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Pioneer Air Museum

April 2014 Newsletter


Letter from the Curator Goings on! Lots of things happening this month that need your attention. The regular IAAAF meeting occurs on the 15th of April. There is no program of interviews planned as there is the importance of Board of Directors elections. You must come in and meet the folks running for the Board. We have 2 seats open. Arvid Weflen’s term expires and Stan Halverson has resigned due to family issues

(health). Both seats need to be filled. Stan does wish to stay involved with the museum as his time allows. I thank both members for their service. We have 4 members who are running for the board; Arvid said he would run again, Erik Weflen, Roger Weggel, and Alex Mumbly-Dupuis. All are members in good standing (paid up dues) and are willing to serve. This is our annual meeting per the By-Laws

Inside this Issue: 1. Letter from the Curator 2. Events; Goings On 3. Update from the Collections Manager; Legislative Funding Request

so it is very important. The newly elected board members will take their place at the regular monthly board meeting, which will occur on the 21st of April at 6:30 PM at the museum. All members are invited to the board meetings so the board can have your feedback! Thanks, Pete Haggland Curator

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Pioneer Air Museum

Events Website: We are about to launch the new website with just a couple of small issues to clear up. To go along with that we will be putting out this newsletter in a new format, more like a regular newsletter format. We shall see what it looks like and would appreciate any feedback from you folks.

New Accessions: We are expecting some pictures for the Huey. A lady from New Jersey wrote and said her dad had seen the Huey about 10 or 12 years ago and was very excited about the Huey. He served as a crew chief on our Huey in Viet Nam. Her dad has since passed away from cancer, probably from Agent Orange. The pictures should add a bit more history to it.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program: You should have received a notice about signing up for the Fred Meyer Community Awards program. When you shop Fred Meyer we get a potential income from Freds. The program does not affect you Rewards earnings but you must Sign UP. We will attach the info to the newsletter. Help support the museum!

Goings On We have an archivist coming in to the museum on the 22nd of April thru the 24th to help us plot out the manner and method of saving the collections. Cataloging the collection is an ongoing project and I am sure that it is a mind boggling task. Della has been working part time all winter doing that project plus she has been extremely helpful in putting together the new website and newsletter. We are also looking at other grant possibilities for the summer and into 2015.

One of the things in the park itself is to improve the signage showing people where to go and then we are making an effort to help train the greeting people at the entrance to the park. It would help direct people in the Park. School tours are signing up for late April and May. It would be nice to have a bit of help to ride herd. See me!


Legislative Funding Request Update from the Collections Manager Hello, my name is Della Hall and I am the new Collections Manager at the museum! As an intern last summer, I began cataloging the collections, and attended the Museums Alaska conference in the fall. This winter I have begun matching up donor forms with physical objects and have been working on creating a new website for the museum. I also created Facebook and Twitter accounts to increase our public face. I am participating on the Program Committee for the Museums Alaska conference, and will be presenting at the October conference in Seward. I am also attending the American Alliance of Museums conference in May in Seattle. We hope to make progress on cataloging our archival collections this summer, with the help of the Alaska State Consulting Archivist Program. Several grant applications are in the works as well. If you have not signed up for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program, please see the attached file that explains how to sign up step by step! We welcome your feedback on all the new aspects of the museum – please contact me or Pete if you have any comments on the new newsletter format, new website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or are interested in volunteering to help out with the collections! Best, Della Hall

The last thing is the funding request from the legislature . If you have not done so already please a least send a public opinion message thru the legislative information office (452-4448) or call them direct in Juneau (interior delegation). Use reference info from the Boroughs Resolution 2013-35 which calls out the capital projects for the Pioneer Air Museum. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Pioneer Air Museum

April 2014 Newsletter

We want your feedback! What kinds of events would you like to see? How often would you like to meet? What can we be doing to better serve you? Please send your responses by email or by mail to: Pete Haggland Della Hall Pioneer Air Museum 2300 Airport Way Fairbanks, Alaska 99707 (907) 451-0037 The Pioneer Air Museum is a 501(C)(3) Non-profit Organization. It is our mission to collect, protect, and preserve for the public objects pertaining to the history of Alaska aviation history.

Pioneer Air Museum 2300 Airport Way Fairbanks, Alaska 99707

Thank you for your support!

April Newsletter  

April Newsletter for the Pioneer Air Museum membership.