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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: ‘Stop Talking…Start Doing’ by Ace Alexander


Black Pearls: Be Encouraged, Breakthrough is Within Reach by Doris Stokes-Knight


How to Have Social Media Success by Pam Perry


YOUR FINANCES: Monetize Your Gift With Integrity by Nicole B. Simpson, CFP

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How to Have Social Media Success


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July/August 2012 / Vol. 5 No. 1 PUBLISHER Ace Alexander ASSISTANT TO PUBLISHER Alicia Baiden

here’s an old African proverb that simply says, “A chattering bird builds no nest.” In other words, “stop talking about what you’re going to do in life and start doing it…right now.” I think we’re all guilty of spending way too much time talking. But at the end of the day, it’s what we do after the talking that really counts. How many times have you gone to church on Sunday, shouted and spoke words, in English and in tongues, declaring what you were going to do, only to forget it all by Monday morning? You may have made New Year resolutions and now you’re looking at more than half the year gone and you still haven’t done what you said you were going to do. Much of the talking is procrastinating and making excuses for what you should have already done. But, guess what? It doesn’t have to be end this way. As long as you’re breathing, you still have time to make good on your words. You just have to stop talking about what you’re going to do and start doing it, right now, right here TODAY. YOU have the power through Jesus Christ to move forward into your NOW. Go ahead, write that book. Compose that song. Start that business. Don’t be a talker, be a doer. Keep your words few and let your works speak LOUD AND CLEAR.

EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Louise M. Moore EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Michelle Slater TEAM OF EXPERTS Adrian Anderson Tina A. Fears Kathy Grant Angela D. Green, Esq. Dileesa Hunter Roderick Jemison Nicole B. Simpson, CFP Chris Squire Mark A. Williams, M.D., Ph.D. SPECIAL EVENTS REPORTERS Letita Martin Miranda Brokenberry GUEST COLUMNISTS Pam Perry Doris Stokes-Knight ADVERTISING LTL Entertainment LLC

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Ace Alexander is a national radio personality and a two-time recipient of the Central South Distribution REACH Award. He is a two-time nominee for the R&R / Billboard Achievement Awards for Radio Personality and National Music Director of the Year and a 2011 and 2010 Radio Stellar Award nominee. He is also a Music & Entertainment Consultant and Founder of Airplay 360.

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July/August 2012


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Black Pearls

Be Encouraged…Breakthrough is Within Reach BY DORIS STOKES-KNIGHT

e often call ourselves waiting on a breakthrough from God, but what are YOU doing to encourage one to come? Many of us want the Lord to come through for us in some area of our lives, be it finances, our marriages, jobs, employment situations, etc. Do we really want a “breakthrough” or do we want God to just do everything for us without us having any real responsibility in any of it? We do have a part to play Zion. I think breakthrough is one of God’s areas of specialty because there is always a lesson to be learned from it. He loves to send a clear message to the believer that He “has our backs” in any given situation we may find ourselves in. For many of us, especially as Christians, an area we all could use some HELP in is the area of forgiveness and wanting revenge for wrongdoing. I can think of at least six or seven personal experiences of my own, where the Lord clearly told me to “get out of the way” and let Him handle things the way He saw fit. It’s amazing how we can know the Word, read it, study it and then, when we’re faced with a life situation, we immediately want to react by injecting our own policies of how we want to handle it! God declares in Romans 12:19, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” In this scripture, God literally is letting us know that He takes FULL ownership of vengeance; in fact, NONE OF US has a right to “get back” at anyone for any wrong doings. Oh wow…I know I got the Saints going now…I mean, ALL OF US are guilty of at least wanting to throw the book at SOMEBODY who has done us wrong…right? The last thing we want to hear when someone has wronged us is “Honey, just let the Lord deal with them; He’ll do it in His

own time…” But know this and I speak from experience: The Lord has a Heavenly system of repaying people for wrongfully attacking you like I’ve never witnessed! He can do things you would NEVER have the power, authority, right or ability to do, without getting in trouble for it, because He knows them inside and out…He made them. He knows how to deal with them in the most just way! My prayer for all of you is to stay in peace, when faced with any situations of wrong-doing and just be still; watch God move on your behalf; but DON’T hinder your own future and blessings by retaliating. Your breakthrough may be right around the corner or through the next open door! He may be trying to give or bring into your life your next season of favor and/or deliverance! You’ll cut it off or delay it by getting in “attack” mode. Breakthrough comes when we voluntarily “STAND DOWN” from having our own way; meaning, we give precedence to Him having the choice to deal with things in His own timing and in His own way on your behalf. Why is this important? Because the Lord made us in His own image; He’s responsible for giving each of us a “will”, meaning we can pretty much do what we choose to do (with consequences of course), but we can. He honors us when we turn over OUR WILLS to Him, even when we could do what we want to.God doesn’t forget what others do to us; often THEY DO, but when it comes to “pay back” time, then they can’t figure out why things aren’t going right in their lives, completely forgetting all about the havoc they caused in your life (and probably others)! CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE Doris Stokes-Knight is President and CEO of Black Pearl Enterprises and Voice 1 Music Ministries. She is also an ordained kingdom pastor, author, psalmist, worship leader, worship arts workshop facilitator, recording artist, songwriter, and gospel stage play actress. For more information email AIRPLAY 360

July/August 2012


How to Have

Social Media



UCCESS LEAVES CLUES! Who are YOU following and what have you learned? Have YOU let them know? Rave about them to others! So much information and not sure what to do next? Clueless? Need some help? Suppose you could sit down with the most successful people in your field and just talk with them to learn what they know. Well, here is the deal. YOU can learn what they know and you can probably do it for little or no cost! You just have to get your head in the game (quit focusing on only YOU), be observant, vigilant, coachable and appreciative. It's amazing to me to see folks struggling to do something and there are mentors online all around. In the age of the Internet, a couple of clicks on Google and you can find blogs, books, podcasts, webinars and websites or the some of the best and brightest minds on the planet. But don't just find their information and email them. That's the lazy way! That's the way to be put in the spam and "blocked" folder for real. So, what do you do once you find a person you feel is the next link in your destiny? Follow them religiously— not stalk but become a protégé by doing the following things: 1. BE SOCIAL! Be their Facebook friend, join their groups or be on their fan pages every day! Read their updates and comment on their statuses. It's easy to get overwhelmed from the millions of folks online but zone in on your "fav five" or "top ten." The folks you need to learn from, folks you admire, model and want to know how they think, operate and live their lives. Now, don't copy. And don't "hate on" them. A protégé appreciates a mentor. Learn to give accolades and tell others of the wonderful information you’re getting from your online mentor! Spread the love and it will come back to you! Be part of every social site where they are. If they’re on Twitter, you follow them on Twitter and retweet their tweets. If they are on Facebook or Twitter, make sure you get the SMS updates to your phone. Pick up clues


July/August 2012


and run with it. 2. BLOG. This is the easiest way to really learn from your mentor and get noticed by them fast. Because this is their weblog or online diary, you know what they’re thinking, doing, working on and can sense the direction their business is going. Read all their old blog posts. Become a student! Do your homework. Also, click all the buttons and links on their blog and find out what they're into and how you can add those same buttons, widgets or links to your own blog. But the main thing, is to comment on their posts! Be social when social networking! 3. EMAIL. Of course you have subscribed to their email list and read every email (even if they send something out every day), right? This is the secret. The mentor's emails are the keys to your next level. When your mentor sends an email to his/her list, they are talking to YOU. So, pay attention. They would not send a frivolous email. They are a pro, remember? That's why you are following them and NOT other way around. Here's what you can find out from reading, saving and keeping up with your online mentor's emails: * Their upcoming events, teleseminars, recent blog posts or media exposure. * Their style, wording of each email, so you can benchmark your email campaigns. * Their pattern for doing things. What days to they send emails, what times? * Their "hot buttons" and what is on the cutting edge in the industry. If they send a lot of emails, learn to manage it. You want to learn from them? Deal with it. Put the emails in a folder on your computer desktop or print them out and put them in a binder so you can read during your lunch hours—whatever it takes to be a good student and stay SOCIAL MEDIA Continued Page 7

SOCIAL MEDIA Continued From Page 6 on top of their information. Do it! If the information is coming fast and furious, maybe you're not ready for the level that you think you are. Think about it. If you can't read emails from your mentor, then you probably wouldn't be able to keep up with the pace they are on. You're just reading. They're doing the writing. Anyway, why would you want to follow an online mentor if their pace was slower than yours? So, suck it up and get organized. 4. FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANT, APPRECIATE AND ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ONLINE COACH. This is THE KEY to your success. I find that most people don't do this and consequently they don't get the results they're looking for or the FAVOR. Most folks are so self-absorbed that they rarely take time to be kind to others. It is great to have focus, but you need a team to make the dream work. And a day of favor is worth more than years of labor - any day! So, want to learn from those on the next level? 1. Listen. Be observant. Be vigilant. 2. Read. Scan. Speed read. Print and save information. 3. Be curious. Click all the buttons! Do what they do. Model them online. 4. Thank the mentor/coach. Let them know you are watching them and you appreciate them. Never hate on your help. Don't be a rival friend. You must learn to get rid of jealous feelings and not be envious. How? By showing gratitude. This is CRITICAL to getting over envy and getting favor! Sounds easy? It is. Do people do these things consistently? Only a rare few who are ready to get in the game and really win!

Pam Perry is a successful entrepreneur, author, book publicist and social media expert. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Perry conducts workshops on PR, book marketing and social media. She is creator of Chocolate Pages‌.


July/August 2012


YOUR Finances Monetize Your Gift With Integrity How to Make Money with Your Gift the Right Way

BY NICOLE B. SIMPSON, CFP n the spirit of independent Christian artists being acknowledged for their multiple contributions to the Kingdom of God through their creative works, I wonder how many creative individuals experience the fame but never transfer that notoriety into a fortune. God gives us the power to acquire wealth but one must recognize that they are a business. God has entrusted people with natural gifts that cans serve as the conduit to financial stability and peace in one’s life. Once the passion has been identified, you must search for ways to cultivate your passion into a product or service. As a creative artist with the ability to sing, produce, write or play musically, you still have a responsibility to create an economic plan of action that includes a diligent pursuit to accomplish the goals set forth in the plan. You may have the best business, the most anointed CD, or the greatest testimony in the world. However, if no one knows you exist, then your labor will be in vain. While I understand many believers feel that God will make a way, that does not negate your responsibility to knock on doors letting people know what you have to offer. This is where most people get stuck. They do not want to "self-promote" a project or business that they connect to ministry. So I ask you, "What are your motives?" When you can clearly define your motives, if it is a business, then you operate accordingly. Every business should include a commitment to savings, a protection plan and investments for the future. Let us identify each of them. 1. Commit to savings. Your income is based on you. Your ability to produce your product or service will dictate the financial freedom you have. If you don’t work, you can’t eat. However, you also run the risk of working many hours and not producing revenues. That is the risk of an entrepreneur. Therefore, from each paid opportunity, money should always be reinvested into your business. It will cover the operational expenses you will incur and it should cover a bridge for income during the seasons where business may

suffer financially. 2. A protection plan. What happens if you are unable to perform due to illness or death? If you die prematurely, you should have an insurance policy to replace your income that you generate to provide for your family. If you are physically incapable of singing, dancing, producing or playing an instrument, you should have a disability policy that will replace your income while you are recovering. Protection plans cover the unanticipated occurrences in our lives. One doesn’t fully appreciate their significance until they need it and realize they never took the time to set their affairs in proper order. 3. Investments for the future. In truth, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. However, if you were to consider for a moment if you expect to live well into your senior years, you will be less capable of working, yet have the same bills and expenses during the time in which you were capable of going to work daily. It is your responsibility to establish a net worth that can provide for you when you decide to retire. Your future savings could be products you create today that will produce revenue for generations to come. However, if you do not establish anything today, the revenue streams could very well dry up at the most inopportune time. Gifts come without repentance. When your gift is directly connected to your financial stability, you must honor that gift with an established economic plan of action. I believe God deserves our best and we should operate with a standard of excellence. If you combine honorable character, anointing, and your gift, I believe you have all of the ingredients necessary to have a profound impact on the world!

Nicole B. Simpson is a certified financial planner, author, speaker, and disaster planning specialist.


July/August 2012


YOURVoice Voice YOUR

How to Have a Healthy

BY DILEESA HUNTER he health of one's voice depends largely on how one treats it. If one could actually see their vocal cords in action, one would note that they are delicate ligaments that are easily manipulated, and easily bruised. It is important to note that good general health precedes good vocal health. "Good" health is relative, so let's cover the basics.

If you are a smoker, STOP. Smoking doesn't take you from soprano to alto, its takes you from soprano to nothing.

Drink plenty of clear fluids daily. Singing is an athletic activity that involves the entire body, so you must be hydrated.

Increase fruits and veggies. Why? Again, singing is athletic!! Just as a track runner prepares for a race by eating right, so should singers. Now, more specific to singers, it is important to recognize that many times we wear our voices out before we even get on stage! How? The way we


July/August 2012


speak. Please remember, our speaking and singing voices use the same vocal cords. So, talking in a loud cafeteria, on the phone with the car windows down, rounding up the kids, all wears on our voice. People who consider singing their vocation must 'baby' their voices. Here are some tips:

Find a note that you can easily hum on, and speak on that tone. It may sound funny at first, but your voice will love you for it.

Make people move in closer to hear you, as opposed to you shouting over a noisy room. Limit phone conversations in the car. Or at least wind the windows up and turn the radio down!

ALWAYS stay hydrated. When you are sick, REST. Trying to sing when you are already sick with a

Singing Voice

cold or flu can cause permanent damage, so take it easy. Here's another tip that's easier said than done:

Find your 'mix' voice, and sing in that as much as possible. This will dramatically increase your vocal stamina. A 'mixed voice' is the technique of mixing your chest voice with head voice to find a middle voice that makes your voice much more fluid, full, and even from top to bottom. Having sung and still singing gospel music for so many years, I believe it's the only way I survived!! Some also refer to this technique as speech- level- singing. The basic idea is to place your singing voice where you talk, to make the most natural sound. We speak with our teeth, tongues, lips, but so often when we sing, our voice is in the back of our throats! SPS, or singing in our 'mix' , brings us back to this basic truth of forward placement.

Dileesa Hunter is an international vocal coach and consultant based in Atlanta, GA. She also records and tours with several recording artists and performs in various stage plays. Dileesa’s vocal repertoire includes Gospel, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Barbershop Quartet and Opera.

Impacting Change in the Gospel Industry

Henry Harris

Phillip Carter

Jeff Robinson

Mark Rogers

ver the last few years, a group of visionaries have come to the forefront of the gospel music industry to address the issues of independent gospel artists and provide resources for education, empowerment and recognition. These industry leaders’ laser focus has and still is contributing to the intelligent, informed and savvy independent gospel artist of today who understands branding, marketing, distribution deals, contracts and even the significance of vocal health. Henry Harris, Phillip Carter, Jeff Robinson, Mark Rogers, Delroy Souden, Antonio Neal, Brandon Egerton and AIRPLAY 360 founder Ace Alexander lead the charge as they organize experts from every area of the music industry to educate Indies on how to successfully maneuver through this business of music. Henry Harris, president of Spirit Enterprises, Inc. and former president of the Stellar Awards Gospel Music Academy Advisory Board formed Excellence in Christian Music Awards (ECMA) as a platform to recognize independent gospel artists throughout the U.S. and Canada. ECMA includes a training curriculum as an eligibility requirement to ensure artists are equipped with with the necessary tools for success in the music industry. Stellar award winning artist Phillip Carter is


July/August 2012


Delroy Souden

Antonio Neal Brandon Egerton Ace Alexander

is president/CEO of the Independent Gospel Artists Alliance, an organization he started to “strengthen, motivate and empower the independent label owner and its artists.” This year’s conference scheduled for July 19-21, 2012 at the Mount in Chesapeake, VA, is the third annual and is offering more than just workshops, showcases and awards. Carter says this year, IGAA is awarding two independent artist distribution deals—one with Central South Distribution and the other New Day Distribution. Jeff Robinson founded the Institute of Ministry, Arts and Cultivation in 1999. IMAC is a faith-based organization intended to provide a platform for academic, artistic and spiritual development. Workshops include topics on “Voice Development,” “Marketing and Distribution”, “Artist Management and Development” and more. IMAC is based in Nashville, TN. Mark Rogers is CEO and executive producer of the Rhythm of Gospel Awards which recognizes 48 categories including independent gospel artists, business and community leaders, radio stations, Internet media, promoters and much more. Originally based in Memphis, TN, the awards show site has moved to Jacksonville, FL. This year’s event is scheduled for July 25-29, 2012 and will be

Participant asking question at the Beyond Potential Gathering and Showcase in Nashville, TN

televised with hosts Ace Alexander of AIRPLAY 360 and Sheridan Gospel Network “The Light.” Morgan Dukes, also of SGN, and Deeta West will share hosting duties as well for the 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Awards. Delroy Souden founded En Sound Music Awards in 2006 to recognize independent Christian and gospel artists. Souden, an artist himself and also founder of En Sound Entertainment, boasts participation by artists from not only the U.S. but from countries around the world, making the En Sound Music Awards an international event. This year’s awards show and after-party will be held July 29, 2012 in Atlanta, GA and will be hosted by TV personality and former BET “Lift Every Voice” host Gerard Henry. Antonio Neal and Brandon Egerton are the founders of Beyond Potential. Egerton is president and CEO of the organization. Armed with music business experience, Neal is a recording artist and producer, and Egerton is a music and A&R consultant formerly of EMI. BP was created “to build a foundation or voice for urban Christian artists and offers music business seminars, networking events, showcases and more. The last BP gathering and showcase was held April 2012 in Nashville and the next event is scheduled for Fall 2012. Ace Alexander, founder of AIRPLAY 360 Online Magazine and award winning national radio

The 2011 Independent Gospel Artists Alliance Conference in Chesapeake, VA facilitated by IGAA president Phillip Carter

personality on SGN “The Light,” was one of the pioneers in creating Indie gospel artist workshops and seminars. His first such seminar “Airplay: How to Get Your Music Played on Radio” was created and presented in 2007 at the Dr. Bobby Jones International Gospel Industry Retreat and has since been introduced at Gospel Announcer Guild meetings, music conferences and other special industry events. Using the knowledge he has gained over six different radio music formats and his experience of being a national radio music programmer, Alexander has also facilitated various education and empowerment teleseminars through AIRPLAY 360.

Ace Alexander facilitating his radio seminar in Hollywood, Florida.


July/August 2012


INDIE News Facebook Adds Spotify Music Sharing Feature to Artist Fan Pages Facebook keeps rolling out the changes, and in addition those that affect all uses, new features are starting to appear on the fan pages of artists on Spotify. In particular, the option for fans to search from a fan page for individual songs available and share them seems likely to increase music sharing as well as use of Spotify. As always one has to wonder who benefits more, Spotify, Facebook or fans and musicians, but for musicians who have embraced Spotify this change appears positive. The core news here is somewhat incremental. Last month some users began to discover a "Share Music" option in their Status Update box at the top of the news feed. This option included Spotify, at the very least, and added to the ways that Spotify is getting deeply integrated into the land of Facebook. Facebook tests features by activating them on selected accounts and this form of music sharing still hasn't been rolled out across the whole network. The new music sharing feature now showing up on artists' fan pages can be seen on the page for Of Monsters and Men. It allows you to search for any song on Spotify, not just that of the band whose page you're on, then post to the page and also share to your own Timeline. Artists that don't allow fans to post on their walls won't see this feature since that's where it shows up. What I find particularly interesting is that even though I didn't Like the page and don't have the Spotify app installed, I was still able to post and share music. While it kind of makes more sense to just allow fans who've Liked a page to post, the fact that I could share music from Spotify without using Spotify opens up the potential for sharing. A related feature that began showing up last month is a box that shows the top 5 songs from Spotify that have been played by friends. You can also see this on the Of Monsters and Men page. Inside Facebook says that if you filter the page's Timeline to show Posts by Others, the box will feature all Spotify plays but it disappears when I do that. Given that this feature appears to be in testing phase, the details could change but it's something to watch for. If you're a musician on Spotify and this shows up on your fan page, it would definitely be worth pointing out to your fans. Though you're also promoting Spotify that's to your advantage in this case. * Source: Hypebot


Eric Carrington New Melodies from Heartbreak, Pain


t’s been more than six years since Houstonbased gospel singer, songwriter Eric Carrington released a new music project. During his time away from the industry, Carrington immersed himself in his role as a family man, church administrator, music director and youth minister. But it seemed to have been more the loss of his brother and the heartbreak of losing one his church youth to cancer that allowed him to envelope his painful experiences into powerful, inspirational songs for his latest album. Released on his independent music label Divine Line Records and distributed through Universal, “Amplified Prayze” is Carrington’s fifth album and is set for release August 21. The first single “Awesome God” has already impacted radio, breaking into Billboard Gospel’s Top 30 airplay chart. Airplay 360: It’s been about six or seven years since your last project. Why? ERIC: I kind of took a little break. It wasn’t so much a break from the music industry because I was still doing music because I’m a music minister at my father’s church in Houston. But it was more of a bonding in my family with my children. You know just having those family values and making sure I don’t miss out on all the important things as it relates to my children’s lives, because I know out here in this music industry we can get so consumed and caught up in singing and doing music until we’ll miss out on all the important things. So I didn’t want it where my children would say, “You were never there.” So I made the decision along with my wife. I was still doing music every Sunday, every Tuesday and every Wednesday, I just kind of took a backseat from the traveling and 16 28

July/August 2012 May/June 2012


being out here being at different appearances and all that just to focus more attention on my family. And now they have gotten older and I think they’re trying to push me out of the house, because now my son and my daughter are like, “Where you’re going this weekend dad?” See they know (now) that wherever I go I’m coming back home. Airplay 360: So during the time that you took off you were actually just being a family man—being a great dad and husband. ERIC: And then at the same time God was working on me. I have seen where things I used to do, God has changed. I have the opportunity of going through a rebuilding stage in my life as well but He wanted me to sit down and polish me up musically to let me understand that not only do we sing this music but we have to live by this music. I’ve really seen the change in those six, going on seven years in my life musically where I have grown from one level to the next level. So that ties into why I came with the title “Amplified Prayze.” Airplay 360: Is there any particular songs on this project that display the growth that you went through over the last six or seven years? ERIC: Oh yes. I think all of them. You know a lot of times we as producers and writers write songs about what we’re going through. One of my biggest things is that during this process I was going through some things with myself because I wanted to be out there. Then I lost one of my brothers. Losing him kind of inspired me with some songs as well. “God Will See You Though” was written when I lost my brother. Every last one of (the songs) has their own story that they tell. Airplay 360: “Awesome God” has impacted radio and did very well on BDS Billboard Chart, so what’s the next single from this project? ERIC: The next single is “Living By Faith”. This song was inspired by a girl that was a part of the youth department at my father’s church. She was an inspiration during the time this song came out. She died of cancer and we were trying to encourage her but she was encouraging us. She was telling us we need to live by faith because “ya’ll worried about me but I’m excited because if God allows me to make it this far, he’s got somewhere for me to go.” I made a promise to her that if God said the same, I was going to record the song “Living By Faith,” and of course, I did. The

song is so simple but it’s so powerful. Airplay 360: Wow. There’s a full story with it. ERIC: You know what? That’s my next thing because I’m actually working with trying to have this song as a song for cancer kids and all cancer patients because no matter because we look healthy and everybody has different sicknesses and in spite of all those sicknesses, we still have to live by faith because God has the last word. Airplay 360: Since you are an Indie yourself and this is your fifth project, give some advice to other Indies to encourage them. ERIC: Get with some good people that not only believe in you but believe in God. I’ve found that over the years, you’ve got to make sure that you’re conditioned and ready for this because I promise you, it’s not as glamorous as it looks because it takes a lot of hard work and it takes a lot of dedication. For more information on Eric Carrington visit his website at


July/August 2012


Airplay 360: You've been doing this for a minute now, and you've been part of John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir and then Men of Standard, so how is it now to be solo for your last couple of projects? LOWELL: Amazing to be solo because you develop a strong relationship within yourself. Men of Standard was a very great part of my life. We were really tight .We were able to lean on each other through adverse times. Now that I am solo, I can still lean on them but I am learning to lean on God more. In the first album, I gave a lot of just the Word, and people want to hear more than just the Word. They want to hear how you overcame obstacles. They want to hear substance. They want you to be more personal. I am embracing this because I believe God has placed me for such a time as this.

BY MIRANDA BROKENBERRY Airplay 360: Congratulations on your new single release "Alright" and your upcoming project "Transformed". The full project is due out this summer, do you have a definite release date yet? LOWELL: No definite release date as of now. Working on a few singles; however, at the beginning of Fall is when we are looking to release the project. Airplay 360: This is your second solo album. What's different about this one? What distinguishes it from the first one? LOWELL: I am in a better place, than I was when I did the first one. I went through a transformation period, with things such as weight loss, oppression, depression and loneliness, during my first album. Now I am feeling good all over and I am able to relate to people a little bit better than I used to being that I have more energy. I’m happy and not depressed anymore. The Word says “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” and that is what happened to me, which is the message that I am want to relate to people. 18

July/August 2012


Airplay 360: In the future, do you plan on a reunion with John P. Kee or any of the guys you sang with in Men of Standard? LOWELL: Absolutely. Men of Standard is going to be doing a reunion record, within the next year or half. The “Live Experience” is what the new record will be called as of now. MOS will be doing a tour with all the guys back. We are all excited and looking forward to just having a great time, doing it. Airplay 360: What's next for you...are there any concerts...reality shows or anything we should be looking for from Lowell Pye? LOWELL: Well what’s next is what I am currently working on which is my sophomore record “Transformed”. I am also feeling inspired to write a book about my transformation period, about overcoming depression, loneliness, and oppression, and how you can get out of these situations by turning your whole life over to Christ, and depending solely on him to see you through.

Miranda Brokenberry is a AIRPLAY 360 Special Events Reporter on the scene at red carpet events, after parties and other special industry events.

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J Moss

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July/August 2012


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Be Your Industry’s Biggest BY ADRIAN ANDERSON ou know every artist or businessperson comes to a place where they must ask themselves are they being beneficial. One way to ensure that you are beneficial is to know more about the components that make a successful, profitable business and career. You have to dissect a thing and see how each component works. What role does it play and how does it affect the whole? Respect has a lot to do with it because whatever your expertise, if people don't respect you then, it won't fully prosper. You also have to ask yourself if you are supportive in your industry. This does not mean that you just do business with everyone just because you operate in the same industry; however, it does mean that if you don't support the right and good things in your industry, how can you expect growth or consistent support in the industry and for yourself? Live Nation has it's first Christian endeavor with "The Kingsmen Tour" featuring Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin and Israel Houghton—four Gospel music heavy weights. This should be applauded! Do you truly understand the importance of the gospel/Christian industry and Christian music lovers supporting this tour? Not only will it be an incredible historical event that blesses the spirits of all that attend for sure but we have to send a message with our dollars! The mistake of always trying to be on the receiving end and being inconsistent on the contribution end creates a shaky foundation upon which nothing can stand nor prosper. Look at the innovation that has propelled the world forward and how those teams worked together. Great minds strive for greater goals and they GAIN. Make an assessment, close out inconsistent partnerships

that yield more stress than progress and build upon one great relationship at a time. This may require that you prepare for a lean season; however, you will have more long term gains and rewards overall. Keep things simple. If you can only deliver five, do not say you can deliver 10. Never believe that you’re the only game in town so people will have to deal with you. Even if that is the case, there is someone somewhere who is going to be the new game in town and when given options people choose the best option and relief. Our history will always contribute to the type of progress you have in the future. Technology has changed everything so people and business's have options. Ensure you diversify because you'll be more secure when one business slows down. It's a great feeling and financial relief to have other businesses that are picking up or soaring. You may have a small business just don't have a small mind. I communicate with you from my heart and hard earned years of experience. I also apply this knowledge to my own business. Halo Tu’ Beauty is coming this fall and I have applied everything I have learned and continue to learn to its birth. Remember to be anxious for nothing, everything in it's own time. I pray new opportunities are created, generated and flow in abundance for all who embrace, wisdom, humility and commitment because that's what it takes. Remain inspired and dedicated to excellence!

Adrian Anderson is a motivational speaker, beauty entrepreneur and former member of the award winning urban gospel group Trin-i-tee 5:7. She is also CEO of Halo Tu' Beauty . To book Adrian for speaking engagements contact


July/August 2012


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July/August 2012



Ministries A-List Artists, Visit Canada

Kirk Franklin

CeCe Winans

Dr. Myles Munroe


umerous gospel ministries are taking flight and their path is heading North. We saw the likes of Fred Hammond, Commissioned, the

Kim Burrell

Bishop Neal Jones


In coming weeks Canada will once again witness the ministries of Micah Stampley, William McDowell, CeCe Winans, as well as experience the anointed and uplifting ministry of Dr. Myles Monroe.

Winans, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Pastor Shirley Caesar, CeCe Winans, who all have been frequent flyers to the North.

In July the ministry of Lexi will be showcased on the radiowaves as well as the ministry of Bishop

In recent months we have witnessed an additional flocking northward not only by seasoned A-List gospel artists but also by the ministries. Appearing in Canada for a variety of

Wherever these artists appear, it is important to remember to see them and sow into their ministries. Flying North is going against the grain. It is

events and reasons were Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones, Phillip Carter, William McDowell, Ricky Dillard, Prophetess Juanita Bynum and Dr. Cindy Trimm, who have all made multiple trips to

easy to fly South in the world of gospel music.

Canada. Kirk Franklin, Tramaine Hawkins, Kim Burrell, Mali Music, Toby Mac, Marvin Sapp, Bishop Noel Jones and others have spread their wings, left warmer climates and ventured into the “cold country” to minister on this northern soil.

Neal Roberson.

There is greater financial and prayer support, but the Canadian gospel music industry is truly a northern mission field. Kathy Grant is a gospel artist, radio and TV host, CEO of KGM Enterprises and founder of Canadian Gospel Music Conference. She is also radio host on Canada’s CHRI 99.1 FM where she hosts the program ‘Gospel Groove’.


July/August 2012


I n d I e s to w a t c h Impacting the gospel industry through radio, Billboard or iTunes chart success, touring or public service



Patrick Dopson was just featured in AIRPLAY 360 last issue but the independent label owner and artist’s first single “Keep Me” from his debut album “Open the Heavens” is a Top 10 Billboard hit. He has toured with and written songs for his mentor Grammy Award winner Fred Hammond who many say he also sounds like.


Cheneta Jones’ new project “Transformed” has produced two Billboard Top 40 songs “Be Like You” and “We Worship You.” Jones and her team have been very visible at gospel events like the Stellar Awards and the “I Hear Music in the Air” conference, putting a twist on branding.

DEANNA RANSOM Like some other Christian Hip Hop artists, D-MAUB doesn’t just impact iTunes’ Gospel and Christian downloads but he also charts on iTunes’ HipHop/Rap alongside top-selling secular artists like Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z and Kanye West. D-MAUB doesn’t show any signs of letting up. His latest project is “Death Before Dishonor.”


Deanna Ransom is making great strides in gospel music. With her latest album “Never Say Never Again” to be released July 24, she has gained the support of radio. A recipient of several En Sound and Rhythm of Gospel Awards, Ransom was recently named “Chairman’s Choice” by Al Hobbs at the GMWA convention.

JEKALYN CARR Hoszia Hinds is an award winning breakout artist from Barbados. His music videos have aired on GMC, Tempo, MTV, BET, JCTV and many other music shows. He recently signed with Canadian-based Sonorous Entertainment.

Jekalyn Carr was named one of the “Top 10 People You Need to Know” by JET Magazine, June 2012. Her debut single “Greater is Coming” is in Billboard Gospel’s Top 42 and climbing. She travels to more than 50 cities a year singing and speaking.


July/August 2012


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July/August 2012


Airplay 360 July/August 2012  
Airplay 360 July/August 2012  

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