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Issue 07 | Autumn 2011 |


> The full European Bug-In report Vintage treffens around the globe! €14,50 | £12.95 | $21.95 | ¥2400

Phat Steel

New Image Razor

Bitte Ein Frid

Vintage style with a “phat” twist making them stand out!

A close look at the ultra low custom Type 34 from Japan.

The awesome Judson blown VW Fridolin from Indonesia!



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Bitte ein Frid

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Featured cars 52

70 8

’56 Esso Truck

Phat Steelies



14 | Terror Garage Fridolin From Indonesia we’ve got this not so stock cool German post office VW.

52 | Lower Than Low Beetles A Pair of small window beetles rolling on phat steel rims, one with Airride the other one hardcore low.


70 | 1956 Workhorse Type2 A concourse restored heating oil delivery Pick Up from Holland.

Vive La 356

88 | A French 356A Outlaw Made in Paris, a mild custom Porsche 356 Coupe fitted with BRM wheels.

106 | Earth Cutting With A Razor The latest ride from the New Image clan, a full custom Type34 snaking through Japanese traffic.

120| Denzel Power Hebmüller

Oldspeed Hebmüller



New Image Razor

Extremely rare 1949 Heb with an even rarer 1500cc Denzel engine.

142| The KDF Duo From Japan Found at Flat4’s Klassisches Treffen a pair of ultra rare KDF Beetles.

52 Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |



New Beetle Presentation


Klassisches VW Treffen in Japan #2

The Shows

47 10

SoCal Vintage Treffen



European Bug-In #4

28 | Canada’s VW show An open house, a drag strip, a show with a swap meet, what more do you need for a good time.

34 | Ken King’s Type25A Resto The second part of Ken’s monster Barndoor sunroof restoration...


47 | Vintage VW’s In SoCal The yearly gathering for stockers and pre ‘57 Vdubs at the Phoenix Club.

Barndoor 25A Resto Part 2

65 | A New Beetle Party The launch party in Brussels of Volkswagen’s 21st century Beetle.

80 | Japanese Vintage Meet Flat4’s 2nd Klassisches VW treffen in the gorgeous Nakaizu wine country.

102 | Germany, Bad Camberg The grandmother of all Vintage VW shows, Bad Camberg, held only once every four years.


130| European Bug In #04 World’s largest Nostalgia VW Event. We have the full report!

The Canadian VW Show

...and more! Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


BITTE EIN FRID Words: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Michael Lesmana | Pichaus Photography Indonesia


When the German Postal Service commissioned VW to develop the perfect delivery van they had no idea that 50 years later it would be one of the rarest Aircooled VWs around. Desired by some, detested by many, ugly duckling of the VW family, here’s the TerrorGarage Fridolin! Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


The Great Canadian VW Show 2011 Words: Silas Bancroft Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Alan Uyeno


Show | Great Canadian VW Show

As aficionados of fine German steel, August in British Columbia, Canada holds a dear place in our hearts for one special reason. The Great Canadian VW Show (GCVWS) >

elebrating it’s 20th birthday in 2011, the GCVWS is a weekend long party and is one of the best shows north of “the big one” in So-Cal. Open to all aircooled and watercooled VW’s old and new, folks from all over the world attend this event to enjoy some VW fun here in the Great White North! Friday kick-starts the weekend as fans with a thirst for speed make the pilgrimage out to Mission Raceway for the DVKK sponsored Strip Show and the Zündfolge Car Club sponsored Stock Motor Challenge (also sponsored by AVR Import Specialties and TAG Whistler). With $1000 in cash payouts and well over 50 VW’s on the track we got to see everything from a 9.77 second turboed 1956 oval to a 24.51 second 1951 split window standard with original 25hp motor, crash box transmission and cable brakes. Other highlights included Chris Caswell “knock-knock-knocking on eleven’s door” with a 12.11 second pass in his 1914cc powered 1961 bug and custom one-off trophies for the Stock Motor Challenge made by Jim Martin and his daughter Ashley. Saturday started early as opened the doors to their shop for a get together. With help from the Strictly German VW Association, the masses were extremely well taken care of


Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


Words: Burt Campbell Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: David Milan

Colombian Special ‘52 24A build Part #02 - In the first part of this build we ended with this 1952 Sunroof Standard cut up in three pieces! So lets continue this project and start from bottom and work to the top... > et’s see now... Where did we leave off in Part 1? Ah yes, Ken was the proud owner of a roofless bus and half a chassis. Well, much can change in six months, especially in Ken King’s world. We featured the start of this remarkable rebirth in the last issue (Issue 6 – Summer 2011- and, given Ken’s warp speed action mode, he had us on the edge of our seats the whole time.

Kick back, take notes, and enjoy a few words of wisdom from the man himself…

This monstrous project was rightly named the “Colombian Special” due to the extremely hard life she had survived being used and abused on South American roads for nearly 57 years. Literally every square inch of the 1952 Type 24A Standard Microbus needed some sweet lovin’ in one way or another. But why all the fuss? It’s the rarest of the rare factory “Golde” sliding sunroof which sets this Barndoor apart. In fact, there are only two (out of twenty) older non-deluxe sunroof BDs known to exist! Check out our last issue for all the details.

AM - Any specific modifications done? KK - I’m keeping the body as close to stock as possible. I’m adamant about this. I feel very strongly that these vehicles should be able to be returned to stock very easily when the time comes.


Naturally we wanted the inside scoop on such a crazy project, so we yanked Ken (KK) away from the old girl just long enough to get an exclusive AirMighty (AM) interview.


AM - What has changed since the last issue? KK - Well, since then I’ve built the body, basically from the torsion tube up. With help from Chris Murray, we made a jig for the chassis, which was very helpful in getting the correct overall dimensions.

AM - What are some of the areas that people overlook when rebuilding a Barndoor? KK - It drives me crazy when people don’t fix the front transmission mount. There is a decent option now to use a rubber mount, and keep the original casting there. I know, because I make them... There is no need to hack anything anymore. AM - Any unexpected issues since starting the build?

KK - I knew it was pretty bad, but I was optimistic that I could save more of the original sheet metal than I did. In fact I’ve had to replace at least 60% of it. AM - What was the major obstacle that you had to overcome? KK - The hardest part was keeping everything square. I’m certain VW had some awesome jigs for this model, back when they were assembling these vehicles new. But I didn’t. I measured everything multiple times, and fitted the doors and the bonnet again and again to ensure I was close. I believe the whole bus is within 1-2mm of factory spec. AM - What components have been hardest to source? KK - I had a lot of trouble finding the piano hinge vent wing door tops. One of them is NOS and came from Denmark. The other side arrived months later, used, from Japan. AM - Any specs on the parts used? KK - All the metal came from Klassicfab, other than a handful of NOS and used panels. I’ve said it before, but this build and many others around the globe just would

Build | ‘52 Sunroof Standard - Part 2

Now this is what you would call a ground up restoration. Ken started from scratch on his home made jig

Step by step it’s starting to come together again

He made sure everything was perfectly aligned

All the nessecary cable guides were hand made

Flipped upside down the frame is taking shape

Up next was the top half of the Barndoor rebuild

On the road in style to deliver the cab to its bath!

not be possible without Gerson and his panels. I’m thankful he’s so passionate about these old buses. AM - How many hours have you put into this project so far? And expected hours? KK – I have spent approximately 400 hours - and realistically, I’ll have put 700 hours into this vehicle by the time she’s done. AM - What inspires you to keep going? KK - A good friend of mine once told me to work at things for a least one hour a day, no matter what. That way you get at least 30 hours done in a month. A lot can get done in 30 hours. Also, I’m really looking forward to the drive to L.A. (for OCTO) in June. We’ve got a cruise planned from here (Calgary, Canada) with some very close friends. Even if we have problems, I know it will be memorable. AM - Special thanks to anyone at this stage? KK - My wife. I manage projects like this during my spare time, and luckily she supports me. I couldn’t do any of this without her. My friends are also willing to come give me a hand, sometimes on short notice, and

it never ceases to amaze me. People joke about me being a lucky guy, but it’s true. There you have it. Some motivational words straight from the Barndoor King Pin himself. Stay tuned for Part 3 in the next issue of AirMighty. We’ll peer over Ken’s shoulder as he installs the completely refurbished drivetrain on the Colombian Special and reassembles her freshly-painted body. In the meantime, indulge your BD fixation by following Ken’s “1952 24A build thread” on The Samba’s Barndoor section or on his site We can’t wait to see what Ken’s got in store for us next!

> “Be realistic. A project like this is not a first-timer. I would not have been able to get this far without having done several vehicles before.” < o, wo waren wir stehen geblieben nach Teil? Ach ja, Ken präsentierte uns einen dachlosen Bus und ein halbes Chassis. Seit dem sind sechs Monate vergangen und in Ken Kings Welt kann sich da einiges tun. In der letzten Ausgabe (AirMighty #6, Sommer


2011) hatten wir damit begonnen, die Wiedergeburt seines Buses zu begleiten. Und weil es bei Ken schnell voran geht, waren wir die ganze Zeit gespannt wie Flitzebögen, um seine Fortschritte zu sehen. Ken nennt sein monströses Projekt zu Recht “Columbian Special”, denn der Bus wurde in nahezu 57 Jahren auf den Straßen Südamerikas ge- und verbraucht. Wirklich jeder Quadratzentimeter dieses 52er Typ 24A benötigte Zuwendung auf die eine oder andere Weise. Aber warum das alles? Es ist das rare Golde-Faltdach, das diesen Barndoor-Bus so besonders macht. Um genau zu sein gibt es weltweit nur zwei weitere Nicht-Samba Barndoors (von 20), die älter sind, als dieser Wagen hier. Alle Details dazu könnt Ihr in unserer letzten Ausgabe nachlesen. Verständlicher Weise wollen wir bei so einem speziellen Projekt ganz dicht dabei sein und deswegen zogen wir Ken (KK) kurz aus der Werkstatt, um mit ihm ein exklusives AirMighty (AM) Interview zu führen. Macht’s Euch gemütlich, schreibt Euch Tipps raus und genießt ein paar Worte der Weisheit von Ken selbst…

Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


Two Beetles, both from Holland, looking pretty similar. But underneath itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a whole different story. Both were intended to reduce ground clearance by the max. But one is hard-core slammed, the other has been given the Air Ride treatment. Words: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Niels Timmerman


Phat Steel

Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


EssoPick-up The days when aircooled Volkswagen buses were regular workhorses on the street scene are long gone - but not forgotten. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the story of an original Esso delivery pickup that was rescued and given a second life!

Words: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Niels Timmerman


Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |



Show | Klassisches VW Treffen

Klassisches VW Treffen in Japan Words & Pictures: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Chris Eckermann

This was only the second staging of the event, but already this meet is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s leading VW shows for Vintage Volkswagens. Advance registration was mandatory and the 40- or so cars that signed in were, to say the least, top level, original, and all pre-1959! If you love stock VWs then you should have this event right up there on your showsto-do list! > fter missing out on the first Klassisches VW Treffen in Japan in October 2010 (see AirMighty #04) there was no way we were going to let it go by a second time without joining the party. When we told the good people at Flat4 about our plan to attend their show they insisted on us stopping by the dub shop in Tokyo before heading out to the event! Little did we know that they had a sweet surprise in store for us - ‘we’ being yours truly, the tall white guy from Belgium, and Gunter of CSP fame. After a great shop tour we were led to the front of the building where we found a row of VWs ready for the off… To our delight we were handed the keys to Mr. Komori’s 1949 Hebmüller, a car we featured in the #01 issue of AirMighty when it was fitted with Fuchs. What a way to begin this trip in the Land of the Rising Sun! Mr. Komori led the pack in his 1959 Okrasa-equipped Rag Top Beetle, and we followed in the Heb, tailed by BBT’s Bob and Linda who were driving the 1959 Rometsch from the Flat4 collection. Well, this for sure beats getting a rental car - domo arigato to Komori San! The drive took us about two hours south of Tokyo, and at every stop on the way we were joined by more and more Vintage VWs until the convoy reached a truly epic scale, with a good 40 dubs doing the longa conga. So, where were we heading? Well, the Flat4 team had meticulously prepared a venue at one of Japan’s finest locations, the Nakaizu Winery Hills in the Shizuoka prefecture. Once they’d all arrived on site the cars were neatly lined up, and it was time to sample the local produce, accompanied by a nice piece of imported French cheese. Besides the amazing cars of Mr. Komori the



What an impressive sight, one you would expect on the way to Bad Camberg... Not somewhere just below Tokyo!

rest of the fleet was equally sublime, right from the very rare Type25A Barndoor Sunroof Kombi to the ultra-mega-rare KDF Type82e, two of which were amazingly on display at the Klassisches VW Treffen! Saturday evening concluded with a fascinating LA Toy and Literature style meet, followed by an exquisite buffet dinner, and finally a ride to the nearby hotel in the shuttle bus. Sunday really went by much too fast; there was hardly enough time to check out all the cars, many of which were festooned with accessories, each one worthy of a rarest-ofthe-rare feature in its own right. The swap meet was awash with dub trinkets that we would have loved to take home, and the parade was to die for. Each vehicle was presented according to build year and driven onto the showground with a formal introduction given by the Japanese Dyno Don, minus the Bababapbapbaaaaa… Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any better, we were invited to drive one more time – and I was handed the keys of the 82e! Before we knew it, the weekend came to an end and, jetlag under control, we were back on a plane heading for Europe, reminiscing about a great event – but, as they say, all good things come to an end… bwohl es erst die zweite Auflage des Treffens war kann man bereits jetzt sagen dass es sich auf dem Weg befindet, zu einem der wichtigsten Treffen für historische Volkswagen zu werden. Eine VorabRegistration war notwendig, die rund 40 anwesenden Fahrzeuge (alle original und vor 1959 gebaut) gehörten zur absoluten Spitzenklasse. Für Liebhaber originaler Volkswagen sollte das Treffen definitiv


Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


Vive La 356 So here we are in the heart of the city of love, Paris, racing through the streets early in the morning accompanied by the deep-throated roar of a Porsche fitted with a Sebring Carrera exhaust. An Outlaw 356 thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s zipping through its gears, an aural treat and a feast for the eyes!


Words: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Nicolas Meunier

Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


Bad Camberg 2011 Words: Niels Timmerman Translation: Kobus Cantraine | Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Kevin Maquoi

Once every 4 years the otherwise quiet town of Bad Camberg gets invaded with vintage Volkswagens from all over the world! The first time the late Willi Lottermann invited Beetles to his VW dealership was now 36 years ago. May he rest in peace and look down from high above with a lovely smile on his face > ad Camberg, the mother of all vintage Volkswagen shows hit its 9th anniversary in 2011, it is still one of the worlds most impressive VW shows that has reached it’s legendary status over the year and rightfully so. Today the event is still ran by the Lottermann family aided by the city, the Red Cross and and the local carnival club. The event has now become so popular that it’s become necessary to pre register your car, there’s simply not enough place for everyone and once the 300 car limit is reached that’s it. On top of that if your car is built after August of 1957 you need not apply! The show is held on the Bad Camberg football field and there’s just not more room. This also guarantees the quality and the feeling of the event. Amazing line-ups of split window cabriolets, barndoor buses and Hebmüllers is what you can expect at the Bad Camberg Vintage meets. The fact that the show is only held once every four years also contributes to its success; people are always longing for it and will not miss it for anything in the world. Highlights of this 9th edition of the event were the Type64 Berlin-Rome racer that was brought over by the Hamburg Prototyp museum and put on display next to the #06 VW38 out of the Grundmann collection. Another thing worth mentioning is the swap meet, yes, prices are high but the stuff that’s offered on sale there is truly unique! There’s no way


Niels drove his all original Dutch ‘51 CC Split to BC

ad Camberg, die Mutter aller VW-Veteranentreffen, ging letztes Jahr in die neunte Runde. Noch immer zählt das legendäre Event zu den absoluten Highlights in der luftgekühlten VW-Welt und das zu Recht. Seit Anfang an organisiert die Familie Lottermann die Veranstaltung, unterstützt von der Gemeinde, dem Roten Kreuz und dem örtlichen Karneval-Verein. Mittlerweile ist das Treffen so beliebt, dass es notwendig geworden ist, sich vorab zu registrieren, um einen der begehrten 300 Plätze auf dem Bad Camberger Sportplatz zu ergattern. Dabei hilft natürlich auch der Fakt, dass das Treffen nur alle vier Jahre stattfindet und


Splits everywhere, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

A bit lower than most and with quite a bit of patina, we loved this Hebmüller


around it these days if you want the rarer stuff you have to reach deep into your pockets, the very old vintage VWs are no longer for the common people, those days are long gone. On this edition of the Bad Camberg Show lowered cars were banned and the mission of filling the football field up with original cars just like it used to be when Willi started the event almost 40 years ago was achieved. We for sure hope “Camberg” stays like this for ever, a haven for original VW’s, the Lottermann family should be very proud of what they have achieved. We will for sure be there in 4 years time at the 10th edition of this wonderful weekend dedicated to stockers!

Impressive cabrio line up, rain kept the tops closed

Straight out of the Prototyp museum in Hamburg, the Porsche Type 64

Show | Bad Camberg 2011

A Dutch lowlight Ghia with Judson supercharger

And another Split cabrio, there were loads in B.C.

Always nice to see a ‘50 barndoor, they are RARE

The most desirable bus dashboard, pre ‘55 Samba

Funky Papler red cross cabrio was a headtuner

Raised suspension for this ragtop splitwindow bug

somit von keinem Fan um nichts in der Welt verpasst werden darf. Wer sich nicht rechtzeitig anmeldet, muss folglich sein Auto in den umliegenden Straßen parken. Mit einem Volkswagen nach August 1957 sowieso. Hier kommen wirklich nur die Ältesten der alten VW zusammen! Und das bewahrt die Qualität sowie die Atmosphäre des Events. Wer Bad Camberg besucht, darf atemberaubende Reihen voll BrezelCabrios, Barndoor-Bussen und Hebmüller erwarten, dazwischen Brezel, Ovalis und einige Sonderkarosserien. Die Highlights der 2011er Ausgabe waren mit Sicherheit der Nachbau eines Berlin-RomRennwagens vom Typ 64, der unter Zuhilfenahme von Originalteilen beim Hamburger Prototyp-Museum entstand, sowie der sechste je gebaute VW 38 aus der Grundmann-Sammlung.

#06 driven to Bad Camberg by the Grundmann’s

Neben all den Fahrzeugen gilt aber auch der Teilemarkt als absolute Attraktion. Es gibt wirklich alles, was man sich an Raritäten nur vorstellen kann. Nicht umsonst wurde hier der Satz “Was Du in Bad Camberg nicht findest, gibt es nicht” geprägt! Allerdings haben die seltenen Stücke auch ihren Preis, woran man merkt, dass die ganz frühen Volkswagen schon lange nicht mehr vom Volk bezahlbar sind. Übrigens blieben die Gäste diese Mal von tiefergelegten Wolfsburgern verschont - wenn man das so sagen darf. Genau so wie damals 1979, als Heinz-Willi Lottermann das Treffen aus der Taufe hob. Von uns aus darf Bad Camberg gerne so bleiben, ein Paradies für Fans originaler Volkswagen. Und wir werden trotz unserer Liebe zu tiefen Luftgekühlten auch 2015 wieder in den kleinen Ort im Taunus kommen - wenn Michael, Birgit und Markus Lottermann (hoffentlich) ein weites Mal die VW-Welt nach Deutschland einladen!

There’s something about a bone stock Westfalia

Compared to the last 2 editions of Bad Camberg this time there were...

Nice camo job on this Type166 Schwimmwagen

... hardly any lowered cars in sight, mission accomplished! It’s a Vintage Show

Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |



No airbags on this ultra low thirty-four. It’s simply ground scraping, cutting the Earth and “snaking” it’s way through Japanese traffic! Let’s have a closer look at this custom razor... Words: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Niels Timmerman

Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


Oldspeed Hebm端ller


We spotted this So-Cal built beauty on the Flat 4 stand during the ‘Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2011’ in Japan and decided to “shoot” it. So we took a train to Tokyo and did just that!

Words: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Kobus Cantraine | Niels Timmerman

Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


European Bug-In EBI#4 Words: Yves Maertens Translation: Kobus Cantraine | Georg Otto Pictures: Kevin Maquoi | Erwin Stok

In just four editions the European Bug In has established itself as one of the main events on the global stage. Chimay can claim to be the epicentre of European Aircooled Nostalgia > n the eyes of the American public the format of most European VW shows is pretty unfamiliar – and that’s especially in terms of their duration. Most US events are one-day shows which start very early in the morning and sometimes finish just after midday. But EBIs are exactly the opposite. We are talking about what is basically a four-day hooley, welcoming the first visitors on Thursday and ending on Sunday evening.


over these European mega VW gatherings. The American vibe in Chimay is reinforced by the presence of lots of legendary figures from across the pond; this is the only place in Europe where you’ll find Ron Fleming chit chatting with the Schley Bros while they are checking out Tar babe and Dyno Don who’s chanting in the background…

The unique feature of EBI is that it combines the laid back atmosphere of California with the uninhibited party vibe that usually reigns

So this goes some way to explaining the motivation of those who arrive at sparrows fart on Thursday in order to secure their spot in the pit lane or the campsite. Chimay’s the place where you run into old friends you

Serial Kombi’s Windsplit was getting some action

The drag racing is always the main atraction at EBI

Almost hard to find stock cars at the European Bug In’s, it’s grown out to be the main event for custom VWs

Christophe Janssens pushing Turtle Racer hard!


haven’t seen for a while, catch up on the latest goss by the light of a cosy campfire. And the colder the night, the sunnier the next day is likely to be, and that’s some consolation when you are in Chimay not Californiay. First thing we noticed on Friday morning was a welcome EBI development – the big marquee that’s always been used for nighttime partying had moved to a different place on the site, freeing up a giant tarmac’d area for occupation by the UK’s Autotechniks group. So it was now a designated burnout box for anyone who wanted to smoke some

Ready set and let that drag-race action go!!

One of the many slammed Bay Window’s present in Chimay, here’s the Riva Panel featured in AM#00

Show | European Bug-In #4, 2011


With almost 250 race cars registered for the 4th EBI the Chimay street track became the playground for Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest Aircooled drag racers, a real feast to the eyes and ears! Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


Words: Kobus Cantraine Translation: Yves Maertens | Georg Otto Pictures: Kobus Cantraine


“Leichter Personenkraft wagen Typ 82 E” aka Porsche Type 92! In essence a pint-sized German war machine, combining the best elements of a Type 82 Kübelwagen with a Type 60 KDF Beetle, this highly effective vehicular package was designed by none other than Dr Ferdinand Porsche and was reserved for the German World War II elite. Fewer than 700 of these commando cars were built and most were destroyed during the war, so to find two of them together is truly amazing! Autumn 2011 | AirMighty Megascene |


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AirMighty Megascene #07 - Autumn 2011  
AirMighty Megascene #07 - Autumn 2011  

Welcome to the Autumn 2011 issue of the 'AirMighty Megascene', the first European VW magazine! In three main languages English, German and F...