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PUBLISHER’S NOTE Time to Elevate Your Music Career, Ministry irplay 360 will host an Indie Artist Session on Saturday, May 14 at the I Hear Music In the Air Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be a great opportunity for independent artists to be empowered, educated and inspired. But ultimately, as facilitator, my prayer is that those who attend this session will elevate their music career and ministry to a whole new level of excellence. Too often in gospel, we feel that because our career is our ministry, we don’t have to bother so much with the business side of things. Not so. As an artist, you should always operate in the spirit of excellence. That includes everything from written contracts and agreements to avoid legal conflicts, to taking care with how you develop your brand or present your image, both on stage and off. You should always be the consummate professional. If a venue booking you seems reluctant to sign your contract or agreement, that venue may not be about the business and you may end up singing for a chicken dinner instead of an honorarium. Doing music ministry shouldn’t cause you to lose sight of the business of music. If being an artist is your livelihood—your primary means of income—then, you owe it to yourself as well as your family to take care of business. Remember, what you do as a gospel artist is ministry. How you do it is business.

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE – Time to Elevate Your Music Career, Ministry by Ace Alexander


LEGAL BRIEF – The Band Agreement: Why Every Group Needs One by Angela D. Green, ESQ


COVER STORY – Jessica Reedy: God Has Smiled on Her by Louise M. Moore

11 YOUR IMAGE – Freedom by Adrian Anderson 12 IN THE SPOTLIGHT – Monica Lisa Stevenson by Louise M. Moore 15 VOCAL HEALTH – How Overeating Can Affect Your Voice by Mark A. Williams, MD PhD 16 INTERNATIONAL — May is the Month to Celebrate the Spirit of Being by Kathy Grant 17 FINANCES – Give Your Investments Time to Bloom by Nicole B. Simpson, CFP

On the Cover: Jessica Reedy S

How Overeating 8 Can Affect Your Voice

May 2011


Why Every Group or Band Must Sign a

Band Agreement

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Best Resources for Your

Electronic Press Kit When it comes to creating your electronic press kit which includes your bio, music, reviews, press coverage and appearance schedule, there are many resources on the Internet that are helpful. Here are some of your best resources.

Sonicbids AirPlay Direct ReverbNation AnyGig

LEGAL Brief The


Why Every Group Needs One BY ANGELA D. GREEN, ESQ.

s an artist, it is important to realize that not only do you create music, but you are also in the music business. For those of you who are members of singing groups, you can’t ignore the fact that your group members are also your business partners. No business can run effectively without a plan and a group is no different. How will you fund your business activities such as studio time, manufacturing and packaging CDs, travel expenses to showcases and so forth? How will you share the profits from paid engagements, independent CD sales, merchandising, or royalties from music publishing? Who will own the assets of the group such as the group name, master recordings or music copyrights? How does the group make decisions? What happens if a member leaves the group? The list of questions can go on and on. The best way to answer these questions and others is for the members of the group to sit down and talk about these questions. You can address


May 2011

“Having a band agreement will come in handy if the group is successful or if the group disbands.”

these issues alone or you may want to sit down with your manager or attorney Once the group has come to some decisions; then, it is time to have a BAND AGREEMENT drafted for all group members to sign. Having a band agreement will come in handy if the group is successful or if the group disbands. It could be the difference between a smooth or bitter transition. The articles and/or legal tips provided by Angela Green, Esq. are for informational purposes only, concerning general legal principles. You should consult your legal counsel for answers to specific legal questions. Angela Green is an entertainment attorney in Memphis, Tennessee and Vice President of On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Festival. She is also part owner of Key II Entertainment, an artist management company and founder/CEO of music publishing and registration Service Positioned for Millions.


t 22, Saginaw, Michigan native Jessica Reedy is wowing audiences with her beautiful rendition of God Has Smiled on Me. Originally recorded by the late Rev. James Cleveland, Reedy’s remake of the gospel classic raced to the top of iTunes as the most downloaded gospel single just 24 hours after its release. The newly signed Light Records recording artist is already a household name in the gospel community after advancing to the finals of Black Entertainment Television’s hit singing competition Sunday Best, Season 2. Reedy was first runner-up and gained lots of fans and admirers with her rich, soulful tone, complimented by her signature lower register. While in Atlanta working on her debut album, Reedy took time to chat with Airplay 360 about her journey from the spotlight of Sunday Best to her business partnership and signing with Light Records. 8

May 2011

LM: How did you end up auditioning for BET’s Sunday Best? JR: My friend had auditioned the year before and I hadn’t sang in such a long time but my friend wanted me to come along. I said, “Absolutely not!” But it just so happened that a week before (the auditions), I got fired. So, I told me friend that I’ll drive you down there (to the auditions) but I’m not going to sing. I just couldn’t take the rejection because I knew my voice wasn’t ready. So when I got there the line was wrapped around the corner, and I said, “Well, since I’m not singing I’m going to cut.” The lady up at the front let me stay and when I got inside they gave me a number and my heart dropped. But I knew I wasn’t coming there to sing anyway, so I thought, “When they tell me ‘no’, I won’t be shocked.” I sort of set myself up for the disappointment but they never told me, “No.” And I just kept going higher and higher.

LM: You mentioned that you hadn’t sang for a long time. Why? JR: My pregnancy was probably the worst time of my life. I was very unhappy so, I didn’t sing at all. I barely talked. I just cried everyday. I was just so full of embarrassment (being unwed) and threw myself a pity party everyday. That’s why my voice changed so much. LM: Hearing you talk with such a high speaking voice, no one would ever think that you have such a low register when you sing. JR: I was a high soprano—a very high soprano. I couldn’t dream of hitting the notes I hit now. I was an extremely high soprano but by me not talking, God was doing a work in me. And, when I did talk, I sounded like a man. So I said to myself, “I’m not singing, sounding like this. This is crazy. I’m a lady. I don’t talk like this.” It just built up all this insecurity and I felt like I didn’t belong and shouldn’t be singing. There was all kind of mess the devil had in my head but God had a different plan. LM: Now on Sunday Best, you didn’t win but as runner-up didn’t you still get a recording contract? JR: Oh no, not in this case. LM: So, how did you end up with Light Records? JR: God. LM: It’s been like two years since you were on the show and you recently signed with Light Records. What was happening in between all that time? JR: Right after the show, nobody called me. I got no phone calls. Nothing. I was still singing at different churches and traveling and I’m saying, “Nobody wants me.” And, it really took my mind to a horrible place. I couldn’t understand how God could bring me to such a place knowing I lacked the faith and confidence to begin with, just to take me right back where I started. But that wasn’t the case at all. Maybe about five months after the show, I started getting phone calls from labels. Even the R&B labels were calling me but that wasn’t who I had signed up to be. I told God I would sing for him no matter what. I got calls from labels offering me hundreds of thousands of dollars but they were easy “No’s”. I look back now and I thank God for the maturity and for him telling me exactly what to do. Light Records called and we worked out some things with the BET contract and they (BET) finally released me and gave me their blessing. And I was able to sign with Light Records, an incredible family and I’m happy. LM: How has your life changed since the show and since you signed with Light Records?

Jessica Reedy performing during Season 2, BET’s Sunday Best

JR: I’ve always had the mindset to work harder than the person working for me or with me, especially since they’re working my brand and my gifts. Since the show, my manager and I worked hard to make sure we stayed humble and were following the guidelines of the Bible as well as the business. So when I got signed to Light Records, I brought something to the table. They didn’t have to just create something for me. God had already told me, “Jessica, get off of your butt and let’s go to work. I’ve given you something, now learn. Get out there and do the things I’ve shown you to do.” Sitting there at the table (with Light Records), it became a partnership. But God had his hands all into it. LM: Of all the people that you’ve met in this industry, who has impacted you the most? JR: Donnie McClurkin and Dorinda Clark Cole. Every time Dorinda sees me, she’s extremely sweet to me. She’s always encouraging and our meetings are never long. I watch her from afar and she doesn’t know it. I watch her posture. I watch her attention to each individual person, and every person is important. I watch her demeanor and how her spirit is always consistent. That to me is such an inspiration. She is to me a great example of God’s work and God’s blessing. She’s a person that’s been to the top of the mountain and all around the world; and she can still be humble and not be partial to people. And, Donnie McClurkin has always given me the honest truth. He’s always taught me through truth and his experience. Jessica Reedy’s debut album will be released Summer 2011. For more information go to

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Artist Control

Creative Control

BY ADRIAN ANDERSON elcome to what we've all been waiting for— Freedom! Did you know that currently what is considered a new album for the Recording Academy are five songs in excess of 15 minutes collectively? Also, your compatible video on YouTube counts as well. "No Label Required." This means that signing with a label is up to you so just be knowledgeable when making that all important decision. Remember, you have the capability to place your image and music out there and submit yourself for Grammy nominations. You always could in some ways; however, with five songs being the criteria, there is more opportunity. Look on the Grammy website at to understand all the rules. Join the Recording Academy! Get to know your industry community beyond your genre of music and position, for there is power in numbers! You cannot complain if you do not participate. It’s that that simple. With that said, you should be networking with those who can provide compatible services for what you need and provide the same. This is where genuine relationships come into play. Work with who you respect because this is a journey that you want to enjoy and want to know that everyone is looking out for one another. Your image depends on the foundation it is built upon. Build upon integrity and collective support. Have your own vision and have a shared vision.

Also, less is more so keep your ego in check. Some artists place images of themselves on tshirts, when a copy of their CD on the t-shirt would have be better. So, just be mindful of everything. With a sound factual understanding of where you can really go digitally and what rewards you can garner, you can plan with a clear strategy. That's what it takes every time. Be patient because quick is not always quality. Do, however, challenge yourself to be efficient and to have a sense of urgency when needed. Just like you are able to pay less for services, so do the labels so, it's anyone's game. Remember, you will recoup everything a label spends so be sure you want the marketing that you think you do. The money may come in slower; however, there will be less overhead and that has an obvious value. If you have developed a good following, you may go for it and see that less is more when you’re not recouping large amounts. Like the hummingbird, I pray you get the sweet nectar centered in the Divine Blossom of Opportunity! Adrian Anderson is a motivational speaker, beauty entrepreneur and former member of the multi-award winning urban inspirational trio Trin-itee 5:7. Her company Halo Tu` Beauty will launch December 2011. Follow Adrian on twitter

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tellar Award nominated recording artist Monica Lisa Stevenson has achieved a lot in her music ministry. Her 2009 debut CD Finally in God’s Time, earned her Stellar Award nominations for Best New Artist and Best Traditional Female. And, she was recipient of the Gospel Choice Awards for Best Female Artist and Song of the Year; and an Ensound Award for Best Traditional Performance. But despite all her accolades and even being an ordained minister, Stevenson sees her humanitarian efforts as her greatest ministry. Just recently, in an interview with Airplay 360, Stevenson talked about her ministry and how she’s impacting the lives of others. LM: Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing in Alabama. MLS: Well, I’m here in Birmingham now giving back for people to see what it means to do real ministry. To me this is the real ministry of what I’m doing, to help somebody else. We are bringing two truckloads of food, water and clothing for all the displaced families here. People would not even realize it until you see this with your eyes that God is really a keeper. LM: Is it just you as an individual or are you partnering with a charitable organization? MLS: We’re here with Divine Faith Ministries and my MLS team just felt we should be here as well to support. LM: You were the winner of the 2008 Be Sickle Cell Smart competition. Have you or someone in your family been affected by sickle cell? MLS: I have a couple of people in my immediate family with sickle cell. But when I was approached with the opportunity (to be in this competition), my answer was immediately, “Yes.” Of course, they entered my song Lord Keep Me Day By Day into the contest which was featured on their compilation CD. That song ministered to a whole lot of people because of what the song is about, you know God being a keeper and being a healer. That meant a lot for me to be a part of Be Sickle Cell Smart. LM: With your music, how are you able to deliver songs with such fervor and conviction? MLS: You know you have to go through trials and tribulations because at one point I was just singing and it wasn’t ministry until my relationship with God really grew. I had to let some things go and let God do what he needed to do in my life.

LM: So who are your musical influences? MLS: I didn’t want to be labeled as just one genre of music. I love all kinds of music. The last CD that we just recorded has a variety of everything on it. But artists like the Caravans, Vickie Winans, The Williams Brothers and the Canton Spirituals have influenced me greatly. LM: You have a part in Tyler Perry’s MaDea’s Big Happy Family. How did that role come about? MLS: Accidentally. Someone who was very close to me was suppose to have the part for the choir and they were not able to do it. And, it’s so funny because I was in New York when I got the phone call and they (the production) were going to be in the studio in Atlanta the next day and my flight was not due to leave until the next morning. But you know when something is for you, God will make a way out of no way and that he did. They were able to make arrangements for me to get back to Atlanta in time so that I could be in the movie. LM: Do you know if there are any plans at all to use you in future Tyler Perry productions? MLS: Well, we’re working on some stuff now so we’re just praying and hopefully things will work out. Monica Lisa Stevenson’s sophomore album was recorded live April 2011 in Atlanta and is scheduled to be released Fall 2011. For more information on Monica Lisa Stevenson visit her website at

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Vocal Health

How Overeating Can Affect Your Voice BY MARK A. WILLIAMS, MD, PhD

aryngopharyngeal reflux or as it is more commonly known, silent heartburn, occurs when the acids from the stomach reflux into the throat; thereby, causing irritation of the voice box. This usually manifests as intermittent or persistent hoarseness, frequent throat clearing, cough and/or a sensation of a lump in the throat. Unlike gastroesophageal reflux (GERD or traditional heartburn), you may not feel the usual symptoms of indigestion. However, your voice will certainly feel the impact and as a result and become inflamed. The following are some helpful lifestyle and diet modifications that can help prevent this from occurring. 1. Avoid overeating which distends the stomach and increases the risk of acid reflux.

3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption. 4. Avoid lying down within three hours of eating. 5. Sleep with the head of the bed elevated 20 degrees. Often, these modifications are as effective as taking prescription medications, but require diligent commitment. If not, you might require treatment with over-the-counter or prescription medications. If your symptoms are severe or persist for longer than one month, you should be evaluated by an otolaryngologist.

Mark A. Williams, M.D., Ph.D. is an otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose & Throat doctor) in Nashville, TN. He is the founder of the Voice Care Center of Nashville where he specializes in the prevention and treatment of voice disorders of singers, performers and professional voice users.

2. Avoid spicy, greasy and citrus foods.

May 2011



May is the Month to Celebrate

The Spirit of Being BY KATHY GRANT

Mali Music his May, we celebrate the Spirit of Being. We celebrate being what God has called us to be, who He has called us to be and why He has called us. We celebrate the discovery of our purpose and how we can fulfill our mandate. Since creation and the Garden of Eden, God has searched for those of His people whom He could identify as gems in His Kingdom, beautiful jewels that would adorn His crown as a bride would adorn herself; God wants to adorn Himself with us – His beautiful Gems. In honor of this celebration, we welcome to Ottawa, Canada, Phillip Carter, multi-talented, twotime Stellar Award-winning artist, music conference founder, choir director, studio owner, producer and minister of music, from May 27-30 for the “Be the Gem” Tour. Be the Gem ~ Gems of Paradise is more than a tour opportunity for Carter or for Coppercoated Entertainment, the Canadian booking agent. It is a time to encourage youth and adults alike to quit playing church and BE THE CHURCH. Carter’s capabilities as the featured gospel artist, gospel music clinician, world-class choir master and featured speaker will encourage all saints to find their mandate, address their calling and follow their God-given purpose. Carter will preach the “Be the Gem” – Youth Revival Service Friday, May 27, and lead participating musicians across Canada’s capital at the Artist and Musician’s Workshop on May 28. Artists and choirs city-wide will participate in the Gala Artist Showcase (for Canadian and U.S. independent artists) and perform with the largest Ottawa Mass Choir. All evening activities will convene at Rhema Christian Ministries and are open to the public on May 28.


May 2011

Phillip Carter

As a young protégé, Carter began playing the piano at 18 months and directing choirs when he was nine; he grew up in the church under the watchful eye of his parents. So many of our youth today are still trying to find their way to know their giftings and follow their purpose. For Carter, this is his first time in Canada, though he has traveled all across the U.S. and even as far as Copenhagen, Denmark. He has found the secret of walking in purpose and on purpose. Carter will begin his tour in Ottawa performing live on Rogers Television on May 27. He will be joined by other Canadian gospel artists and media celebrities at the Gala Artist Showcase on May 28. This month of May, we celebrate not only what God has called us to be, but who He has called us to be: Gems of Paradise. To be a part of the Gala Showcase visit or contact with your request. Kathy Grant is a gospel artist, radio and television host, CEO of KGM Enterprises and founder of Canadian Gospel Music Conference. She is a radio host on Canada’s CHRI 99.1 FM where she hosts a weekly Sunday program called Gospel Groove.

YOUR Finances


Give Your Time to BY NICOLE B. SIMPSON, CFP veryone is familiar with the saying April showers produces May flowers! In addition, as a gardener, one understands the concept of planting seeds and expecting flowers to bloom. If a person desires a beautiful garden, there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure maximum results. For starters, the gardener must cultivate the land before seeds could ever be placed in the fertile soil. Once the seeds have been sown, the ground must be saturated occasionally to protect the seeds sown. Over the course of time, buds will begin to sprout and in due season, a full garden has blossomed Establishing a financial net worth requires the same dedication and commitment one would display when creating a garden. A person must devise a plan to ensure they receive maximum results financially. After developing the plan, or cultivating the soil, the initial investment must be made that will help an individual achieve their stated goals and/or objectives. But one cannot stop at the initial investment. Establishing a net worth requires attention. One may be required to add more money, make slight adjustments, or systematically rebalance or reallocate what is already invested. But what is most essential between a garden and investments is they both require time to blossom. One cannot plant a seed today and expect a full, vibrant garden tomorrow. If you interrupt the process by agitating the seed sown, it cannot properly develop and produce the desired result. It is critical that while the seed requires attention, its primary need is time to bloom. Building a net worth requires the same time


and attention. Any investments made, whether in business, in the stock market or even real estate, require time to bloom. There may be occasions where the investment needs attention, but that does not negate the fact that over time your investment has the opportunity to grow.

“Don’t fret. What you sow, you will also reap.” So, as you watch the flowers blossom all around you in anticipation of the summer time, remember the cold weather when nothing grew. Your investment will always experience periods in which there is little, no or even negative activity. But then comes the April showers. Most businesses will make adjustments over time to work towards profitability for their future. These seeds of promise are like the April showers. And with April showers, come May flowers! Paying attention to your investments and getting the proper advice and guidance will have you achieve your financial goals over time. Don’t fret. What you sow, you will also reap. Begin working on your financial garden today and watch it grow and blossom over time into exactly what you desired. I love it when a plan comes together!

Nicole B. Simpson is a certified financial planner, author, speaker, and disaster planning specialist. She is one of the most inspiring and motivating orientation speakers. A Profile to Success Award recipient by, Nicole has appeared on Money Matters with Lynn Doyle. Nicole is host of The Power of Gospel.

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