saying is know when to do it. You can miss out on a greater later opportunity by only focusing on what you want right now. Sometimes it's better to wait. Make sure you are connected with your team and operating as a collective unit, respecting everyone's area of expertise. You have the final say; however, wise counsel applied creates overall success. No man is an island and a wealth of resources are present when you have a collective of the best. A company is a group of people so take care of your people and your people will take care of the vision. That my dearest ones is an unstoppable, undeniable successful image and brand.

Adrian Anderson is a motivational speaker, beauty entrepreneur and former member of the multi-award winning urban inspirational trio Trin-i-tee 5:7. She is also CEO of Halo Tu' Beauty .

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Passionate. Intense. Uninhibited. These are just a few words that describe Theresa Noye. Her thirst for God is insatiable. She is committed to contending for the presence of God and helping others to encounter God. Theresa leads gatherings, regardless of size, into God's presence with conviction and reckless abandonment. You Saw Me, Theresa‟s debut EP, is like a home-cooked meal with a radical twist. Theresa’s melodic tones draw you closer to God‟s heart, and the effects are intensified as the message of God‟s desire for us is heralded seamlessly through the words of each song. Her sound embodies the raw spontaneity of Kim Walker, combined with the velvety vocals of Anita Baker, tripled with the worshipful cross-


Nov/Dec 2011


cultural appeal of CeCe Winans. All of the songs on You Saw Me were written or co-written by Theresa during her personal worship time, drawing on her faith while navigating through her family‟s journey of autism with their son, Regal. Theresa grew up performing and touring with various children's theatres and dance companies in Brooklyn, NY. But it was during her freshman year in college that Theresa met Jesus Christ and discovered her purpose of ministry. Theresa is worship leader at Fresh Anointing Christian Center in Upper Darby, PA. She currently resides in St. David’s, PA with her husband, Henry, and their children, Regal and Nia. To book Theresa , contact Gregory Green at 215-964-7092 or visit

VOCAL Tips How to Choose the Right Song for Your Voice BY DILEESA HUNTER

ingers always wish to know how to choose the right songs for their voice. Each voice is unique, and it’s impossible for each voice to sound exactly like the artist whose song they may be singing, no matter how similar they may sound. Often times, a singer will choose an exciting song they love that is near impossible for them to sing or an outdated, boring song they have no connection with because it’s easy to sing in front of others. With so much to choose from, a singer may be left wondering how they can choose the right songs for their voice. Here are two tips. Singers should always first consider their connection to a song. You must determine whether or not the song and the message appeals to you and speaks to you in a way that you can express musically. Part you as a singer finding your voice is figuring out what you want to say musically, and discovering the topics and vocal styling that appeal to you most and that you can sing competently. The second thing to consider when choosing the right song is the vocal styling and range of a song. The range of a song deals with how high or low the notes in a song go. When choosing music, it is good to always consider the highest and lowest note of a song to determine whether or not you can sing them well. If not, consider adjusting the key. Sometimes a song needs to be lowered or raised by a key or two in order to fit your voice perfectly. If the range is so wide that changing the key will not help, consider changing the highest or lowest note in the song to something that fits your voice more without making the song sound awkward. You want to be sure that you are singing a song that you can sing regardless of any performance anxiety or nervousness that you may have. Simply adjust the song appropriately and be sure that you can sing through the song perfectly several times before performing it. Even the most versatile singers need to learn how to choose the right songs for their voice. It can make the difference between a polished, professional performance and a sloppy, amateur performance. Understand, acknowledge, and embrace your range and your strengths and weaknesses in order to be a confident and successful singer.

Dileesa Hunter is an international vocal coach and consultant based in Atlanta, GA. She also records and tours with several recording artists and performs in various stage plays. Born in Manchester, England, She has always been exposed to different music vocal and music styles. Dileesa’s vocal repertoire includes Gospel, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Barbershop Quartet and Opera.

BY LOUISE M. MOORE hrough the years, acclaimed gospel singer, songwriter, producer and pastor Norman Hutchins has blessed us with many timeless songs like Battlefield, God’s Got a Blessing (With My Name On It!), A Move of God Is On The Way, It’s Your Season and countless others. The title track from his latest album, If You Didn’t Know Now You Know, is a touching, inspirational anthem appropriate for this holiday season and beyond. Having been through his own trials, including diabetes-induced blindness from which his sight was miraculously restored, Hutchins has a special gift for writing timely songs that touch the very soul. In an interview with AIRPLAY 360, the Grammy nominated Hutchins explains the inspiration behind If You Didn’t Know Now You Know and offers a powerful word of encouragement for independent gospel artists. 12

Nov/Dec 2011


LM: How did you come to write this particular song, If You Didn’t Know Now You Know? NH: Actually that song was written one Sunday morning as I was preparing to preach. And that particular day I was leading praise and worship. It was right at the time that a lot of our congregants were experiencing layoffs from their jobs and foreclosures so, it seemed kind of hard to break through praise and worship. And, all of a sudden I just heard God begin to sing through me to the congregation to encourage them and He said, “Have you ever been a trial and thought you wouldn’t make it? You were smiling on the outside by crying on the inside, wondering when will the season end? When will the joy begin? How much more can I take? When will the season break?” And then I heard Him say, “If you didn’t know, now you know it’s gonna be alright.” The Bible says

“Speak those things that are not as though they were.” So that was a catch phrase that really gave meat to that verse of scripture. And, everybody just started singing it and repeating it and I believe that everybody that really, really reached out that morning got their deliverance. LM: So, you mean it just came to you that fluid, just like that? NH: I said to the musicians, “I just need you guys to follow me because I hear something in the spirit.” And, that’s what happened. LM: During that period when you were physically blind, what songs did God give to you? NH: There were quite a few songs I wrote during that season. One in particular is Thank You Lord for Another Day. But it was songs of faith that helped me to trust God for a miracle. LM: Did you think you would never see again? NH: I had come to the point where I said to God, “If I never see again, I’ll be faithful and I’ll continue to minister and do whatever you call me to do.” And, after six months, I was preaching a sermon titled This Is Not How My Story Ends and the Lord spoke to me at the end of the sermon and said, “Because of your faithfulness and because of the assignment I have for your life, today will be the last day anybody leads you down this aisle.” And it was one week from that day that God restored my sight. Usually when you go blind from diabetes, it’s irreversible. Most people don’t ever receive their sight back. I said to the doctor, “Give it to me straight, will I ever see again?” And he said to me, “You’re a preacher, don’t you believe in miracles?” (Laughter) LM: In terms of your ministy, how has it changed since your experience with blindness? NH: I’ve experienced a level of manifestation of the glory of God like I’ve never seen it before. I’ve been more focused and more dedicated. Nothing stresses me out anymore to be honest with you because when I get to something that is stressful, I say, “Well at least I can see.” LM: Exactly what is your wife Karen’s role in your ministry? NH: Well first of all, she has been traveling with me full-time for the last 13 years. She serves as the booking manager. She is the machine behind the engine. And, of course, she’s my best friend and she loves music and she loves to travel. There’s no way in the world I could do what I do without her.

LM: How long have you been pastor at Frontline Ministries there in Dover, Delaware? NH: My wife and I birthed this ministry eight years ago and we’re currently purchasing a major shopping center and developing the shopping center actually to create jobs. We’re putting a restaurant here, a beauty salon and we have our school of ministry here already. We have one of two Christian bookstores in the city. LM: So you’re creating jobs. That is great. NH: We’re probably one of the only churches in the city that has a full-time administrative staff. We have an accounting, membership services and marketing departments. We have our complex manager and receptionist. And, we have a maintenance person full-time. LM: As a pastor, you have such a humble spirit. How do you maintain that humility? NH: Every opportunity God gives me to minister to somebody or do anything, I treat it just like it’s a Christmas gift that I’m opening for the first time. LM: What advice do you have for Indie artists? NH: No real success is overnight. It takes time. One of the things I encourage up and coming artists is that it’s like a surfer. A surfer learns how to balance himself on the surf board and what to do in case he wipes out. But there’s one thing a surfer never does. He never builds a wave. The wave comes on its own. He pedals in the water and he waits for the current to build a wave. And, I think that while you’re waiting, practice and prepare yourself. For everyone that is prepared for a season, God is going to build you a wave.


Nov/Dec 2011



Gospel Plays Catching on in



he business of gospel plays is certainly not a new or growing concern among Americans. Tyler Perry and David E. Talbert are best known for their prowess in what is termed “urban theater” and gave new meaning to gospel theater. Talbert has won numerous NAACP awards for his work The Fabric of a Man, and a New York Literary Award for his recent musical, Love in the Nick of Tyme. Perry is a man who really needs no introduction. In 2005, he released his first film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and in 2011 Forbes Magazine named him the highest paid man in entertainment. Emerging from the African-American experience, and perhaps sharing a characteristic comedic energy, urban theatre and gospel theatre are actually separate genres. Unlike urban theatre, gospel theatre includes a distinct religious element, incorporating religiouslyinspired characters into the storyline. Sometimes the plays address issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, with sidesplitting humor which places the disturbing themes in a universal context. The Torontonian audiences have been treated to American gospel and urban theatre like Perry’s Why Did Get Married Too. Indeed, they are more accustomed to the genre than other Canadian urban centres. Enter stage right: Dr. Elaine Brown Spencer. A native of Ottawa, Ontario, Dr. Spencer crafted and brought to Ottawa, a fantastic theatrical production based on her book, Private Pain in Public Pews. The play presents to the church the prophetic message that the church must ‘get the

Tyler Perry

Dr. Elaine Brown Spencer

David E. Talbert

dung out of the dung gate’, meaning that gate used as the only exit from which the filth of Jerusalem was removed and cast out of city walls. The Lord warns the church today through this play, that if we continue to conceal these unhealthy hurts, habits, deceptions, disappointments, lies and the like, we only serve to harm ourselves and those we’re supposed to help. Only when we acknowledge our failures and inadequacies will we be free and clear to live a transformed, transparent and godly life— one that will bless, encourage and heal our world. This play was the first written, scripted, produced and directed by Dr. Spencer with virtually no previous theatrical experience under her belt. She follows hard on the heels of other Canadian urban and gospel theatrical productions such as My Brother’s Keeper; written and directed by Toronto gospel playwright, Cheryl Nembhard. Another stage play, I Need to Know My Father, written by Marcia Brown is in a current multi-city tour. The genre of both urban and gospel theatre clearly has a path of success here in Canada that can be built upon by other enterprises, both Canadian and American! Kathy Grant is a gospel artist, radio and TV host, CEO of KGM Enterprises and founder of Canadian Gospel Music Conference. She is also radio host on Canada’s CHRI 99.1 FM where she hosts the program ‘Gospel Groove’.


Nov/Dec 2011


Nakitta Foxx

Nevels Sisters

B. Reith

Earnest Pugh

Let Us Worship November 1 Walker Davis Ent.

It’s My Time November 1 Squeekey/MoLife

How The Story Ends November 1 Gotee Records

Thankful Reflection November 4 Blacksmoke

Juan Santiago

William McDowell

Maurette Brown Clark

Chris Tomlin

Ultimate Worship November 8 Naro Group

Arise November 8 Light Records

God’s Not Dead November 8 Inpop

How Great Is Our God November 15 Six Steps Records


Michael W. Smith

Le’Andria Johnson

Amber Bullock

God’s Not Dead November 15 Inpop

Glory November 21 Provident

Christmas Best December 6 Music World

Thank You December 6 Music World


Nov/Dec 2011


LEGAL Brief The 360 DEAL Is it the Right Deal for You? BY ANGELA D. GREEN, ESQ. sually record labels make their money from record sales and publishing if they have a publishing division. However, with the decline in record sales, labels are coming up with creative ways to generate additional income. One of those creations is the 360 Label Deal. The 360 Deal is a contractual arrangement where the label is granted a percentage of the artist's income from all areas of their career. Therefore, the label would share in income from performances, endorsement deals, movie deals, product sales and anything else the artist has going for his or her career. As an artist, you should be very careful before entering into this type of deal. This deal may make perfect sense if you are dealing with Disney, which has the means to promote the artist in various areas of the entertainment industry.

However, you may want to pass if you are offered this deal from an independent record label. In any contractual situation, you need to seek professional help from your attorney or manager to make sure you are making the best decision to further your career. The articles and/or legal tips provided by Angela Green, Esq. are for informational purposes only, concerning general legal principles. You should consult your legal counsel for answers to specific legal questions. Angela Green is an entertainment attorney in Memphis, Tennessee and Vice President of On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Festival. She is also part owner of Key II Entertainment, an artist management company and founder/CEO of music publishing and registration Service Positioned for Millions.

LEGAL TERMS EVERY ARTIST SHOULD KNOW Synchronization License Authorization granted by a music publisher, or songwriter to use a song with visual images (as in a motion picture or television program).


Nov/Dec 2011



Christmas Music


Nov/Dec 2011


VÉÇzÜtàâÄtà|ÉÇá 2012 NOMINEES Contemporary Group/Duo of the Year James Fortune & FIYA Mary Mary Trin-i-tee 5:7

Artist of the Year Earnest Pugh Kirk Franklin Mary Mary VaShawn Mitchell Song of the Year “Nobody Greater” | Darius Paulk “Well Done” | Deitrick Haddon “I Smile” | Kirk Franklin “I Choose To Worship” | Wess Morgan Male Vocalist of the Year Earnest Pugh Israel Houghton Smokie Norful VaShawn Mitchell Female Vocalist of the Year Beverly Crawford Kim Burrell Martha Munizzi Yolanda Adams Group/Duo of the Year James Fortune & FIYA Mary Mary Rance Allen Group Trin-i-tee 5:7 New Artist of the Year Greater Mt. Calvary Church Choir Preashea Hilliard Todd Dulaney Y’Anna Crawley CD of the Year James Fortune & FIYA – I Believe Kirk Franklin – I Smile Mary Mary – Something Big VaShawn Mitchell – Triumphant Choir of the Year Chicago Mass Choir Mississippi Mass Choir Ricky Dillard Shekinah Glory Ministry Producer of the Year Aaron Lindsey, Tommy Sims & Israel Houghton for Love God. Love People. Kirk Franklin for Hello Fear VaShawn Mitchell, Daniel Weatherspoon & Rick Robinson for Triumphant Warryn Campbell/Mary Mary for Something Big


Nov/Dec 2011


Traditional Group/Duo of the Year Keith Wonderboy Johnson & Spiritual Voices Rance Allen Group The Soul Seekers Contemporary Male of the Year Deitrick Haddon Earnest Pugh Israel Houghton VaShawn Mitchell Traditional Male of the Year Keith Wonderboy Johnson John P Kee Rance Allen Smokie Norful Contemporary Female of the Year Kim Burrell Preashea Hilliard Y’Anna Yolanda Adams Traditional Female of the Year Beverly Crawford Evelyn Turrentine-Agee LaShun Pace Twinkie Clark Contemporary CD of the Year Deitrick Haddon | Church on the Moon Kirk Franklin | Hello Fear Mary Mary | Something Big VaShawn Mitchell | Triumphant Traditional CD of the Year John P Kee | The Legacy Project Mississippi Mass Choir | Then Sings My Soul Ricky Dillard | Keep Living Smokie Norful | How I Got Over… 2012 Stellar Nominations Continued on NEXT PAGE

NOMINEES Urban Inspirational Performance of the Year Deitrick Haddon | “Well Done” Kirk Franklin | “I Smile” Mary Mary | “Walking” VaShawn Mitchell | “Nobody Greater”

Quartet of the Year Keith Wonderboy Johnson & Spiritual Voices Rance Allen Group The Soul Seekers

Music Video of the Year – Short Form Martha Munizzi | “Excellent” (Martha Munizzi) Christian Heuer | “Walking” (Mary Mary) Canton Jones | “God” (Canton Jones) VaShawn Mitchell | “Nobody Greater” (VaShawn Mitchell)

Recorded Music Packaging of the Year Christina Jones for Dominionaire (Canton Jones) Denise Trotman & Greg Gilligan for Hello Fear (Kirk Franklin) Martha Munizzi for Make It Loud (Martha Munizzi) Tanner Gary for Triumphant (VaShawn Mitchell)

Music Video of the Year – Long Form Deitrick Haddon | Church on the Moon Jerry Parries | Bishop Morton Celebrates… Mississippi Mass Choir | Then Sings My Soul Ricky Dillard | Keep Living Traditional Choir of the Year Chicago Mass Choir Greater Mt. Calvary Church Choir Mississippi Mass Choir Ricky Dillard Contemporary Choir of the Year Lonnie Hunter & Structure Shekinah Glory Ministry Instrumental Gospel CD of the Year Harold Rayford | I Am the Instrument Moses Tyson Jr | Music Remastered & Sacred Organ Todd Ledbetter | Meditations: Hymns in the Key of Jazz Winston Stewart | Season Special Event CD of the Year Bishop Paul Morton | Still John P Kee | The Legacy Project Shekinah Glory Ministry | Refreshed By Fire VaShawn Mitchell | My Songbook Rap, Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year Flame | Captured Lecrae | Rehab Lecrae | Rehab: The Overdose Viktory | Birth of a Legacy Children’s Project of the Year Teen Pure N Heart | Pure N Heart Live Santiago & Claude Deuce | My Destiny Place – My Imagination The Velasquez Singers | Ten T-Rep The Young Prayzr | Let’s Go

Praise and Worship CD of the Year Earnest Pugh | Earnestly Yours Israel Houghton | Love God. Love People. Shekinah Glory Ministry | Refreshed By Fire VaShawn Mitchell | Triumphant Spoken Word CD of the Year Marco the Poet | Marco the Poet EP Michael Diallo McClendon | The Diallo Experience Selah | Look At You Loving Me Trupoetry | Trupoetry The following are the recipients of this year’s special awards: John P. Kee will receive the James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award Vy Higgensen will receive the Thomas Dorsey Most Notable Achievement Award Dorothy Norwood will receive the Dr. Bobby Jones Legend Award Radio Station of the Year Major Market (3M+) WPZE 102.5 FM (Atlanta, GA) WPRS 104.1 FM (Washington, DC) KJLH 102.3 FM (Los Angeles, CA) WGRB 1390 AM (Chicago, IL) Large Market (1-3M) WHAL 95.7 FM/1460 AM (Memphis, TN) WFMI 100.9 FM (VA-Norfolk-Newport, VA) KCAO 600 AM (Baltimore, MD) WMBM 1490 AM (Miami, FL)

2012 Stellar Nominations Continued on NEXT PAGE


Nov/Dec 2011


2012 Stellar Nominees Continued from Page 25 Medium Market (500,000-1M) WLOU 1350 AM (Louisville, KY) WPRF 94.9 FM (New Orleans, LA) WENO 760 AM (Nashville, TN) WPZK 102.5 (Little Rock, AR) Small Market (under 500,000) WDJL 1000 AM (Huntsville, AL) WJNI 106.3 FM (Charleston, SC) KOKA 980 AM (Shreveport, LA) WIMG 1300 AM (Trenton, NJ) Announcer of the Year Felicia Allbritton – WGOK (Mobile, AL) Ace Alexander – SGN The Light (Atlanta, GA) Freddie Rhodes – WGCL – (Jacksonville, FL) John Hannah – WGRB (Chicago, IL) Liz Black – WLIB (New York, NY) Willie McClendon – WNOO (Chattanooga, TN) Melanie Clark Pratt – WPZS (Charlotte, NC) Darryll King – WYCA (Hammond, IN) Internet Radio Station of the Year Gospel Synergy – Andre` Carter (Chicago, IL) – Beatrice ‘Sistah Peaches’ Haywood (Mooresville, NC) – Howard C. Young, III, Rodrick & Roslyn Warren (Nashville, TN / Hattiesburg, MS) – Henry Harris (Oxon Hill, MD) – Ron Atkins (Pittsburgh, PA) – Jamila Joy (Richmond, VA) – Lady Charmaine Bassett (Sacramento, CA) – Lester Kinlow (Seattle, WA) – Shawn Manuel (Spartanburg, SC) – Gerard Bonner (Virginia Beach, VA)

Source: Edited List Courtesy of


Nov/Dec 2011


VÉÇzÜtàâÄtà|ÉÇá 2012 NOMINEES Rhythm Of Gospel CD Of The Year The Anointed Brothers Of Flint – “Introducing The Anointed Brothers Of Flint” Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis – “Live In Memphis” Jai Reed – “Jai Reed” James Ziegler – “Better” Kevin Terry & Predestined – “Kevin Terry & Predestined Live” Jason Wright & Masters Touch – “Victorious Believer” Corey Williams – “Blessings” Level8 – “The One” Rainbow Israel – “Now I Understand” Traditional CD Of The Year Tim White – “I’m Trusting Friendship Baptist Church – “Friendship Sings: A Worship Movement” Marcus Mosby – “Taking It Back To Church” New Jerusalem Church Mass Choir – “More Than Enough Kevin O Davis & The FBU Unified Choir – “Spread God’s Word” Colorado Movement – “Rayshun Walker Presents One” Pastor Kenneth L. Stewart & House Of Prayer MBC – There’s A Story Behind My Praise” Wilma Bivens – “God Will Do It” Lady Voncile Belcher – “Kourageous” Contemporary CD Of The Year JoVonta Patton & Deliverance For Youth – “There Is DFY LIVE” Brandon Mitchell & Singers With A Purpose – “I Feel A Move” Jamar Esaw & Triad:4 Christ – “Prepare Me” Kim Boggerty – “I Know The Man Jesus” Kendall King – “Faithful” Todd Curry & Focus – “Quit Playin Church” James Ziegler – “Better” Otis Byrd Jr. & Adoration – “The Experience” Mark Brown & Focus – “Restoration” Urban Contemporary/R&P CD Of The Year Justin Felton & The Prayze Team – “I Am Praise” The Gunters – “More Than Conquerors” Antoine Hilton – “B.A.I.T. Jovita Sheppard – “Rock Righteous” AJaay Swindell – “I Owe It All To You” Jasmine Williams – “New Beginning” Batayah – “Simply Batayah” Divine Nature – “Life Support” Kelly Downing – “Greater Faith In You”

Holy Hip Hop CD Of The Year Rainbow Israel – “Now I Understand” JB Real – “Freedom” Brotha Joseph – “In God We Trust” RK True Solider – Street Gospel” Survivor Q – “Daily Bread” NickDog – “Disciple Of God” Davayne – “God’s Gift” O-Dawg – “Real Talk, Volume II: Weapon Of Wisdom” 360 – “Just Believe” Praise & Worship CD Of The Year Dr. Mark Williams – “Everything” Chris Byrd – “Vessel” Todd Dulaney – “Pullin Me Through” DeMarcus Jones & Next Dimension – “Purpose” Maurice Griffin – “I Am Somebody 1:Peter 2:7” Shaleashea & Sounds Of Saints – “Cry Out” Minister Lawrence Rush & The Upperroom – “Never Alone” Anitra Wilson – “Miracle” Mark Wright & Friends – “Soul Essence Of A Worshipper” Quartet CD Of The Year The Anointed Brothers Of Flint – “Introducing The Anointed Brothers Of Flint” Redeemed – “The Journey Begins” The New Converted Voices – “A New Beginning” The Gospel Sonz Of Pine Bluff – “There Is No Limit” Second Chance – “Get Right” The Voice Of Clouds – “Everywhere I Go” Totally Committed – “The Time Has Come” Chuck & The Guiding Clouds – “Change” Alexis Jones – “Just Being Me” Male Quartet Group Of The Year The New Converted Voices – Tupelo, MS The Gospel Sonz – Pine Bluff, AR Totally Committed – Maxton, NC Second Chance – Omaha, NE The Voices Of Clouds – Rochester, NY Chuck & The Guiding Clouds – La Marque, TX Redeemed – Montgomery, AL The Anointed Brothers Of Flint – Flint MI Michael Boykin & The Mighty Voices – Clinton, NC 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees Continued on NEXT PAGE


Nov/Dec 2011


NOMINEES Female Quartet Group Of The Year Ziyon - Houston TX The Sweet Singing Harmonettes – Charlotte, NC The Douglas Singers – Chicago, IL Karen Washington & The New Singing Stars – Bainbridge, GA The McDonald Sisters- Fayetteville, NC The Alabama Gurlz – Eufaula, AL Sionetts – West Hempstead, NY Traditional/Contemporary Group/Duo Of The Year Level8 Mark Brown & Focus Powerfied Youth Brandon Mitchell & Singers With A Purpose Robert Weaver & The Weaver Chorale DeMarcus Jones & Next Dimension Otis Byrd Jr. & Adoration Todd Curry & Focus Zak Williams & 1 Akord Urban Contemporary Artist Of The Year Kenyatta Bryant AJaay Swindell The Gunters Antoine Hilton Musical Affirmation Of Christ LeShawn Daniels Jamie Simond Keni Applewhite John Jay Best Performance By Duo/Group Of The Year Divine Nature Minister Lawrence Rush & Upperroom Justin Felton & The Prayze Team God’s Gift Brandon Mitchell & Singers With A Purpose Otis Byrd Jr. & Adoration The Gunters Anointed By God The Douglas Singers

Worship/Praise Artist Of The Year Dr. Mark Williams Spencer Thornton Ontario Showers Joshua Kagler & HPC DeMarcus Jones & Next Dimension Jovita Sheppard Anitra Wilson Mark Wright & Friends Minister Lawrence Rush & Upperroom Church Choir Of The Year Friendship Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir – Kansas City, MO Bethel Baptist Institutional Church - Jacksonville, FL The Calvary Church Choir – Cincinnati OH All Nations Life and Praise Church – Stockbridge, GA Pastor Kenneth L. Stewart & House Of Prayer MB Church – Flint, MI Powerfied Youth - Salisbury MD Kevin O Davis & The FBU Unified Choir – Dallas, TX New Jerusalem Church Mass Choir –Jackson, MS Wayman Chapel AME Church – Jacksonville, FL Contemporary Choir Of The Year Kevin Terry & Predistined Jamar Esaw & Triad:4Christ Darnell Davis & Remnant JoVonta Patton & Deliverance For Youth Jason Wright & Masters Touch Level8 Powerfied Youth Zak Williams & 1 Akord All Nations Life and Praise Church Traditional Choir Of The Year Kevin O Davis & The FBU Unified Choir Alabama People Choice Mass Choir Sears Holding Associate Gospel Choir Marcus Mosby & United In Christ Colorado Movement New Jerusalem Church Mass Choir Pastor Kenneth L. Stewart & House Of Prayer MB Church Friendship Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir The Calvary Church Choir 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees Continued on NEXT PAGE


Nov/Dec 2011


NOMINEES Community Choir Of The Year Sears Holding Associate Gospel Choir Kevin Terry & Predestined Jamar Esaw & Triad:4Christ Zak Williams & 1 Akord Darnell Davis & Remnant Jovanta Patton & Deliverance For Youth Jason Wright & Master’s Touch Colorado Movement Meachum Clark & True Purpose New Artist Of The Year KJ Scriven Kevin Terry & Predestined Friendship Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir Jamie Simond Robert Weaver & The Weaver Chorale God’s Gift Minister Lawrence Rush & The Upperroom Christina Benjamin Jamar Esaw & Triad:4Christ Rhythm Of Gospel Artist Of The Year Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis – Memphis, TN Chris Byrd - Maumee, OH Batayah - Fayetteville, NC Level8 - Miami Gardens, FL Terrance Mackey & Nu Restoration – Desoto, TX Todd Curry & Focus - Snow Camp, NC Lady Voncile Belcher - Norcross, GA Survivor Q - Long Beach, CA Keni Applewhite – Atlantic City, NJ Holy Hip Hop Artist Of The Year O-Dawg – Louisville, KY JB Real – Raleigh, NC Von Won – Houston, TX M.C. B. aka Michael C. Beach – Defuniak Springs, FL Survivor Q - Long Beach, CA 360 – North Plainfield, NJ Brotha Joseph – Spring TX Immortal – Houston, TX NickDog – Beaumont, CA

Gospel Radio Station Of The Year Sheridan Gospel Network – “The Light” - Ellenwood, GA KWWJ 1360 AM – Baymont, TX WGRB Inspiration 1390 AM – Chicago, IL 107.9 The Beat Lexington – Lexington, KY WARR - 1520 AM – Warrenton, NC Rejoice 1140 AM - Altamonte Springs, FL WVAS FM 90.7 – Montgomery, AL WZAZ Gospel 1400 AM – Jacksonville, FL Radio Announcer Of The Year Morgan Dukes - SGN The Light Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey Wanda Patterson – WCGL AM 1360 Joy Harris - 107.9 The Beat Lexington Evangelist Loretta Coleman “The Queen” – WGCV 620 AM Pastor Franklin Maurice Henderson - XCEL Broadcasting Network Angier Johnson - WVAS FM 90.7 Michael Adrian Davis – Hallelujah 95.7 FM Grace “Bam Bam” Rhodes – WARR 1520 AM Producer Of The Year James Ziegler – “Better” Produced By: James Ziegler, Loren “Tone” Kirkland and Jerome Kirkland Kendall King – “Crazy Praise" Produced By: Kendall King Jamar Esaw & Triad:4Christ – “Prepare Me” Produced By: Jamar Esaw, Brain Lofton, and Michael “Brandon” Bratsch Colorado Movement – “One” Produced By: Rayshun Walker for Maschil Music Group Kevin O Davis & The FBC Unified Choir – “Spread God’s Word” Produced By: Bobby Sparks II, and Kevin O Davis Mark Wright & Friends – “Soul Essence Of A Worshiper” Produced By: Mark Wright Corey Williams – “Blessings” Produced By: Marcus Taylor and Grove Quest Productions Wilma Bivens – “God Will Do It” Produced By: Brian Dunlap for D-Lap Productions Maurice Griffin – “I Am Somebody 1 Peter 2:9” Produced By: Maurice Griffin, and Marshon Lewis 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees Continued on NEXT PAGE


Nov/Dec 2011


NOMINEES Best Recording Artist With Featured Soloist Otis Byrd – “All In His Hands – featuring Pastor Otis Byrd Sr. The New Converted Voices – “I Call Him Jesus” featuring Lisa Knowles Justin Felton & The Prayze Team – “Heard My Cry” – featuring Jesse Stevenson Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis – “He Will” – featuring Benita Washington Teen Pure N Heart – “Where Would I Be” – featuring La’Ontra Jones Jason Wright & Masters Touch – “Sinner Man” – featuring Lillian Lloyd James Ziegler – “Lift Him” – featuring Zanetta Wingfield Gospo-Fella Entertainment – “Chosen To Be Separated” featuring C2BS Brandon Mitchell & SWAP – “Get It Out” featuring Kimberly Washington Rhythm Of Gospel Song Of The Year Todd Dulaney – “Pullin Me Through” Joshua Kagler & HPC – “Adoration” Robert Weaver & The Weaver Chorale – “God Changed Me” Otis Byrd Jr. & Adoration – “Holy Is He” Darnell Davis & Remnant – “Your Power” Kendall King – “Crazy Praise” James Ziegler – “Better” Rainbow Israel – “Now I Understand” Kima Charysse – “Jesus Will” Contemporary Song Of The Year Kevin Terry & Predestined – “Hold On” Robert Weaver & The Weaver Chorale – “God Changed Me” Diana Woods – “You Better Listen” Brandon Mitchell & Singers With A Purpose – “Get It Out” Teen Pure N Heart – “Where Would I Be” Anitra Wilson – “Miracle” Terrance Mackey & Nu Restoration – “So Good” Darnell Davis & Remnant – “Your Power” Kenyatta Bryant – “The BIBLE”

Traditional Song Of The Year Friendship Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir – “Let Everything That Has Breath” Algeron Wright – “Ready To Serve” LeShawn Daniels – “Song Of Restoration” Wilma Bivens – “God Will Do It” Marcus Mosby - “No Failure” Tim White – “Grace” Frozene Hayes – ‘Thank You Lord One More Chance” Minister CL Johnson – “Give Me Strength” Lady Voncile Belcher – “Yes” Urban/R&P Song Of The Year Jasmine Williams – “Rock Star” Anointed By God – “Tribute To You” John Jay – “Take Me Up” Claudia Elliot – “Grandma’s Hands” KJ Scriven – “Gotta Tell You” Musical Affirmation Of Christ – “Let It Flow” God’s Gift – “Celebrate” Rob J – “Don’t Get It Twisted” Jamie Simond – “Can’t Wait” Holy Hip Hop Song Of The Year Von Won – “Bow Down” M.C.B. aka Michael C. Beach – “Power Up” O-Dawg – “I Represent” Immortal – “Prayer Warriors” RK True Soldier - “Get Saved” Dayvne – “Good News” Brotha Joseph – “Change Your Mind” 360 – “Sorry I Can’t Go” Survivor Q – “First Thing First” Praise and Worship Song Of The Year Powerfied Youth – “The Blood” Chris Byrd – “Glory And Honor” Kelly Downing – “Greater” Dr. Mark Williams – “King Of Glory Mark Brown & Focus – “Unconditional Love” Ontario Showers – “Come Forth” Todd Dulaney – Pullin Me Through” Jai Reed – “Secret Place” Darnell Davis & Remnant – “Make Me Over” 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees Continued on NEXT PAGE


Nov/Dec 2011


NOMINEES Song Writer Of The Year Maurice Griffin – His Praises – Written By: Maurice Griffin Marcus Mosby – “No Failure” - Written By: Marcus Mosby Brandon Mitchell & SWAP – “King Of Glory” – Written By: Charles Tucker Kevin O Davis – “Nothing But The Blood” – Written By: Kevin O Davis DeMarcus Jones & Next Dimension – “Purpose” - Written By: Xavier Jackson Mark Wright & Friends –“ I Worship You” – Written By: Mark Wright Algeron Wright – “Ready To Serve” - Written By: Algeron Wright Chris Byrd – “All The Earth” – Written By: Chris Byrd Christina Benjamin – “Holding Me Close” – Written By: Christina Benjamin Product Packaging Of The Year Justin Felton & The Prayze Team – “I Am Praise” Stephen M. Lee – “Music and The Key Life” Jamar Esaw/Triad:4 Christ – “Prepare Me” Divine Nature – “Life Support” New Jerusalem Church Mass Choir – “More Than Enough” Mark A. Smith – “My Story” Mark Brown & Focus – “Restoration” Jovonta Patton & Deliverance For Youth -“There Is DFY LIVE” NickDog – “Disciple Of God” Rhythm Of Gospel Praise/Mime Team Of The Year Silent Witness Mime Team – Lexington, NC Called 2 Dance Mime – Woodstock, GA Thermostat Mimes – Fort Worth, TX Anointed Hands Mime Ministry – Wixom, MI Genesis Mime – Eastover, NC UM Mimes – Monroe, LA AK Mimes Ministry – Pineville, LA Wings Mime – New Orleans, LA Silent Adoration Mime – Beaumont, TX

Alternative Christian Gospel CD Daniel Kondas – “Called” Immensus8 – “Immeasurable” Dana Lipsey – “Jesus Saved Me” Chan – “Feel the Music” Erika Morrison – “Gratitude” John Brown – “Unplugged” Gospel Fella Entertainment – “The Countdown” Martay – “Game Over” Keni Applewhite – “Last But Not Forgotten” Alternative Christian Song Of The Year Kenyatta Bryant – “The BIBLE” Nicole Michelle Apointe – “My Groom” Daniel Kondas – “Make A Change” Christina Benjamin – “Holding Me” Chan – “Amazing Grace” Immensus8 – “Somehow You Found Me” John Brown – “Unplugged” Gospo-Fella Entertainment – “Invincible” Dana Lipsey – “Jesus Saved Me” Special Event CD Of The Year Stephen M. Lee – Music and The Key Life Gospo-Fella Entertainment – “The Countdown” Alabama People Choice Mass Choir – “Getting My House In Order” Immensus8 – Immeasurable Daniel Kondas – “Called” Martay – “Game Over” Teen Pure N Heart – “WOW” Nicole Michelle Apointe – “Come To Me” Paul Taylor – “Passion For Playing Hymns Volume II” Record Label/Company Of The Year Pen Tab Records Ashro Records Thirty37 Entertainment Gold Street Gospel CE Records Lion Of Judah Records New Vision Records JMickey Music Group 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees Continued on NEXT PAGE


Nov/Dec 2011


NOMINEES Quartet Song Of The Year The Anointed Brother Of Flint -“It Could Have Been Me” The Gospel Sonz Of Pine Bluff – God Will Fix It The New Converted Voices – “Good God” Totally Committed – “I’ve Got A Right” Second Chance – “Get Right” The Voices Of Clouds – “Everywhere I Go” Michael Boykins/The Mighty Voices – “Stand Up” Ziyon - “Mercy On Me” The Alabama Gurlz – “Gonna Be Alright”

Contemporary Female Vocalist Of The Year Batayah – Fayetteville, NC DeAnna Ransom – Wilmington, DE Kenyatta Bryant – Riverdale, GA Erika Morrison – Charlotte, NC Shealeshea Brooks – Chicago, IL Kim Boggerty – Dover, DE Jovita Shepprard – Brooklyn, NY Jasmine Williams – Tuscaloosa, AL Kelly Downing – East Orange, NJ

Contemporary Male Vocalist Of The Year Todd Dulaney – Snellville, GA Zebulon Ellis – Conyers, GA Maurice Griffin – Snellville, GA Corey Williams – Westmont IL Mark A. Smith – McComb, MS Joshua Kagler – New Orleans, LA KJ Scriven – Parkton, NC Spencer Thornton – Portsmouth, VA James Ziegler – Pittsburg, PA

Traditional Female Vocalist Of The Year Kendall King – Reston, VA Wilma Bivens – Fresno, TX Frozene Hayes - Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin Kim Boggerty – Dover, DE Lady Voncile Belcher – Norcross, GA Anitra Wilson – Garner, NC Alexis Jones – Bay City, TX Lemmie Battles – Chicago, IL

Urban Contemporary Male Vocalist John Jay – Richmond, VA Jamie Simond – Snellville, GA KJ Scriven – Parkton, NC Mark A. Smith – McComb, MS Antoine Hilton – Middletown, NY John Brown – Clermont, FL Dana Lipsey – Creedmoor, NC Rob J Jones – Flint, MI Keni Applewhite – Atlantic City, NJ Traditional Male Vocalist Of The Year Tim White – Chicago, IL Algeron White – Swansea, SC Minister CL Johnson – Flint, MI Courtney Jackson – Omaha, NE Jeffery (Jay) Williams – Flint, MI Pastor Otis Byrd Sr. – Lithia Springs, GA Dr. Mark Williams – Nashville, TN James Zigelar – Pittsburg, PA Michael Boykins – Clinton, NC


Nov/Dec 2011


Urban Contemporary Female Vocalist Claudia Elliot – Fuquay Varina, NC Christina Benjamin – Oak Park, MI Martay – Salinas, CA Batayah – Fayetteville, NC Anitra Wilson – Garner, NC Kelly Downing – East Orange, NJ Diana Woods – Atlanta, GA Kima Charysse – Kennesaw, GA Erika Morrison – Charlotte, NC Rhythm Of Gospel Music Video Of The Year Jai Reed – “Secret Place” James Funches & BHTPW – “Not By Might” Brotha Joseph – “Forgive Me” Teen Pure N Heart Live – “WOW” Marjane – “Give God His Praises” DeAnna Ransom – “I Hear You LIVE” The Bell Singers – “Live In Memphis” The McDonald Sisters- “Live In Conway” 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees Continued on NEXT PAGE

2012 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees Continued from Page 32

Gospel Radio Promotion & Marketing Group Of The Year Grateful Gospel - Mr. Quentin & Charese Mclean Get Noticed Marketing – Lashelle Crump Thompkins Media Group – TC Thompkins Marketing Ministry – Mrs. Wanda Adams DeShields Entertainment - Mrs. Norma DeShields Brown Total Prayze Entertainment Group – David Wallace The Rite Note Entertainment Group – Donnell Russell DW Promotions –Daphanie Cassel Royal Priesthood Promotions – Marvin Houston Internet Print/Press/Media Group Of The Year Promoting Purpose Magazine Gospel Now Christian Lifestyle Magazine Epitome Magazine Gospel Synergy Magazine Encore Gospel Entertainment Magazine AIRPLAY 360 Online Magazine The Gospel Round-Up Gospel News Magazine I Am Entertainment Magazine Internet Radio Show Of The Year XCEL Broadcasting Network – Frank Henderson Christian Juke Box (CJB) – Kevin James The Quartet Hour - Jermaine Mickey Ek3 Internet Radio – Ellis Kelly III The Praise Gospel Network (PGN) Radio BAP (Brodrick A Purvis Productions) – Brodrick Purvis I Shout For Joy – Jamila Joy Internet Media Group Of The Year Black Gospel Promo Grateful Gospel Gospel Impact Radio Total Prayze Entertainment Group Reunion Ministry Block Buster Gospel The Praise House DW Promotions Praise Gospel Network (PGN) To vote go to


Nov/Dec 2011


Airplay 360 Nov/Dec 2011  

AIRPLAY 360 is the Ultimate Online Magazine for Today's Independent Spirited Artist

Airplay 360 Nov/Dec 2011  

AIRPLAY 360 is the Ultimate Online Magazine for Today's Independent Spirited Artist