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Dear Alice, Winnie, Joanna, &Simon Welcome to Taiwan!

For Friends of Taiwan members, welcome to Taiwan again!

My name is Jeremy LIN, your Taiwan Holiday consultant, to promise you a wonderful experience of visit in Taiwan. Shall you have any question, please feel free to contact with me. Please refer to the following holiday plans for your information. For certain conditions, itinerary listed bellowed might be subject to changed, however, I will try my best to fulfill the most pleasure of this holiday by my best. 5Mar Thu, Welcome to Taiwan! Arriving Taipei by CX460. Taxi will be waiting in the Parking Lot For you. Taxi Number will be advised before your departure from HKG Airport. Please read your SMS on mobile carefully. Or please turn on your mobile once arriving at TPE Airport in order to receive the most confirmation SMS about the Taxi Service. The Taxi Service will be NTD900 per trip. Kindly pay to the driver directly. Your Hotel is arranged as the following one: DANDY HOTEL 丹+迪 迪+旅 旅+店 店 大安森林公園店 Address: 台北市信義路三段 33 號 (next to 大安森林公園) Tel: 02 2707 6899 Website: Booking reference: ALICE KWAN or Mr. LIN

2 Elite TWIN Room with Breakfast. NTD2520 per room, payment can be settled upon check-in. Check-in time 2pm, however, luggage deposit service is provided for earlier check-in guests. Free Shopping and Hanging around day in Taipei! Maybe See you guys for dinner around 6pm!

6Mar Fri, Let’s Go To Taitung, the Mountain Feel of eastern Taiwan After your breakfast time, we will grasp the taxi to Taipei Train Station. Taxi Ride from Hotel to Station is around NTD120 in 5min. Train Information: 自強號 TC#2080 Taipei-Taitung 0815-1348 Please see the website for your information: Because we are not buying the “full service”, but “Ticket Only”, therefore, all the inclusive dining service will not be available but we can pay by a la carte in the dining train! However, it’s worthy enough though! We may buy some drinks for snack or even Lunch box in 7-11 in Station before taking the Train, however, the catering service is also available in the Train.

Heading for Coasting line of Taitung 卑南包子+卑南豬血湯

I really got no idea why there are always so long line for waiting 包子 and 豬血湯(2 different shops but quite close!) The 包子 is quite good with some bamboo shoots slices inside so it makes the great texture of chewing. 高台茶園(布農部落)初鹿牧場

The tea farm located in the hill got a really great view of the small town Lu-Yeh, which was supposed to be the immigrant village for Japanese before world war 2. Try some local plant tea here with a refresh feel of great air! The Dairy Farm Chu-Lu 初鹿牧場 produces the best milk that I like most. 大老二悶燒雞

Since you are here in Taitung, some “local flavor” is always a must to try! really good aboriginal style roast chicken.

Check this out for

Or this Tribal Food can be another option

This one is kinda interesting restaurant decorated in very aboriginal style! Most of the cuisines are typical local taste! Nice to enjoy some night view of Taitung from uphill!

知本溫泉 & 寶桑湯圓

After the feast of local food, hotspring for some relaxation is definitely a must! However, if we can catch up the time, we can even see a folk show before the hotspring time! Night snack normally is a must! 湯圓冰 is where we go in late night for night supper. If you are looking for a hot one as 糖水, here got hot one for your option!

7Mar Sat, Mountain & Ocean @ 1 Day. Breakfast in Blue Sunrise

Show you the very unique light meal breakfast shop owned by my friend! The owner of this breakfast shop is a nut! He supposed to be a teacher but he quitted and chose to take F&B course in Switzerland (les Roche). And now he’s enjoying his life in Taitung by his breakfast shop! All the courses here is made by fresh bread & veggie & fruits, no oil and no pan fried ways of cooking! Very healthy consideration indeed! But we have to be patient a bit because of the very slow path of his way to make all the dishes. Otherwise, print out this one, try to order before we go there to ensure a faster service! Kwan Shan for Rice Field Experience & Cycling

The biking experience in this small town is refreshing and interesting! 關山 & 池上 is where the famous rice in Taiwan produces. The total journey of the biking will be around 12KM but you can choose the half course one. If you are interested in how the rice is produced, we may even visit some factory and they got lots D.I.Y experiences and make your own souvenir for this trip! Chi-Shang Lunch Box Of course, we have the have the most typical Lunch Box here in this small rice town! heading from Mountain to Coastal Line Tunnel 成功漁港

This fish harbor is almost the most largest scale one in Taitung, where the most fresh fish are here for sale & auction! Everyday by 3pm, you may even got the chance to see the fisherman returning from boat trip. All sea food restaurant buyers come here to bid the fresh fish for their dinner cuisine. If you got the chance, you may even bid your favorite fish and ask the restaurant nearby to cook for you! 文化小舖 Some local & cultural shops along this town established the association to promote their handicraft.


Another 包子!

You can try and make comparison if you prefer 卑南 or 東河!

To be bias, I

prefer 東河 more because the bum is great and the pork ingredient is very chewy! 月光小棧 Art Gallery & Coffee

You can’t hardly believe that in such an area that backing with mountain and facing the Pacific Ocean, this old Japanese style housing was taken as a movie background and now kept as an art gallery! Of course at the same time you may enjoy a relaxing coffee here! My favorite place! Beach walk & Sea Food Dinner Look for some nice place to walk by the beach! If you are coming in summer time, come with your Bikini or shorts and it’s always great to have a nice easy swimming here! Since we are in the coastal line, the sea food dinner is definitely a must! 都蘭糖廠

In the night time, this sugar factory got some nice local aborigine or Live Concert here! Otherwise we may choose to go drinking party with my friends….bring some red wines & go!

8Mar Sun, see you next time!!! We got only around half day today! Try to hang around in the town area! Maybe walking along the Fruit Market Street to try some local famous fruits will be interesting as well!

Otherwise, spend 1 hour walking in Museum to get to know about this land and lots aboriginal collection is well display here.

Or try the In-Town Cycling Path to see around the nature part of this Taitung town! If you are looking for the forest walk,利嘉林道 will be another great experience to get to know the trees and natures. Or you may choose to see some unique aboriginal handicraft shops especially the 琉璃珠 in 海 角七號 movie is produced here as well! Or stay some minutes in the Farmers Association Supermarket to buy some local sweets to share you friends that you have been visited here! No worry…none of these are commissionable! After lunch it will be about time to leave this town and heading to TPE+HKG! 13:45


TTT-TSA 1345-1435

Don’t forget to take a photo with this madam…

She is our Taitung County Magistrate Ms KWANG, and she loves to take photos everywhere and she is thinking that she is the celebrity! Well, let’s count in this trip that how many photos of her can you collect in your stay in Taitung! When you arrive Taipei, 2 ways for you to go to TPE International Airport from TSA Domestic Airport. 國光號 takes only NTD120 per person by about 40~50min. The bus comes every 15min. Taxi to share NTD900 per trip by about 30~40min. You can call the taxi around 30min before you wanna leave! 泛亞計程車(TAXI) 02 8501 1122! We wish you a wonderful and pleasant stay in Taitung and we are looking forward to see you soon!!!


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