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Independence Jam: Coastal Invasion


The radio station 94/9 is holding a concert June 5 at the Oceanside pier Amphitheatre. This concert is a local and a lot of fans will come. The genre of the groups that will be playing is indie and local indie fans will be there. The band “Cold War kids” will be opening this show, followed by Lykke Li. Next in the line up are Peter Bjorn & John, Band of Skulls and then Everest. There are the opening bands that will be playing and they will be playing on the FM 94/9 stage. On the Casbail stage will have The Silent Comedy, Crocodiles, Surfer Blood, The Soft Pack, and last but not least Heavy Hawaii.

The tickets are thirty five dollars per person and one dollar of every ticket goes towards “The About the Music Fund.” $1 of every ticket sold goes to the About the Music Fund, which raises money for music education programs in the San Diego County Public Schools. To date, FM 94/9 has helped provide more than 30 teachers with over $50,000 to help their classes and school programs. In the fall of 2004, FM 94/9 took its first step in the curating a diverse festival of music with the birth of Independence Jam. It was first held at SDSU's Open Air. Since the first year, Independence Jam has seen a wide array of artists. If your looking for a great show by the beach, this is for you.


This Friday at San Marcos high school will be the battle of the bands. There will be several bands competing as well as independent artists and possibly some rappers as well. This event will be from 6 to 9 o’clock PM located in the gym on campus.

The show will be a total of three songs per band and the winner will be determined by the audience’s choice. The favorite of the audience will be chosen then they will text the asb their favorite band. Each band will be given a number just like the show American Idol and the band with the most texts will win. The first prize is two hundred dollars and it will be split within the band. This event will have two main bands, Wonderless and Tortuga. EVERYONE HAS TO COME!!! ITS GOING TO BE GREAT!!

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Music World  

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