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March 2016

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16 In this month’s Flamingo March 2016


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Visitors’ Filo Facts Useful and interesting information on Namibia.


Air Namibia Information Travel information, Frequent Flyer Information, Cargo Service, Destination Map and Fleet Information.

16 Rhinos Without Borders celebrates year of triumphs andBeyond and Great Plains Conservation consider their recent rhino relocation initiative a triumph. 22 Road tripping The last time Belinda Davies visited Namibia - 1995 - it was an entirely different world. She tells her story.


36 Putting the ‘B’ in boutique wines This month, we take our Flamingo readers along our own Tamasa Trading wine route experience – Peter Falke Wines. 48 TAG Heuer… connected TAG Heuer, Intel Corporation and Google have recently unveiled a connected watch. Welcome to another world. 52 Dear Rae… Please could you design me something extraordinary in silver or gold? 58 How do you like your coffee? Mariya Suzuki really loves hers, so much so, she began to decorate the cups in which it was served. Now everybody’s curious. 66 Motoring James Siddall on The latest BMW 7 Series, New Models round up and Honda’s all-new Civic Type R. 82 Lucky number 9 Lüderitz Crayfish Festival 2016 A crispy looking and deliciously mouthwatering lobster is what comes to mind the moment someone mentions the Lüderitz Crayfish Festival. 88 In search of elephants Lesley and Ian Thomson were drawn to revisit Namibia by the tantalising promise of spending time with the extraordinary desert-adapted elephants. 98 The Gregoire Boutique Hotel and Spa, Hermanus It’s time to discover and enjoy what could well be South Africa’s latest hotspot, with lots of society chat taking place in London and New York.


106 Hotel Heinitzburg it’s about family When staying in Windhoek, you can choose ordinary, or extraordinary. 114 Walking through the Fish River Canyon When the Hollywood movie ’Bucket List’ hit the big screen in 2007, it was more than just good entertainment with a meaningful storyline. 122 Sci Tech Gadgets, gizmos, concepts and utter innovation.

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134 High Humour Time for a smile while you are high above the clouds. 140 Entertainment Try your hand at Sudoku - easy, medium and hard. 142 Air Namibia’s Flight Schedule Plan your next trip on your favourite airline.


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NONE OF OUR TEN GOLDS ARE FOR SPRINTING. We’ve just won our tenth Gold in a row at the DLG awards in Germany. This means you can be sure the Windhoek Lager you’ve just ordered is of a consistent World-Class quality – because it’s been patiently brewed to an international gold standard.

Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. 86 | Drink Responsibly.

Let’s talk business

the Chinese way. 中国年 新气象

Standard Bank is opening its doors for the exchange of Chinese cash (Renminbi / Yuan) to Namibian Dollar. This brings further convenience to our clients in addition to our international swift transfers and trade relations services. We are ready to move your business forward by ensuring that you can exchange your Yuan cash to Namibian Dollars with ease and peace of mind. 新年新机遇,为了进一步为广大客户提供便利,除了国际SWIFT转账和贸易 相关服务,标准银行将于猴年推出人民币现钞与兑纳元双向兑换业务。 Contact the following branches today: 请联系一下分行 • Windhoek: 061 – 294 4243 温得和克:061 – 294 4243 • Swakopmund: 064 – 412 509 斯瓦科普蒙:064 – 412 509 • Walvis Bay: 064 – 201 1264 or call your Business Relationship Manager. 鲸湾:064 – 201 1264 或联系您的客户经理


Standard Bank remains your loyal partner in business. 标准银行 ----您诚挚的合作伙伴

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Standard Bank Namibia

Standard Bank ready to facilitate Renminbi currency exchange Chief Executive of Standard Bank Vetumbuavi Mungunda and the Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xin Shukang officially announced the Renminbi cash exchange solution at Standard Bank’s, Windhoek branch on 21 January 2016. As from 1 February 2016, Standard Bank will facilitate the interchange/exchange of notes between Renminbi and Namibian Dollar. This service will be available at Standard Bank’s Maerua Mall, Swakopmund, Windhoek and Walvis Bay branches. China’s Renminbi currency is growing in dominance and is becoming widely accepted as a currency of global trade. The Renminbi’s dominance in the global trade follows its recent inclusion in the elite International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket of currencies. The move was seen as a vote of confidence in China’s economic reforms and its efforts to establish the nation’s currency as an international reserve asset. Trade between China and Namibia has been on the increase. China being Namibia’s sixth largest export market and boasting growth in Namibia’s exports to China in terms of value from N$939 million in 2011 to $1.4 billion in 2013 and 1.9 billion in 2014, respectively. “Offering the exchange of these two currencies brings further convenience to our clients in addition to our international swift transfers and trade relations services,” says Amit Mohan Head of Corporate and Investment Banking at Standard Bank. He adds that Standard Bank Group was amongst the first to recognise and focus on the growing relationship between Africa and China. “Our relationship with China is underscored by our close ties with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China which holds a 20.1 percent stake in the Standard Bank Group. This signifies our continuous strive to enhance our customer experience and support the growing trade and economic relations between China and Namibia,” adds Mohan. The announcement of the Renminbi cash solution coincides with the Chinese New Year celebrations (The Year of the Monkey) coming up on the 8th of February 2016.

China’s Renminbi currency available at Standard Bank branches - Standing from left to right are Standard Bank’s Head of Corporate and Investment Banking Amit Mohan, Chief Executive of Standard Bank Vetumbuavi Mungunda, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xin Shukang and Chief Executive Officer of Swakop Uranium Dr Zheng Keping.

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Happy Birthday Namibia – we fly high, because of you!

Adv. Mandi Ellaine P. Samson Acting Managing Director Dear Esteemed passengers

The first quarter of the year 2016 has just gone by in what no doubt may feel to some, like it was a mere blink of an eye. With the resolve to make this a special year for all, we are looking forward t o various initiatives, projects and ventures. We are determined to remain positive in our outlook: to revel in our successes, to take in our stride the huge responsibility of being a national carrier with a mandate such as ours, but also to ensure that we take time to enjoy life in relaxation amongst family and friends. During the month of March there will be key events taking place, with the Independence Celebrations being the most important on the country’s events calendar. We would like as the national carrier to wish all Namibians a blessed 26th Independence celebration. Happy Birthday Namibia – we fly high, because of you! Further, we wish to inform all our passengers that during the month of March, the airline will be one of the co-sponsors of the prestigious KORA Awards. This is all Africa Music Award which will bring visitors from all over the African continent and beyond. This event will be a wonderful showcase for the country to the rest world. In the following editions of the Flamingo Magazine going forward, we shall be exploring and focusing on various locations in this beautiful country of ours. This will give us an exciting opportunity to share with our passengers their first glimpse of this awe-inspiring land. The sounds, sights and cultural traits of our various local communities will be brought to life. Indeed some maintain that Namibia remains one of the best kept secrets, in terms of being a destination for business or holiday travel- and in the upcoming editions, we hope to share this secret with you in all its multi-faceted glory. To illustrate our commitment to the growth of tourism and to also opening up Namibia as an investment destination second to none, Air Namibia will in future further be offering special fares to our domestic destinations to encourage tourists and business travel to the locales within the country. Thank you for your continued support and for flying with Air Namibia. We look forward to welcoming you back on-board soon.



Our Frequent Flyer Programme Air Namibia’s Frequent Flyer Programme is called “Reward$”. Becoming a member enables you to earn valuable miles from all your travels with Air Namibia. These miles can be used to buy tickets, pay for upgrades to business class and pay for excess baggage. Miles are transferable between members and can also be used to purchase tickets for persons other than the member. Joining is absolutely free, PLUS you get up to 500 complimentary miles upon successful subscription. For more specifics on the programme, please refer to the appropriate topic below.


Electronic Bonus

You can register online by visiting our website: www.airnamibia.com.na, or at any Air Namibia ticket office. You will receive a membership pack, including your permanent card, 2-3 weeks after your first flight after registration.

An Electronic Bonus of 300 miles will be allocated to the member on first activity if the member has registered online and selected his communication preference to be e-mail.

Miles Expiry

Miles are valid for five (5) years after the year in which they were earned. Miles due to expire will always be reflected on your Mileage Summary.

Activation Rules

A membership account will automatically be activated after the first flight and successful completion of registration.

Missing Miles

Enrolment Bonus

If your Miles are not credited for any reason, they can be promptly credited provided the relevant documentation is submitted. It is essential to keep all the relevant documentation including original boarding passes and copies of airline tickets. Members can also claim missing miles online by entering the e-ticket number without the airline code “186”, or contact our Call Center for assistance.

Enrolment Bonus is 500 miles. Enrolment bonuses are allocated to the member’s account on the first activity after registration.

Spending Miles

Corporate Clients

For more information visit:

Air Namibia has also introduced the

www.airnamibia.com.na. If you do not

Corporate Client component to the

have enough miles for a free ticket, you


can purchase miles in batches of 1000

For more information on the Corporate






miles at N$220 – this is only applicable



if you have 50% or more of the value of

employees. Members can accumulate

the Award ticket available. Award tickets

miles in both corporate as well as personal

are valid for 12 months from the date of

accounts, depending on directives from

issue and are processed and issued after

their corporate head.

payment of Airport taxes is received.




Client enrollment, please contact our Call Centre at Tel: +264 61 2996111/6333/6444 or Call.Center@airnamibia.aero

Very Important Note:

Members need to fly once after registration in order to activate their accounts and before miles can be used to redeem tickets, request upgrades or to transfer miles from his/her account to another member’s account.

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for choosing Obrigado por ter escolhido voar acom a Air Namibia. Danke, Sie dafür sich dafür entschieden ThankThank you you for choosing Obrigado por ter escolhido voar com Air Namibia. Danke, dass dass Sie sich entschieden Air Namibia. do prometemos Nós prometemos que podermos haben Air Namibia zu fliegen. Air Namibia. We We will will do Nós fazerfazer tudotudo o queo podermos para para haben mit mit Air Namibia zu fliegen. everything to ensure garantir que você umagradável. vôo agradável. Se você Wir werden tun Ihnen um Ihnen everything to ensure you you garantir que você tenhatenha um vôo Se você Wir werden alles alles tun um den den a pleasant tiver alguma dúvida ou precisar de ajuda, não hesso angenehm möglich have have a pleasant flight.flight. If youIf you tiver alguma dúvida ou precisar de ajuda, não hesFlug Flug so angenehm wie wie möglich zu zu assistance, please itepedir em pedir a qualquer umnossos dos nossos assistentes gestalten. Wenn Sie Fragen haben need need assistance, please ask ask ite em a qualquer um dos assistentes gestalten. Wenn Sie Fragen haben our cabin attendants. de cabine por favor. benötigen, wenden Sie sich any ofany ourofcabin attendants. de cabine por favor. oderoder HilfeHilfe benötigen, wenden Sie sich an einen unserer Flugbegleiter bittebitte an einen unserer Flugbegleiter Flugbegleiterinnen. oderoder Flugbegleiterinnen. trained os nossos são servidos por assistentes versiertes Flugpersonal Our Our highlyhighly trained cabin cabin TodosTodos os nossos voos voos são servidos por assistentes UnserUnser versiertes Flugpersonal stehtsteht attendants your service on cabine de cabine altamente profissionais. Eles estão während Fluges jederzeit attendants are at are youratservice on de altamente profissionais. Eles estão à suaà sua IhnenIhnen während des des Fluges jederzeit our flights, forsafety your safety disposição em todos os momentos para fazer seu voo zur Verfügung. Für Ihre Sicherheit all ourall flights, for your and and disposição em todos os momentos para fazer o seuovoo zur Verfügung. Für Ihre Sicherheit und und comfort. mais confortável. Bequemlichkeit sindbei Sieunserer bei unserer comfort. mais confortável. Bequemlichkeit sind Sie CrewCrew in besten Händen. in besten Händen. We first-aid carry first-aid de primeiros socorros a bordo de nossos medizinische Erstversorgung We carry kits onkits allon ourall our ExisteExiste um kitum dekit primeiros socorros a bordo de nossos Eine Eine medizinische Erstversorgung ist ist a passenger auf allen unseren Flügen gestellt. e se os passageiros precisarem de gotas os allen flights,flights, shouldshould a passenger need need unseren Flügen sichersicher gestellt. voos, voos, e se os passageiros precisarem de gotas para para os auf Erste-Hilfe-Ausrüstung befindet assistance for minor conditions. ou medicamentos para dores de cabeça, náuseas, Eine Eine Erste-Hilfe-Ausrüstung befindet sich sich assistance for minor conditions. olhos olhos ou medicamentos para dores de cabeça, náuseas, immer an Bord. azia ou qualquer outra condição relativamente menor. immer an Bord. azia ou qualquer outra condição relativamente menor. Faça perguntas mais perguntas os nossos serviços especiais Faça mais sobresobre os nossos serviços especiais ao reserva fazer reserva ao fazer Por favor, o folheto de segurança no bolso do assento Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit wir Sie, a safety precaution, is favor, leia o leia folheto de segurança no bolso do assento Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit bittenbitten wir Sie, As a As safety precaution, it is itPor important read the safety sua frente e observe sua saída de emergência sich der Zeitschriftentasche vor Ihnen sich die indie derinZeitschriftentasche vor Ihnen à sua àfrente e observe a sua asaída de emergência mais mais important to readtothe safety card card befindliche Sicherheits-Instruktionen Sicherheits-Instruktionen thepocket seat pocket in front próxima. befindliche próxima. storedstored in the in seat in front aufmerksam durchzulesen. Nos superiores voos superiores três horas de longo curso), aufmerksam durchzulesen. of youof you Nos voos a trêsahoras (voos(voos de longo curso), recomendamos que revise você revise o conteúdo do panfleto recomendamos que você o conteúdo do panfleto de segurança novamente. de segurança novamente. Ihre Schwimmweste befindet Life vests are stored Por favor, o colete salva-vidas Life vests are stored underunder Por favor, tome tome nota nota que oque colete salva-vidas está está Ihre Schwimmweste befindet sich sich unterunter localizado embaixo do assento. seu assento. O assistente de Ihrem Sitz. benutzen Bitte benutzen Sie diese nur auf your your seat. seat. Only Only use use them them localizado embaixo do seu O assistente de Ihrem Sitz. Bitte Sie diese nur auf as demonstrate, vai demonstrar quando e como usar o colete Anweisung der Flugbegleiter/-innen. as demonstrate, and and only only cabinecabine vai demonstrar quando e como usar o colete Anweisung der Flugbegleiter/-innen. instructed by cabin the cabin salva-vidas emde caso de emergência when when instructed by the salva-vidas em caso emergência attendants. attendants. Smoking is prohibited Air acordo De acordo a leiaviação da aviação é proibido Auf allen Air Namibia Flügen gilt ein Smoking is prohibited on allon Airall De com acom lei da é proibido fumarfumar em em Auf allen Air Namibia Flügen gilt ein Namibia os da voos Air Namibia, isso inclui quaisquer absolutes Rauchverbot. Namibia flights.flights. todostodos os voos Airda Namibia, isso inclui fumarfumar quaisquer absolutes Rauchverbot. dispositivos artificiais ou cigarro, cigarros dispositivos artificiais ou cigarro, comocomo e/ou e/ou cigarros eletrônicos. eletrônicos. Só é permitido em áreas designadas no edifício Só é permitido fumarfumar em áreas designadas no edifício do do terminal dos aeroportos. terminal dos aeroportos. the upright a descolagem e aterragem, os assentos devem Während Landung müssen Seats Seats must must be inbethein upright Para aPara descolagem e aterragem, todostodos os assentos devem Während Start Start und und Landung müssen position take-off estar na posição vertical. sichSitzlehnen die Sitzlehnen in aufrechter Position position duringduring take-off and and estar na posição vertical. sich die in aufrechter Position landing. For your Por favor, notaos que os assentos nas linhas de saída befinden. schnallen Sie sich landing. For your own own safety,safety, Por favor, tome tome nota que assentos nas linhas de saída befinden. Bitte Bitte schnallen Sie sich an, an, yourequired are required to fasten de emergência não reclinam. sobald das Anschnallzeichen aufleuchtet. you are to fasten your your de emergência não reclinam. sobald das Anschnallzeichen aufleuchtet. seat whenever belt whenever the seat Por favor, apertem o cinto de segurança sempre Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit empfehlen seat belt the seat Por favor, apertem o cinto de segurança sempre que oqueZuo Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit empfehlen belt sign is illuminated and we sinal do cinto de segurança se acende. wir während des gesamten Fluges belt sign is illuminated and we sinal do cinto de segurança se acende. wir während des gesamten Fluges recommend thatkeep you your keep your sua segurança, recomendamos o angeschnallt zu bleiben. recommend that you Para Para sua segurança, recomendamos que que você você o angeschnallt zu bleiben. belt fastened throughout mantenha apertado durante belt fastened throughout the the mantenha apertado durante todo otodo vôo.o vôo. flight. flight. We complimentary offer complimentary Uma refeição quente um lanche é servido em todos Auf unseren Flügen werden Mahlzeiten We offer mealsmeals Uma refeição quente ou umoulanche é servido em todos Auf unseren Flügen werden Mahlzeiten and beverages on all our flights. os nossos vôos. und Getränke serviert. and beverages on all our flights. os nossos vôos. und Getränke serviert. Special-diet or vegetarian Alimentação-Special ou refeições vegetarianas Diätische vegetarische Mahlzeiten Special-diet or vegetarian mealsmeals Alimentação-Special ou refeições vegetarianas estãoestão Diätische oder oder vegetarische Mahlzeiten are available upon request when disponíveis mediante solicitação no momento da reserva. können bei der Flugbuchung angefragt are available upon request when disponíveis mediante solicitação no momento da reserva. können bei der Flugbuchung angefragt making reservations. Nós oferecemos uma grande variedade de bebidas. werden making reservations. Nós oferecemos uma grande variedade de bebidas. werden

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an extensive range Nós carregamos grande variedade de produtos An Bord ist ein umfangreiches Sortiment We We carrycarry an extensive range Nós carregamos umauma grande variedade de produtos comcom An Bord ist ein umfangreiches Sortiment products at isenção de direitos a preços competitivos. Duty-Free-Produkten attraktiven of of dutyduty free free products at isenção de direitos a preços competitivos. an an Duty-Free-Produkten zu zu attraktiven competitive prices on selected Por favor, consulte o catálogo no bolso em frente do seu competitive prices on selected Por favor, consulte o catálogo no bolso em frente do seu Preisen erhältlich. Informationen hierzu Preisen erhältlich. Informationen hierzu flights. Please to our assento. flights. Please referrefer to our assento. entnehmen Sie bitte unserem Duty-Freeentnehmen Sie bitte unserem Duty-Freecatalogue for details. catalogue for details. Katalog. Katalog. Audio and visual entertainment Programas de entretenimento de áudio e vídeo estão AudioVideoprogramme an Bord Audio and visual entertainment Programas de entretenimento de áudio e vídeo estão Audioundund Videoprogramme sindsind an Bord programmes available unserer Airbus A319 Maschinen disponíveis nos nossos de longo curso de médio programmes are are available on on unserer Airbus A330A330 undund A319 Maschinen disponíveis nos nossos voosvoos de longo curso e deemédio flights operated our A330 verfügbar. flights operated usingusing our A330 verfügbar. cursocurso and A319 aircraft. and A319 aircraft. ERJ 135 aircraft Alguns nossos aviões saídas ar individuais, Unsere Fluggeräte Airbus A319 Our Our A319A319 and and ERJ 135 aircraft Alguns dos dos nossos aviões têm têm saídas de ardeindividuais, Unsere Fluggeräte des des TypsTyps Airbus A319 individual air vents which que podem ser ajustados fornecer um fluxo de ar. und und Embraer ERJ135 verfügen havehave individual air vents which que podem ser ajustados parapara fornecer um fluxo de ar. Embraer ERJ135 verfügen überüber be adjusted to provide individuelle Frischluftdüsen. can can be adjusted to provide a a individuelle Frischluftdüsen. refreshing stream refreshing stream of air.of air. Health regulations in some Regulamentos de saúde em determinados aeroportos Gesundheitsvorschriften Regulamentos de saúde em determinados aeroportos Um Um den den Gesundheitsvorschriften Health regulations in some countries require exigem a cabine da aeronave ser pulverizada. einiger Länder zu entsprechen, muss countries require that that the the exigem que que a cabine da aeronave devedeve ser pulverizada. einiger Länder zu entsprechen, muss die die aircraft be sprayed. O spray é inofensivo, se você afetá-lo, Flugzeugkabine mit einem für den Menschen aircraft cabincabin mustmust be sprayed. O spray é inofensivo, mas mas se você achaacha que que podepode afetá-lo, Flugzeugkabine mit einem für den Menschen The spray is harmless, por favor, cobrir o nariz e a boca um lenço. unbedenklichen Spray behandelt werden. The spray is harmless, but ifbut youif you por favor, cobrir o nariz e a boca comcom um lenço. unbedenklichen Spray behandelt werden. it might empfehlen dennoch, Atemwege thinkthink it might affectaffect you, you, covercover Wir Wir empfehlen dennoch, die die Atemwege mouth your your nosenose and and mouth with with a a durch Vorhalten Taschentuchs durch Vorhalten eineseines Taschentuchs zu zu handkerchief. handkerchief. schützen. schützen. Should a baby Se você um bebê, recomendamos Sollten einem reisen, Should you you traveltravel with with a baby Se você viajarviajar comcom um bebê, recomendamos que que vocêvocê Sollten Sie Sie mit mit einem BabyBaby reisen, we recommend request a reserve seu voo e não se esqueça de pedir empfehlen Ihnen besonders we recommend you you request a reserve o seuo voo maismais cedocedo e não se esqueça de pedir empfehlen wir wir Ihnen besonders auf auf bassinet especially on longthe longum berço especialmente nos voos de longo curso Langstreckenflügen Babybettzu zu bassinet especially on the um berço especialmente nos voos de longo curso Langstreckenflügen ein einBabybett flights. beantragen. haul haul flights. beantragen.

Please doplace not place any luggage Por favor no assento da saída de emergência é “Bitte beachten Verstauen Please do not any luggage Por favor notenote que que no assento da saída de emergência é “Bitte beachten Sie, Sie, dassdass das das Verstauen under at emergency the emergency Handgepäck unter Ihrem an den proibido colocar bagagem de mão debaixo dos assentos. under seatsseats at the von von Handgepäck unter Ihrem Sitz Sitz an den proibido colocar bagagem de mão debaixo dos assentos. exit seat. Notausgängen gestattet Excesso de bagagem de mão colocada no porão Notausgängen exit seat. nichtnicht gestattet ist.“ ist.“ Excesso de bagagem de mão será será colocada no porão garantir gestão eficiente e minimizar os danos, Para Para garantir umauma gestão eficiente e minimizar os danos, Carry-on luggage should Handgepäck in den Gepäckfächern certifique-se os artigos pesam dekg. 32 kg. Carry-on luggage should be be Handgepäck ist inist den Gepäckfächern überüber certifique-se que que os artigos não não pesam maismais de 32 Ihrem Sitz zu verstauen. stored the overhead stowage. Certifique-se de etiquetar sua bagagem e garantir que Ihrem Sitz zu verstauen. stored in theinoverhead stowage. Certifique-se de etiquetar sua bagagem e garantir que devidamente bloqueado. devidamente bloqueado. We suggest passengers Exercício durante a espera o banheiro. é uma Versuchen während Fluges We suggest that that passengers do do Exercício durante a espera parapara o banheiro. Esta Esta é uma Versuchen Sie, Sie, sichsich während des des Fluges stretching exercises, möglichst oftstrecken zu strecken zu bewegen. oportunidade se esticar se mover enquanto stretching exercises, and and movemove möglichst oft zu undund zu bewegen. boa boa oportunidade parapara se esticar e se emover enquanto during to improve So wird Ihr Kreislauf angeregt. emnapéfila. na fila. during the the flightflight to improve So wird Ihr Kreislauf angeregt. em pé blood circulation. muita durante o vôo blood circulation. BebaBeba muita águaágua durante todotodo o vôo Use roupas folgadas, confortáveis se possa Use roupas folgadas, confortáveis parapara que que vocêvocê se possa descolar facilmente descolar facilmente sapatos confortáveis, macios possa Use Use sapatos confortáveis, macios parapara que que vocêvocê possa deslizar ou descalçar facilmente deslizar ou descalçar facilmente apenas um pequeno como bagagem de mão, LeveLeve apenas um pequeno sacosaco como bagagem de mão, precisa de sobre-carregar assimassim vocêvocê não não precisa de sobre-carregar seusseus pés pés e e restringir seu espaço as pernas restringir o seuo espaço parapara as pernas

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ABZ - Aberdeen, United Kingdom | Aberdeen Dyce Airport AMS - Amsterdam, Netherlands | Amsterdam Schiphol Airport ARN - Stockholm, Sweden | Stockholm-Arlanda Airport ATH - Athens, Greece | Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport BCN- Barcelona, Spain | Barcelona International Airport BGO - Bergen, Norway | Bergen Flesland Airport BHX - Birmingham, United Kingdom | Birmingham International Airport BIO - Bilbao, Spain | Bilbao Airport BLL - Billund, Denmark | Billund Airport BLQ - Bologna, Italy | Bologna / Borgo Panigale Airport BRE - Bremen, Germany | Bremen Airport BRU - Brussels, Belgium | Brussels Airport BUD - Budapest, Hungary | Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport CDG - Paris, France | Charles de Gaulle International Airport CPH - Copenhagen, Denmark | Copenhagen Kastrup Airport DME- Moscow, Russia | Domodedovo International Airport DRS - Dresden, Germany | Dresden Airport DUB - Dublin, Ireland | Dublin Airport DUS - Dusseldorf, Germany | Dusseldorf International Airport EDI - Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Edingburgh Airport FAO - Faro, Portugal | Faro Airport FCO - Rome, Italy | Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport FMO - Muenster, Germany | Muenster Osnabrueck Airport FRA - Frankfurt, Germany | Frankfurt International Airport GOJ - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia | Nizhny Novgorod International Airport GOT - Gothenburg, Sweden | Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport GRZ - Graz, Austria | Graz Airport GVA - Geneva, Switzerland | Geneva Cointrin International HAJ - Hannover, Germany | Hannover Airport HAM - Hamburg, Germany | Hamburg Airport HEL - Helsinki, Finland | Helsinki Vantaa Airport IST - Istanbul, Turkey | Ataturk International Airport KBP - Kiev, Ukraine | Boryspil International Airport KRK - Krakow, Poland | John Paul II International Kraków-Balice Airport KTW - Katowice, Poland | Katowice International Airport

KUF - Samara, Russia | Kurumoch International Airport LCA - Larnaca, Cyprus | Larnaca International Airport LED - St. Petersburg, Russia | Pulkovo Airport LEJ - Leipzig, Germany | Leipzig Halle Airport LHR - London, United Kingdom | London Heathrow Airport LIN - Milan, Italy | Linate Airport LIS - Lisbon, Portugal | Lisbon Portela LYS - Lyon, France | Lyon Saint-Exupéry MAD - Madrid, Spain | Madrid Barajas International MAN - Manchester, United Kingdom | Manchester Airport MLA - Luqa, Malta | Luqa Airport MUC - Munich, Germany | Franz Josef Strauss International Airport MXP - Milan, Italy | Malpensa International Airport NAP - Napoli, Italy | Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport NCE - Nice, France | Nice-Côte d’Azur NUE - Nuremberg, Germany | Nuremberg Airport OPO - Porto, Portugal | Francisco de Sá Carneiro OSL - Oslo, Norway | Oslo Gardermoen Airport POZ - Poznan, Poland | Poznan-Lawica Airport PRG - Prague, Czech Republic | Ruzyn International Airport RIX - Riga, Latvia | Riga International Airport SOF STR - Stuttgart, Germany | Stuttgart Airport SVG - Stavanger, Norway | Stavanger Sola Airport TLL - Tallinn, Estonia | Tallinn Airport TLS - Toulouse, France | Toulouse-Blagnac Airport TRN - Torino, Italy | Torino / Caselle International Airport TXL - Berlin, Germany | Berlin-Tegel International Airport VCE - Venice, Italy | Venezia / Tessera - Marco Polo Airport VIE - Vienna, Austria | Vienna International Airport VKO - Moscow, Russia | Vnukovo International Airport VNO - Vilnius, Lithuania | Vilnius International Airport WAW - Warsaw, Poland |Warsaw Chopin Airport ZRH - Zurich, Switzerland | Zurich Airport

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Baggage Guidelines

At Air Namibia we are committed to ensuring that our passengers are re-united with their luggage at end of their journey. Given the complexity of the environment in which we operate, passengers’ luggage often gets out of our control and care, (for brief moments when they are subjected to control and handling by various agencies.) It is for this reason we request passengers to check their luggage on point of arrival (immediately after collecting their bag) to ensure that bag was not tampered with; and to report any suspected losses immediately. We request passengers not to check-in valuable items, especially those that are susceptible to theft, such as cash, jewellery, electronic devices like mobile phones, watches, sunglasses, to mention a few. In line with International Industry Conventions on passenger baggage liability, Air Namibia cannot be held liable if these valuable items are pilfered from checked-in baggage. We encourage our passengers to lock or wrap their bags where possible.

Our rules pertaining to baggage include the following We offer our passengers a generous free hand baggage allowance, with maximum weight of 10kg each, and maximum size 55 x 38 x 20 cm; plus an overcoat, an umbrella, a walking stick, a ladies hand bag, a reasonable amount of reading material, and a laptop. We also allow a fully collapsible wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches as hand baggage.

Excess baggage fees on extra pieces of baggage carried, per bag up to 10 bags per passenger are Domestic routes Routes within Southern Africa Frankfurt route

US$ 100.00 per extra bag US$ 110.00 per extra bag US$ 200.00 per extra bag

Free allowance for checked in baggage

Airbus A330-200 Airbus A319-100 Embraer ERJ 135 operated flights operated flights Business: 2 pieces each weighing not more than 32 kg’s

Business: 2 pieces each weighing not more than 32 kg’s

Economy:1 piece weighing not more than 23 kg’s

Economy: 2 pieces each weighing not more than 23 kg’s

Applicable excess baggage fees on excess weight over the free baggage allowance per bag. Domestic routes Routes within Southern Africa

1 piece not exceeding 23 kg’s

Frankfurt route

US$ 100.00 per bag US$ 110.00 per bag US$ 200.00 per bag

• No item of checked in baggage may exceed 32 kilograms.

• For further information on sports, highly fragile items, and security guidelines, we recommend that you visit our website on www.airnamibia.com.na

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With over 700 scheduled flights per month, our network and reliable service makes us the best solution for your freight needs. No matter how big or small your parcel is, from the size of an envelope to the size of an elephant, we will get it there for you in GOOD TIME. We provide security for valuable and dangerous goods. We also handle highly perishable goods, and even live animals.

For bookings contact us on telephone number +26461299 6610/11 or via email on cargo.@airnamibia.aero. For more details, please visit our website on www.airnamibia.com.na, select the cargo icon and navigate easily to get all information you need.

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Our Fleet Average Fleet Age: 7 years

Airbus A330-200 Business Class

Economy Class

Number of Aircraft




Height (m)


Cruising Speed

860 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Wing Span (m)


Maximum Fuel Capacity

138 000l

Maximum Take-off Weight

233 000 kg

Airbus A319 -100 Business Class

Economy Class

Number of Aircraft




Height (m)


Cruising Speed

820 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Wing Span (m)


Maximum Fuel Capacity

23 860l

Maximum Take-off Weight

70 000 kg

Number of Aircraft




Height (m)


Cruising Speed

820 km/h

Maximum Passengers


Wing Span (m)


Maximum Fuel Capacity

4 198l

Maximum Take-off Weight

19 000 kg

Embraer ERJ135 All Economy Class

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A Manufacturing Basket that Overflows with Opportunities‌

Namibia is endowed with rich natural resources and offers lucrative investment opportunities across a broad spectrum of economic sectors such as Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Services and Tourism. With fast turnaround times and a professional service at all times, the Namibia Investment Centre (NIC) is proud to welcome you to the land of the brave. Contact us today for a tailored FDI solution. Namibia, a gem worth investing in‌ Executive Director | Telephone: +264 61 283 7335/2837254 Facsimile: +264 61 220278 | www.mti.gov.na

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Rhinos Without Borders celebrates year of triumphs

andBeyond and Great Plains Conservation consider their recent rhino relocation initiative a triumph. By: Anne Schauffer Photographs supplied


hinos Without Borders celebrated

“This latest effort was fraught with

2015 as the year in which the project

emotion for all of us, because we

saw the safe translocation of two batches

received a call to come in immediately

of rhino from high risk poaching areas

and move some rhino, as the ranch where

in South Africa to undisclosed locations

they were located was under attack and

in Botswana, a country that boasts a

four animals had been killed already. We

far lower poaching rate. The landmarks

mobilised the Rhinos Without Borders

attained in 2015 mean that the initiative,

teams, who went in, collected all the

which is spearheaded by andBeyond

surviving rhino and moved them within

and Great Plains Conservation, is now

36 hours,” recounts Dereck Joubert,

a quarter of the way towards reaching

CEO of Great Plains Conservation.

its stated goal of translocating 100

Following a period of quarantine

rhino from South Africa, where rhinos

in a safe location in South Africa,

are currently being poached at the rate

the animals were translocated to safe

of one every seven hours.

new environments in Botswana, in a

The initiative’s latest effort saw a

meticulously planned operation.

critical rescue project initiated at the

“The rhino were our Christmas present

request of a private game reserve in

to Botswana and our gift to the rhinos is

South Africa, whose rhino were under

their freedom. I am proud of that. These

severe threat from poaching.

latest captures and release focused us

16 |

| 17

focused us all on why we started the project – to move rhinos from high poaching areas to safety in Botswana. This move epitomises that. Thank you to the teams on both sides of the border. It was an extremely difficult operation in temperatures of 43ºC,” adds Joubert. “The




Rhinos Without Borders during 2015, as well as the fact that more private reserves




is a huge achievement. We set out to prove that private sector companies could make a difference in the fight against poaching when working in conjunction with the relevant government bodies and we have done exactly that,” explains Joss Kent, andBeyond CEO. “Last year, over 1 215 rhino were killed in South Africa alone. The number of rhino lost to poachers in the country is now higher than the rate at which the species can breed. As things stand, this magnificent animal stands the very real risk of going extinct. Our partnership with Great Plains Conservation has allowed






counter this, creating a new breeding population of rhino in a different geographic region, diversifying their

18 |

gene pool, increasing their numbers and making it harder for poachers to operate. I am extremely proud of



our up


companies make




difference,� concludes Kent. The Rhinos Without Borders has already




batch of rhino for translocation. Thanks to the generosity of the public, enough funds have been raised for the next phase of the project, although money continues to be collected to allow for the safe movement of ever more rhino. To find out more about this initiative visit: www.rhinoswithoutborders.com.

Contact Les Carlisle andBeyond Group Conservation Manager & Rhino without Borders Project Manager Telephone: +27 (11) 809 4300 Website: www.andBeyond.com Email: les.carlisle@andBeyond.com Hilton Walker Great Plains Conservation Sales & Reservations Director Telephone: +27 (0) 82 579 9055 Website: www.greatplainsconservation.com Email: hilton@greatplainsconservation.com For general enquiries, please contact us on info@rhinoswithoutborders.com

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Pioneers of Passion


Š 2015

Rifles can only be sold to permit holders.

Welcome to Sney Rivier Lodge, your exclusive destination in the heart of the Namibian wilderness. Breath-taking sceneries and exquisite luxury invite you to indulge in pure passion. As pioneers of intelligent rifle technology and experts in worldwide hunting, Blaser makes sure that your safari becomes a success in every possible respect.


96 |

FROM FLAMINGO TO VLAM-’N-GO Okahandja GRAND LAKE SPUR Okahandja Shopping Centre. (00264) 62 50 2711


Keetmanshoop MOHEGAN SPUR


Corner of 5th Avenue & Ernst Kalweit Street. (00264) 63 22 4125


Maroela Mall. (00264) 65 23 1443


Woermann Street, Stadtmitte. (00264) 64 46 2755


Okahandja Swakopmund


Walvis Bay

Tsumeb Shopping Centre. (00264) 67 22 1270


140 Ninth Street. (00264) 64 20 7991


The Grove Mall, Kleine Kuppe. (00264) 61 25 0423


Maerua Lifestyle Centre, Centaurus Street. (00264) 61 30 3711



www.spurcorp.nl | Customer Care: +27 21 525 6670


1st Floor, House of Southern Estate, Independence Ave. (00264) 61 23 1003

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Road tripping The last time Belinda Davies visited Namibia - 1995 - it was an entirely different world. Today, as a different person – a 50-something traveller - she embarked on what was effectively a 20-something camping trip to retrace her steps, and create new ones. She tells her story‌ Words and photographs by: Belinda Davies

| 23


he last time I was in Namibia – which was my first visit – was in 1995. It was a brand new democracy with a growing tourist market, and I was training staff in preparation for the opening of the Windhoek Country Club resort. I was struck by how clean, spacious and efficient the city was. One weekend I was given the use of the hotel minibus and drove a group of staff members to Swakopmund for

24 |

the weekend – a reward for hard work, and a break before the opening of the hotel. This was expected to be tough as the opening event was the Miss Universe Pageant, and we were behind schedule on the build owing to a fire in the convention centre. Back then Swakopmund struck me as a quaint, beautiful, somewhat surreal desert town with a distinct Bavarian feel. I was captivated by how

the town felt – not quite of this world, and as if it had a story to tell, but which it was keeping to itself. For 20 years I have wanted to return to Namibia and really experience the desert, and the opportunity presented itself when Alex and Andy – my Romanian-Canadian travel companions suggested meeting up in Cape Town. This presented an opportunity to experience the West Coast of South Africa and continue through

the desert as far as Swakopmund, after spending time in Cape Town. After struggling to figure out logistics (within budget) for a trip that involved travelling from Durban to Cape Town, a week in Cape Town, travelling from Cape Town to Swakopmund and getting back to Durban all within a two-week time frame, we opted for the Nomad Desert Explorer package (www. nomadtours.co.za). A camping trip for

two 50-something queen bees and one draggee husband that is really designed for 20-somethings! Choices were limited, and we requested an accommodated upgrade wherever possible. The desert experience really started for me in the Northern Cape at the Gariep border between South Africa and Namibia – the Richtersveld. I cannot find the reason for it having been named as such, and have drawn my own conclusion, given that a Richter is a magistrate. I do remember my late father having waxed lyrical about the Richtersveld some 25 years ago, and I remember him describing it as a magical place of stark, staggering contrasts. All I saw initially was something resembling my vision of a moonscape. We stayed at Fiddlers Creek (www.bushwhacked.co.za) where our ‘upgraded’ accommodation consisted of a tent inside a reed hut! But it did have a real bed with real sheets. We still shared the rustic but

clean ablutions with a view of the Gariep (Orange) River. Our hosts were Tia and Collette, two Springbok-based ICU nurses doing a locum for the owner, who was away on holiday. Both were warm and welcoming and, once in conversation, Tia disclosed that she had grown up in the Richtersveld – and “No”, she does not know why it is called that. When I shared how much my Dad had loved the Richtersveld (and that I did not know why) she and Collette quickly got into a huddle, after which she said, with a warm smile “Come! I’ll show you why your Dad loved the Richtersveld”. Off we barreled in the double cab for about 10km. We stopped at the foot of a barren, rocky hill, which we were to climb. We noticed that the rocks looked like tree trunks. Millions of years ago, a volcanic event destroyed the trees that grew on this hill, and the result was a kind of “petrified” forest where the tree trunks are speckled with indentations as a result of water hitting

| 25

the burning hot wood. We climbed this barren, HOT hill, and as we crested it we looked out on the fertile, green banks of the Gariep, with its crops of export quality table grapes, citrus and lucerne. It couldn’t be more obvious what the magic is – mysterious, harsh moonscape juxtaposed with lush, green crops. Breathtaking! I felt so blessed to have a moment to imagine my Dad looking out on the very same magnificent sight – as if we were sharing a special moment together. The next highlight was the Fish River Canyon which, in itself, is a breathtaking sight. The second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon, nothing you have

26 |

read about it can begin to capture its majesty. In addition to the grandness of the canyon, as we walked up from the drop–off point to the main lookout, I was captivated by the silhouette of a kokerboom against the late afternoon sky. This is a striking feature of the desert – the wonderful silhouettes – as well as the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Long, hot days in a bone-jarring truck on corrugated dirt roads and hot evenings in a barren campsite can blend into each other. Our arrival at the Sesriem campsite seemed to hold little promise (http://nwr.com). By this stage the queen bees had been reduced to camping (not glamping)

in real tents in real sleeping bags. If I’d known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have bothered with a sleeping bag, and would just have packed a double flat sheet, so hot it was. The trip had more highlights to come, and the next was a 04h30 start for a 05h00 departure from Sesriem Camp to Dune 45. I had no idea that this was to be a most memorable, if exhausting, day. The intention was to climb Dune 45 early, and watch the sunrise from the top. The dune looked somewhat challenging but manageable. Little did I know that the top would keep receding into the distance! The climb is strenuous and not for the fainthearted

– but so worth it. By the time I reached the top my gammy knee was a bit grumpy, but I was not going to allow the 20-somethings to out do me. My reward was the sunrise, which was slow, and opened from an initial warm glow in the sky to a magnificent desert sunrise. This was followed by breakfast at the truck – usually not a glamorous occasion. However, it was a fantastic reward for a very difficult climb up Dune 45. Then on to Dead Vlei. Less well known than Sossusvlei, it is a spectacular sight – a pan preserved by millenia without rain. What is striking is the definite divide between the rust red of the dunes

| 27


NAKARA SWAKOPMUND The Arcade, Tel/Fax: +264 64 405907 NAKARA BOUTIQUE Shop G4 Mutual Tower Independence Avenue Windhoek Tel/Fax +264 61 224 209 NAKARA SHOP WINDHOEK Independence Ave 131, Gustav Voigts centre Tel: +264 61 231518 NAKARA FACTORY WINDHOEK 3 Solingen Str. Northern Industrial Tel/Fax +264 61 429100 112|nakara@afol.com.na | 96 Email:

| 113

93 |||113 87

and the blonde of the vlei, with the silhouettes of the centuries old tree trunks. Arrival at the Sesriem Canyon was none too impressive. “Looks like a great big donga”, I thought. “I’m not doing this.” It’s a good thing I suffer from a bad case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). If the 20-somethings were doing it, I was not going to be an old fart! Good thing I did. It’s far more than it seems – definitely more than a donga with its high-walled winding passages, and cooing doves which have made nests in the sandstone (and it is a shaded relief from the relentless desert heat). There was an injunction between Alex and me: “Whatever your expectations, lower them!” I had a distinct WTF moment as we drove into Boesmanskamp. The approach is barren, the campsites bare earth with nary a tree in sight, the pool is a puddle. This promised to be the low point of the trip. We took a soak in the tiny pool (I in my clothing, my theory being that the drying process would cool me more than the pool would, which proved to be the case). On the upside, we managed to buy a few cold ones from the barefoot Boesman whose guileless, MacGyver-like charm (with really rough edges) and whose delightful

30 |

4 year old daughter, Laila, softened the experience. Boesman was to take us on a guided desert experience, which was, without doubt, the most fascinating experience of our seven-day trip. Boesman, a weather beaten Afrikaner of indeterminate age, was born in the desert. He claims not to own a pair of shoes (although I’m pretty sure there is a pair of veldskoene somewhere, dragged out for funerals). We went out on his flatbed truck, which had been modified into a 24-seater game drive vehicle. We were out for more than 2 hours, during which time he would stop and tell us about the desert he loves – its flora and

fauna, its weather and the fact that “in the desert you don’t want rain” (at least not much). Interestingly, it arrived 2 days after. His farm (or that part of the farm on which his house is positioned) had received 18mm of “jealous rain”, as a result of which there were green shoots and his cactus garden was in full flower. Too much rain causes the ground to compact, which suffocates the creatures that live under the sand. He talked about the gemsbok, which, until this trip, I had never seen, but which now seem to be the impala of the desert (we saw more gemsbok than springbok) – that its survival depends on 3 things: don’t expend too much energy (you

only see them walking slowly, except for the young which know no better); a failsafe defense system in the form of their rapier horns, and selective diet (details of which escaped me). Boesman was captivating, and the time flew before we pulled up on a rocky outcrop to enjoy another spectacular desert sunset. But the best was yet to come. Boesman assured us that there was nothing to fear from sleeping in the open – that snakes and scorpions were highly unlikely to interfere with us. So we laid our tents out on the ground and slept on top of them under the stars. While it was not a restful night, it was an unforgettable one. There is a constant breeze that blows

| 31

which, while pleasant, stayed in my awareness all night and prevented me from reaching a deep sleep. But the night sky, without any light pollution, is breathtaking. I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to the night sky, but even I knew that Andy was seeing neither the Big Dipper nor the North Star. I recognised Orion’s Belt and the Milky Way, but my ignorance took nothing from this special bucket list experience. Our waking before dawn and watching the sky brighten and glow orange before the sunrise was a gorgeous start to our last Nomad day. Swakopmund was the final stop on our trip. What I remember as a small, Bavarian style town is now the Riviera of Namibia. It has become a sprawling town of holiday mansions and townhouses, although it retains its Bavarian town centre. The Eberwein Hotel is a 3 star hotel built in the Bavarian style in 1906 with thick walls, stained glass windows and high ceilings (and no airconditioning). However, they offer a fantastic breakfast which was a delightful relief from breakfasts next to a truck! Wandering the streets, we were struck by how many little squares and alleys

32 |

there are with boutiques and shops, some with touristy memorabilia, and many with good quality stuff. The leather goods are outstanding - very expensive but exceptional quality. This is something which I remember Swakopmund for, and it has not changed. The Tug was our restaurant of choice. Next to the jetty with balcony tables that make you feel you are right over the sea, we enjoyed enormous local oysters, kabeljou, schnitzel and steak.

It is so good that we had two consecutive lunches there. The final lunch was topped off by fantastic gelati from a gelateria nearby. Swakopmund still feels special and unusual. Like all of the Namibia that I have experienced, it is spotlessly clean, people are courteous, warm and everything works. Namibia is a jewel in Africa’s crown. The trip was tough for a bunch of 50-somethings who were not to be outdone by the 20-somethings, but it is a highlight of my African travels.

| 33

Our National Footprint Ruacana Repeater 1120



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Okamatapati Otjiwarongo Okakarara Klein Waterberg Otjinene Osire

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Ultra - Fast, Quality Experience Find us on:

Customer Care Line: 085 120 www.telecom.na 112 |



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Putting the ‘B’ in boutique wine This month, we take our Flamingo readers along our own Tamasa Trading wine route experience, this time, we head out along the R 44 heading away from Somerset West, about half way to Stellenbosch, you turn off onto the Annandale Road and find what can only be described as old world charm meets modern sophistication – Peter Falke Wines. By: Phil Ruimte Photographs by: Mark Pettipher


uch has been written about the Peter Falke Winery, and judging from the plethora of articles and promotional material on their website the jury is unanimous, this traditional 18th century gabled Cape Dutch cellar is a must visit on any wine tasting tour, BUT, don’t take the website at its word – when you’re in the area, do yourself a favour, experience the Falke hospitality and let your senses be entertained. The winery gives off the feeling of exclusivity as it nestles against the rugged slopes of the Helderberg Mountains. When you think of Stellenbosch, you must think of the University and its fame for producing

36 |

some of the country’s finest wine makers, many of whom travel abroad to gain international experience before returning to South Africa, where they bring accolades to the wine establishments that they become attached to. Stellenbosch is home to many of the county’s finest wine estates, Groenvlei (Peter Falke Wines) is certainly numbered amongst them. Since German born Peter Falke (of Falke hosiery fame) bought Groenvlei Farm in 1995, he and his French born wife Danièle have transformed the old homestead and traditional buildings into something that is quiet unique,

| 37

THIS PICTURE: Frans-Peter Falke, relaxed and at home on Groenvlei. BELOW: Wine maker Werner Schrenk. OPPOSITE: Danièle Falke - passionate about the five senses that the estate portrays. BELOW OPPOSITE: Tranquillity and harmony abound, the tasting, rooms, cellar and homestead viewed from the fertile vlei.

awe inspiring and at the same time tranquil, a ’boutique’ winery with a contemporary wine tasting room and luxurious outdoor lounge. We were fortunate enough to meet up with Peter, Danièle and Werner on a sunny summer Friday afternoon. Firstly welcomed by Lize-Marié Nieman, the estate’s marketing manager, we were introduced to the estate’s wine maker, Werner Schrenk (better known as Wolf to his friends) and ushered through the tasting room and across lush lawns, surrounded by majestic shady trees and well maintained buildings adorned with cascading bougainvillea, splashing dark and vibrant reds as a contrast against their leafy greens.

38 |

Peter had been coming to Cape Town since 1969, looking after the family’s hosiery business, but it was in late 1994, when on a visit to introduce a new Managing Director, that Peter’s dream of owning a wine farm came true. He had a choice of three wine farms to choose from, Kleine Zalze, Delaire and Groenvlei, all three were of a similar size and price. It was ‘love at first sight’ and in spite of the then caretaker not letting Peter in to view the Groenvlei homestead, Peter had a weekend to make up his mind. In February of ’95, Peter bought the farm and in April, Danièle saw the farm for the first time.

After Danièle’s initial disappointment, she was expecting a long drive through vineyards that would eventually get to the homestead, instead she found a short trip along the Annandale Road and less than a 100 metre drive to the main house. What filled her senses were some 9000 rose bushes, shady jacarandas and brilliant blue and purple hued agapanthas. Once on the veranda the view across the vlei was breathtaking, and although the homestead and out buildings were run down, she soon put her expertise as an interior designer and her passion to good use. Peter admits that he had no clue about wine making and knew even less about vineyards, after all being German he was a beer drinker. Shortly

after the purchase he met Kevin Arnold - Waterford Wine Estate and Neil Ellis from Neil Ellis Wines. A synergy was formed, with Peter’s history of successful Brand Management (he is also the President of Germany’s Brand Association) coupled with the wine growing expertise of his new friends, saw Peter selling his grapes to Kevin and Neil until 2003, a lasting friendship has ensued ever since. Realising that the farm had originally been set up to mass produce grapes that would be sold to co-ops and therefore producing an inferior quality produce, Peter under guidance removed all the varietals on the farm and over a five year period, a series of ground cover crops were planted, this was to encourage and rejuvenate the terroir, before planting anew. The soil on the slopes of the farm is decomposed granite with a high clay content, which covers the more fertile soil some 900cm to a metre below, ideal for the slow release of moisture, which is perfect for growing varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Taking a long term view, which is a reflection of the Falke hosiery family tradition, Peter says, “to be successful in this business you need to be patient, passionate and above all, curious,” he goes on to say ”curious because you need to be open to experimentation, to

| 39

TOP and BELOW LEFT: Brand attention to detail from glassware to fun and quirky, in the form of a corkscrew. ABOVE and OPPOSITE: The entrance to the wine tasting rooms. OPPOSITE TOP: Lush lawns and cool shady areas abound. MIDDLE: Guests learn about the wines from JC Kruger the tasting room assistant. BELOW: Families and friends relax on a balmy summer evening.

feel the terrior and ‘listen’ to the grapes dictating what you are going to do.” “We need to grow only the best grapes, aiming for grade A, to produce a quality wine, after all we are in the quality not quantity business,” says Werner, echoing Peter’s sentiments. Talking about the Peter Falke wine brand, Peter said, “it’s not the product that makes a brand, it’s the consumer,” he goes on to explain, “you can have the best product in the world, but if you cannot get it recognised you cannot build it, it takes time and patience, you need to be consistent, and your quality has to be on par with that consistency.”

40 |

“We have the privilege to have a unique venue, we are also in the fortunate position of being in an area that has favourable growing conditions,” says Werner, “we must dedicate ourselves to helping and nurturing the vines. We know from years of experience when to prune, stress and harvest our grapes, we know which areas ripen first and which areas will bring the best yields.” Qualifying that statement, Werner, who has been on the farm since 2007, comments, “to be a good wine maker you must take the time to understand the land, the cultivars on it and experience nature’s seasons as they

| 41


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Niel Joubert ❖ De Meye Wines Wine Estate Babylonstoren ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖Marianne ❖ Noble Hill Hoopenburg



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To Cape Town & International Airport




Wine Estate

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Hillcrest Wine and Olive Estate


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Falke ❖ Peter Wines

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If “Special” and “Unique” describes what you’re looking for in wine for your home, function, party or as a special gift, Tamasa Fine Wine Merchants in Windhoek is where you will find it. We stock only exclusive, boutique wines from South Africa’s top boutique wine farms. With more than 140 varieties of fine wines, we’re confident that you’ll find something to your liking - at very reasonable prices too!

Tamasa Trading Fine Wine Merchants. Only the best. Always unique. And affordable too! 112 |

Babylonstoren R45, Simondium, Paarl t: +27 (0)21 863 3852 N1

Black Elephant Vintners 40A Uitkyk Street Franschhoek t: +27 (0)83 655 6611


De Meye Wines R101 Old Paarl Rd & Muldersvlei Road, Muldersvlei, Stellenbosch t: +27 (0)21 884 4131 Hillcrest Wine and Olive Estate Off Tygerberg Valley Road, Cape Farms, Tygerberg Hills Durbanville t: +27 (0)21 975 2346 Hoopenburg Wines R101 Old Paarl Rd & Muldersvlei Road, Stellenbosch t: +27 (0)21 884 4221

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❖ Lynx

R4 5 Black Elephant Vintners

◆ Malmesbury


Niel Joubert Wine Estate Klapmuts/Simondium Road, Klapmuts t: +27 (0)21 875 5936

◆ Montague


◆Somerset West ◆Gordon’s Bay



Cape Point

Marianne Wine Estates Valley Road - Off R44, Stellenbosch t: +27 (0)21 875 5040




Paarl Cape Town

Lynx Wines R301, Franschhoek Rd, Franschhoek t: +27 (0) 21 867 0406





Betty’s Bay

Altantic Ocean


Hermanus Gansbaai




Pearly Beach◆



◆ Struisbaai

Cape Agulhas


Noble Hill Wine Estates R45, Simondium, Paarl t: +27 (0)21 874 3844 Peter Falke Wines Groenvlei Farm, Annandale road, Stellenbosch t: +27 (0)21 881 3677

fine wine merchants Visit our cellar at the FERREIRAS GARDEN CENTER, Maxwell Street, Windhoek For private collections, functions, or trade - contact us on e: sales@tamasawines.com or t:+264 (0)81 2372 840

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SIGNATURE PETER FALKE MÉTHOD CAP CLASSIQUE 2011 A combination of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir, has gone into this first vintage MCC wine and a limited amount, 1200 bottles, were produced. NB. This wine is only sold at the tasting room. Technical Analysis Alcohol 12% RS 7.5g/l TA 7.0g/l pH 3.03 Taste Yeasty with elaborate characters, brioche and biscuit flavours overwhelm the palate, a very elegant wine with great linearity.

SIGNATURE PETER FALKE MUSCAT D’ALEXANDRIE The grapes are picked form the estate’s Hanepoot block in the early morning and then whole bunch pressed. The wine is then fortified, to an alcohol adjustment of 17%, and given a higher residual of sugar of 187g/l, this is to balance the intense Muscat flavours. The wine is left to settle and then transferred to old 225L barrels for a further year of maturation. This sweet non vintage wine was released in December 2015 from the winery and was bottled in November 2015. Technical Analysis Alcohol 17.5% RS 187.0g/l TA 5.2 g/l pH 3.26 Taste Light amber in colour with aromas of orange blossom with deeper notes of jasmine and rose. Palate Apricot flavours with lingering aftertaste. Drink with Serve as an apéritif or as a sweet wine after dinner, to be enjoyed on its own or paired with a selection of cheeses. All wines are available for enjoyment by the glass, carafe and bottle. Visit Peter Falke Winery to try their award-winning wines, the estate is open from 11h00 until 19h00, Tuesday to Sunday. Bookings for groups of 10 or more is essential. Alternatively, place your order on-line via www.peterfalkewines.com/store For order enquiries, pricing or additional information, please contact Charné Maree on 021 881 3677 or tasting@peterfalkewines.co.za

44 |

SIGNATURE PETER FALKE EXCLUSIVE BLEND 2013 The Exclusive Blend is the flagship of Peter Falke Wines and comprises Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Only berries of premium quality were hand-picked in the vineyard, leaving all sun burnt grapes on the vine. Once de-stemmed, the grapes underwent a second, hand sorting selection process. No crushing of the grapes have taken place, only the introduction of yeast to start the fermentation process. Once completed, cold soaking took place for one day at 15°c. The grapes were left on the skins for 21 days. Punch-downs and pump-overs occurred regularly to ensure a velvety smooth tannin structure. Finally the wine was lightly pressed and matured for 18 months in French oak barrels. 20% went into 1st fill French oak and the rest into 2nd and 3rd fill. Bottled in November 2014. Technical Analysis Alcohol 14.67% RS 2.6 g/l TA 5.9 g/l pH 3.73 Taste Dark garnet hue, full and rich aromas of Cabernet Sauvignon dominate the nose. Palate Cassis and sweet red fruits enhance this well balanced wine with superb lingering tannins on the palate. Drink with This bold wine pairs well with flavoured roasted or grilled lamb or beef and a creamy sauce.

SIGNATURE PETER FALKE SYRAH 2013 Only grapes of premium quality were hand-picked in the vineyard, leaving all sun burnt grapes on the vine. Once de-stemmed, the grapes underwent a second, hand sorting selection process. No crushing of the grapes have taken place, only the introduction of yeast to start the fermentation process. Once completed, cold soaking took place for one day at 15°c. The grapes were left on the skins for 21 days. Punch-downs and pump-overs occurred regularly to ensure a velvety smooth tannin structure. Finally the wine was lightly pressed and matured for 18 months in French oak barrels. 20% went into 1st fill French oak and the rest into 2nd and 3rd fill. Bottled in November 2014. Technical Analysis Alcohol 14.63% RS 2.3 g/l TA 5.5 g/l pH 3.82 Taste The bouquet reveals intense notes of black currant berries, cherry, white pepper with hints of vanilla. Palate The palate is full-bodied with a delicate spiciness and silky tannins. Drink with Leaner red meats, stew and mildly spicy ethnic foods, such as slow cooked lightly spiced beef brisket, grilled rack of lamb, Indian curry or mild Mexican stew.

PETER FALKE RUBY BLEND 2013 An initial sorting and selection took place in the vineyards, leaving sun burnt grapes on the vines. Once de-stemmed, the grapes underwent a second sorting, to further remove excess stems, raisin berries and leaves, before proceeding to whole grape fermentation in wooden vats. A soft tannin structure was achieved through regular re-montage of the wine (A French term for the process of pulling out wine from underneath the cap of grape skins and then pumping it back over the cap in order to stimulate maceration.) The total maturation of the skins was 15 days and once malolactic fermentation was completed, the wine further matured in 225 litre French oak barrels for 18 consecutive months. Technical Analysis Alcohol 14.38% RS 2.5 g/l TA 6.0 g/l pH 3.61 Taste Deep notes of spice and red berry fruits with subtle flavours of plum, rhubarb and cloves. Palate A well rounded wine with soft tannins and a velvety finish. Drink with Rack of lamb or pot roasts.

PETER FALKE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2013 Only grapes of exceptional quality are selected and sorted in the vineyard, leaving sun burnt grapes on the vines. At the cellar the grapes go through another manual selection process before de-stemming. No crushing of the grapes takes place and fermentation starts naturally after 3 - 4 days of cold soaking at 15°c. The grapes are left on the skins for 25 - 35 days to create velvety smooth tannins. The wine is lightly press and then matured in new French oak barrels for 18 months. Technical Analysis Alcohol 14.14% RS 2.7 g/l TA 6.1 g/l pH 3.52 Taste Raspberry infused with mulberry and hints of floral spices on the nose. Palate Very fruity flavours, well-structured with soft luscious tannins and a lingering finish. Drink with Beef steak with a hearty peppercorn or dark mushroom sauce.

Walking arround the estates’s grounds, you will discover people of all ages enjoying the ‘luxurious outdoor lounge’, some sitting romantically together, others in family groups and some enjoying a simple cheese platter whilst savouring a fine wine.

PETER FALKE PINOT NOIR 2014 An initial sorting and selection took place in the vineyards, leaving sun burnt grapes on the vines. Once de-stemmed, the grapes underwent a second sorting, to further remove excess stems, raisin berries and leaves, before proceeding to whole grape fermentation in wooden vats. A soft tannin structure was achieved through regular pump-overs and punch-downs. The total maturation of the skins was 15 days and once malolactic fermentation was completed, the wine further matured in 225 litre French oak barrels for 14 consecutive months. Bottled May 2015. Technical Analysis Alcohol 14.43% RS 2.6 g/l TA 5.6 g/l pH 3.62 Taste Aromas of red fruit cherry spice and wet leaves on the nose. Palate Intense raspberry and strawberry flavours, an elegant wine with soft lingering tannins. Drink with Grilled salmon or tuna. Lighter mildly prepared beef or pork.

PETER FALKE SAUVIGNON BLANC 2015 Only grapes of exceptional quality made it to the cellar, leaving all rotten and sun burnt grapes on the vines. A further manual selection ensured that only the best grapes passed through the de-stemmer and crushing press. In the press, the pulp was left for 6 hours skin contact, optimising flavour extraction. Once settled, the clean juice was fermented in stainless steel tanks with ‘Vin 7’ yeast. Following fermentation and while the wine still appeared cloudy, the wine was extracted from the gross lees. A further 2 - 3 months contact on fine lees enhanced the complexity of the finished product. In advance of bottling, the wine was protein and cold stabilised. Technical Analysis Alcohol 13.30% RS 4.2 g/l TA 6.8 g/l pH 3.23 Taste The wine dazzles with intense aromas of William pear and citrus fruits. Palate The palate bursts with passion fruit and citrus flavours with hints of fresh cut lemon grass and nettle. Refreshing with a great crisp finish. Drink with Crayfish with a cucumber dill salad or fresh bread and goats milk cheese.

PETER FALKE BLANC DE NOIR 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were used to make the Blanc de Noir. Once these grapes reached the cellar, they were de-stemmed and lightly pressed. Pressure in the press was kept at a minimum and to prevent excessive colour extraction. To avoid prolonged skin contact, the juice is instantly drained, which creates the light onion skin shade. After 2 days of settling, the clean juice is extracted leaving the sediment behind. The juice was fermented at 14°c in stainless steel tanks. Finally the Cabernet Sauvignon was protein and cold stabilised before bottling. Bottled May 2015. Technical Analysis Alcohol 12.96% RS 6.0 g/l TA 5.6 g/l pH 3.39 Taste Hues of light onion colour, with intense flavours of red fruits and honey comb. Palate The palate is well-rounded with a creamy fullness and ends with lovely strawberries on the aftertaste. Drink with Enjoy on its own or paired with sushi, curry or desserts such as berry Pavlova. A refreshing summer wine.

| 45

Given the ambiance, passion and dedication to excellence, it is not surprising, that Peter Falke Wines have been awarded accolades that include: l Veritas Awards 2015 Signature Peter Falke Syrah 2013 Double Gold Medal. l PAR Wine Awards South Africa 2015 Signature Exclusive Blend 2013 Top Gold Medal. l Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards 2015 Signature Peter Falke Syrah 2013 Gold Medal. l Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards 2015 Peter Falke Pinot Noir 2014 Silver Medal. l Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards 2014 Signature Peter Falke Syrah 2012 Gold Medal. l Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards 2014 Peter Falke Ruby Blend 2012 Gold Medal. l Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards 2014 Peter Falke Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Silver Medal. come, this takes years,” he goes further, “if you try and follow trends you’ll find that by the time you are there you’ll have missed it, so our aim is to make our own patterns based on knowledge and experience, we

46 |

strive for the best and take our lead from using the best grapes and have developed a style of wine making using the least intervention possible.” “Our approach is classic, with a modern touch, we get the basics right and then we go on to blend and experiment, this and keeping to our philosophy of capturing the essence of the yearly harvest coming from the terroir is what we strive for. We hand select our grapes in the vineyards and once in the cellar we release their true inner character in a traditional way combined with modern techniques, by applying natural and minimalistic processes,” said Werner. “I am fortunate to have a family that has given me my head, I can pretty much do as I please when it comes to making the wine, my only constraint is to make it the best!” Going back to the marketing of the Peter Falke wines, it is easy to see that no effort has been spared, Danièle is equally passionate about the image that is portrayed, “it is important to understand the five senses, The Element, The Emotion, The Land, The Light and The People.” The Element, is clear for all to see, the reds, purples and blues are all reflected in the surrounds, non more so than in the tasting room, where you get a sense of modern and complimentary uniformity. It is clean and crisp yet relaxed, it draws you comfortably in.

The Emotion, all the wines bottled on the estate are traditionally corked. The first emotion that is triggered when you open a bottle of Peter Falke wine is the sound of the cork popping, it brings with it an expectation of something that is going to tantalise your palate. Everything you see around you from the easy lounges, to the white linen napkins through to the clearcut and simple branding on the wine labels, gives you a feeling of value and tranquility, something to be treasured. The Land, what is immediately apparent, as you sit and soak up the landscape, you see that the vlei is lush with vegetation, you know and feel that the terrior is ‘happy’ and then the first mouthful of wine confirms that mother nature has once again been bountiful. The Light, seeing is believing, we were fortunate to have visited Groenvlei on a Friday afternoon in mid summer, and although the temperature was in the low 30’s, we sat amongst the shade of the trees, we did not feel the heat, the deep blue sky above us giving a perfect light, a photographers dream, high contrast greens, complimented by deep reds and stark whites, giving way to hidden shadows, you know the environment is alive. Then there are The People, having grabbed my camera, I wandered around the grounds, to discover people of all ages enjoying the ‘luxurious outdoor lounge’, some sitting romantically together, others in family groups and some enjoying a simple cheese platter whilst savouring a fine wine – a reflection of Danièle’s French culture, of the languages spoken, one could detect, German, French, English and locals too. Enjoy!! Contact Telephone: +27 (0)21 881 3677 Email: marketing@peterfalkewines.co.za Website: www.peterfalkewines.com Address: Groenvlei Farm, Annandale Road, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa


Quality A N N U A L


& Value


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of the



of the








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POLO’S LEADING MAN The face of Ralf Lauren, Nacho Figueras, plays polo for a cause alongside royalty

Schalk Burger won’t go down easily

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Cyclists around the world take to the Western Cape’s scenic routes

REUBEN RIFFEL No silver spoon for Franschhoek’s home-grown hero










For more information about our turn - key services Contact: Mark Pettipher on mark@mpdps.com or Robbie Pansegrauw on rob@mpdps.com

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TAG Heuer‌ connected TAG Heuer, Intel Corporation and Google have recently unveiled a connected watch, designed by TAG Heuer, engineered with Intel technology and benefiting from everything the Android Wear universe has to offer. Welcome to another world. Edited by: Anne Schauffer

48 |

What is the TAG Heuer Connected Watch? The TAG Heuer Connected Watch with Intel Inside is a luxury watch that benefits from over 150 years of Swiss expertise, savoir-faire and heritage as cultivated by TAG Heuer. At 46mm in diametre, the design of the TAG Heuer Connected is primarily that of a true chronograph, with a case, back and lugs made from grade 2 titanium, a contemporary material ensuring the watch is lighter and more resistant to impacts than traditional materials such as steel or gold. Completed by a textured black rubber strap (six other colours – red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow - are available, and sold separately) with a deploying buckle made of grade 2 titanium as well, it has all the elegance, characteristics and level of finish expected from a fine wristwatch. The price is set at 1500 USD, 1’350 Euros, 1’400 CHF and 1’100 GBP. For the first time, TAG Heuer has developed three digital watch dials (faces), which feature the immediately recognisable design codes of TAG Heuer’s Carrera collection, including hands, index, counters, date window and minute track. Available from the launch date, was the chronograph dial, the 3-hand dial and the GMT dial, all of which display the date, and they are available in three colours - black, deep blue and pearl white - faithfully reproducing the appearance and the functions of a true dial, with shadows under the hands and the beautiful sunburst effect of the light. And because the

TAG Heuer Connected is above all a watch, the digital hands and indexes remain visible at all times, even when the watch is in ambient energy-saving mode. Soon, other watch faces will be made available.

And to make it even more unique The TAG Heuer Connected Watch is a true watch, both in terms of its appearance, with its watch faces and its minute tracks, but also in its “interactive counters”, thanks to the unique way in which its applications are displayed. The principle is simple: the dial and hands remain, while the most pertinent information from partner applications is elegantly displayed inside the three counters on the chronograph dial at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock, completely integrated into the watches aesthetic environment.

What if something shown in a counter really interests you? Touch the counter in question to open and interact with the application in full screen mode. Favourite applications, sports updates or alerts… it is easy to use and makes information simple to read, so the user can stay focused on the essential, without this spoiling the watches classic appearance. The apps which are customised for the TAG Heuer and available on an exclusive basis will be, to start with, Insiders (lifestyle), GolfShot Pro (golf ), RaceChrono Pro (motor racing) and ViewRanger (trailing), which will be offered with free subscriptions. A specially developed Software Development Kit (SDK) will allow enrichment. In addition, TAG Heuer has added the classic functions that are a key part of the watch universe: Timer, Alarm and Stopwatch, the design of which is faithful to the brand’s codes.

Smart. But to what extent? Living, travelling, getting information, connecting... the TAG Heuer Connected watch is the perfect partner. It brings together the best of both worlds: a magnificent TAG Heuer watch with computing intelligence. TAG Heuer worked closely with Intel and Google to create a luxury watch that combined connectivity and computing intelligence with Swiss watchmaking heritage. The watch features an Intel® Atom™ processor Z34XX and runs the Android Wear platform. Intel engineered the intelligence inside the watch to optimise performance and enable a multitude of connectivity options including audio streaming, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow users to harness the full range of features offered by the Android Wear operating system. With 4GB of memory, and all day battery life thanks to its latest generation lithium battery, the TAG Heuer Connected is equipped with a small microphone to communicate with via Google voice control and a sapphire crystal touchscreen - the indispensable complement to the crown at 3 o’clock, also houses controls. The entire piece has been made water resistant for everyday use and it is IP67 water resistance rated.

What if the phone is not with you? No problem. The watch will continue to calculate, display, and exchange data, and as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection it will remain connected to the cloud. Naturally, its resident applications (music, timer, alarm, step counter) remain active even when no connection is available. Android Wear opens the watch up to an almost infinite universe, an ecosystem that enriches itself night and day: thousands of Android applications are already available for

| 49

the TAG Heuer Connected watch user to download. The key applications, currently used by millions, such as Google Fit, Google Translate, Google Maps and Google Search with your voice are already available on the watch, and show you information with just a glance. The watch can also be easily synced with a phone running either on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+. It is charged using a contact charger. Simply place the watch on top of the charger to recharge it. The watch also benefits from a two-year warranty, just like other TAG Heuer watches.

A connected watch that can also be a timeless gift Anyone who buys a TAG Heuer Connected watch will have the opportunity to exchange it for a mechanical watch with real Swiss movement inside. At the end of the connected watches two-year warranty period, customers can go to the TAG Heuer store of their choice to exchange the TAG Heuer Connected watch for a mechanical Swiss Made Carrera watch. With a similar design, also made from grade 2 titanium, this mechanical watch has been exclusively developed and reserved for

50 |

owners of connected watches. Its price is set at 1500 USD, 1’350 Euros, 1’400 CHF and 1’100 GBP.

To complete the experience, an on-line platform that brings all users together There is a dedicated Internet platform, which has been created to share the latest new features and to obtain the partner applications available for the interactive counters watch faces. The TAG Heuer Connected watch is directly available now from the website www.tagheuer.com and in more than 100 TAG Heuer boutiques and 150 carefully selected retailers across the world. The list of points of sale can be viewed at www.tagheuerconnected.com.

78 98 |

| 113

Dear Rae… Please could you design me something extraordinary in silver or gold? By: Anne Schauffer Photographs supplied


orn and raised in Pinelands, Cape

(BA Fine Art) at Stellenbosch University,

Town, Karin Rae Matthee grew

and it was a good starting point for my

up in a family where three languages

career. My highlight was definitely the



exchange programme that I took part

Afrikaans. She says, “With this, came

in for my third year, where I studied



at a school in Germany. It was during

which brought strong traditions and

that time there, that I decided I wanted

variations to my childhood. My parents

to start my own business. After I

encouraged creativity, exploration and

graduated, I started Dear Rae Jewellery

variety in our lives. I have very fond

in 2010, and it’s been a challenging

memories of my childhood - it was a

and satisfying journey thus far.”





safe space of playing and learning for which I am very grateful.”

Dear Rae Jewellery’s manufacturing and retail space is based in Woodstock,

Karin says both her and her sister

and Karin also lives in the suburb:

were creative, and from age five, went

“There are many harsh contrasts in

to art classes every week at what

Woodstock, sometimes they inspire me

she calls ‘an amazing art school’. She

and other days I struggle with them,

specifically loved creating 3D objects

but there is a strong raw energy that

in any medium: “My dad did jewellery

has been very good for my creative

design as a hobby and had a small

process.” About her inspiration, she

studio at home, and when I was ten

says, “Objects and spaces inspire me

years old he started teaching me how

more than people. My surroundings

to work with fine metal.”

inspire me - an interesting line, curve

She was hooked: “After school I decided to study Jewellery Design

52 |

or shape from any object or surface in a natural or urban environment.

| 53

I often create ranges of jewellery around a theme, place or story. It allows me to create more of a narrative around my work.” Karin considers herself fortunate that her dad was also a business owner, so she was able to learn so much from him in terms of managing her business. She also acknowledges the amazing family support of her and her journey as a creative entrepreneur: “Yes, they’re quite proud of my work,” she smiles. “Many of my friends are




in various mediums. I always feel inspired by observing their creative process and journeys. Owning your own business can be lonely, so it’s important to have a network of people around you who are on a similar journey.” When Karin’s not working, she chooses to spend time in nature, whether running, hiking or surfing: “Surfing is probably the hobby that keeps me most grounded.”

54 |


Flamingo asked her about her work. What materials do you work with, and is there a reason for that? We only work in solid precious metals, silver and gold. We do not plate any of our jewellery, as we feel that it is important to create pieces that are long lasting and made for everyday wear.


Do you create bespoke pieces? Yes, we make many engagement rings and do take on other luxury commissions. This part of the business is growing very quickly over the last two years. We find that most of our clients want something less traditional and more contemporary.


Who buys your jewellery?

We have a very wide range of customers, I would say the majority are women aged between 18 and 40. We also have lots of men coming in to the store to buy a gift for their other half, or to have a bespoke engagement ring made.


Where can people buy Dear Rae Jewellery? Our retail/manufacturing space is at The Woodstock Foundry, 160 Albert Road, in Cape Town. This is our only retail outlet. You can also purchase our jewellery from our online store. We ship all over South Africa.

Contact Telephone: +27 (21) 447 1390 Website: www.dearrae.co.za (online purchases) Email: karin@dearrae.co.za or info@dearrae.co.za

| 55

FOR BOOKINGS OR ENQUIRIES +264 (0) 61 213 231 (Namibia) +27 (0) 21 430 5300 (South Africa) info@proteahotels.com.na proteahotels.com






With ten hotels located across Namibia, Protea Hotels Namibia offers you a diverse experience, from the inland Etosha Pan supporting a large and varied wildlife on its plains, to the Walvis Bay Lagoon, one of the most important wetland areas on the African coastline. Protea Hotels Namibia can cater for any type of conference or team building activity, offering both full and half day conference packages.

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58 | Starbucks in Tamagawa, Tokyo

How do you like your coffee? Mariya Suzuki really loves hers, so much so, she began to decorate the cups in which it was served. Now everybody’s curious... By: Anne Schauffer Photographs supplied

Friends drawing in a café in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

58 |

| 59


ariya was born in Nara in Japan,

bring some books back home. My sister

work of art too, which has created my

and at age six, moved with her

and I used to look forward to that. They

current style of drawing.”

family to the mountains, where she

also liked taking me and my sister to

Mariya never really gave much

was schooled. She loved the life, and

museums and classical concerts when

thought to becoming a professional

was captivated by the mountains.

we were little.”

artist, but somehow she says, she studied

always seemed to know it was going to


be her career: “Even though I’d never

subject: “Yes, I was good at it,” she

I’ve always liked to draw from life’s

taken a proper art lesson until college,

grins, “I’d make a collage card for my

observation, when I was in school, I

and with five years of violin lessons and

mother’s birthday each year, and I’d

often created drawings inspired by my

three of playing the tuba in the high

spend a great deal of time drawing our

thoughts for open-themed projects.

school band, my college major choice

pretty half-Siamese family cat.”

My drawings were somewhat tighter

had always been art instead of music.”

Mariya’s parents were artistic in their

and more worked into, because I used

And so it was. Mariya illustrates

own right: “My mother is a piano tuner -

to believe that it was necessary for

for a variety of industries, whether

completely different field - but still very

the ‘finished’ artwork. But, slowly,

it’s musicians, food professionals or

artistic. She used to draw as a hobby, too.

I began to focus more on daily

publishers. Her recent works include

Before we moved to the mountains, my

sketches from life. I started to open

illustrations for a Japanese band,

father worked at a book store specialising

up and to think what people might


in children’s books, and he’d sometimes

call ‘sketches’ can also be a ‘finished’

book cover illustrations for a publisher



a child, with art being her favourite



She says she was pretty artistic as

Mariya college:



| 59

A nice café in Ikejiri, Tokyo. It was a temporary shop, so it’s not there anymore in Los Angeles, Black Hill Press, and Artist Caravan 2015 (http://www.mariyasketch. com/commissions/#/artist-caravan/). So, the big question is, how and why did she start drawing on coffee cups? “I like coffee, and I drink it every day. When I was going to school in Long Beach, California, I often went to local cafés with friends. One day, I noticed the cup looked very plain

Drawing on a coffee cup. My living room

– no logos or anything. My habit of sketching had already started by then, and I just started drawing on what seemed to invite me to do so at the time. Maybe I didn’t have a sketchbook on me that day and had found a perfect alternative. It was very simple. The first cup I drew on was at a coffee shop called Portfolio Café in Long Beach. I was sitting inside

60 |

Drawing on a coffee cup. Looking down from Hikarie building in Shibuya

Vending Machines on the sidewalk. Ikejiri, Tokyo the café and drew what was in front of me - the cash register counter behind the cake display, a table and a couple of chairs, and ‘Order Here’ and ‘Pick Up Here’ signs hanging from the ceiling.” Mariya has two directions she’d like to take her art: both from the coffee side and from her subject matter

A view from Dogenzaka-Ue in Shibuya

which is daily lives and cityscapes: “My coffee cup art started because of my routine to drink coffee a lot. I would draw on the cup that held warm coffee, occasionally taking a sip from it. In other words, enjoying coffee and drawing on the coffee cup at the same time. But now, since I’ve discovered, with other people’s help, many things to make the cup art exciting, I started to see it evolving. It’s

| 61

Drawings from Artist Caravan. A project where a group of artists drove to Tohoku to bring colour to the area. I went with the team to record the whole trip through drawings

exciting because it’s a 2D drawing on a 3D object. The fact that you can’t see the whole thing at once makes it more interesting and somehow ephemeral, while also making it interactive. Some people wanted to try it for themselves. I then did a workshop with FabCafe (http://fabcafe.com/tokyo/blog/drawing-togo-report?lang=en). I was invited to Glitch Coffee’s party and provided a portrait service, drawing the guests’ portraits on

paper cups. I’d love to find various other ways for more collaborations with coffee drinking people.” Another direction she says she’d be excited to take is to draw different cities: “I am passionate about drawing everyday life objects, people, and scenes. I am planning on taking short trips within Japan to do a series of drawings of some of the cities. I enjoy the local areas that aren’t in tour guide books. My plan is to put together a collection which represents the places local people enjoy, as well

62 |

as those I personally enjoy. Eventually, I’d like to do the same overseas.” And your favourite artists Mariya? “I like Akira Uno (I think he also goes by Aquirax), Maurice Sendak and Trey


Silverstein. I





like is


contemporary artist from Florida, US. I enjoy the above artists’ works for their line qualities. The only artist that I like with a completely different taste is Alex G, whose work in the last four or five years has been amazing. I went to school with him at California State University, Long Beach.”

Contact Website: www.mariyasketch.com Instagram: instagram.com/mariyasuzuki Email: yay@mariyasketch.com

One of the three cover illustrations for Summer Writing Project 2015, a collaborative project between Black Hill Press, 1888center, and Jukepop. I was chosen to be this year’s cover artist (http://1888.center/mariya-suzuki-collection/).

| 63

The New GYPSY, NOW a 4x4 half ton bakkie Tough for everyone! THAT’S

GYPSY 1.3 MT 4x4 Soft Top

1 year / unlimited km warranty

Hard Top



N$155 000 N$165 000 incl. VAT

incl. VAT


Suzuki Windhoek

c/o Mandume Ndemufayo & Lazarett Street, Windhoek Tel: +264 61 401866

Suzuki Swakopmund

WIN with Air Namibia & I Love Namibia!

6 Moses Garoeb Street Swakopmund Tel: +264 64 406438

Mandatory insurances are excluded. Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. Terms and conditions apply. TREES FOR CARS




64 |






Visit vw.co.za/Passat

Amarok Double Cab 2.0 BiTDI Highline Think new. 4MOTION® Auto

The New Passat is designed to do a lot of the thinking for you. That’s why it offers City Emergency Braking* and Adaptive Cruise Control*, as well as a digital instrument cluster with Active Info Display*. It also features front and rear Park Distance Control to navigate tight spots, and side and curtain airbags for when you really need them. Visit Autohaus Windhoek for more information.

New Passat. Think New.

Permanent 4MOTION® 420 Nm of torque Class-leading 8-speed automatic gearbox ESP with Hill Ascent and Descent Assist Passat specifications: 110kW TSI Comfortline Manual, 110kW TSI ABS with off-road/gravel ABS Comfortline DSG®, 132kW Highline DSG®, 162kW R-Line DSG®. *Optional features

Autohaus Windhoek 4 Edison Street, Windhoek. Tel. +264 61 414200 www.vw.com.na O&M CAPE TOWN 87073/E/AUTO

102 |

| |121 65

Tech-filled Teuton The latest BMW 7 Series represents a technological triumph, writes James Siddall...

66 |

| 67


ars are hugely emotive things. To write about them dispassionately and clinically is difficult, and perhaps a little pointless as in that case the writer might as well just bang out the technical details and specifications, and leave it at that. So I need to tell you that I have a special emotional link to the BMW 7 Series, and we go back quite a bit indeed. The first 7 I had on test came around mid-1995 (I never did drive the E23, the first-generation 7 Series). That was an E32. A 740i model. In that big machine four of us (myself and three colleagues) road-tripped to the Grahamstown Festival, which I covered for the magazine on whose staff I was in those days. Memorable times from another, vastly different chapter in my life. Then came the E38, its successor, launched in our part of the world in late 1995. This was a simply superb machine, bristling with technology and luxury. Yet by virtue of being a BMW it was also a driver's car to be conjured with. In the early part of this century came the E65. This was the controversial

68 |

Chris Bangle-designed BMW 7 Series whose design might have ignited controversy at the time, but which always struck me as being loaded with gravitas in the American idiom. For the international launch of the 745Li long-wheelbase version I went to Bangkok. And of course over the years I had numerous iterations on test. That was followed by the fifth generation 7 Series, which takes us to the all-new sixth-generation of BMW's flagship, launched recently to almost universally awed media in Cape Town – and let it be said that included normally cynical members. This awe is easy to understand. And while I can only touch on some of the highlights of this big Teuton (after all, the main press release alone is almost 16 000 words long!), let it be said that the new 7 Series is laden with technology that puts it at the very forefront of the super-saloon category. Yet it also weighs as much as 130kg less than the car it replaces, and while it will waft in serene, sybaritic comfort, as we discovered during a section of the launch when journalists were chauffeur-driven,

it's an astoundingly agile machine when pushed hard. Indeed, it almost seems to shrink around the driver, making it possible to hustle it along like a far smaller, sportier vehicle. Two body variants are available, with a standard wheelbase at launch, and long-wheelbase models due to go on sale a little later this year, while the machine – as we noted during extensive driving on the launch – is more sumptuous and beautifully rendered than you can imagine. But it's the technology that beguiles. Just some it includes full LED headlights as standard, with the option of BMW Laserlight, which premiered on the i8. The head-up display now provides a 75-percent larger projection on to the windscreen, while safety measures include steering and lane control assistant, lane keeping assistant, and front and rear crossing traffic warning. In fact, this car is essentially semi-autonomous, and yet another tech highlight is BMW gesture control that allows intuitive and easy

which was recently launched in South


Africa, has been named 2015-2016 Car



class in Germany. It's a highly coveted

of the Year by the Japan Automotive

outstanding driving performance and

award this, being awarded jointly by

Hall of Fame ( JAHFA).

fuel efficiency the model exhibits

Auto Bild and Bild am Sonntag.






its sophisticated open-top sports car


advanced They


Skyactiv noted

thanks to its lightweight yet highly

Golden Steering Wheel” in the compact

“The most important award for the best Opel we have ever built!

rigid body.


Opel excellence





our product portfolio. We at Opel

Opel's new Astra has

can be extremely proud of this ‘Golden

scooped the “2015

Steering Wheel’. It proves that all new




OB 06 15293 The Observatory Ad Co

of our efforts have paid off. The for

lightweight, highly efficient engines,

with the infotainment system On the launch we drove two without delving into the various a better packaging, features from using predefined hand movements. versions. The three-litre, six- variants available – starts at N$1 365 trendsetting Also grabbing headlines is the cylinder turbodiesel 730d (195kW, 500.the The luxury 740i at class, N$1 339 000. The Whether you’re looking for a fun little pocket rocket, a spacious sedan or a roomy people connectivity and exemplary remote control parking function using 620Nm), and the three-litre, sixtop-range 750Li, meanwhile, will or cargo carrier, you’ll find Italian style in every Fiat vehicle. Visit M+Z Motors to test-drive the vehicle that suits your lifestyle. We’ll also help you structure a jubilant CEO Dr. the display key. cylinder turbopetrol 740i (240kW, startquality,” at close said to two bar. a personalised and affordable deal. It rides beautifully, too, thanks 450Nm), with a 750i to follow a Quite incomparable. And if Karl-Thomas Neumann atyou're the to standard two-axle automatic little later this year, as well as a 740e ableaward to shop at this level, well, ceremony. self-levelling air suspension and plug-in hybrid. then you can access a machine WALVISBAY: WINDHOEK: The new Astra is set to debut Corner DrPrices Sam Nujoma Toivonow) Ya Toivosits Street, dynamic damper control, with power are Ave substantial, but not24 Andimba that (for at the very and 18th Road, Walvisbay, Namibia. Windhoek, Namibia. in our part of the world in the first running to the rear wheels through Telephone: an absurd for this category. The pinnacle of German super saloons 064 20 37 92 Telephone: 061 373 500 half of 2016. eight-speed gearbox. standard 730d – minus options and – on all fronts.



Danric Auto


Sheer Driving Pleasure


Danric Auto is everything a BMW dealership should be and more. Whether you are interested in a vehicle upgrade, need to service your current BMW, require a part or are in search of expert advice, look no further than Danric Auto. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with all your luxury motoring requirements. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information on the latest models and offers, to book a test-drive, or enquire about our state-of-the-art workshop.

Danric Auto

Corner Hochland Road and Bismarck Street, Windhoek Tel. 061 295 8100 www.bmw-danricauto.co.za

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78 |

The wheel story: James Siddall on what's happening in the wonderful world of wheels...

James Siddall

70 |

New Models round up

The Power and the Glory The latest star in Ferrari's firmament is the GTC4Lusso – an evolution of the FF. It's a Prancing Horse for all seasons, and as the company says: “This is a car designed for clients wanting to experience the pleasure of driving a Ferrari anywhere, anytime, be it on short spins or long journeys, snowy mountain roads or city streets, alone or in the company of three lucky passengers”.

The GTC4Lusso’s name references illustrious predecessors, such as the 330 GTC or its 2+2 sister model, the 330 GT – one of Enzo Ferrari’s favourites – and the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, while the number 4 alludes to the car’s four comfortable seats. Power comes from a 6.3-litre, 12-cylinder motor making some 507kW at 6 000rpm, and 697Nm at 5 750rpm, with power running to all

four wheels, as was the case with the FF – except this baby now also comes with four-wheel steering. Expect it to storm to 100km/h from standstill in just 3.4 seconds, with a maximum velocity of 335km/h. The machine should be in our part of the world in the first quarter of 2017, and of course we'll bring you more details when we get to drive one.

| 71

100km/h in 7.3 seconds, topping out at 230km/h. Meanwhile the GS 350 F-Sport is retained. You will pay N$688 600 for the GS 200t EX, and a serendipitous sounding amount of N$777 700 for the GS 350 F-Sport.

A for away The outgoing Mercedes A-Class was a widely acclaimed little car – even if it was criticised in some quarters for its crashy ride. But with the recently released new-generation

Rewriting the rules When Hyundai SA introduced its five-year/150 000km manufacturer's warranty at the end of 2007, it sure caught its competitors napping. Now the Korean company has just rewritten the rules again, by rolling out a seven-year/200 000km warranty. This essentially covers a wide array of engine and transmission components of any Hyundai passenger car and light commercial vehicle sold by Hyundai Automotive SA from 01 February 2016 – and naturally it also covers machines sold in Namibia. As the charismatic Stanley Anderson the marketing director of Hyundai Automotive SA, says: “We are proud to be a leader once again in the SA automotive industry with a manufacturer’s warranty that really

72 |

bears testimony of the trust that we place in our products. Our cars’ quality and reliability have established excellent resale values over the years, and many thousands of Hyundai customers and drivers can vouch for the peace of mind that our products bring to the consumer”. Nice one, Hyundai. Very nice.

Lexus give thanks The likeable, mid-sized luxury Lexus GS has just received a shot in the arm – with not only a bolder design and yet more refinement, but with the addition of the 200t EX to the range. With a two-litre, turbocharged, four cylinder engine making 180kW and 380Nm, and mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, performance is brisk. Expect it to run from rest to

model, that's all sorted – largely thanks to Dynamic Select, as Merc dubs the system. This lets drivers change the car's characteristics from comfortable to sport to efficient at the touch of a button. And that's irrespective of whether they opt for the A 200d or A 220d diesel models, or the petrol-driven A 200, A 250 Sport or Mercedes-AMG 45 4Matic models. Prices range from N$389 200 for the A 200 through to N$683 600 for the 'bahn-storming A 45.

Ultimate and awesome Say “yo” to the coolest Amarok you can buy – the newly introduced Amarok Ultimate. This baby is based on the range topping 2.0 BiTDI 132kW 4Motion Highline with a eight-speed auto transmission, and happens to be the first bakkie on our market with bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights as standard. Other distinctive features include silver wing mirror covers, darkened rear lights with LED number plate illumination,

polished 19-inch alloy wheels, special “Ultimate” lettering, a silver-coloured underbody guard, and a styling bar as well as sill sidebars in chrome. The Amarok Ultimate is also brilliantly equipped, what with park distance control with rear assist reversing camera, electric folding and heated wing mirrors, heated front seats in either Vienna or Alcantara leather, a sound system with mobile phone preparation, rain sensor with intermittent wipers, auto dimming rear view mirror, and special velour floor mats. Yours for N$600 200.

Moving in grand style The Kia Grand Sedona has been getting a lot of positive press plus automotive awards aplenty – and after a week with one it's easy to understand why. After all, this big people mover does so much so well. For a start, bulk aside – and it's 5 155mm long, which is just fractionally shorter than the outgoing model – it's as easy to pilot as any smaller vehicle that you care to name. It's also a soothing machine to drive, with a 2.2-litre turbodiesel putting down 147kW and 440Nm between 1 750 and 2 750rpm. Power runs to the front

| 73

wheels via a six-speed auto gearbox, while there is a 3.3-litre V6 petrol engine available, too. It's not just the driver who benefits. Kia designers say that “first-class air travel” was a major influence behind the design and layout of the cabin, and the Grand Sedona seats seven easily and comfortably. Spec-levels, meanwhile, are simply stellar. The 2.2 CRDi SXL model I drove comes with a 12-way power-assisted driver's seat. Front seats are also heated and ventilated, while the two main second-row seats are heated, too. The two sliding rear doors are power operated, while inside the cabin where all is premium and upscale, you get a seven-inch TFT LCD screen that displays all journey information, plus an admittedly too small 4.3-inch LCD TFT touchscreen that shows the rear parking camera as well as audio information. And speaking of audio, the SXL comes with eight Infinity speakers. Cruise control is standard, of course, so is front and rear parking assistance, a tilting and telescopic steering wheel, a dual sunroof, and stowage space and cupholders aplenty. Another clever touch is

74 |

that each passenger row can independently set is own air-con settings. Body integrity and crash safety is vastly improved over the previous model, and buyers get the likes of BSD (Blind-Spot Detection), LCA (Lane Change Assist), and RCTA (Rear Cross-Traffic Alert), plus ESC (Electronic Stability Control) – as well as eight airbags. You'll pay N$679 995 – that includes Kia's five-year/150 000km warranty, and a five-year/100 000km maintenance plan – although there are more affordable models in the range to choose from.

Peppy ‘n pert Of all the Chinese vehicles that are available in our part of the world, the best arguably comes from GWM – so it is good to see an

updated version of the peppy little M4 compact SUV. New features include Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) and reverse radar, while a ground clearance of 185mm, a luggage carrier and a tail wing give a little, just a little, macho muscle to the appearance. Under the hood lives a 1.5-litre petrol motor making 71kW and 138Nm of torque. Power is to the front wheels, and equipment and safety levels are pretty good for the price – N$189 900.

Danric Auto: Cnr Bismarck Street and David Hosea Meroro Road, Windhoek Telephone: 061 295 8100

Visitvw.co.za/Passat vw.co.za/Passat Visit

Thinknew. new. Think

The New Passat is designed to do a lot of the thinking for you. That’s why The New Passat is designed to do a lot of the thinking for you. That’s why it offers City Emergency Braking* and Adaptive Cruise Control*, as well as it offers City Emergency Braking* and Adaptive Cruise Control*, as well as a digital instrument cluster with Active Info Display*. It also features front a digital instrument cluster with Active Info Display*. It also features front and rear Park Distance Control to navigate tight spots, and side and curtain and rear Park Distance Control to navigate tight spots, and side and curtain airbags for when you really need them. airbags for when really need them. The New Passatyou is designed to do a lot of the thinking for you. That’s why Visit Autohaus Windhoek for more information. The New Passat is designed to do a lot of the thinking for you. That’s why it Autohaus offers CityWindhoek Emergency and Adaptive Cruise Control*, as well as Visit for Braking* more information. it offers City Emergency Braking* Adaptive Cruise ItControl*, as well as a digital instrument cluster with and Active Info Display*. also features front a digital instrument cluster with to Active Infotight Display*. alsoside features front and rear Park Distance Control navigate spots,Itand and curtain andairbags rear Park to navigate for Distance when youControl really need them. tight spots, and side and curtain airbags for when you really need them. Visit Autohaus Windhoek for more information. Visit Autohaus Windhoek for more information.

New Passat. Think New. New Passat. Think New. Passat specifications: 110kW TSI Comfortline Manual, 110kW TSI Comfortline DSG®, 132kW Highline DSG®, 162kW R-Line DSG®. *Optional features 110kW TSI Comfortline Manual, 110kW TSI Passat specifications: Comfortline DSG®, 132kW Highline DSG®, 162kW R-Line DSG®. *Optional features


New Passat. Think New. Autohaus Windhoek New Passat. Think New. 4 Edison Street, Windhoek. Tel. +264 61 414200 Autohaus Windhoek

Passat specifications: 110kW TSI Comfortline Manual, 110kW TSI Comfortline DSG®, 132kW Highline DSG®, 162kW R-Line DSG®. *Optional features Passat specifications: 110kW TSI Comfortline Manual, 110kW TSI Comfortline DSG®, 132kW Highline DSG®, 162kW R-Line DSG®. O&M CAPE TOWN 87073/E/AUTO *Optional features

www.vw.com.na 4 Edison Street, Windhoek. Tel. +264 61 414200 www.vw.com.na

Autohaus Windhoek 4 Edison Street, Windhoek. Tel. +264 61 414200 Autohaus Windhoek


| 121

| 121

76 |

Rising sun racer Honda's all-new Civic Type R is one insane, intoxicating rush of adrenaline writes James Siddall...

| 77


onda is not a company given to hyperbole. So when it dubs its new Civic Type R “a race car for the road,” one is inclined to sit up and pay attention. As it so happens, Honda is pretty spot on, with the Type R being arguably the fastest front-wheel-drive hatchback you can buy. And it turned in a lap time of just seven minutes and 50.63 seconds

78 |

around the legendary 20.8km Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany. A time that's unrivalled by any other front-wheel-drive hatch. A time that conclusively dispenses with the admittedly valid preconception that Honda is a purveyor of conservative cars. But then this explosive performance isn't too surprising, with the mega-Civic slamming down

228kW and 400Nm from a high revving, turboed, V-Tec two-litre powerplant. Top trot is a claimed; class-leading 270km/h, and the zero-to-100km/h run takes 5.7 seconds. These figures only tell a little part of the story, however, and at full chat the Type R makes for a visceral, tactile, all-consuming experience as we discovered on the recent launch, which included time on a racetrack. And then it was on to the open road, with my driving partner excitedly exclaiming things such as, “OMG... what car... OMG!” Indeed. With the Type R redlining at a screaming 7 000rpm, while the driver slicks through the short shifting six-speed manual gearbox, this machine represents one huge dollop of adrenaline overlaid with cutting-edge technology. It also looks like it goes, with dramatic, be-spoilered, muscle-bound styling overlaid with a goosebump-inducing sound track. As Graham Eagle, director of operations at Honda Motor Southern Africa, and one of my favourite industry execs, puts it, “The all-new Honda Civic Type R is the most extreme and highest performing

Type R ever built, and sets new standards in the fiercely contested high-performance front-wheel drive hatchback segment”. And boy does it handle! Torque steer – the bane of high-powered front-wheel drive cars – is pretty much negated thanks to an innovative dual-axis front layout, while four-wheel electronic adaptive damping works sorcery on handling and stability. Bespoke high-performance Brembo brakes – with massive, drilled 350mm discs up front – and sticky Continental tyres enhance all this, and even under extreme cornering the Honda tracks like it’s on rails. In fact, it's well nigh impossible to unseat or unsettle this car; no matter how hard you try. And then there's the selectable +R-driving mode, which further sharpens engine and steering response. Equipment levels are excellent. You get the likes of automatically activated LED headlamps, keyless smart entry, cruise control, and a flat-bottomed steering wheel laden with multifunction controls. Red ambient cabin lighting is another nice touch in keeping with the car's character, while there's

also an intuitive infotainment system with a smartphone-like interface, plus the car gets a five-star Euro NCAP rating and six airbags, as well as the full armada of passive and active safety systems. That's the fun news. Not quite so wonderful is the announcement that Honda won't be bringing the gorgeous new NSX supercar to our part of the world – partly because of weak exchange rates that would have meant a murderously high price. But in the meantime you can get a Civic Type R for N$586 400.

That includes a five-year/200 000km warranty – yes, 200 000km, a brilliant new standard Honda warranty across the range – and a five-year/90 000km service plan. Meanwhile, it was recently announced that the Type R is a finalist in the prestigious World Car of the Year's “World Performance Car of the Year” award. The winner is set to be announced at the New York motor show in late March... and I know I'm going to be rooting for this firecracker of a machine.

| 79

Contact us for all your truck and bus needs

MAN KANN. Autohaus Truck and Bus MAN & VW 9 Birmingham Street, Northern Industrial Area P.O. Box 2110, Windhoek, Namibia

102 |

80 |

Fax: 061 277 709







| 87

82 |

Lucky number 9 L端deritz Crayfish Festival 2016 A crispy looking and deliciously mouthwatering lobster is what comes to mind the moment someone mentions the L端deritz Crayfish Festival. A time when seafood lovers come together to enjoy the appetisingly healthy food availed to us by ever-caring Mother Nature. By: Johanna Ileka Photographs by: Bruno de Comarmond

| 83


ationally, the Lüderitz Crayfish Festival is the first calendar

social event. It’s that event that gets people from all walks of life across all corners of the country flocking to the south in anticipation of the delicious seafood cuisines. In

addition, just




of Lüderitz has so much to offer – from its unbelievable historical attractions to the magnificent ocean – Buchters have a lot of refined taste bud agonising recipes in store, just for you! In addition to providing a platform to network and have fun, the Festival is a great opportunity for potential investors to explore Lüderitz and enjoy the serene hospitality.

84 |






year, the Lüderitz Crayfish Festival has surely made a mark not just nationally I





surprised from






an the

US literally pleading for information to



the the

Therefore, sure


disappointment Festival



year. make








2016 Crayfish Festival from 29 April to 02 May 2016 at the Lüderitz Waterfront. And if you’re a lover of Beach Parties, this is definitely a must attend. We’ll be at your service!

Contact Telephone: +264 63 207 841 (Johanna) or +264 63 207 800 (Martha) Email: ilekaj@ltc.com.na (Johanna) or martha@ltc.com.na (Martha)

| 85

Hasselt Optics, Windhoek t: +264 61 377800 f: +264 61 377801 e: hoadmin@optometrist.com.na

Winnie Guest House

“Breathe, Relax, Enjoy”

Spacious guest rooms Restaurant Bar Outdoor swimming pool (seasonal) Internet Café Tuck Shop Business Centre Special event rental Ironing/Laundry services 24 Hour security Shuttle Services (surcharge) Safe in rooms

Telephone: +264 (0) 61 418 200/Fax: +264 (0) 61 418 233 9 Range Street - Pionierspark Ext. 1 - Windhoek

94 86 96 ||

Email: reservations@winnieguesthouse.com Email: manager@winnieguesthouse.com

www.winnieguesthouse.com https://www.facebook.com/WinniesGuestHouse.

| |101 87

REFURBISHMENT ys PROJECTS TuesdaAT THE SAFARI Buy one, E! get one FRE COURT HOTEL**** Available all day. After a multi-million N$ investment, three brand new Otis Elevators operate in the Safari Court Hotel**** Buy any Standard Size Pizza or Pasta and get one FREE! Ts & Cs apply. Only pay for the more expensive item. No takeaways. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. VAT incl.


Pizza h c u m s a t Ea . as you like Served by the slice, from 5pm.

Adults - N$74.90


Kids 12 years and younger - N$44.90

Per person.Ts & Cs apply. No takeaways. No doggy bags. No sharing.

When room fo offers t


He and

EE! t anFy R KidYosur chEoia a zz Pi ce of or Pasta from


the Kids’ Men

Available all day.

Ear Ba


Ts & Cs apply. Only valid for kids 12 years and younger. Two kids per adult ordering a Main Meal. No takeaways. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Excludes Breakfast and Subs.

We also flights a As from early February 2016 an exciting refurbishment project is embarked upon resulting in all the bedrooms in the Safari Court Hotel**** shining in new splendour 6927P


Safari Hotels Corner of Auas and Aviation Road Telephone: +264-61-2968000 Fax: +264-61-223017 or 249300 Windhoek Maerua Mall, Centaurus Road. Tel: 061 248 533 E-Mail: safari@safarihotelsnamibia.com Website: www.safarihotelsnamibia.com

The on

Panarottis Windhoek

86 | 84

EAR IN througho

Call +27 www.ea

| 87 6927P ad 105 x 297WDFA.indd 1

2015/03/13 1:42 PM

88 |

In search of elephants Lesley and Ian Thomson were drawn to revisit Namibia by the tantalising promise of spending time with the extraordinary desert-adapted elephants. Words and photographs by: Lesley and Ian Thomson


himmering like tarnished silver

the only known breeding ground for

under the deep blue sky, the

flamingos in Namibia. Flying at night

horison was endless. With soft shades

and using the stars for navigation,



up to a million Lesser and Greater

creamy pastel-brown the foreground

flamingos arrive in Etosha after the

melts into the crystal-like glow of

rains. Using their upside-down beaks

the vast salt pan.

they scoop wet clay-like mud into



A lone leafless tree, bare branches

rough conical mounds in which they

supporting a social weaver’s nest, leans

lay a single egg. Whilst in residence,

into the breeze coming off the immense

these flamingos create a pink glow

pan. A few springbok search amongst

from west to east, highlighting the

the course white sand and tufts of dry

divide between the plankton infested

grass, looking for sustenance.

earth and the empty sky above.

Etosha Pan. Its captivating beauty

The cry of the jackal rents the

is so hard to describe. Harsh and

air. A small herd of dusty elephant

unforgiving, yet it sustains a profusion

appear like a mirage from the distant

of wildlife around its waterholes. So

trees as the lowering sun silhouettes

large it can be seen from space, it is

the tamarind trees. A lone giraffe

| 89

cautiously approaches the waterhole,

walking further on harder ground.

its reflection on the water as it spreads

They can travel up to 70kms a day in

its long, gangly legs to drink.

search of water in the dry season. just

Generally inhabiting the ancient

the indescribable Etosha Pan with

seasonal riverbeds in the north-west

its large herds of wildebeest and


zebras, lions that laze in the open

sand for the water that flows beneath


the sun-baked crust, the elephants








Namibia, digging



move great distances between their

dramatically marked oryx. It was to see the desert-adapted

meagre water supply and feeding

elephant that drew us yet again to

grounds. Zoologists and scientists

Namibia. A bonus was to see how the

are debating amongst themselves

lions had also adapted to the harsh

whether these elephant that have

terrain. Having previously seen lions

adapted to living under harsh desert

closely watching through long grass,

conditions should be classified as a

their ever-watchful eyes following our

different species of elephant.

every move, it was rather bizarre to

Namibia is not all sand-dunes, desert

see them out in the open, not a tree

and flat semi-arid terrain. Travelling off

or shrub in sight. The black rhino,

the main road south of Etosha we were

usually preferring to browse in thicket,

surprised to find stunning kopjies and

had also adapted to these dry desert

rolling hills covered in a variety of



combretum and mopani trees, with

somewhat out of place, were thriving.

many evergreen Shepherd (boscia

Though considered to be slightly

albitrunca) trees near the termite

smaller than the better known African

mounds. There were a few African

elephant, the desert-adapted elephant

star-chestnuts (sterculia africana) with

has larger feet and longer legs, due

pale silvery-white barks silhouetted


against the towering rocks. The wind

90 |







sculptured rocks with their rich gallery

Kaokoland. How long will it be before

of San paintings on flat cliff faces and

they come back this way?

in hidden caves, glowed in the setting

Another totally unexpected, and

sun, the numinous creating a mystical

almost surreal secret, is the Film

ambience, touching on the spiritual.

House. Built Robinson Crusoe style in

amongst massive boulders which have

Namibia. The one secret is the lovely

been incorporated into the house in

bush camp at Farm 259 from where

place of walls, this wooden structure,

one can walk in the footsteps of

with its winding stairways, billowing

the desert-adapted elephant, peer

drapes, local carvings and souvenirs

upwards at the giraffe and chuckle

from the bush, colourful rugs covering

at the antics of the zebra, whilst



waiting quietly for the bush buck to



re-appear. Or sit in a well-disguised

colanders and candles everywhere,

hide hidden amongst the rocks of a

was totally unexpected. Each deck, or

high kopjie looking down on the

level, with trees growing through them,

panoramic view of Africa - after

had views of the surrounding bush

having carefully checked the local

veld. An outside shower built around

leopard is not in residence!

a Shepherd tree, a loo set in the rocks,





There were signs of elephant having walked




landscape, leaving footprints through

and from

chairs, kitchen

glass beads and tiles decorating the braai area of the camping ground – a place to return to!

the golden arastida grass as they went

The Film House had originally been

from water-hole to pan. At least 27

constructed for a French film in 2004.

elephant in the one herd had passed

The present owners have built onto

this way, just a week or so before

it over the years creating this desert

we did, on their way to Damaraland

island tree-house type rustic, but

(now called the Kunene Region) or

extremely comfortable, guest house.

| 91

Driving west, past layered hills shaped like Lesotho hats, we were able to watch the desert-adapted elephants as they walked single file along the foothills of the mountains. Turning off the C40 it was a short drive to Hoada (pronounced Waada) Community Campsite. Hidden among large grey granite boulders and mopani trees the location of this campsite is amazing. The campsite is in the #Khoadi//Hoas Conservancy – ‘corner of the elephant’ in






Khoekhoegowab, spoken by both the Damara and Nama people. The name, Hoada, is a phrase meaning ‘everybody’

leopard, spotted and brown hyena.

as pertaining to the community that

This conservancy was one of the first

lives there, the environment with its

in Namibia to re-introduce black rhino,

variety of wildlife, and to welcome

and have re-introduced eland and

travellers and visitors.

black-faced impala.

The #Khoadi//Hoas Conservancy covers



way to end a day with a swim in the


pool built in a cleft in the massive

elephant often frequent this area

granite boulders, half-way up the

which is also home to mountain

kopjie, before climbing to the top and

zebra, gemsbok, giraffe, lion, cheetah,

watching the sunset over Namibia.


92 |

area The



An ideal area for hiking, what better

Who are we? Ian and Lesley Thomson are Wildlife Management & Tourism Consultants, as well as Authors and Travel Writers – Africa Talks. Contact Telephone: +27(0) 72 640 2737 Email: africatalks@iuncapped.co.za Facebook: The Derelict House: Elephants in My Garden Lesley and Ian Thomson travelled with Wild Dog Safaris www.wilddog-safaris.com

See, hear and experience the tranquil surroundings of the Atlantic Ocean at Atlantic Villa Boutique Guesthouse & Conferencing. We have unique facilities to accommodate a variety of travellers. 44 Rooms in 4 different categories to choose from. Our diversity in conference and events facilities will amaze you. Facilitating up to 60 people, we take care of all the catering, be it for a conference, business breakfast, board meeting or wine tasting.

Special Offer not to be missed!! 15% Discount on accommodation from February 2016 until August 2016. Reservations (subject to availability): bookings@atlantic-villa.com. Tel.: +264 64 463511. Visit our website for more details: www.atlantic-villa.com. Specials and incentives are applicable exclusively to the Namibian / SADC market.

Flight-seeing along the Namib Desert and Atlantic Ocean. Meet the Southern Skeleton Coast and Sossusvlei from the sky.

WELCOME to “Sossusfly� Covering about 600+km of which less than 20% has been seen travelling by road. Discover the ancient desert deep in the heart of NAMIBIA.

Let Atlantic Villa also take care of your team building and activity bookings.

| 121

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WHO’S YOUR CHINA? Is Asia’s fortune cookie crumbling?

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monthly cou n Our


Analysing Option Values to Delay Development of Land in Windhoek, Namibia



0 2 - 2 0 1 5


Exploring the Impact of Personal Connections and Selected Individual Factors on the Ethical Judgment and Behavioural Intentions of Nigerian Estate Surveyors and Valuers


Veuve Clicquot Mail Ad-Val De Vie STP.pdf 1 2014/11/19 02:27:16 PM

September 2015

V - lifestyle

Inadequacies in Development Viability Appraisal Studies in the Nigerian Property Market

THE GREEN REVOLUTION EYE onproperty AFRICA Commercial stillset a greeningKenya: pioneers market R E V I EtoWwatch the sustainability tone



ADVOCATE ALBERT MURPHY Sectional title developments and the reality of Murphy’s Law

Residential Satisfaction in Southern Johannesburg, South Africa

lights on Risingthe prosperity

Greening mixed-use developments Sustainably blurring the lines


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Developers, be cautious when naming your sectional title development

CSOS Long-awaited sectional title dispute resolution by Prof Graham Paddock


WLOTZKASBAKEN A strange case of property ownership in the Namib desert

September 2015


A Spatial Perspective to Managing Real Estate Information

Property Development Programme

The face of Ralf Lauren, Nacho Figueras, plays polo for a cause alongside royalty

Sharpening industry professionals

Life worth living

by-country focu try-

t (013) 755 1421; Polokwane (015) 297 4055; Richards Bay (035) 753 1235; Rustenburg (014) 597 3655; Windhoek +26 461 237 346.

November October 2013 - 2014 September 2014

m, or the office most convenient to you: Pretoria (012) 842 8700; Johannesburg (011) 802 0560; Bloemfontein (051) 430 1423; Cape Town (021) 919 6976;

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FACILITIES MANAGEMENT RETAIL PROPERTY Who TRENDS holds the purse strings? Keeping ahead of inflation

South African Property Review

infrastructure that



AFRICA FOCUS Nigeriaseleading ries the l LD economic African field



The Val de Vie


2014 - 2015

Delivering sustainable






October 2014 2014 September November

monthly cou n Our

SouthAfrican AfricanProperty PropertyOwners Review Association - Property Register South

“My future?”




2014/10/10 1:50 PM

Green and Education

Jafrer Cover First Edition_SUBBED.indd 3


2014/07/08 9:35 AM



FIGHTING SPIRIT Schalk Burger won’t go down easily








SAPOA President Mike Deighton on taking the reigns


by-country focu try-

September 2015

Winter 2015



monthly cou n Our


Cyclists around the world take to the Western Cape’s scenic routes

Greece: Europe’s limping giant


val de vie








No silver spoon for Franschhoek’s home-grown hero


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Conferencing: Our state of the art conference facility features the very latest technology and equipment, with surround sound, seating and lighting to complement your corporate image and colours. Accommodation: Atlantic Villa offers five main facets, namely the Luxury Suites, Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Luxury Rooms and Self Catering units. Atlantic villa offers the most upmarket and comprehensive accommodation and conferencing facilities at the Coast! Plover Street, Vogelstrand, Swakopmund u PO Box 522, Swakopmund, Namibia www.atlantic-villa.com u bookings@atlantic-villa.com Tel: +264 64 463511 u Fax: +264 64 463510

94 84 | 82

| 83

The #1 clocking system in Namibia

T. +264 61 425 700


| 95

Protect yourself from the elements with a range of our high quality clothing. Whether it be earth, air, fire or water, Jonsson clothing offers personal protection for any harsh environment.

With a product range of over 25 000 articles, CYMOT is your one stop shop for any adventure!

The Greensport 4x4 range includes all products needed to equip your off-road vehicle with quality accessories to tackle any Namibian terrain.

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With both surf and freshwater fishing equipment to choose from, CYMOT has everything you need for that big catch.

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WINDHOEK Tel: (061) 295 7000

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ANGOLA/LOBITO Tel: +244 926 670 984

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TSUMEB Tel: (067) 221 161

RUNDU Tel: (066) 255 668

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natural mountain minerals

Rhino Facts: In the late 1970s aggressive poaching took the Namibian Black Rhino to the brink of extinction. Thousands of rhino were slaughtered to satisfy the demand for fashion accessories and oriental medicines. By the early 1980s the population had plummeted from 65,000 to just 60. The ‘Rhino for Erongo’ project was established to reintroduce and conserve rhino in the Erongo region, reintroducing Black Rhino into the area after the last of its kind was caught in 1974. For every bottle of OASIS sold a contribution is made to the ‘Rhino for Erongo’ project, helping to conserve and protect these beautiful creatures.

96 |

| 83

Flamingo In-Flight Mag ad Swakopmund_PRINT.pdf


Country Club Resort The Windhoek Country Club Resort offers businessmen, conference delegates and families a unique combination of exceptional service, and luxurious accommodation. • 152 rooms & suites • 3km from Eros Airport • 2 restaurants & bars • 24 hour room service • Desert Jewel casino • 18-hole golf course

Contact Details

9:38 AM




Where The Skeleton Coast Comes To Life





• Conferencing for up to 800 delegates • Outdoor swimming pool • Lazy river • Fully equipped fitness centre

Tel: +264 (0) 61 205 5109/5911 Fax: +264 (0) 61 205 2797 windhoek@legacyhotels.com





Your Namibian Gem


The Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre offers the perfect balance between charming, old world tradition with the thrill and excitement of modern day entertainment, be it the Casino & Entertainment Centre, dune boarding, quad biking, golf at the nearby desert course, the dolphins and the flamingos of Walvis or a romantic banquet in the desert. • • • • • •

90 Rooms 47km from Walvis Bay Airport 2 Restaurants 24 Hour Room Service Mermaid Casino Sightseeing Tours & Excursions

• Conferencing for up to 480 delegates • Outdoor Swimming Pool • Fully Equipped Gym • Hair Salon & Spa • 2 Cinemas

Contact Details

Tel: +264 (0) 64 410 5200 Fax: +264 (0) 64 410 5360 swakopmund@legacyhotels.com

64 |

| 97


The Gregoire Boutique Hotel and Spa, Hermanus It’s time to discover and enjoy what could well be South Africa’s latest hotspot, with lots of society chat taking place in London and New York about this beautiful new private residence, that is not even sign posted. One could say discretion at its ultimate! By: The Roving Ambassador Photographs by: Hesterki Range hesr247@gmail.com

98 |

| 99


lose to Hermanus’ famous cliff path, guests are able to experience

breath-taking views over Walker Bay, yet only being a stone’s throw away from the heart of Hermanus, which has become the place to be and be seen. The Gregoire opened its doors late December 2015 and is the creation of Cindy Barry who has just added a touch of “je ne sais quoi” and has displayed impeccable taste, in her creation. Having



Cindy comments on her inspiration, behind this unique property, “The Gregoire was inspired by the local artist, Gregoire Boonzaier, who is heralded as one of the four masters of South African art. As my family has






art and objects d’Art over the past forty years, a boutique hotel seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the works of this famed artist, especially as Gregoire was an Overberg local, spending most of his time in Onrus,


before his death in 2005.”

dimensions of Cape Town.





In paying homage to the unique

Boonzaier’s considerable contribution

character of Boonzaier, Cindy has also

to South African art is said to be

infused the 3 000m², with her own

undeniable by his peers. A famous

tastes and style. Offering inspirational

exponent of Cape Impressionism,

experiences for guests, who expect a

he was known for using his works

certain level of luxury and who can

to contribute to the struggle against

expect to experience five star services,

apartheid. Charitable by nature, he

like no other. The Gregoire allows

was always keen to assist fellow

you to escape time, within an opulent

artists and give advice when asked,

private residence, where your every

even as a student. During apartheid,

need is foreseen.





he was one of the few willing to

On entering this discreet property,

assist schools of colour. To this




muted tones, serve to further display


Cindy’s collection of art and objects






100 |







as In









later years, he was instrumental in

that the overall feel is welcoming,

preserving the memory of District






absorb their surroundings, while mid-century pieces of Pieff and Charles Eames perfectly reflect the grandeur of each space. Wondering from the beautifully elegant private lounges into one of the eight suites, the decor remains neutral, allowing the crisp, white linen





take prominence. Cindy comments, “The decision to keep the property intimate has allowed us to maintain incredible each










providing an exceptional experience, for our guests.� The Gregoire is divided into two villas – Gregoire and Charles Gardener. King beds, Plasma TVs and satellite channels






with and

decks depending on which suite you choose. One has to say this property really takes you into new dimensions of hospitality!

| 101

Breakfast is a continental affair, allowing guests to enjoy cheeses,

with a unique experience close to the shores of the South Atlantic Ocean.”

eggs, smoked salmon and more in the

Both Cindy and all of her colleagues

company of a fresh sea breeze. While

have a natural affinity for people

not full board, The Gregoire does offer

and hospitality. Food and wine hit

more than what is generally included

top of the list at The Gregoire as the

in luxury properties. In addition to

Barrys enjoy wines from both the

the standard Caffitaly coffee, fine

new and old world and Cindy is most

teas and mineral water, non-alcoholic

definitely a gourmand of note, who

sodas and house wine are also

has an ability to combine flavours

included in your rate.

using locally sourced fish from the sea

Cindy has travelled to a number of

and beautifully tender South African

beautiful destinations over the past

meat, accompanied by an array of

twenty years, including Monte Carlo,

vegetables and salads.

Malibu, California.

After chatting to Cindy, it is time

Having returned from seven years in

to make our way to our suite. While

England a few years back, Cindy has

each room has its own unique

taken her inspirations of The Gregoire


from the stunning hotels and private

beautiful beds and marble baths – it

residences she has stayed at. She says,

is the sophisticated design elements

“When we acquired this property, it

and calming tones throughout the

was – and is – our goal to make it “bold


and beautiful”. We are lucky to have

residence together as a whole.










the freedom of space, which we want

Climbing into bed is, as one would

to use optimally, to ensure guests are

expect, a truly luxurious affair. Fine

afforded privacy at all times. We have

threaded cotton bedding, duck down

created a fusion of experiences, in

duvets and an exclusive pillow menu

order to provide our discerning guests

– when combined with the crashing

102 |

waves outside – all but guarantee a perfect night’s rest for any guest. One






wanting to leave the plush embrace of The Gregoire’s suites – however, upon venturing on to the hotel’s expansive lawns, there are three swimming pools waiting to be discovered, including a marble roman pool. Sun loungers are dotted across the property, providing the perfect opportunity for catching up on some reading, chilling out under the African Sun and enjoying beverages of your choice. What is impressive day and night is the Pergola, which is illuminated by the most beautiful chandeliers





setting to take in the ambience of all that surrounds. The ultimate touch is being able to chill out while listening to background music. The spa at The Gregoire offers refining treatments based on extracts from fruit and beautifully scented aroma oils for those who need to relieve stress and float on the clouds for a while. Afternoons can be spent enjoying a

| 103

friendly game of Boule or Croquet before refreshing in the privacy of your private suite and enjoying cocktails followed by dinner cooked by The


Gregoire’s resident chef. While much of the hotel’s appeal lies in a beautifully combined fusion of old and new, The Gregoire offers a number of experiences and background music that could enable one to think you are in Mykonos or Ibiza. The Gregoire is possibly South Africa’s newest hotspot and well worth a visit for those seeking relaxation, within a comfortable vibe and chilled environment.

Contact Physical Address: 225-227 Main Road, Eastcliff Hermanus, South Africa Email: reservations@thegregoire.co.za Telephone: +27 (0) 28 312 2285 / +27 (0) 83 280 0003 Website: www.thegregoire.co.za

104 |

Pay for 3 nights and stay for 4 nights at the the Gregoire Boutique Hotel and Spa Offer valid from 01 May 2016 untill 31 July 2016 and according to availability.

In association with

Where Admirers and Aspirers Mill ‘n Mash

18-19 March 2016 | THE DOME | SWAKOPMUND| www.namibiawhiskyfestival.com.na

Scarlett Fashion Bringing out the royal in you!

Contact Details: Tel: +26 485 622 9279, Email: scarlettfash@mail.com Unit 66, Ground Floor, Maerua Office Park, Maerua Mall, Centaurus Road | 105

Hotel Heinitzburg it’s about family When staying in Windhoek, you can choose ordinary, or extraordinary... like this intimate, family-run boutique hotel in a wonderfully historic castle. By: Anne Schauffer Photographs supplied

106 |

| 107


oised right up on a hill overlooking the city of Windhoek, is the castle known as Hotel Heinitzburg. Alongside it – perhaps no more than 50 metres as the crow flies – are two other castles, but unlike Heinitzburg, neither is accessible to the public. Owners of Hotel Heinitzburg, Tibor Raith and his mother, Beate, love to talk about the history of this fascinating building, one which goes back over a century. It was 1914 when the famed Namibian architect Willi Sander built a castle overlooking the city, entirely for his own private use. Sander’s

108 |

exceptional architecture was well known throughout the country - during the German colonial times - and this castle was no exception. It was the genuine article, complete with turrets, stone, slate, and crenellations cut into parapet walls. But while Sander enjoyed life in his castle, a certain Count von Schwerin - based in Windhoek – set his heart on the castle as a gift for his fiancée, Margarethe von Heinitz… hence the name, Hotel Heinitzburg. The count bought it, married his bride in Swakopmund, but later, after the

First World War – when the colony was disbanded in Namibia – they returned to Germany. What Tibor Raith and his family discovered in their extensive research, was that the count and countess had three sons, but to whom the castle belonged thereafter remains a mystery: “All we know is that my parents bought it in 1993 from the Levinson family, who ironically, also had three sons, as did my parents”. A lovely aside was that Tibor’s mother, Beate (later Raith) first came to Namibia at the age of 16 to visit an aunt… and met Jürgen Raith. She returned to Europe after her trip, but she’d met the love of her life, so it wasn’t long before she came back to Namibia and Jürgen, to make a life with him there. Up until the moment the Raith’s took over Hotel Heinitzburg, it had been privately owned and was not a hotel… but the Raith’s had the vision to transform it into a unique

| 109

accommodation venue. It began as a hotel pension or bed and breakfast. “We built it up slowly over a decade to where it is today,” says Raith. “We opened with 10 rooms, and because my father – a chef - ran his Hotel Furstenhof in town while my mother essentially ran this one, our guests were able to have small dinners at the castle… all catered for from our family hotel in town. In 1999, my parents decided to expand, and built another 6 rooms, a wine cellar and restaurant - we opened them in the same year”. Tibor Raith manages the hotel alongside his mother, but in addition, he’s a qualified chef with a passion for good food.... a fact to which guests will testify: “I left Namibia for Europe at about age 15, and when I completed school, I began my apprenticeship as a chef. I also studied hotel management in Austria, and after the death of my father, returned to Hotel Heinitzburg in 2006”. He’s been in this family business for 10 years now, and says he never imagined doing anything other than being a chef: “I suppose everybody likes the idea of sons going into the family business,

110 |

but for me, from a youngster, I always knew I’d be a chef. I never wanted to do anything else”. His middle brother Maximilian is also planning to join the family business, and while Leopold, the younger one, has other plans, his name was given to the hotel’s restaurant! There’s a great sense of history at Hotel Heinitzburg, and it goes beyond the fascinating architecture, vast rooms, and wonderful old stone walls. The Raith’s have managed to balance the antiquity of the establishment with a wonderfully contemporary and gracious feel, from the decor in the rooms, to the sensational wine cellar... with over 18 000 wines, the largest cellar in Namibia! Raith says their secret of success at Hotel Heinitzburg is the family: “We live hospitality. As a family, it’s not just a job for us, it’s a complete passion”.

Contact Address: 22 Heinitzburg Street, Windhoek, Namibia Telephone: +264-61-249 597 Website: www.heinitzburg.com Email: heinitzburg@heinitzburg.com

| 111


CHOOSE Colombini Casa and share in the Passion & Experience of 50 Years in Design

colombini casa situated at 29 the grove mega center Kleine Kuppe. colombini offers great furniture solutions for projects big and small. the colombini casa brand brings italian style, quality and elegance into namibians homes. colombini casa is based in italy in the beautiful town of san marino and was established in 1965. colombini have more than 70 partners around the world. over the years colombini have built a superb international brand in the furniture manufacturing industry that enjoys international recognition for style, quality, versatility and affordability.colombini offer a vast collection of different product lines that includes classic, contemporary, modern and ultra-stylish kitchens, furniture and dÊcor with the emphasis on the client’s uniqueness and expectation.

Dubai mexico city maDriD moscow paris shanghai

80 |

we specialise in projects big and small, catering for the entire market from small residential units to hotels and office buildings. together as a team, we consult with the client to come up with the perfect space solution and design. we manage all the phases of the project, starting from the proposal to delivery. www.colombinicasa.com windhoek@colombinicasa.com

Colombini Casa

The Process

50 years of passion for design an italian story. now in namibia.



your Floorplan

the technical area in the showroom offers thousands of interior solutions.



your unique 4D Kitchen Design

obtain the Quotation accept it and get your kitchen installed.

Your Discount Voucher - order your brand new colombini Kitchen before 15th of April 2016 and you will save N$15000 on any order of N$60000 or more. come and Visit our showroom at Shop 29 The Grove Mega Center Kleine Kuppe for your free consultation

Colombini Casa Windhoek - shop 29 the grove mega centre, Kleine Kuppe - windhoek - namibia tel: 00264811245802 - windhoek@colombinicasa.com

| 95

114 |

Walking through the Fish River Canyon: A BUCKET LIST ADVENTURE When the Hollywood movie ’Bucket List’ hit the big screen in 2007, it was more than just good entertainment with a meaningful storyline. It sent the important message home that we are here for just a brief period of time and it’s vital to experience some of the great Earthly highlights while we’re on the good planet. By: Ron Swilling Photographs by: Gondwana Collection Namibia

| 115

to organise and is suitable for the whole family. And, really, why wait until you’re on death’s doorstep to start adding the great highpoints of a lifetime to your days. I added it to mine, and then returned and did it all again because it was such good fun. Let’s rewind the geological clock. The creation of the canyon began when humankind was just a whisper on the wind – or maybe not even that. It’s taken hundreds of millions of years for the canyon to be carved into the great Earth masterpiece that it is today, influenced by tectonic events, the Fish River’s meandering passage, glacial journeys and erosive forces. A hundred-and-twenty million years ago, when the supercontinents separated, the lifting of the continental edges increased the gradient of the land providing the Fish River with the extra speed to rush through the ancient river bed, carving out the canyon millimetre by millimetre, year by year.


Fast forward to 2016, a blink of an eye hese could include seeing the

energy. Regardless of what those are,

in infinite Earth time, and the mighty

Northern Lights and watching

there is one experience that definitely

canyon invites all those with a sense

thundering wildebeest on a migration

should be on the top of the list: hiking

of wonder to stand on its rim and gaze

in Kenya, visiting Antarctica or perhaps

in the second largest canyon in the

into its depths with jaw-dropping awe.

climbing Everest. Choices depend on

world. Unbelievably it also happens to

Or, if geology isn’t your thing, you

your adventurous spirit, inclination and

be something that is remarkably easy

could simply go along with the Nama

116 |

legend that tells how the Nama folk were fed up with a giant snake preying on their livestock. They surrounded it, brandishing their spears and knobkerries, cheering and chanting. The tale explains how the great beast’s death-throes created the fissures and ravines that characterise the canyon today. Our intrepid hike leader, Manilow, recounted the legend to us on our first night at Battlesnake Camp. The wind whistled against the roof beams as we huddled inside the warm cabin after a hearty three-course meal. Manilow pounded his walking stick on the ground with vigour as he described

donkey father, their merit as hard workers

riverbank. From the dining-room ledge,

how the people refused to let the

and pack animals is remembered and

while our mule handlers-cum-chefs set

great beast devour their animals and

revived on the Gondwana Collection’s

appetising aromas wafting into the

gathered together, advancing on the

5-day canyon mule trekking tours.

late afternoon, we watched the canyon regally transform into gold.

greedy reptile. Outside, the mules

Lower down, the depths of the

were tethered safely for the night and

canyon offered other delights, vegetation

The smell of coffee, sweetcorn fritters

a heaven-full of stars glittered like

and birdsong, frolicking in rock pools,

and bread toasting on the fire lured us out

diamonds on Joseph’s technicoloured

skimming stones on the water, finding

of our tents the following morning as the

dreamcoat. The waxing moon lit up

fossilised ripples of water etched into

sun’s rays kissed the riverbank ‘Good

the cosy cabin and the canyon rim that

rock and reading animal tracks in the

Morning’. As we hopped, skipped and

dropped to stomach-wrenching depths

sand. From the confluence of the Fish

strolled along, our attention was drawn

before reaching the meandering course

and Löwen rivers, we followed a canyon

to cryptic creative doodles engraved on

of the river far below.

wall, streaked with the testimony of Earth

the rocks and ancient shards of pottery

During the night, the wind stilled to

cataclysms, to arrive at our next camp,

and grinding stones in small caves

pin-dropping quiet and we awoke to a

Löwen, where a row of bright yellow

along the rocky slopes. They reminded

breath-taking view and a calm, sunny

tents had magically been set up on the

us that the river has been a lifeline for

day. It was time to join the mules that had the task of carrying our lunch, water and supplies for the day (all the rest of the gear was piled up, ready to be transported to the next camp by vehicle via the back roads). After balancing and securing the pannier bags, we walked pack-free with the sure-footed equids along the plateau, before slowly descending to the riverbed. Throughout history mules have been indispensable as work animals, and especially so in Namibia in the diamond fields in the early 1900s and during the First World War. They slowly lost their status as automobiles took over. Born to mixed parentage, a horse mother and a

| 117

in a glittering line from the dining room to our rustic cabins. Of course, those who wanted to sleep out and watch – or count – stars had the whole Milky Way at their fingertips. After supper, I carried my mattress outdoors and listened to the gentle neighing of the mules and watched the twinkling stars as I boarded my dream ship to Never-Never Land. It docked with the dawn and I awoke to birdsong. Manilow’s ‘moro moro’ didn’t get the expected reaction as people lazily opened their eyes or turned over to catch a few more zzzz’s. Eventually, I left my king’s bed for a 25 000 years, an artery of life for

life filled the day as the stresses of daily

good cup of coffee in anticipation of

stone-age people and early immigrants.

existence trickled away into the bottom

another splendid day. It was our last and

Baboons shouted our presence in

of the sandy riverbed and diffused into

began along a rocky riverbank, which

the canyon from dizzying heights, a fish

the clean canyon air. There was fun to be

looked as if a magician had wielded his

eagle’s piercing call echoed and bounced

had! Here and Now. It was time to be in

wand and solidified it as it flowed. Stone

off rock walls and a pair of black eagles

- and celebrate - the magnificent moment

ripples; ridges, waves and potholes led

circled above. Away from civilisation and

that life had so generously offered to us.

us into a sandy riverbed for a final swim

city madness, we relaxed into the slow

As the afternoon shadows began to

before we headed up the plateau.

rhythm of nature, walking through time.

grow longer, we crossed the riverbed

Horseshoe Camp was visible high on

The record of Earth history chronicled

to reach Koelkrans Camp nestled

the ridge as we collected colourful

in rock provided us with a reverential

between rocky hills and tamarisk

stones and followed zebra trails up

sense of eternity. Some took off their

bushes. Children ran off to fish, mules

the mountain. At the top, elephant-hide

watches and synchronised their bodies

munched contentedly on their lucerne

dolomite rock and burnished ‘desert

to stars and sunshine. A burst of health

and adults sat chatting around a sizzling

pavement’ led to the camp, positioned

and vitality, and a revitalising joy for

fire. As darkness grew, lanterns were lit

on the edge of the plateau with a spectacular view of the serpentine river

The low-down

below. We soon discovered that this view

Gondwana Mule Trails run in the cooler months of the year, from April to the

of the gods was also available from the

end of September. They are suitable for the whole family. Hikers need to be

shower cubicles and took turns to have

of average fitness. The mule trail is a gentler slack-packing alternative to the

the best shower in Africa, or possibly,

gruelling 85-90km, ‘carry your own pack’, Fish River Canyon trail from Hobas to

the world. A spectacular canyon sunset, a

Ai-Ais. Luggage is transported to the camps. Hikers need only carry light daypacks

delicious fire-cooked meal, a soft bed and

with drinking water, sunblock, cameras, hats, a sweater, a towel and a swimming

a universe of shining stars awaited us.

costume. Guides carry satellite phones, in case of emergency (there is, thankfully,

Bucket list stuff. I’d say so. What

no cell phone reception in the canyon). Food (three-course fire-cooked meals,

do you think?

light lunches and snacks) and drinking water are provided. The well-chosen camps have comfortable beds either in tents or rustic cabins, flush toilets and hot water showers. Mules, bred especially for the trail, accompany hikers for the first part of the day and then walk ahead with their handlers to the camp.

Recommended A star guide, binoculars and a sense of wonder.

118 |

Contact Telephone: +264(0) 61 427 200 Fax: +264(0) 61 251863 Cell: +264(0) 81 129 2424 (after hours) Website: www.gondwana-collection.com Email: reservations@gondwanacollection.com

| 119



African journey D A A N V I L J O E N N A M I B I A

Sun Karros Daan Viljoen is a stylish yet relaxed lodge a mere 20km from Windhoek. Located inside the Daan Viljoen Game Park a perfect start or end destination for your safari. We offer overnight options to all nature enthusiasts be it on a comfortable camp site for the outdoor adventurer or in a modern stylish chalet for the nature lover enjoying the fine comforts in life. A visit to the Daan Viljoen Game Park is a must when passing through Windhoek. Day visitors welcome to visit our Boma Restaurant.

Call: +264 61 232393 Email: reservations@sunkarros.com Follow us: Facebook

“sunkarros� |

www.sunkarros.com 86 120| |

| 93

Nitzsche -Reiter Since 1934 l Cameras and photographic equipment l Data cards and batteries l Binoculars and tripods l Film and accessories t: +264 61 231116 e: nitrei@iway.na Sanlam Centre, Ground Floor Shop 20 Independence Avenue Windhoek, Namibia


72 | 72 88 94 ||

| 121


source: www.tuvie.com

Luxury limited edition cocktail hamper from Rolls Royce The Rolls Royce Motor Car is a luxurious car brand known worldwide. It seems that the company wants to provide you not only with a luxury vehicle but also a cocktail hamper. This luxury limited edition cocktail hamper has been designed to meet the needs of consumers who wish to relax and enjoy a little beyond the traditional glass of champagne. This hamper is the result of Rolls Royce’s attention to detail and remarkable quality. Sina Maria Eggl is the designer behind this creation, a Rolls Royce accessories designer, she also consulted with experts from Dorchester Collection’s London Hotels and 45 Park Lane, to make sure that this hamper would be perfect to cater for a variety of classic and contemporary cocktails. Beautifully hand crafted over a period of eight weeks from American Walnut Wood, it is finished with the finest natural grain leather just like the interior of some Rolls Royce motorcars. This hamper presents you with every necessity required to create a perfect cocktail. Each part is a bespoke, hand-made creation designed to combine beautiful aesthetics with practicality, making sure you can have effortless use, from the knife integrated light to the mirrored surfaces, a total luxury of a cocktail bar in a basket.

From: Rolls Royce

Lumir C: Candle powered LED lamp anytime, anywhere After travelling throughout India, the design team of Lumir realised the seriousness of blackouts. There are many households in developing countries that rely on candlelight. Lumir C is a candle powered LED lamp that aims to light up the world, it doesn’t require any batteries or plugs, just use a candle to enjoy bright LED lamplight. The user can read a book, cook, or work without any external

122 |

power supply. This light design was inspired by a lighthouse that lights up the dark sea, by using the principles that convert the different temperatures between two different types of semi conductors into electricity. Lumir C lights up the LED using heat energy from the candle.

Designer: Lumir

VSSL Flask Light multifunctional tool as a tribute to the end of prohibition Multifunction tools are our favourite products when you are in the outdoors, this type of tool can be handy. The VSSL Flask is a flashlight designed to hold your drink at the same time, thoughtful, don’t you think? You can keep a beverage of your choice handy while the flashlight guides you in the dark.

This product pays tribute to the end of prohibition; it features a compact form to ensure high portability. It consists of two collapsible stainless steel sipping cups, a bottle opener, dual mode LED light, and a compass. It’s a perfect tool to take on your adventures; it weighs only eighteen ounces and is 9-inches long and 2-inches in diametre.

From: VSSL

GazeBox: Multifunction foldable cover system with durable framework When you can’t keep your vehicles inside your garage, you can still protect them using GazeBox. A revolutionary foldable cover system functions as a modern gazebo and is a perfect platform to shade your car or motorcycle, an outdoors garage. This modern gazebo features special anti UV polycarbonate panels to protect the paint of your vehicles from the sun, rain, wind, ice, hail, and pets. It’s easy to install, you don’t need special permission to use it. GazeBox features an automatic opening. Your vehicle is protected from bad weather; it does not retain heat thanks to a great airflow. Each unit is made in Italy and you can customise the colour, graphics, theft alarm, air-conditioner, and many more. The durable frame is easy to fold, and it requires only minimal space when not in use.

From: GazeBox

| 123

Zeiss ExoLens allows you to take professional-level photos with your iPhone Nowadays, more people use their smartphone to take photos instead of a real camera, especially with iPhone. Zeiss Exolens has been designed especially for the iPhone to help you capture professional level photos and videos. They want to further push the quality of mobile photography; this lens would deliver clear, crisp visuals thanks to meticulously engineered lenses made from the highest grade materials. You can easily swap those lenses in seconds using the compact machined aluminum bracket lined with ultra soft protective foam. The ExoLens optics offer new dimensions for the powerful iPhone camera, it features a 165-degree wide-angle lens that expands the frame by up to 35% to capture more context. It allows your images to reflect the way the human eye actually sees the world. The other model, telephoto lens is one of the highest powers on the market; you can have an optical zoom for crisp distant images with pixel-perfect portrait photography. Designed to be a modular photography platform, you can integrate ExoLens with a standard tripod, selfie stick, or pistol grip.

From: Exolens

124 |

Prizm Smart Music Player plays your music based on your taste or current mood Awarded the CES Innovation Award, Prizm is your new smart music player completing your Smart Home. You can plug in to any speakers a new device. To play the perfect music, it identifies who is in the room and what their music preferences are and also their current mood. Prizm aims to reinvent the way we listen to music at home, simply press the Play button. The music would start automatically based on the tastes of the people in the room. It can also identify context such as a romantic dinner, or a nice evening with friends. You don’t need your smartphone or computer to browse for what you want to listen to. This device would recognise the right music for you based on your habits and tastes.

From: Prizm

Bolt Tent: Mobile lightning protective shelter Bolt Tent is a special project that aims to increase the safety of people caught out in the open during a thunderstorm. A few thousands are struck by lightning every year. About 96% of those killed and injured are people out in the open. The majority are people participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Many accidents in the mountains can be ascribed to the panic brought about by spectacular lightning, which generates extreme fear among tourists. It is estimated

Sea to Summit X-Pot features collapsible silicone walls Sea to Summit X-Pot has won Backpacker magazine’s 2015 Editors’ Choice Award due to its smart design. This pot features a lightweight body, with flexible heat-resistant silicone walls that collapse for compact storage. The hard-anodized aluminum base creates optimum heat-distribution for great cooking performance (fast boil time), while the transparent

lid offers good visibility to see what’s cooking. There are two ribbed silicone handles that lock the lid to ensure you can transport the X-Pot safely, there’s a potholder on the underside of the lid, and you can eat one handed directly from the hot X-Pot. However, please only use the silicone handles to hold the pot during transport,

attaching them during cooking can damage the lid. As part of having fun outdoors, you need to carry a cooking pot, but this can be the bulkiest item to fit in your backpack. You don’t have to worry about this with X-Pot, due to its collapsible design. It features a 2.8-liter (94.5 fl. oz.) volume, enough to cook a meal for two campers, the tall silicone walls make for easy stirring.

From: Sea to Summit

that there are more victims indirectly linked to discharges than those who are struck directly. Bolt Tent features three models: Bolt-Half, Bolt One and Bolt Air. These tents are made of ultra light materials and thus meet the needs of those practicing many different kinds of outdoor recreation. They can be put up fast and are easy to carry around. They can also protect you against unfavourable weather conditions accompanied by thunderstorms, for example rain and wind.

Designer: Kama Jania

| 125

the lid. Once the cooking process is done, open the lid, it’ll produce a hot sandwich ready for you to eat. This small appliance offers you an easy and quick way to make a fresh breakfast, with two sandwiches at once. You can customise each of your sandwiches with a variety of fresh ingredients, even if you don’t know anything about making a sandwich, this unit comes with a recipe book to guide you. All the removable parts can go into your dishwasher.

From: Hamilton Beach

The YardStash III: Portable, space saving outdoor bike storage with full top and bottom zippers YardStash III is the third version of a top selling outdoor storage YardStash range. Just like GazeBox, this product provides you with a platform to protect your bike, except this one is more practical in our opinion. Unlike GazeBox that uses a polycarbonate structure, YardStash III is made out of an industrial grade, vinyl tarpaulin roof with UPF 50+ protection; it is stronger than a polyester body. It’s a perfect outdoor storage unit that fits two adult bikes and even has some room to spare, you can also use it to keep pool supplies, toys, lawn mowers, or long handled garden tools. The compact size (74-inch wide x 30-inch deep x 65-inch high) saves a lot of space, this is not another flimsy storage tent or plastic storage box, and you can easily organise and secure your outdoor gear. This outdoor storage features full top and bottom zippers on the door to make sure that the door is completely sealed while at the same time giving full protection against water, dust, and pests. Its heavy duty, weatherproof, and UV protected materials provide high quality storage, you can set it up or take it down in less than fifteen minutes. Each purchase also comes with a free carrying bag for easy portability.

From: YardStash

126 |

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25490A) for easy and quick breakfast When a single sandwich maker is not enough, there’s Hamilton Beach Breakfast Dual Sandwich Maker (25490A). Enjoy a homemade breakfast sandwich in less than five minutes. You can now forget about fast food drive through, make your own sandwich with the ingredients of your choice. Place your sandwich in the bottom layer; fill the sandwich with your ingredients. You can also place the egg on top of the cooking plate and close

Poco credit card sized supercomputer A few years ago, Ian Sinclair came up with the credit card sized multimedia device, unfortunately due to component supply issues the project was halted. Gran Sinclair, Ian’s son, presents you with an updated design, Poco, and asks for your help through an Indiegogo campaign to bring this project to the market. Poco is a credit card sized supercomputer, powered by an open source and easy to modify Rasberry Pi chipset. It’s a multifunctional device, a music player, an action camera, a gaming console, a video player and a recorder. It is also equipped with an Internet ready

web browser. It’s a creative tool that you can use for just about anything. You can shoot full HD 1080p videos while 5MP from its dual front and back cameras can take still images with its super bright Cree LED flash. Poco comes with a built-in ¼-inch action mount that accepts standard universal attachments, allowing you to attach it to a bike, car windshield, helmet, or tripod. You can control the content through Poco’s ultra sharp 2.8-inch touchscreen display. You can also choose to connect Poco to your HDTV or projector thanks to its built-in micro HDMI port. Play cool games such as Minecraft or the classic Quake; you can

L’Oréal My UV Patch features a transparent, stretchable adhesive that monitors UV exposure L’Oréal has released My UV Patch, an innovative stretchable skin sensor that monitors UV exposure, helping you to learn about sun protection.

This technology arrives at the perfect time, the moment when exposure to the sun has become a major health issue nowadays with 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers being connected with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. To help detect excessive UV radiation exposure, L’Oréal introduces the first of its kind, stretchable electronic, a patch, that you

can wear on any area of your skin. The patch features a transparent adhesive that stretches and adheres to the skin area that you want to monitor. It measures around one square inch in area and is only fifty micrometres thick, just in case you were wondering, that is the half thickness of an average strand of hair. This patch contains photosensitive dyes that factor in baseline skin tone and change colours when exposed to UV rays, informing the user about varying levels of sun exposure.

Designers: and PCH




download these games from the online Pi community. Packed with innovative programmable hardware, Poco has more than 400 miniature components under its hood casing. There are around 60 key components and the very latest wearable technology on the market such as a digital barometer, a GPS, a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a 3-axis magnetometer. Poco has been designed to be easily customisable, allowing you to amend to other gadgets when needed.

Designer: Sinclair Mobile

| 127


Trip Travel American Express

Your leading travel management company in Namibia. For a comprehensive presentation contact: Herbert Burmeister on +264 61 285 5700 or email herbert@trip.com.na


Independently owned and operated by Trip Travel (Pty) Ltd 96 |

Tour code BC



Valid 18 APRIL - 22 MAY 2016 5 night PACKAGE

4* Le Mauricia - N$15,700 (add N$495 for all-inclusive)

4* Le Canonnier - N$15,700 (add N$495 for all-inclusive)

Rates are per person sharing, inclusive of:

• Return Air Mauritius airfare ex JNB • Return transfers (private transfers for 5* plus hotels) • Breakfast and dinner daily

• Free land and motorized water sports as per brochure

4* superior Le Victoria - N$16,880 (add N$650 for all-inclusive) 5* Shandrani - N$18,135 (add N$770 for all-inclusive)

BONUS! Le Mauricia and Le Canonnier: one child under 6 eats and shares and flies free, only paying airport taxes

Le Victoria, Shandrani and Paradis: one child under 12 eats and shares and flies free, only paying airport taxes

5* superior Trou aux Biches - N$22,370 5* superior Paradis - N$22,450

EXCLUDED: • Return fare WDH/JNB • Standard terms & conditions apply to all above packages. • 30 day advance purchase applicable. • All-inclusive supplements apply per adult, per night • Rates subject to rate of exchange changes prior to full payment being received. • Rates subject to availability at time of booking.

flamingo@trip.com.na www.trip.com.na +264 61 285 5700 +264 61 225 430 /TripTravelNamibia

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Expect continued solid returns from China


ast year saw a continuation of the free market reforms being undertaken in China. The country is going through a tough period of adjustment, moving away from massive infrastructure and central government led mega projects to a focus on consumption and services. Although the adjustment is painful in the short-term, with the government having to balance different dynamics, the reform process is one of the core reasons we are invested in China. Given current market pricing, and barring a massive crisis, we expect that future returns will be very reasonable. Chinese debt ratios have increased dramatically but it is important to

130 |

realise that the debt dynamics are quite different to the rest of the world. The household sector itself has some of the lowest debt ratios in the world, and so does most private enterprises. The sector that is primary indebted is the unlisted state owned corporate sector. In a sense it’s a bit like lending money to your loser brother, it is painful, but highly unlikely that the government will make the commercial banks bear the brunt of the pain, causing a financial crisis. Rather far more likely is what we are currently seeing, the government has swapped out bad debt from the banks to asset management companies, which then merge and restructure unsuccessful entities with successful ones to manage the bad debt dynamics. Because of the high proportion of retail investors in China, they are able to swing market sentiment which creates attractive opportunities for us. This contributes to volatility, which is what we count on to generate out performance. Chinese retail investors treat the stock market as a casino, and we try to be the house. China remains one of the few places with massive retail participation and inefficient markets. A primary challenge for regulators has been to try and reduce volatility in the stock market, while continuing to liberalise the capital market, allowing for a more flexible exchange rate, as well as opening up the interbank market, where the majority of bonds are traded, to more participants.

Where the Renminbi is concerned, the recent rally in the US dollar against almost every other currency in the world, has positioned the Renminbi close to fair value, if not slightly overvalued. Given the degree of panic and rampant speculation that often occurs in Chinese markets, our job is to stay calm and try to benefit from the volatility. When sentiment is too negative we will try to be brave, and when sentiment is massively bullish we will be more grounded. In terms of valuation, the Chinese market is around 20% cheaper than the rest of the world, with financial stocks priced for absolute disaster. This is, however, in a world where most equity markets are quite expensive. China is delicately poised in a period of transition, and is expected to become fully open in the next decade or so. This will be a unique period in history, and we look forward to taking advantage of investment opportunities to continue delivering strong returns for our clients. Liang Du is the Head of Multi Asset-class Portfolios at Prescient Investment Management in South Africa; a subsidiary of the JSE listed company Prescient Limited, whose operations span Sub-Saharan Africa incl. Namibia, also Europe, Australia and Asia. Email: liang@prescient.co.za Telephone: +27(0) 21 700 3606

EMH 80x110mm Ad2.pdf AM AM EMH Prescient Prescient Rhino Tortoise 80x110mm Ad2.pdf8/7/15 8/7/15 11:11:16 11:13:48 www.hangala.com

Hangala 1/2 page ad Final.indd 3

There’s a lot slow and tosteady be said wins, for being consistently. stubborn.

Sculpture by Beth Diane Armstrong Sculpture by Beth Diane Armstrong


2015/09/11 10:43 AM


At Prescient, we’re in it for the long run. Our clients At Prescient, we don’t guess trust our proven, pragmatic or second-guess. Our approach; something ® we methodology, QuantPlus , is call QuantPlus ®. It’s how a deliberate and proven way we invest. to reduce investment risk.








| 81 97

HANGALA CAPITAL PRIVATE EQUITY (PTY) LTD NAMFISA License no. 15/UIM/09 Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd is an Unlisted Investment Manager (UIM) in which Hangala Capital (Pty) Ltd has 60% shareholding and Prescient Global 40% shareholding.

Hangala Capital Fund (Pty) Ltd

NAMFISA License no. 15/SPV/09

The Hangala Capital Fund was established and licensed as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) by the National Financial Regulator, NAMFISA, and is managed by Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd. By soliciting capital from accredited investors, we invest in the following asset classes: • Venture capital • Private equity • Mezzanine financing (subordinated debt) • Special situations. We invest in all industries, with a particular interest in agribusiness, manufacturing and infrastructure. We pride ourselves on a deep-rooted understanding of the Namibian environment, while Prescient offers their proven creative approach to investment – together, Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd offers clients the services of a formidable team of professionals, with the sole aim of providing you with solid returns and preservation of your capital.

EMH Prescient Tortoise 80x110mm Ad2.pdf www.hangala.com


Hangala 1/2 page ad Final.indd 3


Come and talk to our team. Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd Telephone: + 264 61 41 0700 Email: info@hangala.com

11:13:48 AM

2015/09/11 10:43 AM

slow and

| |131 97

DO YOU KNOW WHO TO CALL? In case of a road crash, medical assistance is only a quick call away!

Always keep the MVA Fund Crash Response Number 081 9682 close and use it to report road crashes anywhere in the country.


By simply dialling 081 9682 you can save a life. Be ready with the following information: Location of the crash Number of vehicles involved Number of people injured Where possible, the type of injuries

an ambulance will be dispatched and a life will be saved

96 22 |

| 119

employee benefits

Do you have a gap? ...chances are that you do. Most people are unaware of their retirement and insurance gap. Only one in nine Namibians save for retirement in the form of a pension or provident fund. 88% will need help from the government or their family. Almost 5% of our nation is disabled. More than half not being able to find a job. FundsAtWork can assist you, as a business owner, to help your employees to close their retirement and insurance gaps. The tooth fairy won’t.

www.fundsatwork.co.na Tel: +264 61 297 3000

106 96 96 || |

|| 121 119 111

Highhumour Jay, Tom and Paul were at a convention together sharing a large suite at the top of a 75-story hotel. After a long day of meetings, they were shocked to hear that the elevators in their hotel were broken, and they would have to climb 75 flights of stairs to get to their room. Jay said to Tom and Paul, “Let’s break the monotony of this unpleasant task by concentrating on something interesting. I’ll tell jokes for 25 flights, Tom can sing songs for the next 25 flights and Paul will tell sad stories the rest of the way.” At the 26th floor, Jay stopped telling jokes and Tom began to sing. At the 51st floor, Tom stopped singing and Paul began to tell sad stories. “I will tell my saddest story first,” he said. “I left the room key in the car.” There was a boss looking to hire someone. But, this boss had one funny thing about him, he didn’t have any ears and was very sensitive about it. First day someone comes for an interview and does great on the exam. Then the boss asks him “do you notice anything funny about me”? After pausing for a second he says “yes, you don’t have any ears”. The boss throws him out. Next day another guy comes in. He too does great on the exam. The boss asks him if he noticed anything funny about him. The guy starts stuttering and fidgeting trying to get out of the situation. The boss urges him “come on, tell me what’s funny” finally he tells him “you don’t have ears”. The boss throws him out too. Third day another guy comes in. He aces the exam and the boss is very excited. Then the boss asks him “do you notice anything funny about me”? He thinks for a second and then replies “Yes , you wear contact lenses”. Amazed the boss asks him “Wow, how did you know that”? To which he responds “Easy, you don’t have any ears so you can’t wear glasses!!!” 134 |

Mail your submission to humor@media-namibia.com and you might become our latest high altitude joker.

Ten Things Air Namibia knows about you:. 1) You are reading this. 2) You are human. 3) You can’t say the letter ”P” without separating your lips. 4) You just attempted to do it. 6) You are laughing at yourself. 7) You have a smile on your face and you skipped No. 5. 8) You just checked to see if there is a No. 5. 9) You laugh at this because you are a fun loving person and everyone does it too. 10) You are probably going to photograph this, and WhatsApp it to see who else falls for it!

A Drug Enforcement Agency Agent stopped at a ranch in Texas and talked to an old rancher. He told the rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.” The rancher says, “okay, but don’t go into that field over there…”, as he points out the location. The Agent verbally exploded and said, “Look mister, I have the authority of the federal government with me!” Reaching into his rear back pocket, the arrogant officer removed his badge and proudly displayed it to the rancher. “See this badge?! This badge means I can go wherever I want… On any land! No questions asked, no answers given! Do you understand?!” The rancher kindly nodded, apologized, and went about his chores. Moments later the rancher heard loud screams, he looked up and saw the agent running for his life, being chased by the ranchers big Santa Gertrudis Bull. With every step the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it was likely that he’d sure enough get gored before he reached safety. The officer was clearly terrified. The old rancher threw down his tools, ran as fast as he could to the fence, and yelled at the top of his lungs… “YOUR BADGE! SHOW HIM YOUR BADGE!”

| 135

96 |

There is more to the North than cattle, craft and cuca shops. Our finance proves it. The Development Bank of Namibia has a proud record of finance for successful enterprises and development of infrastructure, in Northern Namibia. We understand the business environment , it’s cultures, its markets and the vast potential of its regions. If you have a business plan for manufacturing. transport and logistics, tourism or agri-industry in the North, we want to hear from you. Visit www.dbn.com.na for more information then call us in Ongwediva. + 264 65 - 230 129.

Good business is good for development.

96 |

131 |||121 97

How do I ensure my staff and I are taken care of when we retire?

LET’S TALK ORION NAMIBIA Orion Namibia are umbrella retirement funds with optimal risk benefit solutions that offers employers a simple way to provide retirement and insured benefits to their employees. Any employer can now offer their employees retirement benefits without the hassle of setting up their own retirement fund. SMS ORION to 65656, or contact your Old Mutual Personal Adviser at (061) 299 3999 or contact your Broker


96 |

Get up to

N$15 000 000 Life Cover

and leave a legacy for your loved ones

When life takes an unexpected turn for the worst, your focus should be on your family’s wellbeing, and not your finances. With our comprehensive Platinum Life Plan you get complete peace of mind knowing that if you were to pass away or become unable to provide for your loved ones due to a Critical Illness, Physical Impairment or Disability, you or your loved ones will get a lump sum payout. From as little as N$150 per month you can get high cover with limited underwriting. The advantage of knowing. For more information call us on +264 61 294 2343 or visit www.liberty.co.na Terms and conditions apply.

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Sudoko Easy

140 |




Diverse Namibian talent to solve important problems Diversity in all its forms – from gender, generation, ethnicity, sexuality and disability to people with a broader range of skills, experiences and industry backgrounds – is a vital element of the changing talent focus within our industry. Here at PwC, diversity is a network priority because we need the best available talent to create value for our clients, people and communities. We hire and nurture professionals with a variety of approaches to problem-solving, who are willing to challenge the status quo, who think differently from one another, and who come from many different backgrounds and cultures.

52 trainee accountants 44 from previously disadvantaged groups

85 bursaries awarded 68% from previously racially disadvantaged groups

54% women 55% female shareholding

Equitable Economic Empowerment score (2015)


87 bursary students 71 from previously racially disadvantaged groups Over 230 staff Workforce

16 cultural groups

Nangula Uaandja Country Senior Partner Tel: +264 61 284 1000

77% previously disadvantaged Namibians 56% racially disadvantaged shareholding

Ansie Rossouw Partner in Charge Walvis Bay Tel: +264 64 217 700

© 2016 PricewaterhouseCoopers. All rights reserved. In this document, PwC refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers Namibia, which is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, each member firm of which is a separate legal entity.

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Schedule 01 January to 26 March 2016 Schedule 01 should January tohours 26 before March 2016 (All (All time time local) local) Note: check-in time be two departure. Schedule 01 January to 26 March 2016 (All time local) Note: check-in time should be two hours before departure. Schedule 01 January to 26 March 2016 (All time local) ** NOTE: SW285/6 do not operate on Tuesdays from the 1 December 2015 Note: check-in time should be two hours before departure. NOTE: SW285/6 do not operate on Tuesdays from the 1 December 2015 to to 26 26 March March 2016 2016 Note: check-in time should be two hours before departure. * NOTE: SW285/6 do not operate on Tuesdays from the 1 December 2015 to 26 March 2016 * NOTE: SW285/6 do not operate on Tuesdays from the 1 December 2015 to 26 March 2016

Flight Flight No No Flight No SW 286 Flight SW 286No SW SW 286 286/ SW 286 286/ 703 703 SW 286/ 703 SW 286/701 SW 286/ 703 286/701 SW 286/701 SW 286/ 723 286/701 SW 286/ 723 SW 286/ 723 SW 285 SW 286/ 285 723 SW 285 SW 285 Flight Flight No No Flight No SW 700 Flight No SW 700 SW 700 SW 700 704 SW 704 SW 704 SW 704 SW 704 SW 704 SW 704 714 SW 714 SW 714 SW 373 SW 714 373 SW 373 SW 413 SW 373 413 SW 413 SW 413 SW 413 SW 413 SW 413 722 SW 722 SW 722 SW 724 SW 722 724 SW 724 SW 724 728 SW 728 SW 728 SW 728 SW 728 SW 728 SW 728 730 SW 730 SW 730 304 SW 373 SW 730 373 SW 373 SW 373 373 SW SW 373 SW 373 413 SW 413 SW 413 SW 413 403 SW 403 SW 403 SW 403 403 SW SW 403 SW 403 405 SW 405 SW 405 SW 405 403 SW 403 SW 403 SW 405 SW 403 405 SW SW 405 405 SW 405 SW SW 405 303 SW 405 303 SW SW 303 373 SW 303 373 SW SW 373 373 SW 373 SW SW 373 403 SW 373 403 SW SW 403 403 SW 403 SW 403 SW 405 SW 405 403 SW 405 SW 405 SW 405 SW SW 405 413 SW 405 413 SW SW 413 413 SW 413 SW SW 413 701 SW 413 701 SW SW 701 703 SW 701 703 SW SW 703 709 SW 703 709 SW SW 709 723 SW 709 723 SW SW 723 727 SW 723 727 SW SW 727 729 SW 727 729 SW 729 SW 729

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From From From Frankfurt From Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Windhoek Frankfurt Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek From From From Cape From Cape Town Town Cape Town Cape Town Town Cape Cape Town Cape Town Town Cape Cape Town Cape Town Town Cape Cape Town Harare Cape HarareTown Harare Harare Harare Harare Harare Harare Harare Johannesburg Harare Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Luanda Lusaka Johannesburg Lusaka Lusaka Lusaka Lusaka Lusaka Lusaka Lusaka Lusaka Maun Lusaka Maun Maun Maun Maun Maun Maun Maun Maun Victoria Falls Falls Maun Victoria Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Victoria Victoria Falls Falls Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Windhoek Victoria Falls Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek

International International International Days International Days

To To To Windhoek To Windhoek Windhoek Cape Windhoek Cape Town Town (via (via Windhoek) Windhoek) Cape Town (via Windhoek) Cape Town (via Windhoek) Cape Town (via Windhoek) Cape Town (via Windhoek) Johannesburg Windhoek) Cape Town (via(via Windhoek) Johannesburg (via Windhoek) Johannesburg (via Windhoek) Frankfurt Johannesburg (via Windhoek) Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Regional Regional Regional Regional

To To To Windhoek To Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Frankfurt Windhoek Frankfurt (via (via Windhoek) Windhoek) Frankfurt (via Windhoek) Walvis Bay Frankfurt Walvis Bay(via Windhoek) Walvis Bay Windhoek Walvis Bay Windhoek Windhoek Lusaka Windhoek Lusaka Lusaka Windhoek Lusaka Windhoek (( via via Lusaka) Lusaka) Windhoek ( via Lusaka) Windhoek Windhoek ( via Lusaka) Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Frankfurt Windhoek Frankfurt (via (via Windhoek) Windhoek) Frankfurt (via Windhoek) Walvis Bay Frankfurt Walvis Bay(via Windhoek) Walvis Bay Windhoek Harare Bay Walvis Harare Harare Windhoek (via (via Harare) Harare) Harare Windhoek Windhoek (via Harare) Windhoek (via Harare) Windhoek Windhoek Victoria Falls Falls Windhoek Victoria Victoria Falls Windhoek (via Victoria Victoria falls) falls) Victoria Falls Windhoek (via Windhoek (via Victoria falls) Windhoek (via Victoria falls) Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Windhoek Maun Windhoek Maun Maun Windhoek (via Maun) Maun) Maun Windhoek (via Windhoek (via Luanda (via Maun) Windhoek Maun) Luanda Luanda Lusaka Luanda Lusaka Lusaka Harare (via (via Lusaka) Lusaka) Lusaka Harare Harare (via Maun (via Lusaka) Harare Lusaka) Maun Maun Victoria Falls (via Maun) Maun) Maun Victoria Falls (via Victoria Falls (via Victoria Falls (via Maun) Victoria Falls Maun) Victoria Falls Maun (via Victoria fall) Victoria Falls Maun (via Victoria fall) Maun Lusaka(via (viaVictoria Harare)fall) Maun (via Victoria fall) Lusaka (via Harare) Lusaka (via Harare) Harare Lusaka Harare (via Harare) Harare Cape Town Town Harare Cape Cape Cape Town Town Cape Town Cape Cape Town Town Cape Town Cape Town Johannesburg Cape Town Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg Johannesburg

Days Daily Days Daily Daily Tue, Daily Tue, Wed, Wed, Tue, Wed, Mon, Fri Tue, Mon,Wed, Fri Mon, Fri Daily Mon, Fri Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily

Thu, Thu, Thu, Thu,

Days Days Days Daily Days Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Mon, Daily Mon, Fri Fri Mon, Fri Wed, Sun Mon, Fri Wed, Sun Wed, Sun Wed, Sun Sun Wed, Wed, Sun Daily Wed, Daily Sun Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Mon, Fri Fri Daily Mon, Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Fri Mon, Mon, Fri Wed, Sun Sun Mon, Fri Wed, Wed, Sun Mon, Wwd Wwd Wed, Sun Mon, Mon, Wwd Mon, Wwd Wed Mon, Wed Mon, Wed Fri, Sun Sun Mon, Wed Fri, Fri, Sun Mon,Sun Wed Fri, Mon, Wed Mon, Wed Fri, Sun Mon, Wed Fri, Sun Fri, Sun Fri, Sun Fri, Sun Sun Fri, Sun Daily Fri, DailySun Daily Mon, Fri Fri Daily Mon, Mon, Mon, Fri Fri Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Mon, Wed Wed Mon, Fri Mon, Wed Wed Mon, Mon, Wed Mon, Wed Fri, Sun Sun Mon, Wed Fri, Fri, Sun Fri, Sun Fri, Sun Fri, Wed,Sun Sun Fri, Sun Wed, Sun Wed, Wed, Sun Sun Wed, Sun Wed, Mon, Sun Fri Wed, Sun Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Thu, Tue, Wed, Wed, Mon, Fri Thu, Tue, Tue, Wed, Thu, Daily Tue, DailyWed, Thu, Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily

Sat, Sat, Sat, Sat,

Sat, Sat, Sat, Sat,

Sun Sun Sun Sun

Sun Sun Sun Sun

Departure Departure Departure 20:10 Departure 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 20:10 21:30 20:10 21:30 21:30 21:30

Arrival Arrival Arrival 07:30+1 Arrival 07:30+1 07:30+1 10:35+1 07:30+1 10:35+1 10:35+1 11:40 +1 10:35+1 11:40 +1 11:40 +1 10:15+1 11:40 +1 10:15+1 10:15+1 06:55 10:15+1 06:55 06:55 06:55

Departure Departure Departure 06:35 Departure 06:35 06:35 17:00 06:35 17:00 17:00 17:00 17:00 17:00 14:35 17:00 14:35 14:35 14:00 14:35 14:00 14:00 12:15 14:00 12:15 12:15 12:15 12:15 12:15 06:40 12:15 06:40 06:40 12:00 06:40 12:00 12:00 18:20 12:00 18:20 18:20 18:20 18:20 18:20 08:45 18:20 08:45 08:45 12:15 12:25 08:45 12:25 12:25 12:25 12:25 12:25 13:55 12:25 13:55 13:55 11:05 13:55 11:05 11:05 11:05 11:05 11:05 18:25 11:05 18:25 18:25 12:30 18:25 12:30 12:30 16:55 12:30 16:55 16:55 16:55 16:55 16:55 09:35 16:55 09:35 09:35 09:30 09:35 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:15 09:30 09:15 09:15 09:15 09:15 09:15 14:50 09:15 14:50 14:50 14:50 14:50 14:50 09:30 14:50 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:30 09:40 09:30 09:40 09:40 08:35 09:40 08:35 08:35 17:35 08:35 17:35 17:35 08:30 17:35 08:30 08:30 14:55 08:30 14:55 14:55 17:35 14:55 17:35 17:35 17:35

Arrival Arrival Arrival 08:45 Arrival 08:45 08:45 19:10 08:45 19:10 19:10 06:55+1 19:10 06:55+1 06:55+1 16:45 06:55+1 16:45 16:45 16:15 16:45 16:15 16:15 13:15 16:15 13:15 13:15 16:15 13:15 16:15 16:15 08:45 16:15 08:45 08:45 14:05 08:45 14:05 14:05 20:25 14:05 20:25 20:25 06:55+1 20:25 06:55+1 06:55+1 11:00 06:55+1 11:00 11:00 15:45 13:20 11:00 13:20 13:20 16:15 13:20 16:15 16:15 16:15 16:15 16:15 11:50 16:15 11:50 11:50 14:10 11:50 14:10 14:10 19:40 14:10 19:40 19:40 14:10 19:40 14:10 14:10 17:40 14:10 17:40 17:40 19:40 17:40 19:40 19:40 11:15 19:40 11:15 11:15 11:45 11:15 11:45 11:45 13:20 11:45 13:20 13:20 10:30 13:20 10:30 10:30 11:50 10:30 11:50 11:50 16:25 11:50 16:25 16:25 17:40 16:25 17:40 17:40 13:15 17:40 13:15 13:15 11:35 13:15 11:35 11:35 11:40 11:35 11:40 11:40 10:35 11:40 10:35 10:35 19:35 10:35 19:35 19:35 10:15 19:35 10:15 10:15 16:40 10:15 16:40 16:40 19:20 16:40 19:20 19:20 19:20

Regional Flight No



SW 713

Walvis Bay

Cape Town

SW 737 Flight No

Walvis Bay From

Johannesburg To








Daily Days

17:30 Departure

19:45 Arrival

SW 713

Walvis Bay

Cape Town




SW 737

Walvis Bay





Domestic Flight No



SW 101



SW 103 Flight No SW 107 SW 101 SW 105 SW 103 SW 125 SW 107 SW 127 SW 105 SW 127 SW 125 SW 143 SW 127 SW 143 SW 127 SW 145 SW 143 SW 125 SW 143 SW 125 SW 145 SW 127 SW 125 SW 143 SW 125 SW 145 SW145 127 SW

Eros From Eros Eros Eros Eros Katima Mulilo Eros Katima Mulilo Eros Katima Mulilo Katima Mulilo Luderitz Katima Mulilo Luderitz Katima Mulilo Luderitz Luderitz Rundu Luderitz Rundu Luderitz Rundu Rundu Oranjemund Rundu Oranjemund Rundu Oranjemund

SW102 143 SW SW104 145 SW




Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun



Ondangwa To Ondangwa Ondangwa Ondangwa Ondangwa Eros Ondangwa Rundu Ondangwa Eros (via Rundu) Eros Oranjemund Rundu Windhoek ( via Oranjemund) Eros (via Rundu) Windhoek Oranjemund Katima Mulilo Windhoek ( via Oranjemund) Eros (via Katima Mulilo) Windhoek Eros Katima Mulilo Windhoek Eros (via Katima Mulilo) Luderitz Eros Windhoek (via Luderitz )

Tue, Thu Days Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun Sat Tue, Thu Mon, Fri Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun Wed, Sun Sat Wed, Sun Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Wed, Sun Mon, Fri Wed, Sun Wed, Sun Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Wed, Sun Wed, Sun Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Wed, Sun Wed,Sun Sun Wed,

11:00 Departure 17:00 07:00 15:55 11:00 13:35 17:00 12:40 15:55 12:40 13:35 11:10 12:40 11:10 12:40 12:45 11:10 11:50 11:10 11:50 12:45 14:00 11:50 12:30 11:50 11:25 14:00 11:25

12:05 Arrival 18:05 08:05 17:00 12:05 15:15 18:05 13:40 17:00 15:15 15:15 12:00 13:40 13:45 15:15 13:45 12:00 12:50 13:45 15:15 13:45 15:15 12:50 13:45 15:15 12:15 15:15 13:45

Oranjemund Ondangwa Oranjemund Ondangwa

Windhoek Eros Luderitz Eros

Mon,Tue, Fri Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun Mon, Wed, Sun Tue, Thu,

12:30 08:35 11:25 12:35

13:45 09:40 12:15 13:40

SW108 145 SW SW106 102 SW

Oranjemund Ondangwa Ondangwa Ondangwa

Windhoek (via Luderitz ) Eros Eros Eros

Wed,Tue, SunWed, Thu, Fri, Sun Mon, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun Sat

11:25 18:35 08:35 17:35

13:45 19:40 09:40 18:40

SW125 104 SW SW125 108 SW

Ondangwa Eros Ondangwa Eros

Eros Rundu Eros Mulilo (via Rundu) Katima

Tue, Fri Thu, Mon, Mon,FriTue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun Mon,

12:35 10:15 18:35 10:15

13:40 11:30 19:40 12:50

SW127 106 SW

Ondangwa Eros

Eros Katima

Sat Sun Wed,

17:35 10:15

18:40 11:55

SW127 125 SW

Eros Eros

Rundu(via Katima Mulilo) Rundu

Mon,Sun Fri Wed,

10:15 10:15

11:30 13:40

SW143 125 SW

Eros Windhoek

Katima Mulilo (via Rundu) Luderitz

Mon,Fri Fri Mon,

10:15 09:50

12:50 10:50

SW143 127 SW

Eros Windhoek

Katima Oranjemund (via Luderitz)

Wed,FriSun Mon,

10:15 09:50

11:55 12:00

SW145 127 SW

Eros Windhoek

Rundu (via Katima Mulilo) Oranjemund

Wed,Sun Sun Wed,

10:15 09:50

13:40 11:05

SW145 143 SW

Windhoek Windhoek

Luderitz( via Oranjemund) Luderitz

Mon,Sun Fri Wed,

09:50 09:50

10:50 12:15

SW165 143 SW

Windhoek Windhoek

Oranjemund (via Luderitz) Walvis Bay

Mon, Fri Fri, Sun Tue, Thu,

09:50 11:10

12:00 11:50

SW165 145 SW

Windhoek Windhoek

Oranjemund Walvis Bay

Wed, Sun Sat

09:50 10:00

11:05 10:40

SW167 145 SW

Windhoek Windhoek

Luderitz Walvis Bay( via Oranjemund)

Wed,Wed Sun Mon,

09:50 14:55

12:15 15:35

SW166 165 SW

Windhoek Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay Windhoek

Tue,thu, Thu,Fri,Fri,Sat, Sun Tue, Sun

11:10 13:20

11:50 14:00

SW168 165 SW

Windhoek Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay Windhoek

Sat Wed Mon,

10:00 16:05

10:40 16:45

SW 167


Walvis Bay

Mon, Wed



SW 166

Walvis Bay


Tue, thu, Fri, Sat, Sun



SW 168

Walvis Bay


Mon, Wed




Winner of the 2014 Feather Award - Best Regional Airline operating into and from O. R. Tambo International airport for the 8th time since 2004 At Air Namibia we are on this quest to continue serving our purpose of providing the best air transport services in the safest manner, with consistency and reliability.

Winner of the +264 2014 Feather Bestcontact Regionalyour Airline operating and from O. R. Tambo International airport for the 8th time since 2004 Call Centre: 61 299Award 6111- or local Travelinto Agent Book Online: www.airnamibia.com.na | 93

At Air Namibia we are on this quest to continue serving our purpose of providing the best air transport services in the safest manner, with consistency and reliability.

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Access to Foreign Exchange Services wherever you are


When visiting our beautiful country, we want to be sure that you have access to Foreign Exchange Services, no matter where you go. Bank Windhoek caters for all your foreign exchange and banking needs offering you American Express agencies, a large distribution network of 55 branches and agencies as well as 347 ATM’s and Cash Express Machines across Namibia.

Bank Windhoek Branches / Agencies and ATMs Bureau de Change / Foreign Exchange Services and American Express / Bank Windhoek Joint Venture


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