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About Us AirOne Jets Private Charter is one of the fastest growing private Jet service company in the World, AirOne Jets provide you with the safe , discreet and exclusively way to fly through out the World. At AirOne Jets ,we know you do not compromise on quality neither do we. ​ AirOne Jets offers you a private jet charter flight that couldn't be easier to plan or more cost effective. We believe that our business have established an expected level of service and quality aircraft that every client deserves. AirOne Jets gives private flyer's the ability to gain that same level of aircraft perfection, coupled with the same platinum rated safety qualifications demanded by flyer's at a cost that makes CFO's believe, there is no other way for a highly productive executive to fly. Time is money, concentration is key and with industries becoming more and more competitive, corporations need every bit of production out of their team. AirOne Jets is making it more and more affordable to keep corporations in the sky.​ We work with the most reputable FAA certified aircraft and Pilots to provide our customer with Wyvern Pass and ARG/US Platinum and safety rated aircraft.


AirOne Jets has access to 16000 private aircraft. Every aircraft and private jet operator is accredited for safety and VIP service levels. Our charter specialist can find the best available price for your private jet hire on the most suitable private aircraft. GULFSTREAM IV Heavy Jet​ Passenger Capacity 12- 15 PEOPLE Cruising Capacity 548 MPH Range 4400 STATUE MILES Length 45.1 FT Width 7.3FT Height 6.2 FT Baggage Capacity 169 CUBIC FT CITATION X Super Mid Jet Passenger Capacity 8 People Cruising Capacity 604 mph Range 3300 Statue Miles Length 23.9 ft. Width 5.6 ft. Height 5.7 ft. Baggage Capacity 82 Cubic ft.

Hawker 800 XP Mid Jet Passenger Capacity 8 People Cruising Capacity 461 mph Range 2955 Statue Miles Length 21.3 ft. Width 6 ft. Height 5.8 ft. Baggage Capacity 40 cubic ft.

Global Express Trans Continental Jet Passenger Capacity 14 People Cruising Capacity 907 Km/h Range 11390 Km Length 14.7 m Width 2.11 m Height 1,91 m Baggage Capacity 169 cubic ft.

Hawker 400 XP Light Jet Passenger Capacity 7-8 People Cruising Capacity 409 mph Range 1600 statue miles Length 15.6 ft. Width 4.9 ft. Height 4.8 ft. Baggage Capacity 56 cubic ft.

VIP AIRLINER -BBJ BUSINESS JET Passenger Capacity 20-60 People

Services VIP Service ďťż

"VIP Luxury in Return of your Money and Time“ Our outstanding private charter service redefines convenience and flexibility for busy individuals, corporate executive and celebrities who want fast and uncomplicated private air transport. No more frustration with queuing up, unfriendly procedure and long waiting times for boarding and flight connections. Unrivalled safety with newest aircraft and internationally trained Pilots. Absolute security, with only your party on the flight. Personalize your own schedule, giving you full control of your time. Private conferencing and meeting in flight.

Private Service​ ​

"Executive Flight with a Royal Touch" Your own Personal Lounge...Departure Board...Aircraft...Captain. Crew...and your Favorite Food. We'd Like to offer you a Different Class of Flight with AirOne Jets Private Jet Charter

Helicopter Charter travel is fast and efficient. You fly directly to your destination, point to point, with no traffic jams. We can access single and twin engine helicopters depending on your preference or budget. If your aim is to avoid lengthy traffic queues and arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed then helicopter charter is for you.

Make your special day even more special. Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life as this day is full of romance and memories that you’ll want to treasure forever. Why not add the great magic by travelling in a helicopter?

The Art of Freedom Scheduling

"When you choose a AirOne Jets Charter ,you are the one in charge. You choose when the fight will leave and from which airport you will be flying out of. The freedom has helped the private jet service market to boom in recent years. Combined with the extraordinary rise in Commercial airline prices ,the AirOne Jets charter service available for every flyer is one that is now more affordable and convenient than even before.

Business Jet for Business Traveler ​ Many successful business travelers are increasingly opting to use business jet to get to meetings, visit offices ,attend events and avoid wasting their time. With AirOne Jets Charter ,there are no unnecessary delays, no missed flights when meetings over run, no time wasting connections and no needless waiting around in airport terminals.


AirOne Jets Lifestyle

From a favorite bottle of vintage wine and fine cuisine from your favorite restaurant in-flight, a limousine at an airport, reservation at the best restaurant in a destination city, an overnight stay in a luxurious penthouse, to shopping recommendation and travel tips, long before you set off for your trip, we will cater to every detail for you. Our professional will keep constant contact with the crews during the flight to ensure you the highest standard of services, safety and privacy. Thanks to our well -nurtured relationship with global vendors, you can always enjoy flexible and tailor -made schedule with competitive discounts in accommadations,insurance and fuels, leaving you time and money to relax and enjoy every minute in the new place.

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my pleasure to welcome you to AirOne Jets Charter. I

have always had a passion building my company focused on delivering an exceptional quality of service. I would like to think I know exactly what you are looking for in your private jet charter experience. Why?... because I was once in your shoes ,and after many disappointments I knew it could be done better. Whether for business for or for pleasure. I was confident the industry needed a private jet charter operation that could stand out from the rest. So much so ,I assembled the best AirOne Jets Charter in the industry organization an exemplary in everyway. From ground transportation, to full concierge and in-flight services, our dedicated staff ensures each and every trip is a memorable one. At AirOne Jets Charter ,I promise to you a comfortable ,luxurious, stress free travel arrangement that will maximize your time, be sensitive to your budget and will always be available on-demand. One trip and you'll know exactly why others continue to choose AirOne Jets Charter for their travel needs...I guarantee it! ​ So lets talk and come fly the AirOne Jets Charter Difference! Yours Truly, ​

Ambreen Reza President & CEO


Book Now AirOne Jets 145-157 St. John Street, London, England ​Post Code EC1V4PW, UK ​Tel: +44-702-4016518 Fax:+44-702-4064795

AirOne Jets LTD. is Incorporated and Registered in England & Wales with company Number 07857057

Disclaimer: AirOne Jets Ltd. is not a part 135 carrier and only acts as an agent to provide info on the best carrier available for charter, AirOne Jets Ltd. arranges flights on behalf of jet charter clients with FAR part 135 air carriers that exercise full operational control of charter flights at all times. Flights will be operated by FAR Part 135 direct air carriers that have been certified to provide service for AirOne Jets clients and that meet all FAA safety standards and additional safety standards established by AirOne Jets Ltd.

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AirOne Jets Brochure

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