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his issue marks our one year aniversary. In one year we have come a long way. None of us had any idea how to make a digital magazine, we had never published our own work and we were taking a massive step into the dark. We haven’t done too badly, have we!? The Air Monkeys Crew: Joe Eynon • Editor • Feature Writer • Photographer Samantha Eynon • Deputy Editor • Feature Writer • Photographer/ Illustrator Edd Thorpe • Feature Writer • Photographer Martin Cox • Feature Writer • Photographer Richard Thorpe • Feature Writer • Photographer Nikola Woodhall • Photographer Contributors: Auna Allen, Karen Anderson, Rob Blackwood, Holly Booth, Kate Brazier, Rafael Carrera, Andy Chase, Sophie Des, Isabelle Foley, PJ Gibbons, Chris Haddon, John Hilton, Colin Hood, Sam Jordan, Wes Mans, John Noble, James Owen, Komal Patel, Joe Patterson, Kim Patterson, Rosa Pedley, Jeferey Price, Sian Revill, Ride Low, David Rozzell, Ruby Richardson, Pete Salter, Eric Shoemaker, Stephanie Warwick, Kate Wrigglesworth,

We hope we have given you a different spin on the world we love. We are passionate about the cars but hope to show that there is much more to the VW scene than that. We want to be giving you articles on fashion, music, books, art, skate and film as well as some of the best cars out there. The Air Monkeys Crew do this magazine for you! We have an awful lot of fun doing it but without our fanbase there would be no point. We have had so much help this year from outside our little team and we are forever grateful to them. A perfect example of this help is in this very issue. John Hilton as provided some excellent design work for a couple of features, so massive thank you to him! Long may this little independent magazine continue. We have so much more to give you!

Joe Eynon Editor

What’s inside?

Sweet Squareback

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Aussie Beetle

Volksworld Show

‘66 Ghia


af Carrera, from Glen Rock in New Jersey, has been working on cars for a while now. It all started when he got himself a 1.8T Jetta which he modified to his liking, but once it was ‘done’ he was setting his sights on a new toy. It was when he was helping a friend of his rebuild a Mk One Golf when he remembered seeing an early Squareback outside a pizza joint a number of years back. Due to not wanting a bug, more than likely due to his need to be different, he

set his slights on getting a Type 3. When on a business trip to Huntington Beach, California, he was doing what most of us do when we’re bored- scouring the web for VW related matter. He searched nationwide for his future car and eventually found one, and the best thing was, it was in New Jersey! Over the next three and a half months he set about making to car perfect for him. He told us that one of his dream VW’s

is the Type 2 Detectives ‘Kerbsnake’ Brasilla. This being the case explains alot when looking at the finished article. Perfect stance, superb wheel choice and pimped up to the max. And he has managed to achieve that without comforming to the set styles many of us do. This car is not a Cal looker or a Resto-cal machine. Its a New Jersey look, or even a Glen Rock look. Raf has made a car that suits him, and that’s all anyone wants.

Feature | Squareback

e t a t S n e d r a G

words- Joe Eynon Lets get to the technical parts now! This particular Type 3 is a 1971 model year. The suspension has been tweeked down a few splines front and rear. The car was intially running stock steel rims but after a brake decided to combust itself and throw the wheel off, he treated the car to the amazingly chromed 16” Porsche Seven Slots with 205/40 and 215/55 Ziex tyres wrapped around them. This gives the car a road hugging stance, which in our opinion is

perfection! When Raf first inspected the car he found the entire engine comparment and upper floor was completely rusted out, so in Raf’s own words, “I then spent the majority of those three and a half months drilling out spot welds... Germans are masochists.” The interior is a donated brick red vinyl set from a 1964 Squareback and matched together with the oatmeal

pictures- Rafael Carrera carpet kit from Sewfine makes the interior of the car look clean and factory fresh. The stock 1600 engine is twinned up with Baby Delorto FRD’s and a 009 dizzy from Glenn Ring, (www.glenn-ring. com). Raf has added the Pedro roof rack to his car. Raf told us, “The quality on the rack is incredible. The radio flyer roof rack is cool I think. I basically took the wheels off, welded a

Feature | Squareback

‘The Square’ has picked up show awards at Dubs on the Boards in Wildwood, Fall Show N Go in Englishtown, Dubs on Defrost in Westport, Punch Buggy, Nothing Leaves Stock’s Cult Classic and Litchfield Bug In. One of these on its maiden trip out in 2008!

U-bracket together, drilled a few holes and attached it to the rack with the wagon in-between it. Bought a fork mount and had a way to transport my Schwinn.” This guy really has it sorted! Raf is currently restoring a 1967 Fastback Type 3 which,

by the sounds of it, he has some pretty big plans for. We cannot wait to see it. This car, once again, shows us that if you get an owner who has come from a different scene rather than growing up surrounded by air-cooled Volkswagens ,then the end product is always interesting.

We should maybe go and poach some water-cooled fans and convert them. Raf would like to thank Nick and Erich for getting the Square on the road and Russ, Bob, Tram and Dave (The T3 Boys) from thesamba.com

Feature | Squareback

Š The State of New Jersey

Meet the Air M

As we have been running the magazine for just over a year now, w introduce ourselves to you a bit better, and to give you a little pee


an Isle of M e h t n o Joe Rich and


66 Bug

s! he crowd t g in in a rt Edd ente

Hi, i’m Martin. I’ve been in to VW’s from an early age, sometime in the early 1990’s from what I can remember… and i was only born in 1986! It all started by the unfortunate passing of my granddad, and in his garage was a 1966 1300 deluxe beetle. Didn’t seem much at the time, as I was young but it was in very good condition due to the under seal protection my dad had put on when he bought it in the early seventies, to top-up what the original owner had put on when he ordered the car in 1966. So as you can tell it has been in the family for some time! Then in 2002, to continue my addiction to Volkswagens, I started work at a main dealer, from where I obtained their old 1989 caddy pickup. It’s been a great tool; it’s dragged in a number of beetles for Edd and delivered tools to Joe and Sam’s for work on their Bay. I’m the Air Monkey’s Technician! I’m a very “as the factory intended” kind of guy or as I am better known “Mr Stock”. Neither of my current dubs have been modified, or not that you can tell anyway. You would have to be sharp to notice any difference. Having a good workshop and body shop to hand helps, both of them have been painted at my work and i’m very happy with the results. Nothing like a “genuine paint job!” Thankfully the Volkswagen hobby and work don’t clash so I get to enjoy time them with the crew and at shows This is where I bring you some of the best photos of some of the best vehicles on the scene which fulfils my photography hobby nicely.

< I’m a very “as the factory intended” kind of guy or as I am better known “Mr Stock” >

Monkeys Team

we decided that now was a good time to ek at the vehicles we run.

< I like to think that when people read Air Monkeys they get a little inside view of all our minds >

Rich and his Bay in Wales

Joe Hey! I am the editor of the magazine. My wife, Sam, and I had been wanting to make a magazine for ages. We just hadn’t found a suitable opening or a good enough excuse. In January a bunch of mates at the local pub, called The Monks Bridge, decided that we were to set up an air-cooled only VW club to attend shows and festivals with. This was the opening Sam and myself needed. It was great that everyone else also wanted to join us in our attempt to make something amazing! My day job is in a very different world, healthcare, so the magazine provided the perfect escapism I needed. I own a 1969 early bay. Montana Red and Lotus White tin top with a Westfalia weekender interior. It’s totally original with only the paintwork changing. All the metal is still 100% German. Lowered by 3 1/2 inches with dropped spindles, it is my perfect ride. I’ve been into classic cars all my life. My Dad has always had classic British cars and currently owns a Jaguar and a Daimler. I grew up around old cars so it was only natural to be into them. One of my first cars was a very tuned and very low Triumph Dolomite Sprint. Inca yellow with a black vinyl roof. My other hobbies include skate, surf, music, photography and vintage furniture. I like to think that when people read Air Monkeys they get a little inside view of all our minds. Future plans include hopefully adding to our aircooled fleet with a Squareback or an early Beetle.

Sam Eyn on

Joe and Sam’s Ea rly Bay


Wood ith Sam w 7 ‘6 d’s old ping- Ed m a C i b E

Hi I’m Nik & I’m relatively new to the VW scene. I found that whilst at the VW shows & events I could combine them with my love of photography to bring you some of the photographs you see on our pages. During the day I’m a professional designer, and at the weekends I love relaxing or going out for walks with my camera. I love the retro design & quirkiness of vintage cars & trying to capture the character of each individual vehicle provides a different challenge every time. My dream is to own a cream soft top Beetle. One day... My first major trip away in a VW will be to Cornwall in the Summer with Rich in their 1960 splitscreen panel van, and in the following months I’m hoping to get involved in the restoration of their 1972 bay, so watch this space!

and dio Flyer a R , n o t Wins , Martin, d d E , e o J Vanfest Beers at

<My first major trip away in a VW will be to Cornwall in the Summer > Winston My Mum and Dad, Joe and Sam, adopted me last September. They promptly set about brainwashing me to the VW way, and the following weekend they took me away on my first camping trip and VW show- Vanfest. I absolutely loved it dogs and VWs everywhere, perfect! Now every time the Campervan is out of its cover I go and wait expectantly at the door! I like to think of myself as the Air Monkey’s resident joker, as I’m always making them all laugh, in return for biscuits and tea - it normally works! BISCUITS!

e ascot! Th m ’s y e k n o the Air M f us! Winston, ome of the lot o ds most han


<Luckily for Joe I already loved VWs before we got together... so no conversion was necessary! > Martin’s

Sam Luckily for Joe I already loved VWs before we got together, and wanted a campervan, so no conversion was necessary! We had enjoyed a few holidays together camping in tents, but both had a desire to upgrade! After several years of owning ‘Rhubarb’ and going to VW shows it feels really ace to be giving something back to the scene. I like having a flick through VW magazines, but felt that as having a VW is more of a lifestyle for most people, it would be great to have a magazine that reflected that. This was one of the reasons we wanted to start the magazine; we felt we had something new to offer. It has been quite a learning curve for us all! I have come from a creative background, having studied Fine Art and being a freelance Illustrator, but this was a whole new ball game! We have really been amazed by the response and generosity of people for this magazine, that started out as a bit of a creative outlet for us, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next! When I’m not working on the magazine you’ll usually find me doodling away, creating paper toys (some VW ones are on the way!), listening to music, hunting vintage bargains or obsessing over Pugs and other cute things! If you want to see more of my own artwork you can always take a peek at my website: www.samanthaeynon.com

Caddy in the VW B odyshop

Rich and Nik- all lo ved up!

Snap hap py Joe


her some of g in g n a Sam arr work


I’m 25 & I’ve been into VW’s for around 10 years now. My first VW driving experience came after a long wait when I was 19 & my dad bought a 1972 crossover Danbury bay. Since then we’ve taken it on a tour of Germany, France and a little bit of Belgium and Holland, a UK tour, numerous trips down to Cornwall & any bank holidays that we could! Dad then acquired a 1960 Californian panel van, which has since taken us on another tour of Germany to the VW factories & the Autostadt, various places in France & Northern Europe, and is making its first venture into southern England to Cornwall in the summer with Nikola (her first camping trip in a VW!) & the bay is now a bare shell undergoing a full restoration (being a UK bus from new hasn’t been kind to the old girl). I work as an Aircraft Engineer during the week and at the weekends I’m normally found cleaning my car (not a VW, but a Renault!). To that end I’ve found myself as the resident Air Monkeys valeter/detailer, which suits me fine as I get to indulge in my favourite pastime & also get the crews’ rides looking nice & smart for the shows. My other hobbies include mountain biking, photography, snowboarding and cider. For the coming year I hope to see the bay restoration project gaining momentum again as Nikola has recently made the revelation that she can weld (she has kept that quiet!!) as it has been on the back burner for a good few months, and that the magazine can continue to grow and bring you articles from the VW scene at home and abroad. Thanks for reading & happy dubbing!

< I’ve found myself as the resident Air Monkey’s valeter/ detailer, which suits me fine > s t work- a a d r a h Martin usual!

Edd It’s amazing how quickly a year goes, but hey time files when your having fun! I really wasn’t sure how I would take to this feature writing malarkey but it turns out the be a lot of fun, and another way to get a VW “fix”. Plus it’s a good chance to “say it as it is”. So thank you all for reading my inane ramblings and general chuntering- keep coming back for more! As for the next year, well I’d like to think the magazine can go from strength to strength. Also I’ll hopefully see my Project67, (a.k.a. Jesus), on the road. This will be my third beetle. I have also had an orange 1972 1200 as my first car at 17, then a blue 1967 1500. Now I have this 1300 1967 in white. I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce Shan, she is quite shy and doesn’t like talking about herself. Hopefully her skills with a DSLR will shine through in the magazine. She now has confessed to actually liking Beetles. Shan definitely deserves a medal for putting up with me and my VW nuttery. She needs a lot of praise for being able to give me a kick up the ass to get the Project67 done!

< as for the next year, well i’d like to think the magazine can go from strength to strength > As well as the regular team we have introduced you to on these pages, we cannot thank enough, the wider team of awesome people that help us create the magazine, from guest photographers to all of those who have had vehicles featured. We are looking forward to working with more of you guys along the way!

The split on tour!

Edd man s the BB Q

Bay watc h!


Hand painted Bike Bell

Every self respecting bicycle should have a bell right!? Well maybe not, but this bell is pretty cool! There are three designs to choose from and every one is hand-painted, though that is reflected in the price, a cool ÂŁ20. Available to buy from Pedlars www.pedlars.co.uk

Beetle and Bus Generator App Customise a VW Beetle, or VW Bus to how you want! Add or remove accessories and trim, change the wheels, change the suspension height to create anything from a stock VW to a Cal Looker, to a slammed rat. A fun little app designed by people very passionate about their Dubs. Available as an app on iOS and Android. The beetle app will set you back the grand total of 69p and the bus app ÂŁ1.49. Money well spent!

Sh*t Vintage Camera Night Light

We’re currently loving vintage cameras. They just look so cool. However, many of the ones you can get your hands on in junk shops and at car boot sales, don’t work any more. Jason Hull from California decided to find a way to give these lovely objects a new lease of life by turning them into night lights. He sells them in his Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/jayfish. However, due to the nature of the product there often aren’t any available, but why not have a go at makinhg one yourself?

Wildsville- The Art of Derek Yaniger This book which celebrated the work of illustrator Derek Yaniger, has been out for a few years now, but we only just discovered it the other day and haven’t been able to stop looking at it and drinking in all the amazing artwork since! If your a fan of 50’s style cartoon art, tiki art or Kustom Kulture, this book is a must! Available to buy from amazon.

Regular | Cool Sh*t

Regular | Book Review

My Cool Classic Car- by Chris Haddon There is something about old cars that just makes us get all excited! For me it doesn’t have to be a Volkswagen. As long as it’s got a set of carbs and is lacking an onboard computer and traction control then it’s just right, correct, proper and perfect in my book. If this sounds like you too then this little book, from the man that brought you “My Cool Caravan” and “My Cool Campervan”, will be right up your street. Like the aforementioned books

the author, Chris Haddon, has scoured the globe to find you the best examples of his intended subject. This time the lucky genre is Classic Cars. When flicking through the book the car that hits you on the first few pages is a time warp example of a 1958 VW Beetle. This is followed by a 1969 Fiat 500 and then a 1962 Morris Minor, at this point you’re in Retro Heaven! The book then continues to throw a varied assortment of classics at you including an

AMC Pacer, every boy’s fantasy in the Delorean, Ford Capri’s, a mud track Ford Model T and one of my all time favourites the Volvo P1800e. This book is fantastic, and suits the die hard petrolhead through to the retro lifestyle fan. As with the whole series of books the photos are gorgeous and it is wonderfully laid out, great to flick through and to read in depth; a brilliant addition to the collection!

Drumming in the Mud

Kate Wrigglesworth showcases her new fashion collection inspired by Glastonbury. We were more than happy to let them use our VW Campervan for the shoot!

Feature | Fashion Photoshoot

DESIGNER: Kate Wrigglesworth PHOTOGRAPHER: Holly Booth MODELS: Kate Brazier, Stephanie Warwick, Sophie Des, Ruby Richardson MUA: Sian Revill VW CAMPERVAN: Joe Eynon VIDEOGRAPHER: Sam Jordan

PJ Gibbons took this beautiful photograph following a video shoot with his friends, Niall, grey 63 Beetle in the middle. The other cars in the photo are PJâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oval and Niallâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Split. The location used was an orchard in Berkshire in the gorgeous spring sunshine. www.1410photography.co.uk

Regular | Photo Focus


: Edd Thorpe picture s

: Eric S hoem

aker la yout: J ohn H ilton

Feature | ‘67 Beetle


ome people find an irreplaceable pull, some kind of other worldly attraction to a car – be it because of its certain rarity, its quirkiness or factory one year only parts, for example in the case of this US 67 beetle the model year 1967 holds a special attraction. It’s been long bantered about as the best year of the Beetle. It was the first year for the 1500cc engine, first year for 12-volt electrics, first year for the standard upright headlights, and the last year for the smaller bumpers and painted dash. There are many one year only parts on the 67 model year, especially the US spec versions and all of these attributes create what is one of the most recognizable and desirable Beetles out there. But, what if the only pull to such a car wasn’t just its factory and inherent originality? Family or sentimental value can blow any pre-conception out of the window and make a car simply irreplaceable – so what if you could combine this ‘pull’ in both ways? For example being given such a rare and unique car by a family member – such as your Grandad? Well that’d be about perfect, right?

Well for Eric Shoemaker this stuff of dreams is very much real as that’s exactly how he came to own his superbly original January 1967, which was originally sold in Atlanta Georgia. It was indeed Eric’s Grandpa who bought the car from new, out of Crain-Daly Volkswagen Inc. for the princely sum of $1,200! He went on to keep the car and use it right up until the point that he didn’t drive it much anymore due to his age. It was at this point that, Eric says “One day, I called him up asking what he was going to do with it long term. “Come over and let’s talk about it,” he said. Long story short, he ended up giving it to me.” Simple enough! “I’ll never forget when he went downstairs to collect a folder full of old records. “I believe this is everything,” he said. I could not believe it. The original bill of sale, ALL service records, and documents you could not even read anymore. Amazing!” The archive was a true time capsule. Amazingly Eric is now only the 2nd owner of the family Volkswagen.

Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;67 Beetle

However, not everything was ribly. I remember driving it w fuel lines, filters, worn out se compression, oil leaks and we The 67 had lead a somewhat it. He once told me, “I just ch late 90’s. “It’s a good thing a lines!” – A good message for

Eric admits that at first he did This soon changed, and he n started with the pop-out wind the more I really became inte and devotion Eric has put into

It is truly stunning, you can c minds me of my childhood; s to restore air-cooled cars for think there is no finer sentime

Feature | ‘67 Beetle

s completely rosy as was self-evident when Eric came to getting the car home. “It ran horworried if I’d make it or catch on fire in the process. The car had all types of issues; Old eats and carpet, rust, bad clutch, a very poor quality aftermarket front bumper, low engine eak pan areas. At the time, I had no idea of all the work that was in front of me. t hard life by all accounts, as Eric explains. “Grandpa had admitted not taking good care of hanged the oil in the Honda and put it in the VW.” In fact the car had been in a fire in the fellow commuter was close by, extinguisher in hand. Always remember to check your fuel us all to learn from there!

d not want to restore the Beetle: “I just wanted to drive the car and enjoy it.” now admits: “I’m completely in love with bringing it back to its true German beauty. It dow rubber, then the tail light seals; next, a proper engine rebuild. The more I got into it, erested in what these cars are all about.” I think you readers will all agree that the passion o the builds speaks for itself in the end results!

clearly see the love for this car! “It’s so rewarding to see it come back to life. It also reseeing my grandma smile, going on “rain rides” in the VW with my dad and sister. I’d love a living. There is nothing more satisfying to me than creating with my own hands.” – I ent!!

We should perhaps explain that Eric Shoemaker is more than just your average VW nut - he’s not only a hardened 67 Beetle fanatic but runs the website 1967beetle.com - a hive of 67 only tips, tutorials, information and even interviews! Eric wishes a big thanks to: “My wife for being so understanding about all the nights I was in the garage until 3 AM. Ron Bengry at Wolfsburg West for the hundreds of emails, advice, knowledge, great sense of humour and friendship. Bobby at Advanced VW (Atlanta, GA) for building my engine. Timm Eubanks and Joe Heinzen for their friendship. Corey Beaman for talking me into asking my grandfather for the car in the first place. Grandpa for giving me the car. “




Technical Focus A round up of some of the best and coolest products for your VW

by sored n o p s re ages a o refurb your t p l a ic rea le t echn are ab y finish at a g keys t y n e o h T M t . li Air aus . qua Wheelh eels to a top o get a quote 7 y t ix S wh ow t r steel shout n a alloy o m e ive th price. G 7 091 or 79 il.com 07905 _bro@hotma ys thorpe

Locking Early Bay Filler Cap At long last you can now get a decent locking filler cap for you early bay. Karmann Konnection bring you this little trinket and its not only great quality but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also not a bad price! www.karmannkonnection.com price: ÂŁ15.60

Regular | Technical Focus

VW Classic Parts N.O.S. stash found! VW Classic Parts have discovered a massive amounts of parts in Paraguay. They were put away 30, 40 and 50 years ago just incase they were ever needed. Just when you thought all the hidden gems in the VW world were hidden away someone goes along and finds some more treasure for us. Seven containers are on their way from South America at the moment towards Germany. And thats just the start! For more information head to: www.vw-classicparts.de www.vwheritage.com

Moon Eyes at Lime Bug Lime Bug VW have a massive range on Mooneyes spares and accessories in stock. We spent a huge amount of time looking at their brilliant website and making our very own wish lists. To have a look at the shiney Mooneyes parts head to: www.limebug.net

Show Report | Ninove

FreddyFiles 2012, Ninove.

words- Joe Eynon & Wes Mans pictures- Wes Mans

Show Report | Ninove

â&#x20AC;&#x153;An air-cooled frenzy in the cosy town centre of Ninove ...â&#x20AC;?


hat is all the description you get when trying to find out about this one day event in Belgium. Organised by Frederic Peeters and the rest of the team that bring you European Bug In, it is sure to showcase the best and most interesting air-cooled cars possible. The small town of Ninove in Belgium plays host to the masses upon masses of classic Volkswagens that come from all over Europe. This years cars came from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Austria and Sweden, plus many more! The visitors all arrive as soon as possible on the Sunday to get prime position in the small town centre. People seem to arrive earlier each year. Our man, Wes Mans, got there as soon as he could, but already all the main streets in the town were packed to the brim with Bugs, Buses, Ghias, Variants and more. Each year the event sets a theme for the day, focusing on a particular VW model or spec.

Show Report | Ninove

In previous years they have honoured the Early Bays and even had a Topless edition, (think Karmann Ghia not Carmen Electra!). This year it was the turn of the Cal Look cars to take centre stage. This, however, is not to say non-Cal Look vehicles werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t welcome. The streets of this normally quiet town were full of VWs. Everything from bagged ratty split window Beetles to Resto-cal blingy Samba. Sign written bay windows parked next to sun bleached Karmann Ghias. The best thing about this event is how accessible it all is. Being in a town centre everyone can walk around and get up close and personal to the cars, Speak to old and new friends and really feel part of the day. Roll on next year!

Show Report | Ninove

Show Report | Ninove

Seaside Shiner Words: Joe Eynon Pictures: provided by Jeffery Price


effery Price, from the town of Seaside, Oregon is the very proud owner of this custom 1970 beetle. Jeffery recently won a trophy at a Oregon show called Muscle and Chrome after competing with 120 American Muscle cars. There must be something quite special about this car. The little bug has recently been restored and is freshly painted in a custom cherry red shade. It really does suit

the simple beetle’s curves. During the cars restoration it was lavished with love in every department. The single port 1600 engine getting a pair of dual 34’s, a 009 dizzy, a Santana pulley and lots of chrome. The exhaust was replaced and Jeffery fitted a Euro two tip exhaust. Inside the car Jefferey has made plenty more modifications. The headlining is now crushed red velour and leather door panels have been fitted. The quarterlights

have been removed and single piece windows are now fitted. The stereo has been upgraded to make cruising in the car more enjoyable. Rear pop out windows allow others to hear your tunes too. The car is seated on a set of polished 8 spoke alloys. This car is so great. It’s a real “built at home” special car and with an excited and enthusiastic owner it sure will stay looking as good as it does now.

Feature | Custom Beetle


Well we’ve heard of some romantic gestures in the past- flowers, surprise proposals, rings in champagne flutes, you know all that jazz, but never have we had a request to feature a loved ones car on behalf of their partner. as a surprise! Well that’s exactly what John Noble has done for this girlfriend Hannah Bilsbrough! The third piece of their relationship is Hattie, a 1973 1301, finished in Marina Blue. She’s still running the original 1300 engine, and with only 57k on the clock, I’m sure there’s plenty of life in the old girl yet! With only one previous owner from new and staying within the Nottingham area, where it was only driven to work and back, this makes Hattie quote a unique beetle with its extensive history. Hattie was originally purchased from Bristol Street Motors Volkswagen in West Bridgeford, Notts on 9/7/73. Unfortunately some years later the orginal owner suffered a stroke and was unable to drive her again, and so subsequently Hattie remained in storage for around 10 years. However, upon her discovery, when a replacement battery was fitted she fired up on 10 year old 4 Star fuel after only 3 rotations! Not only is that in itself an amazing feat, but she went on to fly through the first MOT, after coming out of storage. Hannah took ownership of the car on 15/1/11 and has since only clocked 59008 miles, having been to various shows, museums and days out, and has been completely trouble free!

Rival SchoolS or Team mates?

Our friends over at Hayburner magazine launched issue one of their magazine a few weeks ago. They, like us, are wanting to give their readers the best value for money so are not charging for their magazine. We have really enjoyed working with them over the past few months. Issue one was met with a lot of praise and makes a brilliant addition to any petrolheads coffee table! The issue features a vast array of amazing features and shows the scene in a good light. Have a look at their website for more details. Issue 2 is out soon so keep an eye out for that!

Interview | Growl and Grandeur

Words: Samantha Eynon and Colin Hood


Photo: Provided by Colin Hood Artwork: Colin Hood

t is no secret that as well as our love of all things aircooled, we at Air Monkeys love a good t-shirt, so when someone comes along who unites these things we get excited! One such person is Colin Hood (the slightly less hairy fella above!) Having come across his awesome illustrations a year or so back, we had kept an eye on his progress and were thrilled when he began his own clothing line - Growl and Grandeur- featuring VWs, surfing, bikes, tattoos, dogs, lovely ladies and much more, all of our favourite things. We caught up with him and also found out that to top it all off heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a thoroughly nice chap too!

So first off who are you and

into them when I was really young.

though I tend to choose them by the

what do you do?

When I was about 10 years old

artwork rather than the stories. The

My name is Colin Hood & I run a

there was a guy who lived round

tattoo industry is getting really big

street wear brand called Growl &

the corner who used to do up old

now & there’s some fantastic artists,

Grandeur & work as a freelance

cars. He had a cream beetle with

it’s not all badly drawn dolphins

graphic designer & illustrator. I also

white walls & a yellow mk1 escort

anymore which is good for everyone.

run the Ethel Murman Volkswagen

mexico.. I really got into older cars &

Other things aside from art are old &

Owners Club (which is more of a blog

bought Volksworld & Street Machine

vintage paraphernalia, bmx, skating

than a club) & I watch a lot of dvds

magazine every month, but it was

(even though I’m rubbish at it) &

& do a fair bit of dog walking.

the beetle that I was really stuck on.

surf culture.

We love your work, and noticed

What else influences you work?

We notice you have designed

many VW references, what

Lot’s of things really, I really like the

some skate decks in the past,

draws you to using VWs in your

hotrod scene & there’s some great

what brought


lowbrow artwork & pinstriping that

this about and did you enjoy

Like most people who love VWs I got

comes along side it. I like comics,

doing it?

Interview | Growl and Grandeur

They’re great to do & are one of the

it really depends on what the

last bigger format products to design

illustration is for.

for, now the LP is dying out. I’d love to do more but it’s an expensive

What are your favoured

business unless you have the facility


to sell hundreds.

I’m fairly basic when it comes to materials. I’ve use a plain moleskin

What is your process for

pad combined with pencils from ikea

creating your work?

because they’re the same size as the

I generally sketch my ideas in a note

pad & fit in your pocket. Marker pads

pad. I do them all fairly small then if

are good if I’m using pens, usually

I like something I’ll work on a larger

sharpies, because the ink doesn’t

sketch which I scan & then work up

bleed & your pens don’t run out as

in Adobe illustrator. Sometimes I’ll

fast. Most of my work is finished

take the finished illustrator file into

off on a Mac using Photoshop or

photoshop & add texture, but it


< The tattoo industry is getting really big now & there’s some fantastic artists, it’s not all badly drawn dolphins anymore which is good for everyone >

What’s your latest project?

of the growl & grandeur work at

like my artwork & they’d buy it.

I’m currently sorting out the printing

the moment, Our ‘katie’ design is

T-shirts seemed to be a good

for Growl & Grandeur’s spring/

one of my favorites, I also like the

affordable media & fitted in with

summer line, then there’s going to

background to our brand which is

my style of drawing & the market

be a photo shoot which I’ve booked

technically lots of drawings, but it

I want to work within. A plus point

some rather popular models for &

was the first ever repeat pattern I

is that it can be run from anywhere

then range will be launched in April.

designed & a bit of a challenge to

in the world which means now I

After that I plan on getting ahead

get it to work.

hardly ever commute to work &

on the winter range with some new

eventually I might be able to move

products. I may well look into a small

We love the look of Growl and

somewhere less urban. The name

range for Ethel Murman if the budget

Grandeur, how did that some

was the hardest, as most single

will stretch that far.


words are taken by other companies.

I’ve always worked in advertising

We spent hours reading dictionaries

What’s the favourite piece of

& illustration but it’s always kept

at words that gave the right feeling.

work you have done?

me tied to London. I got made

I wanted it to have impact, a sense

That’s a hard one as I get asked to

redundant when the recession really

of greatness & something to go with

go lots of different styles by different

kicked in decided to see how being


clients. I’m also quite judgemental

freelance went. Surprisingly there

about my own work, I get bored

seemed to be enough work out

What’s your favourite T-shirt

with it quickly which I blame on

there but a lot of it still involved

you have designed?

having looked at it longer than

commuting into London. Over the

‘Katie’ was one of our first t-shirt

anyone else. I’d have to say some

years lots of people said that they

designs & she’s been our best seller,

Interview | Growl and Grandeur

which has confirmed that Growl &

hardtop & a convertible which are

Do you own a VW?

Grandeur can work. That said I think

really rare. I found them by luck

Sadly not, I’ve only been driving

some of the new range is equally as

online in a clearance sale. I’m a

a year. I never bothered learning

good & I have high hopes for them.

bit scared to touch them though

because I’ve always lived on the

because they’re ‘expert’ kits & have

edge of London & traveled to work

hundreds of pieces more than the

by train. I was going to get a LHD 67

What do you like to do in your

average kit.

Beetle but I learnt to drive in fiesta

spare time?

Much of my work involves sitting

with all the mod cons & so opted for

I like craft type things & I’m always

in front of a computer so I like to

a BMW mini as the LHD & lack of

trying out new things. I got into airfix

get out & I don’t really mind where,

power steering scared me as a first

kits a little while ago which seems

markets, shops & the seaside. We

time driver. In the next couple of

sad but I like making ratlook vws. I

generally go places that are dog

years I hope to get a bug though.

recently got both a 356 porsche

friendly as we have 2 pooches.

Interview | Growl and Grandeur

< I like really classic restored bugs but slammed. It’s need a bit of poke too, I’m a bit of a boy racer if truth be told > What is your dream VW?

bigger than the mini for transporting

looking into collaboration work so

An oval beetle. I always feel it’s

gear to shows. A beetle is less

depending who’s up for it there might

funny to say a beetle is a dream car

practical unfortunately but something

be some interesting products lined

but a solid oval isn’t that affordable

like a micro bus would be ideal. Same


anymore. I like really classic restored

as my ideal VW. Something classic

bugs but slammed. It’d need a bit of

but low with some nice sign writing If you want to meet Growl &

poke too, I’m a bit of a boy racer if the truth be told & I think I’d need

.What are your plans for the

Grandeur in person they have a

air though as I’m quite an impatient

future art wise?

trade space at the London Tattoo

driver. Going miles out of my way to

More of the same for now. At the

Convention at Tabacco dock

avoid a speed hump would drive me

moment I’m splitting my time down

on the 28th 29th 30th September


the middle, My freelance work &


designing for Growl & Grandeur. I’m VW wise what are your plans for

going to be working on the autumn/

You can also check out their website

the future?

winter range & looking into new


I’m hoping that Growl & Grandeur

products. Eventually we want to

really takes off in its second year. If it

be more of a clothing brand than a

does we might need something

t-shirt brand. I’m also going to be

Colin’s own blog www.thecolinhoodshow.blogspot.com Ethel Murman’s facebook page www.facebook.com/EthelMurman

If you want some free advertising in Air Monkeys then emailairmonkeyvw@gmail. com

This Could Be You!

Music that has been doing the rounds at Airmonkey’s HQ

Every Time I Die- Ex Lives Peter Salter

Ex-Lives is, simply put, an incredible record. The Buffalobased quartet returns with an album that exudes swagger and brutality in equal measure. ETID haven’t sounded this visceral since their debut album, Hot Damn! but owing to a far superior level of polish, this album retains all the intricacy and complexity we’ve come to expect from the band’s more recent material. The relentlessly well-crafted guitar parts are complimented by the growling bass and thunderous percussion, while frontman, Keith Buckley’s vocals continue to improve with his lyrics demonstrating all the intelligence and humour that have become a trademark of his writing. Highlights include the chaotic, The Low Road Has No Exits, the ferocious, I Suck [Blood] and bonus track Grudge Music, which features a riff so utterly brilliant it defies explanation. So listen to it. Now. Sounds like: Gallows, Cancer Bats, Norma Jean Stand out track: Grudge Music Rating 10/10 Four Year Strong- In Some Way, Shape or Form Joe Eynon

This is the fourth full length album from the Massachusetts based melodic hardcore band. This band on the crest of a wave at the moment and this album shows why. Its a well polished release that packs enough punch to be hardcore but allows them to be on the cusp of the alternative charts. I expect massive things from this band in the next couple of years so “Watch this space!”. Sounds like- The Wonder Years, A Day to Remember, Hit the Lights. Stand out track- Stuck In The Middle Rating- 9/10

Regular | Earworm Sleigh Bells- Reign of Terror Joe Eynon

Between their first and second album, Sleigh Bells have lost none of their ability to impact hard on the listener. This album is a little slower in pace than their first but still has their trade mark thumping drums, screaming synth guitars and echoing baselines. If you buy this album you best warn your neighbours about the potential noise levels. Sounds like- Chairlift, Grimes, M.I.A, Girls. Stand out track- Comeback Kid Rating- 8/10 Matt Pryor- May Day Samantha Eynon

Matt Pryor is widely acknowledged as one of the great song writers of our time, and he shows us why on this album. May Day was written and recorded at home in May, in between The Get Up Kids’ gigs. It all feels so effortless, much of it just consists of Pryor with an acoustic guitar, though there is the addition of a piano and harmonica at times. A tip would be to get the bonus track edition which contains a sublime version of Saves the day’s- Freakish. Sounds like- Kevin Devine, The New Amsterdams, Walter Schreifelsz Stand out track- Polish The Broken Glass Rating- 9/10 The Shins - Port of Morrow Peter Salter

Port of Morrow is a significant return to form for the James Mercer-fronted indie-pop darlings, following the disappointment of 2007’s Wincing the Night Away. Although still not a patch on either of the group’s first two full length releases, this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. The band has seen its fair share of upheaval since their last outing with a change of line-up and change of record label from Sub Pop Records to Mercer’s own Aural Apothecary label. The change has evidently done them good and while Port of Morrow doesn’t ever feel like it reaches the heady heights of quality that Oh, Inverted World did, it’s a solidly enjoyable record that will please those that felt let down by the last album. Sounds like: The Decemberists, Pavement, Spoon Stand out track: Fall of ‘82 Rating: 7/10

Miniature Tigers- Mia Pharaoh Samantha Eynon

The first 2 songs that the album delivers initally suggest a new direction for the band, with a couple of electro disco tracks that are cheesy, but fun. However, thankfully they then delve into a more familiar sound, more akin to their previous efforts with a dreamy, psychedelic feel. They are definitely quite a kitsch band, with often bizarre lyrics, but have such a talent for pop-friendly hooks that you won’t be able to stop yourself from humming along. Sounds like- Freelance Whales, Of Montreal, The Morning Benders Stand out track- Boomerang Rating- 7/10 Jenny Owen Youngs - An Unwavering Band of Light Peter Salter

New Jersey-based Owen Youngs’ latest release is undoubtedly her most accomplished work to date. An album of genuine diversity, An Unwavering Band of Light finds the singer/songwriter in particularly eclectic form as the record segues seamlessly between the type of humourladen folk-pop we’ve come to expect on tracks like Your Apartment and much more moody, angst-ridden pieces like Born to Lose. This more melancholy side to her music is one seldom seen before and makes a startling, yet refreshing change. Displaying a maturity and competence that surpasses previous releases, the album is cleverly-written and wellstructured throughout and there is something on here for almost all tastes with Owen Youngs drawing on all kind of influences from Rilo Kiley (Pirates) and Azure Ray (O God) to Tim Kasher (Born to Lose) and Ben Folds (Your Apartment). Sounds like: Jenny Lewis, Regina Spektor, Metric Stand out track: Pirates Rating: 7.5/10 Twin Atlantic- Free Nikola Woodhall

As a new fan of this scottish quartet, it has been a joy listening to their debut album, which is energetic and powerful with lyrics that have been beautifully written. The band were impressive live, overflowing with charisma. Definitely one to watch. Sounds like: Canterbury, Deaf Havana, Young Guns Stand out track: Free Rating: 8/10

Regular | Earworm Andrew Bird – Break it Yourself Peter Salter

Andrew Bird’s latest record is a gorgeous collection of beautifully crafted gypsy-folk tunes. The recent breakthroughs of artists like Bon Iver and Devendra Banhart have cleared the way for Bird to get his brand of avantgarde, violin-driven material heard by a much wider audience, and while this record is still as slow-paced as previous material, it’s much more upbeat and inevitably an album that will be frequently heard throughout summer 2012. With its vast and varied instrumentation, the album flits between beguiling, atmospheric epics and strippedback, shimmery easy-listening, while Bird’s understated vocals are impossible to resist. From album-opener, Desperation Breeds… you’ll be hooked and longing for a sunny beer garden and a tall glass of something chilled.

Fun.- Some Nights

Sounds like: Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene Stand out track: Give It Away Rating: 8/10

Samantha Eynon

The band’s name- Fun. is very apt, their second album Some Nights is at times an unashamedly camp romp. It mashes up musical genres in a way not many other bands could get away with. They infact got producer Jeff Bhasker to work with them on this album, who is more used to working with people like Kayne West and Jay-Z. Nate Ruess’ vocals are, as ever, incredible and the album on the whole is a very uplifiting experience. However, in places some songs feel overworked with an unnecessary use of voice synthesizers, particularly on the track Stars. Sounds like- Jacks Mannequin, The Format, Fruit Bats Stand out track- Some Nights Rating- 8/10 Lostprophets- Weapons Joe Eynon

Long ago are the days when I got excited about a Lostprophets album. Their debut album crashed onto the metal scene and bought with it a fresh faced angry teen culture. Ever since then the Welsh metal band have slowly slipped further and further away from what the started out with. With this album they promised a return to their roots, but intruth it fails to evoke the passion of their first two albums; Very disappointing. Sounds like: The Blackout, Madina Lake, Deaf Havana Stand out track: Bring ‘em down Rating: 5/10


Pictures: Joe and Sam Eynon

There was a lot of excitment surrounding this years Volksworld Show at Sandown Park, Surrey. We headed down for the weekend to have a look at some of the best Volkswagens in the world.

Show Report | Volksworld


he Volksworld Show is a must for an air-cooled addict. Ran by the famed Volksworld Magazine, it brings together some of the best Volkswagens on the planet. Many travel from all over the globe to come and see the shining cars under the lights. The weekend event is held just west of London, inside the infamous M25 motorway. The location makes getting there on a Friday evening somewhat of a challenge, but there is very little that can be done to solve that problem. The location is fantastic. Many VW shows and festivals are outside affairs, with only the

cold winter shows having some kind of undercover areas for visitors. As the Volksworld Show, or Voowoo as its known to many, is held at the Sandown Racecourse in Esher, Surrey, the majority of the displays and stalls are not only undercover but in a warm, modern building with heating and proper toilets. It really is the most upmarket show of the year! I am sure that if the show was all outside then the standard of show cars would be considerably less. Many of the cars displayed in the show hall are Volksworld Magazine feature cars and it’s nice for their readers to see them

“in the flesh”. Others are cars sourced from around the world. This year they had some fantastic vehicles and displays which all weekend had large crowds gathered around them. Marco de Waal’s air-ride Jeans beetle was my personal favourite of the show. Especially when you discover he only finished the restoration with hours to spare and then drove it from The Netherlands to compete. He scooped up one of the coveted Top 20 Awards for his efforts too. Another star attraction was one of the oldest VW derived cars in the world.

Show Report | Volksworld

The KdF-Wagen Type 60 K10 Rekordwagen was a sports car based on the VW38 and began the transition from Volkswagen to Porsche. It is quite likely that this is the only time the car will ever be in the U.K. so people flocked to see this car. The other cars competing for the Top 20 Awards were all amazing. The beetles, buggy’s, splits, bays, Ghia and variants all shined and dazzled under the lights. The guys behind the Sandscorcher Beetle showed their latest creation. The Project Wild Willy was a Beetle underneath and a Willys Jeep on top. Trust me it was totally rad! Pete Senneck’s high top splitscreen was by far the shiniest VW there and showed how flat and true the bodywork was on that bus. Next to Pete’s bus was a 1964 1500s Squareback belonging the Mario Gehrig. We loved this car so much you’ll have to see our “Spanked” pages for a look at this! Outside the indoor show hall was split into two main areas. At the front of the park was the arena space where the SSVC and the Early Bays lined up. Plus the Volksworld Vault

Show Report | Volksworld

Show Report | Volksworld lined up some “blasts from the past”. Here the Cool Flo Team had their live music stage and a vintage BMX Show and Shine. At the rear of the park there was the club displays. This year the DTA and RSVP boys shared the prize with a truly brilliant display of cars. More from those boys at a later date. A few more display cars also showed their faces outside the show hall. Luckily this year we were blessed with super weather so everyone got to enjoy these too. The pick of these was Evil Ben’s Milk Float and the wonderful K70 that was an interesting break from the normal air-cooled cars at the show.

The trade was much the same as previous years but always a pleasure to look around. Voowoo attracts overseas traders, including some from the States and yet again the Karmann Konnection Swap Meet did not disappoint. The swap meet gets rammed full of eager shoppers early on, but unless you have plenty of spare money you’ll go home empty handed. The rarest of the rare goes on sale here. Many things with no prices on! If you need to ask you probably cannot afford it! The camping was again very good and the whole show ap-

peared more organised than previous years, making the experience less stressful. Esher town centre is only ten minutes walk away with a vast array of bars and restaurants to choose from, again making this show different from the rest. Some shows this year are not allowing visitors to leave the site during the weekend. Voowoo is a well-organised, excellent show but is also very relaxing. Each year the Volksworld Team come up with some brilliant jaw dropping show cars. We already cannot wait to see what they find to exhibit for next years event. Bring it on!

Our favourite rides from the last few months ...

Regular | Spanked!

Regular | Spanked!

Regular | Spanked!

Words: Samantha Eynon

Pictures Samantha and Joe Eynon, unless otherwise stated


ver the last few years you can’t have failed to notice the invasion of BMXs, Lowriders and Cruisers that arrive at any VW show now days. They are becoming as synonymous with the scene as Radio Flyers and vintage coolers, so when on a trip to Manchester we discovered a company that proclaimed themselves to be ‘No 1 for beach cruiser bikes in the UK’ we had to go and have a nosey round to see what they were all about. Ridelow is based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, near the infamous Affleck’s Palace. The company was formed roughly 18 years ago and began dealing with bikes about 12 years ago. The owners were passionate about bikes, but were also equally passionate

about fashion. They had seen Lowriders and Cruisers making waves in the US, but saw a gap in the market in the UK, and they made it their aim to introduce us Brit’s to these awesome modes of transport. They also felt that most bike shops were heavily aimed more

at men, and realised that many women would be on the look out for bicycles that were a bit different and could be an extension of their wardrobe. A bike could be as much a statement about yourself as what you decide to wear or the car you drive.

Shop Tour | Ridelow

Shop Tour | Ridelow

< “When you are in the car you are watching a movie, when you are riding on your bicycle you are in the movie” > The ploy seems to have worked, as they told us that they get lots of women coming in on their own to discuss what bike they want, which simply wouldn’t happen very often in somewhere like Halfords! Being based in a city centre they are very aware of the advantages of leaving your car at home when it comes to the daily commute or popping to the shops. They make the very vaild point that you see more angry drivers than you do cyclists. Many other European cities embrace cycling culture, such as Amsterdam and Paris, and Ridelow are committed to helping the UK to become a nation of cyclists, while looking good at the same time! To employ a cheesy quote they reckon that “When you are

in the car you are watching a movie, when you are riding a bicycle you are in the movie”

With a massive range of brands, from Electra to We the People.

As part of their committment, they are an authorised dealer and supporters of the Cycle2work scheme, which is a scheme that allows you to purchase a bike up to £1000, including accessories like helmets and locks. Through the scheme they have helped hundreds of people to get on their bikes!

As well as the complete bikes you see in Ridelow’s physical and online shop, they also custom build bikes. They have built bikes for some massive brands including, Budweiser, Wagamamma and Goi Goi. Some of their bicycles even featured in a McDonald’s advert, and you really don’t get much bigger than that! They have also appeared in music videos and many a celebrity bottom has perched on the saddle of them, including David and Victoria Beckham, Tinchy Stryder, Agyness Deyn and even the (unfortunately) ever present Justin Bieber.

The company stocks single speed and fixed gear bikes for the “urban fashionista”, Low riders for those wanting to roll with style, Cruisers for those wanting to look awesome while enjoying comfort. They also deal in BMX’s, Freestyle and mountain bikes.

< many a celebrity bottom has perched on the saddle of one of Ridelowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s custom built bikes >

Photo: courtesy of Ridelow

Shop Tour | Ridelow

Photo: courtesy of Ridelow

As well as selling bicycles you will be greeted with belts, trainers, caps and a nice array of Montana spray paints for customising your ride when you visit them in store. The shop has also leased out parts of the building for amongst

others Tattitude, a tattoo and body piercing studio, and Prince of Tees, who will do custom prints for you or your business onto tees, bags, stickers and more.

for a 2 wheeled mode of transport to get you round your next VW show then you certainly wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go wrong if you give Ridelow a visit, or check out their website:

So if you are on the look out


Feature | Australian Beetle

Reckless Abandon Words: Joe Eynon

Pictures: David Rozzell

Once abandoned in a field in Australia, this Beetle is loved once again after finding a home in the U.K.


he Volkswagen world is a strange one. Most people with a hobby strive for perfection. To the honest observer the 1958 CKD Australian imported Beetle, you can see here, is far from perfect. It has the obvious rust, scuffs and dents that would make most detailers and trailer queen owners nauseated. Here at Air Monkeys we’re far from perfect ourselves so the deliberate imperfections are far from imperfect. In fact they are the opposite. We first saw this car on Facebook, of all places, and knew we needed to get in on our pages. When we contacted Karen Anderson to ask her if she wanted a feature she could not have been more eager! This woman seriously loves her Beetle. Karen, who hails from Emsworth in Hampshire, (between Chichester and Portsmouth) works as a joiner and has previously owned a 1966 and two 1969 Bugs plus a 1971 Dormobile Bay. She got hooked onto VW’s, like many of us, as a child when her cousin owned a beetle. This car has been a slow, (and somewhat ongoing) project ever since it arrived on English soil from “down-under”. Gavin from South West Splitz is responsible for importing the car and selling it onto Karen back in June 2008. Since then Karen has lost count of the money and time she has spent on it, not that she cares really. To get it to the point where she was happy with it, it took nine months of hard graft. Most classic car scenes cannot appreciate that a car with visible rust and blemishes can take months or years to restore. More fool them I say! Welding on the floor pan had to be done where a battery had leaked in the past and wheel arch repairs were made to make the car all metal again. The poor re-spray matches were removed with Nitromoors, with great difficultly Karen stressed! When the car came into the country its engine lid was obviously a replacement, as it was green. Mirror Finish in Canvey Island, colour matched it and sprayed it to blend in with the rest of the car perfectly. The colour is a somewhat of a mystery. Karen is mostly under the impression that it is called Summer Blue, an Australia VW colour. If you know different please get in touch and we’ll let Karen know. The original semaphores had already been disconnected and large plastic indicators were fitted. Karen replaced these with some neat little chrome ones she found on EBay although she has some elephant ears ones to use as some point.

Feature | Australian Beetle

< This woman seriously loves her Beetle.>

The car has been lowered using adjusters and tweaked down until a great raked stance was achieved. I think youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll agree the car sits perfectly. A set of Radar replica wheels were fitted but Karen has the original steel wheels sitting in standby at home if she ever feels like a change in looks. Engine wise, the car is

stock stock stock. The original 1200 Type 1 motor gets Karen from show to show where she has even picked up some awards for her efforts. Karen also attends Driftwood VW club and Dubzpac often with the car. Future plans for this car include a re-trim, carpet set and maybe a re-spray although Karen is well aware

that she needs to preserve as much of the quality patina as possible. We think this car is just perfect. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got the right amount of scratches and bumps that make it have character. To few it would look half hearted. To many it would appear just rotten. This is spot on.

Tasty Tees! 1




Regular | Tasty Tees





1- Rogue Wave- dirtykarmaclothing.com 2- DP Hands- deadpuppiesclothing.com 3- Get Fresh- brokensightclothing.com 4- Katie- growlandgrandeur.com 5- Boombox- 8ball.co.uk 6- Vinyl is Forever- thegiantpeach.com 7- Challenge Accepted- snorgtees.com 8- Ferris Buellerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Off- ohhdeer.com

Here is a photograph of Matt Goldsmithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s late baywindow camper taken by Andy Chase (@halfbakedpixels). The photo was snapped when they were in the Orchard campsite in Croyde, North Devon on a Surfing trip.

Regular | Photo focus

Product Focus | Rattler

Cornish Cyder

words: Joe Eynon pictures: Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm/ Cornish Scrumpy Co. Ltd


efore any of you write to us complaining that we have spelt “Cyder” incorrectly, we haven’t. It is in fact spelt the Cornish way and seeing as this is Cyder from Cornwall that’s how it should be! Our readers in the U.K may as well skip this next paragraph. Cornwall is the most southwesterly point in the U.K. It is where the British Isle reaches out into to Atlantic Ocean, waves crashing and all. The county provides the British people with some stunning countryside- rugged and untamed in places, steep cliff faces and cruel ocean swells. It also has some amazing wildlife. Seals, dolphins and rare birds are often seen. This is all very well but another great thing to come out of Cornwall is Cornish Rattler.

It’s a crisp, sharp tasting drink made in the traditional way in the heart of the Cornish countryside. Made by the Healey family it can be enjoyed in three varieties. Apple, Pear or Berry. The Apple is the driest. Giving a kick to the senses, The Pear a little sweeter which is perfect for a summer’s day in the garden or after a surf. The berry is their latest inclusion. Fruity and sweet, very thirst quenching and very tasty. In the U.K recently Cider has had a resurgence. Bulmer’s, Magner’s, Stella Cidre, Kopparberg and others are all selling very well. Healey’s is a small company compared to them but has a ever-growing fan base. Many people enjoy a camping or family holiday to the South-West of England and drink nothing else when down there! It really gives you that holiday feeling. The ranges of drinks are available throughout the Southwest and can be found in bottles or on tap in many pubs and bars. It can also be purchased online via the Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm web shop where you can also find many more drinks as well as jams and preserves plus merchandise. At Air Monkeys we love helping the little guy and Healey’s are making amazing cyder whilst being the small fish in

a big pond. The company are looking to expand more and more all the time and it can be seen across the country in Wetherspoons pubs now. We love how this company is run and how they hold themselves in the market. Lets hope no matter how popular they become they remain like that. In essence this Cyder represents the U.K. Small but packs a big punch when needed!

For more information on the company please go to: www.thecornishcyderfarm.co.uk

Feature | ‘66 Ghia

The Devil’s In The Detail Words: Samantha Eynon Pictures: Auna Allen


im Patterson boldly claims that the 1966 Karmann Ghia that adorns these pages is her dream car, so luckily for her she owns it! When we ask most VW owners what their dream vehicle is, they never pick what they already own, always having future plans and sights set on about 10 other cars! However, this statement becomes much less bold when you look at this ’66 Ghia. It truly is stunning. Bought in August 2008 from an Ebay seller

in Huntington, Indiana, it has had 1 and a half years of love, money and hard work poured into it, which shines out at you from it’s glistening paintwork. When Kim and her husband first purchased the Ghia it was already in Primer and they were told that it was ready for paint. However, as is often the case, this was not quite the truth. After getting it back to their home and having a bit of a poke about at it, their hearts sank, as a familiar story unfolded, and chunks of Bondo

started cracking and falling out. To assess the full extent of the faults on the car, they put it on a rotisserie and flipped it over. To their dismay they found that the car body was riddled with the dreaded Bondo! Despite this devastating turn of events Kim and her husband Joe were determined to find a donor body. However, all they managed to get hold of was a 1973 Ghia, so they set about the laborious task of turning a ’73 body into a ’66!

Feature | ‘66 Ghia

< To their dismay they found that the car body was riddled with the dreaded Bondo! > This required them to cut the rear quarters off the ’66 and graft them onto the ’73. Repairs were also made to the dash, quarter lights and the B pillar posts. They then had to get rid of the filler flap, indicator and bumper bracket holes and voila they now had what would appear to be a ’66 body. All the body work was completed by Kim, Joe and their

friend Robb Hanley. This seems like quite a feat, and is indeed very impressive, but we should tell you that the husband and wife team do own Vintage Metal Werks, a vintage Volkswagen restoration company based in Ohio. The ’66 Ghia is an excellent testament to the quality of work that the company offer.

To get down to the specifics of the vehicle now; It has been lowered by 2 ½ inches on drop spindles, has Empi oil filled shocks. It runs with the standard front disc and rear drum brakes, on repro Porsche Gas Burners. The Ghia is also sporting quite a sound system, fitted by Joe, complete with a sexy looking Sound Stream Capacitor,

< The â&#x20AC;&#x2122;66 Ghia is an excellent testament to the quality of work that the company offer > Joe and Robb then custom built some fiberglass enclosures to house it all. As previously mentioned, the couple, along with their good friend Robb, did a massive amount of work on this Ghia, the only thing that they shipped out for someone else to do was the engine and transmission, which were built

by Ron Nelson of RPM in Ada, Ohio. The 1835cc engine is fitted with an Angle FK8 camshaft, 1.25:1 ratio rockers, ported and polished heads with Sima/ Mahle pistons and cylinders. A pair of Dellorto 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sit perfectly on top of the 044 heads. What an engine! The lump is then then neatly wrapped in chromed tinware.

One of the things we personally love so much about this car is the awesome pinstriping that appears subtly in a few places, it really just makes the Ghia stand out that little bit more. The man behind the pin striping is Darin Allen of, Killer Designs by Darin. A man who has been in the business for over 30 years, and in that time has created artwork for many

Feature | ‘66 Ghia

famous people, including petrol head, Jay Leno. The work he idid on the ‘66 was all done conpletely free-hand. The car is, simply put, stunning, and is just spotless. Every inch of it shines, so it is no surprise that it has won numerous awards including one for it’s engine and one for it’s paintwork. With all this in mind, we think it might be one of our dream cars too!

Here is Stephen Keys Nigerian Beetle, Nigel. Since we featured this car it has undergone some massive changes underneath. We thought Isabelle Teresa Photographyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s picture does the car and Stephen justice. This was taken after the Dubfreeze Show whilst they were cruising home.

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Air Monkeys Issue 5  

Air Monkeys bring you the 5th edition of their free VW inspired magazine. Showcasing the best in the world of aircooled vw's, low rider bicy...

Air Monkeys Issue 5  

Air Monkeys bring you the 5th edition of their free VW inspired magazine. Showcasing the best in the world of aircooled vw's, low rider bicy...