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Pioneer Air Museum

May 2014 Newsletter


Letter from the Curator It has been a busy time for the museum and help. April flew buy quickly with board elections, work party, visit from the state archivist and cleaning up some of the small problems with some of the displays. The old movie theatre was cleaned out of both old papers, magazines and other associated “extra”. The seats were removed and the plywood flooring pulled up. The huge fireproof safe was

moved out and shelving went up along the outside wall where 53 boxes of material are now stored for inventory and cataloging after going thru and cleaning up some of the “old stuff” that was just stored there. Some of the things found were the Norseman records along with the Huey flight records. The Huey records along with the material coming from New Jersey of a former crew chief from Viet

Nam days should help make up a nice display. Another area in the old theatre held some of the original donation certificate along with some pictures. That will save us a bunch of research time as we inventory and catalog the various items. I am looking for summer help for the counter at the museum. I lost one girl to a Fulbright Scholarship overseas,

Inside this Issue: 1. Letter from the Curator 2. Events; Goings On 3. Update from the Collections Manager; Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program 4. Feedback

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Pioneer Air Museum

Events Board Elections were held on the 15th of April when Erik Weflen and Roger Weggel were elected to the board. Dean Dawson from the State Archivist office spent 3 full days with us to help sort files on the 22 of April till the 24th of April. He gave us lots of pointers and lots of help. Thanks Dean. Cecilia Borres, one of our scholarship winners from last year, came in to help out with the birthday party. She obtained her private and graduated from her masters program last Sunday from UAF. Thank You! On Thursday the 15th we opened for the summer season and quickly followed on the 17th with the Aviation Appreciation Day.

Letter from the Curator Continued… which is a wonderful opportunity for her but leaves me shorthanded till sometime in July. It’s been a tough time around the Park the last two weeks or so. They are working on the new paving around the Civic Center and finishing up the work on the other utilities and in doing so have managed to cut the power cable for a day to our side of the park and then the phone cable for about two and ½ days. Hopefully they will get finished before long. We held the first birthday party for a family on the 10th of May for a seven Year old that wanted an “Amelia Earhart” birthday. It was a lot of fun! We

also had several(3) school groups in and they were fun to work with. We received four scholarship application and the board met on the 8th of May and picked out 2 winners; Joshua Klapak from Eielson AFB and Shane McKee who is currently enrolled at the Aviation Maintenance Program. Congratulations! Enough for now. Enjoy the Spring! Pete Haggland-Curator


Fred Meyer Community Update from the Collections Manager We have had an excellent last month, with a visit from consulting State Archivist Dean Dawson and the launch of the new website! With Dean’s help, we were able to create an archival storage space that will create better access and protection for the collections. A full blog article about the consultation can be found on our website, at www.pioneerairmuseum.org/blog. Check out the new website – we would love your feedback! Also, if you have any photographs of goings-on at the museum, whether from a work party, member meeting, or just a visit, we would love to feature them on the website! The top submissions will be featured in our membership section. Send your photos to my email address below. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with an inventory of the collection, please contact me and I will add you to the list. We plan to do a full inventory sometime soon, but we need your help! Best, Della Hall Collections Manager collectionsmanager@pioneerairmuseum.org

Rewards Program Please sign up for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program! Chances are, you already have a Fred Meyer rewards card. All you have to do is link it to the Pioneer Air Museum online! Please see attached instructions. It only takes a few minutes, and Fred Meyer will donate funds to the museum for every dollar spent!

Pioneer Air Museum

May 2014 Newsletter

We want your feedback! What kinds of events would you like to see? How do you like the new website? What can we be doing to better serve you? Please send your responses by email or by mail to: Pete Haggland curator@pioneerairmuseum.org Della Hall


Pioneer Air Museum 2300 Airport Way Fairbanks, Alaska 99707 (907) 451-0037 The Pioneer Air Museum is a 501(C)(3) Non-profit Organization. It is our mission to collect, protect, and preserve for the public objects pertaining to the history of Alaska aviation history.

Pioneer Air Museum 2300 Airport Way Fairbanks, Alaska 99707

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May Newsletter  

Newsletter for the Pioneer Air Museum membership for the month of May, 2014.

May Newsletter  

Newsletter for the Pioneer Air Museum membership for the month of May, 2014.