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An investment as dependable as our sunshine. The Investec Namibia Managed Fund is a multi-asset fund with a diverse portfolio of equities, bonds, cash, property and offshore investments. It has delivered dependable, inflation-beating returns for over 18 years, making it one of Namibia’s favourite long-term investment choices. Visit, contact your financial advisor or call us on 061 389 500.

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Investec Asset Management Namibia is approved by the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority. Past performance does not indicate future performance and capital is not guaranteed.



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14 Sentinels of ocean health

Monitoring marine predators in the Namibian Islands’ Marine Protected Area

22 A bird’s eye view

Jay Roode is one half of Sky Hawk Photography.


32 Historical find in ancient baobab tree

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38 Tea Bag Art Talented, innovative artist Ruby Silvious has become exceptionally well known for a somewhat extraordinary art form - tea bag art. She was even inspired to produce one specifically for Namibia. 46 Motoring

Designers Wade Hunkin, Eugene Jonck Printers Solitaire Press, Brahman Street Northern Industria Windhoek, NAMIBIA TEAM NAMIBIA Media Nova Namibia cc is a proud partner of Team Namibia

Konny von Schmettau’s book ‘Sangwali – David Livingstone at Linyanti’ tells of her discovery of a David Livingstone inscription. Here’s a taste of her expedition.

James Siddall on what’s happening in the wonderful world of wheels.

68 Wild and wonderful bush luxury Southeast of Omaruru, Erindi Private Game Reserve has a colourful and complex history, but today – thanks to the determination and passion of the owners, Gert Joubert and nephew Paul - it’s a magic combination of conservation, prolific wildlife, and eco-tourism in the shape of two different experiences, one being the delightful Old Trader’s Lodge. 72 Storytelling, the Namibian way

Namibia has a vast array of spectacular sights, sweeping landscapes and alluring destinations. It is also full to the brim with stories and tales, conveyed by raconteurs and recorded by writers…

76 Inresidence Personalised Service

When Sir Francis Drake sailed into Table Bay he said, ‘This cape is the most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.’ Little has changed. Except that a very astute entrepreneur has used his talents and a professional team to create a haven of luxury accommodation along the most prestigious real estate in South Africa, the Atlantic seaboard.’


94 What’s in a name?

Striving for the perfect wine (or spirits) with a bit of help from Michelangelo.

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a country of opportunities Twenty six years into its democracy, Namibia’s has recorded positive economic growth.

N The Invest in Namibia 2016 conference will take place between 8th and 9th November in Windhoek, under the theme “Promoting Growth for Inclusive Growth and Industrialisation”. The conference aims to attract investors and business ventures for selected and prioritized sector-based investment projects. These projects have been carefully scoped and packaged to be paired with investment capital. Invest Namibia 2016 will also highlight Namibia’s strategic role in the southern African region, particularly as a growing trade and logistics hub, tourist destination and as an attractive location for

amibia is an extraordinarily beautiful country, renowned for its iconic dunes and spectacular Skeleton Coast landscape. It’s the only country in the world where the desert literally meets the sea, and this astonishing phenomenon has had a breathtaking knock-on effect in terms of its flora and fauna...which has, understandably, attracted tourists from around the globe for many, many years. Namibia’s tourism sector has been ranked by the Global Travel and Tourism Competitiveness index as the fourth best in Sub-Saharan Africa, just after South Africa, Seychelles and Mauritius (2015 Index). With a population of around 2,4 million people, Namibia has transformed over the last 26 years into a peaceful, stable country with a robust economy led by a thriving private sector. Rated one of the cleanest countries in Africa, Windhoek, the capital boasts a highly-developed infrastructure system (ranked 11th on the African Infrastructure Development Index by the African Development Bank). Namibia holds enormous potential for infrastructure development and expansion, particularly in sectors such as Energy, Railway and Warehousing.

industrial projects.

Namibia - logistics hub for southern africa Namibia is positioning herself as the logistics hub for the southern African region. Significant investment of N$ 3 billion has been secured to expand the Port of Walvis Bay so as


to accommodate larger and longer vessels, as well as ship-to-shore cranes. Similarly, the expansion of the international airport is expected to kickoff in the near future that would increase airport capacity and link Namibia to various destinations globally with the entrance of international airlines into the market. This move is expected to facilitate trade and investment, as well as draw more tourists. This, and more, makes Namibia not only one of the best tourist countries on the continent, but one of the best places do business in the 21st century.

Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Namibia 1. Solid foundations for democracy, good governance, peace and stability. 2. Legal framework in place, the Investment Promotion Act aimed at facilitating investments. 3. Sound and robust financial system. 4. Ideal gateway to SADC, with preferential access to key markets– European Union market through SADCEU Economic Partnership Agreement and USA market through Africa Growth and Opportunity Act(AGOA). 5. Access to the South & East African Market through SADC Free Trade Area(FTA) and Tripartite Free Trade Area(TFTA). 6. Well-developed infrastructure. 7. High quality of life and social stability. 8. A young, trainable and active labour force. 9. Abundance of natural resources,

including a wide range of mineral deposits including world class diamonds. 10. An attractive location for expatriates to live and work.

Invest in Namibia 2016 The Government of the Republic of Namibia under the auspices of the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development (MITSMED) is hosting an investment conference titled Invest in Namibia 2016. The Invest in Namibia 2016 conference will take place between 8th and 9th November in Windhoek, under the theme “Promoting Growth for Inclusive Growth and Industrialisation”. The conference aims to attract investors and business ventures for selected and prioritized sector-based investment projects.

These projects have been carefully scoped and packaged to be paired with investment capital. Invest Namibia 2016 will also highlight Namibia’s strategic role in the southern African region, particularly as a growing trade and logistics hub, tourist destination and as an attractive location for industrial projects. Preceding the Invest in Namibia 2016 conference, a curtain raiser has taken place in New York on 22 September with a panel discussion centred on investment opportunities in Namibia.

Investment opportunities The goal of Invest in Namibia 2016 is to attract investors to Namibia and find potential investors for the numerous opportunities. These projects are mainly offered by Namibian business persons seeking

foreign partnership investors in sectors such as affordable housing (focused on student accommodation and housing units based on the ‘rent to own’ model; agriculture with emphasis on crop production of wheat and maize; energy - with a focus on plans to establish a 5MW power plant; and manufacturing of bitumen, charcoal, paper packaging, solar PV-T panels and systems, rebar light gauge steel profiles. Investment opportunities in tourism include the expansion of an existing hotel and the development of a tourism concession. Infrastructure opportunities include the provision of services and amenities to the transport and logistics industry.

Invest in Namibia a gem worth investing in |3



Surface area: 824,268 km . Capital: Windhoek. Independence: 21 March 1990. Current president: Hage Geingob. Multiparty Parliament, Democratic Constitution Division of power between executive, Legislature and judiciary. Secular state—freedom of religion (90% Christian). Freedom of the press/media.

Mobile communication system is available throughout the country. It is also possible to rent cell & satellite phones at the Windhoek International Airport, or buy local Sim cards. Postal service: affiliated to the Universal Postal Union. Schools: over 1700 and various vocational and tertiary education institutions.

TAX AND CUSTOMS All goods and services are priced to include value-added tax of 15%. Visitors may reclaim VAT. Enquiries: Ministry of Finance, Tel (+264 61) 23 0773 in Windhoek.

ENVIRONMENT Nature reserves: 15 % of surface area. Highest mountain: Brandberg. Other prominent mountains: Spitzkoppe, Moltkeblick, Gamsberg. Perennial rivers: Orange, Kunene, Okavango, Zambezi and Kwando/ Linyanti/Chobe. Ephemeral rivers: Numerous, including Fish, Kuiseb, Swakop and Ugab.

FLORA 14 vegetation zones; 120 species of trees; 200 endemic plant species; 100 plus species of lichen. Living fossil plant: Welwitschia mirabilis.

ECONOMY Main sectors: Mining, fishing, tourism & agriculture. Biggest employer: Agriculture (46%). Fastest-growing sector: Tourism. Mining: Diamonds, uranium, copper, lead, zinc, magnesium, cadmium, arsenic, pyrites, silver, gold, lithium minerals, dimension stones (granite, marble, blue sodalite) and many semi-precious stones.

PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Roads: 5,450 km tarred, 37,000 km gravel. Harbours: Walvis Bay, Lüderitz. Main airports: Hosea Kutako International Airport, Eros Airport, 46 airstrips. Rail network: 2,382 km narrow gauge. Electricity: 220 V AC, 50 Hz with outlets of round three-pin type. Fixed phone coverage throughout the country with direct-dialing facilities to more than 220 countries.

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One medical doctor per 3,650 people. Several state of the art private and state hospitals in Windhoek with intensive-care units, as well as in main towns, with medical practitioners (world standard) and 24-hour medical emergency services.

Currency: The Namibia Dollar (N$) is fixed to and equals the SA Rand. The South African Rand is also legal tender. Foreign currency, International Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diners Club credit cards are accepted.



2.3 million; Density: 2.2 per km; 240 000 inhabitants in Windhoek (15% of total). Official language: English. 14 regions, 13 ethnic cultures, 16 languages and dialects. Adult literacy rate: 85%. Population growth rate: 2.6%.

FAUNA Big game: Elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, 20 antelope species; 240 mammal species (14 endemic); 250 reptile species; 50 frog species; 676 bird species. Endemic birds including Herero Chat, Rockrunner, Damara Tern, Monteiro’s Hornbill.

FOREIGN REPRESENTATION More than 50 countries have Namibian consular or embassy representation in Windhoek.


Public transport is available to most tourist destinations in Namibia. In Namibia one drives on the left. There are bus services from Windhoek to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Vic Falls, Swakopmund, Harare, Lusaka and many other smaller busses which connect most of Namibian regions. Namibia’s main railway line runs from the South African border, connecting Windhoek to Swakopmund in the west and Tsumeb and Oshikango in the north. There is an extensive network of international and regional flights from Windhoek. Domestic charters to all destinations.

HEALTH No inoculations are necessary. Should one enter from a country in which yellow fever prevails, one should have proof of vaccination against such disease. Malaria-prophylaxis is recommended if traveling to far northern Namibia during summer.

Tap water is purified and safe to drink. Bottled water is available almost everywhere in the country as well.



THE PERFECT MATCH. Brewed to the German purit y law of 1516 using only malted barley, hops and water, Windhoek Lager has won gold medals for quality at the International DLG awards every year since 2007. So why not satisfy your hunger with the best of Namibian Cuisine, whilst quenching your thirst with Africa’s World-Class beer? Cheers to that!


Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. | 45 Drink Responsibly.

Private Banking

The Art of Wealth

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Private Banking 90 Terms | and conditions apply. ** Available in November 2016.


Standard Bank Namibia

The Art of Wealth / Fitting your banking into your busy lifestyle has never been easier. With Standard Bank’s Private Banking we strive to ensure that all your banking needs are covered while you are busy juggling a hundred and one things. What we offer: Constant Superior Service We provide superior personalised service to suit your busy lifestyle, including: / A dedicated, trained and experienced Private Banking team / A Private Banker to visit you at your place of convenience to take care of your banking needs / Query resolution within 24 hours / Swift financial approvals / Transactional Banking / Platinum Current Account / EMV compliant Platinum Maestro Debit Card. Investment Options We use an efficient approach to identify suitable investment options in achieving your goals. The investment options could be on an Offshore Offering, and as part of this process you have access to an Advisor providing you with free expert specialised advice. Other investment options include: / Fixed Deposit / Notice Deposit / Call Deposit / Savings Account. Quick and Easy Lending Solutions We treat credit as a strategic resource that will enable you to achieve your financial goals – at competitive rates*: / Further home loan advance / Secured overdraft facility / Unsecured Personal Loan was 17,5% now reduced to prime plus 0.5% / Unsecured lending limit was N$200 000 now up to N$500,000 (overdraft, credit cards and revolving credit plan combined). * Terms and Conditions apply Wealth Management We adopt a long-term approach to wealth management focusing on creation, preservation and protection of your wealth with a wide range of

solutions that include trusts and insurance. As part of this service you have access to a dedicated Financial Advisor providing you with free expert advice. Convenient Banking Self-service banking offers the convenience to manage your finances on the go, anytime, anywhere. Our self-service offering includes Internet Banking, Cellphone/Mobile Banking, and Smart Banking Apps for your smartphone or tablet. These come with unlimited electronic transactions such as debit card purchases, inter-account transfers, electronic payments, balance enquiries, ATM withdrawals, MyUpdates (SMS alerts) – included in the Bundled Payment option. To further deliver on convenient banking you are availed the following: / Free Forex and card delivery / Free salary and debit order switching services. Added Value / We are not content to serve you just as a bank. As a result, we are willing to make the transition from your bank to esteemed friend by inviting you to exclusive events where you have the opportunity to mingle with other private members whilst we get to know you / From November 2016, you will have access to the Diners Club offering, which provides added value such as international lounge access, concierge services, meet & greet services and a loyalty program. How do I obtain this offering? / We will visit you at your workplace or business or / Send an email to and we will call you back / Call us on +264 61 294 2711. How much will this cost? We have flexible pricing options: / A bundled option of N$434 per month for a fixed number of transactions and services / Pay as you transact with a minimum monthly service fee and you pay for each transaction / Rebate option, if you keep a daily minimum balance in your account for a full calendar month, we will refund a portion of the service fees incurred.

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Dear Esteemed Passengers We have almost come to an end of a challenging but very exciting year! As our practice is that in the December edition of the Flamingo Magazine Dear Esteemed Passengers Dear Passengers, we do not contain a note from the undersigned, we would like to use the Dear Esteemed Passengers We have almost come to an end of atochallenging butmilestones very exciting year! edition, for the month of November celebrate key attained We have almost come to an end of a challenging but very exciting As ourhave practice iscalendar that in the December edition the Flamingo Magazine We almost come to an end of aof challenging, butyear! during the 2016 year. As our practice is that in the December edition ofwe thewould Flamingo Magazine we do exciting not contain a note from the undersigned, like to use the very year! Please let me begin with the most important part of business, we do not contain a note from the undersigned, we like toattained use the edition, month of November celebratepart keywould milestones Pleasefor lettheme begin with antointegral of business: our dedicated and extremely staff year edition, for 2016 the month of November to celebrate keymembers. milestonesThe attained during the calendar year. committed our dedicated and extremely committed staff members. under many extremely competent and wonderful during review the 2016witnessed calendar year. During 2016 some very skilled and dedicated staff Please let me begin with thefamily. most important of have business, employees joint the Air Namibia Too long hadpart we lamented the Please let me begin with the most important part of business, joined our existing team of superstars – the people our dedicated and extremely committed staff members. The year fact of insufficient human capital – but in the extremely competitive our and extremely committed staff members. The year under review witnessed extremely competent andkey wonderful thatdedicated live and breathe customer satisfaction, and environment we now find many ourselves operating within, itsafety, was that we under review witnessed many extremely competent and wonderful employees joint thewere Air Namibia family. Too long hadcan we lamented efficiency every day! The fact that the airline compete ensured that there sufficient hands on the deck, to ensure that the we employees joint the Air Namibia family. Too long had we lamented the fact ofother insufficient human capital but inthe the competitive run our business efficiently. The fact thatarea airline canattraction compete with with large companies in– the ofextremely staff fact of insufficient human capital – but in the extremely competitive environment we now find ourselves waswe key will that we other large companies in the area ofoperating staff is itlaudable. We will remains absolutely laudable. At attraction Air within, Namibia environment we now find ourselves operating within, it was key that we ensured thatthe there were sufficient hands on the deck, to ensure that we ensure consequence of this is a more service. neverthat surrender to the momentum ofefficient mediocrity – and ensured that thereefficiently. were sufficient hands theairline deck,can to ensure thatwith we run our business The fact thaton the compete this team of superstars will continue to wow passengers The second part ofefficiently. celebration/reflection thatairline our year of compete introspection, run our business thatisattraction the other large companies in theThe areafact of staff iscan laudable. Wewith will and friends on every interaction and flight! planning and hard work has paid off in the various tangible deliverables Adv. Mandi E.P. Samson other large companies in the area of staff attraction is laudable. We will ensure that the consequence of this is a more efficient service. Our year of introspection, planning, and hard has Acting Managing Director which the now possesses. The deliverables inwork turn ensured ensure thatairline the consequence of this is asaid more efficient service. The second part oftocelebration/reflection that our year introspection, paid various areas, as we isroadmap, continue toofgrow our that weoff werein able develop the strategic inclusive of the route The second part of celebration/reflection is that our year of introspection, planning and hard work has paid off in the various tangible deliverables Adv. Mandi E.P. Samson network the next five The latter initiative has witnessed marketfor presence, andyears. the Namibian economy. We have the planning and hardnow work has paid off insaid the various tangible deliverables Adv. Mandi E.P. Samson Acting Managing Director which the airline possesses. The deliverables in turn rolling out of routes by the national carrier. The routes Windhoekfinalised annew exciting strategic roadmap, inclusive ofensured an Acting Managing Director which the airline now possesses. The said deliverables in turn ensured that we were able to develop the strategic roadmap, inclusive of the route Gaborone-Durban has been added to our schedule. We lookWe forward to expanded route network for the next five years. are that we were ablenext to develop the strategic roadmap, inclusive of the route network for the five years. The latter initiative has witnessed the flying you to the additional destinations withinof SADC. so excited to next announce theThe addition the Windhoeknetwork for the five years. latter initiative witnessed the rolling out of new routes by the national carrier. Thehas routes WindhoekGaborone-Durban service – which will commence by the Thirdly, it isof important share you awards accolades which rolling out new routes by added thewith national carrier. Theor routes Gaborone-Durban has to been to ourthe schedule. We lookWindhoekforward to end of October 2016! We look forward to flying you to the the airline won during the year. They are: Sky Trax 2nd Best Regional Gaborone-Durban has been added to our schedule. We look forward to flying you to the additional destinations within SADC. Carrier, ACSA Feather Awarddestinations 2016. additional destinations within SADC. flying you to the additional withinWatch SADC. this space, Thirdly, it is important to share with you the awards or accolades which dear friends! There is yet more to come! Finally, we have spent significant time and resources on maintaining the Thirdly, it iswon important share youare: the Sky awards accolades which the airline duringto the year.with They Traxor 2nd Best Regional Then, Air Namibia was honoured with two very prestigious required safety standards. February attained its EASA the airline won during theInyear. They 2016 are: the Sky airline Trax 2nd Best Regional Carrier, ACSA Feather Award 2016. awards recently. They were: Sky Trax 2nd Best Regional TCO Authorization for operations into Europe.Carrier, We will continually in2016. ensuring that our operations are safe at all ACSA Feather work Award Carrier, and ACSA Feather Award 2016. Finally, we have spent significant time and resources on maintaining the times. Finally, we have spent significant time and onattained maintaining the required safety standards.on In February 2016resources its EASA Never compromising safety - ever -the theairline airline attained For the ‘Route/Resort’ whichinto we do monthly NWR,standards. the month ofFebruary November hasour as operations its focus Onkoshi required In the airline attained itsCamp. EASA TCO for focus operations We with willsafety continually work in ensuring that are safe at all its Authorization EASA TCO Authorization forEurope. operations into Europe again. Your2016 safety will remain our If you find yourself travelling to the Northern part of Namibia, you should consider visiting the Onkoshi Camp, which is TCO Authorization for operations into Europe. We will continually work in ensuring that our operations are safe at all times. highest priority at all times. located times. 115 KM from the Ondangwa Airport in seclusion on the rim of the majestic Etosha Salt Pan. Onkoshi provides For enamoured with the travel bug The - weunobstructed would like panoramic to of encourage friends to visit the awe For thethose ‘Route/Resort’ focus weNational do monthly NWR, the month November has as its focus Onkoshi Camp. a beautiful escape within thewhich Etosha Park.with sunrises and sunsets are spectacular For the ‘Route/Resort’ focus which we do monthly with NWR, the month of November has as its focus Onkoshi Camp. inspiring NWR Onkoshi Camp, which is located 115 KM from the Ondangwa Airport – right If you find yourselfAt travelling to the partopen of Namibia, consider visiting the Onkoshi Camp, which is sights to behold. night, the starsNorthern fill the vast Africanyou sky,should allowing for sensational stargazing opportunities. If you find yourself travelling to the Northern part of Namibia, you should consider visiting the Onkoshi Camp, which is on the rim offrom the majestic Etosha Salt Pan. Do on visit the NWR for more inspiration and located 115 KM Ondangwa inswimming seclusion thethat rim overlooks of the website majestic Etosha Salt Pan. Onkoshi Guests may relax on the the sun deck orAirport by the pool the breathtaking Etosha pan. provides Onkoshi located 115escape KM from the Ondangwa Airport inPark. seclusion on the rim ofpanoramic the majestic Etoshaand Saltsunsets Pan. Onkoshi provides aorganizes beautiful within the Etosha National The unobstructed sunrises are spectacular sublime travel ideas! morning and afternoon game drives, allowing guests to indulge their curiosity in Namibian flora and fauna, a beautiful escape within National Park. TheAfrican unobstructed panoramic sunrises and sunsets are spectacular sights to behold. night,the theEtosha stars fill the opportunity. vast open sky, allowing for sensational stargazing opportunities. and offers them a At remarkable photography sights behold. At the stars the vast open African sky, forthe sensational stargazing Wetomay wish to thank our friends and guests for ongoing support during theopportunities. year. It Guests relax onnight, the all sun deck orfillby the swimming poolyour thatallowing overlooks breathtaking Etosha pan. Onkoshi Guests may relax on the sun deck orhonour bydrives, the swimming pool that overlooks breathtaking pan. Onkoshi We wish to thank each and every one for your support during the year we Etosha lookflora forward to will be a real to welcome you on board again soon! organizes morning and afternoon game allowing guests to indulge theirthe curiosity in–Namibian and fauna, organizes and afternoon gamewelcoming drives, allowing guests to indulge their curiosity in Namibian flora and fauna, you on board soon! and offers morning them a remarkable photography opportunity. and offers them a remarkable photography opportunity.

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The routes WindhoekThe routes Gaborone-Durban The routes hasWindhoekbeen added to WindhoekGaborone-Durban our schedule. Gaborone-Durban has been added to has been added to our schedule. our schedule.

“ “

We wish to thank each and every one for your support during the year – we look forward to Follow us on We wish to thank each and every one for your support welcoming you on boardduring soon! the year – we look forward to welcoming you on board soon! Follow us on Follow us on




















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KUF - Samara, Russia | Kurumoch International Airport LCA - Larnaca, Cyprus | Larnaca International Airport LED - St. Petersburg, Russia | Pulkovo Airport LEJ - Leipzig, Germany | Leipzig Halle Airport LHR - London, United Kingdom | London Heathrow Airport LIN - Milan, Italy | Linate Airport LIS - Lisbon, Portugal | Lisbon Portela LYS - Lyon, France | Lyon Saint-Exupéry MAD - Madrid, Spain | Madrid Barajas International MAN - Manchester, United Kingdom | Manchester Airport MLA - Luqa, Malta | Luqa Airport MUC - Munich, Germany | Franz Josef Strauss International Airport MXP - Milan, Italy | Malpensa International Airport NAP - Napoli, Italy | Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport NCE - Nice, France | Nice-Côte d’Azur NUE - Nuremberg, Germany | Nuremberg Airport OPO - Porto, Portugal | Francisco de Sá Carneiro OSL - Oslo, Norway | Oslo Gardermoen Airport POZ - Poznan, Poland | Poznan-Lawica Airport PRG - Prague, Czech Republic | Ruzyn International Airport RIX - Riga, Latvia | Riga International Airport SOF STR - Stuttgart, Germany | Stuttgart Airport SVG - Stavanger, Norway | Stavanger Sola Airport TLL - Tallinn, Estonia | Tallinn Airport TLS - Toulouse, France | Toulouse-Blagnac Airport TRN - Torino, Italy | Torino / Caselle International Airport TXL - Berlin, Germany | Berlin-Tegel International Airport VCE - Venice, Italy | Venezia / Tessera - Marco Polo Airport VIE - Vienna, Austria | Vienna International Airport VKO - Moscow, Russia | Vnukovo International Airport VNO - Vilnius, Lithuania | Vilnius International Airport WAW - Warsaw, Poland |Warsaw Chopin Airport ZRH - Zurich, Switzerland | Zurich Airport

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Rifles can only be sold to permit holders.

One of us

Ian Brown, Professional Hunter, South Africa R8 Kilombero, Caliber .416 Rem.Mag.

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Sney Rivier Lodge

Welcome to Sney Rivier Lodge, your exclusive destination in the heart of the Namibian wilderness. Breath-taking sceneries and exquisite luxury invite you to indulge in pure passion. As pioneers of intelligent rifle technology and experts in worldwide hunting, Blaser makes sure that your safari becomes a success in every possible respect.


Sentinels of ocean health: monitoring marine predators in the Namibian Islands’ Marine Protected Area By Dr. Jessica Kemper - African Penguin Conservation Project

A Cape gannet noisily announces its intent to land ŠJ Kemper

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nybody who has spent a few

a number of islands, islets and rocks.

days in the small harbour town

Safely out of the reach of land predators

of Lüderitz in southern Namibia, will

such as brown hyenas and jackals, they

tell you that the wind blows there like

provide safe breeding habitats and

nowhere else.

In fact, the prevailing

roosting grounds for a number of seabird

southerly winds there are so strong, that

species, many of which are considered

Lüderitz holds the distinction of being in

threatened or endangered. An array of

the centre of the strongest area (or cell)

bays also offers breeding habitat for

of “upwelling” on our planet. Upwelling

marine mammals such as Heaviside’s

is the process during which the strong

dolphins and southern right whales.

wind, together with the Benguela

Unfortunately, the health of this

Current, moves cold, nutrient-rich water


from the deep ocean to the surface. This

being threatened in a number of ways,

“nutrient pump” provides

mainly through the effects of human

the basis for a highly

activities. Threats include habitat loss

productive and unique

and modification, oil pollution and,

marine ecosystem that

following overexploitation in the 1960s

supports a wealth of

and 1970s, a lack of the favourite and

life, from tiny plankton to

highly nutritious food of many marine

giant whales, and includes a

predators – and key species in the

number of species that are endemic to

Namibian marine food web, the sardine.

the Benguela region, i.e. species that are

In an attempt to halt the ecosystem’s

found nowhere else in the world. Apart




rocky shores, reefs and kelp beds, the southern Namibian coastline also boasts









Marine Protected Area (NIMPA), was




covering about 1 million ha

| 15

of coastal waters along a 400 km stretch

ecosystem, and to assess whether the

are concerns that these techniques

of coast. One of the NIMPA’s three main

implementation of the NIMPA and

could negatively affect marine habitats

objectives is to protect the breeding sites

other conservation actions are actually

(including species of commercial and/or

and key foraging areas of a number of

successful in halting the observed

conservation importance), for example

threatened species, and it is therefore no

degradation. An arduous and sometimes

from increased water turbidity, sediment

surprise that the design to determine the

expensive task.

movement, displacement of forage prey species, entanglement in anchor spreads

shape and size of the NIMPA was largely

Enter the diamond industry. Diamonds

based on research done in Namibia

have played a key role in the country’s

on the foraging ecology of globally

economy since the discovery of the first

The Namibian Diamond Corporation

endangered African penguins and bank

diamond near Lüderitz in 1908. Until

(Namdeb) operates in nine mining

cormorants, as well as locally critically

about ten years ago, the vast majority of

license areas that border and/or overlap

endangered Cape gannets. The Ministry

diamonds were mined on land and on

with the NIMPA. In order to contribute

of Fisheries and Marine Resources

the seashore. However, as land deposits

to and extend the monitoring efforts

(MFMR) is responsible for managing the

of diamonds are being exhausted, and as

undertaken by MFMR to areas that

NIMPA and for implementing relevant

new techniques to extract diamonds from

might be affected by present and future

monitoring programmes to track the

marine sediments are developed, marine

diamond extraction activities south of

population trends of these and other



Lüderitz, Namdeb has agreed to fund a

flagship species, to investigate the

and it is expected that in future up to

two-year project to collect baseline data

effects of environmental change and

95% of diamonds from Namibia will

on several flagship species in the NIMPA

disturbance on the health of the marine

originate from the ocean floor. There

and to subsequently monitor the effect

African penguins at Halifax Island ©J Kemper

16 |



and underwater noise.

of these new mining technologies on these, in order to plan and implement mitigation measures if necessary. Logistic support for the project is provided by MFMR and the funds made available by Namdeb are administered by the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF). The project kicked off earlier this year and consists of three elements. It focuses on four species that were selected because of their conservation status, their ecology and distribution which make them useful indicators for monitoring any direct or indirect impacts that could be posed by diamond mining activities. The first element forms part of a longterm study that was initiated in 2005. It looks at the foraging ecology of African penguins at Halifax and Possession

Two small African penguin chicks peep out from underneath their parent ŠJ Kemper

islands. It involves deploying small

A bank cormorant tends to its chicks ŠJ Kemper

| 17

mining activities could affect these areas and foraging efficiency. During March this year, an intensive and successful three-week field season at Halifax Island produced reams of valuable







analysis Island

penguins had to work harder during the late summer of 2016 than in most other years where foraging ecology had been monitored at this island, with penguins travelling an average of 52 km in search of food before returning to the island to feed the chick(s), roughly 10 km further than in most previous years. Monitoring the breeding success of African penguins, Cape gannets and bank cormorants has been tricky at

These two unusually coloured and patterned southern right whales were photographed during an aerial survey ŠJ-P Roux

islands that are remote and therefore seldom monitored or at breeding sites where the birds are particularly prone to disturbance. The second element of

GPS data loggers on breeding African

dives to find food. This information in

the project therefore investigates the

penguins that are retrieved after one

turn provides important insights on

viability of monitoring breeding success

foraging trip, i.e. after about two days.

key foraging areas and habitats used by

using camera traps and time-lapse

The data logger regularly records the

breeding penguins, indicates how hard

photography, a non-invasive technique

position of the foraging penguin, as well

the birds have to work to find food for

and potentially a fantastic tool to keep

as how often and how deep the penguin

themselves and their chicks, and how

tabs on the secret lives of Namibia’s

Commuting to Halifax Island at sunrise to retrieve a GPS data logger ŠJ Kemper

18 |

seabirds. The biggest challenge here is

calcified skin patches) on the head of a

to find a setup that can cope with sticky,

right whale form a unique pattern, which

The Namibia Nature Foundation

corrosive sea spray, abrasive sandstorms

allows the identification of individual

(NNF) is one of the largest non-

(and sometimes flying gravel), and large

whales that can then be monitored

governmental organisations

amounts of dust-like guano, a mixture of

over time. This element of the project

(NGO) targeting conservation

sand and bird excrement, that gets into

is also not without its challenges as it

and sustainable development in

the most dust-proof camera housing and

depends on the availability of a suitable

Namibia. The primary aims of the

excels at coating camera lenses. Should

plane, complete with a window that

NNF are to promote sustainable

this technique prove to be successful,

can be opened to take usable photos of

development, the conservation of

camera traps will be deployed at a larger

individual whales. Moreover, clear and

biological diversity and natural

scale at key breeding sites.

calm weather conditions are a must -

ecosystems, and the wise and

something that is not that common in

ethical use of natural resources

the world’s strongest upwelling cell.

for the benefit of all Namibians,

Southern right whales, long absent from





extensively hunted, are slowly making

This partnership between Namdeb,

a comeback, and calves have been




Project, Namibia Nature Foundation and

Project in supporting Penguin and

southern Namibia. Aerial surveys of

the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine

Sea-bird conservation.

these charismatic whales have been

Resources contributes to the effective

conducted since 1999; the third element

monitoring and conservation effort of

of this project is a continuation of that

the NIMPA’s fragile biodiversity and

programme and will help to record

habitats, and in particular to that of

the numbers of southern right whales

threatened marine predators. Hopefully,

(including the number of calves born) in

what will be learned from our “sentinels

southern Namibia. It will also allow the

of ocean health” will assist in halting

mapping of coastal habitat use by the

ecosystem degradation along Namibia’s

whales and to identify key calving areas.

coast so that future generations can

Just like fingerprints, the number and

enjoy (and sustainably profit from) this

arrangement of callosities (prominent

unique marine environment.







both present and future. We work closely with the African Penguin

The 10 ha Halifax Island supports about 1000 breeding pairs of African penguins ©J Kemper

| 19

NAKARA SWAKOPMUND The Arcade, Tel/Fax: +264 64 405907 NAKARA BOUTIQUE Shop G4 Mutual Tower Independence Avenue Windhoek Tel/Fax +264 61 224 209 NAKARA SHOP WINDHOEK Independence Ave 131, Gustav Voigts centre Tel: +264 61 231518 NAKARA FACTORY WINDHOEK 3 Solingen Str. Northern Industrial Tel/Fax +264 61 429100 88 96 | Email:

127 | 113

93 | |113 89

A bird’s eye view Jay Roode is one half of Sky Hawk Photography. She has an impressive string of diplomas and degrees in nature conservation, environmental management, and sustainable development...but her exquisite eye and skill around photography comes from sheer determination and soul. Together with her husband Jan – the other half of Sky Hawk Photography – they’ve flown over 50 000 kilometres in the past few years, capturing awe inspiring landscapes and more, from their unique aerial vantage point...

By: Sky Hawk Photography

A sea of swirling sand whisked into sensuous peaks and valleys meets the icy Atlantic in spectacular fashion at Sandwich Harbour; an isolated lagoon and important birding site for both resident and migratory bird species.

22 |

| 23


ay Roode describes herself and

boughs of an Acacia, staring up at a

husband Jan, as ‘flying for the

star-spangled sky next to a roaring

environment’, so although they are

camp fire.


passionate about aerial photography, aviation



in Africa,

Do you have a creative family?

wherever they go, whatever they

I come from a long lineage of creative and

do, they are wholly committed to

adventurous women. My grandmother

conservation. It’s the thread which

Fleur Ferri was an incredibly influential

runs through their work and their lives.

artist who specialised in portraiture and

Flamingo caught up with Jay, and

landscapes. She painted presidents and

chatted to her about her life so far...

queens, but my favourite work is her


sweeping Namibian landscapes. I take

Where were you born and raised?

my hat off to her when I think she

I was born and raised in Johannesburg.

drove on her own through Namibia in

Our house was a real menagerie and

a Peugeot in the 1970s photographing

overflowed with animals; tortoises,

and painting the vast Namib Desert,

birds, fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, silk

trying to capture its essence on canvas.

worms – you name it, we had it! My

Little did I know that many years

parents loved the great outdoors and

later I would be doing essentially the

we went camping all over southern

same thing, just from a completely

Africa, which is where I picked up

different perspective!


my love for nature and travel. Some

of my most favourite memories from

Were you always creative?

my childhood are drifting off to sleep

I have always considered myself

in my hammock under the arched

a creative person. I studied art

Fisher folk pull their boats to shore north of Zalala on the northern Mozambique coastline.

24 |

through to Grade 12. However my real passion, when I was growing up, was nature conservation, so I went on to study a diploma in nature conservation, a degree in environmental management, and an honours in sustainable development. In photography, I am self-taught.


When did the travel/photography bug first bite? The travel bug first bit when I was a teenager paging through books on Africa published by pioneering female Fischer

photographers and





silently vowed to myself that I would try to follow in their footsteps. I worked as a student at a flea market for years saving money for my first solo adventure – an African overland An alien landing pad? No, these are the remains of a discontinued Decca navigation system/ Radar station south of Henties Bay on the Namibian coastline. The grid pattern is a system of underground cables which were part of the operational system

from Victoria Falls to Nairobi. Since then wanderlust got its claws into me and exploring the world has become an obsession. My husband and I

A lone ostrich wanders across the burnt orange dunes of Namibrand Nature Reserve, Namibia

| 25

between us have travelled to over 65


countries over the past twenty years;


from Antarctica to Indonesia, Asia to

wildest places from above. Over the

Bolivia, we have had the privilege

past few years, we have flown over

of seeing some of the world’s most

50 000 nautical miles, over some of

beautiful natural places.

the most awe inspiring landscapes



experiencing southern



on the planet.


How did you get into aerial photography?

What do you love

I got my first camera when I was

about travelling in Africa?

in primary school, but it only really

There is nowhere else in the world

became an all-consuming passion

that speaks to my heart like Africa

when I started to travel in earnest

does; the smell of the earth after a

with my husband Jan (who is also

thunderstorm, the sound of crickets



and frogs in the dusk, the deep

wanted to record the places and

hoot of an Eagle owl in the dead

experiences we were having and

of night. It literally gives me goose

share them, first only with friends

bumps just thinking about it. Africa

and family, then later with a larger

is more alive than anywhere else I

audience. Later when Jan got his

have been. Its biodiversity and great

pilot’s license and we purchased

wildernesses leave me breathless


every time I venture into them.







A lone elephant welcomes in the dawn surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta. Botswana

26 |

The vivid colours of the tidal estuary OF Walvis Bay

Great flocks of flamingo adorn the emerald waters of Sao Sebastiao lagoon, south of Vilanculo. Mozambique

| 27

This image was taken on the jet black brine pans found south of the harbour town of Walvis Bay on the Namibian coastline.


What has travel and

a fishing boat deep into the Beagle

photography taught you?

Channel in Argentina, flying over the

To quote Lao Tzu “A good traveller

Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique,

has no fixed plans, and is not intent

having a pod of killer whales swim

on arriving”. Travel and photography

under my rubber duck on the Antarctic

for me is not about rushing from

peninsula, watching the sun come

one place to another and fitting in

up over the giant dune fields of the

as many sights as I can; it’s about

Naukluft, but I suppose my best travel

immersing myself in a place and

experiences involve people and their

a culture, and trying to capture

unerring capacity to surprise me with

its own unique essence on ‘film’.

their warmth, hospitality and kindness.


Travel I find is both an internal

and external journey and one that

Where do you go when

continually reminds me to embrace

you need complete ‘time out/?

the vibrancy and abundance of life.

One of my favourite places on earth

Most importantly, travel has taught

is the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. A

me to let go of my prejudices and

place of sand and silence; a place of

stubborn ideas about the world, and

such surreal beauty that it touches my

live and let live.

soul each time I visit.


What’s been your best travel experience?


What’s your best journey? One of my best journeys has been

The ones that stand out are; driving

flying the length of Namibia. The Zen

over the surreal desert landscapes

landscapes and incredible diversity of

of the Bolivian Altiplano, catching

this vast desert world are humbling and

28 |

deeply soulful. Experiencing Namibia

conservation cause in the country in

entities to be conserved. Through our

from above is truly something everyone

which it was taken.

photography we endeavour to share

should put on their bucket list.



our great love and reverence for these

Aerial Photographic Safaris:

spectacular wild spaces of Southern

Experiencing the vast landscapes of

Africa. We see our work as a grand

Africa from above is something we

collaboration. We cannot take credit

really want to share with the world

for these images alone, but must give


not only through our photographs but

thanks to the mountains and rivers

in Florida in the States and at 1Fox

by allowing people as passionate as

and oceans that have worked with

in Johannesburg.

we are to experience it for themselves.

us so closely to create these grand

We often do commissioned work

We offer one or two bespoke aerial

narratives and tender glimpses.

for lodges and various publications

photographic safaris a year in Southern

and have some close relationships

Africa where we take our guests to

What’s next on your bucket list?

with interior designers and architects

some of our most cherished places.

Ethiopia – legends of King Solomon and

Where do you exhibit/where do you sell – do you do commissioned work etc? Currently




that use our work.



the Queen of Sheba draw me on....

Our work is available for purchase

How would you describe your work?

as fine art prints off our website

Aerial photography is one of the last



frontiers – it is a completely unique

Jay Roode, Skywawk Photography;

our coffee table book should be out

view of our world; one that challenges


sometime in 2017. A percentage of

all perspectives on size and importance

the sale of these images goes to a

and allows us to see whole habitats as

Tel: +83 415 0021; +83 308 5102

A dugout canoe makes its way across the aquamarine shallows of the vast Save River Estuary north of Nova Mambone, Mozambique

| 29

A BOUQUET OF OFFERINGS, LEGACY HOTELS & RESORTS GRATIFIES THE LEISURE AND BUSINESS TRAVELLER From Lagos to Cape Town From eye-catching skyscrapers and exclusive hotels to luxury resorts and rustic safari bush lodges, Legacy Hotels & Resorts are behind the creation of some of the most breathtaking properties in Africa. They are also the only property Group to own both hotels and bush lodges, providing travellers with an endless choice of destinations and unforgettable experiences tailor-made to suit either leisure or business travel. Legacy’s variety of properties pride themselves in being unique. All hotels, resorts and lodges have been carefully designed and built to complement the special features of each destination – and all deliver on their promise of choice. Surrounded by the endless golden dunes of Namibia, as well as the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the town of Swakopmund hosts the ever popular Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre. Complementing surrounding architecture the Hotel is the perfect venue for modern convenience and old world charm. Be it holiday or business, amenities are well suited and guests can tailor their experience to suit. The Windhoek Country Club Resort offers businessmen, conference delegates and families the best of both worlds. Known for exceptional service and luxury accommodation the hotel sits on a modelled 18 hole golf course. Seated in the heart of Sandton’s Richest Square Mile, Legacy’s world-class five-star hotels – The Michelangelo Hotel and The DAVINCI Hotel and Suites. The magnificent Renaissance architecture of The Michelangelo Hotel is the very essence of status and success and caters for everything from productive business strategy-sessions, to weddings and special occasions, while The DAVINCI Hotel and Suites offers guests endless amenities such as an on-site spa, a well-equipped gym, a whiskey and cigar lounge and a gourmet restaurant serving European cuisine and freshly prepared sushi. The Mother city, Cape Town’s pride – the exclusive Portswood Hotel and The Commodore Hotel – epitomise stylish living, quality service and a tranquil setting that have ensured guests, whether businessmen or tourists, return year after year. The Portswood Hotel is famous for its unique, personal approach to service – catering to the international traveller’s every need and anticipating their every desire, while The Commodore Hotel offers 234 elegantly furnished standard rooms and suites. Just across the South African border, and heading into the gorgeous wilderness lies the exclusive Elephant Hills Resort. Overlooking the Zambezi river and upstream from the popular Victoria Falls, it offers enticing views, an abundance of wildlife and one of Africa’s best golf courses. Guests, be it leisure or business, can enjoy a variety of activities from the relaxing sunset cruises to the more daring rafting and bungee jumping. For those preferring to stay closer to town, the gorgeous Kingdom Hotel is situated within the small and quaint town of Victoria Falls. Close to all major attractions and having direct access to the rain forest, the hotel is perfect for families or Incentive groups wanting to discover something new whilst experiencing a commitment to excellence. Legacy also own hotels in other parts of South Africa and into Africa (29 in total), including Namibia, Gabon, Ghana, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Central Reservations +27 (0) 11 806 6888 |

52 |

Your Adventure, our LegAcY

Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre, Swakopmund, Namibia Tel: +264 64 410 5200 | Email:

| 45

Historical find in ancient baobab tree Konny von Schmettau’s book ‘Sangwali – David Livingstone at Linyanti’ tells of her discovery of a David Livingstone inscription. Here’s a taste of her expedition .

32 |

| 33


ne hundred and sixty five years ago, the famous African explorer and missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, first reached Sangwali, the area in Linyanti, now north-eastern Namibia. Today, it is an unassuming little village, but history shows it was once the scene of a peaceful encounter between Livingstone and Sebitwane, the great Chief of the Makololo. Sebitwane had crossed thousands of miles from the south with his men and their families to the marshes of Linyanti to seek protection from their powerful enemies. When Livingstone left Sangwali with his wife Mary, they spent two nights in the remote area of Malengalenga. It is here that Livingstone carved an inscription in the trunk of an ancient Baobab tree. Intrigued by the historical value of the Sangwali region, journalist and author Konny von Schmettau

34 |

set out with a small expedition team to discover the long-lost inscriptions of David Livingstone. On August 30, 2016, with the assistance of Patrick Makumba, Induna (elder) of Mayeyi, and Johannes Wiemann, Nuremberg schoolteacher, she succeeded.

Sangwali Sangwali is full of undiscovered adventure - locations where unbreakable friendships were founded but also unimaginable tragedies, many of which would today, make a visitor cringe. It was here that an historical tragedy played out on the African continent. The story of the fated missionary journey which begun in 1859 from Kuruman in South Africa – it’s now known as the Helmore-PriceExpedition - to Linyanti. Their party consisted of Holloway Helmore, his wife, four children and Roger Price,

his wife, and new-born daughter. Their intention was to meet with Livingstone and establish a Christian mission station - on arrival, to their regret, they discovered that Livingstone was away on an extensive expedition, with no means of contacting him. Tragically, they fell victim to Sekeletu, Chief Sebitwane’s successor. They were not welcome. Sekeletu was expecting Livingstone, not a group of strangers with their wives and children. The Mayeyi tribe - once enslaved by the Makololo - believes the demise of the Helmore-Price-Expedition was due to food poisoning at the hands of Sekeletu - a re-discovered letter dated 1861 proves that to have been the case. Only three of the party survived: Roger Price, and two young Helmore children, Lizzie and Willie. Konny von Schmettau describes her adventure, “Early in 2015, I became aware of a small museum in Sangwali, and could not resist the opportunity to discover its secrets. At first glance, it seemed to be merely a small clay hut, but when the door opened, it took my breath away. I found floor to ceiling, hand-drawn maps designed and coloured on sturdy linen by students from Bloemfontein University. They were specifically made to describe and document David Livingstone's way through the then undiscovered Africa; the trail of the Makololo from Zululand up to the Linyanti and winding paths of the missionaries.“ Stella Kilby – a descendant of little Lizzie Helmore - founded the museum

in 1999 in memory of their ancestors. It was built by Linus Mukwata, a welleducated Mayeyi from Sangwali who wanted to preserve the history of his people for generations to come. Sadly, Stella died before its completion, but fortunately, the Kilby Family Trust continues to support the museum with dedication and generosity. The area surrounding the museum is where Sebitwane served as Tribal Chief. Not far away is a pile of stones denoting his grave. A reed-encircled arm of the Kwando River, surrounded by huge Marula trees, is a sunny clearing where rare birds flutter about and hippos graze in the evening twilight. Here, in later years, the first Caprivi administrator authorised the building of another rondavel, which he used as a second office. Its ruins can still be found near the museum.

The discovery Just 15 kilometres away from Sangwali is Malengalenga, where Sebitwane’s son and successor Sekeletu, had his headquarters. Unlike his father, Sekeletu was inspired by evil, say the Mayeyi. Under Chief Sebitwane, life as a slave was hard, but not nearly as unbearable as for Sekeletu’s people, enslaved Mayeyi, who had to dig large irrigation ditches in Malengalenga with their bare hands. Ancestral tribal elders describe the Mayeyi as a peaceful people, always seeking out a place surrounded by unspoiled nature with no fear of enemies; as river-people looking for the tranquility of nature, who can only be truly happy living by and on the water: ‘Watari, Watati, Water - these are the Mayeyi’. Tradition dictates that in 1505, the Mayeyi travelled down from the Middle East and Central Africa, arriving at Linyanti in 1820. To them, this was paradise on earth. They were, however, repeatedly subjected to attacks by stronger tribes, and ultimately the Makololo. Sekeletu’s tomb is found not far from his house where his ruins lie hidden in the sand. A few kilometers from the village stood a great “Sausage Tree” tree (Kigelia Africana), where the hapless missionaries camped with their oxcarts en route to Linyanti. Shortly after arrival, they were reputedly poisoned by Sekeletu - such is related

by the Mayeyi, but also documented in an historical letter written to the London Missionary Society in 1861 by Roger Price, the only surviving missionary. In it he describes events leading to the tragic deaths of his wife, infant daughter and - except for two children - the Helmore family, plus native drivers. Even more significant is that the Mayeyi elders have passed on this story orally from generation to generation. At the ford by the Linyanti, where both Livingstone and the Helmore-Price Expedition crossed the river, Konny and her team found important clues. The highlight of the expedition was on August 30, as they trekked through dense bush, to find what the Mayeyi call ‘Livingstone's Baobab’. It was here in 1851 that Livingstone spent two nights with his wife Mary and their children. Forty years ago, the owner of the land where the Baobab still stands, says the signature had previously been seen. The undergrowth was almost impenetrable, but Konny’s team searched diligently and relentlessly, renewing the hope of discovering it. They found it. Konny explains: “On closer inspection we could clearly see the letters TO’ and to the right (overgrown, but decipherable) ‘NE’. From fragments to the left are ‘G’ and ‘S’. Just above is ‘D’ for ‘David’, still clearly recognizable. Other letters were

| 35

in 2012 when, together with roofer, Dietmar Pistorius and his wife Evi, the author discovered an historic letter: Wilhelm Meckel describes in it the work of the roof and wrote in 1912, “with craft regards to future generations”. In 2012, Konny archived the old museum in Oranjemund and found in a jammed drawer ‘Book Zero – G. Klinghardt – German Diamond Corporation – 1910’, which had disappeared after a change of ownership of the museum building. The book includes very first scripts and drawings of the Diamond Sperrgebiet – the forbidden territory. Konny is sure that David Livingstone’s rediscovered inscription at Linyanti has re-opened another chapter of history that she will pursue and investigate further: “Who knows what lies ahead?”

then found strongly joined. ”Taken from records in 1851, the team spent hours comparing, logging and testing, until they could decipher the inscription with accuracy. The line for the ‘1’ in the beginning had grown together with the ‘8’, which can be seen today as a wider line. The ‘5’ has grown down slightly and the line for the second ‘1’ turns right. Comparing the traditional Mayeyi record with Livingstone’s biography – ‘The truth behind the legend’ by Rob Mackenzie - and other reputable sources, it can be confirmed that an imitation of the inscription by later visitors can be excluded. More proof of this is comparing it with the engraving of the missionary Holloway Helmore in the so-called ‘Chapman's Baobab’ in 1859, as one could find similar overgrowth. Unfortunately, only a photo remains, because ‘Chapman's Baobab’ collapsed in January 2016, sadly obliterating further investigation. At the top, between the name and date in ‘Livingstone's Baobab’ is a cross, with a probable Crest, although the bark is damaged and broken. From the subsequent shape and history, it might be the Crest of the British Queen

36 |

Victoria. Under Queen Victoria and her German husband, Albert von SachsenCoburg und Gotha - with Livingstone’s urgent intervention - slavery in England was abolished. Livingstone adored his Queen deeply. When he discovered the great waterfalls of the Zambezi "Mosi-oaTunya", he renamed them Victoria Falls. This fact leads to further indication that it could be his carving of their Royal Coat of Arms. To this end, extensive studies are currently taking place. With support from the European Union and the Namibia Scientific Society, the historical Museum is being renovated in Sangwali. Similarly, there is a planned Historical Path which leads to sites in Linyanti which visitors will be able to access. ‘Livingstone's Baobab’ can be visited only with an envoy of Mayeyi. The path there is hard to find, and their caretaking role ensures that the tree is protected at all costs. (See Contacts) ”Such expeditions, especially discoveries such as this, are uncommon; even with my life as a tour guide and journalist”, explains Konny. In her travel books ‘On the road with Konny’, there’s more to read around the historical value of her discoveries. This includes the tower roof of Lüderitz Rock Church

New book release: ‘Sangwali – David Livingstone at Linyanti’ in both English and German, appears in an extended new edition in early October 2016, and can be ordered directly from the author Email: An English special edition has been published by the Namibia Scientific Society Email: Link to the eBook: http://www.xinxii. com/sangwali-david-livingstone-atlinyanti-extended-editon-p-372221.html Media contact: Konny von Schmettau, Altes Schloß 5, D-35043 Marburg, Tel: +49-1575-5683687 Email: Web:


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*Terms and conditions apply. Valid until 31 December 2016. All prices shown are based on “from” pricing and subject to change. Minimum 2 night stay (Friday to Sunday).

| 45

Tea Bag


Talented, innovative artist Ruby Silvious has become exceptional well known for a somewhat extraordinary art form - tea bag art. She was even inspired to produce one specifically for Namibia



Edited by: Anne Schauffer Photographs by: Ruby Silvious

Tell us about your childhood. Did you have creative parents?

he asked all of us—my mom and

moved to Manila at the age of 16,

My father was part Chinese and

also loved music and played the

when she began a four-year course in

part Filipino. He supported our

saxophone and harmonica.

architecture and fine arts at the University

large family—we were six kids—by

of Santo Tomas. She moved to the United

working for a local bank. His creative

was creative too. She was a skilled

States in 1977 at the age of 20.

talents were many. He was a self-

seamstress and developed her own

Flamingo asked her to tell us about

taught artist and calligrapher, and


her life, her journey towards what

had a great eye as a photographer.

embroidering neckties for a local

she’s doing today.

When he was learning photography,


uby Silvious was born in Tacloban

City, in the Philippines, and then

my siblings—to pose for him. He



sewing She







clothes for us when we were growing up, and kept everybody happy with her terrific cooking. On the maternal side, my mom is part Japanese and part Filipino. Photography and music have always featured strongly on my mom’s side of the family, too. One uncle played trombone with a band in the ’40s. My

great-grandmother, who


pure Japanese, taught me origami when I was just five. I loved playing with paper dolls and designing little dresses for them.


Were you always creative? I





calligraphy at the age of nine. By age 12, I was commissioned by our college as calligrapher of the graduation diplomas. At age13, I won my first art competition, sponsored

38 |


we had to choose between playing

Did you have any mentors? What was your greatest inspiration?



My father was my first mentor. Also, I


feel a strong connection with Japanese

home economics would serve me

culture and design, and was greatly

better than playing an instrument,

influenced as a kid by my Japanese

which I really resented. Anyway,

great-grandmother, who taught me to

I was pretty creative in my sewing

hand-sew little pouch bags as well as the

class and did well.

art of origami. My paternal grandmother,

by the Girl Scouts. In high school, a



and My

studying parents


who sewed dresses and wedding gowns,

When did you decide to become an artist? Did you study? What other media do you work in, if any?

was a big influence, too. In my work,

I studied architecture and fine arts

every day. My travels, too, are an endless

for four years, but leaned more

source of inspiration.

I’m continuously inspired by nature, and by the people and artifacts I observe were discussing all these possibilities


when I came up with the idea of the

toward fine arts than to the technical

used tea bag as a canvas. It sounded

While I didn’t actually attend a

How did you begin this form of artwork? Tell us the story.

formal art school, I took life drawing

I often reflect on how it all began.

opened the soggy tea bag and left

classes at the Art Students League of

The theme of my very first exhibit in

some tea leaves on the tea bag paper,

New York in the early ’80s. At that

New York City in 2014 was inspired

forming something abstract on it. But

time, I worked primarily in pastels,

by salvaged materials, found and

when it dried and some of the tea

graphite, and charcoal.



leaves didn’t stay in place, we knew we

In the early 90s, I tried my hand

with painting on whatever I had

had to continue with our experiment.

at watercolour but always felt that

available in the house, including

I started to love the sepia stains of the

the medium was very unforgiving.

pistachio shells, eggshell shards,

used tea bags, and immediately knew

I probably have the least amount

and origami-folded crumb wrappers,

I would later use them in my designs.

of work in this medium. Ironically,

paper bags … you name it!

My sister was also inspired—she went





this is mostly what I use now with the tea bag art.

objects. I

preposterous at first. We carefully

Then one day, I was having tea with

back home to Maui and incorporated

my sister, who is also an artist. We

used tea bags in some of her collages.

| 39


Tell us about your first job: What was it? And where? I entered the work force first as a mortgage cashier for the former Dry





Lexington Avenue and 59th Street in





from Bloomingdales. A bit later, I was hired by Bergdorf Goodman as assistant to the vice president of human resources, which turned out to be quite a fascinating job. I was often involved with big glamorous events, performing a diverse range of duties. I did the calligraphy on invitations for Andrew Goodman. I






fashion shows by designers like Fendi and Perry Ellis, and got to rub elbows with Nancy Reagan,


Calvin Klein and Henry Kissinger at charity fundraisers. There were

What reaction has your work generated?

the application of pistachio shells and

many celebrities among the store’s

eggshell shards.

frequent shoppers, including Yoko


Perhaps most rewarding of all

phenomenal. Social media channels

has been the exposure of my art to

Burnett, John Travolta, James Mason

have played a big part in building an

children through a feature in a Disney

and Meryl Streep. It was certainly

audience for my work, even taking

magazine in Malaysia. I’m thrilled to

an intriguing introduction to New

my tea bag art viral! It’s extraordinary

think this may perhaps enhance kids’

York’s high society!

how my work was so quickly out

interest in reading!





there, and how sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter now makes communication around the planet instantaneous. I’m grateful







What work/project are you most proud of? My first art exhibition at Atlantic Gallery in Manhattan, in 2014, was

for that, and also for the enormous

very exciting for me. It garnered

enthusiasm that my growing audience

extensive media coverage, and a

has shown. It’s very encouraging.

couple of magazines ran stories that

As a result of the viral effect, I’ve

gave my work great exposure. It was

received notes from several teachers

a wonderful debut for me in the

thanking me for giving their students

New York art world.

new inspiration. That’s been really very gratifying. Additionally, artists from all over the world have shared with me their own versions of tea bag art- also their own versions of my other repurposed pieces, including

40 |


What are you currently working on? This year, my main focus has been on compiling my book, “363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal on Used Tea

Bags,” to be released in the fall; and

As an artist, I must always keep

on continuing with my tea bag art

my work fresh. I feel it’s important

on a weekly, instead of daily, series.

to be open to new possibilities and

With my upcoming art residency in

to be continuously exploring and

Fukuoka, Japan, I have been busy

learning new techniques. I want my

preparing for the kimono pieces that

work to spark creativity in people

I’ll be creating using repurposed

when they view it, and to inspire

materials, such as produce mesh

them to find new life in everyday,

bags, laundry tickets, packing paper,

familiar things. We’re surrounded

and of course, used tea bags.

by elements of extraordinary beauty


that so often go unnoticed.


Do you have a wish list (in terms of travel, meeting people, etc.)?

What do you do when you aren’t working?


Where do you live and work now? I live with my husband in the Hudson

It’s been my dream to live in

Music has always played an important

Valley, in New York State, and have

Tuscany for a couple of years. I love

role in my family’s lives. I play the

two sons from a previous marriage.

the landscape there, the culture, the

harp, and have been taking lessons

They’re now in their mid-20s. I’ve

people, the cuisine … the region

for over a year now; I love to play the

converted the top floor of our house

holds an irresistible magic for me.

music of composer Bernard Andrè.

into an expansive, light-filled studio,

As for people and places, there

I also play piano and guitar. And

where I work as a graphic designer

are so many. I want to spend more

when I really need to unwind, I go to

and, of course, on my art.

time traveling in Europe and Asia—

Zumba classes for a serious workout

and to explore different cultures.

to a Latin beat! And I play ping pong!

I know they’ll influence my art going forward and help expand my horizons. Among the people whose work I admire are Japanese artist and graphic designer Masahiro Minami, artist and activist Ai Weiwei, and the self-taught architect Tadao Ando … but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Anything else you feel is important about your work, and your life and work philosophy? There is an old saying that when the Japanese mend broken objects, they fill the cracks with gold. They believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful. This, along with the wabi-sabi philosophy and commitment to the everyday, the





imperfect, is true to my design aesthetic and discipline.

| 41

42 |

| 53

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The Ultimate Riding Machine

68 || 68 92

| |123 113

The wheel story: New Models round up JAMES SIDDALL on what's happening in the wonderful world of wheels...

Storm warning! The best-selling VW Polo Vivo is now yet more attractive a proposition with the addition of a new special edition named Storm. This machine is based on the hatchback version of the 1.4 Trendline (63kW), and comes replete with tasty extras. Among them, front foglights with chrome surrounds, 15inch alloy wheels painted in black metallic, glossy black side mirrors, and black decals on the side. The rear is completed with chrome-tipped double exhaust pipes. Cutting to the interior, you get a dashboard with a two-tone finish in grey and ceramique. The air vents, centre console, lower parcel trays and cup holder are also in a ceramique finish, while the steering wheel, gear

46 |

gaiter, and hand brake lever are all in leather with grey stitching. The roof lining is coloured in anthracite, adding to the visual appeal of the interior. That is not all. Storm is fitted with exclusive three-tone seat trim that compliments the ceramique dashboard with its ceramique coloured bolsters. And for added entertainment, Polo Vivo Storm comes standard with a CD/Radio with Bluetooth connectivity, SD Card, USB port, and six speakers. Hot.

Amazing Mazda The quantum leap that Mazda has made over the past few years is to be conjured with. And just one superb product in the range – which I have sampled

fairly extensively of late – is the new Mazda3 2.0 Astina Plus, which is now the halo model in the Mazda3 lineup. As with other Mazdas, it has benefited from Kodo design and SkyActiv technology, as well as something called Jinba-Ittai. “A sense of connectedness between car and driver that distinguishes Mazda vehicles,” says the press material, and pretty accurately so.

Besides a bit of facelift in and out, this baby now gets G-Vectoring Control (GVC). This basically cancels any of the drawbacks of front-wheel drive, and will be rolled out in future models. It works by controlling engine torque based on steering and acceleration, giving better handling and ride quality on the twisties. It does it all so seamlessly that you barely notice the GVC at play – all you notice is a top-notch ride.

The new halo Mazda3 also comes stuffed with standard safety features. Smart City Brake Support (SCBS). Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH). Lane Keep Assist (LKA). Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Driver Attention Alert (DAA). Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM). A bit of a mouthful of acronym soup, but most of it is self-explanatory, and space precludes full explanations.

| 47

Carrying on with the almost endless list of standard equipment, you also get a glass sunroof, keyless entry, reverse camera, eight-way power driver's seat, big Bose sound with nine speakers, pretty 18-inch alloys, and leather. Drive comes via a two-litre naturally aspirated petrol plant good for 121kW and 210Nm with power running through a six-speed automatic. As Meyer Benjamin, director of two major Mazda dealerships in Gauteng – Mazda Johannesburg South, and Mazda Clearwater – pointed out to me: “If you want this level of equipment from a German car, you're going to pay an absolute fortune in optional extras. Plus this car now plays in the premier league.” Nice work, Mazda.

Blazing a trail Chev's well-loved seven-seater Trailblazer SUV has just enjoyed an upgrade for the 2017 model year. The range now comprises five manual and automatic versions of the rear-wheel-drive 2.5-litre LT, rear- and four-wheel-drive auto and manual versions of the 2.8 LTZ, and a new flagship in the shape of the Z71, which is based on the LTZ 4x4. That 2.5-litre turbodiesel is, for a start, uprated, and available with a sixspeed auto, and the new Trailblazer is

48 |

now fitted with an all-new Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system. Styling is also tastefully and subtly updated, and wider tyres are fitted to LT versions. Inside, the Trailblazer boasts a newly designed dashboard and front console with a contemporary upmarket feel, enhanced by soft-touch materials and contrast stitching. And, as ever, levels of safety and comfort remain excellent. Watch this big Chev continue to hold its own in a very competitive market segment.

Superb at seventy It's “happy birthday” to the immortal, unstoppable Unimog. Today there have been some 30 different model series

and almost 400 000 vehicles sold in its lifetime. Indeed, no other commercial vehicle in the world can function as a tractor, towing vehicle, truck, firefighting and exploration vehicle, bus and working machine. Here's looking forward to the next 70 years.

Bakkie brilliance A facelifted version of the hardy Isuzu KB is here, and among other things it boasts some styling changes to the front fascia and rear tailgate, as well as a redesigned instrument gauge cluster. But what has not changed in the comprehensive line up – which stretches from single-cab workhorses to well-specced double-cab lifestyle

vehicles – is the toughness and reliability of the KB.

Disco time! The new Land Rover Discovery has been unveiled – and, boy, does it promise a lot. It's a full-sized, three-row, sevenseat SUV with unbeatable capability and versatility with levels of luxury, economy, performance and off-road ability substantially improved upon. It's also laden with useful technology, while driving power will come from a 190kW turbodiesel or a 250kW supercharged three-litre petrol V6. All will be paired with an eightspeed automatic.

| 49

Expect to see it on our roads in the first part of 2017 – and of course once we get behind the wheel of the new Disco we will give you full feedback.

Star turn The Mercedes CLA recently had a midlife facelift – and the result is a yet more engaging machine. Yes, the changes have admittedly been fairly mild. They number, among other things, a diamond radiator grille in black as standard,

rather tasty new alloy wheels, plus some interior upgrades. But the result is a nicely honed machine. I have just spent a week with the entry-level CLA 200, or at least one up from the entry-level as the model I had was the auto version fitted with Mercedes' well-known seven-speed self-shifter. Performance from this turbopetrol 1 595cc motor – despite what the badge says it is a 1.6-litre as the days when nomenclature corresponded to engine size are long gone – is entirely acceptable.

Not once during a week that took in urban and freeway use did I feel the need for more than the 115kW and 250Nm at 1 250 to 4000rpm generated by this motor. This corresponds to a zero-to-100km/h time of 8.2 seconds, and a top speed of 230km/h. Drive is to the front wheels, as it is with the rest of the range, bar the halo model in the lineup, the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4Matic, while claimed fuel consumption is 5.5 litres per 100km. Cutting to the interior, well, it is as ergonomically excellent and attractive as all modern Merc interiors, and wellspecced too. But as with most of this Swabian manufacturer's cars – and indeed most German cars – there is a vast and expensive list of optional extras to select from. Based on the A-Class, this swoopy, sassy little sedan – whose styling mirrors that of the far larger, more expensive CLS – will appeal more than ever to younger Benz buyers...

Danric Auto: Cnr Bismarck Street and David Hosea Meroro Road, Windhoek Tel: 061 295 8100

50 |

. s s e l t n u a D lass. r in its c a c e iv s udi Q7. progres en and ll-new A d a e la h e T r st featu the mo g in c u d Intro

Introducing a progressive 5-door executive SUV. With the courage to defy the limitations of its category with ultra-lightweight construction, and class-leading features like the revolutionary new Audi Virtual Cockpit and optional Audi Traffic Assist™ system. Add to this, quattro® all-wheel drive for extremely secure, agile handling, and you’ve got the breathtaking all-new Audi Q7.

Audi Centre Windhoek 60-62 Tal Street, Windhoek Tel: 061 277 700 Fax: 061 223 473

| 45

Rings of glory With the superlative-defying new A4, Audi demonstrates its ability to do effortless elegance like few other manufacturers...


ife, as the saying rather accurately goes, is full of surprises. But this is not one of them. And by “this” we mean the fact that the new Audi A4 was recently chosen as a finalist in the highly prestigious 2017 South African Car of the Year competition. The next step is two days of stringent evaluations in February 2017, after which the winner will be announced at a posh black-tie event in March. Now it would be foolish to say that the A4 will win. After all it is up against some stiff competition with the other nine finalists including the Toyota Fortuner and the Honda Civic, both excellent vehicles, as indeed

52 |

is everything else that the Audi is competing with. But the fact is that right now Audi as a whole is in superb shape. Indeed, from the classy little A1 to the vast, exceptionally refined Q7 SUV, the Ingolstadt manufacturer's vehicles are universally brilliant. On all fronts. But few are more finely honed than the new A4 After all, this car features numerous premium technologies which set higher benchmarks for its class – a class that includes the likes of the BMW 3 Series, and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. But it is arguably ahead of its peers in terms of

infotainment and assistance systems, and while styling-wise it appears to be only a subtle evolvement of the outgoing model, it is in fact entirely new. One of the reasons being that Audi is all about subtlety – as well as wonderfully high quality yet restrained interiors. Now the A4 is not only the Audi with the longest history – but it is

| 53

also the brand’s top model in terms of volume. The success story of the A4 began in 1972 under the name Audi 80. The Audi A4 was given the model name that it carries today in 1994, around which time it was also brought to our part of the world. To date, more than twelve million vehicles have been sold internationally, making the A4 the most recognised and sold Audi across the globe. And since its local introduction in 1994, Audi has delivered well over 100 000 A4’s to the southern Africa market. Compared with the previous model, the car’s dimensions have grown marginally but its weight has been reduced significantly – by up to 120 kilograms, depending on the engine. The body of the new Audi is also one of the lightest in its class thanks to an intelligent material mix and lightweight construction. Just one area that has been drastically improved is the aerodynamics, with the A4 having the best drag coefficient in its class at 0.23. These extremely low figures are the result of complex fine-tuning and new solutions.

54 |

For instance, the outer lines of the air inlets integrate additional openings – they guide some of the air stream over the wheel well, where it flows past wheels which have been aerodynamically optimised. Details such as the exterior mirrors positioned on the door sills with their small integrated narrow stripes help enhance the aeroacoustics, too But then Audi excels when it comes to details. Compared with the previous model, the new car's fuel consumption has been reduced by up to 21 percent, while power output has increased by up to 25 percent. All engines are offered with S tronic transmission with the multitronic CVT transmission now discontinued. The two petrol motors, for instance, are epically refined. The 1.4T FSI engine, which has a maximum output of 110kW and 250Nm of torque, is available with both manual and S tronic transmission, and has a claimed fuel consumption of just 4.9 litres per 100km. The 2.0T FSI, with 140kW and 320Nm, is available only in S tronic. Its claimed fuel consumption is 5.4 litres per 100km. In addition, the 2.0T FSI quattro – using the same motor in a higher state of tune – is good for 185kW and 370Nm. Towards the end of 2016, a 2.0 TDI 140 kW will round out the local offering. Customers can also choose between three different trim lines, namely Standard, Sport and Design lines, with equipment levels varying accordingly.

As for those assistance systems, available to customers are the likes of Audi active lane assist, Audi pre-sense, Audi side assist, the City Assistance package, and the parking assistance package. Standard assistance systems include Audi pre-sense city, secondary collision brake assist, and the adjustable restraint system. On the move the A4 – irrespective of the model – is refined, insulated and just, well, excellent. Indeed, this machine can be summed up as: elegant, effortless, and restrained. It is one of those rare cars that manages to be consummately and crushingly capable on all fronts....without ever appearing to try too hard.

For your new Audi A4, visit Autohaus Windhoek, Telephone: +264 61 277 700 or visit Fax: +264 61 277 753 them at 60 Tal Street, Windhoek, Namibia, Website:


Amarok Double Cab 2.0 BiTDI Highline Think new. 4MOTION® Auto

The New Passat is designed to do a lot of the thinking for you. That’s why it offers City Emergency Braking* and Adaptive Cruise Control*, as well as a digital instrument cluster with Active Info Display*. It also features front and rear Park Distance Control to navigate tight spots, and side and curtain airbags for when you really need them. Visit Autohaus Windhoek for more information.

New Passat. Think New.

Permanent 4MOTION® 420 Nm of torque Class-leading 8-speed automatic gearbox ESP with Hill Ascent and Descent Assist Passat specifications: 110kW TSI Comfortline Manual, 110kW TSI ABS with off-road/gravel ABS Comfortline DSG®, 132kW Highline DSG®, 162kW R-Line DSG®. *Optional features

Autohaus Windhoek 4 Edison Street, Windhoek. Tel. +264 61 414200 O&M CAPE TOWN 87073/E/AUTO

102 122| |

| |127 |95 5

The pursuit of perfection Lexus builds on brilliance with model upgrades and tweaks taking this Japanese luxury manufacturer's products to the top of the class...


hen it comes to the likes of ride quality, build quality and understated elegance, little rivals Lexus – and its relentless pursuit of perfection. And just when you might have logically thought that its offerings had reached their apogee, Lexus has forged ahead with improvements to certain models. Take the Lexus GS. This model entered 2016 with a bolder design, a 200t rear-wheel drive model, and a host of luxury finishes. Today the GS continues to feature impressive agility and sporty handling mated to cushy comfort for long trips. This model also features a strong rendition of the signature Lexus spindle grille, framed in an elegant satin chrome trim and flanked by

56 |

distinctive new Bi-LED headlights. Meanwhile, the range-topping GS 350 F Sport now gets an update in the form of Lane Change Assist with BSM (Blind Spot Monitor), and RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert). Then there is the supremely comfortable, value-for-money Lexus ES. After receiving a number of significant enhancements in 2015, the momentum is continued and this entry-level offering, with its frontwheel-drive and overarching sense of quality, now includes navigation as standard across the range. The Lexus NX, meanwhile, was this manufacturer's foray into the highly competitive compact SUV category – so helping broaden the appeal of the brand.

The NX also proved to be an excellent turbo-charged starting point for Lexus with its 200t (twolitre) direct injection petrol engine. Meanwhile, its distinct, sharp lines set it apart from everything else in this busy segment, and in proof that excellence never rests, the NX 200t F SPORT now comes standard with a panoramic roof. And...that takes us to the Lexus LS flagship sedan launched more than two decades ago. When it debuted this magnificent machine made its mark with extremely high levels of luxury, painstaking attention to detail, and an engine that comprehensively redefined the notion of refined. Today, the supremely smooth standard 4.6-litre V8 teamed with an

eight-speed automatic transmission is only one facet of the Lexus LS 460’s numerous features. This luxury sedan is now fitted with a heated leather steering wheel and new LED + Adaptive High-beam System. The new headlight system features a camera located in the inside rear-view mirror that detects light sources in front of the vehicle – including the headlamps of oncoming vehicles, the tail lamps of a

vehicle ahead and street lighting – to automatically switch the high beams on and off accordingly. And let us not forget the new Lexus RC 200t, the latest addition to the RC range. Glenn Crompton, Vice President of Marketing for Lexus is candid about the role the new RC plays in the local Lexus line-up:

“Cars like the RC exist not as volume cars, but as aspirational products designed to draw in the young and the young at heart. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo provides an accessible point of entry for lifestyle buyers who want the statement of a luxury coupé balanced with the efficiencies afforded by a smaller capacity powerplant. “In this context the new RC 200t fits the brief perfectly – it’s stylish, refined,

| 57

watch out for the new wheel design change on both models. And then of course we cannot forget the sporting compact sedan that is the IS, or the massively powerful, full-sized SUV that is the LX. But whatever Lexus you opt for – with its distinctive Lexus grille – simply astounding quality on all fronts is guaranteed...

frugal and generously stocked with a pleasing athleticism to it. It boasts an emotional draw too – key among them its striking looks – and some creditable dynamic skills.” Included in this coupe's surprisingly competitive price are curvaceous lines, dramatic detail, and a brilliant cabin. Adding a touch of techno-wizardry to the latter is electrostatic climate control switchgear (these allow adjustments to be made to the temperature by simply sliding your finger along the elegant metal strip) and gesture control in-cabin illumination. Nice. Occupant comfort is ensured by plush power seats trimmed in leather and offering eight-way adjustability for the driver and six-way adjustment for the front passenger. And that's just for starters.

58 |

Powering the RC200t is Lexus’ proven 8AR-FTS two-litre twin-scroll turbocharged petrol engine allied to an eight-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission with paddle shift. The new turbocharged engine delivers 180kW of power at 5800rpm and 350Nm of torque (available from a low 1650 rpm to 4400 rpm), giving this machine a zero-to-100km/h time of 7.5 seconds. Top speed is 230km/h. For those seeking a traditional V6 engine alternative, the RC 350 F SPORT combines the aurally satisfying 233kW 3.5 litre V6 engine with the dynamic F SPORT grade package to create a vehicle that exudes a sporty yet sophisticated image. Now both the EX and F SPORT grades will have their safety specification improved with the Lane Change Assist with BSM + RCTA. Also

Pupkewitz Lexus: C/O Independence Ave and Harold Pupkewitz Str,
Windhoek, Namibia Main Branch Tel: +264 61 291 6500

Mighty, Magnificent Mercs When the going gets tough there's a Mercedes SUV for every application and terrain, including the simply superb, sybaritic new GLS....


ast year was “The Year of the SUV” for Mercedes-Benz. After all, in an epic product launch in Namibia's dunes they rolled out the likes of the GLC – a hugely desirable SUV based on the C-Class – the GLE – which is essentially the new nomenclature for the ML – and revised editions of the legendary G-Class. But it did not stop there. This year

the Stuttgart-based car maker debuted the GLS which – without a hint of hyperbole – is billed as “the S-Class among SUVs.” Indeed, when it comes to taking on the most challenging terrain there simply is no more luxurious way to do it than in a GLS. Like the GL before it, the new GLS is the only full-fledged seven-seater in the European premium SUV segment, and has massive interior space, almost unrivalled levels of luxury – and a surprising level of agility. Both on- an off-road. Indeed, whether you're using it in an urban application or overlanding, the GLS does it all with a superb

| 59

degree of panache. Now compared with its predecessor, the new generation features improved efficiency, extended Dynamic Select transmission modes, and the latest evolution of the air suspension system Airmatic with enhanced damping system ADS. A feature that, in the case of the latter, gives unmatched, unparalleled ride quality. New, too, to the GLS is a nine-speed 9G-Tronic automatic transmission, cutting-edge assistance systems and the latest telematics generation with internet access – which of course is vital to today's connected generation. Performance, meanwhile, varies from beefy to physics-defying. All engines of the new GLS provide better performance, while fuel consumption is improved. The potent GLS 500 4MATIC with its V8 biturbo engine featuring direct injection now generates 335kW, some 15kW more than the preceding model,

60 |

and with a peak torque of 700Nm combines outstanding performance with the high level of refinement of these engines. The GLS 350d 4MATIC, meanwhile, offers big turbodiesel power with its proven V6 engine making 190kW and a stump-pulling 620Nm of torque. And topping the range is the immensely, epically, biblically powerful Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC whose big V8 is now rated at 430kW, up by more than 20kW from its predecessor. The peak torque of 760 Nm is now available from as low as 1750 r/min. This halo model uses the revised AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic transmission, and just some standard features include the AMG Dynamic Select transmission modes which provide optimum flexibility and rearbiased AMG Performance all-wheel drive. Indeed, for such a vast machine the GLS 63 is capable of distinctly sporting handling – and performance.

Meanwhile, its character shines through with its updated design featuring the AMG brand look and high-quality interior. But then all GLS models feature brilliant interiors, while on the outside the focus has been placed on a redesign of the front end, and the rear has been modernised mostly in the area of the bumper and tail lights. Eye-catching highlights in the interior include the newly designed instrument panel with semi-integrated Media Display, the new three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, the modified centre console with touchpad, and also the new appointment colours and trim elements. And once again this full-size SUV – with a length of 5130mm and a width of 1934mm – offers seating for seven adults at levels of luxury that rival flying first class. Indeed, as with its predecessor, the new GLS boasts ample elbow and headroom in all three seat rows. With its diverse adjustment options, the centre seat row enables a high degree of flexibility in the interior, including a cargo position for optimum use of the luggage compartment. This provides a volume of 680 to 2300 litres and easily eclipses the amount of space offered by the GLS's competitors. On top of this there is a maximum load compartment length

of 2 124mm as well as a payload capacity of up to 795 kg. And because it wears the threepointed star, safety is paramount. Just some driver assistance systems fitted as standard include Collision Prevention Assist Plus, Crosswind Assist, and Attention Assist, while there is a vast and tempting list of optional extras to choose from. What's more, in addition to the settings Comfort, Slippery and Sport, with the Dynamic Select Controller in the centre console the driver can additionally choose Individual or the Off-Road mode for light terrain. If the GLS model is equipped with the optional Off-Road Engineering package, the Off-Road+ mode is also available. With this, the low-range gearbox and centre differential lock intervene if necessary in order to ensure a high degree of driveability in demanding off-road terrain. This is further boosted by the expanded functions

of the Airmatic air suspension with raised ride heights for a ground clearance of up to 306mm and a fording depth of up to 600mm. Indeed, thus equipped the GLS is well-nigh unstoppable. “With the new GLS, MercedesBenz now offers the newest and most comprehensive premium SUV range ever. The portfolio now ranges from the compact GLA and the new bestselling GLC to the successful GLE family, the GLE Coupé and GLS, and

the flagship of all Mercedes-Benz SUVs, the G-Class,” says Max Vogt, Product Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars. “With its range of outputs the GLS is an impressive prospect for our customers: it has been the undisputed market leader in its segment for many years.” Quite right, Max. And to top it, the hugely capable, almost unimaginably luxurious GLS is available with Mercedes' class leading 6-year/100 000 km PremiumDrive maintenance plan.

| 61

62 |

Seven up! Honda's appealing, all-new seven-seater BR-V promises to shake up this market segment...


e've come to like – no, love – the Honda CR-V and the more recent HR-V. They're solid, highquality small SUVs with the levels of equipment, driveability, economy and style that we've come to expect from this Japanese manufacturer. Now say “hello” to these vehicles' latest stablemate: the BR-V. It embodies everything you'd expect from a Honda, plus this compact SUV – rather uniquely in this segment – is a seven-seater, making for family-friendly

ve r s a t i l i t y. And from its sporty styling to its raised stance (with a useful 210mm ground clearance) to its bold front styling, it is a handsome machine indeed.

There are a total of five derivatives in the range, and all use Honda's well-proven, much-loved 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine – an engine that does duty in models such as the Jazz, Mobilio, Ballade, and HR-V. Output is a healthy 88kW at 6 600rpm, and 145Nm of torque at 4 600rpm, while the BR-V can be with a slick six-speed manual gearbox or a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Fuel consumption is pegged at just 6.3 litres per 100km for the manual and 6.2 litres for the CVT – commendable figures for a seven-seater! – while drive is to the front wheels. The BR-V is available in three specification levels, namely Trend, Comfort, and Elegance. Even the entry-level Trend model – available only with manual transmission – is generously equipped. Buyers get 16-inch steel wheels, aluminium roof rails, Halogen projectorstyle headlights, and a high-mounted LED brake light. Inside, the black and silver colour scheme of the dashboard and trim is augmented by cool, darkhued fabric upholstery. Also standard is electric windows front and rear plus remote central locking. The comprehensive instrumentation includes a speedometer, a rev counter, and a digital multifunction information display, offering information on fuel consumption, range, fuel level, odometer, a trip meter and temperature. To this list you can add a fourspeaker sound system with USB socket

– something that's all-important today – Bluetooth, and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel featuring handy controls for the audio system. Moving one up to the Comfort, and you can expect yet more, including alloy wheels, electrically adjustable mirrors, and fully automatic climate control with roof-mounted vents between the front and centre row. But wait! There is more – as they say in the adverts. The central locking system is fitted with a power switch to allow locking and unlocking from inside the car, while the driver’s side window features an auto up/down function, and an alarm system is added to the engine immobiliser. Meanwhile, the range-topping Elegance models are just that – elegant. And you can expect silver-hued front and rear bumper garnishes, and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors featuring an indicator repeater. The headlights incorporate LED position lights, while chrome-bevelled front fog lights are also standard. The door handles feature an upmarket chrome finish, and there are chrome side door protectors, too. Cutting to the interior, the most noticeable difference is the high-quality leather upholstery, while the audio system gets a pair of tweeters in addition to the existing four speakers. Cool, too, is Honda’s Smart Entry system, which means the key can stay in the driver’s pocket. In others words, the BR-V senses the key’s proximity, and unlocks the central locking system with the touch of a button on the driver’s door handle. Starting is by means of a start/stop button.

| 63

But for many the BR-V's biggest drawcard will be its ability to seat seven adults in three seating rows: two front seats, a middle row split 60:40 with

seating for three, and a third row split 50:50, and offering a further two seats. The third row offers seatback recline adjustment for occupant comfort, and is

easily tumbled forward to increase the capacity of the luggage compartment from 223 litres to a generous 691 litres. With both rows of seats folded down, the BR-V can carry a very handy 1 164 litres of luggage. Just as handy is the easy access to the third seating row courtesy of the 60:40 split second seating row that can be tumbled forward. In the case of the Comfort and Elegance models, the second seating row can also slide forwards and backwards, which allows the ratio of legroom and luggage space to be adjusted for even greater versatility. And in what must be close to a record, the BR-V includes no less than 11 cupholders throughout its high-quality cabin. The final cherry on top is the standard inclusion of Honda's fiveyear/200 000km warranty – now that is the true definition of faith in your product. Meanwhile, Comfort and Elegance models also come with a twoyear/30 000 km service plan. Services are at 15 000 km intervals. Nice one, Honda!

Pupkewitz Honda: Cr/o Independence Avenue and Marien Ngouabi,
Windhoek, Namibia Main Branch Tel: +264 61 381 600
 Fax: +264 61 381 666

64 |







3-YEAR WARRANTY T & C’s apply

HOCHLAND TRACTOR CENTRE Pelican Street Hochland Park Windhoek Jurgens Twyman: 0811412767 | Moses Nauyoma: 0812766384 | Johan Steenkamp: 0815634591 | Jors Van Zyl: 0817685085 Hocland Tractor Centre

114 |

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| 123

Drives like freedom Jeep is easily one of the world's most iconic auto brands, and as it turns 75 so it proves to be in the best shape of its life...


t was no less than former President and General Dwight Eisenhower who once said “The Jeep, the Dakota, and the Landing Craft were the three tools that won the war.” So to call the Jeep brand “iconic” – even in a world where the word has been sorely debased by being applied to seemingly every second product – is no hyperbole. Indeed, Jeep's lineage goes way back to 1941, to the dark days of WW2, when the US Army contacted 135 companies asking for working prototypes of a four-wheel-drive reconnaissance car. Only two companies responded to the request: American Bantam Car Company and Willys-Overland. And the Army set what seemed like an impossible deadline of 49 days to supply a working prototype. But in the end, fifteen hundred of each of the three models eventually provided (Bantam BRC-40, Ford GP,

66 |

and Willys MA) were built and extensively field-tested. Delmar "Barney" Roos, WillysOverland's chief engineer, made design changes to meet a revised weight specification (a maximum of 578kg including oil and water). He was thus able to use the powerful but comparatively heavy Willys "Go Devil" engine, and win the initial production contract. The Willys version of the car would become the standardised Jeep design, designated the model MB, and was built at their plant in Toledo, Ohio. The familiar pressed-metal Jeep grille was actually a Ford design feature, and was incorporated in the final design by the Army. And early in 1941 Willys-Overland demonstrated the vehicle's off-road capability by having it drive up the steps of the United States Capitol – so

wowing the military brass. As for the origins of the name, well, the popular theory is that the military designation GP (for Government Purposes or General Purpose) was contracted into the word “Jeep.” Another theory is that soldiers at the time were so impressed with the new vehicles that they informally named it after Eugene the Jeep, a character in the popular Popeye comic strip and cartoons. Either way, this little machine rapidly became

the stuff of legend in all applications and all theatres of war, with civilian versions rapidly appearing at the end of hostilities. Cut now to 2016, and Jeep is celebrating its 75th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Jeep brand has created distinctive, unique 75th Anniversary Edition models – Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Renegade and Wrangler. And all these limited edition models pay homage to the history of the legendary Jeep brand. The Grand Cherokee 75th Anniversary model, for instance, is based on the Grand Cherokee Limited and includes an updated front fascia and grille design, 20-inch bronze alloy wheels, and deep tinted glass. Also included is an updated headlight design, LED fog lights, a dual-pane panoramic sunroof, and luxury leather trim on the door panels and armrests. The Cherokee 75th Anniversary model is based on the Cherokee Limited, and includes bronze badging, fascia and grille, leather with accent stitching, special 18-inch wheel

design, and dual-pane sunroof. The 75th Anniversary Wrangler Unlimited, meanwhile, is based on the unstoppable, unconquerable Sahara, and features Rock Rail tubular steel side steps, unique 17-inch bronze alloy wheels, and navigation. More exciting news is the advent of the all-new Jeep Compass. A truly global compact SUV, the Jeep Compass will be produced with 17 fuel-efficient powertrain options for consumers in more than 100 countries around the world. This machine boast attributes that include best-in-class 4x4 off-road capability, advanced fuel-efficient powertrains, premium and authentic Jeep design, and superior on-road driving dynamics. Better yet, the Compass will be available in our part of the world in the second half of 2017. And while details such as exact powertrains, specification and prices are yet to be announced, expect it to be a winner. On all fronts. And even in the compact SUV category, which is arguably the world's most competitive, fiercely traded vehicle segment right now.

As the bumper sticker popular with owners of these icons reads: “It's a Jeep thing... you wouldn't understand.”

Jeep/Fiat Professional/Alfa Vehicle Sales: Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Street Windhoek, Namibia Tel: +264 61 373 500 Fax: +264 61 373 511

| 67

68 |

Wild and wonderful

bush luxury

Southeast of Omaruru, Erindi Private Game Reserve has a colourful and complex history, but today – thanks to the determination and passion of the owners, Gert Joubert and nephew Paul - it’s a magic combination of conservation, prolific wildlife, and eco-tourism in the shape of two different experiences, one being the delightful Old Trader’s Lodge

Edited by Anne Schauffer Photographs supplied



urn back the clock to 2007,

ethically, numerous research projects

are also invited to see - and participate



were born out of their efforts...from

– in the behind-the-scenes activities of


leopards to aarvarks. Today, those

their conservation projects.


the Private

65,178 Game


projects are alive and well, and Erindi

It took many years for Erindi to

returned to nature as it should be.

is fully committed to maintaining the

transform itself into a unique, best-

Out went cattle farming, up went

longevity of all wildlife, fauna and

practice eco-tourism and conservation

electrified game fences, and in came

flora on the reserve.

venture, but today, guests reap the




the animals that had once occurred

Guests are not only privileged to share

benefits tenfold. The Old Traders

naturally in the region. In order to

in the extreme beauty of Erindi’s natural

Lodge is set in a glorious wildlife


environment and wild inhabitants, but









| 69

continent’s explorers. Extraordinary High Teas, delectable dinners after the game drive, fresh produce some of which is grown in the gardens. Accommodation




Lodge caters for all, with everything from the luxurious VIP suite on the dam walls, complete with views, private deck, fireplace, and splash the ultra comfortable family suite which has two rooms with an interleading door and shared shower room. In between, there are standard, luxury and superior suites – all superbly comfortable, with nothing left to chance...Old Traders Lodge has a suite just for you. At Erindi, there’s a wealth of activities which extend beyond guided game drives by knowledgeable professionals – private drives; safaris for under 6s; diverse habitats to support the local

Old Traders Lodge has a reputation

day trips; birding; and summer night

wildlife. From dense bush with

for bush luxury, and that begins with

drives. You can choose from a number

mountains, to natural waterholes,

the culinary adventure on which

of fascinating wild walks – rock art

pans and grasslands, at Erindi’s Old

you’re embarking – superb dishes

through to the cheetah walk - visits to

Trader’s Lodge, you’ll have the best

which feature a clever combination

Erindi’s conservation projects such as the

of both worlds – wild and wonderful.


leopard, and even a private photographic

And more.

the multiple cooking styles of the

70 |

regional African



safari. You name it, Erindi has it.

And then there’s the utter relaxation which comes from spending time in the bush. Once you catch sight of the elevated wooden viewing deck, X will mark your spot. It’s a glorious area to relax, and from here, you aren’t distanced from the wildlife... it’s all within sight, the birds, and a plethora of small and big game. If you’re in need of a bush break where you’re guaranteed to be spoilt... Old Traders Lodge is just what the doctor ordered - a prescription for peace and tranquillity, with just the right touch of wilderness and wildlife. (Erindi’s selfcatering and camping component is Camp Elephant, which doesn’t share amenities of Old Traders Lodge)

| 71

72 |

Storytelling, the Namibian way Namibia has a vast array of spectacular sights, sweeping landscapes and alluring destinations. It is also full to the brim with stories and tales, conveyed by raconteurs and recorded by writers… By Ron Swilling


torytelling began around glowing

Telegraph and the New York Herald

a narrative of travel, exploration

fires under a heaven of twinkling

sent journalist Henry Morton Stanley



to find him. Stanley’s words “Dr

translated into German and Swedish,

coloured moon. Old and young would

Livingstone, I presume?” uttered when

became instant bestsellers and had

gather excitedly around the dancing

he finally met up with Livingstone two

enormous influence.

flames. A hush would descend as

years later, were widely reported and

History marched on and with

the storyteller cleared his throat and

the quote remains amongst the most

the establishment of German South

began to talk, weaving his magic,

famous in history. Literature from the

West Africa in 1884 came a flood

creating characters and universes

early explorers and naturalists had a


that would entrance his rapt audience

huge impact. Titles like ‘Eight months

countries in the form of letters,

and take them on a journey into new

in an ox-wagon’ by Sandeman, ‘Shifts

journals and newspapers, painting a

realms and faraway places.

and expedients of camp life, travel

romantic picture of southern Africa.

and exploration’ by Baines and ‘How

After WWI, when the country became

Bushmen, hunters and gatherers of yore,



a South African mandate, storytelling

expanded on the simple tale, leaving

were the first pieces of writing that

took off in earnest with well-known

records of animals they had seen or

introduced Africa to the world; they

classics: ‘The land god made in anger’

messages (to the gods and their fellow

became the spark that would capture

by John Gordon Davis, ‘Fragments of

travellers) carved into rock. These first



a desert land’ (Con Weinberg) and

Namibian travel-writers would precede

and transform the Dark Continent

‘Traumland Südwest’ – ‘Dreamland

their peers by thousands of years and

into a place of adventure, travel

SWA’ (Hans-Otto Meissner).

set the scene for many storytellers

and exploration.





One of the First Peoples, the San or











Names were coined by storytellers

On the southern tip, hunters,

who would follow.







Africa became known to the Western

traders and missionaries, as well as

covered the story of the aircraft

world when Portuguese explorers

adventurers and explorers, began

that went missing along the coast in



to cross over the Orange River/

1933. He suggested that the pilot’s

waters in the 1400s looking for new

Gariep, heading north into Great

bones might one day be found along

trade routes. But, it was the 19th

Namaqualand in the late 1700s and

the ‘Skeleton Coast, the graveyard

century explorers like Livingstone

1800s. They generated some of the

of ships and men’, and in so doing

and Stanley, many seeking the source


penned a name for one of the most

of the enigmatic Nile, who wrote

Africa and influenced many aspirant

travel logs and books that reached


and influenced the populace.








desolate coastlines in Africa.


Stories continued to be generated


over the years by wordsmiths like

When Livingstone was presumed

‘Notes of travel in South-Western

Doc Immelman and prolific and

lost in Africa, the London Daily

Africa’ and his ‘Okavango River,

popular writer, Lawrence Green, who





| 73

brought the characters of the country

numerous that before they knew

alive and blew the spirit of life into

it they had filled six volumes from

unknown towns and distant lands.

cover to cover – and there is still so

Prior to Namibian independence in

much more to tell. Gondwana also

1990, literature started to appear about

explored storytelling in the theme of

the injustices of apartheid and later,

their lodges, offering the traveller a

material about the liberation struggle (eg.

fuller, richer experience.

Hendrik Witbooi’s letters) was printed. In the stability ushered in after independence,



like Andersson’s ‘Okavango River’ and Henno Martin’s ‘The Sheltering

felt safe to explore this intriguing


desert country and lodges sprang

remains the travel-writing engraved

up like flowers in the springtime.

in the rocks at Twyfelfontein, which

The Gondwana Collection, one of

receives hundreds of visitors each

the lodge companies to grow in

day to wonder at the stories carved

the fertile soil, took storytelling




into rock so long ago.


Ah, storytelling – the food that

recording the marvellous stories

feeds the soul. It allows us to dream






of people and places before they






were lost to time. They included

informs and inspires. Long may

topics as diverse as the origin

it enthral us, taking us out of the

of the name ‘Namibia’ and

monotony of our daily lives to a

Mukorob, the rock pinnacle

place of magic where we are once

known as ‘The finger of

again children, sitting enraptured

God’, as well as fascinating

around a fire on a star-studded night

tales of colourful Namibian

and the world is a vast ocean on

characters. The stories were so

74 |

Over time, even with bestsellers

which we can set sail.

SHARING NAMIBIA’S STORIES Win the full set of Gondwana History books (posted to your home address) by answering the following question: How many volumes are there in the Gondwana History series? Email your answer to The draw will take place on the 30 November 2016 and the winner will be notified by email. Terms and Conditions apply

Kalahari Anib Lodge | Kalahari Farmhouse | Canyon Lodge | Canyon Village | Canyon Roadhouse | Klein-Aus Vista - Desert Horse Inn | Klein-Aus Vista - Eagle’s Nest | Namib Desert Lodge | Namib Dune Star Camp | The Delight Swakopmund Damara Mopane Lodge | Etosha Safari Lodge | Etosha Safari Camp | Hakusembe River Lodge | Namushasha River Lodge

| 75

76 |


Personalised Service.

When Sir Francis Drake sailed into Table Bay he said, ‘This cape is the most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.’ Little has changed. Except that a very astute entrepreneur has used his talents and a professional team to create a haven of luxury accommodation along the most prestigious real estate in South Africa, the Atlantic seaboard.’ By: The Roving Ambassador

| 77


ieter Brundyn, CEO of Inresidence appears to have property in his

DNA. Many years ago, he cut his hospitality teeth at a Chateau in France and currently manages over 50 high end properties in Cape Town.


renovations, design, villa management, day to day rentals and concierge services – he has unmatched expertise and experience in this premium market. Pieter is adamant though that his core business is short and long terms rentals at all levels. Although he could be called a ‘serial entrepreneur’ Pieter has the business acumen to focus on what he does best. He saw a niche in the market for providing a full service to owners of high end villas and homes and the guests who stay in them. The





Inresidence is the minimally invasive but personalised service. He maintains you have to exceed the expectations of the sector, dubbed, ‘LSM astronauts,’ a market already au fait with sumptuousness. ‘They live it, drive it and travel it. They

78 |

fine dine, know their Chateau Palmer

But not Pieter – he says you have to

from their Chateau Mouton Rothschild,

trust in your staff – to know that they

their Girard-Perregaux from their Franck

are capable of both requested and

Muller and keep Viglietti Motors afloat.

anticipatory service. He believes in the

Discerning doesn’t even begin to cover

adage that you ‘don’t tell people how to

it’. Although his portfolio of properties

do things, tell them what to do and let

are masterpieces of architecture and

them surprise you with the results.’ He



is not just surprised but delighted at the


way his team seamlessly work together

luxury, it’s no use simply throwing

to create the perfect experience for the

designer fixtures and fittings at them,

guest, creating a loyal clientele.







service is the defining factor.

It’s also who you know and Pieter has

And, of course he cannot do it all

a network of thoroughly vetted service

so has a savvy, handpicked team of

providers. Anything from a concierge

employees, each with a particular niche.

to chauffeurs, butlers, chefs, caterers,

’We keep the chain of communication

baby sitters, personal shoppers, yoga

going with WhatsApp groups, each

instructors, masseuses, personal trainers,

employee has a smart phone and in

and VIP protection services. People

the managerial positions a credit card

who can be called upon for access to

and vehicles trackers’. And although

jets, helicopters, armed security, a table

he might not do it all his is a hands on

in a restaurant that is booked a year in

approach which is why the chain of

advance or tickets to a sold out show.

services is well oiled: Booking agents,

The team is equipped for any emergency

drivers, butlers, chefs, shoppers and,

whether it’s running out of milk or, even

of course, the backend team of admin

worse, the Dom Perignon P2.

that would make adminphobics weep.

Management is more than changing the sheets and cleaning the house after the guests have gone. It is a detailed, personalised,



or intelligent coddling. The service journey begins at the airport where one of the Inresidence’s fleet of cars collects guests. And because some guests are discerning about the vehicle they opt to travel in, the team ensure they have those cars available. Most clients are through word of mouth referrals, but In Residence works with a few select booking agents who he trusts. Although there is a housekeeper at each villa, in order to control the level of catering and service Pieter prefers his tenants to make use of the butler and chef service. ‘That way, we like to control the outcome of the experience for the guest’

| 79

The villa owner Inresidence offers a premium service for high end owners of property in Cape Town. What the company refers to as ‘lifestyle management’. A service that not only sees to the maintenance and security of your property, but also seeks to secure short-term rental returns from discreet, high net worth visitors. It






renovations, interior decorating - to maintenance and security, maintenance of motor vehicles kept on the property, ensuring it is immaculate at all times and that all amenities and facilities are fully operational. ‘We believe our home owners should not have their lifestyle interrupted by administration and maintenance.’ Clientele, in terms of management of villas, includes those who live there and those who are transient guests. Apart from service it is the company’s reputation for integrity and transparency that has him managing the top 50 prime properties in Cape Town. ‘It often starts with an owner approaching me to oversee their renovations. We consult with various architects, there is no one size fits all and I don’t have a favourite architect for projects. The properties are unique – they need different nuances and these can only come from a tailored approach. Each renovation is done on merit and the perfect fit found. This applies to interior design too. Trust is

80 |

pivotal in all our business dealings. We pass on any discounts and always supply





expenses, to accommodate owners checking the accounts. We work closely with each owner and offer advice from the quality of mattresses and linen to the range of glasses which need to be purchased. ’ The BBC rated Cape Town as one of the top 50 places you should visit before you die. Judging by Inresidence’s clientele, it appears that Pieter’s portfolio is likely to be voted as the top 50 properties to stay in in the Mother City. After all, the Atlantic Seaboard is the most sought after real estate in South Africa. This stretch boasts dazzling blue flag beaches, world class restaurants, bars, bistros, coffee shops and accommodation – a playground for locals and tourists alike - with some of the most stunning views in the Western Cape. Inresidence ensures that you're able to make the most of your stay in one of the most sought after tourist destinations. After all, they believe that it’s there to be enjoyed to the full. That life should be effortless. What’s not to like?

Contact: Tel:27 (0)83 603 3946 Email: Web:

Words by: Kathy Malherbe

| 81

E V I S LU PACE C X E S E C I OFF O RENT 018 T y2 earl le

ilab Ava

Commercial Block

Wellness Centre & Oasis Studios

Top floor Office areas

Ground floor • Delicatessen • Restaurant • Conference facilities

Boutique Hotel

Historic Restaurant Office Block Scan QR code

COMMERCIAL UNITS - GENERAL INFORMATION Am Weinberg Estate in Klein Windhoek is a lifestyle development with breath-taking views, tranquil gardens and ample parking. The prestigious location is conveniently close to the Windhoek CBD, various embassies and Maerua Mall, within walking distance from St Paul's College private school and offers easy highway access to the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

business destinations and will be completed by the end of 2017. Rentable commercial spaces including offices, state of the art conference centre, boutique hotel, two up market restaurants, a delicatessen and wellness centre consisting of a gym, spa and beauty salon are available.

This iconic development stands out as one of Namibia's most attractive residential and

For more information please visit our website at

• Internal office layouts can be designed to your specific needs.


Jimmey Property Group

Monica Pienaar | Senior Consultant - Property Office: +264 (0) 61 300 327 | Mobile: +264 (0) 81 127 0413 E-mail:

122 |

Janine Janine Ramey Ramey e: e: t: t: +27 +27 (0)21 (0)21 856 856 1276 1276

Protect Protect yourself yourself from from the the elements elements with with aa range range of of our our high high quality quality clothing. clothing. Whether Whether itit be be earth, earth, air, air, fire fire or or water, water, Jonsson Jonsson clothing clothing offers offers personal personal protection protection for for any any harsh harsh environment. environment.

your of free quotation now and With product over 25 With aaArrange product range range of over 25 000 000 articles, articles, your installation for end of CYMOT your for CYMOT is isschedule your one one stop stop shop shop for any any adventure! adventure! November and December.

Conferencing: Our state of the art conference facility features the very latest Greensport 4x4 includes The Greensport to 4x4 range range includes all all products products technology and equipment, with surround sound, seating and The lighting complement With ranging With aa wide wide variety variety of of camping camping equipment equipment ranging needed needed to to equip equip your your off-road off-road vehicle vehicle with with quality quality from from tents, tents, chairs chairs and and accessories, accessories, we we have have your corporate image and colours. accessories to tackle any Namibian terrain. accessories to tackle any Namibian terrain. everything everything you you need need for for aa comfortable comfortable outdoor outdoor experience. experience.

Accommodation: Atlantic Villa offers five main facets, namely the Luxury Suites, Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Luxury Rooms and Self Catering units. Atlantic villa offers the most upmarket and comprehensive accommodation and With With an an extensive extensive range range of of automotive automotive parts, parts, Get Get into into gear gear with with our our cycling cycling department. department. With With aa conferencing facilities at the Coast! spares, spares, accessories accessories and and tools, tools, you you can can ensure ensure aa range and range of of bicycles, bicycles, apparel apparel and accessories, accessories, your your safe safe journey. journey.

hardest hardest decision decision will will be be deciding deciding which which trail trail to to take take on on first. first.

Plover Plover Street, Street, Vogelstrand, Vogelstrand, Swakopmund Swakopmund u u PO PO Box Box 522, 522, Swakopmund, Swakopmund, Namibia Namibia u u Tel: Tel: +264 +264 64 64 463511 463511 u u Fax: Fax: +264 +264 64 64 463510 463510

With With both both surf surf and and freshwater freshwater fishing fishing equipment equipment to to choose choose from, from, CYMOT CYMOT has has everything everything you you need need for for that that big big catch. catch.

Arlien: Arlien: +264 +264 81 81 124 124 8814 8814 HEAD HEADOFFICE OFFICE&&WAREHOUSE WAREHOUSE 15 15Newcastle NewcastleStreet Street PO POBox Box726, 726,Windhoek Windhoek Tel: Tel:(+264 (+26461) 61)295 2956000 6000

WINDHOEK WINDHOEK Tel: Tel:(061) (061)295 2957000 7000

SWAKOPMUND SWAKOPMUND Tel: Tel:(064) (064)400 400318 318

OTJIWARONGO OTJIWARONGO Tel: Tel:(067) (067)302 302454 454

KATUTURA KATUTURA Tel: Tel:(061) (061)237 237759 759

WALVIS WALVISBAY BAY Tel: Tel:(064) (064)271 271400 400

TSUMEB TSUMEB Tel: Tel:(067) (067)221 221161 161

Fax: Fax: + + 264 264 61 61 23 23 11 11 78 78

39 Christiaan: 39 Edison Edison Street Street Christiaan: +264 +264 85 85 523 523 7771 7771 (Coastal (Coastal Region) Region) ANGOLA/LOBITO OSHAKATI LÜDERITZ ANGOLA/LOBITO OSHAKATI LÜDERITZ Tel: Tel: (063) Tel:+244 +244926 926670 670984 984 Tel:(065) (065)220 220916 916 Tel: (063)203 203855 855 Are Are you you ready ready for for an an Southern Southern Industrial Industrial Area Area EE Tel: mail: arlien mail: arlien RUNDU RUNDU Tel: Tel:(066) (066)255 255668 668

ROSH ROSHPINAH PINAH Tel: Tel:(063) (063)274 274853 853

KEETMANSHOOP KEETMANSHOOP Tel: Tel:(063) (063)227 227800 800


Download Download the theCYMOT CYMOT Namibia Namibiaapp appfor for product productspecials specials

unforgettable unforgettable adventure? adventure? Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia Namibia

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90 84 || 82

supporting supporting rhino rhino conservation conservation

11stst namibian namibian solar solar powered powered company company

natural natural mountain mountain minerals minerals

Rhino Rhino Facts: Facts: In In the the late late 1970s 1970s aggressive aggressive poaching poaching took took the the Namibian Namibian Black Black Rhino Rhino to to the the brink brink of of extinction. extinction. Thousands Thousands of of rhino rhino were were slaughtered slaughtered to to satisfy satisfy the the demand demand for for fashion fashion accessories accessories and and oriental oriental medicines. medicines. By By the the early early 1980s 1980s the the population population had had plummeted plummeted from from 65,000 65,000 to to just just 60. 60. The The ‘Rhino ‘Rhino for for Erongo’ Erongo’ project project was was established established to to reintroduce reintroduce and and conserve conserve rhino rhino in in the the Erongo Erongo region, region, reintrodureintroducing cing Black Black Rhino Rhino into into the the area area after after the the last last of of its its kind kind was was caught caught in in 1974. 1974. For For every every bottle bottle of of OASIS OASIS sold sold aa contribution contribution is is made made to to the the ‘Rhino ‘Rhino for for Erongo’ Erongo’ project, project, helping helping to to conserve conserve and and protect protect these these beautiful beautiful creatures. creatures.

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Winnie Guest House Nitzsche Reiter Since 1934

“Breathe, Relax, Enjoy”

Spacious Spacious guest guest rooms rooms l Cameras and photographic equipment Restaurant Restaurant l Data cards and batteries Bar Bar l Binoculars and tripods Outdoor swimming pool (seasonal) Outdoor swimming pool (seasonal) l Film and accessories Internet Internet Café Café Tuck Tuck Shop Shop t: +264 61 231116 e: Business Business Centre Centre Sanlam Centre, Ground Floor Shop 20 event Special Special event rental rental Independence Avenue Ironing/Laundry Ironing/Laundry services services Windhoek, Namibia 24 24 Hour Hour security security Hasselt Optics, Windhoek Shuttle Shuttle Services Services (surcharge) (surcharge) t: +264 61 377800 Safe Safe in in rooms rooms

f: +264 61 377801 e:

Telephone: Telephone:+264 +264(0) (0)61 61418 418200/Fax: 200/Fax:+264 +264(0) (0)61 61418 418233 233 99Range RangeStreet Street--Pionierspark PioniersparkExt. Ext.11--Windhoek Windhoek

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Email: Email:

|| |101 87 121

Nitzsche Reiter Since Since 1934 1934 l l Cameras Cameras and and photographic photographic equipment equipment l l Data Data cards cards and and batteries batteries l l Binoculars Binoculars and and tripods tripods l Fotográficas Máquinas, Equipamentos l Film and accessories Fotográficos e Acessórios t: +264 61 231116 t: +264 61 231116 e: e: Sanlam Centre, Ground Floor Shop 20 Sanlam Centre, Ground Floor Shop 20 Independence Avenue Independence Avenue Windhoek, Namibia Windhoek, Namibia

Hasselt Optics, Windhoek t: +264 61 377800 f: +264 61 377801 e:

37 Platinum Street, Prosperita

88 90 72 72 94 84 ||| 86

Winnie Guest House

| 123 “Breathe, Relax, Enjoy”

Flamingo In-Flight Mag ad Swakopmund_PRINT.pdf


Country Club Resort The Windhoek Country Club Resort offers businessmen, conference delegates and families a unique combination of exceptional service, and luxurious accommodation. • 152 rooms & suites • 3km from Eros Airport • 2 restaurants & bars • 24 hour room service • Desert Jewel casino • 18-hole golf course

Contact Details

9:38 AM




Where The Skeleton Coast Comes To Life





• Conferencing for up to 800 delegates • Outdoor swimming pool • Lazy river • Fully equipped fitness centre

Tel: +264 (0) 61 205 5109/5911 Fax: +264 (0) 61 205 2797





Your Namibian Gem


The Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre offers the perfect balance between charming, old world tradition with the thrill and excitement of modern day entertainment, be it the Casino & Entertainment Centre, dune boarding, quad biking, golf at the nearby desert course, the dolphins and the flamingos of Walvis or a romantic banquet in the desert. • • • • • •

90 Rooms 47km from Walvis Bay Airport 2 Restaurants 24 Hour Room Service Mermaid Casino Sightseeing Tours & Excursions

• Conferencing for up to 480 delegates • Outdoor Swimming Pool • Fully Equipped Gym • Hair Salon & Spa • 2 Cinemas

Contact Details

Tel: +264 (0) 64 410 5200 Fax: +264 (0) 64 410 5360

64 |

79 || 89 91 93 85 97

Protect yourself from the elements with a range of our high quality clothing. Whether it be earth, air, fire or water, Jonsson clothing offers personal protection for any harsh environment.

With a product range of over 25 000 articles, CYMOT is your one stop shop for any adventure!

The Greensport 4x4 range includes all products needed to equip your off-road vehicle with quality accessories to tackle any Namibian terrain.

With a wide variety of camping equipment ranging from tents, chairs and accessories, we have everything you need for a comfortable outdoor experience.

With an extensive range of automotive parts, spares, accessories and tools, you can ensure a safe journey.

Get into gear with our cycling department. With a range of bicycles, apparel and accessories, your hardest decision will be deciding which trail to take on first.

Shop 8, Maerua Mall (next to Brazza Café)

With both surf and freshwater fishing equipment to choose from, CYMOT has everything you need for that big catch.

We offer comprehensive eye tests and a wide variety of exclusive brands.

Hasselt Optics, Windhoek Our friendly staff is able to serve you in six languages. t: +264 61 377800 f: +264 61 377801 Are you ready for an e: unforgettable adventure? Tel: 061-259031 Email:

HEAD OFFICE & WAREHOUSE 15 Newcastle Street PO Box 726, Windhoek Tel: (+264 61) 295 6000

WINDHOEK Tel: (061) 295 7000

SWAKOPMUND Tel: (064) 400 318

OTJIWARONGO Tel: (067) 302 454

OSHAKATI Tel: (065) 220 916

LÜDERITZ Tel: (063) 203 855

ANGOLA/LOBITO Tel: +244 926 670 984

KATUTURA Tel: (061) 237 759

WALVIS BAY Tel: (064) 271 400

TSUMEB Tel: (067) 221 161

RUNDU Tel: (066) 255 668

ROSH PINAH Tel: (063) 274 853

KEETMANSHOOP Tel: (063) 227 800


Download the CYMOT Namibia app for product specials

Reveal your inner goddess this matric season

supporting rhino conservation

1st namibian solar powered company

natural mountain minerals

Photography by Trace Garren

Photography by Trace Garren

Redifining dress appeal!

Rhino Facts: In the late 1970s aggressive poaching took the Namibian Black Rhino to the brink of extinction. Thousands of rhino were Contact slaughteredDetails: to satisfy the demand for fashion accessories and oriental medicines. By the early 1980s the population had plummeted Contact Details: from 65,000 to just622 60. The ‘Rhino Email: for Erongo’ project was established to reintroduce and conserve rhino in the Erongo region, reintroduTel: +26 485 9279, cing Black Rhino into the9279, area after the last of its kind was caught in 1974. For every bottle of OASIS sold a contribution is made to the Tel: +26 485 622 Email: ‘Rhino66, for Erongo’ project, helpingMaerua to conserve and protect these beautiful Mall, creatures. Unit Ground Floor, Office Park, Maerua Centaurus Road Unit 66, Ground Floor, Maerua Office Park, Maerua Mall, Centaurus Road

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87 85 ||| 83 95 91 81

When it comes to customisation, mpdps is your turn-key publishing solution

s ls l

FACILITIES FACILITIES MANAGEMENT RETAIL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT RETAIL PROPERTY Who holds WhoTRENDS holds the the TRENDS purse Keeping ahead purse strings? strings? Keeping ahead of of inflation inflation

by-ccoouunnttrryyffoocu ttrryy--bycu


September 2015 September 2015


Veuve Clicquot Mail Ad-Val De Vie STP.pdf 1 2014/11/19 02:27:16 PM Veuve Clicquot Mail Ad-Val De Vie STP.pdf 1 2014/11/19 02:27:16 PM

V - lifestyle V - lifestyle

Inadequacies Inadequacies in in Development Development Viability Viability Appraisal Appraisal Studies Studies in in the the Nigerian Nigerian Property Property Market Market

INTELLECTUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROPERTY Developers, Developers, be be cautious cautious when when naming naming your your sectional sectional title title development development

CSOS CSOS Long-awaited Long-awaited sectional sectional title title dispute dispute resolution resolution by by Prof Prof Graham Graham Paddock Paddock


WLOTZKASBAKEN WLOTZKASBAKEN AA strange strange case case of of property property ownership ownership in in the the Namib Namib desert desert

September 2015 September 2015


A A Spatial Spatial Perspective Perspective to to Managing Managing Real Real Estate Estate Information Information

Property Property Development Development Programme Programme

The The face face of of Ralf Ralf Lauren, Lauren, Nacho Nacho Figueras, Figueras, plays plays polo polo for for aa cause cause alongside alongside royalty royalty

Life worth living Life worth living

Sharpening Sharpening industry industry professionals professionals


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Green and Education Green and Education

2014/10/10 1:50 PM 2014/10/10 1:50 PM


ADVOCATE ADVOCATE ALBERT ALBERT MURPHY MURPHY Sectional Sectional title title developments developments and and the the reality reality of of Murphy’s Murphy’s Law Law


TER OC.indd 1 STER OC.indd 1

0 2 - 2 0 1 5 0 2 - 2 0 introduction 1 5

Vie Magazine ValVal dede Vie Magazine

s ls l


A A publication publication of of the the Val Val de de Vie Vie Homeowners’ Homeowners’ Association Association

Exploring Exploring the the Impact Impact of of Personal Personal Connections Connections and and Selected Selected Individual Individual Factors Factors on on the the Ethical Ethical Judgment Judgment and and Behavioural Behavioural Intentions Intentions of of Nigerian Nigerian Estate Estate Surveyors Surveyors and andValuers Valuers

PROPERTY Greening Greening mixed-use mixed-use developments developments Sustainably Sustainably blurring blurring the the lines lines

Tanzania: Tanzania: untapped untapped and and opportunistic opportunistic INDIA INDIA WORLD SERIES It’s all RAJ WORLD SERIES It’s all the the RAJ Brazil: own Brazil: own goal goal or or prosperity? prosperity?


magazine magazine

The The Val Val de de Vie Vie

Residential Residential Satisfaction Satisfaction in in Southern Southern Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South South Africa Africa

Rising prosperity lights on Risingthe prosperity

THE THE GREEN GREEN REVOLUTION REVOLUTION EYE AFRICA Commercial EYE on onproperty AFRICA Commercial property Kenya: still aa greening pioneers set still greeningKenya: pioneers set market to watch R the tone market R EE VV II EEtoW Wwatch the sustainability sustainability tone


Analysing Analysing Option OptionValues Values to to Delay Delay Development Development of of Land Land in inWindhoek, Windhoek, Namibia Namibia

dhk dhk GOING GOING GREEN GREEN ENERGY ENERGY Portside The cost keeping PROPERTY The costTof ofFUNDS keeping PROPERTY FUNDS SSPortside O A OU Uthe TH Hlights A FF R R II C CA AN N on

WHO’S WHO’S YOUR YOUR CHINA? CHINA? Is Is Asia’s Asia’s fortune fortune cookie cookie crumbling? crumbling?

serie LLDD seriess



Jafrer Cover First Edition_SUBBED.indd 3 Jafrer Cover First Edition_SUBBED.indd 3

2014/07/08 9:35 AM 2014/07/08 9:35 AM

Chamber Chamber

1 1


FIGHTING FIGHTING SPIRIT SPIRIT Schalk Schalk Burger Burger won’t won’t go go down down easily easily




Cyclists Cyclists around around the the world world take take to to the the Western Western Cape’s Cape’s scenic scenic routes routes

SAPOA SAPOA President President Mike Mike Deighton Deighton on on taking taking the the reigns reigns


by-ccoouunnttrryyffoocu ttrryy--bycu

September 2015 September 2015

Greece: Greece: Europe’s Europe’s limping limping giant giant

Cover with Spine sept.indd 1 Cover with Spine sept.indd 1

92 val de vie 92 val de vie


120 | 120 | pages.indd 1 pages.indd 1

2015/08/17 1:45 PM 2015/08/17 1:45 PM

ad template.indd 93 COVER SPREADS.indd 92-93 ad template.indd 93 COVER SPREADS.indd 92-93





No No silver silver spoon spoon for for Franschhoek’s Franschhoek’s home-grown home-grown hero hero

Winter 2015 Winter 2015

s ●s ●

serie LLDD seriess ●●

mr monotnhtlhylycocuoun n OuOru



OB 06 15293 The Observatory Ad Co


Broll: Broll: Africa’s Africa’s On the up and up On the up and up sought-after sought-after regions regions

SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY How How does does your your garden garden grow? grow?

mr monotnhtlhylycocuoun n OuOru

Nelspruit (013) 755 1421; Polokwane (015) 297 4055; Richards Bay (035) 753 1235; Rustenburg (014) 597 3655; Windhoek +26 461 237 346.

November October 2013 - 2014 2014 September 2014 November October 2013 - 2014 September

Durban (031) Nelspruit 717 2571;(013) East 755 London (043) 748 6230; Gabarone; Kuruman (053) 712 2882; (018) 386 2111; 1421; Polokwane (015) 297 4055; Richards Bay (035) 753 1235; Rustenburg (014) 597Mafikeng 3655; Windhoek +26 461 Mthatha 237 346.(047) 532 5234;


AFRICA AFRICA FOCUS FOCUS Nigeria rriiees the seleading Nigeria leading s ll the LLDD seeconomic African field African economic field

: ries es: a se rily ry fricicaonseth thly nt ry e AAfr -cou nt r m on Th eou by -csou l Th our m bycu s tryl try-fo coun focu coun


Contact, or the office most convenient to you: Pretoria (012) 842 8700; Johannesburg (011) 802 0560; Bloemfontein (051) 430 1423; Cape Town (021) 919 6976; Contact, or the office(043) most748 convenient to you: Pretoria (012) 842 8700; Johannesburg (051) 1423; Cape(047) Town532 (021) 919 6976; Durban (031) 717 2571; East London 6230; Gabarone; Kuruman (011) (053) 802 712 0560; 2882; Bloemfontein Mafikeng (018) 386430 2111; Mthatha 5234;

2014 2014 -- 2015 2015

South African Property Review South African Property Review

Property and funds Facilities Management Green property Property and funds Facilities Management Green property

Delivering sustainable Delivering sustainable infrastructure that infrastructure that improves our world. improves our world.




“Infrastructure!” “Infrastructure!”

PROPERTY REGISTER October 2014 2014 September November October 2014 2014 September November

mr monotnhtlhylycocuoun n OuOru

South African Property Review South African Property Owners Association - Property Register South African Property Owners Association - Property Register South African Property Review

“My future?” “My future?”


val de vie 93 1 val de vie 93 1

2015/08/18 1:06 PM 2015/08/18 1:06 PM

2015/07/21 12:01 PM 2015/07/21 12:01 PM

2015/07/22 11:21 AM 2015/07/22 11:21 AM

DISTINCTIVE ITALIAN STYLE mpdps and associates are publishers of quality turn-key

Whether you’re looking for a fun little pocket rocket, annual a spacious sedan a roomybrochures. people custom magazines, reports andor corporate or cargo carrier, you’ll find Italian style in everyphotograph, Fiat vehicle.print and produce corporate collateral, We write, design, Visit M+Z Motors to test-drive the vehiclefrom thatconcept suits your lifestyle.on We’ll you structure to delivery, timealso all help the time. a personalised and affordable deal.

For publishing contact

Mark Pettipher e: t: +27 (0)21 856 1276 32a Miller Street, Old Cape Mall, Gordons Bay, 7140.

WALVISBAY: WINDHOEK: For sales contact Corner Dr Sam Nujoma Ave 24 Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Street, Janine RameyNamibia. e: janine@mpdps.comWindhoek, t: +27 (0)21 856 1276 and 18th Road, Walvisbay, Namibia. Telephone: 064 20 37 92 Telephone: 061 373 500

Conferencing: Our state of the art conference facility features the very latest technology and equipment, with surround sound, seating and lighting to complement your corporate image and colours. Accommodation: Atlantic Villa offers five main facets, namely the Luxury Suites, Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Luxury Rooms and Self Catering units. Atlantic villa offers the most upmarket and comprehensive accommodation and conferencing facilities at the Coast!

Meat me there!

Plover Street, Vogelstrand, Swakopmund u PO Box 522, Swakopmund, Namibia u Tel: +264 64 463511 u Fax: +264 64 463510

At a time when there’s very little that’s really new. Where true discoveries are harder to come by, and real connections are harder to make, it’s great to know that there is still one road, that will take you on a journey like never before. To a destination like nowhere else, into the heartland of Namibia, where real community still exists.

Inspired by the fascinating character of Namibia and So much more than just another restaurant. For people its people, Joe’s is where a love for adventure, stories who still dream of a truly great escape. and living to the fullest, comes to vibrant life. Through That place is Joe’s. our unique combination of delicious and authentic food, heartfelt hospitality, one-of-its-kind atmosphere, Arlien: +264 81 and 124our 8814 Fax: + 264 61 23 11 78 we feed the mouth and soul, celebrate old memories; 39 Edison Street Christiaan: +264with 85you. 523 7771 (Coastal Region) and build new ones

E mail: + 264 61 232 457 | Joes Food Print A5_v2.indd 5

90 84 80 82 94 86 | www.joesbeerh o u s e . co m | 1 6 0 N e ls o n

Southern Industrial Area Windhoek, Namibia

M an d e la Av e n u e | Win d h o e k | N amib ia

09/08/2016 11:29

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| 87

102 |

| 127

The business of cybercrime: making money off your mistakess By Brandon Bekker, MD of Mimecast Middle East and Africa


ybercrime has become one of the world’s most lucrative industries, and IT professionals are

scrambling to keep up. Dimension Data’s 2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report showed that attacks against businesses increased from 9% to 15% last year. Cisco has found attackers make around $34 million in yearly income, while the FBI reported losses due to CEO fraud in excess of $2 billion in under two years. The types of attacks are also becoming more sophisticated. Some of the most dangerous emerging threats include: ●● Whaling, where criminals send phishing emails purporting to be from the CFO or CEO – someone unlikely to be challenged ●● Ransomware, which is malware that locks up users’ systems and forces them to pay a ransom to regain access

The common thread between these kinds of attacks is that they exploit human frailty. Even as businesses are investing in their security technology, criminals are still able to target employees through social engineering attacks. User education is paramount. Empower your employees and you will strengthen your security. Keeping the bad guys out means building a human firewall around your business and its data, to match the capabilities of your IT firewall. Visit or email

| 93

What’s in a name? Striving for the perfect wine (or spirits) with a bit of help from Michelangelo In South Africa alone in excess of 25 wine competitions are held annually. It may sound extreme, but we all know that everyone has a place in the sun. However, not all wine awards are created equal. Take the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards. Having recently celebrated its 20th year with a record number of 1829 entries, it is South Africa’s largest wine competition and the only one in the country which is considered truly international. The 2016 judging panels consisted of 28 hand-picked judges, representing 20 countries. (Since the start of the Michelangelo in 1997, more than 172 different judges from 45 countries have served on the panels.) This, together with the use of the international 100-point scoring system and the fact that only one third of entries are awarded medals, makes the Michelangelo not only extremely competitive but also results in importers and distributors asking for – and often insisting on – Michelangelo award stickers on the bottles (a wine has to score 96/100 to be awarded a Platinum medal, 93 for a Grand’Or or Double Gold, 89 for a gold and 86+ to qualify for a silver medal) 94 |

The Michelangelo team, from left: Mariëtte de Beer (office manager), Kelvin Kapoloza (logistics assistant), Eddie Coetzee (logistics manager), Lorraine Immelman (CEO) Nicholas Tegere (logistics assistant) and Christine Rudman (technical director)


aving your wine or spirits

and the inclusion of spirits in the

appraised and awarded a medal

line-up from this year’s competition.

or a trophy by a team of internationally

Trophy winners Multi Color Corporation Grand Prix Trophy for the highest scoring wine

of Wine, has to be Top of the List of

670 wines and spirits awarded at Michelangelo’s 20th

any winemaker. And this was exactly

At a glitzy awards ceremony for 400

the thinking behind the establishing

guests, held at the Lord Charles Hotel

of the Michelangelo International

in Somerset West on Monday evening

Wine and Spirits Awards in 1997,

(26 September), a total of 670 awards

namely to allow South African wine

were announced. Of these 18 were

and spirits producers the opportunity

platinum, 113 were Grand’Or, 271

Juvenal Chenin Blanc Trophy

to present their products to top wine

were gold and 253 were silver medals.

Stellenrust Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2015

acclaimed wine judges and Masters

The Berrio Weather Girl 2015

and spirits judges from around the


globe, without the cost and risk of


sending their wines abroad.

walked away with the top honours





2015 blend

Multi Color Corporation Dessert Wine Grand Prix Tropy for the highest scoring dessert wine Badsberg Wine Cellar Badsberg Badslese 2012

Rx South Africa Organic Trophy Stellar Winery, Running Duck Sauvigon Blanc/Semillon 2016

The competition annually receives

when it was awarded the Grand Prix

in the region of 1800 wine, brandy

Trophy for the highest scoring wine

and liqueur entries from both South

in the 20th Michelangelo International

Africa and international producers.

Wine & Spirits Awards. With 1828



other entries to compete against, it

entries were received from countries

is no mean feat for The Berrio to



have received the highest score of 98

Australia, Croatia, Slovenia and the

points from the Michelangelo panel of

Brandy Trophy

Czech Republic and 52 of these were

international judges.

Distell Van Ryn’s Collector’s Reserve 20 Year Old

Chenin Blanc takes three trophies

Garagiste Trophy for the best boutique wine


2016 China,

competition France,

awarded – including two trophies and five Grand’Or medals. Major developments over the past

Chenin Blanc was undoubtedly the

few years were the creation of South

star of the show with three of the 15

Africa’s only Liqueur awards in 2014

trophies being awarded to this varietal

JF Hillebrand Pinotage Trophy Anura Pinotage Reserve 2014

Toneleria Naçional Coffee Pinotage Trophy The Grinder Pinotage 2015

Stofberg Family Vineyards Mia Chenin Blanc 2016

| 95

The 15 trophy winners – BACK FROM LEFT William Wilkinson, wine maker of Wildekrans (Cape Blend Trophy); Johan du Toit and Oliver Kirsten of The Grape Grinder (Coffee Pinotage Trophy); Lance Bouma from Anura (Pinotage trophy); Mariëtte Coetzee, wine maker at Stofberg (Best Boutique wine/Garagiste); Tertius Boshoff, wine maker at Stellenrust (Chenin Blanc Trophy); Larry Berger with the Most Innovative Wine/Spirits Trophy for his Spirit of Rooibos Aperitif; Tielman Roos of Mooiplaas (Golden Oldie Trophy). The 18 platinum medal winners – FRONT FROM LEFT Marlene Bester, master distiller at Van Ryn’s (Brandy Trophy); Izelle Swanepoel from Stellar (Organic Trophy), Henry Swiegers from Badsberg (Dessert Wine Grand Prix Trophy); Seugnet Rossouw, Senior wine maker at Home of Origin Wine (Best International Wine); Abraham van Heerden, wine maker at Windmeul Kelder, Francis Pratt, The Berrio (Grand Prix Trophy) and Tinus van Niekerk of Spar Group Private Label Wines (Méthode Classique Trophy).

BACK FROM LEFT Leon Esterhuizen (winemaker at Journey’s End); Werner Schrenk (winemaker at Peter Falke Wines); Carel Nel (cellar master/owner of Boplaas); Anri Truter (winemaker at Beyerskloof); Grant Newton (Groot Constantia Marketing & Sales Manager); Bernard le Roux (winemaker at Zorgvliet Wines); Pieter de Bod (brandy master, KWV); Samuel Viljoen (Red winemaker, Nederburg); Abraham van Heerden (wine maker, Windmeul Kelder); Alex Nel (winemaker, Cederberg Wines); Erni Leicht (winemaker, Niel Joubert Wines). FRONT FROM LEFT André Schriven (winemaker, Rooiberg Winery); Brandon Smit (De Grendel Wines); Sacha Muller (assistant winemaker, KWV); Marlene Bester (Master Distiller, Van Ryn’s Distillery, for Distell Richelieu); Natasha Boks (White winemaker, Nederburg); Albertus Louw (Cellar Master, Perdeberg Wines); Gerhard Swart (head winemaker, Flagstone Wines)

96 |

Golden Oldie Trophy Mooiplaas Wine Estate Chenin Blanc Bush Vines 2011

Trane Cape Blend Trophy Wildekrans Wine Estate Cape Blend Barrel Select Reserve 2014

Tonnelerie de Mercurey French Style Red Blend Trophy Windmeul Kelder The Legend 2014

– a confirmation of the current growing




interest and a better appreciation of

Pinotage. This

the varietal and its many styles. 140

awarded annually to the producer

Chenin Blanc entries were received,

which best manages to draw out the

and in addition to the three trophies,

mocha flavours from French oak into

a further one platinum, 8 Grand’Or, 16

Pinotage and create a unique wine.






A dessert wine Grand Prix trophy,

gold and 12 silver medals awarded. This year the Pinotage class again

sponsored by Multi Color Corporation,

Trane International Trophy for the highest scoring international entry Home of Origin Wine La Folie Douce Merlot 2014

Liqueur Trophy Distell Amarula Cream

African Cellar Suppliers Méthode Classique Trophy Spar Group Private Label Wines Champagne Pierre Mignon Rose de Saignee


was introduced in 2015, with the aim of

entries, namely 126. Here the judges

giving South Africa’s excellent dessert

awarded 44 wines as follows: 2

wines more exposure and recognition.

Trophies, 2 Platinum medals, 10 Gran

The 2016 Multi Color Corporation

d’Ors, 18 gold and 12 silver medals.

Dessert Wine trophy was awarded

The best Pinotage trophy, sponsored

to Badsberg for their Badslese 2012.

by JF Hillebrand, went to Anura for

In addition, five platinum medals, 12

their Pinotage Reserve 2014.

Grand’Or medals, 32 gold and 17 silver

Lorraine Immelman, “By employing

The Grape Grinder received the

medals were awarded to dessert wines.

internationally respected and highly

exciting Coffee Pinotage Toneleria

Says Michelangelo founder and CEO,

experienced judges, and abiding by





IQ Business Trophy for the most innovative wine/spirits Spirit of Rooibos Aperitif

the highest international standards,





become a global player on the world map of wine and spirit awards. This year showed a 9% growth taking us to a new record number of 1829 entries, submitted by 296 local and 42 foreign producers. This makes Michelangelo the biggest wine competition in South Africa – the culmination of 20 years of very hard work! “Michelangelo’s results always have very unpredictable and frequently huge revelations, as small or new wineries often get recognition alongside their large and well known peers. The Francis Pratt of The Berrio and Multi Color Corporation MD, Rian Moore

international palates of our judges

| 97

Platinum medals

Today we honour the genius of the medieval Italian sculptor, painter, architect,

Beyerskloof Diesel Pinotage 2014

poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni,

Niel Joubert Christine-Marié Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

who famously painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome and sculpted the Pietà and the famous David statue. As Michelangelo

Rooiberg Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2014

Buonarroti strived for perfection in every area, our entrants strive to create the perfect

Journey’s End Vineyards Destination Chardonnay 2014 Flagstone Winery Flagstone Writer’s Block Pinotage 2014 Cederberg Private Cellar Cederberg Shiraz 2014 De Grendel Wines De Grendel Shiraz 2015 Peter Falke Wines Peter Falke Exclusive Blend 2014 Zorgvliet Wines Richelle Bordeaux Blend 2014 Windmeul Kelder Chenin Blanc Reserve 2015

wine or spirits and be awarded with a prestigious a medal or trophy. The first Michelangelo was held in 1997, attracting all of 146 entries. Although this was a slow start, the

Chris Alblas, brandy judge from The Netherlands

organisers were confident that the support reflected the local wine industry’s

often react differently to the locally

endorsement of the new competition,

produced wines and therefore every

what it stood for, and still stands for.

Michelangelo’s result is interesting.

Entries have since increased steadily by an average of 30% per year and broke

Adding value

the 1 000-mark in 2003. In 2009 annual

“It remains the aim of Michelangelo

entries surpassed the 1 500 mark and

to add value to the medals which our

2016 saw entries approaching 2000.

winners receive, and to this end we have signed a three-way agreement with

Inaugural spirits judging

Tamasa Wine Trading and Media Nova

Following the successful inclusion of the

KWV Classic Collection Cape Tawny NV

Publishing to host prestigious wine

Liqueur Awards since 2014, for the first

shows at selected international venues.

time this year the Michelangelo accepted

Nederburg Wines Nederburg Private Bin Eminence 2007

At these glittering events only the

white spirits for judging, including vodka,

crème de la crème of the Michelangelo

gin and rum. This resulted in 55 entries in

winners will be on show, namely the

these classes.

Groot Constantia Wine Estate Grand Constance 2013

trophy, platinum and Grand’Or medal

Perdeberg Wines Natural Sweet Chenin Blanc 2014 Nederburg Wines Winemaster’s Noble Late Harvest 2014 Boplaas Landgoed Boplaas Reserve Potstill 12 Year Brandy

winners. In addition we have entered into an agreement with Fiera Milano, owners and organisers of The Good Food & Wine Show to host a Michelangelo Pavilion at every show, where our winners will have the opportunity to

KWV SA KWV Alambic 15 Year Old Limited Release


Distell Richelieu 10 Year Old Vintage Brandy

98 |










the public.


The brandy and spirits panel was again chaired by one of South Africa’s

three Grand’Ors, 13 gold and 16 silver medals were awarded in this class.

three Honorary Cape Wine Masters,

2016 also saw a drastic increase in the

Dave Hughes, who was joined by spirits

number of entries received from foreign

consultant Kristina Wolf from Germany

producers, and more than 120 wines and

and brandy and spirits specialist Chris

spirits were entered from Australia, Italy,

Alblas from the Netherlands. Local

France, the Czech Republic, Lebanon,

judges Dr Winnie Bowman and Dr Andy

Chile, Moravia, China, Croatia, Slovakia

Roediger joined the spirits panel, which

and Slovenia. The best foreign wine was

also judged the liqueur and brandy

awarded the Trane International trophy,

entries. Dave commented that South

and went to the Home of Origin Wine for

African brandies have always stood out

their French La Folie Douce Merlot 2014.

on the world stage, which is evident in the number of awards received by our

A few statistics

brandies abroad. The 2016 Brandy trophy

The class which received the highest

was awarded to Van Ryn’s Distillery for

number of entries, was Sauvignon Blanc,

their Collector’s Reserve 20 Year Old.

with 185 entries. Of these 24% were

Jean Smullen from Ireland

awarded 18 gold and 26 silver medals.

Increased foreign entries


For the first time this year the

highest number of medals in the 2016

competition received a number of

Michelangelo were:

Champagne entries from France, as

• Shiraz: 41% of the 180 Shiraz

well as Prosecco entries from Italy. In

entries received awards as follows:

total, sparkling wine entries showed

2 Platinums, 15 Gran d’Ors, 32 gold

an increase of almost 30% with a total

and 24 silver medals

of 91 entries. In this class the Méthode Classique trophy, sponsored by African Cellar Suppliers, was awarded to the Spar





Champagne Pierre Mignon Rosé de Saignee from France. In addition





• Pinotage: 35% of the 126 Pinotages entered, received awards • Chardonnay: 141 entries were received, of which 34% received awards • 185 Sauvignon Blanc were entered, of which 24% received awards Ronnie Lau from China

Eduardo Viotti, judge from Brazil and Andrej Ondrejmiska, judge from Slovakia, discuss a point while judging a flight of the 180 Shiraz entries

| 99

86 |

| 87

Highhumour Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone and walk the other way.

Never, ever, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same flight!

Never miss a good chance to shut up

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away, and you have their shoes.

It’s always darkest before dawn. So if you’re going to steal your neighbour’s newspaper, that’s the time to do it If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car or house payments. What is the definition of a good tax accountant? Someone who has a loophole named after him. Duct tape is like ‘The Force’ from Starwars. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together. If you lend someone N$20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket. 102 |

fan belt and leaky tire, or a missed flight.

Some days you’re the bug; some days you’re the windshield.

Mail your submission to and you might become our latest high altitude joker.

Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much when your lips are moving.

Don’t be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.

A closed mouth gathers no foot Atheism is a non-prophet organization. The midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large. The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran. When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion. There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works at all!

Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

Out of all the lies I’ve told, “Just kidding!” is my favourite. I’m on a whiskey diet. I’ve lost three days already

| 103



Aston Martin CPT002 Mobile Phone by Mobiado

opulent phones. Well, no details regarding the phones have been

For those who missed Mobiado

revealed yet, however, they should


be accessible starting from May

another one, here is the happy

through a broad range of first-rate

news for you. The Canadian

outlets. Until then, both Mobiado

company has giant plans

and Aston Martin have introduced



a concept phone named, CPT002.

them would be fulfilled in

The CPT002 would boast a sapphire

partnership with Aston

crystal, transparent touch screen, and

Martin, a renowned

would be utilized as a key to your


pioneering Aston











maker. Mobiado is all set to make Aston Martin

Deglon Meeting Kitchen Knife Set

iPod Shuffle Concept Design Proposal for Apple by Giorgi Tedoradze

down the near tip of the blade to remove the knife that you want

beautifully designed Meeting

to use. Deglon Meeting Kitchen

Kitchen Knife Set which is

Knife Set would look awesome

not only practical but also a work

in your kitchen (well, the price is

of art. Her creation took the first

awesome too).

prize at European Cutlery Design Awards this year and lucky for us, it’s been produced by professional

revolution in the music industry, but

French cutlery supplier, Deglon.

time doesn’t stop and Apple needs

Yes, this beautiful kitchen set

more innovations. This is absolutely

is available for you to

new design language for iPod Shuffle.

buy on Sears or eBay

The round form makes the product

(cheaper). However, we

more attractive and modern than it

must remind you, high

was before. Music makes your life

quality stainless steel

more dynamic and the new design of

doesn’t come cheap.

this iPod Shuffle makes your life more

Each set consists

colourful. This is not just a new iPod

of 4 knives (3-1/4-

shuffle, it is a totally different iPod ever.

inch paring knife, 5-1/4-inch


knife, 8-inch chef knife and 8-3/4inch slicer) and block, it’s created from

104 |

block of stainless steel. Simply press

Mia Schmallenbach has a

In 2001, the iPod Shuffle was a

Designer: Giorgi Tedoradze

Designer : Mobiado



Designer: Mia Schmallenbach

“Promoting Investment for Inclusive Growth and Industrialisation” 8 – 9 November 2016 Safari Conference Centre Windhoek, Namibia

The Government of the Republic of Namibia under the auspices of the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development (MITSMED) proudly presents the Invest In Namibia 2016 Conference. The ideal platform for Domestic and International Investors to explore unique opportunities in targeted sectors that have the potential to contribute towards economic growth and job creation.

DON’T MISS THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY. JOIN US AT THIS HIGH PROFILE CONFERENCE. NAMIBIA, A GEM WORTH INVESTING IN… For more information, visit our website at: or Contact Us on: Email:, or Telephone: +264 61 283 7315/7517/7511 | Facsimile: +264 61 220 278

Charting the path towards prosperity for all as so vividly expressed in the Harambee Prosperity Plan, the Conference will highlight Namibia’s strategic role as a logistics hub within SADC and Sub-Saharan Africa and will showcase a pipeline of investment projects in key growth sectors such as Energy, Agriculture, Low-Cost Housing, Tourism, Manufacturing and Infrastructure. The Conference will further explore cross cutting issues on improving the business environment and will feature the following highlights: › Special Presentations on Investment Projects by Sector; › Business to Business Matching; and › High-level and Unique Networking Opportunities.

52 |

|3 | 127

Investing in Agriculture Projects – In Africa W

ith global population estimated to rise to 8 billion by 2020, it is guaranteed that global demand for food consumption is projected to rise considerably. Local, regional and global investors are thus on the look-out for large tracts of land to ensure food security in the long term. Africa, the motherland, is home to vast tracts of land with 60% of the land being arable and providing agricultural diversity. With commodity prices taking a hit and food imports increasing into Africa, an opportunity presents itself for Africa to have establishment of primary production and agro processing industries. This is thus providing investors through private equity firms with the prospect of getting stable returns in the long run and diversify their portfolios. Private Equity firms and investors have considered the high risks involved in agribusiness in Africa. The main risks which have deterred investment into agribusiness in Africa include dilapidated and poor infrastructure, unguaranteed yields brought about by erratic rainfall patterns, drought, lengthy regulatory procedures which provides a stumbling block for funds with usually a term life of 10 years or even less and ultimately political instability in Africa. However in recent times especially generalist funds are gradually starting to invest in Africa through DFI ( Development Finance Support) who are crucial contributors to agricultural private equity funds. Private Equity firms can now look into investing in agricultural production and agro processing and open new portfolios

106 |

for themselves. They can now look to buy into green-field agro projects at low entry prices, foster growth upto full scale operations, removal of barriers from a regulatory perspective and allow for capital growth. The emergence of irrigation facilities, a skilled labour force and political blueprints being administered by Governments provide upsides for investment in Agriculture in Africa. The main areas private equity firms are looking to invest in are primary industries, including production of crops, poultry, livestock and seed processing. Secondary industry, this includes agro processing industries and tertiary services which comprise services support, retailers of farm inputs and export trade facilities. The returns expected in agribusiness whether, it is investment in cotton farming, cocoa plantation, sugar refining, fertiliser blending plants, can attain ROI of 15% or higher. The benefits to private equity firms are that in line with respective investment strategy, financial performance and social impact, with private equity firms being involved and have DFI support, allows for preservation of capital that facilitates solid returns and provides industry agnotistic. From an social impact this investment ticks the boxes as it assists in poverty alleviation and job creation. This, in the example of Namibia ties in with the Harambee Prosperity plan. The then target investee companies for the PE firms will be small scale farmers and receive provision of contract farming and agro processing financial services. From an exit strategy

perspective PE firms can make use of strategic buyer screening options and capital redemption mechanisms to assess their exit prospects, to ensure they get a return on their agricultural investment. In Namibia we have large tracts of land available with huge agricultural potential; we now need to entice private equity firms to invest in agricultural production and agro processing industries as with provision of irrigation facilities we stand to benefit. Generalistic funds should thus leverage off the current political stability the nation enjoys post-independence, the ability to attain positive ROI through a stable economic environment and provide social impact through job creation and poverty alleviation.

Brighton Zinyakatira is the Investment Manager at Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd in Namibia, a part of the Hangala Group.


97 | 81

HANGALA CAPITAL PRIVATE EQUITY (PTY) LTD NAMFISA License no. 15/UIM/09 Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd is an Unlisted Investment Manager (UIM) in which Hangala Capital (Pty) Ltd has 60% shareholding and Prescient Global 40% shareholding.

Hangala Capital Fund (Pty) Ltd

NAMFISA License no. 15/SPV/09

The Hangala Capital Fund was established and licensed as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) by the National Financial Regulator, NAMFISA, and is managed by Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd. By soliciting capital from accredited investors, we invest in the following asset classes: • Venture capital • Private equity • Mezzanine financing (subordinated debt) • Special situations. We invest in all industries, with a particular interest in agribusiness, manufacturing and infrastructure. We pride ourselves on a deep-rooted understanding of the Namibian environment, while Prescient offers their proven creative approach to investment – together, Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd offers clients the services of a formidable team of professionals, with the sole aim of providing you with solid returns and preservation of your capital.

Come and talk to our team. Hangala Capital Private Equity (Pty) Ltd Telephone: + 264 61 41 0700 Email:

EMH Prescient Goose Tortoise 80x110mm Ad2.pdf8/7/15 8/7/1511:12:47 11:13:48 80x110mm Ad2.pdf AM AM

Hangala 1/2 page ad Final.indd 3

| 97

WHILE OTHERS slow and ZIG ANDwins, ZAG, steady WE STAY consistently. IN FORMATION.

Sculpture Sculpture by by Beth Beth Diane DianeArmstrong Armstrong


2015/09/11 10:43 AM


At Prescient, it for At Prescient we’re our in fund the long run. consistently Our clients managers trust our follow a proven, reliablepragmatic process approach; something ® called QuantPlus , we a ® call QuantPlus . It’s how deliberate and proven way we invest. to reduce investment risk.









97 81 | |107

A Country of Presidents A sketch about driving the development of leader-managers


re we, as leader-managers, sleepwalking towards disaster? An epiphany-like question emerged in my mind while listening to Trevor Manuel addressing leaders at the recent Die Burger and Cape Town Chamber of Commerce Business Leader of the Year event. He triggered this epiphany by referring to South Africa’s presidential oath with an interesting twist: “This ought to be an oath taken by every citizen of this country.” It is worth quoting the oath to answer my Heraclitean ‘sleepwalking’ question: In the presence of everyone assembled here, and in full realisation of the high calling I assume as President of the Republic of South Africa, I, A.B., swear that I will be faithful to the Republic of South Africa, and will obey, observe, uphold and maintain the Constitution and all other law of the Republic; and I solemnly and sincerely promise that I will always— ●● promote all that will advance the Republic, and oppose all that may harm it; ●● protect and promote the rights of all South Africans; ●● discharge my duties with all my strength and talents to the best of my knowledge and ability and true to the dictates of my conscience; ●● do justice to all; and ●● devote myself to the well-being of the Republic and all of its people. So help me God. If we read this with sincerity, pausing at the keywords underlined, it will feel like listening to big boulders rolling at the bottom of a river, allowing us to experience the gravitas of what is promised. This oath has the potential to awaken the ‘sleepwalkers’ in business, government and civil society. So, how do we bring the philosophy and practice together? How do we venture towards ‘a country of

108 |

presidents’? There is both despair and hope. Herein lies the despair: In the absence of a critical mass of ‘presidentially oathed’ leader-managers, ‘sleepwalking’ continues and Homo sapiens (wise man) turns into Homo demens (mad man): ●● Public discourse resembles a mudslinging contest; it is devoid of sound political, sociological, philosophical and historical thought. ●● Business, societal and political leaders view themselves as gods and act as such, and the masses affirm these views with their ‘sleepwalking’, devoted only to their own well-being. ●● The leader-manager’s constitutional obligation to “heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights” remains absent. ●● Injustices to women and children receive a meagre 16-day package deal. ●● When ‘strengths and talents’ are bereft of conscience, the meaningful discharge of duties becomes compromised. Industries collude to the detriment of consumers. Government officials connive to allocate lucrative contracts to friends and family. Church leaders utter vacuous platitudes to leverage tithes. Herein lies the hope: Homo sapiens steps forward and significant potential, current and future, is released: ●● By replacing ‘President’ with one’s own title, whether CEO, directorgeneral, mayor, community leader, or whatever, and pausing at the deep words, thought and behaviour is renewed. ●● Competence and character fuse. ●● One is taken beyond a job or career, to a vocation, a calling. ●● Power is channelled towards becoming a moral giant instead of

an enthroned god. The celebrity culture is broken. ●● Converting the oath into conduct takes courage. In that perceptive moment, one’s maturity as leader is confirmed and one relinquishes all childish giggling forever. The task ahead is greater than oneself. ●● A ‘presidential’ choice motivates decisions fuelled by conscience. As leader, one offers one’s people a sense of safety; as follower, one devotes oneself to support one’s ‘awakened’ leaders. ●● One acts ‘presidentially’ for the common good in one’s company or political party, to “improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person”. ●● As leader of a management or business school, one revisits the curriculum to produce not little industry soldiers, but presidents for business, government and civil society. One uses one’s convening power to awaken the ‘sleepwalkers’. It is only when we act ‘presidentially’, i.e. as the oath to greatness requires, that we will use our freedom and responsibility to make a conscious decision to ‘build a united and democratic South Africa able to take its rightful place as a sovereign state in the family of nations’. On that the Constitution is clear. So help me God.

Frik Landman is the CEO of USB Executive Development (USB-ED). Email: Website:

USB Executive Development presents short courses in Windhoek, Namibia



New Manager’s Development Programme (NMDP) • Starting 7 August 2017

Project Management Principles and Practices (NEW!) • Starting 11 October 2017

Management Development Programme (MDP) • Starting 14 March 2017 • Starting 20 June 2017 Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) • Starting 5 June 2017

ENQUIRIES USB-ED Rest of Africa Team Tel: +27 (0)11 460 6980 Email: Western Cape, South Africa

t: +27 (0)21 918 4488 e:

Gauteng, South Africa

t: +27 (0)11 460 6980 e:

Senior Project Management Programme (NEW!) • Starting 5 June 2017

USB-ED is the public training company of the University of Stellenbosch Business School. We offer world-class, holistic business learning across Africa and beyond. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

t: +27 (0)31 535 7117 e: USB Executive Development

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

e: | 109

When it comes to customisation, mpdpsSMOOTH is your one-stop solution& GUARANTEES ON WHICH FUND PROVIDES RETURNS MY INVESTMENT? JAFRER GRAPEVINE REGISTER magazine

The Val de Vie


A publication of the Val de Vie and Pearl Valley Homeowners’ Associations

2015 - 2016




0 3 - 2 0 1 5


Our business questions answered

Residential Satisfaction in Southern Johannesburg, South Africa Building solid businesses        

Education’s chief supporter

Successful management

Critical mistakes to avoid

Veuve Clicquot Mail Ad-Val De Vie STP.pdf 1 2014/11/19 02:27:16 PM



June 2016



Inadequacies in Development Viability Appraisal Studies in the Nigerian Property Market


2015 - 2016 3

2015/12/02 1:44 PM




Will your domestic employees be affected?

Mining magnate: Dr Tim Tebeila speaks on philanthropy

Val de Vie Resident Philip Green CBE with Prince Harry at the Sentebale Polo Cup held at Val de Vie Estate

Property developers

Developing South Africa Cornubia: Tying the urban knot

Chamber Cover march_SUBBED.indd 1

Jafrer Cover First Edition_SUBBED.indd 3

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Developers, be cautious when naming your sectional title development

2014/07/08 9:35 AM C







Cyclists around the world take to the Western Cape’s scenic routes

1 Head office for Ecobank in Accra, Ghana. Architects: Arc Architects

The WOR s●

developments. Building and property economics is a specialty.

Nico Roos

Dr Corné de Leeuw | JHB +27 (11) 642 8751 | PTA +27 (12) 460 3304 Associated offices: GHANA | KENYA | MAURITIUS | NAMIBIA | NIGERIA | TANZANIA | UGANDA



by-country focu try-

Akopo Africa



Winter 2015

Gerhard de Leeuw


June 2016



monthly cou n Our

record. We have provided quantity surveying services for almost all building

2015/03/26 9:37 AM

Schalk Burger won’t go down easily


2 West Hills Mall in Accra, Ghana for a subsidiary of Atterbury Properties. Architects: Arc Architects

types ranging in construction cost from relatively small to multi-billion Rand



3 Student accommodation in Pretoria for the Feenstra Group. Architects: Boogertman + Partners

DelQS was established in 2000 and has since built up a remarkable track

WLOTZKASbAKEN A strange case of property ownership in the Namib desert

The face of Ralf Lauren, Nacho Figueras, plays polo for a cause alongside royalty

4 Vdara Office Park in Johannesburg for Bakos Brothers. Architects: Integrale Architectural Design

Our track record speaks for itself.

CSOS Long-awaited sectional title dispute resolution by Prof Graham Paddock


Life worth living

2015/09/15 10:47 AM

G olute

March 2015

The Mall of Africa


V - lifestyle


A Spatial Perspective to Managing Real Estate Information

Showing off Proactive Quantity Surveying

ortfo th P

Val de Vie Magazine

South African Property Review

SAPOA events

AdvOCATE ALbERT MURPhY Sectional title developments and the reality of Murphy’s Law

In Mvezo with Mandla Mandela Exploring the Impact of Personal Connections and Selected Individual Factors on the Ethical Judgment and Behavioural Intentions of Nigerian Estate Surveyors and Valuers




Ministers and top politicians


Analysing Option Values to Delay Development of Land in Windhoek, Namibia

Chamber F R O M


Chamber magazine                   

South African Property Owners Association - Property Register


Canada The new land of milk and honey


val de vie

val de vie

No silver spoon for Franschhoek’s home-grown hero



120 |

ad template.indd 93 COVER SPREADS.indd 92-93


2015/07/21 12:01 PM

2015/07/22 11:21 AM


These days investing can be quite nerve-wracking. It isand great when investments start to grow however,turn-key the growth is not guaranteed. knowreports that Absolute associates are publishers of quality custom magazines,Well, annual and Growth Portfolios (AGP) is expertly managed through a smoothing philosophy to photograph, reduce significant and givecorporate you smoothcollateral, returns when theconcept markets corporate brochures. We write, design, printvolatility and produce from experience sharp ups or downs.

to delivery, on time all the time.

AGP is available as a pre-retirement product via the MAX platform as an investment option for Retirement Annuitants. AGP is also available as a post-retirement product on the Wealth as an investment ForPlatform publishing contact option on Living Annuities.

Mark Pettipher e:or +27 (0)21 856 1276 Email us on contact your Old t: Mutual Personal Adviser or your Broker. 36 Cape Gordonia, 157 Beach Road, Gordons Bay, 7151.

For sales contact Robbie Pansegrauw e: t: +27 (0)21 856 0321

Cost-effective solutions and quality advice rarely sit at the same table, unless you’re sitting at ours. While it’s important to us that the length and breadth of our adviser network is unrivalled, it’s even more important that the quality, qualifications, experience and skillsets of these advisers are of the highest levels. Because the difference that sound investment, estate planning and retirement planning advice will make to you over time is invaluable. Our services include: • • • • • •

Investments Portfolio management Financial planning Stockbroking Fiduciary services Life and short-term insurance

Anyone can give advice, but independent advice is priceless

For more information contact our Windhoek or Walvis Bay offices: WINDHOEK | T +264 (61) 378 900 | WALVIS BAY | T +264 (64) 207 970 | E Affiliates of the PSG Konsult Group are authorised financial services providers. PSG is a Member of the Namibian Stock Exchange.

110 || 114




If you love it, we insure it Speak to your broker or visit our website

home • car •  business •  life

Hollard Insurance Company of Namibia Ltd. (Reg No. 2003/049) is an authorised Financial Services Provider.

| 87

PFB 1251

Revolutionise your business with NEW eWallet Bulk Send.

FNB Business Online Banking now allows you to send eWallets in Bulk to employees, without needing a bank account. Petty cash is out, and eWallet is in for anything from petrol cash payments to refunding employees.

Terms and conditions apply.

110 |


LETS TALK OLDMUTUAL WEALTH Integrated Wealth Planning requires expertise, and you. Choose: • Real conversations about what matters to you • Tailored wealth planning that fits your goals • Over 170 years of financial planning experience • Tried and tested investment returns and expertise • Realistic fees matched to focussed planning Contact our Wealth Advisers and Wealth Brokers today at (061) 299 3999.


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90 |


| 87


ENGLISH Thank you for choosing Air Namibia. We will do everything to ensure you have a pleasant flight. if you need assistance, please ask any of our cabin attendants.


Obrigado por ter escolhido Air Namibia. Faremos de tudopara garantir que tenhas um vôo agradável. Se vocêprecisar de assistência, por favor, pergunte a qualquer um dos nossos assistentes de cabine.

Danke, dass Sie sich dafür entschieden haben mit Air Namibia zu fliegen. Wir werden alles tun um Ihnen den Flug so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten. Wenn Sie Fragen haben oder Hilfe benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an einen unserer Flugbegleiter oder Flugbegleiterinnen.

Our highly trained cabin Os nossos assistentes de cabin, altamente profissionais, attendants are at your service on estão ao seu dispor em todos os nossos vôos para a sua all our flight, for your safety and segurança e conforto. comfort.

Unser versiertes Flugpersonal steht Ihnen während des Fluges jederzeit zur Verfügung. Für Ihre Sicherheit und Bequemlichkeit sind Sie bei unserer Crew in besten Händen.

We carry first-aid kits on all our flights, should a passenger need assistance for minor conditions.

110 |


Existe kits de primeiros socorros a bordo todos os nossos Eine medizinische Erstversorgung ist vôos, se os passageiros precisarem de assistência com auf allen unseren Flügen sicher gestellt. Eine Erste-Hilfe-Ausrüstung befindet sich condições médicas relativamente menores. immer an Bord.

As a safety precaution, it is important to read the safety card stored in the seat pocket in front of you

Como medida de segurança, é importante ler o cartão segurança armazenado no bolso do assento à sua frente

Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit bitten wir Sie, sich die in der Zeitschriftentasche vor Ihnen benfindliche Sicherheits-Instruktionen aufmerksam durchzulesen.

Life vests are stored under your seat. Only use them as demonstrate, and only when instructed by the cabin attendants.

Coletes salva-vidas são armazenados por de baixo do seu Ihre Schwimmweste befindet sich unter Ihrem Sitz. Bitte benutzen Sie diese nur auf assento. Use-os conforme a demonstração e somente Anweisung der Flugbegleiter/-innen. quando instruído pelos assistentes de cabin.

Smoking is prohibited on all Air Namibia flights.

É proibido fumar em todos os vôos da Air Namibia.

Auf allen Air Namibia Flügen gilt ein absolutes Rauchverbot.

Seats must be in the upright position during take-off and landing. For your own safety, you are required to fasten your seat belt whenever the seat belt sign is illuminated and we recommend that you keep your belt fastened throughout the flights.

Assentos devem estar na posição vertical durante a decolagem e aterragem. Para sua própria segurança, você é obrigado a apertar o cinto sempre que o sinal do cinto de segurança é iluminado e nós recomendamos que mantenhas apertado o cinto durante todo o vôo.

Während Start und Landung müssen sich die Sitzlehnen in aufrechter Position benfinden. Bitte schnallen Sie sich an, sobald das Anschnallzeichen aufleuchtet. Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit empfehlen wir während des gesamten Fluges angeschnallt zu bleiben.

We offer complimentray meals, and beverages on all our flights. Special-diet or vegetarian meals are available upon request when making reservations.

Nós oferecemos refeições e bebidas de cortesia em todos os nossos vôos.Dietas-especiais ou refeições vegetarianas estão disponíveis mediante uma solicitação ao fazer reservas.

Auf unseren Flügen werden Mahlzeiten und Getränke serviert. Diätische oder vegetarische Mahlzeiten können bei der Flugbuchung angefragt werden

ENGLISH We carry an extensive range of duty free products at competitive prices on selected flights. please refer to our catalogue for details.

PORTUGUESE Nós carregamos uma extensa variedade de produtos com isenção de direitos a preços competitivos em vôos selecionados. Por favor, consulte o nosso catálogo para mais detalhes.

GERMAN An Bord ist ein umfangreiches Sortiment an Duty-Free-Produkten zu attraktiven Preisen erhältlich. Informationen hierzu entnehmen Sie bitte unserem Duty-FreeKatalog.

Audio and visual entertainment Programas de entretenimento de áudio e visual estão programmes are available on disponíveis nos vôos operados através dos nossos Flights operated using our A330 aeronaves A330 e A319. and A319 aircraft.

Audio- und Videoprogramme sind an Bord unserer Airbus A330 und A319 Maschinen verfügbar.

Our A319 and ERJ 135 aircraft Alguns dos nossos aviões têm saídas de ar individuais, have individual air vents which que podem ser ajustados para fornecer um fluxo de ar can be adjusted to provide a refrescante. refreshing stream of air.

Unsere Fluggeräte des Typs Airbus A319 und Embraer ERJ135 verfügen über individuelle Frischluftdüsen.

Health regulations in some countries require that the aircraft cabin must be sprayed. The spray is harmless, but if you think it might affect you, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief.

Um den Gesundheitsvorschriften einiger Länder zu entsprechen, muss die Flugzeugkabine mit einem für den Menschen unbedenklichen Spray behandelt werden. Wir empfehlen dennoch, die Atemwege durch Vorhalten eines Taschentuchs zu schützen.

Regulamentos de saúde em determinados países exigem que a cabine da aeronave deve ser pulverizada. O pulverizador é inofensivo, mas se você acha que pode afetá-lo, por favor, cobrir o nariz e a boca com um lenço.

Should you travel with a baby Se você viajar com um bebê recomendamos que você we recommend you request a solicite um berço especialmente nos vôos de longo curso. bassinet especially on the longhaul flights.

Sollten Sie mit einem Baby reisen, empfehlen wir Ihnen besonders auf Langsteckenfügen ein Babybett zu beantragen.

Please do not place any luggage Por favor não coloque bagagem por de baixo do assento under seats at the emergency de saída de emergência. Bagagem de mão deve ser exit seat. armazenado na estiva sobrecarga

“Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Verstauen von Handgepäck unter Ihrem Sitz an den Notausgängen nicht gestattet ist.“

Carry-on luggage should be stored in the overhead stowage.

Handgepäck ist in den Gepäckfächern über Ihrem Sitz zu verstauen.

We suggest that passengers do Sugerimos que os passageiros effectuam exercícios de stretching exercises, and move alongamento e movementam-se durante vôo para melhorar a circulação sanguínea. during the flight to improve blood circulation.

Versuchen Sie, sich während des Fluges möglichst oft zu strecken und zu bewegen. So wird Ihr Kreislauf angeregt.

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With over 700 scheduled flights per month, our network and reliable service makes us the best solution for your freight needs. No matter how big or small your parcel is, from the size of an envelope to the size of an elephant, we will get it there for you in GOOD TIME. We provide security for valuable and dangerous goods. We also handle highly perishable goods, and even live animals.

For bookings contact us on telephone number +26461299 6610/11 or via email on For more details, please visit our website on, select the cargo icon and navigate easily to get all information you need.

110 |

New Destinations Windhoek - Durban Return From


Windhoek - Gaborone Return From


Windhoek Gaborone

Durban Starting on 30 October 2016 For Bookings Town Office:+264 61 299 6111 Book Online:

Term and Conditions Apply | 87

Our Fleet

Airbus A330-200 Business Class

Economy Class

Number of Aircraft




Height (m)


Maximum Passengers


Wing Span (m)


Maximum Fuel Capacity

138 000l

Cruising Speed

860 km/h 233 000 kg

Airbus A319 -100 Business Class

Economy Class

Number of Aircraft




Height (m)


Maximum Passengers


Wing Span (m)


Maximum Fuel Capacity

23 860l

Number of Aircraft




Height (m)


Maximum Passengers


Wing Span (m)


Maximum Fuel Capacity

4 198l

Cruising Speed

820 km/h 70 000 kg

Embraer ERJ135 All Economy Class

110 |

Cruising Speed

820 km/h 19 000 kg

Baggage Guidelines

At Air Namibia we are committed to ensuring that our passengers are re-united with their luggage at end of their journey. Given the complexity of the environment in which we operate, passengers’ luggage often gets out of our control and care, (for brief moments when they are subjected to control and handling by various agencies.) It is for this reason we request passengers to check their luggage on point of arrival (immediately after collecting their bag) to ensure that bag was not tampered with; and to report any suspected losses immediately. We request passengers not to check-in valuable items, especially those that are susceptible to theft, such as cash, jewellery, electronic devices like mobile phones, watches, sunglasses, to mention a few. In line with International Industry Conventions on passenger baggage liability, Air Namibia cannot be held liable if these valuable items are pilfered from checked-in baggage. We encourage our passengers to lock or wrap their bags where possible.

Our rules pertaining to baggage include the following We offer our passengers a generous free hand baggage allowance, with maximum weight of 10kg each, and maximum size 55 x 38 x 20 cm; plus an overcoat, an umbrella, a walking stick, a ladies hand bag, a reasonable amount of reading material, and a laptop. We also allow a fully collapsible wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches as hand baggage.

Excess baggage fees on extra pieces of baggage carried, per bag up to 10 bags per passenger are Domestic routes Routes within Southern Africa Frankfurt route

US$ 100.00 per extra bag US$ 110.00 per extra bag US$ 200.00 per extra bag

Free allowance for checked in baggage

Airbus A330-200 Airbus A319-100 Embraer ERJ 135 operated flights operated flights Business: 2 pieces each weighing not more than 32 kg’s

Business: 2 pieces each weighing not more than 32 kg’s

Economy:1 piece weighing not more than 23 kg’s

Economy: 2 pieces each weighing not more than 23 kg’s

Applicable excess baggage fees on excess weight over the free baggage allowance per bag. Domestic routes Routes within Southern Africa

1 piece not exceeding 23 kg’s

Frankfurt route

US$ 100.00 per bag US$ 110.00 per bag US$ 200.00 per bag

• No item of checked in baggage may exceed 32 kilograms.

• For further information on sports, highly fragile items, and security guidelines, we recommend that you visit our website on

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Schedule 30 October 2016 to 25March 2017 ( ALL times local) NOTE: SW285/6 not to operate on Tuesdays from the 06 December 2016 to 21 March 2017. NOTE: check-in time should be two hours before departure.

International Flight no SW 286

From Frankfurt



Departure Arrival





SW 286/703


Cape Town (via Windhoek)




SW 286/723


Johannesburg (via Windhoek)




SW 285






Flight No SW 704

From Cape Town



Departure Arrival





SW 708

Cape Town





SW 708

Cape Town

Frankfurt (via Windhoek)




SW 714

Cape Town

Walvis Bay




SW 418



Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun




SW 722






SW 724






SW 728






SW 728


Frankfurt (via Windhoek)




SW 730


Walvis Bay




SW 304






SW 378



Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 19:10


SW 406

Victoria Falls


Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun



SW 303






SW 377



Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 16:10


SW 417



Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun



SW 405


Victoria Falls

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun



SW 703


Cape Town




SW 707


Cape Town




SW 723






SW 727






SW 729






122 |

Domestic Flight No




Departure Arrival

SW 101





SW 105



Mon, Tue, Thu



SW 107



Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri



SW 107






SW 125



Wed, Fri



SW 125 Flight SW 133No

Eros From Eros

SW 133 101 SW SW 143 105 SW

Eros Eros Eros Luderitz

Rundu To Katima Mulilo

Sun Days Wed, Fri Mon, Daily Sun

14:15 15:20 Departure Arrival 10:05 11:35 07:00 08:00 10:00 11:30

SW 143 107 SW SW 146 107 SW

Eros Luderitz Eros Luderitz

Ondangwa Oranjemund) Windhoek(via Ondangwa Windhoek

Mon,Sat Tue, Thu Thu, Mon,Sat Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri Thu,

14:30 12:55 17:45 12:55

15:30 13:30 18:45 15:15

SW 134 125 SW SW 125 SW 134

Eros Mulilo Katima Eros Katima Mulilo

Rundu Eros Rundu Eros

Sun Tue Wed,Wed, Fri Fri Mon, Sun Sun

17:25 14:15 14:30 12:15

18:25 15:15 15:35 13:55

SW 126 133 SW 126 133

Eros Rundu Eros Rundu

Katima Mulilo Eros Katima Mulilo Eros

Mon,FriWed, Fri Wed, Sun Sun

14:15 12:05 10:05 16:05

15:20 13:45 11:35 17:10

SW 144 143 143 SW 145

Luderitz Oranjemund Luderitz Oranjemund

Oranjemund Windhoek Windhoek(via Oranjemund) Luderitz

Thu, Sat Sat Thu, Thu, Sat Tue

10:00 15:50 12:55 14:00

11:30 16:55 13:30 15:15

146 SW 145 134 SW 102

Luderitz Oranjemund Katima Mulilo Ondangwa

Windhoek(via Luderitz) Windhoek Eros Eros

Tue Tue Mon, Wed, Fri Daily

12:55 13:10 14:15 13:10

15:15 13:45 15:15 15:15

134 SW 106 126 SW 108

Katima Mulilo Ondangwa Rundu Ondangwa

Eros Eros Eros Eros

Sun Tue, Thu Mon, Wed,Tue, Fri Wed, Thu, Fri Mon,

12:15 08:30 12:05 16:00

13:55 09:30 13:45 17:00

16:05 19:15

17:10 20:15

126 SW 108

Rundu Ondangwa

Eros Eros

Sun Sun

15:50 18:55

16:55 19:55

144 SW 164

Oranjemund Walvis Bay

Windhoek Windhoek

Thu, Sat Daily

14:00 10:00

15:15 10:40


Ondangwa Katima Mulilo Ondangwa Oranjemund


145 SW 713

Oranjemund Walvis Bay

Luderitz Cape Town

Tue Daily

13:10 10:30

13:45 12:40

SW 737 145

Walvis Bay Oranjemund

Johannesburg Windhoek (via Luderitz)

Daily Tue

17:30 13:10

19:45 15:15

SW 143 102

Windhoek Ondangwa

Luderitz Eros

Thu, DailySat

11:25 08:30

12:25 09:30

SW 143 106

Windhoek Ondangwa

Oranjemund (via Luderitz) Eros

Thu, Mon,Sat Tue, Thu

11:25 16:00

13:30 17:00

SW 145 108 SW 145 108

Windhoek Ondangwa Windhoek Ondangwa

Oranjemund Eros Luderitz(via Oranjemund) Eros

Tue Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri Tue Sun

11:25 19:15 11:25 18:55

12:40 20:15 13:45 19:55

SW 163 164

Windhoek Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay Windhoek

Daily Daily

09:15 10:00

09:55 10:40

SW 713

Walvis Bay

Cape Town




SW 737

Walvis Bay





SW 143



Thu, Sat



SW 143


Oranjemund (via Luderitz)

Thu, Sat



SW 145






SW 145


Luderitz(via Oranjemund)




SW 163


Walvis Bay




Winner of the 2015 Feather Award - Best Regional Airline operating into and from O.R.Tambo International airport for the 9th time since 2004. At air Namibia we are on this quest to continue serving our purpose of providing the best air transport service in the safest manner, with consistency and reliability.

Call Centre: +264 61 299 6111or contact your Travel Agentt

Book Online: | 123

Winner of the 2015 Feather Award - Best Regional Airline operating into and from O.R.Tambo International airport for the 9th time since 2004. At air Namibia we are on this quest to continue serving our purpose of providing the


There’s a time to be bold. And a time to be cautious.

If there’s one thing we can learn from the Titanic, it’s that boldness and success don’t always go hand in hand. When it comes to investing, we don’t believe in a blanket approach either. We weigh up the pros and cons, methodically scrutinise the details and, above all, utilise one of the most widely ignored skills in modern investing – the power of restraint. Because knowing when to be bold, and when to be cautious, makes all the difference. And that’s what makes us Wealthsmiths™.

Investments Sanlam is an Authorised Financial Services Provider.

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employee benefits

Do you have a gap? ...chances are that you do. Most people are unaware of their retirement and insurance gap. Only one in nine Namibians save for retirement in the form of a pension or provident fund. 88% will need help from the government or their family. Almost 5% of our nation is disabled. More than half not being able to find a job. FundsAtWork can assist you, as a business owner, to help your employees to close their retirement and insurance gaps. The tooth fairy won’t. Tel: +264 61 297 3000

84 80 106 96 96 || |

|| 123 119 111

Sudoku Easy

126 |



STUDIO 10331

Do you know how to keep my children in school when I am no longer there? Our Education Protector pays for schooling, as well as things like stationery and uniforms, should you pass away or become disabled. What would your children’s reality be if you were no longer around? The Educator Protector is a commitment to change that reality by putting them through school. But will also cover small things like an art set or a brand new uniform. So to give your family the Liberty advantage 061 294 2343 or visit or visit us at Maerua Mall Office Park, Office 5001, 5th Floor, Jan Jonker Road, Windhoek. Terms and Conditions Apply.

11792 Liberty1Namibia Flamingo Ad 210x200mm opt1.indd 1 4 2 3 7


















Across 7. Diverse (7) 9. Pertaining to birth (5) 10. Bite (3) 11. Blood vessel (9) 12. Aspect (5) 14. Groovy! (4, 2) 16. Pasta Dish (7) 18. Gold or silver coin (5) 19. Harsh, severe (9) 20. Constellation between Cancer and Virgo (3) 21. Formal Statement of belief (5) 22. Prohibition (7)

2016/09/08 2:12 PM

Down 1. Momentous (8) 2. Whip (4) 3. Jet fighter (6) 4. Disconnect (6) 5. Ocean (8) 6. Confederate (4) 8. Outstanding quality (11) 13. Tumbled down (8) 15. Less than optimal (3, 2, 3) 17. Sundial component (6) 18. European River (6) 19. Avoid, dodge (4) 20. Harmless prank (4)

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Visuals as seen on DStv


It doesn’t matter where you’re off to, with the DStv Now app you can always enjoy the best live TV and Catch Up entertainment on your smartphone or tablet. Let’s get this show on the road!

Available to DStv Premium customers. *DStv Now available on selected packages and devices. Monthly Access Fee and PVR required. For more information contact Multichoice Namibia on 061 270 5222 or 081 988 (SMS). | | I Terms and conditions apply.

Feel every moment | 87

Access to Foreign Exchange Services wherever you are


When visiting our beautiful country, we want to be sure that you have access to Foreign Exchange Services, no matter where you go. Bank Windhoek caters for all your foreign exchange and banking needs offering you American Express agencies, a large distribution network of 55 branches and agencies as well as 347 ATM’s and Cash Express Machines across Namibia.

Bank Windhoek Branches / Agencies and ATMs Bureau de Change / Foreign Exchange Services and American Express / Bank Windhoek Joint Venture

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Air Namibia In-Flight  

November 2016

Air Namibia In-Flight  

November 2016