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==== ==== Get The Complete Step By Step Leveling Guide For The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim That Shows You How To Become The Ultimate Dragon Slayer... ==== ====

This is an important Skyrim cheats guide you should not do without. Skyrim is the fifth episode in a series labeled "Elder Scrolls". It is a real player game that can be played on a PC, PS3 or Xbox. The whole idea of the game is to become the ultimate dragon slayer. With the setting based on medieval times it really does captivate the player into feeling like they are really there. Below, you will find a few good Skyrim strategies that might help you along the way. Crafting Crafting is a good way to increase your skill level. Make sure to collect everything you can from everywhere. Flowers, moss and roots are used in some of the crafting recipes. These can also be sold to companions who will help increase the level of your riches. Sneaking Sneaking is a very quick Skyrim Strategy. In most buildings, you can find a sleeping area or corner to crouch down in and just move back and forth to increase your sneaking level. Weapons and Armor Weapons and armor can be crafted in the players forges to assist in increasing your strength level; not to mention helping you defeat the dragons. Dragon Shouts Dragon shouts are almost essential in this game. You need the dragon shout to help kill the dragon, and you have to kill the dragon to get his soul; which is how you gain mastery to reach your ultimate goal. The Skyrim Strategy As with almost all of these types of games, Magic is a big Skyrim strategy. You need to be able to enchant people or items to increase your mastery skills. Most magic schools can help you do this, and of course, you can buy potions and spells along the way to help. Skyrim Combat Many of the Skyrim strategies are about combat. That is why you should always have a Skyrim

cheats guide. The better fighter you are the farther you will go, but to become a good fighter you will need to increase your one-handed and two-handed combat skill levels. Always be looking out for weapons that can be bought or crafted. As in anything the guy with more weapons wins. One thing that Skyrim does allow is the stealth based combat strategies. These work really well to increase your assassination skill. Guardian Stones New to the list of Skyrim strategies are the Guardian Stones. This stone can be found throughout the Skyrim world, either by themselves or in groups of three. By activating one of these stones your player can be granted with a power or bonus. But you can only activate one stone at a time. The game has thirteen stones throughout the realm. Skyrim Maps The map will proof to be very useful in designing Skyrim strategies. It can be used to plot where you have been and can show you places to go. Always follow the map and keep a mental image of it, after all this is the medieval times. Skyrim Skill Levels Depending on your preference, one could base a pretty good footing around the thief skill level. It includes pick pocketing, lock picking, speech and sneaking skills. These very easy to accomplish and will help to increase your levels very fast. Alchemy is also among that skill which allows the player to make potions and poisons. A little different in this episode is that the thief doesn't carry equipment around to create their potions and poisons. The warrior is another skill level available in Skyrim. The Skyrim Strategies of the warrior are to master his six skill to achieve higher levels to become the ultimate dragon slayer. This player has to master smithing, heavy armor, block and archery. Most of the Skyrim strategies haven't changed much. Stay alive; raise your skill level by learning trades or crafting recipes. And you will soon become the Ultimate Dragon Slayer.

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==== ==== Get The Complete Step By Step Leveling Guide For The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim That Shows You How To Become The Ultimate Dragon Slayer... ==== ====

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Get The Complete Step By Step Leveling Guide For The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim That Shows You How To Become The Ultimate Dragon Slayer... www....

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